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Web services protocol stack
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Encyclopedia results for Web services protocol stack

Web services protocol stack

Encyclopedia results for Web services protocol stack

  1. Web services protocol stack

    A web service protocol stack is a protocol stack a stack of computer networking protocol computing protocol s that is used to define, locate, implement, and make Web services interact with each other. A Web service protocol stack typically stacks four protocols Service Transport Protocol responsible for transporting messages between network applications and includes protocols such as HTTP , SMTP , File Transfer Protocol FTP , as well as the more recent BEEP Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol BEEP . XML Messaging Protocol responsible for encoding messages in a common XML format so that they can ... articles article.aspx?p 31076&seqNum 2 Alex Nghiem 2003 The Basic Web Services Stack http pub a ws 2002 02 12 webservicefaqs.html Ethan Cerami 2002 Top Ten FAQs for Web Services http soa ws standards poster innoQ 2007 Web Services Standards as of Q1 2007 http reports protocols Lawrence Wilkes updated Feb 2005 The Web Services Protocol Stack http lpt a ws 2002 01 09 soap.html Pavel Kulchenko 2002 Web Services Acronyms, Demystified compu network stub telecomm stub Category Web services pt Pilha de protocolos de Web Services ... RPC , WS Addressing , and SOAP protocol SOAP . Service Description Protocol used for describing the public interface to a specific Web service. The Web Services Description Language WSDL interface format is typically used for this purpose. Service Discovery Protocol centralizes services into a common registry such that network Web services can publish their location and description, and makes it easy to discover what services are available on the network. Universal Description Discovery and Integration UDDI was intended for this purpose, but it has not been widely adopted. The Web service protocol stack also includes a whole range of recently defined protocols Business Process Execution ...   more details

  1. Protocol stack

    The protocol stack is an implementation of a computer network ing protocol suite . The terms protocol stack and protocol suite are often used interchangeably. Strictly speaking, the suite is the definition of the protocols, and the stack is the software implementation of them. ref cite web title What is a protocol stack? accessdate 2010 02 21 url http TERM P protocol stack.html publisher WEBOPEDIA location http quote A protocol stack is a set of network protocol layers that work together. The OSI Reference Model that defines seven protocol layers is often called a stack, as is the set of TCP IP protocols that define communication over the Internet. ref ref cite web title What Is a Protocol Suite? accessdate 2010 02 21 publisher eHow location http author Bruce Ritter date 2010 01 09 url http about 5849361 protocol suite .html quote A protocol suite is a collection of communications procedures, broken down into small data packets ... major sections media, transport, and applications. ref cite web title What Is a Protocol Suite? accessdate ... 6917772 protocol stack definition.html quote Protocol stacks are made up of individual layers, which ... protocol stack and the corresponding layers class wikitable border 1 Protocol Layer HTTP Application ... protocol suite Network protocol design principles OSI protocol suite Service layer Solution stack ... protocol protocols within a suite are often designed with a single purpose in mind. This modularity programming modularization makes design and evaluation easier. Because each protocol module usually communicates with two others, they are commonly imagined as layers in a stack of protocols. The lowest protocol always deals with low level , physical interaction of the hardware. Every higher layer ... ref cite web title The OSI Model, Part 10. The Application Layer accessdate 2010 02 21 publisher ..., and it provides services that directly support user applications, such as database access, e mail, and file ...   more details

  1. UniPro protocol stack

    About a technical explanation of the architecture of the UniPro sup SM sup protocol stack an overview of the protocol stack, its purpose, usage and status UniPro Orphan date September 2010 In mobile telephone ... UniPro protocol stack this color coding is a long standing UniPro tradition style background D8D8D8 ... directions are totally independent at this level of the protocol stack. In UniPro, the D PHY is used in a mode called 8b9b encoding which conveys 8 bit bytes as 9 bit symbols. The UniPro protocol uses ... bytes are used by higher layers of the UniPro protocol. The maximum frame size of 288 payload bytes per frame was chosen to ensure that the entire protocol stack could easily transmit 256 bytes ... services have already been taken care of by lower protocol layers. L4 is essentially about enabling ... Processor Interface MIPI Alliance DEFAULTSORT Unipro Protocol Stack Category Embedded systems Category ... Protocol UniPro sup SM sup v1.10.01 , requires an account at the MIPI website ref protocol stack follows the architecture of the classical OSI model OSI Reference Model . In UniPro, the OSI Physical ... 800 Mbit s is then available for the UniPro stack. The D PHY also supports a Low Power Data Transmission ... are used by the protocol L1.5 and L2 itself. In the figures, the control bits are shown in L1.5 red as a reminder that they are defined in and used by protocol Layer 1.5. L1.5 multi lane support The main .... This involves a simple discovery protocol within L1.5 that is executed on initialization. The protocol ... a built in protocol called PACP PA Control Protocol that allows L1.5 to communicate with its peer L1.5 ... can lead to occasional errors in the received data. The Data Link layer contains a protocol to automatically ... be passed once to the upper protocol layer duplicate data frames are discarded data frames within the same Traffic Class will be received and passed to the upper protocol layers in order Thus individual ... used Transmission Control Protocol TCP protocol that detects errors at the endpoints and relies on end ...   more details

  1. Semantic Web Stack

    Image semantic web stack.png frame right Semantic Web Stack The Semantic Web Stack , also known as Semantic Web Cake or Semantic Web Layer Cake , illustrates the architecture of the Semantic Web . Overview The Semantic Web Stack is an illustration of the hierarchy of languages, where each layer exploits .... Notes reflist 1 Category Semantic Web fa fr Semantic Web Stack zh ... Web are organized to make the Semantic Web possible. It also shows how Semantic Web is an extension not replacement of classical hypertext web. The illustration was created by Tim Berners Lee ref name Semantic Web Stack 2000 cite web url http 2000 Talks 1206 xml2k tbl slide10 0.html title Semantic Web XML2000, slide 10 publisher W3C accessdate 2008 05 13 ref . The stack is still evolving as the layers are concretized ref name Semantic Web Stack 2005 cite web url http talks 2005 openCulture slide7 0.html title Representing Knowledge in the Semantic Web, slide 7 publisher W3C accessdate 2008 05 13 ref ref name Semantic Web Stack 2007 cite web url http 2007 Talks 0130 sb W3CTechSemWeb 24 title Semantic Web, and Other Technologies to Watch, slide 24 publisher W3C accessdate 2008 05 13 ref . Semantic Web Technologies As shown in the Semantic Web Stack, the following languages or technologies are used to create Semantic Web . The technologies from the bottom of the stack up to Web Ontology Language OWL are currently standardized and accepted to build Semantic Web applications. It is still not clear how the top of the stack is going to be implemented. All layers of the stack need to be implemented to achieve full visions of the Semantic Web . Hypertext Web technologies The bottom layers contain technologies that are well known from hypertext web and that without change provide basis for the semantic web. Internationalized Resource Identifier IRI , generalization of URI , provides means for uniquely identifying semantic web resources. Semantic ...   more details

  1. Hessian (web service protocol)

    hessian Caucho Technology s Hessian site Category Web services fr Hessian protocole web ... One ASN.1 Cisco s Etch protocol Etch Facebook s Thrift protocol Thrift Google s Protocol Buffers Microsoft ...   more details

  1. Web Cache Communication Protocol

    Refimprove date April 2008 Web Cache Communication Protocol WCCP is a Cisco developed content routing Protocol computing protocol that provides a mechanism to redirect traffic flows in real time. It has ... or Version 2 WCCPv2 of the protocol. WCCP allows utilization of Cisco Cache Engines or other caches running WCCP to localize web traffic patterns in the network, enabling content requests to be fulfilled locally. Traffic localization reduces transmission costs and download time. Protocol Versions WCCPv1 Only a single router services a cluster of systems Supports HTTP Transmission Control Protocol ... guide fcf018 ps1835 TSD Products Configuration Guide Chapter.html Configuring Web Cache Services ... wilson wrec wccp v2 01.txt Web Cache Communication Protocol V2.0 on IETF Web Site http ... Filter on Barracuda Networks site Category Cisco protocols Category Web caching protocol fr Web Cache Communication Protocol pt Web Cache Communication Protocol ru Web Cache Communication Protocol ... channel based on User Datagram Protocol UDP port 2048 WCCPv2 Allows for use across up to 32 routers WCCP servers Supports up to 32 engines accelerators WCCP clients Supports any IP protocol including ... WCCP functions Registration Accelerator or Engine is a WCCP client Registers WCCP services 0 255 with Here ... WCCP client lowest IP address instructs routers on protocol port, assignment, forwarding, and return ... Web Security Appliance Other vendors have also implemented WCCP support into their products, as it allows ... hardware. WCCP is of particular use to vendors of web cache proxy security appliances for redirection of web traffic. A list includes http www.safenet Products Data Protection Content Security.aspx Aladdin SafeNet eSafe Web ApplianSys CACHEbox http Arahe SiteCelerate SiteCelerate Barracuda Networks Barracuda Web Filter Blue Coat Systems Blue Coat ProxySG Branch Repeater ..., Inc. http CensorNet Ltd CensorNet Professional web filter http www.cyan ...   more details

  1. Protocol for Web Description Resources

    The Protocol for Web Description Resources POWDER is the W3C recommended method for describing web resources. It specifies a protocol for publishing metadata about Web resources using Resource Description Framework RDF , Web Ontology Language OWL , and Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP . The initial working party was formed in February 2007 ref http 2007 02 powder charter Protocol for Web Description Resources POWDER Working Group Charter ref with the W3C Content Label Incubator Group s 2006 work as an input. ref http 2005 Incubator wcl W3C Content Label Incubator Group ref On 1 September 2009 POWDER became a W3C recommendation ref http 2009 09 powder pr.html A Sprinkle of POWDER Fosters Trust on the Web ref and the Working Group is now closed. ref http 2007 powder Protocol for Web Description Resources POWDER Working Group ref POWDER supersedes the previous W3C specification Platform for Internet Content Selection PICS . ref http PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection home page ref References Reflist External link http TR powder primer Protocol for Web Description Resources POWDER Primer web stub Category World Wide Web pl Protocol for Web Description Resources ...   more details

  1. Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol

    Cleanup date October 2007 prose date November 2011 The Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol WPAD is a method ... in December 1999. ref cite web url http html draft ietf wrec wpad 01 title INTERNET DRAFT Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol accessdate 2009 10 15 first Paul last Gauthier coauthors ... version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp sp2 rtm requests wpad.da instead of wpad.dat from the Web server. Security While greatly simplifying configuration of one organisation s web browsers, the WPAD protocol ... html draft ietf wrec wpad 01 Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol &mdash Expired internet ... Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol ja Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol pt WPAD ru Web Proxy Autodiscovery ... the proxy for a specified URL. The WPAD protocol only outlines the mechanism for discovering the location ... cite web url http eng mozilla 2.0 relnotes demo proxy live.html archiveurl http web 20061218002753 eng mozilla 2.0 relnotes demo proxy live.html date March ... 29 work Netscape Navigator Documentation ref The WPAD protocol was drafted by a consortium of companies ... central proxy configuration file. Details are discussed in a separate article. Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol WPAD standard ensure that an organization s browsers will find this file without manual ... Host Configuration Protocol DHCP or the Domain Name System DNS Before fetching its first page, a web browser implementing this method sends the local DHCP server a DHCPINFORM query, and uses ... protocol, any URL is usable. For traditional reasons, PAC files are often called proxy.pac ... wpad.dat nowiki without the quotes where is the address of a Web server either an Internet Protocol IP address in Dot decimal notation dotted quad format or a Domain Name System DNS ... be able to serve a Web page . In both cases, the Web server must be configured to serve the WPAD ... wpad.dat must be located in the WPAD Web site s root directory . The PAC files are discussed in the Proxy ...   more details

  1. Web Calendar Access Protocol

    Web Calendar Access Protocol WCAP is a protocol for remote client server calendar access and scheduling based on the XML , HTTP , iCalendar , and vCard Internet standards. WCAP was created for use with the product that eventually became Sun Java Calendar Server , but is also used by the open source Buni Meldware project ref http blog asogor 2007 01 07 I bust a CAP in your APP ref . WCAP uses simple HTTP GET commands for accessing iCalendar, Freebusy, TODO and vCard entries. WCAP responses are either the traditional text form or an xml ized form of iCalendar etc ref http source 817 5698 pmWCAPov.html Chapter 5 Web Calendar Access Protocol Overview Bot generated title ref . Several plugins exist including those for Mozilla Thunderbird ref http projects calendar lightning Lightning Project Home Bot generated title ref , Novell Evolution ref http www.go Evolution JESCS Evolution JESCS Evolution Bot generated title ref and Microsoft Outlook ref http software products calendar srvr connector index.xml Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook Bot generated title ref . There is a competing protocol called CalDAV undergoing standardization. Example Client pre GET wcap get freebusy.wcap?appid mozilla calendar&calid mailto 3Atom 40localhost&busyonly 1&dtstart 20070521T040000Z&dtend 20070525T040000Z&fmt out text 2Fxml&id 17046506 HTTP 1.1 Host localhost 8080 User Agent Mozilla 5.0 X11 U Linux i686 en US rv Gecko 20070403 Thunderbird Accept text xml,application xml,application xhtml xml,text html q 0.9,text plain q 0.8,image png, q 0.5 Accept Language en us,en q 0.5 Accept Encoding gzip,deflate Accept Charset ISO 8859 1,utf 8 q 0.7, q 0.7 Keep Alive 300 Connection keep alive Pragma no cache Cache Control no cache pre Response pre HTTP 1.1 200 OK Server Apache Coyote 1.1 X Powered By Servlet ... Microsystems software fr Web Calendar Access Protocol ...   more details

  1. NetWare Link Services Protocol

    Multiple issues orphan February 2009 notability November 2007 unreferenced April 2012 NetWare Link Services Protocol NLSP is based on the Intermediate System to Intermediate System IS IS routing protocol developed by the International Organization For Standardization ISO , NLSP enables Netware servers to exchange routing and service information without the high broadcast overhead generated by Routing Information Protocol and Service Advertising Protocol . Instead of periodically retransmitting its information every few minutes like RIP and SAP, NLSP only transmits every two hours, or when there is a change in a route or service, making it much more suitable for use over a Wide Area Network . compu network stub Category Network protocols Category Novell NetWare de NetWare Link Services Protocol ...   more details

  1. Protocol Data Services

    notability date January 2011 Orphan date February 2009 Infobox Company company name Protocol Data Services company logo Image pdsnet.jpg PDSNET logo company type Private company Private company slogan foundation Incorporation business incorporated November 25, 1999 location Telford , United Kingdom U.K. key people , Chairman & CEO num employees 12,800 industry Information technology services products Computer Services revenue homepage http Protocol Data Services PDSNET is an information technology services company that is headquartered in Telford . In As of 2003 lc on it employed 12,800 people, 78 of that revenue came from contracts with the United Kingdom . Protocol Data Services is heavily involved in the IT outsourcing market. External links http PDSNET website http info 194 Telford online Category Companies established in 1999 Category Computer companies of the United Kingdom ict company stub ...   more details

  1. Web Services Interoperability

    The Web Services Interoperability Organization WS I is an industry consortium chartered to promote interoperability amongst the stack of web services List of Web service specifications specifications . WS I does not define standards for web services rather, it creates guidelines and tests for interoperability. It has recently become part of OASIS organization OASIS , another standards body. It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the founding members IBM , Microsoft , BEA Systems , SAP AG SAP , Oracle Corporation Oracle , Fujitsu , Hewlett Packard , and Intel and two elected members currently, Sun Microsystems and webMethods . The organization s deliverables include profiles, sample applications that demonstrate the profiles use, and test tools to help determine profile conformance. WS I Profiles According to WS I, a profile is blockquote A set of named web services specifications at specific revision levels, together with a set of implementation and interoperability guidelines recommending how the specifications may be used to develop interoperable web services. blockquote WS I Basic Profile WS I Basic Security Profile Simple Soap Binding Profile WS I Profile Compliance The WS I is not a certifying authority thus, every vendor can claim to be compliant to a profile. However the use of the test tool is required before a company can claim a product to be compliant. See http docs 20031021 trademark.pdf WS I Trademarks and Compliance claims requirements In a 2003 interview, the WS I spokesman said even if every companies are free to claim compliance unfaithfully, he expects companies to be honest blockquote We expect enforcement of that brand to be market .... http dev news article.php 2247551 blockquote See also Web Services Resource Framework ... WS I controversy, cnet news, May 2002 Category Web services Category Interoperability de WS Interoperability es WS I fr WS I it Web Services Interoperability ja Web Services Interoperability ...   more details

  1. Semantic Web Services

    ontologies is SSWAP Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol. ref name gessler.2009 cite journal title SSWAP A Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol for semantic web services journal BMC ...Semantic Web Services , like conventional web service s, are the Server computing server end of a client server system for machine to machine interaction via the World Wide Web . Semantic services are a component ... by computer programs . The problem addressed by Semantic Web Services The mainstream XML standards for interoperation of web services specify only Syntax of programming languages syntactic interoperability, not the Semantics semantic meaning of messages. For example, Web Services Description Language ... programmers to reach specific agreements on the interaction of web services and makes automatic web service composition difficult. Semantic web services are built around universal standards ... sources and services without losing meaning. Web services can be activated behind the scenes when a web browser makes a request to a web server, which then uses various web services to construct a more sophisticated reply than it would have been able to do on its own. Semantic web services can ... khalidb sws sws directory sws directory.html directory of Semantic Web Services providing ... Belhajjame Dr. Khalid Belhajjame . A Semantic Web Services platform that uses OWL Web Ontology Language ... OIL Web Ontology Language OWL Resource Description Framework RDF Web Services Modeling Language WSML Web Services Semantics WSDL S SAWSDL ref http 2002 ws sawsdl SAWSDL ref Semantic Web ... odesws ODE SWS , a toolset for design and composition of Semantic Web Services http ... of Semantic Web Services and semantically empowered service oriented architecture s. Adaptive Services ... Web Services DIP http www.essi kw.html Knowledge Web SEKT Semantic Knowledge Technologies ... . The Semantic Web Services Initiative is an ad hoc initiative of academic and industrial researchers ...   more details

  1. Devices Profile for Web Services

    Unreferenced date November 2011 advert date January 2012 The Devices Profile for Web Services DPWS defines a minimal set of implementation constraints to enable secure Web Service messaging, discovery ... Plug and Play UPnP but, in addition, DPWS is fully aligned with Web Services technology and includes numerous extension points allowing for seamless integration of device provided services in enterprise ... services provide dynamic access to a device s hosted services and to their metadata. Publish subscribe eventing services allowing other devices to subscribe to asynchronous event messages produced by a given service. DPWS builds on the following core Web Services standards Web Services Description ... bridge between their native, usually proprietary, code and Web Services. At least 117 automation ... downloaded. Also stemming from the SIRENA project, the Web Services for Devices Website ... http www.oasis committees tc home.php?wg abbrev ws dd OASIS Web Services Discovery and Web Services Devices Profile WS DD Technical Committee DEFAULTSORT Devices Profile For Web Services Category Network protocols Category Web services de Devices Profile for Web Services fr Devices Profile for Web Services ... 30 2009 . DPWS defines an architecture in which devices run two types of services hosting services and hosted services . Hosting services are directly associated to a device, and play an important part in the device discovery process. Hosted services are mostly functional and depend on their hosting device for discovery. In addition to these hosted services, DPWS specifies a set of built in services Discovery services used by a device connected to a network to advertise itself and to discover other ... s Windows Vista and Windows Embedded CE6R2 platforms natively integrate DPWS with a stack called WSDAPI ... through the http SOA for Devices Website, from which the DPWS stack both ...   more details

  1. Web Services Interoperability Technology

    Web Services Interoperability Technology WSIT is an open source project started by Sun microsystems Sun Microsystems to develop the next generation of Web service technologies. It provides interoperability between Java Web Services and Microsoft Microsoft s Windows Communication Foundation WCF . ref cite web accessdate 2011 05 17 location http technetwork java index.html publisher ORACLE title Web Services Interoperability Technology Features quote Web Services Interoperability Technology WSIT provides interoperability between Java Web Services and Microsoft s Windows Communication Foundation. url http webservices interop features index.jsp ref It consists of Java programming language Java programming language application programming interface APIs that enable advanced WS features to be used in a way that is compatible with Microsoft s Windows Communication Foundation as used by Microsoft .NET .NET . The interoperability between different products is accomplished by implementing a number of Web Services specifications, like JAX WS that provides interoperability between Java Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation . ref cite web accessdate 2011 05 01 location http technetwork java index.html publisher ORACLE title Web Services Interoperability Technology Features quote Interoperability ... to JAX WS, WSIT provides additional interoperability between Java Web Services and Microsoft ... WS PolicyAttachment A general framework, applicable but not limited to Web services, for interoperation of model based services is described at Conceptual interoperability Levels of Conceptual ... Category Web services de Web Services Interoperability Technology pt Web Services Interoperability ... development as part of project Metro. WSIT is a series of extensions to the basic SOAP protocol, and so uses JAX WS and JAXB . It is not a new protocol such as the binary DCOM. WSIT implements the WS ...   more details

  1. Amazon Web Services

    Infobox software name Amazon Web Services title logo File AmazonWebservices Logo.svg screenshot File ... Web Services AWS is a collection of Remote computer remote computing services also called web service ... and History Bot generated title ref Amazon Web Services provide online services for other web sites or client side applications. Most of these services are not exposed directly to end users, but instead ... 330,000 developers had signed up to use Amazon Web Services. ref http phx.corporate phoenix.zhtml ... Amazon Web Services offerings are accessed over HTTP , using Representational State Transfer REST and SOAP protocol SOAP protocols. All services are billed on usage, but how usage is measured for billing varies from service to service. On April 20, 2011, some of Amazon Web Services suffered a major ... Skytap References reflist External links Commons category http Amazon Web Services main page http about aws events Amazon Web Services Events http user AmazonWebServices Official Amazon Web Services YouTube Channel Tutorials on using and optimizing services running on AWS http presentations amazon web services Presentation about Amazon Web Services by Amazon Evangelist Jeff Barr, from QCon London 2008 http interviews barr amazon web services Interview about Amazon Web Services with Amazon Evangelist Jeff Barr , from ... article2 0,1759,2021468,00.asp?kc EWRSS03119TX1K0000594 Bezos Opens Web Services Sharing for Profits ... Web Services Category Web services Category Cloud computing providers Category Cloud platforms Category 2002 introductions de Amazon Web Services fa fr Amazon Web Services ko ja Amazon Web Services pt Amazon Web Services ru Amazon Web Services zh ... central and well known of these services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 . Launched in July 2002 ..., Jeff Bezos , the founder of Amazon, mandated everyone at Amazon use services instead of adhoc ...   more details

  1. Web Services Invocation Framework

    using the same, protocol independent WSIF API . See also Apache Web Services Apache XML External links http wsif Web Services Invocation Framework documentation http ... latest release date January 27, 2003 operating system Cross platform genre Web Services license Apache License 2.0 website http wsif The Web Services Invocation Framework WSIF supports a simple Java API for invoking Web services, no matter how or where the services are provided. The framework allows maximum flexibility for the invocation of any Web Services Description Language WSDL described service. The official version of WSIF can be found on the Apache web site since IBM has donated WSIF to Apache Software Foundation. In the WSDL specification, Web service binding descriptions ... WSIF enables developers to interact with abstract representations of Web services through their WSDL descriptions instead of working directly with the Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP APIs, which ... services. However, WSIF s API is WSDL driven and protocol independent it allows protocol specific ... Web service specifications Category Web services es WSIF pt WSIF ... API allows clients to invoke services focusing on the abstract service description the portion .... The abstract invocations work because they are backed up by protocol specific pieces of code ... of a particular protocol for example, the SOAP provider that is packaged with WSIF uses a specific ..., late binding, clients being unaware of large scale changes to services such as service migration, change ... defines how to map between the abstract PortType and a real service format and protocol. For example ... the targetURI , and so forth. WSDL allows there to be multiple implementations for a Web Service, and multiple ... of how the Web service is implemented and accessed. WSIF allows stubless or completely dynamic invocation of a Web service, based upon examination of the meta data about the service at runtime ...   more details

  1. Web Services Description Language

    The Web Services Description Language WSDL, pronounced wiz dul is an XML based language that is used for describing the functionality offered by a Web service . A WSDL description of a web service also ... interface to the Web service. WSDL is often used in combination with SOAP protocol SOAP and an XML Schema W3C XML Schema to provide Web services over the Internet . A client program connecting ... TR wsdl20 title Web Services Description Language WSDL Version 2.0 Part 1 Core Language accessdate 2007 ... State Transfer RESTful Web service web services , and is much simpler to implement. ref cite ... Web Services Description Language WSDL Version 2.0 Part 2 Adjuncts ref ref cite web url http ... for Web Services which often offer tools only for WSDL 1.1. Dubious date January 2010 Furthermore, the latest ... has been developed by IBM , Microsoft , and Ariba to describe Web Services for their SOAP toolkit ... adjuncts WSDL 2.0 Specification Part 2 Adjuncts Latest Version http 2002 ws desc Web Services ... jsr detail?id 110 JSR 110 Java APIs for WSDL http en jsr detail?id 172 JSR 172 Java ME Web Services ... standards Category Web service specifications Category Web services Category World Wide Web Consortium standards bg WSDL ca WSDL cs Web Services Description Language de Web Services Description Language es WSDL fa fr Web Services Description Language ko WSDL id WSDL is WSDL it Web Services Description Language he Web Services Description Language hu Webszolg ltat s le r nyelv nl Web Services Description Language ja Web Services Description Language no WSDL pl Web Services Description Language pt Web Services Description Language ro WSDL ru WSDL sk WSDL fi WSDL sv WSDL ...about an information technology specification the radio station WSDL FM Infobox file format name Web Services Description Language icon logo screenshot Image WSDL.svg extension .wsdl mime application wsdl xml type code uniform type magic owner http World Wide Web Consortium genre contained ...   more details

  1. Web Services for Remote Portlets

    Web Services for Remote Portlets WSRP is an OASIS organization OASIS approved network protocol standard designed for communications with remote portlet s. Overview The WSRP specification defines a web service interface for interacting with presentation oriented web services. Initial work was produced through the joint efforts of the Web Services for Interactive Applications WSIA and Web Services for Remote Portlets WSRP OASIS Technical Committees. With the approval of WSRP v1 as an OASIS standard in September, 2003, these two technical committees merged and continued the work as the Web Services for Remote Portlets WSRP OASIS Technical Committee. Scenarios that motivate WSRP functionality include content hosts, such as portal servers, providing portlets as presentation oriented web services that can be used by aggregation engines content aggregators, such as portal servers, consuming presentation oriented web services provided by portal or non portal content providers and integrating them into a portal framework. Implementation The WSRP specification does not make any statements as to implementation. Java s portlet specification, JSR 168 , and WSRP are not competing technologies. JSR 168 may be used to define a portlet, and WSRP may be used to define a portlet s operations to remote containers. JSR 168 portlets and WSRP may be used together to define a portlet and to provide remote ... v2 was approved by OASIS on April 1st, 2008. See also Web Services Java Portlet Specification Enterprise portal External links http www.oasis committees tc home.php?wg abbrev wsrp Web Services ... of WSRP. WSRP4J was designed to assist in the development and deployment of WSRP v1 services ... of whether they are local or remote, into a new web application. In addition, WSRP v2 supports Web ... 2011 04 22 sharepoint 2010web services for remote portlets SharePoint WSRP Integration http ... WSRP FAQ standard stub Category Web service specifications es WSRP fr WSRP ...   more details

  1. Web Services Enhancements

    Web Services Enhancements WSE is an add on to the Microsoft .NET Framework which includes a set of classes that implement additional List of Web service specifications WS web service List of Web service specifications Security Specification specifications chiefly in areas such as security, reliable messaging, and sending attachments. ref http en us library aa529300.aspx Overview of WSE ref Web services are business logic components which provide functionality via the Internet using standard protocols such as HTTP. Web services communicate via either SOAP or Representational State Transfer REST messages. WSE provides extensions to the SOAP protocol and allows the definition of custom security, reliable messaging, policy, etc. Developers can add these capabilities at design time using code or at deployment time through the use of a policy file. Versions All versions install side by side. WSE 1.0 for .NET Framework 1.0 was released in December 2002. It was based on the draft version of WS Security . It is not supported anymore and is not compatible with .NET 2.0. It uses the older XMLSOAP namespace in contrast to the OASIS namespace used by http wss4j WSS4J ... to HTTP, a policy framework based on WS Policy and Web Services Description Language WSDL , WS Addressing ... .NET framework Category Windows communication and services Category Microsoft application programming interfaces Category Web services ... executables and Windows services i.e. outside Internet Information Services IIS in addition ... exchange instead of on a per message level. It supports updated web service s specifications ... are reliable and usable in web farm scenarios as Security Context Tokens can contain the original ... with VS2008. Instead, VS 2008 relies on WCF for the same functionality. See also Web service List of web service specifications Windows Communication Foundation .NET Framework SOAP References Reflist ...   more details

  1. International Conference on Web Services

    Cleanup date October 2008 Nofootnotes date October 2008 The International Conference on Web Services or ICWS is an international forum for researchers and industry practitioners focused on Web services . ICWS is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing. Areas of focus ICWS features research papers with a wide range of topics, focusing on various aspects of information technology IT services. Some of the topics include Web services Specification technical standard Software development specifications and enhancements, Web services discovery and Digital integration integration , Web services Information security security , Web services standards and formalizations, Web services modeling, Web services oriented software engineering , Web services oriented software testing , Web services based applications and solutions, Web services realizations, semantics Computer science semantics in Web services, and all aspects of Service Oriented Architecture SOA infrastructure. History Unreferenced section date October 2008 As the first academic conference in the field of Web services, the first International Conference on Web Services ICWS 2003 was held at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada , June 23 26, 2003, attracting hundreds of participants from 25 countries. ICWS 2004 was held at Westin Horton Plaza in San Diego, California , July 6 9, 2004. ICWS 2004 attracted about 250 registered participants from 22 countries and regions. The joint ICWS 2005 and International Conference on Services Computing SCC 2005 has attracted more than 300 registered participants in Orlando, Florida , USA. Again the joint ICWS 2006 and SCC 2006 has attracted more than 300 registered .... External links http International Conference on Web Services http tcsc IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing Category IEEE conferences Category ...   more details

  1. Web Services Semantics

    Web Services Semantics WSDL S is a proposed extension to the Web Services Description Language WSDL standard. WSDL S extends standard WSDL to include semantic elements which should improve the reusability of Web Services by facilitating the composition of services, improving discovery, and enabling the integration of legacy software with a Web Services framework. WSDL S was developed by IBM and the University of Georgia . ref Cite web url http Submission WSDL S title W3C Web Service Semantics WSDL S accessdate 2007 07 13 format work ref See also List of Web service specifications References references Category Web service specifications compu network stub br ...   more details

  1. Web Services Management Agent

    Menu Manager , Tcl and Service Diagnostics. WSMA Details WSMA defines a web service infrastructure and a set of web services through which a network device can be managed in the areas of deployment ... four web services are exposed, but WSMA s framework allows for additional web services to be delivered ... of each of the web service, please refer to WSMA Web Services Details WSMA supports the following ... and initiator modes. Listener Mode The WSMA listens for inbound Web Service session requests in a traditional Web Services client server architecture. Initiator Mode The WSMA agent can establish ... wsma agent config exec filesys notify counters WSMA Web Services Details Configuration service Configuration ... can be operated as an atomic operation. Reduced Development Effort WSMA frees up Web Services developers to use their existing Web Services tools and expertise to rapidly build management application. Based on Technical standard industry standard Web Services protocols SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, etc. and transports .... Improved Accuracy WSMA brings the benefits of XML and Web Services accuracy and consistency. Using ... XE that facilitates programmatic management of embedded device s. Using industry standard Web Services based on SOAP , NMS developers can provision, configure, manage and adapt the behavior of a device. WSMA web service request & response payloads are encoded in XML . WSMA Web Services provide secure, reliable and robust access to IOS and standard Web Service tools and framework can be used ... protocol and an Encapsulation computer science encapsulation together form a WSMA profile ... type mac address interface type string value Step 4 Monitor and Maintain WSMA services show ... ShowArp xmlns ODM disk2 spec.odm show arp SpecVersion 1.0.0 SpecVersion ARPTable entry Protocol Internet Protocol Address Address Age 0 Age MAC 0001.42df.59e2 MAC Type ARPA Type Interface GigabitEthernet0 ... system with the accuracy of XML access. References cite web url http en US docs ios ...   more details

  1. Web Services Inspection Language

    WS Inspection is a Web service specification for discovery documents developed in a joint effort by Microsoft and IBM . WS Inspection lists groups of web services and their endpoints in an XML format. Currently, other standards are being used for this purpose, such as Microsoft s DISCO. It is expected By whom date May 2011 that WS Inspection will eventually replace these standards to become the universally accepted discovery standard for Web services. See also Web Services Discovery List of Web service specifications UDDI External links http www developerworks library specification ws wsilspec WS Inspection Specification web software stub Category Web service specifications Inspection de WS Inspection ...   more details

  1. Web Services for Devices

    Multiple issues refimprove September 2009 notability October 2009 Web Services for Devices or Web Services on Devices WSD , is a Microsoft Application programming interface API to simplify programming connections to web service enabled devices, such as Printers, Scanners and File Shares ref http library windows desktop aa826001.aspx Web Services on Devices Overview ref . Such devices conform to the Devices Profile for Web Services DPWS . It is an extensible framework that serves as a replacement for older Windows networking functions and a common framework for allowing access to new device APIs. ref http dev null archives 2007 01 where oh where.html ref Operation The Microsoft Web Services for Devices API WSDAPI uses WS Discovery for device discovery. Devices that connect to the WSDAPI must implement the DPWS ref http en ca library windows desktop bb204788.aspx ref . See Also Devices Profile for Web Services WS Discovery External links http b askperf archive 2008 02 11 ws2008 the wsd port monitor.aspx The WSD Port Monitor References Reflist Category Network protocols Web services Computer stub ...   more details

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