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Encyclopedia results for Vietnamese alphabet

Vietnamese alphabet

Encyclopedia results for Vietnamese alphabet

  1. Vietnamese

    Wiktionary Vietnamese may refer to Of, from, or related to Vietnam , the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Of, from, or related to the former country of North Vietnam Of, from, or related to the former country of South Vietnam A citizen of Vietnam. See Demographics of Vietnam . A member of the Vietnamese people , persons from Vietnam or of Vietnamese descent. Overseas Vietnamese also known as the Vietnamese diaspora . For specific persons, see Lists of Vietnamese people . Vietnamese language , the most widely spoken of the Viet Muong languages. See also Languages of Vietnam Vietnamese alphabet Vietnamese cuisine Vietnamese literature Vietnamese morphology Vietnamese phonology Vietnamese studies Vietnamese syntax disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ru ...   more details

  1. Alphabet

    in abugidas. This is the case for Vietnamese alphabet Vietnamese a true alphabet and Thai alphabet ...about alphabets in general other uses Alphabet disambiguation the album Alphabetical album pp move indef Writing systems sidebar An alphabet is a standard set of letter alphabet letters basic written symbols ... . A true alphabet has letters for the vowel s of a language as well as the consonant s. The first true alphabet is believed to be the Greek alphabet , ref name Blackwell cite book last Coulmas ... form of the Phoenician alphabet . In other types of alphabet either the vowels are not indicated at all, as was the case in the Phoenician alphabet such systems are known as abjad s , or else the vowels ... these systems are known as abugida s . The English word alphabet came into Middle English from the Late ... alpha letter alpha and beta letter beta , the first two letters of the Greek alphabet . ref http dictionary?book Dictionary&va alphabet&query alphabet Encyclop dia Britannica ... of the Phoenician alphabet , and originally meant ox and house respectively. There are dozens of alphabets in use today, the most common being the Latin alphabet ref harvnb Haarmann 2004 p 96 ref which was derived from the Greek . Many languages use modified forms of the Latin alphabet, with additional ... Main History of the alphabet File Caslon schriftmusterblatt.jpeg thumb 300px A Specimen of typeset ... Dictionary of Arts and Sciences Cyclopaedia . Middle Eastern scripts The history of the alphabet ... h2g2 A2451890 title The Development of the Western Alphabet accessdate 2008 08 04 first Gnomon coauthors ... 0& title How the Alphabet Was Born from Hieroglyphs author Goldwasser, O. journal Biblical Archaeology Review volume 36 number 2 date March April 2010 pages 40 53 ref Others suggest the alphabet was developed ... The Proto Sinaitic script eventually developed into the Phoenician alphabet , which is conventionally ... Canaanite and Aramaic . The Aramaic gave rise to Hebrew alphabet Hebrew . ref Coulmas 1989 ,p.142 ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese literature

    notable Vietnamese writers and poets composed their works in ch n m and when it briefly became the official written script. While the Vietnamese alphabet qu c ng script was created in the 17th century ...Vietnamese literature is literature , both oral and written, created largely by Vietnamese language Vietnamese speaking people, although Francophone Vietnamese and English speaking Vietnamese authors in Australia ..., allowed writers to compose in Vietnamese using modified Chinese characters. Although regarded ..., virtually all Vietnamese works of literature were composed in qu c ng . Script Classical Chinese H n V n Many of the official documents in Vietnamese history were written in Classical Chinese . Not only is the Chinese script foreign to modern Vietnamese speakers, these works are mostly unintelligible ... and vocabulary. As a result, these works must be translated into colloquial Vietnamese in order to be understood by the general public. These works include official proclamations by Vietnamese kings, royal histories, and declarations of independence from China, as well as Vietnamese Poetry . Ch n m ... ng script and be readily understood by modern Vietnamese speakers. However, since ch n m was never ... regarded works in Vietnamese literature were written in ch n m, including Nguyen Du Nguy n Du s The Tale ... Vietnamese works of literature are written in qu c ng , while works written in earlier scripts are transliterated into qu c ng for accessibility to modern Vietnamese speakers. The use of the earlier ..., early oral literature was composed in Vietnamese and is still accessible to ordinary Vietnamese today. Vietnamese folk literature is an intermingling of many forms. It is not only an oral tradition ... Spirit . Legends http www.vietnam zones 4 1 Myths and Legends.aspx Complete Vietnamese s Myths & Legends from Vietnam Ca dao Ca dao are folk poems. See also Vietnamese encyclopedias Vietnamese Poetry External links http ?id 8971 Culture of Vietnam encyclopedia ...   more details

  1. Ethnic Vietnamese

    Ethnic Vietnamese may mean Vi t Ki u or Overseas Vietnamese , referring to people of Vietnamese descent not living in Vietnam Vietnamese people , referring to people of Vietnamese descent without restriction disambig ...   more details

  1. Russian Vietnamese

    Russian Vietnamese or Vietnamese Russian may refer to Russia Vietnam relations Vietnamese people in Russia red links Cyrillization of Vietnamese Russians in Vietnam See also Eurasian mixed ancestry disambig ...   more details

  1. German Vietnamese

    German Vietnamese or Vietnamese German may be Of or relating to Germany Vietnam relations Vietnamese people in Germany Germans in Vietnam Eurasian mixed ancestry people of German and Vietnamese descent dab ...   more details

  1. Japanese Vietnamese

    Japanese Vietnamese or Vietnamese Japanese may refer to Japanese Vietnamese relations Japanese language education in Vietnam Japanese people in Vietnam Vietnamese people in Japan Mixed race people of Japanese and Vietnamese descent dab ...   more details

  1. Taiwanese Vietnamese

    Taiwanese Vietnamese or Vietnamese Taiwanese may be Taiwan Vietnam relations Taiwanese expatriates in Vietnam Vietnamese people in Taiwan Mixed race people of Taiwanese and Vietnamese descent People with dual citizenship of Taiwan, Republic of China and Vietnam disambig ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese Council

    Vietnamese Council may refer to Vietnamese Council of Ministers , the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnamese Council of State , the highest standing body of the National Assembly of Vietnam disambig ...   more details

  1. Korean Vietnamese

    Korean Vietnamese or Vietnamese Korean may refer to North Korea Vietnam relations South Korea Vietnam relations Multiracial people of mixed Korean and Vietnamese descent Lai Daihan , persons born to South Korean soldier fathers and Vietnamese mothers during the Vietnam war Koreans in Vietnam Vietnamese people in Korea disambig ...   more details

  1. French Vietnamese

    French Vietnamese or Vietnamese French may refer to Of or relating to any of the subdivisions of Vietnam during the period of French colonialism Annam French colony Tonkin Cochinchina T y B i , a French based pidgin formerly spoken in Vietnam Vietnamese French dialect , the dialect of French spoken in Vietnam Franco Vietnamese relations French people in Vietnam Vietnamese people in France Eurasian mixed ancestry people of French and Vietnamese descent dab ...   more details

  1. Sino-Vietnamese

    Sino Vietnamese is often used to mean Sino Vietnamese vocabulary That portion of the Vietnamese vocabulary that is of Chinese origin or makes use of morphemes of Chinese origin similar to the use of Latin Greek in English . Sino Vietnamese is also used to refer to The ethnic group or Hoa See also Chinese Vietnamese people in Ho Chi Minh City Ng i , rural dwelling Chinese speakers, counted separately from the Hoa San Diu , the so called Mountain Chinese , who speak an archaic dialect of Cantonese Gin people , one of the 55 officially recognised ethnic minorities of the People s Republic of China Vietnamese people in Hong Kong The Sino Vietnamese War of 1979 disambig ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese Braille

    Vietnamese Braille is a Braille system adapted to the Vietnamese alphabet . Basic Latin letters use the same Braille cells as English language English however, the system includes additional characters for special letters and tones. Vietnamese Braille is known in Vietnamese language Vietnamese as ch n i , literally raised letters , while Braille electronic displays are called m n h nh ch n i . Added symbols Letters Series 1 ref 1 1 gallery widths 60px perrow 8 Image Braille A1.svg a , 1 Image Braille B2.svg b , 1 2 Image Braille C3.svg c , 1 4 Image Braille D4.svg d , 1 4 5 Image Braille E5.svg e , 1 5 Image Braille F6.svg f , 1 2 4 Image Braille G7.svg g , 1 2 4 5 Image Braille H8.svg h , 1 2 5 Image Braille I9.svg i , 2 5 Image Braille J0.svg j , 2 4 5 gallery Series 2 ref 2 2 gallery widths 60px perrow 8 Image Braille K.svg k , 1 3 Image Braille L.svg l , 1 2 3 Image Braille M.svg m , 1 3 4 Image Braille N.svg n , 1 3 4 5 Image Braille O.svg o , 1 3 5 like Image Braille P.svg p , 1 2 3 4 Image Braille Q.svg q , 1 2 3 4 5 Image Braille R.svg r , 1 2 3 5 Image Braille S.svg s , 2 3 4 Image Braille T.svg t , 2 3 4 5 Image Braille .svg , 3 4 5 like gallery Series 3 ref 3 3 gallery widths 60px perrow 8 Image Braille U.svg u , 1 3 6 Image Braille V.svg v , 1 2 3 6 Image Braille X.svg x , 1 3 4 6 Image Braille Y.svg y , 1 3 4 5 6 Image Braille Z.svg z , 1 3 5 6 Image Braille .svg , 2 3 4 6 gallery Series 4 gallery widths 60px perrow 8 Image Braille .svg , 1 2 6 like Image Braille .svg , 1 4 5 6 Image Braille .svg , 1 2 5 6 like Image Braille .svg , 2 4 6 like , and Image Braille W.svg w , 2 4 5 6 gallery Tone marks ref 4 4 gallery Image Braille Asterisk.svg acute accent , 3 5 like asterisk asterisk Image Braille .svg grave accent , 1 2 6 like Image Braille E5.svg hook diacritic hook , 2 4 6 like , and Image Braille Hyphen.svg tilde , 3 6 like ... 6 font Braille Category Braille Vietnamese Braille de Vietnamesische Brailleschrift ko ja ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese pronouns

    Vietnamese alphabet Vietnamese language Sino Vietnamese vocabulary Notes references References Alves, Mark J. Grammatical Sino Vietnamese Vocabulary unpublished . http query?url ...Vietnamese pronouns ref In Vietnamese, i t x ng h personal substitutes . ref can act as substitutions for noun phrase . While true pronouns exist in Vietnamese, most are rarely used in polite speech. In most cases, kinship terminology is used when referring to oneself, the audience, or a third party. These terms might differ slightly in different regions. Many of them are derived from Chinese loanwords, but have acquired the additional grammatical function of being pronouns over the years. Vietnamese terms of reference can reveal the social relationship between the speaker and the person being referred to, differences in age, and even the attitude of the speaker toward that person. Thus a speaker ... be preceded by the plural marker ch ng or c c . Like other Asian pronominal systems, Vietnamese ..., we, someone . ref Compare Vietnamese ng i ta with the uses of French pronoun on , which is somewhat ... in Western languages, but is perfectly normal and expected in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese kinship ... person using a term usually used for older people, such as ng . In Vietnamese there is a proverb ... , as in b y . Non kinship terms used as pronouns In Vietnamese, virtually any noun used for a person ... be used as a second person personal pronoun when necessary. When referring to themselves, Vietnamese ... young people to call each other. Vietnamese speakers also refer to themselves and others by name ... strange in English, in Vietnamese it is considered friendly, and is the preferred way to converse ... of Vietnamese Terms of Address and Reference . Translation Journal , 2006. External links http ... users tle JOURNAL Articles Ho Ho.html Code Switching of Personal Pronouns in Vietnamese English bilingual speakers DEFAULTSORT Vietnamese Pronouns Category Vietnamese language Category Pronouns by language ...   more details

  1. Slavic alphabet

    Slavic alphabet can refer to Glagolitic alphabet Early Cyrillic alphabet Cyrillic script Russian alphabet Bulgarian alphabet Macedonian alphabet Serbian alphabet Ukrainian alphabet disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages sh Slavenski alfabet ...   more details

  1. Chinese Vietnamese

    NOTOC Chinese Vietnamese or Vietnamese Chinese may have several uses. Common colloquial uses are included here, including those which may be incorrect. Language Sino Vietnamese vocabulary , Chinese derived vocabulary in the Vietnamese language H n T , classical Chinese writing produced in Vietnam Ch N m , an adaptation of Chinese characters used to write the Vietnamese language directly People groups Ethnic Chinese in Vietnam Hoa , Chinese who immigrated to Vietnam during the Qing Dynasty and Republic of China period Ng i , rural dwelling Chinese speakers, counted separately from the Hoa Vietnamese people in China Gin people , one of the 55 officially recognised ethnic minorities of the People s Republic of China Vietnamese people in Hong Kong Relations between China and Vietnam Typically in the hyphenated forms Chinese Vietnamese or Vietnamese Chinese Of or relating to any of the periods of Chinese rule in the history of Vietnam. First Chinese domination History of Vietnam , 207 BC&ndash 39 AD Second Chinese domination History of Vietnam , 43&ndash 544 Third Chinese domination History of Vietnam , 602&ndash 905 Fourth Chinese domination History of Vietnam , 1407&ndash 1427 Sino Vietnamese War of 1979 People s Republic of China Vietnam relations dab ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese phonology

    than a phonetic one. See also Vietnamese alphabet Vietnamese language List of phonetics topics References ...IPA notice selfref For assistance with IPA transcriptions of Vietnamese for Wikipedia articles, see WP IPA for Vietnamese . This article is a technical description of the sound system of the Vietnamese language , including phonetics and phonology . Consonants Two main varieties of Vietnamese, Hanoi and Ho ... abstract analysis of Hanoi Vietnamese that would eliminate the phonemes IPA , , v by involving ... only in borrowed vocabulary derived from French. IPA p in native Vietnamese words occurs only word ... affricate is also Aspiration phonetics aspirated and usually apical, unlike Vietnamese . This affrication ... ch and nh in Hanoi Vietnamese has had different analyses. One analysis, that of Harvcoltxt Thompson ...     IPA l   IPA j IPA w   Phonetics The Saigonese Vietnamese variety is essentially ... IPA , r . This sound is generally represented in Vietnamese linguistics by the symbol r . Among the coronals ... stop. Regional consonant variation This section is linked from Vietnamese language At the beginning ... among different regions. Vowels Monophthongs The International Phonetic Alphabet IPA vowel chart of monophthong ... description of Hanoi Vietnamese i.e., other regions of Vietnam may have different inventories ... seems to suggest that the distinction is due to height as he does for all Vietnamese vowels , although ... IPA t w c paternal aunt IPA ko IPA kow Diphthongs and triphthongs In addition to monophthongs, Vietnamese ... IPA i , , u . Tone Expand section date May 2008 Vietnamese vowels are all pronounced with an inherent ... languages, Vietnamese tones do not rely solely on pitch contour . Vietnamese often uses instead ... perhaps a better description would be that Vietnamese is a register language and not a pure tonal language. ref Harvcoltxt Pham 2003 p 93 ref In Vietnamese orthography, tone is indicated by diacritics ... how tone is realized phonetically. There are differences between varieties of Vietnamese spoken ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese embroidery

    Multiple issues wikify February 2012 essay like December 2007 refimprove June 2007 Vietnamese hand embroidery is a 700 year old tradition. Usually, tiny threads are used to create brightly coloured pictures on cloth. It is a popular extracurricular activity in high school for young girls together with cooking and cloth sewing. It was a part of the Vietnamese culture traditionally, girls are expected to know how to decorate pillowcases, curtains and tablecloths with hand embroidery. Since the 1960s, hand embroidery in Vietnam has been raised to the level of an art. Many large pictures in different sizes, some as large as 2.5 2 yards, have been made. Popular topics include Vietnamese history, landscapes, animals, flowers, and religious scenes. See also Culture of Vietnam External links http Embroidery Of Vietnam http itemList.aspx?GroupID 25 Vietnamese embroidery paintings located in the United States http Vietnamese Embroidery Art http Vietnamese handmade embroidery embroidery Category Embroidery Category Textile arts of Vietnam ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese passport

    Infobox Identity document document name Vietnamese passport image Vietnam passport 1998.JPG image caption The front cover of a contemporary Vietnamese passport date first issued using jurisdiction flag Vietnam valid jurisdictions document type Passport purpose Identification eligibility Vietnamese nationality law Vietnam citizenship expiration Vietnamese passports are issued to citizens of Vietnam to facilitate international travel. Passport Application Passport application for Vietnamese citizens have to apply at the Provincial Immigration Department. This requires Identification Card and 4 passport photos. ref http thutuc xnc vietnam huongdan khaihoso mldocument.2008 05 20.7636895294 view ref References reflist See also Visa requirements for Vietnamese citizens External links http Vietnam Ministry of Public Security Immigration Department Passports Category Passports by country Vietnam passport stub Vietnam stub ar sr tr Vietnam pasaportu ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese Wikipedia

    Update date October 2011 Infobox website name Wiki favicon Vietnamese Wikipedia screenshot logo File Wikipedia logo v2 vi.svg caption url http commercial No location Miami, Florida type Internet encyclopedia project language Vietnamese language Vietnamese registration Optional owner Wikimedia Foundation author The Vietnamese Wikipedia lang vi Wikipedia ti ng Vi t is the Vietnamese language Vietnamese language edition of Wikipedia , a free, publicly editable, online ..., the project s content is both created and accessed using the MediaWiki wiki software. Vietnamese Wikipedia ... online. History The Vietnamese Wikipedia initially went online in November 2002, with a front page and an article ... Wikipedia Statistics Vietnamese author Erik Zachte first Erik last Zachte work Wikimedia Statistics .... By August 2008, the Vietnamese Wikipedia had grown to more than 50,000 articles  a milestone ... list and vi Th lo i Robot Wikipedia a list of bots at the Vietnamese Wikipedia. ref By the time ... w index.php?title Wikipedia Robot&oldid 2263408 language Vietnamese ref Short articles are designated ... articles. ref name Stubs vi Wikipedia B i s khai Wikipedia B i s khai at the Vietnamese Wikipedia. ref The Vietnamese Wikipedia uses AVIM, a JavaScript based input method that allows the user to type accented Vietnamese text in popular input methods, such as Telex IME Telex and Vietnamese Quoted ... G ti ng Vi t Ti ng Anh Wikipedia G ti ng Vi t Ti ng Anh , Vietnamese Wikipedia. ref See also Vietnamese encyclopedias References reflist External links InterWiki code vi vi icon http wiki Vietnamese Wikipedia vi icon http Vietnamese Wikipedia mobile version Wikipedias state collapsed Category Wikipedias by language Category Vietnamese encyclopedias Wikipedia ... sw Wikipedia ya Kivietnamu mk ms Wikipedia Bahasa Vietnam nl Vietnamese ... simple Vietnamese Wikipedia sr sh Vijetnamska Wikipedija ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese Cambodian

    Other uses Vietnamese people Vietnamese People infobox ethnic group group Vietnamese Cambodian image File Vietnamese floating village siem reap floating village1.jpg thumb A Vietnamese floating village ... United States rels Mahayana Buddhism , Cao Dai , Catholicism langs Vietnamese language Vietnamese , Khmer language Khmer , others related Vietnamese people Vietnamese Cambodian referred to as Yuon ... ethnic minority in Cambodia. It refers to a Vietnamese person born in Cambodia or a person born of Vietnamese and Cambodian ancestry. Enmity has existed between the Khmer and the Vietnamese for centuries, but this antagonism did not hinder the growth of a sizable Vietnamese community scattered ..., Donald J. Steinberg, an estimated 291,596 Vietnamese, constituting more than 7 percent at the total .... The Vietnamese . http frd cs khtoc.html Cambodia A Country Study. Research completed ... The Khmer have shown more antipathy toward the Vietnamese than toward the Chinese or toward their other neighbors, the Thai. Several factors explain this attitude. The expansion of Vietnamese power ... and Vietnam. The Vietnamese fall within the Chinese culture sphere, rather than within the Indian, where the Thai and the Khmer belong. The Vietnamese differ from the Khmer in mode of dress, in kinship organization, and in many other ways for example the Vietnamese are Mahayana Buddhists. Although Vietnamese lived in urban centers such as Phnom Penh, a substantial number lived along the lower ... of the manpower on French owned rubber plantations was provided by the Vietnamese, who also were .... ref name country History Cambodian and Vietnamese history dates as far back as the 13th century ... to establish influence over Chenla. Historically, Vietnamese emperors had a policy of settling Vietnamese in sparsely populated areas that the Khmer regarded as part of Cambodian territory. Vietnamese ... speaking Catholic Vietnamese. The French also imported Vietnamese plantation workers. In the 19th ...   more details

  1. Bulgar alphabet

    Bulgar alphabet may refer to Kuban alphabet , an alphabet in use in Old Great Bulgaria during the 8th to 13th centuries Bulgarian alphabet , an alphabet introduced in 1870 by Marin Drinov and reformed in 1945 disambig ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese Australian

    Infobox Ethnic group group Vietnamese Australian image div style margin top 1px margin bottom 1px br ... born br 173,663 Vietnamese ancestry popplace Melbourne , Sydney , Brisbane langs Australian English , Vietnamese language Vietnamese , Teochew dialect Teochew , Cantonese rels Mahayana Buddhism , Roman Catholic related A Vietnamese Australian is an Australia n either born in Vietnam or is an Australian descendant of the former. Communities of Overseas Vietnamese are referred to as Overseas Vietnamese ... by the North Vietnamese communist government in April 1975, Australia, being a signatory to the Convention ... between the Australian and Vietnamese governments the Orderly Departure Program which allowed relatives of Vietnamese Australians to leave Vietnam and migrate to Australia. A third immigration peak ... in Australia. Vietnamese Australians in Australian society Vietnamese Australians vary in income and social class levels. Australian born Vietnamese Australians are highly represented in Australian ... needed date February 2007 Vietnamese Australians have an exceptionally low rate of return migration ... or their Vietnamese Australian children, and what number is simply other Australians in Vietnam .... Demographics Population Image VN born Syd.png 300px right thumb One dot denotes 100 Vietnamese born Sydney residents Image VN born Mel.png 300px right thumb One dot denotes 100 Vietnamese born Melbourne ... Country of Birth of Person by Sex Australia ref In the 2001 census, the 155,000 people of Vietnamese people Vietnamese ancestry were first or second generation Australians first generation Australians of Vietnamese ancestry outnumbered second generation Australians with Vietnamese ancestry 74 26 Relatively few people of Vietnamese ancestry stated another ancestry 6 . Among the leading ancestries ... of Vietnamese 96 . ref cite web title 4102.0 Australian Social Trends, 2003 Population characteristics ... accessdate 2008 03 14 quote In the 2001 census almost all people of Vietnamese ancestry were first ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese Canadian

    ethnic group group Vietnamese Canadians poptime 251,410 ref name another http english ... Metropolitan Areas 1 , 2001 Census 20 Sample Data ref langs Vietnamese Language Vietnamese , Canadian English , Quebec French , Vietnamese French dialect Vietnamese French related Vietnamese people Vietnamese , Vietnamese American s Mainstream Vietnamese communities began arriving in Canada in the mid ... Edmonton , Hamilton, Ontario Hamilton and Calgary, Alberta Calgary . The next wave of Vietnamese .... Vietnamese immigrants settled mainly in the eastern sections of Vancouver and in Montreal ... Avenue and Dundas Street West or to the west in Mississauga, Ontario Mississauga . Vietnamese Canadians ... of Vietnamese origin Artists Tommy Ton Photographer Humanitarians Paul Nguyen Activist, journalist ... Association of Vancouver and current editor of Viet Nam magazine Business In Canada, local Vietnamese ... Vietnamese Canadians managed to open a variety of stores and restaurants throughout Vancouver, especially on the east side of the city around Kingsway and Fraser. The area is home to several Vietnamese clothing, food stores, and shops. Vietnamese Canadians have also opened up stores and restaurants ... Vietnamese owned supermarkets. In Montreal there are about 40,000 Vietnamese Canadian population among highest median income and education of Vietnamese Canadians in major cities. There are more than 100 Vietnamese restaurants, hundreds of small size manufacturers of different products from ... to Vietnamese worldwide. See also Canada Vietnam relations Overseas Vietnamese References Reflist External links Vietnamese Canadian organizations http Vietnamese Canadian ... http Vietnamese Canadian Community of Ottawa Non profit organization http ... Sports Non profit organization About Vietnamese Canadians http heirloom series volume7 countries vietnam.html History of Vietnamese Canadians Source the Canada s Digital Collections ...   more details

  1. Vietnamese American

    Infobox ethnic group group Vietnamese American image div style white space nowrap If you swap out an image ... area Seattle Northern Virginia List of U.S. cities with large Vietnamese American populations others langs Vietnamese language Vietnamese , American English rels Dominant Mahayana Buddhism with Confucianism ... Vietnamese people , Overseas Vietnamese , Vietnamese Canadian s, Southeast Asian American s, Asian American s A Vietnamese American lang vi Ng i M g c Vi t is an United States American of Vietnamese people Vietnamese descent. ref cite encyclopedia url http encyclopedia 761587517 vietnamese americans.html title Vietnamese Americans author James M. Freeman publisher Microsoft ... Vietnamese Ng i Vi t H i Ngo i and are the fourth largest Asian American group. Mass Vietnamese immigration ... strong communities in a short amount of time. More than sixty percent of Vietnamese Americans reside ... name usacensus1 Demographics As a relatively recent immigrant group, most Vietnamese Americans are either ... and older speak Vietnamese language Vietnamese at home&mdash making it the seventh most spoken Languages in the United States language in the United States . As refugees, Vietnamese Americans have ... fs 2004.pdf ref In the 2006 American Community Survey , 72 of foreign born Vietnamese are naturalized ... as Vietnamese alone or 1,737,433 in combination with other ethnicities, ranking fourth among the Asian ... number of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam is found in Orange County, California &mdash totalling 183,766, or 6.1 of the county s population. Vietnamese American businesses are ubiquitous in Little Saigon ... , Washington, D.C. in Northern Virginia , and Houston have sizable Vietnamese communities. Recently, the Vietnamese immigration pattern has shifted to other states like Oklahoma Oklahoma City in particular and Oregon Portland, Oregon Portland in particular . Image Vietnamese USC2000 PHS.svg thumb right Spread of the Vietnamese language in the United States Vietnamese Americans are much more likely ...   more details

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