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Encyclopedia results for Zuzy plakson

Zuzy plakson

Encyclopedia results for Zuzy plakson

  1. Suzie Plakson

    Infobox person name Suzie Plakson image Suzie plakson 375x500.jpg Freely licenced images only. NO SCREEN CAPTURES. Please do not put a fair use image here, it will be deleted see WP NONFREE birth name Susan Plaksin birth date Birth date and age mf yes 1958 6 3 birth place Buffalo, New York , United States U.S. occupation Actress years active 1987 present website http Suzie Plakson born June 3, 1958 is an American actress, singer, writer, poet, and artist , perhaps best known for her role as Meg Tynan in the sitcom Love & War TV series Love & War . Born Susan Plaksin ref http film 62 Suzie Plakson.html ref in Buffalo, New York , she grew up in Kingston, Pennsylvania and went to college at Northwestern University . ref name IMDB imdb name id 0686442 name Suzie Plakson ref She began her career on Theater in the United States the stage , and played four ... Plakson has played a range of characters throughout her career. ref name website http ... Enterprise Cease Fire . In addition, Plakson served as master of ceremonies for the closing of Star Trek The Experience in 2008. Other Roles Plakson has many other guest and recurring roles in sitcoms ... celebrity Suzie Plakson 190946 Suzie Plakson at ref She wrote and performed an allegorical solo show, An Evening with Eve . In 2008, Plakson released the alternative country ... I Met Your Mother . References reflist External links Commons category Suzie Plakson IMDb name 0686442 memoryalpha http startrek view library cast bio 2305465.html Suzie Plakson at Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Plakson, Suzie ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT ... OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Plakson, Suzie Category 1958 births Category American sculptors ... New York Category Actors from New York Category Writers from New York de Suzie Plakson it Suzie Plakson ...   more details

  1. Plaksin

    Plaksin Russian is a surname and may refer to Gleb Plaksin 1925 2008 , French born Soviet and Russian film actor Maksim Plaksin 1990 , Russian football defender Susan Plaksin, known as Suzie Plakson 1958 , American actress, singer, writer, poet, and artist surname de Plaksin fr Plaksine ru ...   more details

  1. Zunyi Xinzhou Airport

    For the airport serving Xinzhou, Shanxi Wutaishan Airport Infobox airport name Zunyi Xinzhou Airport nativename a nativename r image IATA ZYI ICAO ZUZY type Military Public owner operator city served Zunyi , Guizhou , China location Xinzhou, Xinpu New Area latd 27 latm 35 lats 24 latNS N longd 106 longm 59 longs 59 longEW E pushpin map China pushpin map caption Location of airport in China pushpin label ZYI website elevation f elevation m metric rwy y r1 number r1 length m 3,000 r1 length f r1 surface Concrete footnotes Source ref name GCM GCM ZUZY Zunyi Airport ref ref name carnoc Zunyi Xinzhou Airport zh s airport codes ZYI ZUZY is a major military air base that is being converted to a dual use military and civilian airport to serve the city of Zunyi in Guizhou Province , China . It is located in the town of Xinzhou in Xinpu New Area . The military airport was built in 1966 and completed in 1970. Construction to convert the airport started in September 2009 with a total investment of 408 million yuan, and the airport is expected to open in late 2011. ref name airnews cite web url http Company 104948.shtml title 1.38 publisher date 2010 12 17 ref Facilities The airport will have one runway that is 3,000 meters long, and a 11,000 square meter terminal building that is designed to resemble the site of Zunyi Conference . ref name carnoc cite web url http list 195 195159.html title publisher Carnoc date 2011 07 11 ref It is projected to handle 300,000 passengers annually by 2020. ref name airnews See also List of airports in the People s Republic of China List of the busiest airports in the People s Republic of China List of People s Liberation Army Air Force airbases References Reflist Airports in the People s Republic of China Category Airports in Guizhou Category Chinese Air Force bases Category Proposed airports in the People s Republic of China ...   more details

  1. Love & War (TV series)

    Infobox television show name Love & War image caption format Sitcom runtime 30 Minutes creator Diane English starring Susan Dey Season 1 br Annie Potts Seasons 2 and 3 br Jay Thomas country United States network CBS first aired September 21, 1992 last aired February 1, 1995 status Ended num seasons 3 num episodes 68 Love & War is an United States American television sitcom , which aired on CBS from September 21, 1992 to February 1, 1995. Created by Diane English , the series originally starred Susan Dey as Wally Porter, a Chicago restaurateur, and Jay Thomas as Jack Stein, a sportswriter with whom she had an on again, off again romance. After the first season, however, the show was retooled and Dey was fired by the producers of the show, claiming that she and Thomas had no chemistry together. She was replaced by Annie Potts as Dana Palladino, who bought Porter s restaurant and also became a Romantic interest love interest for Jack. One episode featured a guest appearance from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David as themselves, they did this as a thank you to creator Diane English for allowing a brief scene on Murphy Brown in an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer is cast as the titular character s secretary. The show s supporting cast included Suzie Plakson , Joanna Gleason , Joel Murray , Charles Robinson actor Charles Robinson and Michael Nouri . John Hancock actor John Hancock , who had a recurring role as a judge on L.A. Law with Susan Dey previously, portrayed bartender Ike for the first half of season one, until he died of a heart attack in late 1992. ref name nytimes cite news last first coauthors title John Hancock Actor, 51 pages language work The New York Times date October 15, 1992 url http 1992 10 15 obituaries john hancock actor 51.html accessdate ref Cast Jay Thomas as Jack Stein Susan Dey as Wally Porter John Hancock as Ike Johnson 1992 Charlie Robinson as Abe Johnson Joel Murray as Ray Litvak Michael Nouri as Kip Zakaris Suzie Plakson as Meg T ...   more details

  1. Reunion (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

    appearance of Suzie Plakson as K Ehleyr , Worf s love interest. This episode also marks ...   more details

  1. Q Continuum

    Trek . Known members of the Q Continuum Image FemaleQ.jpg thumb right Suzie Plakson as the Female ... . Q Suzie Plakson appeared in the Star Trek Voyager Voyager episode The Q and the Grey Voyager ...   more details

  1. Belly Full of Turkey

    Infobox Television episode Image Caption alt Title Belly Full of Turkey Series How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Episode 9 Airdate November 21, 2005 Production 1ALH08 Writer Chris Miller Director Pamela Fryman Guests Lyndsy Fonseca Daughter br David Henrie Son br Bill Fagerbakke Marvin Eriksen Sr br Suzie Plakson Judy Eriksen br John Bobek Clerk Season list Infobox How I Met Your Mother season 1 episode list Belly Full of Turkey is the 9th episode in the first season of the television series How I Met Your Mother . It originally aired on November 21, 2005. Plot It s Thanksgiving time, and Marshall Eriksen Marshall and Lily Aldrin Lily are going to visit Marshall s family in Minnesota . While Marshall is enjoying a game of bask ice ball a combination of basketball and ice hockey that the Eriksen family invented, using tennis raquets , Lily is in the kitchen. While helping in the kitchen, she hears how big Marshall s nephews and nieces are, and begins to get scared thinking that she will have a huge baby at 6 4 , Marshall is the shortest of his brothers, and his sisters are also tall . Finally, at Thanksgiving dinner, Lily runs off and buys a pregnancy test at a convenience store. Later Marshall finds out Lily has been arrested for urinating in public, and goes to the station to get Lily out and talk to her. Lily tells Marshall her concerns about raising a family of mayonnaise guzzling giants in Minnesota , but Marshall assures her that they are not going to settle down in Minnesota, and alleviates Lily s fears. Finally, Marshall and Lily discover that Lily isn t pregnant, so they return to the Eriksen home, much relieved. Meanwhile, Robin Scherbatsky Robin and Ted Mosby Ted have no plans for Thanksgiving, and decide to help out at a soup kitchen. When they arrive there, they find Barney Stinson Barney volunteering there already, and ask to help. The organizer tells them that they have enough volunteers, but after some pleading, they are allowed to help. Soon after, they ...   more details

  1. A Hero Sits Next Door

    actresses Suzie Plakson and Michelle Kwan , as well as actors Wally Wingert and Carlos Alazraqui ...   more details

  1. The Son Also Draws

    Plakson , Kevin Michael Richardson , Fred Tatasciore and Wally Wingert . ref name crew Recurring guest ...   more details

  1. The Q and the Grey

    unreferenced date February 2012 Infobox television episode Title The Q and the Grey Image Commented out File ST VOY The Q and the Grey.jpg 270px br Q wants Janeway to have his child Caption Series Star Trek Voyager Episode 11 Season 3 Production 153 Airdate Startdate 1996 11 27 Story Shawn Piller Teleplay Kenneth Biller Director Cliff Bole Music Dennis McCarthy composer Dennis McCarthy Guests John de Lancie Q Star Trek Q Suzie Plakson Female Q Harve Presnell Q Colonel Prev Warlord Star Trek Voyager Warlord Next Macrocosm Star Trek Voyager Macrocosm Episode list List of Star Trek Voyager episodes List of Star Trek Voyager episodes NOTOC The Q and the Grey is the 11th episode of the third season of Star Trek Voyager , the 53rd episode overall. It has an average fan rating of 4.1 5 on the official Star Trek website as of September, 2009. Plot Captain Kathryn Janeway is surprised when Q Star Trek Q appears in her quarters one night. Q is intent on Janeway becoming the mother of his child, and plies the Captain with gifts in an attempt to win her affections. Janeway is not amused, and demands that Q leave immediately. Q is persistent, claiming that he could have chosen any female in the galaxy and that his desire for Janeway should be regarded as an honor. Janeway continues to insist that Q leave, and eventually he does. However, Q s absence does not last long, as he abducts the captain and takes her to the Q Continuum, now appearing as an American Civil War period piece, with Q dressed in the uniform of a Union army Union officer. Confederate States Army Confederate soldiers fire on them, and Q is wounded surprising Janeway to no end. Q s sense of urgency becomes apparent There is a real civil war brewing among the Q race, and Q hopes that he and Janeway can bring a child into the continuum which has not had a natural birth in billions of years and Q claims they have always existed to avert the war. Q explains that the civil war started because of him he leads a faction ...   more details

  1. The Schizoid Man (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

    Infobox television episode Title The Schizoid Man Image Image ST TNG The Schizoid Man.jpg Caption Cdr. Data, Ira Graves and Dr. Selar Series Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2 Episode 6 Production 131 Airdate Start date 1989 01 23 Teleplay Tracy Torm Story Richard Manning br Hans Beimler screenwriter Hans Beimler Director Les Landau Music Ron Jones composer Ron Jones Guests Diana Muldaur Dr. Katherine Pulaski W. Morgan Sheppard Ira Graves Suzie Plakson Dr. Selar Barbara Alyn Woods Kareen Brianon Prev Loud as a Whisper Next Unnatural Selection Star Trek The Next Generation Unnatural Selection Episode list List of Star Trek The Next Generation episodes List of Star Trek The Next Generation episodes NOTOC The Schizoid Man is the 32nd episode of the television series Star Trek The Next Generation . The sixth episode of the second season. Overview A brilliant scientist, Dr. Ira Graves, attempts to cheat death by uploading his memories and personality into Data Star Trek Data . Plot The Enterprise is en route to provide medical care for the reclusive but respected scientist Dr. Ira Graves, who lives with only one other person, Kareen Brianon, on a remote planet. When the crew receives an emergency distress call from a nearby transport ship, Captain Picard elects to try a risky near warp transport of an away team, including Data, Troi, Worf, and Dr. Selar, to see to Dr. Graves while the rest of the crew attend to the transport. The away team finds that the request for medical assistance was made by Kareen without Dr. Graves s knowledge, and though resentful, allows for Dr. Selar to examine him. Dr. Graves recognizes Data as Noonien Soong s creation, and claims he had taught Soong everything he knew. Selar reports that Dr. Graves has a terminal form of Darnay s disease, and only has three weeks to live. The team helps to collect Dr. Graves s research and records to take with them after his death. Dr. Graves, while working alone with Data, whistles If I Only Had a Brain ...   more details

  1. Cease Fire (Star Trek: Enterprise)

    Unreferenced date February 2012 All plot date February 2012 Infobox television episode Title Cease Fire Image Caption Series Star Trek Enterprise Season 2 Episode 15 Production 215 Airdate Startdate 2003 02 12 Writer Chris Black screenwriter Chris Black Director David Straiton Music Jay Chattaway Guests Vaughn Armstrong Admiral Maxwell Forrest Forrest Jeffrey Combs Commander Shran Suzie Plakson Tarah Gary Graham Ambassador Soval John Balma Muroc Zane Cassidy Andorian Soldier Christopher Shea Andorian Captain Telev Prev Stigma Star Trek Enterprise Stigma Next Future Tense Star Trek Enterprise Future Tense Episode list List of Star Trek Enterprise episodes List of Star Trek Enterprise episodes NOTOC Cease Fire is the 41st episode production 215 of the Television program television series Star Trek Enterprise , the 15th of the second season. Captain Jonathan Archer Archer negotiates a cease fire between the Andorian s and the Vulcan Star Trek Vulcans . Plot The Andorians and the Vulcans are locked in battle over a small planet, situated on the frontier between their two systems. Both sides claim that it belongs to them the Andorians refer to it as Weytahn, while the Vulcans call it Paan Mokar. Andorian Commander Shran has landed a force on the planet and occupied the settlement. Now, the Vulcans are calling for a cease fire and Shran wants Archer to help the two sides negotiate. Vulcan Ambassador Soval is reluctant to bring Archer in as mediator, but three Vulcans have been taken hostage, and Shran has made his position clear he only trusts Archer. Archer and T Pol head down the planet for a meeting with Shran. Shran s lieutenant, Tarah, is especially wary of Sub commander T Pol , but Archer manages to convince Shran to release one of the Vulcan hostages as a show of good faith. He also agrees to bring Soval down to the planet for a meeting. Soval is skeptical, but agrees to go. Meanwhile, on the planet, Shran has a tense moment with Tarah, who objects to his attempts ...   more details

  1. ConCarolinas

    included Gary Jones actor Gary Jones from Stargate SG 1 and Suzie Plakson , as well as Mike Resnick ...   more details

  1. List of Judging Amy cast members

    P Nicole Paggi Erik Palladino Adrian Pasdar Felton Perry Christopher Pettiet Suzie Plakson Larry Poindexter ...   more details

  1. FedCon

    Garman Hertzler J.G. Hertzler Suzie Plakson Cirroc Lofton Anthony Montgomery Hubert Zitt Alexandra ... Chase Masterson Tsuneo Sanda David Messina Manu Intiraymi Suzie Plakson Robert Vogel journalist Robert ...   more details

  1. Bingo (film)

    Glenn Shadix as Duke Janet Wright as Emma Lois Wayne Robson as Four Eyes Suzie Plakson as Ginger ...   more details

  1. Game Night

    Infobox Television episode Image Caption Title Game Night Series How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Episode 15 Airdate February 27, 2006 Production 1ALH14 Writer Chris Harris II Director Pamela Fryman Guests David Henrie Son br Lyndsy Fonseca Daughter br Ashley Williams actress Ashley Williams Victoria br Marshall Manesh Ranjit br Suzie Plakson Mrs. Eriksen br Mark Derwin Greg br Katie Walder Shannon Season list Infobox How I Met Your Mother season 1 episode list Game Night is the 15th episode in the first season of the television series How I Met Your Mother . It originally aired on February 27, 2006. Plot Anytime Marshall Eriksen Marshall , Lily Aldrin Lily , Ted Mosby Ted , Robin Scherbatsky Robin , and Barney Stinson Barney hold a game night together, Marshall always wins, no matter what the game is, so the others decide that he should always run game nights. Marshall decides to create his own game, Marshgammon , which few people understand although a player must drink if they ask What? . Ted plans to bring Victoria along, and tells Marshall, Lily, and Barney not to scare her off all reluctantly promise not to try to ruin things, but they end up trying their hardest. At game night, Marshall uses the game questions to find out more about Victoria, while Lily reveals that someone gave her a videotape to give to Barney, and once Barney figures out who it is, he panics, destroying a tape of Ted s graduation before Lily revealed that she had hidden the real tape. They watch it, and find a longer haired, hippie sh Barney, singing and playing a keyboard while crying. Barney ejects the tape and walks out, and no one can find him. Barney meets all of them at the bar, and only tells his story once everyone else agrees to tell their embarrassing stories. Marshall confesses that he was seen on the toilet by Lily s kindergarten class, Lily tells the story of how Marshall s mother once overheard the couple having sex via a phonecall, Victoria tells a story involving marshmallow s ...   more details

  1. BabelCon

    , Louisiana. The two day event featured guest stars Richard Hatch , Suzie Plakson , J. G. Hertzler ...   more details

  1. Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap

    Infobox Television episode Title Slapsgiving 2 Revenge of the Slap Series How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 9 Guests Chris Elliot Mickey Aldrin br Christina Pickles Rita br Bill Fagerbakke Marvin Eriksen Sr br Suzie Plakson Judy Eriksen br Robert Michael Ryan Marvin Eriksen Jr br Ned Rolsma Marcus Eriksen br Greg Lewis actor Greg Lewis Mr. Ossias br Charles Chun Mr. Park ref name pressrelease How I Met Your Mother Episode 5.09 http 2009 11 how i met your mother episode 509.html Slapsgiving 2 Revenge of the Slap Press Release ref Writer Jamie Rhonheimer Director Pamela Fryman Airdate November 23, 2009 Production 5ALH09 Season list Infobox How I Met Your Mother season 5 episode list Slapsgiving 2 Revenge of the Slap is the ninth episode of the fifth season of the CBS situation comedy How I Met Your Mother and 97th episode overall. It aired on November 23, 2009. Plot Future Ted describes the Thanksgiving of 2009, when Lily Aldrin Lily and Marshall Eriksen Marshall invited the gang over to their apartment for dinner. Marshall had picked out a wonderful turkey, but had left it in the cab. Robin Scherbatsky Robin and Ted Mosby Ted pick it up at the Port Authority Bus Terminal Port Authority , and in gratitude, Marshall bequeaths one of his slap bet slaps to them, on the condition they slap before sundown and decide among themselves who gets to slap Barney Stinson Barney . Lily s estranged father Mickey shows up. Divorced from Lily s mother, Mickey had been living in his parents Lily s grandparents basement, trying to develop his strange board game ideas and taking advantage of his father s generosity. Marshall describes the look he saw in Lily s eyes at that moment, calling it the you re dead to me look. She had used the look on other people for trivial reasons, but she had not spoken to or of her father for three years. Marshall, who comes from a close knit family he teleconference s with them for Sunday dinner , tries to convince Lily to allow her ...   more details

  1. Desperation Day

    Infobox Television episode Title Desperation Day Series How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 16 Guests Jennifer Morrison as Zoey Pierson br Suzie Plakson as Judy Eriksen br Bill Fagerbakke as Marvin Eriksen Sr. br Nazanin Boniadi as Nora Director Pamela Fryman Writer Tami Sagher Airdate Start date 2011 2 14 Production 6ALH16 Season list Infobox How I Met Your Mother season 6 episode list Desperation Day is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and the 128th episode overall. It aired on February 14, 2011. Plot When Lily Aldrin Lily mentions how lonely she is with Marshall Eriksen Marshall still living with his mother in Minnesota, Barney Stinson Barney explains the story of Desperation Day, the day before Valentine s Day. Barney claims that single women will find themselves desperate and easy to hook up with on the eve of Valentine s Day. Robin Scherbatsky Robin decides to prove him wrong and says she will be hanging out with her female colleagues that night, though Barney believes they will be just as desperate as any other woman. That night, Robin hangs out with her colleagues, while Barney hits on women. However, Barney then takes interest in one of Robin s colleagues, Nora, who had just arrived. Nora privately tells Barney that unlike Robin and her other colleagues, she actually loves Valentine s Day. Barney hints that the fact she tries to appear romantic comes across as desperate, and instead begins explaining how to play laser tag. The two return to Robin to find her friends have left, as they had gone home with two other guys. Nora soon leaves as well, to Barney s disappointment, but gloats to Robin how her colleagues had fallen for Desperation Day. Robin however points out its after midnight, and Barney had failed to hook up with a woman on Desperation Day. She also claims Barney is beginning to like Nora though he denies it, Robin later invites Nora to play laser tag with Barney. Future Ted Mosby Ted states it w ...   more details

  1. List of airports by IATA code: Z

    align left background ddd cite id ZY ZY ZYI ZUZY Zunyi Airport Zunyi , Guizhou , China ZYL VGSY Osmani ...   more details

  1. List of airports in China

    Airport Xingyi, Guizhou Xingyi ZUYI ACX Xingyi Airport Zunyi ZUZY ZYI Zunyi Xinzhou Airport under ...   more details

  1. Sci-Fi on the Rock

    , Martok and Suzie Plakson who is an actress, singer, writer, poet, and artist, who has played four ... 2011 Mike Savva, actor Robert Axelrod actor Robert Axelrod , actor David Nykl , actor Suzie Plakson ...   more details

  1. Terah

    Trek Enterprise , played by Suzie Plakson . References Reflist Qur anic people Persondata Metadata ...   more details

  1. Wag the Dog

    Suzie Plakson as Grace Woody Harrelson as Sgt. William the Old Shoe Schumann Michael Belson as The President ...   more details

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