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Urbain Grandier
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Encyclopedia results for Urbain Grandier

Urbain Grandier

Encyclopedia results for Urbain Grandier

  1. Urbain Grandier

    refimprove date August 2011 Image Urbain Grandier.jpg 240px thumb right Urbain Grandier Urbain Grandier ... pact br of Urbain Grandier, who is ours. And him do we promise br the love of women, the flower ... Crown Publishers, Inc. see article on Urbain Grandier Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Grandier, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1590 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 18 August 1634 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Grandier, Urbain Category 1590 births Category 1634 ... de Urbain Grandier es Urbain Grandier fr Urbain Grandier hr Urbain Grandier it Urbain Grandier hu Urbain Grandier pt Urbain Grandier ru , simple Urbain Grandier sv Urbain Grandier ... the events of the so called Loudun Possessions . The circumstances of Father Grandier s trial ... modern commentators have concluded that Grandier was the victim of a politically motivated persecution led by the powerful Cardinal Richelieu . Life Grandier served as priest in the church of Sainte ... Huxley , have argued that the accusations began after Grandier refused to become the spiritual director ... Jeanne, enraged by his rejection, instead invited Canon Mignon, an enemy of Grandier, to become the director. Jeanne then accused Grandier of using black magic to seduce her. The other nuns gradually began to make similar accusations. Grandier was arrested, interrogated and tried by an ecclesiastical tribunal, which acquitted him. Grandier, however, had gained the enmity of the powerful Cardinal ... him. Grandier had also written and published scathing criticisms of Richelieu. Richelieu ordered ... of the convent of Loudun. Grandier was rearrested at Angers and the possibility of appealing to the Parlement .... After torture torturing Father Grandier, the judges clerics Lactance, Laubardemont, Jean Joseph Surin Surin and Tranquille introduced documents purportedly signed by Grandier and several demon s as evidence that he had made a diabolical pact . It is unknown if Grandier wrote or signed the pacts ...   more details

  1. Urbain

    wiktionary Urbain is a surname, and may refer to Achille Urbain 1884 1957 , French biologist Georges Urbain 1872 1938 , French chemist Jacques Urbain , Belgian scientist Walter M. Urbain 1910 2002 , American food scientist surname bg de Urbain es Urbain fr Urbain ...   more details

  1. Saint-Urbain

    Saint Urbain may refer to Places Saint Urbain, Finist re , a French commune in Finist re d partement Saint Urbain Maconcourt , a French commune in Haute Marne d partement Saint Urbain, Quebec , a parish municipality in Qu bec, Canada Saint Urbain Street , a major one way street in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Saint Urbain, Vend e , a French commune in Vend e d partement Other uses St. Urbain s Horseman TV series , a 2007 Canadian television drama miniseries See also Saint Urban disambiguation geodis br Saint Urbain ceb Saint Urbain de Saint Urbain es Saint Urbain fr Saint Urbain it Saint Urbain nl Saint Urbain pl Saint Urbain pt Saint Urbain sk Saint Urbain uk ...   more details

  1. Urbain Dubois

    Expand French Urbain Dubois date April 2012 Urbain Dubois 1818 1901 was a France French chef. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Dubois, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1818 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1901 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Dubois, Urbain Category 1818 births Category 1901 deaths Category French chefs fr Urbain Dubois sv Urbain Dubois France bio stub ...   more details

  1. P�le urbain

    In France, a p le urbain is a statistical area defined by INSEE France s national statistics office for the measurement of contiguously built up areas. It shares the same definition as a unit urbaine urban area , but differing in that it is not contained within the couronne p riurbaine commuter belt of any other p le urbain in other words, a p le urbain is an urban area that is a core of demographic growth. Please see unit urbaine and aire urbaine for more detail. See also urban area , the North America n counterpart unit urbaine , a related concept aire urbaine , a related concept References note ui insee INSEE. Nomeclatures, D finitions, M thodes. http fr nom def met definitions html pole urbain.htm P le Urbain d finition. . Retrieved September 23, 2005. DEFAULTSORT Pole urbain Category Urban planning in France Category Human habitats geo term stub fr P le urbain id P le urbain ...   more details

  1. Achille Urbain

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Achille Joseph Urbain May 9, 1884 &ndash December 5, 1957 was a France French biologist and director of the Mus um National d Histoire Naturelle in Paris from 1942 to 1949. He was a zoo director in Paris from 1934 to 1946. He is most notable for discovering the Kouprey . Selected publications Achille Urbain Le parc zoologique du bois de Vincennes , La Revue de Paris, August 15, 1934. Achille Urbain http ark 12148 bpt6k54444228 f355 Le kou prey ou b uf gris cambodgien , Bulletin de la Soci t Zoologique de France 62 5 , 1937, pp.  305&ndash 307. Achille Urbain Le Kou Prey ou b uf sauvage cambodgien , Mammalia , vol. 1, 1937, pp.  257&ndash 258. Achille Urbain, Paul Rode, and M. A. Pasquier La collection des bovin s asiatiques du Parc zoologique du Bois de Vincennes , Mammalia , vol. 3, 1939, pp.  122&ndash 125. Achille Urbain http ark 12148 bpt6k3161s f1010 Une nouvelle esp ce de bovid asiatique , Comptes Rendus de l Acad mie des Sciences , vol. 209, 1939, pp.  1006&ndash 1007. Achille Urbain Psychologie des animaux sauvages instinct, intelligence , Flammarion, Paris, 1940. Achille Urbain, Paul Rode Les singes anthropo des , Collection Que sais je?, N 202, Presses universitaires de France, Paris, 1946. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Urbain, Achille ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION French zoologist DATE OF BIRTH May 9, 1884 PLACE OF BIRTH Le Havre, France DATE OF DEATH December 5, 1957 PLACE OF DEATH Paris DEFAULTSORT Urbain, Achille France biologist stub Category 1884 births Category 1957 deaths Category French biologists Category Zookeepers fr Achille Urbain it Achille Urbain ...   more details

  1. Jacques Urbain

    Refimprove date February 2011 Jacques Urbain is a Belgium Belgian scientist, and professor at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles . In 1987, he was awarded the Francqui Prize on Biological and Medical Sciences for his work on immunology . External links http rech inventaire chercheurs 3 CH1143.html Jacques Urbain Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Urbain, Jacques ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION scientist, professor DATE OF BIRTH unknown PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH Use dmy dates date February 2011 DEFAULTSORT Urbain, Jacques Category Belgian scientists Category Belgian academics Category Living people Belgium scientist stub ...   more details

  1. Urbain Bouriant

    Urbain Bouriant 11 April 1849 19 June 1903 was a French Egyptologist , who discovered the Gospel of Peter in a tomb at Akhmim. He is best known from his translation of Al Maqrizi , published as Description topographique et historique de l Egypte Paris 1895 1900 . He was the collaborator of Gaston Maspero in 1880, when Maspero founded the French archaeological mission to Cairo, precursor of the Institut Fran ais d Arch ologie Orientale Institut fran ais d arch ologie orientale IFAO . From 1883 to December 1886, he was a curator at the museum of Bulaq , ref Bouriant, Guide du visiteur au Mus e de Boulaq, Recueil de Travaux, 1883. ref then director of IFAO until 1898. In the season of 1883 84, Bouriant discovered the copy of the Great Hymn to the Aten , in the tomb of Ay at Amarna . ref Bouriant, Fouilles Tell el Amarna. Les Papyrus d Akhmin, Leroux, 1889. ref Notes Reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Bouriant, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 11 April 1849 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 19 June 1903 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Bouriant, Urbain Category French Egyptologists Category 1849 births Category 1903 deaths de Urbain Bouriant es Urbain Bouriant fr Urbain Bouriant ...   more details

  1. Urbain Olivier

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Urbain Olivier 1810 1888 was a Switzerland Swiss writer. The brother of Juste Olivier , he was well known from 1856 onwards as the author of numerous popular tales of rural life in the Canton of Vaud , especially of the region near Nyon . External links OL author OL857862A Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Olivier, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1810 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1888 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Olivier, Urbain Category 1810 births Category 1888 deaths Category Article Feedback 5 Switzerland writer stub ...   more details

  1. Urbain Lipp�

    Urbain Lipp July 21, 1831 &ndash December 20, 1896 was a Quebec notary and political figure. He represented Joliette electoral district Joliette in the Canadian House of Commons from 1891 to 1896 as a Conservative Party of Canada historical Conservative member. He was born in L Assomption, Quebec L Assomption , Lower Canada , of Germany German descent, and was educated at the college there. In 1870, he married Marie Louise L vesque. Lipp served as clerk for the circuit courts for Joliette district and Joliette county and for the lower court Cour des Commissaires at Saint Jean de Matha, Quebec St Jean de Matha . ref http e toc.aspx?id 1923 Joliette illustr num ro souvenir de ses noces d or, 1843 1893 1893 Gervais, A french icon ref References CanParlbio ID 3907cca5 4ccf 4f4d bdb6 64bc8767cbdf http ECO mtq?doc 32961 The Canadian parliamentary companion, 1891 AJ Gemmill reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Lippe, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Canadian politician DATE OF BIRTH July 21, 1831 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH December 20, 1896 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Lippe, Urbain Category 1831 births Category 1896 deaths Category Members of the House of Commons of Canada from Quebec Category Conservative Party of Canada 1867 1942 MPs Conservative18671942 Quebec MP stub fr Urbain Lipp ...   more details

  1. Urbain Braems

    Infobox football biography playername Urbain Braems image caption fullname dateofbirth Birth date and age df yes 1933 11 10 cityofbirth countryofbirth Belgium dateofdeath cityofdeath countryofdeath height position Manager currentclub youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 clubs1 K.S.V. Sottegem caps1 goals1 years2 clubs2 K.R.C. Mechelen caps2 goals2 years3 clubs3 Club Brugge K.V. Club Brugge caps3 goals3 years4 clubs4 R. Daring Club Molenbeek Daring Club Bruxelles caps4 goals4 totalcaps totalgoals nationalyears1 nationalteam1 nationalcaps1 nationalgoals1 manageryears1 1967 1972 managerclubs1 Cercle Brugge K.S.V. Cercle Brugge manageryears2 1972 1973 managerclubs2 Royal Antwerp FC Royal Antwerp manageryears3 1973 1975 managerclubs3 R.S.C. Anderlecht Anderlecht manageryears4 1975 1978 managerclubs4 K.S.K. Beveren Beveren manageryears5 1978 1979 managerclubs5 K.S.C. Lokeren Lokeren manageryears6 1979 1980 managerclubs6 R.S.C. Anderlecht Anderlecht manageryears7 1981 1984 managerclubs7 K.S.K. Beveren Beveren manageryears8 1985 1988 managerclubs8 Panionios G.S.S. Panionios manageryears9 1988 1989 managerclubs9 Standard de Li ge manageryears10 1989 1990 managerclubs10 Trabzonspor manageryears11 1991 1992 managerclubs11 Trabzonspor Urbain Braems is a retired Belgium Belgian association football football player and manager. He played for K.S.V. Sottegem , K.R.C. Mechelen , Club Brugge K.V. Club ... profil urbain braems ref He managed Cercle Brugge K.S.V. Cercle Brugge , ref http ... a 71 ans urbain braems fretille toujours pour le freeth t 20041021 Z0PWR8.html ref ... . NAME Braems, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION footballer, football manager DATE OF BIRTH 10 November 1933 PLACE OF BIRTH Belgium DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Braems, Urbain ... Category Panionios G.S.S. managers Belgium footy bio stub el fr Urbain Braems nl Urbain Braems tr Urbain Braems ...   more details

  1. Urbain Audibert

    Urbain Audibert 1789 1846 was a France French nurseryman . He was born in Tarascon on February 27, 1789, and died July 22, 1846. He made contributions to a few plant species descriptions. ref Notice sur Urbain Audibert , Journal d agriculture pratique et de jardinage, Maison rustique du XIXe si cle, 1847, p. 433. ref Botanist Audib. References Reflist Persondata NAME ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1789 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1846 PLACE OF DEATH Category Botanists with author abbreviations Category French botanists Category 1789 births Category 1846 deaths ...   more details

  1. Ismael Urbain

    awards signature signature alt website portaldisp no Ismael Urbain born Thomas Urbain , December ... Guiana Urbain was the Legitimacy law illegitimate son of a merchant from Marseille named Urbain ... would turn to business. However, with the pitiful state of his father s affairs, Urbain wasn t allowed ... having discovered Saint Simonianism , Urbain took the road to Paris where he became the secretary ... ref he took part in most major decisions in Algeria. In 1845, Urbain was summoned to the Ministry ... wife. ref Levallois, p. 551 ref Urbain has been largely attributed as the source of the arabophilia ... Urbain denounced the term Kabylie as an invention due to the French spirit of systematization used ... wanted to implement at the instigation of Urbain, but which was fiercely opposed by the colonists and economic interests in Algeria. The renewed attacks by Urbain in 1870 in l Alg rie fran aise indig nes ... in the colony. The writings of Urbain aroused such passionate reactions that they almost completely ... Urbain died in Algeria. On his death mile Masqueray rejoined the fight for the rights of the Algerians ... Michel Levallois, http books?id hXOybMerye4C&printsec frontcover Isma l Urbain ... Ref fr Ismayl Urbain oldid 51206899 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Urbain ... , French Guiana DATE OF DEATH January 28, 1884 PLACE OF DEATH Algeria DEFAULTSORT Urbain, Ismael Category ... Catholicism Category People from Cayenne fr Ismayl Urbain ...   more details

  1. Georges Urbain

    Infobox scientist name Georges Urbain image image size caption birth date birth date 1872 4 12 birth ... Georges Urbain 12 April 1872 5 November 1938 in Paris France French chemist, professor of Sorbonne ... of the chemical elements discovered in 1907 by French scientist Urbain published his results on experiments ... f759.table pages 759&ndash 762 author M. G. Urbain ref Simultanious Austrian mineralogist Baron Carl ... of lutetium from Marignac s ytterbium was first described by Urbain and the naming honor therefore ... to lutetium. The dispute on the priority of the discovery is documented in two articles in which Urbain ... 31 issue 10 doi 10.1007 BF01530262 author G. Urbain pages I ref The Commission on Atomic Mass, which ... by granting priority to Urbain and adopting his names as official ones. An obvious problem with this decision was that Urbain was one of the four members of the commission. ref cite journal title Bericht ..., W. Ostwald, T. E. Thorpe, G. Urbain ref Welsbach proposed the names cassiopium for element 71 after ... of Celtium In 1911 Urbain claimed to have found another rare earth element which should be placed ... last Urbain first M. G. title Sur un nouvel l ment qui accompagne le lut cium et le scandium dans ......79C ref After the discovery by the Hevesy Urbain renewed his claims on priority of the discovery ... 1923 last1 Urbain first1 G. last2 Dauvillier first2 A. volume 111 pages 218 issue 2781 ref ref cite ... on the use of the new X ray spectroscopy method that proved that the substances discovered by Urbain ... first W. C. year 1982 page 242 ref In the end it became clear that the claims of Urbain where wrong and that due to the methods Urbain used hafnium could not have be present in his samples. References cite journal doi 10.1002 jctb.5000592003 title Georges urbain 1872 1938 year 1940 last1 Russell ... journal doi 10.1016 S1251 8069 97 83260 5 title Georges Urbain 1872 1938 et l unification des th ories ... title Georges Urbain 1872 1938 first Tenney L. last Davis journal Proceedings of the American Academy ...   more details

  1. Urbain Mbenga

    Urbain Mbenga Mpiem Ley is a leader in the Community of Christ . He is the president of the church s First Quorum of the Seventy . Mbenga was born in Mamou , Guinea . He emigrated to the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC and was educated at a school in Kananga and at universities in Kinshasa . Mbenga went on to teach high school in Beno, Democratic Republic of the Congo Beno and was a high school principal in Kinshasa. He later became the head of the geography department at the Universit P dagogique Nationale in the DRC. As president of the First Quorum of the Seventy, Mbenga oversees the Community of Christ s Africa and Haiti Mission Field. External links http seventy Community of Christ Who are the seventy? , Persondata NAME Mbenga, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Religious leader DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mbenga, Urbain Category Democratic Republic of the Congo Latter Day Saints Category Democratic Republic of the Congo religious leaders Category Guinean emigrants to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Category Guinean Latter Day Saints Category Guinean religious leaders Category Community of Christ leaders Category Democratic Republic of the Congo schoolteachers Category Guinean schoolteachers Category Democratic Republic of the Congo geographers Category Guinean geographers Category Living people ...   more details

  1. Urbain Boiret

    Urbain Boiret 6 September 1731 &ndash 5 November 1774 was a priest born in France who came to Canada and became a pivotal superior of the S minaire de Qu bec . Boiret came to Canada in 1755 with another priest, Henri Fran ois Grav de La Rive sup http 009004 119.01 e.php?&id nbr 2432 sup . His intention was become part of the mission to the Tamaroa tribe in Illinois but his services were needed at the S minaire de Qu bec. There he was to fill a number of offices, including that of bursar and professor of theology. He was appointed a director of the seminary in 1759. This also marked the beginning of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham Siege of Quebec . Only Urbain and one other priest, Joseph Andr Mathurin Jacrau , remained at the seminary to manage the affairs of the seminary. However, almost everything was destroyed and Boiret, as bursar of the seminary, moved to Saint Joachim to take stock of the situation and regroup. Boiret returned to Qu bec City Qu bec in 1761, and by 1764 he had been elected superior of the S minaire de Qu bec. It was during his tenure as superior that the reconstruction of the seminary took place. He seved briefly as superior again before his death. A 19th century priest, Bishop Edmond Langevin discovered documentation regarding Boiret. The Holy See had conferred on him a Protonotary apostolic which he had not revealed to his fellow priests. The honour would have entitled him to be addressed as Monseigneur . Various place names are part of his legacy such as Saint Urbain, Quebec Saint Urbain . References DictCanbio ID 1760 Category Canadian priests Boiret Category 1774 deaths ...   more details

  1. M�tal Urbain

    Unreferenced date May 2008 Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name M tal Urbain image caption image size 250 background group or band alias origin Paris , France genre Synthpunk , punk rock years active 1976 1980, reformed 2003 label Rough Trade Records Rough Trade , Radar Records Radar , Polystar, Seventeen, Acute, associated acts website http members Clode Panik br Rikky Darling br Pat L ger br Zip Zinc br Eric D bris br Hermann Schwartz notable instruments M tal Urbain was one of the first French Punk rock punk groups, formed in 1976 in Paris. Career They were heavily influenced by The Clash and The Sex Pistols on one hand, and on the other by an electro approach related to Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed . They relied on heavily distorted guitars and replaced the traditional rock rhythm section of bass guitar drums with a synthesizer and drum machine, a then unique approach that foreshadowed the experimental possibilities that were explored by later post punk bands such as Big Black . They were also known for their radical image the color scheme of albums always being a stark black, white and red , and subversive lyrics sung in French language French . They were met with much enthusiasm in England , particularly by John Peel and the Rough Trade Records Rough Trade label. M tal Urbain s single Paris Maquis was Rough Trade s first release. They had an enthusiastic but small audience in France , receiving little exposure ..., and Desperados, as well as joining Ashpalt Jungle. M tal Urbain had focused their efforts on singles ... in USA, and had since toured consistently in France and the rest of Europe. Metal Urbain recorded in 2006 ... France 2008 Cr ve Salope 8 re recording of Metal Urbain classic songs 8 videos, Archambault Musique ... Urbain Category French punk rock groups Category Musical groups established in 1976 Category Radar Records artists Category Rough Trade Records artists de Metal Urbain fr M tal urbain it M tal Urbain ...   more details

  1. Urbain Johnson

    Urbain Johnson January 27, 1824 &ndash April 1917 was a farmer and political figure in New Brunswick Province of New Brunswick , Canada . He represented Kent County, New Brunswick Kent County in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1869 to 1870, from 1874 to 1882 and from 1895 to 1908 as a Liberal Party of New Brunswick Liberal member. He was born and educated at Saint Louis de Kent, New Brunswick , the son of Simon Johnson and Genevi ve Vautour. Johnson was a descendant of Scotland Scottish immigrants who had first settled among the Acadian s in the Chaleur Bay area. In 1856, he married Nathalie Leblanc. Johnson was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in an 1869 by election held after Owen McInerney was named to the Legislative Council. Johnson was defeated in the general election which followed in 1870. He opposed the Common Schools Act of 1871 Common Schools Act which banned religious instruction in the province s school system based on the principle of Separation of church and state . He attended the convention of the Soci t Saint Jean Baptiste convention in Quebec City in 1880 and the Acadian national convention in 1881, where he suggested that the Acadians choose a different holiday and symbols from those chosen by other French Canadians . He also was a justice of the peace and an officer in the local militia. Johnson retired from politics in 1908. References http ECO mtq?doc 32949 The Canadian parliamentary companion for 1875 , HJ Morgan http www.mccord en collection artifacts PA1 1466 Urbain Johnson, McCord Museum of Canadian History http clio fenetre frame2 biograph.htm Biographies des lites de la renaissance acadienne French Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Johnson, Urbain ALTERNATIVE ... 1917 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Johnson, Urbain Category 1824 births Category 1917 deaths Category ... People from Kent County, New Brunswick Category Canadian people of Scottish descent fr Urbain Johnson ...   more details

  1. Urbain Gohier

    no footnotes date February 2011 File Urbain Gohier.jpg right 250px thumb Urban Gohier Urbain Gohier born Urbain Degoulet , December 17, 1862, Versailles &ndash June 29, 1951 was a French lawyer and journalist best known for his publication of the anti Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in France. His nom de plume for two books was Isaac Bl mchen . Orphaned as a young man, Gohier took the surname of his adoptive father, and the issue of his family origin remained a lifelong personal issue. A brilliant high school student at Coll ge Stanislas de Paris Coll ge Stanislas in Paris, he obtained a BA and a law degree. In 1884, he became editor of the parliamentary newspaper The Sun . In 1897, upon the foundation of the socialist daily L Aurore , its director Ernest Vaughan called Gohier to join the writing team. He became a leading employee there, along with Georges Clemenceau . An indefatigable pamphleteer, Gohier a monarchist unionist maintained a policy that was pro Dreyfus, anti Semitic, anti militarist, and socialist. He took a strongly anti military position in the Dreyfus affair . Perhaps because his willingness to stand up for justice was stronger than his anti Semitism, mile Zola was one of his friends. He provoked the resignation of Clemenceau from L Aurore . In 1898, he was prosecuted after the publication of the anti militarist pamphlet L arm e contre la nation The Army Against the Nation he was ultimately acquitted. In December 1905 he was sentenced to a year in prison for his participation in an international anti militarist action allied with anarchists. At the turn of the century, he joined the neo Malthusian movement alongside Paul Robin, Andr ... see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gohier, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Anti Semitic ... 19 June 1951 PLACE OF DEATH France DEFAULTSORT Gohier, Urbain Category 1862 births Category 1951 ... alumni fr Urbain Gohier ...   more details

  1. Urbain Cancelier

    Urbain Cancelier is a French comedian and actor, primarily known for his collaborations with French film director, Jean Pierre Jeunet , and for playing Collignon in Le Fabuleux Destin d Am lie Poulain . ref http films 2001 09 19 amelie 2001 review.shtml ref Filmography 2012 Bienvenue parmi nous directed by Jean Becker 2011 Tu seras mon fils directed by Gilles Legrand 2011 Voir la mer directed by Patrice Leconte 2009 Micmacs tire larigot as security guard directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet 2008 Mus e haut, mus e bas film Mus e haut, mus e bas directed by Jean Michel Ribes 2007 La Jeune Fille et les loups directed by Gilles Legrand 2007 L Auberge rouge directed by G rard Krawczyk 2006 Les Aristos directed by Charlotte de Turckheim 2006 Incontr lable directed by Raffy Shart 2006 Mr Bean s Holiday directed by Steve Bendelack 2005 13 Tzameti directed by Gela Babluani 2004 Un long dimanche de fian ailles film Un long dimanche de fian ailles as a priest directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet 2004 Les Gaous directed by Igor Sekulic 2004 Malabar Princess directed by Gilles Legrand 2004 Confidences trop intimes directed by Patrice Leconte 2002 Ma femme... s appelle Maurice directed by Jean Marie Poir 2001 Le Fabuleux destin d Am lie Poulain as Collignon directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet 1998 Riches, belles, etc. directed by Bunny Godillot 1997 Le Bossu film, 1997 Le Bossu directed by Philippe de Broca 1997 Tenue correcte exig e directed by Philippe Lioret 1996 Ridicule directed by Patrice Leconte 1994 Jefferson Paris directed by James Ivory 1994 La Vengeance d une blonde directed ... IMDb name 0133636 http modules Artistes fiche 25257 Urbain Cancelier.html Persondata NAME Cancelier, Urbain ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Actor DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cancelier, Urbain Category Living people fr Urbain Cancelier ...   more details

  1. Saint-Urbain-Maconcourt

    Infobox French commune name Saint Urbain Maconcourt region Champagne Ardenne department Haute Marne arrondissement Saint Dizier canton Doulaincourt Saucourt INSEE 52456 postal code 52300 mayor Claude Royer term intercommunality Marne Rognon longitude 5.1831 latitude 48.4014 elevation m 216 elevation min m 187 elevation max m 377 area km2 25.85 population 659 population date 1999 Saint Urbain Maconcourt is a Communes of France commune in the Haute Marne Departments of France department in north eastern France . See also Communes of the Haute Marne department References http fr methodes nomenclatures cog fichecommunale.asp?codedep 52&codecom 456 INSEE commune file Reflist Haute Marne communes Category Communes of Haute Marne Sainturbainmaconcourt HauteMarne geo stub ca Saint Urbain Maconcourt ceb Saint Urbain Maconcourt es Saint Urbain Maconcourt eu Saint Urbain Maconcourt fr Saint Urbain Maconcourt it Saint Urbain Maconcourt mg Saint Urbain Maconcourt ms Saint Urbain Maconcourt nl Saint Urbain Maconcourt oc Saint Urbain Maconcourt pms Saint Urbain Maconcourt pl Saint Urbain Maconcourt pt Saint Urbain Maconcourt sk Saint Urbain Maconcourt uk vi Saint Urbain Maconcourt vo Saint Urbain Maconcourt war Saint Urbain Maconcourt ...   more details

  1. Saint-Urbain, Vend�e

    Infobox French commune name Saint Urbain image region Pays de la Loire department Vend e arrondissement Les Sables d Olonne canton Beauvoir sur Mer INSEE 85273 postal code 85230 mayor Yves Veronneau term 2008&ndash 2014 intercommunality Marais breton Nord longitude 2.0078 latitude 46.8767 elevation min m 0 elevation max m 11 area km2 16.39 population 1237 population date 2006 Saint Urbain, Vend e is a Communes of France commune in the Vend e Departments of France department in the Pays de la Loire Regions of France region in western France . See also Communes of the Vend e department References http en home home page.asp INSEE reflist Vend e communes DEFAULTSORT Sainturbain Category Communes of Vend e Vend e geo stub ca Saint Urbain Vend e ceb Saint Urbain, Vend e es Saint Urbain Vend e eu Saint Urbain Vend e fr Saint Urbain Vend e it Saint Urbain Vandea nl Saint Urbain Vend e oc Saint Urbain pl Saint Urbain Wandea pt Saint Urbain Vendeia simple Saint Urbain, Vend e sk Saint Urbain Vend e uk vi Saint Urbain, Vend e vo Saint Urbain Vend e war Saint Urbain, Vend e ...   more details

  1. Saint-Urbain, Finist�re

    Infobox French commune name Saint Urbain native name Lannurvan latitude 48.4011 longitude 4.2250 elevation min m 2 elevation max m 178 INSEE 29270 postal code 29800 department Finist re arrondissement Brest canton Daoulas mayor Jean Louis Vignon term 2008&ndash 2014 intercommunality Pays de Landerneau Daoulas area km2 15.21 population 1452 population date 2008 Saint Urbain Lang br Lannurvan is a Communes of France commune in the Finist re Departments of France department of Brittany administrative region Brittany in north western France . Population Inhabitants of Saint Urbain are called in French Saint Urbannais . Historical populations align left 1962 505 1968 466 1975 583 1982 1062 1990 1120 1999 1200 2008 1452 See also Communes of the Finist re department References http en home home page.asp INSEE reflist http Mayors of Finist re Association Fr icon External links http www.saint Official website Fr icon http public mistral merimee fr?ACTION CHERCHER&FIELD 98 INSEE&VALUE 98 29270 French Ministry of Culture list for Saint Urbain Fr icon Finist re communes DEFAULTSORT Sainturbain Category Communes of Finist re Finist re geo stub br Lannurvan ca Saint Urbain Finisterre ceb Saint Urbain, Finist re de Saint Urbain Finist re es Saint Urbain Finisterre eu Saint Urbain Bretainia fr Saint Urbain Finist re it Saint Urbain Finist re la Saint Urbain Finis Terrae ms Saint Urbain, Finist re nl Saint Urbain Finist re oc Lannurvan pms Saint Urbain pl Saint Urbain Finist re pt Saint Urbain Finisterra sk Saint Urbain Finist re sv Saint Urbain, Finist re bug Saint Urbain, Finist re uk vi Saint Urbain, Finist re vo Saint Urbain Finist re war Saint Urbain, Finist re ...   more details

  1. Vaux-sur-Saint-Urbain

    Infobox French commune name Vaux sur Saint Urbain region Champagne Ardenne department Haute Marne arrondissement Arrondissement of Saint Dizier Saint Dizier canton canton de Doulaincourt Saucourt Doulaincourt Saucourt INSEE 52511 postal code 52300 mayor Mme. Chrystelle PIOT term 2008&ndash 2014 intercommunality Communaut de communes Marne Rognon longitude 5.2092 latitude 48.3761 elevation m 300 elevation min m 203 elevation max m 371 area km2 6.4 population 43 population date 1999 demonym Vauxois, Vauxoises Vaux sur Saint Urbain is a Communes of France commune in the Haute Marne Departments of France department in north eastern France . See also Communes of the Haute Marne department Haute Marne communes DEFAULTSORT Vaux Sur Saint Urbain Category Communes of Haute Marne Vauxsursainturbain HauteMarne geo stub ca Vaux sur Saint Urbain ceb Vaux sur Saint Urbain es Vaux sur Saint Urbain eu Vaux sur Saint Urbain fr Vaux sur Saint Urbain it Vaux sur Saint Urbain mg Vaux sur Saint Urbain ms Vaux sur Saint Urbain nl Vaux sur Saint Urbain oc Vaux sur Saint Urbain pms Vaux sur Saint Urbain pl Vaux sur Saint Urbain pt Vaux sur Saint Urbain sk Vaux sur Saint Urbain uk vi Vaux sur Saint Urbain vo Vaux sur Saint Urbain war Vaux sur Saint Urbain ...   more details

  1. Saint Urbain Street

    Infobox street name Saint Urbain Street native name Rue Saint Urbain marker image image Montr al 9.jpg caption Saint Urbain Street in Downtown Montreal . former names postal code addresses length m length ft length mi length km length ref width location Montreal client maint coordinates direction a South terminus a Saint Antoine Street direction b North terminus b Gouin Boulevard junction commissioning date construction start date completion date inauguration date 1817 demolition date north south east west St. Urbain Street officially Rue Saint Urbain is a major one way street located in Montreal , Quebec , Canada . The street has historically been home to Montreal s well established History of the Jews in Canada Jewish community, who settled in the area at the turn of the 20th century. Writer Mordecai Richler often documents what life was like on this street in novels such as St. Urbain s Horseman . ref cite book last Columbo first John Robert title Canadian Literary Landmarks publisher Hounslow Press location Willowdale, Ontario year 1984 pages 79 isbn 0888820739 url http books?id 0zbdUkJkm10C&pg PA79&dq 22Rue Saint Urbain 22 accessdate 5 January 2009 ref Today much of the street has been gentrified . See also Historic Jewish Quarter, Montreal Baron Byng High School Mile End, Montreal Mile End References Reflist Streets in Montreal coord 45.509084 N 73.565564 W source frwiki region CA format dms display title Category Streets in Montreal Category Jewish Canadian history Category Historic Jewish communities Montreal stub Quebec road stub fr Rue Saint Urbain ...   more details

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