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Encyclopedia results for bombard


Encyclopedia results for bombard

  1. Bombard

    Bombard may refer to The act of carrying out a bombardment Bombard weapon , a type of late medieval siege weapon. Bombard music , a contemporary double reed instrument used to play traditional Breton music. Alain Bombard , a French sailor who crossed the Atlantic on a rigid hulled inflatable boat with no water or food. Bomb vessel , a type a sailing ship carrying heavy mortars for bombarding positions on land Bombard vessel a small two masted vessel like an English ketch , common in the Mediterranean in the 18th and 19th Centuries. disambig ca Bombarda de Bombarda es Bombarda ko pt Bombarda ...   more details

  1. Alain Bombard

    Infobox scientist name Alain Bombard image birth date October 27, 1924 birth place Paris death date July ... influences influenced prizes signature Alain Bombard October 27, 1924 July 19, 2005 was a France ... boat. Alain Bombard was born in Paris . He theorized that a human being could very well survive the trip ... of lives of people lost at sea. On October 19, 1952 Bombard began his solitary trip, after ... from Monaco to Minorca May 25 June 11 , but Jack abandoned Alain in Tanger. Bombard sailed in a Zodiac ... only a sextant and almost no provisions. Bombard reports he survived by fishing and using fish as source ... 23, 4th day of the journey Bombard had to mend a torn old sail, while the backup sail ..., Bombard decided to go on. Bombard reached Barbados December 23, 1952 after 4,400  km of travel. Bombard had lost 25  kg and was briefly hospitalized. He published a book entitled Naufrag Volontaire about his trip in 1958. Bombard s claim was later tested and contested by Hannes Lindemann , a German ... concurred with Bombard s findings the Taiwanese exercise extending to 134 days. Lindemann wanted to repeat Bombard s trip in order to gain a better understanding of living on salt water and fish, but found that he needed fresh water from rain most days. Lindemann later claimed that Bombard had actually ... water supplies became the basis for the World Health Organisation s navigation recommendations. Bombard died in the southern French town of Toulon in 2005 at age 80. Media Appearances Bombard was featured ... sea. Books in English The Voyage of the Heretique , Simon and Schuster 1953 The Bombard Story 1955 Dr. Bombard Goes to Sea , Vanguard Press 1957 External links http article 0,,60 1704632,00.html Bombard s obituary in Times Online Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Bombard, Alain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH October 27, 1924 PLACE OF BIRTH Paris DATE OF DEATH July 19, 2005 PLACE OF DEATH Toulon DEFAULTSORT Bombard, Alain Category 1924 births ...   more details

  1. Marc Bombard

    Marc Bombard born November 15, 1949 in Baltimore , Maryland , USA was the Philadelphia Phillies first base coach from 2005 to 2006. Before coaching, Bombard pitched in the Cincinnati Reds organization from 1971 to 1977. At one point his roommate was Randy Savage Randy Macho Man Savage . In 1978, he became a minor league manager and coach for the Reds. After short careers with the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates organizations, he returned to the Reds as manager of the minor league Indianapolis Indians from 1993 to 1995. In 1996, Bombard served as the Reds third base coach. He joined the Phillies organization the following year and managed the Scranton Wilkes Barre Red Barons for eight seasons. He became Phillies first base coach in 2005. ref http bullpen Marc Bombard Marc Bombard BR Bullpen Bot generated title ref Bombard was let go by the Phillies following the 2006 season. ref http sports 9993665 detail.html?rss phi Bot generated title ref What may have lost Bombard his job was missing an apparent home run by second basemen Chase Utley in a Phillies loss to the Washington Nationals 3 1 on September 28, 2006. After looking at replays, it was apparent the ball hit by Utley went over the foul pole. However, the ball was called foul by first base Umpire baseball umpire Larry Vanover . In what turned out to be a crucial loss for the Phillies postseason hopes, the team went on to finish the year 85 77, three games out of the National League Wild card sports Wild Card race. Bombard was replaced by former Milwaukee Brewers manager and Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Davey Lopes . Bombard was named the manager of the Round Rock Express on December 3, 2008. The Express are the Triple A minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros . The Express ... in Round Rock , TX. References references Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Bombard ... OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Bombard, Marc Category Living people Category Cincinnati Reds ...   more details

  1. Blacker Bombard

    Infobox Weapon name 29 mm Spigot Mortar Blacker Bombard image Image Blacker Bombard.jpg 300px Cutaway of Bombard caption Men of the Saxmundham Home Guard United Kingdom Home Guard prepare to fire a Blacker Bombard during training with War Office instructors, 30 July 1941. origin flag United Kingdom type ... filling weight detonation yield The Blacker Bombard , also known as the 29mm Spigot Mortar , ref name ... hoc weapons. ref Mackenzie, pp. 90 91 ref One of these was the Blacker Bombard, designed by Lieutenant ... in creating an anti tank mortar, which he named the Blacker Bombard. ref name Hogg43 Hogg ... United Kingdom Territorial Army . ref name ODNB He had offered his Bombard to the War Office for two ... , who was taken with the design for the Bombard. ref name ODNB Cite web last Macrae first Stuart ... for the Blacker Bombard The Bombard was a 29mm spigot mortar , ref name Clifford, Phillip 2003 ..., Phillip 2003 and five men ref name Mackenzie95 The Bombard was considered to be most effective at short ... at the crew. ref name Mackenzie95 The Bombard was either affixed to a large cruciform platform, or an immobile ... positions, such as road blocks. ref name Hogg43 It seems that there was a preference for the Bombard ... soldiers training with a Bombard on a fixed, concrete mounting May 1943 Image Spigot Mortar Point, Brompton 616952.jpg thumb right 180px An abandoned Bombard emplacement, Brompton, Kent ... of the historian of the Ministry of Food Home Guard battalion, who stated that the issuing of the Bombard ... that the Bombard did have a positive side, as it equipped otherwise unarmed Home Guard personnel with a weapon ... Bombard included flagcountry United Kingdom ref name Clifford, Phillip 2003 Image Flag of the British ... category Blacker Bombard cite video url http node 3245 title FORMATION OF THE HOMEGUARD, THORNTON, BRADFORD 1939 1945 video including Blacker bombard set up and firing exercise minutes ... search for Blacker Bombard . http qrySound.asp Imperial War Museum on line ...   more details

  1. Bombard the Headquarters

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Cleanup date September 2009 Bombard The Headquarters My Big Character Poster Zh c was a short document written by Mao Zedong on August 5, 1966 during the 11th Plenary Session of the 8th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and published on the Communist Party of China Communist Party s official newspaper People s Daily the same day. It is commonly believed that this poster directly targeted Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping , who were then in charge of Chinese government s daily affairs and who tried to cool down the mass hysteria which had been coming into shape in several universities in Beijing since the Cultural Revolution The May 16 Notification May 16 Notice , through which Mao officially launched the Cultural Revolution , was issued. Much larger scale of mass persecutions came after the publication of this big character poster , resulting in turmoil of the whole country and the death of thousands of class enemies , including Liu Shaoqi. The text of the poster was Cquote China s first Marxist Leninist big character poster and Commentator s article on it in People s Daily are indeed superbly written Comrades, please read them again. But in the last fifty days or so some leading comrades from the central down to the local levels have acted in a diametrically opposite way. Adopting the reactionary stand of the bourgeoisie , they have enforced a bourgeois dictatorship and struck down the surging movement of the great cultural revolution of the proletariat. They have stood facts on their head and juggled black and white, encircled and suppressed revolutionaries, stifled opinions differing from their own, imposed a white terror, and felt very pleased with themselves. They have puffed up the arrogance of the bourgeoisie and deflated the morale of the proletariat. How poisonous Viewed in connection with the Right deviation ... one wide awake? See also Cultural Revolution Cultural Revolution DEFAULTSORT Bombard The Headquarters ...   more details

  1. Bombard Renewable Energy

    Multiple issues advert October 2010 COI October 2010 orphan October 2010 Infobox company name Bombard ... States U.S. location locations products EPC Contractor subsid Bombard Renewable Energy br Bombard Electric br Bombard Mechanical key people Chris Brook small Division Director small br Terry Bombard small Vice President small br homepage http Bombard Renewable Energy Bombard Renewable Energy, A Division of Bombard Electric, LCC is a renewable energy contracting company, located in Paradise, Nevada Paradise Nevada . Bombard has installed over 30 megawatts of photovoltaic solar electric systems in Nevada both in the public and private sector. In 2007, Bombard has installed 11 of all grid tied Solar Photovoltaic systems nationwide. Bombard Electric has been in continuous operation in Las Vegas since 1982. Bombard s largest installation was the 14 megawatts Nellis Solar Power ... Force Base in Las Vegas. History Bombard has been a part of the community in Southern Nevada since 1982. Bombard s Renewable Energy, a division of Bombard Electric opened in 2004, specializing in solar and wind energy system. Bombard Electric is a part of MDU Resources Group, Inc. ref cite web url ... Outreach Bombard is a member of Solar Electric Power Association SEPA , the Nevada Chapter ... ASES , SolarNV. Representatives from Bombard participate regularly at these and other organization s events in an effort to educate the public and promote renewable energy. In 2009 Bombard donated ... bombard shade tree&hl en&gl us&pid bl&srcid ADGEESg3lOOapI TbTEHtXEC1R4nG8r DAgLA80LO4F ... Press News Company hopes to Bombard the valley with solar power publisher ... Reflist 2 External links http index.html Bombard Renewable Energy. Main website http www.carb articles retrofits SunPower.pdf SunPower and Bombard Renewable Energy http renewablesenvironment environment pdf clark station consent decree.pdf Bombard Renewable ...   more details

  1. HMAS Bombard (P 99)

    emergency. ref name ANMM The patrol boat , Australian National Maritime Museum ref Bombard was built ... on 5 November 1968. ref name Gillett87 Operational history During 1978 and 1979, Bombard was one ... Corporation ABC drama series Patrol Boat TV series Patrol Boat . ref name Gillett86 For this, Bombard ... name Gillett86 Bombard paid off on 12 citation needed date June 2011 September 1983, was transferred ... 30 June 2011 Attack class patrol boat DEFAULTSORT Bombard Category Attack class patrol boats ...   more details

  1. Bob Shannon (disambiguation)

    Bob Shannon may refer to Bob Shannon , a high school football coach Bob Shannon WCBS FM , the radio name of current New York City area DJ Don Bombard R. J. Adams , another radio personality known as Bob Shannon See also Robert Shannon disambiguation hndis Shannon, Bob ...   more details

  1. Biniou

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Image Biniou kozh monte.JPG thumb right 250px center A biniou kozh Binio means bagpipe in the Breton language . There are two bagpipes called binio in Brittany the traditional binio kozh kozh means old in Breton and the binio bras bras means big , which was brought into Brittany from Scotland in the late 19th century. The oldest native bagpipe in Brittany is the veuze , from which the binio kozh is thought to be derived. The binio bras is essentially the same as the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe sets are manufactured by Breton makers or imported from Scotland or elsewhere. The binio kozh has a one octave scale, and is very high pitched it is tuned to play one octave higher than the bombard which it accompanies. More traditional forms have a single drone, while modern instruments sometimes have two. In the old days the leather used for the bag was usually from a dog s skin, but this is nowadays replaced by synthetic materials or other leathers which are easier to procure, like cow or sheep. Image Bombarde und Biniou.JPG thumb left Two soners a talabarder to the left and a biniaouer to the right . Traditionally it is played in duet with the bombard , a double reed instrument which sounds an octave below the binio chanter, for Brittany Breton folk dancing. The binio bras is typically used as part of a bagad band, although it is sometimes also paired with a bombard. Films Of Pipers and Wrens 1997 . Produced and directed by Gei Zantzinger, in collaboration with Dastum. Lois V. Kuter, ethnomusicological consultant. Devault, Pennsylvania Constant Spring Productions. Category Breton musical instruments Category Bagpipes Category French musical instruments br Binio kozh de Binio es Biniou eu Biniou fr Biniou it Biniou nl Biniou sv Binio ...   more details

  1. Aes Dana (band)

    by Tilion. Following 2000, the band started to add new traditional instruments such as the Bombard music Bombard to their music. They recorded their second album La Chasse Sauvage , in 2001 ... Myrddyn Irish flute 2006 JuanJolocaust Drummer 1999 Former members Amorgen Irish flute and Bombard music Bombard 1994 2004 , was involved in Bran Barr Tilion Guitarist 2000 2008 Benoit Guitarist 2005 ... Hades Irish flute and Bombard music Bombard 2004 2006 Discography border 2 cellpadding 4 cellspacing ...   more details

  1. Blacker

    wikt Blacker can refer to the following people Robert Roe Blacker , namesake of Caltech s House System at the California Institute of Technology Blacker House Blacker House Terence Blacker , the English author Charles Blacker Vignoles , the British engineer Valentine Blacker , British soldier William Blacker , British soldier Stewart Blacker , British soldier and weapons inventor Blacker can refer to the following things blacker can be a slang term for an encryption device, see RED BLACK concept Blacker Bombard , a WWII era British anti tank weapon Manistee County Blacker Airport , serving the American town of Manistee, Michigan Blacker Transformers A fictional character. disambig de Blacker ...   more details

  1. Dulle Griet

    For the painting Dull Gret Infobox Weapon All data from Schmidtchen 1977 , pp. 164 166 name Dulle Griet image Image Ghent cannon.jpg 300px caption The Dulle Griet at Ghent origin Ghent , Holy Roman Empire type Bombard Type selection is ranged yes is bladed no is explosive no is artillery yes is vehicle no is missile no is UK Service history service used by City of Ghent wars Production history designer design date First half of 15th cent. manufacturer unit cost production date number variants General specifications spec label weight 16.4 t length 498 cm part length 345 cm width height diameter 90.5 cm maximum outer diameter crew Ranged weapon specifications cartridge cartridge weight 340 kg caliber 64 cm ball diameter barrels action rate velocity range max range feed sights Artillery specifications breech recoil carriage elevation traverse The Dulle Griet Mad Meg , named after the Flemish people Flemish folklore figure Dull Gret is a Middle Ages medieval supergun from Ghent , Belgium . The wrought iron bombard was constructed in the first half of the 15th century from 32 longitudinal bars enclosed by 61 rings. ref harvnb Schmidtchen 1977 p 165 ref In 1452, the bombard was employed by the city of Ghent in the siege of Oudenaarde , but fell into the hands of the defenders on the retreat and was only returned to Ghent in 1578. ref harvnb Schmidtchen 1977 p 166 ref Today, the bombard is set up close to the Friday Market square in the old town. Besides the Dulle Griet, a number of 15th century Europe European superguns are known to have been employed primarily in siege warfare, including the wrought iron Pumhart von Steyr and Mons Meg as well as the cast bronze Faule Mette , Faule Grete and Grose Bochse . See also List of the largest cannon by caliber NOTOC Footnotes references div References citation last Schmidtchen first Volker title Riesengesch tze des 15. Jahrhunderts. Technische H chstleistungen ihrer Zeit journal Technikgeschichte pages 153 173 164 166 volume 44 i ...   more details

  1. Stewart Blacker

    at Coates, West Sussex from where his Blacker Bombard, a Spigot Mortar was developed. It was adopted ...   more details

  1. Gun Barrel (band)

    Multiple issues orphan January 2010 refimprove January 2010 Infobox musical artist name Gun Barrel image alt caption image size landscape yes, if wide image, otherwise leave blank background group or band alias origin Germany genre heavy metal music Heavy metal years active 1998 present label associated acts website URL current members Silver, Rolf Tanzius, Tom Tomcat Kintgen, Toni Pinciroli past members Gun Barrel is a German heavy metal music heavy metal band formed in 1998 in Cologne , North Rhine Westphalia . Gun Barrel was founded by Guido Feldhausen and Rolf Tanzius and released their first EP Back To Suicide 2000 with the line up consisting of Guido Feldhausen singing vocals , Rolf Tanzius guitar , Holger Schulz bass and Florens Neuheuser drums . They play traditional old school heavy metal and they personally call their musical style Power dive rock n metal . So far they have released four studio albums, Power Dive 2001 , Battle Tested 2003 , Bombard Your Soul 2005 and Outlaw Invasion 2008 . Rolf Tanzius is currently the only original band member. Band members Current members Silver  Vocals not on any album Rolf Tanzius  Guitar since Back To Suicide Tom Tomcat Kintgen  Bass since Bombard Your Soul Toni Pinciroli  Drums since Battle Tested Former members Xaver Drexler  Vocals on Bombard Your Soul, Outlaw Invasion died on March 28, 2010. Guido Feldhausen  Vocals on Back To Suicide, Power Dive, Battle Tested Holger Schulz  Bass on Back To Suicide, Power Dive, Battle Tested Willi T pprath  Bass not on any album Florens Neuheuser  Drums on Back To Suicide Discography Albums Power Dive 2001 Battle Tested 2003 Bombard Your Soul 2005 Outlaw Invasion 2008 Live At The Kubana Live 2010 Brace For Impact 2012 ref http news details.cfm?newsid 76074 Gun Barrel Signs With Massacre Records To Release Brace For Impact ref Demos, singles and EPs Bomb Attack , demo 1999 Back To Suicide , EP 2000 Back To S ...   more details

  1. Temple of the Invisible

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Temple of the Invisible Type studio Longtype Artist Robert Rich musician Robert Rich Cover Temple of the Invisible.jpg Released 2003 Recorded 2002 03 Genre Ambient music Ambient Length 59 49 Label Soundscape Productions Producer Robert Rich musician Robert Rich Reviews Piero Scaruffi 6 10 http avant roach.html link Last album Outpost Robert Rich and Ian Boddy album Ouutpost br 2002 This album Temple of the Invisible br 2003 Next album Calling Down the Sky br 2003 Unreferenced date December 2008 Temple of the Invisible 2003 is an album by the United States American Ambient music ambient musician Robert Rich musician Robert Rich . This was Rich s first exclusively acoustic album. For this project, Rich brought together a number of guest performers with a variety of rare ethnic instruments. The concept of the album is to simulate an ancient ceremony from an unknown civilization. Track listing Etranon 3 20 Antalieh 7 13 Pa Tanak 7 51 Jibral 4 13 Fasanina 10 42 Tulcrhu 9 39 Lan Tiku 9 42 Otranon 7 05 Personnel Robert Rich percussion, flutes, zither Sukhawat Ali Khan voice Forrest Fang ba lama , guzheng Paul Hanson Bombard music bombard , bassoon Tom Heasley voice, conch musical instrument conch Percy Howard voice External links http rrtemple.html album feature from Robert Rich s official web site Category Robert Rich albums Category 2003 albums ...   more details

  1. Jef Le Penven

    Jef Le Penven 3 November 1919 30 April 1967 was a France French composer, born in Pontivy , Morbihan , Brittany. Le Penven was the twelfth child of a family of cabinet maker s. He was brought up in an atmosphere of traditional vernacular music, learning to play the Bombard music bombard Breton flute as a child. He studied at the Schola Cantorum in Paris, working with Marcel Dupr . ref name ver Vefa de Bellaing, Jef Le Penven, Coop Breizh, 1999. ref In 1940, he became the conductor or the Orchestre de Bretagne . Le Penven s music expresses his attachment to Brittany and Celtic culture. He attempts to integrate traditional and symphonic music. His major works use conventional symphonic and choral forms but typically include bagpipe music. Le Penven was also well known for his organ improvisations, of which he was a virtuoso. ref name ver His setting of the poem Me zo ganet e kreiz ar mor by Yann Ber Kalloc h has been interpreted by a number of Breton musicians including Gilles Servat and Alan Stivell . Compositions Tir Na Nog, La Marche des Bretons Les Celtes Cantate du Bout du Monde Symphonie du Morbihan Notes reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Le Penven, Jef ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 3 November 1919 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 30 April 1967 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Le Penven, Jef Category 1919 births Category 1967 deaths Category Breton musicians Category French composers Category Schola Cantorum de Paris alumni br Jef Le Penven fr Jef Le Penven ...   more details

  1. Treujenn-gaol

    Orphan date October 2010 Unreferenced date October 2010 The treujenn gaol Breton cabbage stalk is the Breton term for the clarinet as used in Breton music . The term treujenn gaol was originally a pejorative term invented by bombard players who found the newer instrument encroaching on their livelihood. The clarinet arrived in Brittany in the 18th century. The most traditional Breton clarinet is an older type of instrument with 13 or even fewer keys, in contrast to the modern Boehm instrument commonly used in contemporary music in France. Classical musicians in the 19th century discarded older instruments in favor of newer designs from makers such as Boehm, Albert, etc. replacing the formerly ubiquitous 13 key clarinet in the 19th century. These discarded instruments eventually found their way into the hands of folk musicians and the treujenn gaol was born. After a decline in use in traditional music in the early 20th century, the instrument was revived in the 1970s for use in pairs of instruments much like the bombard and biniou and in the music of the bagad . In Breton music, two clarinetists typically play together, or the clarinet plays with an accordion, though they also play in ensembles with other instruments. The clarinet is a common part of Breton jazz bands, along with saxophones and drums, playing both jazz and traditional songs. Players The best known Breton clarinetists are probably Christian Duro and Eric Marchand , a former member of both Quintet Clarinettes and Gwerz . The bands Termajik, Kentan, Darhaou, Tonnerre de Brest, L Echo, Cabestan and Strobinell also use clarinets. DEFAULTSORT Treujenn Gaol Category Clarinets Category Breton musical instruments de Treujenn gaol ...   more details

  1. B�ton � feu

    Infobox Weapon is artillery yes image File Baton a feu.jpg 300px caption B ton feu 1380 . Mus e de l Arm e . name B ton feu. type Hand cannon Hand artillery origin Western Europe service 1380 used by Western European countries wars Hundred Years War designer Unknown design date 13th century manufacturer production date 14th century number ? weight 1.04kg length part length 18 cm width height crew cartridge caliber 2 cm action rate velocity range ? max range feed sights breech recoil carriage elevation traverse The B ton feu , or Baston feu French language French for Fire stick , is a type of hand cannon developed in the 14th century in Western Europe . This weapon type corresponds to the portable artillery of the second half of 14th century. ref name ReferenceA Notice at Mus e de l Arm e , Paris . ref The B ton feu at the Mus e de l Arm e in Paris has an hexagonal cross section, and looks like a steel tube. It weighs 1.04  kg, and has a length of 18  cm. Its caliber is 2  cm. Image HandBombardWesternEurope1390 1400.jpg thumb left A B ton feu or Hand Bombard weapon bombard with its wooden pole, France, 1390 1400. In order to facilitate handling, the metal piece was placed at the end of a wooden pole. The powder was ignited through a small hole at the top, with a red hot steel stick. ref name ReferenceA See also Hand cannon Notes reflist Artillery of the Middle Ages Artillery of France DEFAULTSORT Baton A Feu Category Artillery of France Category Medieval artillery weapon stub ...   more details

  1. Ivan's hammer

    Orphan date December 2010 Ivan s Hammer refers to the theoretical use of a natural asteroid or meteoroid as a Weapon of mass destruction Weapon of Mass Destruction in a first strike role. The concept can be traced back to the 1960s ref Aviation Week and Space Technology, January 29, 1962, page 89 ref . During the late 1950s and early 1960s a number of science fiction writers has used the concept in story ideas, most notably Robert Heinlein in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress where a rebellious Lunar colony uses large payloads of mined ore to bombard Earth from the Moon . A RAND Corporation study from 2002 ref http pubs monograph reports MR1209 MR1209.appc.pdf ref also discusses the method and feasibility of such an application, and Carl Sagan discusses the idea at length in Pale Blue Dot . ref Pale Blue Dot . Sagan, Carl. Headline Book Publishing 1995. ISBN 0 7472 1553 7 ref References reflist DEFAULTSORT Ivan s Hammer Category Space weapons ...   more details

  1. Faule Grete

    Infobox Weapon All data from Schmidtchen 1977 , pp. 217 221 name Faule Grete image File Friesack, Faule Grete, ca. 1950.jpg 300px caption Modern, fanciful illustration of the Faule Grete in action at the siege of Friesack in 1414. Contrary to the ordnance depicted, the Faule Grete was not assembled from wrought iron bars, but a cast cannon. origin Marienburg , Monastic state of the Teutonic Knights type Cannon Type selection is ranged yes is bladed no is explosive no is artillery yes is vehicle no is missile no is UK Service history service used by Margrave Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg Frederick I of Brandenburg wars Production history designer design date manufacturer unit cost production date 1409 number variants General specifications spec label weight 4.6 t length 250 cm part length 150 cm width height diameter crew Ranged weapon specifications cartridge cartridge weight 170 kg caliber 50 cm ball diameter barrels action rate velocity range max range feed sights Artillery specifications breech recoil carriage elevation traverse File Bombard MortarOfTheKnightsOfSaintJohnOfJerusalemRhodes1480 1500.jpg left thumb Bronze bombard of the Knights Hospitaller cast in 1480. The Faule Grete was arguably similar in shape, although larger in size. ref harvnb Schmidtchen 1977 p 220 ref The Faule Grete German language German for Lazy Grete , alluding to the lack of mobility and slow rate of fire of such super sized cannon was a Middle Ages medieval supergun of the Teutonic Order . The bronze Bombard weapon bombard was cast in 1409 in the cannon foundry of the Marienburg by the gunfounder Heynrich Dumechen. ref harvnb Schmidtchen 1977 p 218 ref According to the account books of the order, the construction costs amounted to 278.5 Mark, a sum equivalent to ca. 1160 oxen. ref harvnb Schmidtchen 1977 p 219 ref Borrowed by Margrave Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg Frederick I of Margraviate of Brandenburg Brandenburg in 1413, the cannon was instrumental in breaking the opp ...   more details

  1. Pumhart von Steyr

    Infobox Weapon All data from Schmidtchen 1977 , pp. 162 164 name Pumhart von Steyr image File HGM Pumhart von Steyr.jpg 300px caption The Pumhart von Steyr in the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum at Vienna origin Liezen , Styria , Holy Roman Empire type Cannon Type selection is ranged yes is bladed no is explosive no is artillery yes is vehicle no is missile no is UK Service history service used by Habsburg wars Production history designer design date Early 15th cent. manufacturer unit cost production date number variants General specifications spec label weight 8 t length 259 cm part length 144 cm width height diameter 76 88 cm conical muzzle crew Ranged weapon specifications cartridge cartridge weight 690 kg caliber 80 cm ball diameter barrels action rate velocity range max range feed sights Artillery specifications breech recoil carriage elevation traverse The Pumhart von Steyr is a Middle Ages medieval supergun from Styria , Austria , and the largest known wrought iron bombard weapon bombard by caliber . ref harvnb Schmidtchen 1977 p 162 ref The cannon was produced in the early 15th century and could fire, according to modern calculations, a 690 kg stone ball around 600 m, loaded with 15 kg of powder and set up at an elevation of 10 . ref harvnb Schmidtchen 1977 p 163 ref The bombard is today on display in one of the artillery halls of the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum at Vienna it is accessible from March to October. Besides the Pumhart von Steyr, a number of 15th century European superguns are known to have been employed primarily in siege warfare , including the wrought iron Mons Meg and Dulle Griet as well as the cast bronze Faule Mette , Faule Grete and Grose Bochse . NOTOC Footnotes references References citation last Schmidtchen first Volker title Riesengesch tze des 15. Jahrhunderts. Technische H chstleistungen ihrer Zeit journal Technikgeschichte pages 153 173 162 164 volume 44 issue 2 year 1977 See also List of the largest cannon by caliber External links C ...   more details

  1. Pierre d'Aubusson

    formerly Halicarnasse, today Bodrum , Turkey . Siege of Rhodes main Siege of Rhodes 1480 Image Bombard MortarOfTheKnightsOfSaintJohnOfJerusalemRhodes1480 1500.jpg thumb Bombard Mortar of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem , Rhodes, 1480 1500. This is the largest known bombard in history. Founded at the request of Pierre d Aubusson, the bombard was used for close defense of the walls 100 200 meters . It fired 260 kg granite balls. The bombard weighs 3,325 kg. Mus e de l Arm e . Sultan Mehmed ...   more details

  1. Saturation fire

    Saturation fire is a level of intensity of artillery or machine gun fire that is very high and is designed to fill an enemy position with artillery shells or machine gun fire. Artillery Image German Barrage Fire at Night Ypres .jpg thumb right 200px A German barrage falling on Allied trenches at Ypres, probably during the Second Battle of Ypres second battle in 1915. Saturation fire might be used to Bombardment bombard an area just before an Offensive military offensive . Another kind of intensity that is also used to bombard an area during an offensive is creeping barrage . Saturation fire is used most of the time before an offensive to bombard an enemy area and lower enemy morale and ability to fight. In the Battle of the Bulge , German troops used Werfel rocket batteries to do saturation fire on Allied positions, particularly prior to an attack. ref Battle of the Bulge Hitler s Ardennes Offensive, 1944 1945 . Danny S. Parker 2004 ref Benjamin Colby claims that the U.S. did saturation fire bombing of Dresden in 1945. ref Benjamin Colby. Twas a Famous Victory. Deception and Propaganda in the War With Germany . Arlington House First edition. edition January 1, 1974 ref During the Vietnam War, the US used saturation fire against the Vietnamese forces. In one example in 1972, US air forces did saturation fire around a bunker where seven US advisers and a number of South Vietnamese troops were surrounded by ARVN forces which had been subjecting the bunker to a withering attack for days. ref Can you hold out for just eight more minutes LIFE 21 Apr 1972 ref Machine gun Automatic weapons, especially belt fed, crew served machine guns, can be used to deliver a high volume of fire at enemy positions. A history of German military doctrine states that ...laying down saturation fire with small arms will keep your enemy s head down while allowing you to get on with the approach to the objective. ref Waffen SS Soldier 1940 45 . Bruce Quarrie, Jeffrey Burn. Osprey Publishing, 199 ...   more details

  1. Music of Brittany

    , though Brittany retains its own unbroken piping traditions as well as mainstay instruments such as the bombard ... played as part of a duo with the bombarde, for dance accompaniment. Bombard The bombard music bombard Breton, Fr. bombarde is a conical bore double reed instrument similar to the oboe , and like an oboe uses reeds made of cane. In its most primitive form the bombard has six open holes and possibly ..., the bombard is also known as the talabard , and a bombard player as a talabarder . The bombard ... Le Bihan and Patrick Molard , and Pierre Cr pillon and Laurent Bigot . In recent years the bombard ... music, such as the organ. Sacred music is well served by the clear, strong sound of the bombard, in combination with the traditional organ. The late Jegat and Yhuel are renowned for this use of the bombard ... in 1983. The piston is a contemporary development of the hautboy or baroque oboe, influenced by the bombard ... of the bombard and that of the baroque oboe. Breton Pop music Undoubtedly the most famous name in modern ... called http Sonerion features piston, bombard, guitar bouzouki, accordion ...   more details

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