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  1. The Video

    For the primary use of the term video video Unreferenced date December 2009 The Video is a music video compilation released in VHS format by the Iceland ic band The Sugarcubes , whose most famous member is the renowned singer Bj rk . This video came into market in 1990 and contains nine songs from the 1987 album Life s Too Good and the 1989 album Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week . List of tracks Birthday Icelandic Coldsweat Deus Motorcrash Luftgitar Regina Planet Eat the menu Birthday English DEFAULTSORT Video, The Category The Sugarcubes video albums Category 1990 compilation albums Category 1990 video albums Category Music video compilation albums 1990s album stub es The Video ...   more details

  1. S-Video

    Distinguish2 the video tape format S VHS Refimprove date May 2010 No footnotes date September 2010 Infobox connector name S Video type Analog video connector image File Close up of S video female connector.jpg 300px logo caption A standard 4 pin S Video cable connector, with each signal pin paired with its ... current audio signal video signal NTSC, PAL, or SECAM video data signal data bit width data bandwidth ... can result in picture degradation. Super Video , ref http od s g svideo.htm S Video Definition ref more commonly known as S Video and Y C , is an analog video transmission scheme, in which video information is encoded on two channels luma luminance, intensity, Y and chroma colour, C . This separation is in contrast with lower quality composite video , in which all video information is encoded on one channel, and higher quality component video , in which video information is encoded on three channels. S Video carries standard definition video typically at 480i ... 00 00 99 LCT0135 001A A.pdf ref and as Super Video . ref http product.asp?Model VC S130HG ref The four pin mini DIN connector shown at right is the most common of several S Video connector ... S VHS machines, and dual Y and C BNC connector s, often used for S Video patch panel s. Early Y C video monitors often used phono RCA connector that were switchable between Y C and composite video ... The Luma video luminance Y grey scale signal and Chroma video chrominance C colour information are carried ... synch pulses in the same way as a composite video signal, but S Video luminance information can have a higher Bandwidth signal processing bandwidth than in composite video, which must devote ... on the encoding standard used . Both luminance and chrominance information in composite video therefore ... subcarrier will lead to unwanted Digital artifact video artifacts patterning when viewed. As S Video ... dot crawl is eliminated. This means that S Video leaves more information from the original ...   more details

  1. Video

    About Not used films or movies Film other uses Selfref For the use of video in Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia Creation and usage of media files . Video is the technology of electronics electronically ... of still image s representing Scene film scenes in motion. History Video technology was first developed for cathode ray tube CRT television systems, but several new technologies for video display device ... video tape recorder VTR . In 1951 the first video tape recorder captured live images from television ... video tape . Video recorders sold for 50,000 in 1956, and videotape cost 300 per one hour reel ... video clips . Characteristics of video streams Number of frames per second Frame rate , the number of still pictures per unit of time of video, ranges from six or eight frames per second frame s for old ... s, which complicates slightly the process of transferring a cinematic motion picture to video ... fifteen frames per second. Interlaced vs progressive Video can be interlaced or Progressive scan ... and cathode ray tube CRT video displays without increasing the number of complete frames per ... formats. Abbreviated video resolution specifications often include an i to indicate interlacing. For example, PAL video format is often specified as 576i50 , where 576 indicates the total ... to optimize the display of an interlaced video signal from an analog, DVD or satellite source on a progressive scan device such as an LCD Television , digital video projector or plasma panel. Deinterlacing cannot, however, produce video quality that is equivalent to true progressive scan source material ... of video screens and video picture elements. All popular video formats are rectilinear, and so can ... used in digital video often have non square aspect ratios, such as those used in the PAL and NTSC variants of the CCIR 601 digital video standard, and the corresponding anamorphic widescreen formats ... model name describes the video color representation. YIQ was used in NTSC television. It corresponds ...   more details

  1. Video!

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Infobox Single Name Video Cover Video Lynne.jpg Artist Jeff Lynne from Album Electric Dreams soundtrack Electric Dreams B side Sooner Or Later Jeff Lynne song Sooner Or Later Released 1984 Format vinyl record Vinyl Recorded 1984 Genre Pop rock Length 3 26 Label Virgin Records Virgin Epic Records Epic Producer Jeff Lynne Last single Doin That Crazy Thing Jeff Lynne song Doin That Crazy Thing Goin Down To Rio Jeff Lynne song Goin Down To Rio br 1977 This single Video br 1984 Next single Every Little Thing Jeff Lynne song Every Little Thing I m Gone Jeff Lynne song I m Gone Video is a song by Jeff Lynne from the soundtrack to the film Electric Dreams Soundtrack Electric Dreams in 1984. It is one of two songs that Lynne and keyboard player Richard Tandy provided for the film s soundtrack. The chorus of Video is originally taken from the unreleased Electric Light Orchestra song Beatles Forever , which was originally to have appeared on the album, Secret Messages , when it was planned to be a double album. Track Listing All songs written and composed by Jeff Lynne . Video 3 26 Sooner Or Later Jeff Lynne song Sooner Or Later 3 51 Charts class wikitable Chart 1984 Peak br position Image Flag of the United States.svg 22px U.S. Billboard Hot 100 align center 85 Jeff Lynne Category Jeff Lynne songs Category 1984 singles Category Songs produced by Jeff Lynne Category Songs written by Jeff Lynne Category Songs from films 1980s rock song stub pt Video can o de Jeff Lynne ...   more details

  1. It (video)

    Infobox Film name It image PhishItVid.jpg image size caption director Mary Wharton producer writer narrator starring Phish music cinematography Charles Libin editing Alexander Hall br Thom Zimny distributor released Film date 2004 10 12 runtime country language budget gross It is a two disc DVD set chronicling Phish s Phish festivals It two day summer festival in Limestone, Maine on August 2 & 3, 2003 . The first disc contains a full length documentary originally aired on PBS in 2004 featuring interviews with the band, song excerpts, and images from the concert grounds and festival events. This was the sixth of nine major outdoor summer festivals held by Phish . The second disc contains a selection of complete live songs performed over the weekend. The DVD set, which clocks in at over four hours, was certified platinum in 2005 . Track listing Disc one Phish It s a PBS concert special documentary Disc two Reba Limb By Limb Chalk Dust Torture NICU Waves David Bowie Seven Below Pebbles and Marbles Julius The Lizards Personnel Phish Trey Anastasio guitar, vocals Jon Fishman drums, vocals Mike Gordon bass, vocals Page McConnell piano, vocals External links IMDb title 0436669 It Phish Category Phish video albums Category Phish live albums Category Live video albums Category 2004 live albums Category 2004 video albums ...   more details

  1. Video, Video

    Infobox ESC entry song flagicon Denmark Video, Video image caption year 1982 country Denmark artist Jens Brixtofte, br Steen Ejler Olsen, br Torben Jacobsen, br John Hatting, br Bj rn Holmgaard S rensen as Brixx with language Danish languages genre Electropop composer Jens Brixtofte lyricist Jens Brixtofte conductor Allan Botschinsky place 17th points 5 lyrics http ?1982dk from Diggiloo Thrush prev Kr ller eller ej prev link Kr ller eller ej next Kloden drejer next link Kloden drejer Video, Video was the Denmark Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 , performed in Danish language Danish by Brixx . The song was performed 13th on the night, following Spain s Luc a with l and preceding Yugoslavia s Aska with Halo, Halo . At the close of voting, it had received 5 points, placing 17th in a field of 18. The song is in praise of the then new technology of video recorder s, with the singer describing the wealth of viewing he has on tape &mdash everything from Humphrey Bogart to The Championships, Wimbledon Wimbledon . Indeed, he remarks that Susanne possibly a lover has left him for fear that his viewing habits have made him not all normal . She herself is raving mad . It was succeeded as Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest Danish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 1983 Contest by Gry Johansen with Kloden drejer . Category Eurovision songs of Denmark Category Eurovision songs of 1982 Category 1982 songs Denmark music stub Eurovision stub pt Video, Video sv Video, video Eurovision Song Contest 1982 ...   more details

  1. BE (video)

    Category 2005 video albums Category Live video albums Category InsideOut Music live albums Category InsideOut Music video albums pl BE Original Stage Production ...   more details

  1. The Video Collection

    The Video Collection can refer to The Video Collection, a brand of video home entertainment by Video Collection International The Video Collection Anastacia video The Video Collection Anastacia video , a music video DVD collection by singer Anastacia The Video Collection Anna Vissi video The Video Collection Anna Vissi video , a music video DVD compilation by Greek singer Anna Vissi The Video Collection Katy Garbi video The Video Collection Katy Garbi video , a music video DVD compilation by Greek singer Katy Garbi The Video Collection 93 99 , a music video compilation by singer Madonna The Video Collection 1997 2003 , a DVD music video compilation by band HIM disambig ...   more details

  1. Video of the Year

    Video of the Year may refer to BET Award for Video of the Year Grammy Award for Video of the Year Juno Award for Video of the Year MTV Pilipinas for Video of the Year MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year disambig ...   more details

  1. Video (disambiguation)

    selfref For help with video on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia Media help Wiktionary video Video may refer to Video formats Video signal processing equipment Video camera s Video display s Television Video storage media Videotape including videocassettes DVD Video Image ry Motion graphics Footage , motion photography Film Color motion picture film evolution and technology Music video Streaming video Video clip Video Cassette Recorder , referred to informally in some countries simply as a video Common in UK, some Commonwealth countries and other parts of Europe Home video Industry Videoconferencing Titles and names Video 2 Plus 1 album , 1985 Video Pakito album , 2006 Video , song from the Ben Folds Five album Ben Folds Five album Video , song by Jeff Lynne. Video India.Arie song Video India.Arie song , 2001, from Acoustic Soul Electronic Products iPod Video , the unofficial name of the 5th generation of the iPod before the iPod Classic retronym and is an MP3 and MP4 player marketed by Apple Inc. disambig de Video es Video desambiguaci n fr Vid o homonymie it Video disambigua sq Video sk Video tr Video ...   more details

  1. Video Girl

    Video Girl may refer to Video Girl , a song by the Jonas Brothers on their album A Little Bit Longer Video Girl album Video Girl album , a 2009 album by VenetianPrincess Video Girl Ai , a manga series by Masakazu Katsura Video Girl Len , a manga series by Masakazu Katsura and sequel to Video Girl Ai disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Video Hits

    Video Hits may be the name of a television series devoted to music videos Video Hits Australian TV series Video Hits Australia Video Hits Canadian TV series Video Hits Canada disambig ...   more details

  1. Internet video

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Internet Video is the general field that deals with the transmission of video over the Internet . Many sub topics are associated with this topic IPTV P2PTV Peercasting Video clip Webcasting Streaming Media Streaming Video Internet Television DEFAULTSORT Internet Video Category Internet broadcasting Video Internet stub ...   more details

  1. Video pointer

    Orphan date February 2009 Image Video pointer front.jpg thumb Video Pointer front view Video pointer is a device used to highlight or mark a specific location on a Display device video display . The device is often equipped with a video input and output Computer port hardware ports and a joystick to manipulate the motion of a Cursor computers pointer cursor . Video pointers utilize video overlay technology to superimpose an image of a pointer cursor over another video Data stream stream . Video pointers may also be equipped with other features such as selection of the type and shape of the cursor, image intensity control, and cursor size and color control. Video pointers are commonly used in News broadcasting news and sports broadcasts, video presentations, video surveillance , medical documentary applications, etc. Image Video pointer back.jpg thumb Video Pointer back view References http patents?vid USPAT4847604&id vCM5AAAAEBAJ&dq video pointer US Patent 4847604, Aug 27, 1987 referring to a video pointing device. Category Film and video technology ...   more details

  1. Video processing

    In electrical engineering and computer science , video processing is a particular case of signal processing , which often employs filter video video filters and where the input and output Signal electrical engineering signal s are video file format video file s or video stream s. Video processing techniques are used in television set s, VCR s, DVD s, video codecs , video player s, video scaler s and other devices. For example commonly only design and video processing is different in TV sets of different manufactures. Citation needed date October 2008 See also Processing amplifier Scan conversion References Bovik, Al ed. . Handbook of Image and Video Processing . San Diego Academic Press, 2000. ISBN 0121197905. Wang, Yao, J rn Ostermann, and Ya Qin Zhang. Video Processing and Communications . Signal Processing Series. Upper Saddle River, N.J. Prentice Hall, 2002. ISBN 0130175471. VideoProcessing Portal Television Category Video processing Category Video signal Category Television terminology Tech stub fr Traitement de la vid o tl Pagproseso ng bidyo ...   more details

  1. Video player

    Video player can refer to the following Hardware video players Videocassette recorder VCR Laserdisc Laserdisc player DVD player Software video players Video player software See also Portable media player Movie projector Video projector disambig da Videoafspiller sv Videospelare ...   more details

  1. Video interlude

    A video interlude is an Entr acte interlude during a performance that shows a video . Video interludes are often played on concerts , showing a music video of on of the artists while the artist takes a break or costume change. Video interludes have been used by Madonna entertainer Madonna since at least 1990. References Unreferenced date February 2007 references Category Video music video stub ...   more details

  1. Ratt: The Video

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Image Ratt TheVideo.jpg thumb Video Cover Ratt The Video is a video released by United States American glam metal band Ratt in 1985 and contains the music video s from their Ratt EP self titled EP , Out of the Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy . The video also features footage from their tour in Japan . The video has been out of print for many years, making it extremely difficult to find. This was the first commercially available video to achieve gold sales status in the U.S. Videos Wanted Man You Think You re Tough Back For More Round And Round Lay It Down Category Ratt video albums Category 1985 video albums Category 1985 compilation albums Category Music video compilation albums ...   more details

  1. Video-in video-out (VIVO)

    Infobox connector name Video In Video Out VIVO type Analog video connector image Image Vivo splitter cable.jpg 250px logo caption A 6 connector VIVO splitter cable. From left to right S Video In, Component P sub b sub out, Component P sub r sub out, Component Y out Composite out, Composite in, S Video Out designer design date manufacturer Various graphics card manufacturers production date superseded ... maximum voltage maximum current audio signal video signal At least up to 1080p data signal data bit ... using standard left and non standard right Mini DIN pin1 pin1 name pinout notes Video in video out ... port which enables some video card s to have bidirectional input and output analog video transfer ... ATI and NVIDIA computer video card s, sometimes labeled small TV OUT small . VIVO on these graphics cards typically supports composite video composite , component video component , and S Video as outputs, and composite and S Video as inputs. Many other video cards only support component and or S Video outputs to complement Video Graphics Array VGA or Digital Visual Interface DVI , typically using a component breakout cable and an S Video cable. While component out operation supports HDTV high ... or video game console to a computer while continuing to allow viewing via a TV monitor. VIVO itself ... GeForce series 6 and 7 video card users this means http object wdm drivers.html downloading Nvidia s WDM drivers . Additionally, On Windows XP computers that use GeForce video cards with Scalable ... DIN connector Composite video Component video YPbPr S Video ATI Technologies Nvidia External links ... S video to composite video adapter AVconn Audio and video interfaces and connectors Category Analog video connectors Category Film and video technology Category Audiovisual connectors Category DIN Category Computer connectors fr Video In Video Out ko it Video In Video Out pl Video In Video Out pt Video In Video Out ...   more details

  1. Video phone

    Video phone may refer to NOTE Video phone is a common alternative form of videophone see http english cobuild video 20phone . An R&B song doesn t take precedence, thus this webpage will be maintained as a disambiguation page. Please DO NOT redirect this page to the Beyonc Knowles song. Videophone , the telecommunication device for calls that combine live video and audio Video Phone song Video Phone song , a 2008 song by R&B singer Beyonc Knowles, a remixed version featuring Lady Gaga was also released disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Live (video)

    Live is the name of several video albums Live Anna Vissi video Live Apocalyptica album Live Champion album Live City and Colour album Live Earth, Wind & Fire video Live Eurythmics video Live Lela Tsurtsumia album Live Meat Loaf video Live Our Lady Peace album Live Shania Twain video Live Spock s Beard album Live String Sisters album Live Sweetbox album Live The Black Keys album dab Category Live albums ...   more details

  1. Video Floppy

    Infobox media name Video Floppy logo image Image Video Floppy Disk front gabbe .jpg thumb A Video Floppy ... extended to A Video Floppy is a analog recording storage medium in the form of a 2 magnetic floppy disk used to store still frames of composite video composite analog video . A video floppy, also known as a VF disk , could store up to 25 frames either in the NTSC or PAL video standards, with each frame containing 2 field video field s of interlaced video . The video floppy also could store 50 frames of video, with each frame of video only containg one field of video information, recorded or played back in a skip field fashion. Video floppies were first developed by Sony with name Mavipack in 1981 for their Mavica still video camera not to be confused with their later line of Mavica digital cameras ... instead . The video floppy format was later used by Minolta , Panasonic , and Canon company Canon for their still video cameras introduced in the late 1980s, such as the Canon Xapshot from 1988 also known as the Canon Ion in Europe and the Canon Q PIC in Japan . Besides still video cameras ... a composite video signal, to or from an external source such as a video camera , VCR , video ... of seconds of audio that accompanied each video frame. Uses of the Video Floppy The video floppy saw a lot of uses during its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, besides being used for still video cameras. Many medical endoscopy and dentistry video systems, as well as industrial video borescope s & fiberscope s, used VF disks for storing video images for later playback and study. Standalone VF recorders & players were also used by television station s and video production studio s as a still store ... 1. Video floppy and LT 1 are not compatible however, so media can not be interchanged between drives using video floppy or LT 1 standards. An enhanced version of the VF format called HiVF was introduced in the late 1980s, providing higher resolution per video still than its predecessor. It used higher ...   more details

  1. Analog video

    unreferenced date August 2008 Analog video is a video signal transferred by an analog signal . An analog color video signal contains luminance , brightness Y and chrominance C of an analog television image. When combined in to one channel, it is called composite video as is the case, among others with NTSC , PAL and SECAM . Analog video may be carried in separate channels, as in two channel S Video YC and multi channel component video formats. Analog video is used in both consumer and professional television production applications. However, digital video signal formats with higher quality have been adopted, including serial digital interface SDI , Firewire IEEE1394 , Digital Visual Interface DVI and High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI . See also Analog high definition television system Analog television Digital video Analogvideo Category Film and video technology Category Television terminology Category Video signal ...   more details

  1. Video ecard

    unreferenced date May 2009 Video ecards are similar to traditional electronic greeting card s, however, the content or subject of the ecard is presented in a video format . The recipient of the video ecard views the message through a video player , and there is often some type of greeting or Short message service text message to convey a theme or message, typically of a holiday or special event. The process of creating a video ecard involves creating a video, either through a webcam or by using a video camera and editing software, uploading the video to a hosting provider, and designating the recipients of the ecard. The latest wave of personalized Video Ecards allows users to share videos and music in style, as a video ecard or greeting, after recording the video message right from the comfort of their browser, or current social community. Available in Facebook as a new way to express life, moments and share personal stories. Category Video Category Greeting cards ...   more details

  1. Video recorder

    A video recorder may be any of several related devices Digital video recorder DVR Personal video recorder PVR DVD recorder Videocassette recorder VCR Video tape recorder VTR disambig da Videooptager ko ja zh ...   more details

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