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Encyclopedia results for Violin


Encyclopedia results for Violin

  1. Violin

    pp move small yes Other uses Infobox Instrument name Violin names Fiddle, German language de   Violine or Geige, French language fr   Violon, Italian language it   Violino image Violin VL100.jpg image capt A standard modern violin shown from the front and the side background string hornbostel ... Early 16th century range Image Range violin.png 130px center related Violin family viola , cello Viol family includes double bass musicians List of violinists builders Category Violin makers Luthiers articles Image Scroll and ear.jpg center This article is part of the Fiddle and Violin series. Basic physics of the violin List of fiddlers Fiddlers History of the violin Category Luthiers Luthiers Musical styles violin Musical styles Violin making and maintenance Making and maintenance Playing the violin Violin construction and mechanics Violin construction Violin family Violin family of instruments List of violinists Violinists The violin is a string instrument , usually with four strings music strings tuned in perfect fifth s. It is the smallest, highest pitched member of the violin family of string instruments, which includes the viola , cello , and bass. The violin is sometimes informally called a fiddle , regardless of the type of music played on it. The word violin comes from the Middle ... Dictionary title Etymology of fiddle accessdate 2010 12 03 ref The violin, while it has ancient origins ... , or simply a violin maker. The parts of a violin are usually made from different types of wood although ... strung with Catgut gut , nylon or other synthetic, or steel strings. Someone who plays the violin is called ... , by plucking the strings with either hand , or by a Playing the violin variety of other techniques . The violin is played by musicians in a wide variety of musical genres, including Baroque music , Western classical music classical , jazz , folk music , and rock and roll . The violin has come to be played in many non western music cultures all over the world. History Main History of the violin ...   more details

  1. The Violin

    Infobox film name The Violin image caption director Francisco Vargas director Francisco Vargas producer ngeles Castro br Hugo Rodr guez writer Francisco Vargas starring ngel Tavira music cinematography Mart n Boege editing Ricardo Garfias distributor released film date 2005 3 11 df yes runtime 98 minutes country Film Mexico language Spanish budget The Violin lang es El viol n is a 2005 Mexican drama film directed by Francisco Vargas director Francisco Vargas . It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival . ref name festival cite web url http www.festival en archives ficheFilm id 4320980 year 2006.html title Festival de Cannes The Violin accessdate 2009 12 14 work festival ref Cast ngel Tavira Don Plutarco Gerardo Taracena Genaro Dagoberto Gama Capit n Mario Garibaldi Lucio Ferm n Mart nez Teniente Silverio Palacios Comandante Cayetano Octavio Castro Zacar as Mercedes Hern ndez Jacinta Gerardo Ju rez Pedro ngeles Cruz Jefa Guerrilera 1 Norma Pablo Jefa Guerrilllera 2 Ariel Galvan Joaqu n Amorita Rasgado Prostitutas Mar a Elena Olivares Do a Lupe Esteban Castellanos Manuel Awards The film won the Grand Prize in 2007 at the Miami International Film Festival . ref name variety cite web url http article VR1117960970?refcatid 13&printerfriendly true title Miami festival hands out honors accessdate 2011 11 22 work variety ref At the 2006 Cannes Film Festival , ngel Tavira won the award for Best Male Performance Prix d Interpr tation Masculine Un Certain Regard . ref name festival ref It also received three Ariel Award Ariel Awards from the Academia Mexicana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematogr ficas Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences . ref name cite web url http ... work ref References reflist External links imdb title id 0451966 title The Violin DEFAULTSORT Violin, The Category 2005 films Category Mexican films Category Spanish language films Category ...   more details

  1. Violin (disambiguation)

    TOCright A violin is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. Violin may also refer to Animals Violin beetle , species of ground beetles Entertainment Violin novel Violin novel , novel by Anne Rice Nude with Violin , 1950s play by Noel Coward Rothschild s Violin , opera by Veniamin Fleishman The Red Violin , 1998 film by Fran ois Girard The Steamroller and the Violin , 1960 short film by Andrei Tarkovsky The Violin , a 2005 Mexican film Violin film Violin film , a 2011 Malayalam film Locations Pulau Biola , island off the coast of Singapore that is also known as Violin Island Mathematics Violin plot , box plot that illustrates probability density function Medicine http VIOLIN , Vaccine Investigation and Online Information Network Music Instruments Violin family , family of string based instruments developed in sixteenth century Italy Violin octet ... violin , Baritone violin , violin variant either one octave below convention or the third largest member of the violin octet family Baroque violin , violin whose design is based in the baroque period Electric violin , electrical variant of the standard violin Five string violin , five string variant of the violin Kit violin , small violin designed to fit in a pocket Nail violin , instrument categorised as a friction idiophone Stroh violin , violin that uses metal resonators or metal horns to amplify sounds Tenor violin , instrument with a range between a cello and a viola Albums and songs Violin album , album by violinst Vanessa Mae The Violin Player , album by violinist Vanessa Mae Sounding the New Violin , album of collected twentieth century violin works Who Touched My Violin String , album by Zhou Bichang 1000 no Violin , single by The Blue Hearts Love Is Like a Violin , single by T r na n g Violin , a children s song by alternative rock group They Might Be Giants on their album No album No Other Violin authentication , process of determining the maker and date of a violin Violin ...   more details

  1. Violin concerto

    upright 1.4 David Oistrakh playing a violin concerto A violin concerto is a concerto for solo violin ..., up through the present day. Many major composers have contributed to the violin concerto repertoire ... Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky , and Antonio Vivaldi Vivaldi . Traditionally a three movement work, the violin ..., with the only break coming between the second and third . In some violin concertos, especially from the Baroque and modern eras, the violin or group of violins is accompanied by a chamber ... concerto, for violin and string quartet. Selected list of violin concertos The following concertos ... list of violin concertos, see List of compositions for violin and orchestra . col begin col 2 John Adams composer John Adams Violin Concerto Adams Violin Concerto 1993 The Dharma at Big Sur 2003 Johann Sebastian Bach Violin Concerto in A minor Bach Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041 1717 1723 Violin Concerto in E major Bach Violin Concerto in E major, BWV 1042 1717 1723 Double Violin Concerto Bach Double Violin Concerto in D minor, BWV 1043 1723 Violin Concerto in D minor, BWV 1052 a reconstruction of a lost work Violin Concerto for 3 violins in D major, BWV 1064 a reconstruction of a lost work Violin Concerto in G minor, BWV 1056 a reconstruction of a lost work Samuel Barber Violin Concerto Barber Violin Concerto, Op. 14 1939 B la Bart k Violin Concerto No. 1 Bart k Violin Concerto No. 1 1908 Violin Concerto No. 2 Bart k Violin Concerto No. 2 1938 Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto Beethoven Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61 1806 Alban Berg Violin Concerto Berg Violin Concerto To the memory of an angel 1935 Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto Brahms Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77 1878 Max Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26 1867 Anton n Dvo k Violin Concerto Dvo k Violin Concerto in A minor, Op. 53 1879 1880 Edward Elgar Violin Concerto Elgar Violin Concerto in B minor, Op. 61 1910 Philip Glass Violin Concerto No. 1 Glass Violin ...   more details

  1. Baritone violin

    A Baritone violin is a member of the violin family and has two specific meanings a violin tuned an octave below conventional violin tuning G D A E . This is commonly accomplished by stringing a standard violin with heavy gauge strings, sometimes specially manufactured for this purpose. Oversize instruments with the same range and tuning also exist and are known as tenor violin s. http bariton.html the third largest member of the violin octet family of instruments, with the same tuning as a cello C G D A but larger in size. http The most commonly available strings for converting a standard violin to the baritone range are manufactured by Thomastik under the brand Octavgeige. Performers on the baritone violin commonly use amplification to overcome the limited projection and sonority inherent with a lower range on a relatively small bodied instrument. In modern playing, it is more common to find the baritone violin in a jazz, newgrass, or experimental ensemble than in a classical setting. Some well known performers on the baritone violin include Jean Luc Ponty , Svend Asmussen , and Darol Anger . See also Viola Profonda References cite web first Darol last Anger url http bariton.html title Another Voice The Baritone Violin accessdate 2006 05 18 cite web url http title The New Violin Family Association accessdate 2006 05 18 string instrument stub Category Violins ...   more details

  1. Mute violin

    File Violon sourd.JPG thumb 300px right A mute violin, built by P. Grulli at the end of the 19th Century, in the collection of the Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali in Rome . This particular mute violin resembles an electric violin The mute violin is a violin without or with a very shallow sound box. The instrument has a quiet, lean sound. The mute violin can be used as an exercise instrument in situations where the sound of a violin is experienced as annoying by neighbouring people. Mute violins are known to exist since the Eighteenth Century, but their use never became widespread. Leopold Mozart made mention of the instrument in his Versuch einer gr ndlichen Violinschule 1756 . Stroh violin A related instrument is the Stroh violin , a combination of a mute violin and a metal Horn acoustic horn . In contrast to the mute violin, this instrument sounds rather loud. It was used instead of the violin in the early days of phonograph ic recording. Nowadays, the instrument is still used by a few Pop music pop musicians and in Romania Romanian folk music . Electric versions In the late Twentieth Century intermediate forms between the mute violin and the electric violin , mute violins provided with electronics , were introduced on the market. An example is Yamaha Corporation s silent violin , which can be connected to a pair of headphones , an amplifier or recording equipment. The United States American performance art ist Laurie Anderson often plays violins like these. An application The The Netherlands Dutch composer Willem Pijper wanted the part of the first violin in his first string quartet of 1914 to be played by a mute violin. In a recording of his five string quartets by the Sch nberg Quartet Olympia OCD 457, 1994 the effect of the mute violin was imitated by an extra heavy sordino on an ordinary violin. Literature Harrison Ryker, text in the booklet accompanying ... silent electric silent v index.html Yamaha s silent violin Category Violins de Stumme Violine ...   more details

  1. Tenor violin

    A tenor violin is an instrument with a range between those of the cello and the viola . An earlier development of the evolution of the violin family of instruments, the instrument is not standard in the modern symphony orchestra . Its tuning, typically G2 D3 A3 E4 an octave below the traditional violin, places the range between the cello and viola and thus is sometimes confused with the modern baritone violin which has the same tuning on the standard violin body. As a formal development, the 17th century tenor violin existed as an instrument with a body larger than a viola but with a short neck. In earlier designs, the tenor was played upright in the musician s lap. Improvements in string technology ... to a diminished role for tenor violins and Luthier violin makers constructed fewer of these instruments. It is known that Antonio Stradivari constructed two different models of tenor violin as well as tenor variations of violas. In the modern new violin family or violin octet , the tenor violin exists as an instrument tuned an octave below the violin and sized approximately the same size as a 3 4 cello. The baritone violin in the same is an enlarged version of the cello. By analogy with the vocal quartet of soprano alto tenor bass, a few composers featured the tenor violin as the voice between ... , 1560 Modern makers of tenor violins Tenor violins played at the shoulder like a violin or viola ... violins played vertically like a cello Carleen Hutchins United States, circa 1970, tenor violin, part of the New violin family New Violin Family http Robert J. Spear Ithaca, NY USA 2000 present, New Violin Family http Joris Wouters Westerlo, Belgium 2000 present New Violin Family References cite journal last Kory first Agnes authorlink coauthors year 1994 month title A Wider Role for the Tenor Violin? journal The Galpin Society Journal volume 47 issue Mar., 1994 ... coauthors year 1995 month title The Name Tenor Violin. journal The Galpin Society Journal volume ...   more details

  1. Violin octet

    Infobox Instrument name Violin octet names image classification Bowed string instrument s range related Violin Viola Cello Double bass The violin octet is a family of stringed instruments developed in the 20th ... is based directly on the traditional violin and shares its acoustical properties, with the goal ... resonance of the body of the violin octet instrument is at a pitch near the two middle open strings ... which play and record on the instruments of the violin octet. The Hutchins Consort based in San ... York uses a set of instruments made by Robert Spear. The instruments of the violin octet are class ... Tuning width 40 Notes Treble violin G4 D5 A5 E6, tuned an octave above the violin About the size of a one quarter violin Soprano violin C4 G4 D5 A5, tuned a perfect fourth fourth above the violin About the size of a three quarter violin Mezzo violin G3 D4 A4 E5, tuned the unison same as the violin The body is slightly longer 368 381mm than a conventional violin 355mm but the strings are about the same length 328 338mm Alto Violin Vertical viola C3 G3 D4 A4, tuned the unison same as the viola Similar to a viola but larger, and is often played upright, like a cello Tenor violin Tenor Violin G2 D3 A3 E4, tuned an octave below a standard violin The body is similar to a half size cello but with thinner ribs and a longer neck Baritone violin Baritone Violin C2 G2 D3 A3, tuned the unison same as a cello Larger than a conventional cello Small Bass Violin A1 D2 G2 C3, tuned a perfect fourth fourth ... of a five eighth double bass Contrabass violin E1 A1 D2 G2, tuned the unison same as a double bass ... bassists find the required extra shifting impracticable. The New Violin Family Association lists .... See also Violin family Viola Profonda References http smm Archives NewViolinFamily ... Hutchins Consort , a performing group that uses the violin octet Lipsett, Fred ... Alto Violin Retrieved March 24, 2006. Category Violins Category Bowed instruments hu Heged oktett ja ...   more details

  1. Violin plot

    Image Violin plot.gif thumb right 320px Example of a Violin plot Violin plots are a method of plotting numeric data. A violin plot is a combination of a box plot and a kernel density estimation kernel density plot . Specifically, it starts with a box plot. It then adds a rotated kernel density plot to each side of the box plot. ref http div898 software dataplot refman1 auxillar violplot.htm VIOLIN PLOT . Retrieved 14 October 2008. ref . The violin plot is similar to box plot s, except that they also show the Probability density function probability density of the data at different values in the simplest case this could be a histogram . Typically violin plots will include a marker for the median of the data and a box indicating the interquartile range, as in standard box plots. Overlaid on this box plot is a kernel density estimation . Violin plots are available as extensions to a number of software packages, including R through the vioplot, wvioplot and lattice libraries, and Stata through the vioplot add in. ref Hintze, Jerry L., and Ray D. Nelson. 1998. Violin Plots A Box Plot Density Trace Synergism. The American Statistician 52 2 181 84. http googleScholar.qst jsessionid MW0BkkT1ZQx40ZzXpxjXywrsZJqBhnbPfMhQwgfhN36kJ0pkm4sh 1146305003 504491563?docId 5001349577 ref References reflist External links Commonscat Violin plots http c boc bocode s456902.html Vioplot add in for Stata http graphiques RGraphGallery.php?graph 43 Example of violin plots in R http 2009 09 violin plot with matplotlib.html Violin plots in Python with Matplotlib NIST PD url http div898 software dataplot refman1 auxillar violplot.htm article Dataplot reference manual Violin plot Category Statistical charts and diagrams ...   more details

  1. Black Violin

    Black Violin album Black Violin 2008 , Di Versatile, Inc Mixtapes BV Mixtape Series Unleashed II ... black violin Black Violin Profile at Rhapsody online music service Rhapsody http dknex Black Violin Profile at Myspace Category American hip hop groups Category Hip hop ...   more details

  1. Stroh violin

    Infobox Instrument name Stroh violin or Horn violin names image Violon de jazz a pavillon.JPG classification Bowed string instrument range related violin Stroh violin , Strohviol , or Strohviol , is a trade name for a horn violin , or violinophone a violin that amplifies its sound through a metal resonator and metal horn acoustic horn s rather than a wooden sound box as on a standard violin. The instrument ... 24 March 1900 ref The Stroh violin is also closely related to other horned violins using a mica sheet resonating diaphragm, known as phonofiddle s. In the present day, many types of horn violin exist ... wooden violin, and its directional projection of sound made it particularly useful in the early ... a sound that is harsher and more grating than a standard violin. On early records the Stroh violin can be recognized by its characteristically thin whining tone. The Stroh violin was an expensive instrument ... to 37.80 or twelve guineas 12.60 50.40 at a time when a reasonable factory violin could be had for two .... There was also a Stroh viola . Image StAnneStrohViolinist1.jpg thumb right Man playing a Stroh violin ... 91408 490 continue to use the Stroh violin for its distinctive sound. Shakira featured a Strohviol ... songs. Pinky Weitzman plays the Stroh violin for various New York experimental ensembles, including ... . The Stroh violin is used in folk music of the Biharia Euroregion Bihor region of Romania . Famous ... viol n corneta cornet violin by the locals. Romanian horn violin The Romania n horn violin is similar to the Stroh violin. It was built through the 20th century. It has the same length as the Stroh violin, but its horn is narrower and yields a more directional sound. The structure of the instrument ... violin is harder to play than a normal violin because the reaction of the bow on the strings is less ... tone can irritate after a while. Instruments like the Stroh violin and other types of horn violin remain a curiosity they are quite rare in the orchestra. gallery image Horn violin also called trumpet ...   more details

  1. Violin (album)

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Violin Type Album Artist Vanessa Mae Cover Vanexa.jpg Released May 1991 Recorded October 1990 Genre European classical music Classical Length 64 51 Label ??? Producer ??? Reviews Last album This album Violin br 1991 Next album Kids Classics br 1991 Violin was the first album released by violinst Vanessa Mae . It was recorded in October 1990, near her 12th birthday, and released shortly afterwards in March 1991. Vanessa Mae contributed her royalties from the album to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children . For the recording, she performed with the Mozart Players as conducted by Anthony Inglis . Track listing Sarasate 1. Carmen Fantasy 13 35 Kabalevksy Violin Concerto 2. Allegro 4 24 3. Andante 5 01 4. Vivace Giocoso 5 51 Mozart Adelaide Concerto 5. Allegro 7 21 6. Adagio 7 11 7. Allegro 4 22 Wieniawski 8. Faust Fantasy 16 20 Vanessa Mae Classical album stub DEFAULTSORT Violin Album Category 1991 albums Category Vanessa Mae albums ru Violin ...   more details

  1. Alexander violin

    The Alexander violin is a string instrument designed by Sylvanus J. Talbott in the late 19th century in the United States . It is typically made with wood and various other materials. ref cite web url http works of art collection database musical instruments sylvanus j talbott objectview.aspx?page 1&sort 0&sortdir asc&keyword &fp 1&dd1 18&dd2 0&vw 1&collID 18&oID 180015409&vT 1 title Alexander Violin publisher The Metropolitan Museum of Art accessdate 21 May 2009 ref See also Violin References reflist String instrument stub Orphan date June 2009 Category Violins ...   more details

  1. Violin Phase

    Violin Phase , written by minimalism minimalist composer Steve Reich in October 1967, is an example of his phasing technique previously used in Piano Phase in which the music itself is created not by the instruments but by interactions of temporal variations on an original melody . Music of this kind is generally referred to as process music . In Violin Phase , two violins are recorded and played back, together at first. They are then made to go slowly out of sync by adding silence to one of the tapes. A new melody is formed by the interaction of the two out of sync instruments and is then accented by a third violin. This process is repeated with variations throughout the rest of the piece. Reich also arranged the piece for electric guitar and tape or 4 electric guitars . In this form the work was recorded as Electric Guitar Phase by Dominic Frasca . Steve Reich Category Minimalistic compositions Category Compositions by Steve Reich Category 1967 compositions Category Process music pieces classical composition stub fr Violin Phase ...   more details

  1. Virtuoso Violin

    Virtuoso Violin is the first commercially available violin playing machine, invented by Fred Paroutaud for QRS QRS Music Technologies , the same company that produced the first MIDI compatible player piano . It was first unveiled February 13, 1998 ref name press Cite news title Player Violin Introduced publisher Entertainment Wire date February 13, 1998 ref . Mechanics The Virtuoso uses an electromagnet instead of fingering the strings. The electromagnet s position changes the behavior of the vibrating string to attain the desired pitch ref name qrs Cite web url http gulbransen compare.asp publisher title How the Virtuoso Violin compares to a real violin accessdate September 21, 2009 ref . Compatibility The Virtuoso is designed to play a real violin, although its setup requires the strings to be restrung and the bridge to be removed and replaced with a mechanical bridge which controls the string oscillation and bow movement ref name qrs . The Virtuoso Violin is capable of playing standard MIDI files ref name qrs . Reception The Virtuoso Violin was debuted at the Frankfurt Music Trade Show , and guests were both excited about the new invention and confused as to how it worked ref name frankfurt Cite web url http photos.htm title The Virtuoso Violin photo gallery publisher accessdate September 21, 2009 ref . The novelty of the digital to analog player violin has been a huge hit, and the Virtuoso Violin has been ... of the violin was originally estimated at under 10,000 just before its release ref name press . In 2003 ... Bottle Organ and Virtuoso Violin publisher accessdate September 21, 2009 ref . Critic .... The sound projected by the Virtuoso Violin lacks the same quality found in a human violinist s playing ..., 2009 title Virtuoso Violin work Life in general publisher ref . External links http ... http about index.htm Listen to the Virtuoso Violin References Reflist ...   more details

  1. Violin family

    The violin family of musical instrument s was developed in Italy in the sixteenth century. ref Witten 1982 ref The standard modern violin family consists of the violin , viola , cello , and double bass . ref Hoffman 1997 ref Instrument names in the violin family are all derived from the root viola , which .... ref A violin is a little viola , a violone is a big viola or a bass violin , and a violoncello often ... of the modern violin family its place is taken by the modern double bass, an instrument with a mix of violin and viol characteristics. The instruments of the violin family may be descended in part from ... ref style vertical align bottom Image Violin VL100.jpg 68px style vertical align bottom Image Bratsche.jpg ... Image AGK bass1 full.jpg 220px Violin Viola Cello Cello violoncello Double bass Double bass contrabass Characteristics Image Three bow frogs.jpg thumb right Violin, viola, and cello bow frogs top to bottom The range music playing ranges of the instruments in the violin family overlap each other, but the tone quality and physical size of each distinguishes them from one another. Both the violin and the viola ... range reaching a perfect fifth below the violin s. The cello is played sitting down with the instrument ..., or a ninth below the cello s. While the cello which developed from the bass violin , the viola and the violin are indisputable members of the ancestral violin, or viola da braccio family, the double ... of the double bass, which includes a sound post and a bass bar like other violin family instruments ... been used as the lowest member of the violin family. All string instrument s share similar form, parts, construction, and function, and the viol s bear a particularly close resemblance to the violin family. However, instruments in the violin family are set apart from viols by similarities in shape, in tuning practice, and in history. Violin family instruments have four strings music strings ... bows Uses The instruments of the violin family are the most used Bow music bowed string instruments ...   more details

  1. 1000 no Violin

    Infobox Single Name 1000 no Violin Cover Cover size Artist The Blue Hearts Album Stick Out ref name bhsuper http album6.html Stick Out . Accessed February 22, 2008. ref A side 1000 no Violin B side Ore wa Ore no Shi o Shinitai br 1001 no Violin Released February 25, 1993 Format Recorded Avaco Creative Studio Genre Rock music Rock Length 13 minute m 08 second s Label East West Japan Writer Masatoshi Mashima Producer The Blue Hearts Last single Tabibito br 1993 This single 1000 no Violin br 1993 Next single Party The Blue Hearts song Party br 1993 nihongo 1000 no Violin 1000 Sen no Baiorin 1000 Violins is a song by The Blue Hearts , released as the band s fifteenth single. It reached 47 on the Oricon charts in 1993 . It was part of the band s sixth album, Stick Out . The music and lyrics were written by Masatoshi Mashima . Details Ore wa Ore no Shi o Shinitai I Want to Die My Death was also written by Mashima, who also performed the vocals on this track. This B side version is slightly different from the version recorded on Stick Out . 1001 no Violin is an orchestral version of 1000 no Violin and was arranged by Asuka Kaneko Kaneko Asuka . References Reflist The Blue Hearts DEFAULTSORT 1000 No Violin Category The Blue Hearts songs Category 1993 singles ja 1000 1990s pop song stub ...   more details

  1. Kit violin

    Other uses Kit disambiguation Infobox Instrument name Kit violin names image Pochette.jpg classification Bowed string instrument range related Violin The kit violin , dancing master s kit , or kit Tanzmeistergeige in German , is a string instrument stringed musical instrument . It is essentially a very small violin , designed to fit in a pocket &mdash hence its other common name, the pochette French for small pocket . It was used by dance masters in royal courts and other places of nobility, as well as by street musicians up until around the 18th century. Occasionally, the rebec was used in the same way. Several are called for as violini piccoli alla francese small French violins in Monteverdi s 1607 Orfeo . ref The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Musical Instruments, ISBN 1 85868 185 5, p85 ref History The word kit likely arose from an abbreviation of the word pocket to cket and subsequently kit Citation needed date August 2009 alternatively, it may be a corruption of cittern Gr. GreekFont . ref Cite EB1911 wstitle Kit ref Trichet is said to have described the leather carrying case of the kit as a poche , hence, The Pocket Violin . Similarly, Mersenne wrote that it was common practice among the kit violin s players such as traveling minstrels or dance teachers to carry the violin in a pocket. The term kit is believed to first have been used in the first quarter of the 16th century, in England where it was mentioned in Interlude of the Four Elements , c. 1517. The instrument ... made for adults their small size is so that they could be used in situations where a full sized violin ... with a saddle fiddle, the latter being a proper fiddle or violin with a nearly full sized finger board, and a violin body that is the same shape as a full sized version. citation needed date November ... File 439px diverse Geigen.png thumb 200px Kit violin and other violins File Violin Pochette.jpg thumb left 285px Kit violin DEFAULTSORT Kit Violin Category Violins Category Bowed instruments de Tanzmeistergeige ...   more details

  1. Bass violin

    Image Bass violin Praetorius.jpg thumb right A woodcut of an early bass violin Bas Geig de bracio from ... strings. Bass violin is the generic modern term used to denote various 16th and 17th century forms of Bass sound bass instruments of the violin family violin i.e. viola da braccio family. They were ... to be in consort with the violin and viola, the bass violin was a member of the violin, or Violin family viola da braccio family . The name bass violin is also sometimes used for the double bass . Occasionally historians have used the term bass violin to refer other various instruments of the violin family which were larger than the alto violin or viola , such as the tenor violin . This use can be synonymous with harmony violin. After the 1950s, the term bass violin may refer to a bass instrument of the violin octet . History and development Image Violone PeterLely1649DutEng.png thumb ... violin shape of a bass violin This is generally accepted as a violone i.e. viola da gamba viol that is larger than the bass , not an instrument of the violin family it s bowed underhand The bass violin developed in Italy in the first half of the sixteenth century. The first builder was possibly ... for the bass violin basso da brazzo was Claudio Monteverdi Monteverdi in Orfeo 1607 ref Jesselson ... is played today, as opposed to the violin, which is held under the chin . The viola da gamba was also ... on many characteristics of the pre cursors to the violin, such as separate tail pieces, and arched bridges ... Musical suggest that the bass violin had alternate playing positions, these were short lived and the more ... that was almost certainly adopted by the Italian violin makers from the early Spanish viols was the C ... matched, in appearance, tuning, and number of strings, to the new violin. Judging by artistic representations ..., and the form of the bass violin had crystallized, theorists and composers began to refer to the new instrument as the basso da viola da braccio , or the first true bass violin. Innovations in the design ...   more details

  1. The Red Violin

    Infobox film name The Red Violin image redviolin.jpg producer Niv Fichman director Fran ois Girard writer ... movies ?id redviolin.htm title The Red Violin 1998 work Box Office Mojo publisher accessdate July 11, 2011 ref The Red Violin lang fr Le Violon rouge , lang de Die Rote ... . It spans three centuries and five countries as it tells the story of a mysterious violin and its ... Kingdom . Plot and style The film tells the story of a perfect violin known as the Red Violin for its rich red colour. At the film s beginning, the violin is being auction ed in Canada . As the bidding starts, the violin s history is revealed, showing that the violin has been in existence .... To its owners, the violin causes anger, betrayal, love, and sacrifice. In each setting the dialogue is spoken in the appropriate language . Also, a variation of the movie s signature violin solo ... by noted violin ist Joshua Bell . The movie starts with Charles Morritz Jackson arriving at Duval s auction house to witness the sale of the Red Violin. Throughout the movie, we see the various parties representing the different eras as seen in the film vying for the Red Violin. When the scene does ... 100px left The Moon Tarot Card Nicol Bussotti Cecchi is a violin maker who is married to Anna Rudolfi ... life. In the meantime, Nicol has fashioned a new violin , one that he considers his masterpiece, with the hopes that their child will become a musician. He is about to varnish this violin when a boy ... and neither she nor the baby survived. Distraught, Nicol brings her body back to his violin shop and begins varnishing the violin he had created for their child, mixing Anna s blood with the varnish. It is later revealed that this violin would be the last one Nicol would make. After Anna s death, the violin is donated to an orphanage in Austria . There, a succession of choirboys play this violin ... Anna s future, when in fact, she is talking about the journey the Red Violin would make, as it is her ...   more details

  1. Jazz violin

    was an influential jazz rock fusion performer in the 1970s Jazz violin is the use of the violin or electric violin to improvise and perform utilizing scales and chord progressions unique to the compositions of Jazz musicians . The earliest references to jazz performance using the violin as a solo ... , who played violin with Jimmy Wade s Dixielanders in Chicago Stuff Smith Claude Williams , who played ... backgrounds to many jazz recordings. The violin is a Bow music bowed string instrument with four strings ... of the violin family of string instruments, which also includes the viola , cello, and double bass . A violinist ... , plucking the strings with either hand , or a Playing the violin variety of other techniques . In jazz rock fusion styles, jazz violinists may use an electric violin plugged into an instrument amplifier ... Ellington . Asmussen was invited by Ellington to play on the Jazz Violin Session recording in 1963 ... s music, which led him to adopt the electric violin. Critic Joachim Berendt wrote that Since Ponty, the jazz violin has been a different instrument and of his style of Musical phrasing phrasing ..., he pioneered the use of the 5 string electric violin, with a lower C string. He sometimes also uses a 6 string electric violin called the Violectra , with low C and F strings not to be confused ... lower. Ponty was among the first to combine the violin with MIDI , electronic distortion boxes ... Clarke and banjo ist B la Fleck . Electric violins Image Transformation.JPG thumb An acoustic violin and an electric violin with a cut away body In jazz rock fusion styles, jazz violinists may use an electric violin. Jazz fusion groups typically use rock instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitar ... violin that is plugged into an instrument amplifier . Moreover, the use of an electric violin ... music fuzzbox , to create unusual new sounds. An electric violin is a violin equipped with an electric ... which can either be an electro acoustic violin capable of producing both acoustic sound and electric ...   more details

  1. Violin Memory

    Infobox company name Violin Memory logo File 250px caption type Private predecessor successor foundation 2005 ref name Violin Company Cite web url http www.violin company title Violin Memory Company publisher Violin Memory accessdate 2011 07 28 ref founder Jon Bennett and Donpaul Stephens ref name Violin Company location city Mountain View, California location country United States U.S. location locations area served Worldwide key people Donald Basile, small CEO small ref name Violin Company industry products Solid state drive Solid State Storage services revenue operating income net income aum assets equity owner num employees parent divisions subsid homepage http www.violin www.violin footnotes intl Violin Memory is a private American company based in Mountain View, California , that designs and manufactures enterprise flash memory arrays that combine Toshiba America Electronic Components Toshiba NAND flash , DRAM , distributed processing, and software to create solutions like Network attached storage NAS , Clustered file system local clusters , and QFabric data centers from Juniper Networks . ref name StorageSearch Cite web url http violin.html title Violin Memory publisher accessdate 2011 07 28 ref ref name Chubby Brain Cite web url http companies violin memory title Violin ... used in the Violin products. ref name Violin Company History and financing Donpaul Stephens held various ... were failing to meet the market requirements. This resulted in his co founding of Violin Memory ... before joining Donpaul in co founding Violin where he invented the Violin Switched Memory .... ref name Violin Company The key corporate investors include Juniper Networks and Toshiba America Electronic ... Venture Partners. ref name Chubby Brain Products In August 2007, Violin launched the Violin ... 3 years later in September 2010, the Violin 3140 was announced. It is a 3U rack mount SSD using ...   more details

  1. The Violin Player

    For the 1994 film The Violin Player film Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name The Violin Player Type Album Artist Vanessa Mae Cover VanessaMaeTheViolinPlayer.jpg Released May 16, 1995 Recorded 1993 1994 Genre Techno Acoustic music Acoustic European classical music Classical Length 42 50 Label EMI Producer Mike Batt Last album Tchaikovsky & Beethoven Violin Concertos Vanessa Mae Tchaivoksky & Beethoven Violin Concertos br 1991 This album The Violin Player br 1995 Next album The Alternative Record from Vanessa Mae br 1996 Misc Singles Name The Violin Player Type Studio Single 1 Toccata & Fugue Single 1 date 16 January 1995 Single 2 Red Hot Single 2 date 8 May 1995 Single 3 Classical Gas Single 3 date 6 November 1995 The Violin Player was the first techno pop music pop album by European classical music classical and pop musician Vanessa Mae , released in 1995 see 1995 in music . It is also the first album Vanessa Mae released on the EMI label. The Violin Player has a varied blend of music covers of some classical J.S. Bach s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 Toccata and Fugue in D minor , remakes of old favourites including American composer Mason Williams Classical Gas and originals seven tracks composed by United Kingdom British musician and songwriter Mike Batt , and one original by Vanessa Mae herself, co written with Ian Wherry Red Hot . The Violin Player reached 11 in the UK Albums Chart in February 1995, and was certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry BPI in June 1995. It has sold over 8 million copies worldwide, and is still regarded by many as Vanessa Mae s best work. The album has been reissued as a multi channel Super Audio CD hybrid ... 16 Vanessa Mae classical album stub Violin Player, The 1990s pop album stub Violin Player, The DEFAULTSORT Violin Player, The Category Vanessa Mae albums Category 1995 albums Category EMI Records albums ru The Violin Player ...   more details

  1. Electric violin

    range related Violin An electric violin is a violin equipped with an electronic output of its sound ..., usually with a solid body. It can also refer to a violin fitted with an electric Pick up music technology pickup of some type, although amplified violin or electro acoustic violin are more accurate ..., a magnetic String pickup can be installed under an acoustic violin s fingerboard avoiding interference with any tone producing parts of the violin, and so keeping its acoustic resonances and tone ... A traditional acoustic violin and a modern electronic violin from Marc Capuano. To avoid feedback ... body instead. The timbre tone color of a standard unamplified violin is due in large part to these resonances, however, so depending on how the signal is picked up, an electric violin may have a rawer ... but hollow resonating chamber that provides some approximation of acoustic violin sound while reducing ..., and sympathetic strings . Luthier Yuri Landman built a 12 string electric violin for the Belgian band ... ref and it is not unusual for an electric violin to have 5, 6 , 7 or more strings. The typical ..., and a low C, F and B music flat for 7. Electric violin signals usually pass through electronic Signal ... violin bridge.jpg thumb right Acoustic electric violin bridge with piezoelectric element inlay Electric ... pickup s. Guitar coil type magnetic pickups require the use of Violin construction and mechanics Strings violin strings that have ferrous iron containing, as in steel metal wraps or cores. A few single ... of a violin limit the amount of space available for coil placement. One unusual acoustic electric violin system uses the string itself as a linear active pickup element. Made to fit standard acoustic ... violin body designs provide internal housing for preamp circuitry. ref http ref ref http ref Genres Although the violin is an instrument used ... performers only in the performance of contemporary classical music . The electric violin ...   more details

  1. History of the violin

    violin The history of Bow music bowed string musical instrument in Europe goes back to the 9th century ... violin . Emergence and early spread The violin first emerged in northern Italy in the early 16th century ... lire and later, at least from 1558, maestro di far violini that is master of violin making. From 1530 the word violin appear in brescian documents and spread all around north of Italy. While no instruments ... the violin had already begun to spread throughout Europe. Brescia and Cremona Image Andrea Amati violin Met Museum NY.jpg thumb left 180x180px An Amati violin possibly created as early as 1558. Because ... the first real violin was built by Andrea Amati , one of the famous luthiers , or lute builders ... that while Brescian makers had dominated the violin market until then, Cremonese makers gained influence ... vaulted. The violin immediately became very popular, both among street musicians and the nobility ...?section music.41161.1.3.5 Violin History and Repertory to 1600 v Authenticity and Surviving ... confirmed surviving violin, dated inside, is the Charles IX by Andrea Amati, made in Cremona in 1564. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an Amati violin that may be even older, possibly dating to 1558 ... title Andrea Amati Violin 1999.26 publisher Metropolitan Museum of Art accessdate 2008 11 17 ref ... of the maker, an instrument s age can also influence both price and quality. The most famous violin ... of Italian violin makers, Zanetto Micheli 1490 1560, Pellegrino Micheli 1520 1607, Giovanni Micheli ... da Sal Gasparo da Sal family of Italian violin, double bass players and makers Francesco 1513 ... Paolo Maggini 1580 1630 pupil of Gasparo da Sal Amati family of Italian violin makers, Andrea Amati ... Amati II 1649 1740 Guarneri family of Italian violin makers, Andrea Guarneri 1626 1698 , Pietro ... Family violin, on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London . Transition from Baroque to modern ..., and in Bohemia , now part of the Czech Republic. About seven million violin family instruments ...   more details

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