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Encyclopedia results for add pr backlink

add pr backlink

Encyclopedia results for add pr backlink

  1. Backlink

    selfref For the backlink functionality in Wikipedia, see Help What links here . Backlinks , also known as incoming links , inbound links , inlinks , and inward links , are incoming hyperlink links to a website or web page . In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node web page, directory, website, or top level domain from another web node. ref cite journal author Lennart Bj rneborn and Peter Ingwersen year 2004 title Toward a Basic Framework for Webometrics journal Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology volume 55 issue 14 pages 1216 1227 url http cgi bin abstract 109594194 ABSTRACT doi 10.1002 asi.20077 ref Inbound links were originally important prior to the emergence of search engines as a primary means of World Wide Web web navigation today, their significance lies in search engine optimization SEO . The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page for example, this is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage . Outside of SEO, the backlinks .... There are several factors that determine the value of a backlink. Backlinks from authoritative sites on a given topic are highly valuable. ref Cite web url http backlink quality.php title Does Backlink Quality Matter? publisher Adgooroo date 2010 04 21 accessdate 2010 04 21 ref If both sites have content geared toward the keyword topic, the backlink is considered relevant and believed to have strong influence on the search engine rankings of the webpage granted the backlink. A backlink represents a favorable editorial vote for the receiving webpage from another granting webpage. Another important factor is the anchor text of the backlink. Anchor text is the descriptive ... World Wide Web Category Hypertext Category Search engine optimization bar Backlink cs Zp tn odkaz de R ckverweis es Backlink fr Lien retour it Backlink pt Backlink tr Backlink zh ...   more details

  1. .pr

    Infobox top level domain name .pr background CCF image Image Dotpr.png .pr Puerto Rico Top Level Domain 220px introduced 1989 type Country code top level domain status Active registry Gauss Research Laboratory Inc sponsor Gauss Research Laboratory Inc intendeduse Entities connected with PUR actualuse Fairly popular in Puerto Rico restrictions Some subdomains have restrictions is less expensive but limited to Puerto Rico residents structure Registrations are at third level beneath second level labels second level registrations are available at higher cost document disputepolicy UDRP website http Nic.Pr dnssec yes .pr is the Internet country code top level domain ccTLD for Puerto Rico . About Gauss Research Laboratory Inc GRL INC is the managing organization of the Puerto Rico s top level domain under the website. They operate the website http , which stands for the Network Information Center of Puerto Rico . They operate according to the ccNSO and ICANN .... Acquiring a .pr TLD has an annual cost of 1,000.00USD. Small and Medium Businesses may request special pricing discount by filling out and mailing in a request. Domains and sub domains .pr for businesses ... pr.htm IANA .pr whois information http Puerto Rico Network Information Center http Gauss Research Laboratory Inc. CcTLD DEFAULTSORT Pr Category Country code top level domains Category Telecommunications in Puerto Rico Compu domain stub af .pr ar .pr ast .pr az .pr be .pr be x old .pr bs .pr bg .pr cv .pr cs .pr cy .pr da .pr de .pr et .pr el .pr es .pr eo .pr eu .pr fa .pr fr .pr xal .pr ko .pr hy .pr hr .pr id .pr is .pr it .pr krc .pr ka .pr lv .pr lb .pr hu .pr ms .pr nl .pr ja .pr ce .pr no .pr oc .pr uz .pr nds .pr pl .pr pt .pr ro .pr ru .pr sah .pr sq .pr sk .pr sr .pr sh .pr fi .pr sv Toppdom n P tl .pr tt .pr th .pr tg .pr tr .pr tk .pr uk .pr vi .pr fiu vro .pr war .pr yo .pr diq .pr zh .pr ...   more details

  1. PR

    wiktionary PR .pr TOCright PR or P. R. commonly stands for Public relations , a field concerned with maintaining public image Puerto Rico Proportional representation , a property of some voting systems PR , P. R. , Pr , or Pr. may also refer to Business and Organisations Pakistan Railways Party of Regions Payroll Philippine Airlines IATA airline designator The Princeton Review , an education company Ecclesiastical Pastor Presbyter that is, priest which may also be abbreviated as Prb. or Pbr . Permanens Rector Permanent Rector Pater , a title used in the Latin tradition referring to a presbyter that is, a priest as a spiritual Father . Compare Father title Fr . for father in English not to be confused with the Latin frater , a designation of members of monastic religious orders orders , or friar , all religious designations . Computing Adobe Premiere Pro , software which uses Pr as its icon abbreviation Pagerank , a Google technology Performance Rating , a computing term by AMD Perpendicular recording , hard disk technology Project Reality , a modification of the Battlefield 2 game PR ... element number 59 abbreviated Pr Probability of release , a term used in neuroscience Progesterone ... the defining property of positive real function s PR complexity , a complexity class Places Paran ... Republic PR postcode area , for Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom Puerto Rico island ISO 3166 ... to as PR by fans P.R. TV series P.R. TV series , a Canadian television sitcom Transportation Pennsylvania Railroad PR Philippine Airlines Other Peer review Permanent residency , in immigration Permanent ... , a defunct political and literary journal Pr., Estonian abbreviation for Proua , or Mrs. See also P&R disambiguation disambiguation bg PR ca Pr cs PR de PR et PR es PR eo Pr fa PR fr PR ko PR it PR he Pr sw PR la PR lv PR lt PR hu PR egy rtelm s t lap nl PR ja PR no PR pl PR pt PR ro PR ru PR sk PR sr Pr fi Pr sv PR olika betydelser zh PR ...   more details

  1. ADD

    about the mathematical operation of adding Addition the Scottish river River Add wiktionary add ADD, National Rail station code for Adderley Park railway station , United Kingdom ADD, International Air Transport Association airport code IATA airport code for Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ref cite web title Ethiopia Airport Codes url http ethiopia airports lalibela airport hotels addisababa airport taxi moyale airport transfer dire 20dawa airport taxi.htm publisher Ethiopedian Embassy accessdate 19 August 2011 ref ADD, SPARS code Codes SPARS code appearing on some compact disc recordings, telling the consumer that the recording was made on analog A equipment and digital D equipment was used to mix edit and master the recording ADD, accumulated degree day s as calculated by summing average daily temperatures and used to determine the state of temperature dependent processes, usually biological ADD, Arab Digital Distribution , a pay television network in the Middle East and North Africa ADD, architectural design document, describes the architectural design using the software requirements and the logical model defined in the software design document SDD ADD, automatic dropping device, equipment of Pantograph rail rail vehicle pantograph preventing further damage to vehicle or infrastructure by automatically lowering the pantograph in case of damage to carbon strip ref cite web title EIM POSITION PAPER ON THE NEED FOR ADD AUTOMATIC ... Infrastruture Rail Managers accessdate 19 August 2011 ref ADD model , a hypothesis in physics to explain the weakness of gravity relative to the other forces ADD, attention deficit disorder , also referred to as ADHD, adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Adult ADHD , and Adult ADD A.D.D ... for Intel SDVO adapter cards disambig Reflist de ADD es ADD eo ADD fr ADD ko ADD it ADD nl ADD ja ADD pl ADD pt Add simple ADD sr ADD fi ADD zh ADD ...   more details

  1. Add-on

    Wiktionary add on Add on might mean Plug in computing , a piece of software which enhances another software application and usually cannot be run independently Browser extension , which modifies the interface and or behavior of web browsers Add on Mozilla , a piece of software that enhances and customizes Mozilla based applications Add ons for Firefox , the official Mozilla Foundation web site which serves as a repository of add ons for Mozilla based applications Peripheral , an optional computer hardware component that significantly supplements or enhances the functionality of the original unit Video game accessory , a piece of hardware used in conjunction with a video game console for playing video games See also Addon Plug in disambiguation Categories disambig Interwikis es Add on fa uk ...   more details

  1. Pr (hieroglyph)

    Hiero House br floor plan hiero O1 hiero align right era egypt Pr is the Egyptian hieroglyphs hieroglyph for house , the floor plan of a walled building with an open doorway. While its original pronunciation is not known with certainty, modern Egyptology assigns it the value of per , but purely on the basis of a Egyptian language Egyptological pronunciation convention specific to the discipline . However, the Ancient Greek rendering of the title pr 3 as lang grc lang grc Latn phara suggests ... Pharaoh History of the Pharaoh title . Pr combined with an associated personal name , god , or location becomes the House of .... . An example for pharaoh Setnakhte is the city of Pr Atum, city of Pithom . The shape of Pr in beginning dynasties had variations in the shape of a square, with the opening ... hiero O1 S34 O1 hiero align right era egypt Pr and Ankh Life is a combination hieroglyph and is the word ... scriptorium . Pr name associations table tr td pr aa&ndash Pharaoh pa pr aa&ndash Papyrus Pr Ab&ndash Thoth Per Amun&ndash Pelusium Per Ankh Pr Ankh &ndash Kemetic reconstructionism Pr Heh&ndash Kemetic reconstructionism Pr Aat&ndash Heliopolis ancient Pr Atum&ndash Heliopolis ancient Pr Atum&ndash Setnakhte Pr Banebdjedet&ndash Mendes Pr Bast&ndash Bast mythology Pr Bast&ndash Bubastis Pr Bastet&ndash Zagazig Pr Djet&ndash a type of early Mastaba Egyptian tomb Pr Hai&ndash Malqata Pr Hay&ndash Amenhotep III td td td td Pr Hay&ndash Great Temple of the Aten Per Hathor Pr Hathor &ndash Aphroditopolis Pr Hedj&ndash Treasury House of Silver Pr Medjat&ndash Library Pr Nebu&ndash Treasury House of Gold Pr Nebyt&ndash Ramesses V Pr Nemty&ndash Hieracon Pr Ramesses&ndash Avaris , History of ancient Egypt Pr Sekhemkheperre&ndash Takelot III Per Sopdu Pr Sopdu &ndash Sopdu Pr t&ndash Season of the Emergence Per Temu Tjeku Pr Temu Tjeku &ndash Necho II Pr Wadjet&ndash Buto , Wadjet Pr Yinepu&ndash Anubis td tr table See also Pr Bast Pr Medjed Pr Nemty Pr Wadjet Pi Ramesses External links ...   more details

  1. Pr (Unix)

    lowercase pr is used to paginate or columnate files for printing. It is a required program in a POSIX compliant environment and has been implemented by GNU as part of the GNU Core Utilities . External links http man1 pr.1.php The program s manpage http linux en man man1p pr.html POSIX standard for pr Unix commands Category Unix SUS2008 utilities el Pr Unix es Pr ...   more details

  1. PR (complexity)

    Unreferenced date December 2009 PR is the complexity class of all primitive recursive function s or, equivalently, the set of all formal language s that can be decided by such a function. This includes addition, multiplication, exponentiation, tetration , etc. The Ackermann function is an example of a function that is not primitive recursive, showing that PR is strictly contained in R complexity R . PR functions can be explicitly enumerated, whereas not all functions R can be. This shows that PR has a syntactic definition, whereas R lacks one. On the other hand, we can enumerate any recursively enumerable set see also its complexity class RE complexity RE by a primitive recursive function in the following sense given an input M , k , where M is a Turing machine and k is an integer, if M halts within k steps then output M otherwise output nothing. Then the union of the outputs, over all possible inputs M , k , is exactly the set of M that halt. PR strictly contains ELEMENTARY . References ComplexityZoo PR P pr . ComplexityClasses DEFAULTSORT Pr Complexity Category Complexity classes ko PR ja PR zh PR ...   more details

  1. PR 100

    PR 100 is the name of different places TOCright In Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Highway 100 , a secondary highway in southwestern Puerto Rico In Spain PR CV 100 , a short distance footpath of the Valencian Community disambig ...   more details

  1. PR Newswire

    primary sources date December 2011 Image PR Newswire logo.svg thumb PR Newswire logo PR Newswire started .... Today, PR Newswire is hired by corporations, public relations firms and non governmental organizations ... . PR Newswire. Retrieved on February 27, 2010. ref Public corporations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other nations, use PR Newswire as a method of reaching the investment and financial ... , PR Newswire has offices in 16 countries and sends news to outlets in 135 countries. The company ... directly to newsrooms worldwide. PR Newswire is also partner with the African Press Organization . PR ... 2009 In 1954, PR Newswire was the first to create a system for electronic distribution of news ... and news services. With PR Newswire, companies could send a single copy of their release to PR Newswire s newsroom, where it would be simultaneously transmitted to the city s major media points. PR Newswire ... that supported the service. PR Newswire created Investors Research Wire in 1965, which disseminated ... acquired the local Los Angeles wire service. In 1972, PR Newswire began using electronic terminals ... plc today known as United Business Media Limited of London In 1982, PR Newswire expanded its presence ... of the 1980s, many U.S. dailies and financial institutions took PR Newswire directly into their internal information systems. PR Newswire also began archiving news releases on electronic databases, including NEXIS now LexisNexis . In 1996, PR Newswire began releasing news directly to consumers via the Web with the launch of In 2001, PR Newswire issued the first Multimedia ... or Social Media Release . In 2002, PR Newswire started MultiVu, its own broadcast and multimedia production ... 2006, PR Newswire acquired U.S. Newswire from Medialink . ref http mnr prnewswire 25626 MultiVu PR Newswire Acquires U.S. Newswire Transaction to benefit government, private sector public information officers Bot generated title ref In February 2006, PR Newswire began adding ...   more details

  1. Frank PR

    Deleted image removed File FrankLogo.jpg thumb Frank s logo coi date December 2011 Frank PR is a consumer public relations firm with offices in Camden Town , London and Sydney , Australia. Frank PR was founded ... Graham Goodkind Chairman founder Frank PR ?DCMP ILC SEARCH title Profile Graham Goodkind publisher PR Week date 2007 11 14 accessdate 2011 05 11 ref and MD Andrew Bloch . ref cite web url http ... date 2010 03 05 accessdate 2011 05 11 ref In October 2007, Frank PR was acquired by Photon Group ... news can frank pr walk the talk title Frank PR Walk The Talk publisher B and T date 2009 03 04 accessdate 2011 05 11 ref Frank is the 29th largest PR consultancy in the UK with a fee income ... 2009 title Top 50 Consumer Consultancies publisher PR Week date 2009 05 13 accessdate 2011 05 11 ref In terms of revenue, Frank is the 5th largest PR firm in the UK. ref cite web url http news can frank pr walk the talk title Frank PR Walk The Talk publisher B and T date ... PR company of the top 250 in the world. ref cite web url http 2010 ..., social movements and multinationals. As well as traditional consumer PR, Frank also has specialist ... PR Week Report date 2008 05 15 accessdate 2011 05 12 ref , Beatbullying ref cite web url http news 1039203 National charity Beatbullying launches Big March campaign Frank PR title National Charity Beatbullying Launches Big March Campaign publisher PR Week Report date 2010 11 05 accessdate ... Brief Across UK Europe publisher PR Week date 2011 04 05 accessdate 2011 05 12 ref , Disney ref cite web url http news article?news articles id 7828 title New PR Manager at Disney ... http agencyreport info 2136 Frank PR.aspx title Frank PR publisher Holmes Report ... title Frank Lands npower Consumer Account publisher PR Week date 2006 12 06 accessdate 2011 05 12 ref , Ocado, SodaStream ref cite web url http uk news 978337 Frank PR support SodaStream ...   more details

  1. PR interval

    Image SinusRhythmLabels.svg right thumb Schematic representation of normal Electrocardiography ECG In electrocardiography , the PR interval is measured from the beginning of the P wave electrocardiography P wave to the beginning of the QRS complex . It is usually 120 to 200 ms long. On the usual 25 mm s ECG tracing, this corresponds to 3 to 5 small boxes. The PR interval reflects the time the electrical impulse takes to travel from the sinus node through the AV node where it enters the ventricles. The PR interval is therefore a good estimate of AV node function. In case a Q wave was measured with an ECG, the PR interval is also commonly named PQ interval instead. Interpretation Variations in the PR interval can be associated with certain medical conditions Duration A long PR interval of over 200 ms may indicate a first degree heart block . ref http article 758322 overview ref Prolongation can be associated with hypokalemia , acute rheumatic fever , ref http Pedi Ed CoreConceptsOfPediatrics Cardiology page 40.htm ref or carditis associated with Lyme disease . ref http cgi content full 123 5 e835 ref A short PR interval may indicate a pre excitation syndrome via an accessory pathway that leads to early activation of the ventricles, such as seen in Wolff Parkinson White syndrome . A variable PR interval may indicate other types of heart block . PR segment depression may indicate atrial injury Citation needed date September 2009 or pericarditis . ref http amr archives 200408 EKG2 ans.html ref Variable morphologies of P waves in a single ECG lead is suggestive of an ectopic pacemaker rhythm such as wandering pacemaker or multifocal atrial tachycardia References reflist Cardiovascular physiology DEFAULTSORT Pr Interval Category Cardiac electrophysiology it Intervallo PR uk PQ ...   more details

  1. PR School

    PR Zviad Koridze Media Planning Aleksandre Margishvili Marketing Kakha Magradze PR Maiko Jaoshvili ... 2, 2009 PR Club was founded in GAU Tbilisi PR School. Every PR School graduate becomes the Club s member. With the help of PR Club graduates still maintain strong business relations with lecturers and Club members. External links http geo PR School s official website Category Education ...   more details

  1. PR NewsChannel

    Multiple issues refimprove April 2010 orphan April 2010 notability April 2010 PR NewsChannel was created in 2007 by former journalist s as an affordable alternative to sending a press release to reporters and editors. Today PR NewsChannel is used by corporations, public relations firms, politicians and political groups and individuals to deliver news, legal filings, documents and multimedia to The Associated Press, print news outlets, radio and television news operations in the U.S. and Canada and Internet syndicators worldwide. Recipients of press release distributions from PR NewsChannel include media and consumers. PR NewsChannel has direct feeds to newsrooms via Associated Press The Associated Press AP and corporate intranets via Yellow Brix ref Business Journal http tampabay stories 2009 01 05 daily9.html ref . PR NewsChannel is owned and operated by Selig Multimedia, Inc. and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida . Distribution PR NewsChannel distributes corporate, political and other news items to reach mainstream and industry specific trade media. It uses ...&tier 4&id A5382158A68D4D78BFA9F036BC4695EC ref and Comtex. On June 25, 2009, PR NewsChannel ... stories 2009 06 22 daily58.html ref . PR NewsChannel signed a partnership agreement with The Associate ... signs partnership agreement associated ref On Nov. 12, 2010, PR NewsChannel announced that Yahoo ... On Dec. 06. 2007, PR NewsChannel distributed a press release for DC Smackdown entitled New Video Game ... ?a 164&z 4 ref Class Action Lawsuit Against Amazon On July 30, 2009, PR NewsChannel distributed ... Presents Letterman Top 10 On March 9, 2010, PR NewsChannel distributed a press release for former ... ?z 4&a 2338 ref Key Personnel PR NewsChannel was founded by Glenn Selig. He is an award winning former TV news reporter who has been dubbed the PR Guru by Nancy Grace ref PRNewsChannel Video http ... and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc., PR NewsChannel s parent company. He graduated with honors ...   more details

  1. PR Girls

    Infobox film name image image size caption director Matt Chow producer Joe Ma Wai Ho Joe Ma writer Matt Chow br Joe Ma br Cheng Man Fai narrator starring Liz Kong br Grace Lam br Wayne Lai br Angela Tong br Moses Chan music cinematography Chan Chi Ying editing Cheung Ka fai film editor Cheung Ka Fai distributor released October 17, 1998 runtime country Flag icon Hong Kong Cinema of Hong Kong Hong Kong language Yue Chinese Cantonese budget preceded by followed by website PR Girls zh t PR Girls Literal Title PR Girls Youth Assistant Relationship is a Hong Kong films of 1998 1998 Cinema of Hong Kong Hong Kong drama film co written and directed by Matt Chow . External links IMDB title id 0366929 title PR Girls Cite web title url http ft title prg1998 accessdate 2007 04 14 CinemaofHongKong DEFAULTSORT Pr Girls Category 1998 films Category 1990s drama films Category Hong Kong films 1990s drama film stub ...   more details

  1. PR Watch

    primarysources date October 2008 PR Watch is a web site, and until 2008 a quarterly newsletter , whose stated mission is to expose deceptive and misleading public relations campaigns. It particularly covers US environmental issues, but also covers topics ranging from labor rights to world affairs. It is published by PR Watch , a project of the Center for Media and Democracy , and is the creation of Center director John Stauber and PR Watch editor Sheldon Rampton . Spin of the Day In addition to archives of the newsletter, the PR Watch web site also offers daily reporting on public relations, propaganda and mass media spin in its Spin of the Day section. Its Impropaganda Review offers tips on How to Research Front Groups and a Rogues Gallery of Industry Front Groups and Anti Environmental Think Tanks. It has also started the SourceWatch formerly Disinfopedia project, a specialized wiki encyclopedia about propaganda and public relations campaigns. Funding PR Watch and the Center for Media and Democracy reported receiving funding from a number of organizations founded by heirs of industrial and real estate fortunes. Their reported funding sources include, among others, the Bydale Foundation , Careth Foundation , Carolyn Foundation , Changing Horizons Charitable Trust , CS Fund , Deer Creek Foundation , Educational Foundation of America , Schumann Center for Media and Democracy , Grodzins Fund , Jenifer Altman Foundation , Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation , Rockwood Fund , Roy and Niuta Titus Foundation , Stern Family Fund , Town Creek Foundation , and the Turner Foundation . External links http cmd prwatch.html PR Watch website http spin index.html Spin of the Day section Category Publications about public relations ...   more details

  1. PR/SM

    Multiple issues context February 2009 primarysources February 2009 PR SM Processor Resource System Manager is a type 1 Hypervisor that allows multiple LPAR logical partition s to share physical resources such as Central processing unit CPU s, Channel I O I O channels and direct access storage device s DASD . It is integrated with all IBM System z machines. IBM introduced PR SM in 1985 with the IBM 3090 E processors. IBM developed the concept of Hypervisor s virtual machine s in IBM CP 40 CP 40 and CP 67 and in 1972 provided it for the IBM System 370 S 370 as Virtual Machine Facility 370. ref cite manual url http pubs HCSF8A50.PDF title z VM built on IBM Virtualization Technology General Information Version 4 Release 3.0 id GC24 5991 04 date 2002 04 12 first Copyright IBM Corp. last 1990, 2002 ref IBM introduced the Start Interpretive Execution SIE instruction as part of 370 XA on the 3081, and VM XA versions of VM operating system VM to exploit it. PR SM is a type 1 Hypervisor based on the CP component of VM operating system VM XA that runs directly on the machine level and allocates system resources across LPAR s to share physical resources. It is a standard feature on IBM System z machines. References http infocenter eserver v1r2 index.jsp?topic eicaz eicazzlpar.htm System z PR SM Reflist Category AS 400 Category IBM storage devices Category Power Architecture Category Virtualization software Category IBM mainframe technology software stub mainframe compu stub ja PR SM ...   more details

  1. Lexis PR

    Group company. History Lexis was established as an independent PR agency by founders Bill ... & New Media Coca Cola 24 Hour Twitter Session was shortlisted for PR Week Awards for Live Event ... Sunday Times Best Small Companies Top 100 Lexis PR. Two star accreditation CIPR Best Use of Digital SiX PR I Love Marrow campaign on behalf of the Antony Nolan Trust 2007 Sports Industry Awards The Sport ... Companies Top 100 Lexis PR 2006 PRCA Frontline Awards Ambassador of the Year Gareth Griffiths PRCA ... Campaign Dove Naked Truth Comedy Tour Sunday Times Best Small Companies Top 25 Lexis PR CIPR Awards ... of the Year Winner Lexis PR Holmes Report One of the Best Consultancies to Work for Lexis PR ... Use of PR Barclaycard Premiership Sunday Times Best Small Companies Top 10 Lexis PR External links http ...   more details

  1. PR-CV-100

    19&sm 275 Information about the route PR 100 of the Town Hall of R tova http web indice.aspx?nodo 5195&idioma C Route PR CV 100 Consejer a de Medio Ambiente de la Generalidad Valenciana ... es rutas ecoturisticas sant jeroni pr cv 100 The Route of the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba Gand a Tourist Info http sender Rotova01.php PR CV 100 Ways of R tova http es rotova rotova.htm Documents of the PR 100 on http wikiloc 599156 Map and comments about the route PR CV 100 coord missing Spain Category Hiking trails ... Category Geography of the Province of Valencia es PR 100 ...   more details

  1. House PR

    multiple issues advert January 2012 cleanup January 2012 copy edit January 2012 House PR http is a London based creative public relations agency. Background The company was founded in 1998 under the name Henry s House by music PR Julian Henry and Beverley Luckings co founder , entertainment entrepreneur Simon Fuller . The company represents popular consumer brands, UK TV shows and celebrities. Initially trading from a workshop in Acklam Road, Notting Hill, west London, with a staff of three, the company won representation for soft drink Tango drink Tango , S Club S Club 7 , TV presenter Jamie Theakston and others within the first two years of trading. cn date February 2012 Henry s House In 2001 Henry s House re located to former family house in Great Russell Street a listed building in Central London, with a staff of 12 including directors Charlotte Hickson, Jane Shaw and Pippa Strutt. Henry s House staged the sponsorship of London s Regent Street Lights by Tango, an event that featured pop group All Saints band All Saints and later caused controversy with accusations of bad taste from consumer groups, though the work was judged one of the most successful sponsorships of the year when analysed by Marketing Week Magazine. Fact date May 2009 The company later won PR representation for The Face magazine The Face magazine and Absolut Vodka . In 2002, Henry s House mounted ... became House PR in December 2009 and is best known for its work in British media, primarily for a number ... Worthington and ChannelFlip . House PR is listed as the 121st biggest PR Agency in the UK according to PR Week s 2011 League Table, with an annual turnover of over 1.7 million, and a full time staff ... Knights and Rich Turner. In 2009, House PR won the PRCA Technology Award for the campaign for A Message ... External links http House PR website Category Public relations companies of the United Kingdom http house pr House PR s PR Week Showcase ...   more details

  1. BlueStar PR

    BlueStar formerly BlueStar PR , The Jewish Ink Tank , is a San Francisco based nonprofit organization which produces visual media that strengthens existing efforts to gain popular support and interest for Israel and Judaism. Blue Star creates and distributes pro Israel posters, rally signs, postcard s, and brochures. They also put up transit shelter ads and billboards. They also host Write On for Israel in San Francisco. http write on for israel san francisco.html Write On for Israel a one year program to training future Israel leaders and advocates. The program is available for high school students as well as adults. Clients File Bluestarposter1.jpg right thumb 200px Blue Star poster, 2008. The Israel Project , a prominent Israel advocacy group based in DC, distributed close to 20,000 copies of our posters and DVDs during both the Democratic and Republican conventions, and a second campaign to media outlets, and frequently highlights our materials in their research on Israel messaging StandWithUs , another prominent Israel advocacy group based in Los Angeles features a number of our fliers on their site and has paid for rally boards to counter anti Israel protests American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC the fifth largest Jewish lobbyist in Congress, displayed our materials during several State conventions to educate policy makers regarding Israel s positive attributes American Jewish Committee AJC Anti Defamation League ADL has cooperated with BlueStar to fight anti semitism in San Francisco San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council JCRC uses our posters, fliers and postcards to boost awareness for its JIMENA project and on campus The Greater Washington D.C. JCRC used our posters to promote its Bluestring Solidarity with Israel campaign ... PR was founded in 2003, and was originally funded by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund. ref ... 2008 01 02 title About BlueStar PR publisher BlueStar PR ref It has since changed its name to BlueStar ...   more details

  1. Green PR

    Green PR is a sub field of public relations that communicates an organization s corporate social responsibility or environmentally friendly practices to the public. The goal is to produce increased brand awareness and improve the organization s reputation . Tactic method Tactic s include placing news articles, winning awards, communicating with environmental groups and distributing publications. The term is derived from the environmentalism green movement , an ideology which seeks to minimize the effect of human activity on the environment biophysical environment . Importance Environmentalism has become increasingly popular among consumers and media. A nine country Statistical survey survey found 85 of Consumer consumers around the world are willing to change their consumption economics consumption habits to make tomorrow s world a better place, and over half 55 would help a brand promote a product if a good cause were behind it. The study also found when choosing between two brands of same quality and price, social purpose affected consumers decision the most 41 , ahead of design and innovation 32 and the loyalty to the brand 26 . ref cite web title Consumers Would Partner with Brands for Social Change, Environment url http direct consumers would partner with brands for social change environment 2420 format html accessdate September 2008 ref According to PR Week blockquote The significance of corporate America embracing the green movement cannot be denied. Some still think it s a fad, but all signs point to the contrary a sustained commitment to sustainability, either for economic efficiencies or reach out to a public whose goals and values are changing. ref cite web title PRWeek Green PRWeek US url http Green section 199 format html accessdate September 2008 ref blockquote See also Greenwash References reflist Category Environment Category Public relations terminology bg ...   more details

  1. PR automation

    Orphan date February 2009 Public Relations Automation PRA software is a type of Enterprise Software that is designed to automate public relations related activities, such as campaign management , real time media monitoring , and media analysis . Generally delivered as a software as a service , PRA software can be rapidly deployed without any investment in on premise hardware or software . Integrated PRA software solutions enable public relations professionals to Plan, execute and report on PR campaigns Collaborate with global communications teams in secure, online environment Build media lists through integrated media directories Communicate with built lists through email or fax and log responses Monitor media coverage across traditional media and consumer generated media Generate media metric reports, clip books and briefing books Analyze media coverage See also Media monitoring service Marketing Automation Customer Relationship Management Web application Category Public relations ...   more details

  1. River Add

    The River Add is a river which runs through Argyll and Bute on the West of Scotland . It passes through the M ine Mh r Nature Reserve then ends at Loch Crinan by the hamlet of Bellanoch, where it is crossed by an 1851 cast iron bridge. References http www.scottish features featurefirst2754.html Gazetteer for Scotland Coord 56 04 28 N 5 31 20 W type river region GB display title DEFAULTSORT Add Category Rivers of Scotland Argyll geo stub fr Rivi re Add ...   more details

  1. Add-on (Mozilla)

    Refimprove date June 2007 For Mozilla s official add ons website Mozilla Add ons File Add ons for Firefox.png ... featured official page Add ons are installable enhancements to the Mozilla Foundation s projects, and projects based on them. Add ons allow the user to add or augment application features, use theme computing themes to their liking, and handle new types of content. Types of Add ons Extensions Extensions can be used to modify the behavior of existing features to the application or add entirely ... and bugs, while retaining a high degree of extensibility , so that individual users can add the features ... add ons. Uses Interface changes Some extensions are used to change the interface of the application ..., several add ons exist to change the color of the Firefox button, such as ColorizedButton . There is also an add on which moves the menu bar to where the window title normally is on windows machines. Adding features Extensions are generally used to add functions to the application. Examples of functions which an extension might add include RSS file format RSS readers, Internet bookmark bookmark ... Add ons contain files with xml metadata utilized by the mechanism which controls add on installation ... application with which the add on may be used. If an attempt is made to install the add on on a version outside of this range, it will install but will be disabled. Add ons will often work outside of their compatibility ... version of the add on to run on their install. It is even possible to override the compatibility check using various extensions. The success of a formal compatibility check is no guarantee the add on will work, however. The add on manager periodically checks for updates to installed add ons, although ... for updates at Mozilla Add ons , but if the developer includes provisions to check elsewhere, the service will do so. See also Browser extension List of Firefox extensions Mozilla Add ons Theme computing References Reflist External links https firefox Mozilla Add ons , the official ...   more details

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