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Encyclopedia results for Tango


Encyclopedia results for Tango

  1. Tango

    wiktionary Tango in its most general sense refers to Tango dance , a social dance form including Argentine, Uruguayan, and international ballroom tango Tango music , a genre of music that originated in Argentina and Uruguay TOCright Tango , or TANGO may also refer to Tangos , a song form or instrumental ... of compositions by Igor Stravinsky compositions by Igor Stravinsky Tango Patty Larkin album Tango Patty Larkin album , an album released in 1991 by American folk singer Patty Larkin Tango Julio Iglesias album Tango Julio Iglesias album , an album released in 1996 by Spanish Latin singer Julio Iglesias Tango SONiA & disappear fear album Tango SONiA & disappear fear album 2007 , World & Latin American music album Tango , a song on the 2006 album, Public Warning by British grime singer Lady Sovereign Tango Negative album Tango Negative album Tango song Tango song , the title track Film Tango 1933 film , a film by Danish director George Schn evoigt Tango 1980 film , an animated film by Polish director Zbigniew Rybczy ski Tango 1993 film , a film by French director Patrice Leconte Tango 1998 film Tango 1998 film , a film by Spanish director Carlos Saura Organisations and companies Tango telecom ... formerly known as Tango TV TV6 Lithuania , also known as Tango TV in Lithuania Command Post Tango , a U.S. military installation in South Korea People Tanguito 1945 1972 , a.k.a. Tango, Argentine singer songwriter Tom Tango , a sabermetrician Performing arts Tango Balanchine , a ballet by George Balanchine based on a Stravinsky composition Tango Martins , a ballet by Peter Martins based on a Stravinsky composition Tango , a 1964 play by S awomir Mro ek Places Tango Province , Japan, an old province in today s northern Kyoto Prefecture Tango, a neighborhood in Glan, Sarangani , Philippines Tangov , Azerbaijan Tango Monastery , near Thimphu, Bhutan Publishing Tango Magazine , a U.S. magazine for adult women under 40 Tango comics Tango comics , a comics anthology published in Australia ...   more details

  1. TANGO

    For other meanings Tango disambiguation Infobox software name TANGO logo Image tango logo.jpg center TANGO Logo developer TANGO Consortium released initial release 2001 4 19 latest release version 7.2.1 ... http www.tango TANGO website The TAco Next Generation Objects TANGO control system ... institutes. TANGO is a distributed control system. It runs on a single machine as well as hundreds of machine. TANGO uses the http omniorb implementation of CORBA as its network ... and servers can be synchronous, asynchronous or event driven. TANGO is based on the concepts of object oriented and service oriented . The object model in TANGO supports methods, attributes and properties. In TANGO all objects are representations of devices. Device Servers TANGO is primarily used .... Clients import the devices and send requests to the devices using the TANGO protocol. List of common device servers here Bindings TANGO supports bindings to the following languages C C Java Python programming language Python MATLAB LabVIEW Licencing TANGO is distributed under 2 licenses ... are unless otherwise stated under the GNU General Public License GPL . Open Source TANGO is an open source project. Anyone can download and use TANGO. Source code is stored in two CVS repositories on SourceForge http tango tango cs tango kernel source code http tango tango ds device server source code Local modifications or bug fixes can be made to the source ... is a group of institutes who are actively developing TANGO. To join the consortium an institute has to sign the http www.tango Documents memorandum of understanding for the tango ... to the development of TANGO. The consortium currently consists of the following institutes http ... the development of TANGO. See also Portal Free software EPICS Experimental Physics and Industrial ... publications on TANGO for more information http www.tango Documents papers icalepcs1999.pdf ...   more details

  1. In-tango

    Infobox Single See Wikipedia WikiProject Songs Name In tango Cover intango.jpg Artist In Grid from Album Rendez Vous In Grid album Rendez Vous Released Format CD Single Genre Tango music tango , Dance Pop Length 3 27 Label Universal Music Group Universal Writer Marco Soncini, Ingrid Alberini Producer Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli Chart position Previous single Tu es foutu You Promised Me br 2003 This single In Tango br 2003 In tango was a debut single of an Italian artist In Grid . It was released in 2003. English Version of this song entitled We Tango Alone was released in United States , Australia , United Kingdom and another countries. Some Songs are played in Asian countries like Philippines . Lyrics The lyrics were written by In Grid and Marco Soncini, who co produced the song with Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli. The English version was also co written by D.Golli and Paul Sears . Benny Benassi Remix A Benny Benassi discography Benny Benassi remix of in tango was also released. Song information The story was about In grid who watches a movie called In tango. She is the main cast in that movie. In the movie she is late at the prom. She comes near to a handsome gentleman and they danced. the girl that was dancing with that man left with jealousy. The movie ended with all the audience leaving because of the lyrics of the song that was quite disturbing. When In grid watches that movie she wears same clothes as when she acted and sang the same song as she sang in that movie. Chart performance width 100 valign top width 50 class wikitable align left Chart 2002 3 align left Peak br position align left Greece Singles Chart align center 8 align left Denmark Singles Chart align center 10 singlechart Hungary 26 artist In Grid song In Tango year 2003 week 38 accessdate 2010 12 08 align left ...?v HyY2MP 1Va4 Watch In tango http ... benni bennasi feat ingrid in tangobenny benassi remix Benny benassi remix DEFAULTSORT In Tango Category 2003 singles Category 2000s pop songs Category ...   more details

  1. Tango (telecom)

    Tango Services SA , a luxembourgian subsidiary of the belgian telco Belgacom Group, provides fixed and mobile voice services and Digital subscriber line DSL services in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein . As the second mobile operator in Luxembourg, the company markets its mobile offers under the Tango brand. Launched in 1998, Tango was the first company to offer UMTS in 2002. In 2005, Tango offered its customers ADSL and HSDPA services for the first time. Originally operated by Tele2 , Belgacom finalized the acquisition of this company in August 2008. Belgacom also acquired the fixed and mobile activities of Tele2 in Liechtenstein. At the end of March 2009 Tango had 245,000 customers. Tango Liechtenstein was sold by Belgacom to Swiss telco Unify Nederland BV in december 2009. Luxembourg Tango is the second largest of Luxembourg s three mobile telephone company telecommunications operator s. Liechtenstein Tango is one of four mobile phone operators in Liechtenstein . Vodafone Category Belgacom Group Category Brands Category Vodafone telecom company stub de Tango Mobilfunk fr Tango entreprise nl Tango telecom ...   more details

  1. Nuevo tango

    Tango Nuevo Nuevo Tango, Neotango or simply Nuevo either a form of music in which new elements are incorporated into traditional Argentine tango , or an evolution of tango dance that began to develop in the 1980s. Tango Nuevo music and dance are examples of constantly changing forms of Argentine tango. Dance Origins Prior to the 1990s, Argentine Tango was taught with a didactic method teaching tango ... was done a certain way. Starting in the 1990s in Buenos Aires , the Tango Investigation Group ... tango. Taking what they learned from this analysis they then began to explore all the possibilities of movement within the framework of Argentine Tango. From the work of these founders of the Tango Nuevo movement, there was shift in all styles of tango away from teaching what to dance toward teaching how to dance. Though widely referred to as a tango style outside of Argentina , Tango Nuevo is not considered a style of dancing tango by the founders of the movement. It refers only to the method ... to Argentine Tango. In 2009, Gustavo Naveira published an essay New Tango in which he states, There is great confusion on the question of the way of dancing the tango call it technique, form, or style. The term Tango Nuevo , is used to refer to a style of dancing, which is an error. In reality, Tango Nuevo is everything that has happened with the tango since the 1980s. It is not a question of a style... The words Tango Nuevo express what is happening with tango dancing in general namely that it is evolving. ref Tango, A History of Obsession, Virginia Gift, 2008, ISBN 1 4392 1462 X self published, appeared first in 2009 ref Therefore, as Gustavo Naveira and the other founders of the Tango Nuevo movement have said, all styles of tango, which have now been influenced by the analysis of the dance, are all Tango Nuevo . Despite the insistence by the founders of the Tango Nuevo movement that it is not a single ... style of tango. Considered by many as the most famous practitioners of tango nuevo are Gustavo Naveira ...   more details

  1. Vriesea 'Tango'

    orphan date February 2010 DISPLAYTITLE Vriesea Tango Infobox Cultivar name Vriesea Tango image hybrid Vriesea hybrid br Vriesea schwackeana schwackeana × Vriesea Mariae Mariae cultivar Tango origin 1987 Tango is a Hybrid biology hybrid cultivar of the genus biology genus Vriesea in the Bromeliaceae Bromeliad family. References http bcr Vriesea Tango.html BSI BCR Entry for Tango Category Bromeliaceae cultivar bromeliad stub ...   more details

  1. Cortina (tango)

    Unreferenced date February 2007 A cortina curtain is a short piece 20 60 seconds of non dance music that is played between tanda tango tandas at a milonga tango dance event . The cortina lets the dancers know that the tanda has ended. The partners can then without insult thank each other and return to their own tables, to find a new dance partner at the next tanda tango tanda . Cortinas are used at many of the milongas in Argentina and Uruguay but are increasingly common elsewhere. DEFAULTSORT Cortina Tango Category Tango de Cortina Tango fr Cortina pl Cortina tango ...   more details

  1. Tango (song)

    Infobox Single See Wikipedia WikiProject Songs Name Tango Cover Artist Negative pop rock band Negative from Album Tango Negative album Tango Released 2004 Format CD single Genre Alternative rock , Tango music Tango Length 3 41 Label City Records Writer Producer Last single Zbunjena br 2004 This single Tango br 2004 Next single Pogled na nebo br 2005 Tango is the title song from Serbian pop rock band Negative pop rock band Negative s 2004 album Tango Negative album Tango . It was released in 2004 as the first single from their third studio album, and has become one of their signature songs. External links http Official site Serbian and English Negative Category 2004 singles 2000s rock song stub ...   more details

  1. Tango (dance)

    Other uses2 Tango Infobox Music genre name Tango bgcolor blue color white stylistic origins Polka , Flamenco ... urban areas thereafter derivatives Canyenge , Maxixe dance Maxixe , Tango Waltz subgenrelist List of tango genres subgenres Finnish tango , Tango ballroom Ballroom Tango , Tango Fantasia , Tango Nuevo , Tango Argentino , Tango Oriental , Tango Liso , Tango Salon , Tango Orillero , Tango Milonguero fusiongenres Alternative tango, Tango Electronico regional scenes other topics Tango music File TangoCouple.jpg 210px center border small A couple dance the Argentine Tango small Argentine culture Weasel date March 2011 Image Tango dance pattern.png thumb right 250px Tango rhythm . ref name .... ref Tango dance originated in the area of the Rio de la Plata which is between Argentina and Uruguay ... to snatch tango honor last Termine first Laura date September 30, 2009 accessdate April 2, 2010 location Buenos Aires ref Early tango was known as tango criollo, or simply tango . Today, there are many tango dance styles, including Argentine tango , Uruguayan tango , Tango ballroom Ballroom tango American and International styles , Finnish tango , and vintage tangos. Popularly and among tango dancing circles, the authentic tango is considered to be the one which is closest to that originally danced in Argentina and Uruguay , though the other aforementioned types of tango have developed into mature dances in their own right. In 2009, Argentina and Uruguay suggested that the Tango be inscribed ... details title Culture The Tango work UNESCO Archives Multimedia website publisher UNESCO accessdate 30 November 2010 ref ref cite web url http culture ich index.php?RL 00258 title The Tango ... History of Tango Tango is a dance that has influences from European and African culture. ref cite book ... of former slave peoples helped shape the modern day Tango. The dance originated in lower class districts ... and the Beginning of Tango 2003 ref The word tango seems to have first been used in connection ...   more details

  1. Adidas Tango

    File Adidas Tango.jpg thumb Adidas Tango Tango Durlast by Adidas was the official match ball of the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina . It introduced a new design which would be used for the next twenty ..., the Adidas Tango Durlast was made of genuine leather and boasted the shiny waterproofing Durlast coating. Tango 12 The ball has been remade for use in the UEFA Euro 2012 2012 UEFA European Football Championship under the name Adidas Tango 12. ref cite news first1 Kevin last1 Ashby first2 Sam last2 Adams title adidas Tango 12 unveiled as official ball url http uefaeuro news newsid ... draw for the final tournament in Kiev. Based on the classic Tango design used during both the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro tournaments during the early 1980s, the Adidas Tango 12 features a modern ... Poland and Ukraine. Etched into the Tango design are three bespoke graphics which celebrate the decorative ... characteristics of football unity, rivalry and passion. ref http TANGO 12 Euro 2012.htm Adidas Tango 12 Official Match Ball of UEFA EURO 2012 ref Tango 12 is the fourth incarnation of the Tango ball. It is the 11th official Adidas Euro ball featuring .... Tango 12 uses heavily modified construction design used by criticized Adidas Jabulani thirty ..., The Albert 2012 Summer Olympics match ball, Prime 2012 Major League Soccer match ball, Tango Argentina ... applies an older triangular grip texture, instead of newer granular surface like the Tango 12 . Also, their construction is the same as the Tango 12 but appearance is similar to the Jabulani excluding ... Adidas Tango Espa a Tango Espa a years 1978 succession box title Official UEFA European Championship ... Adidas brands Category UEFA Euro 2012 de Tango Durlast es Adidas Tango ko id Adidas Tango it Pallone da calcio Campionato mondiale di calcio nl Adidas Tango ja pl Tango pi ka pt Adidas Tango ru Adidas Tango fi Adidas Tango tr Adidas Tango uk Adidas Tango Durlast ...   more details

  1. Nassarius tango

    Italic title Taxobox name Nassarius tango image image caption regnum Animal ia phylum Mollusca classis Gastropoda unranked superfamilia clade Caenogastropoda br clade Hypsogastropoda br clade Neogastropoda superfamilia Buccinoidea familia Nassariidae subfamilia Nassariinae genus Nassarius species N. tango binomial Nassarius tango binomial authority Scarabino, 2004 ref WRMS source 141013 Scarabino 2004 . Communicaciones de la Sociedad Malacologica del Uruguay 8 84 85 86 87 305 346 18 April 2010 ref synonyms ref synonyms Nassarius tango is a species of sea snail , a marine gastropod mollusk in the family biology family Nassariidae , the Nassa mud snails or dog whelks. ref name WoRMS WRMS species 458318 Nassarius tango Scarabino, 2004 18 April 2010 ref Description Empty section date April 2010 Distribution Empty section date April 2010 References reflist External links Use dmy dates date January 2011 DEFAULTSORT Nassarius Tango Category Nassariidae Nassariidae stub vi Nassarius tango ...   more details

  1. Tango (drink)

    Infobox Beverage name Tango image type Carbonation Carbonated soft drink manufacturer Britvic origin ... See Tango drink List of flavours and variants Flavours and variants Tango is a carbonated soft ... is distributed by SMX Drinks AB. Originally, Tango was the name of the Orange fruit orange flavour ... the other products in the range had passed into obscurity, the Tango brand was expanded into other flavours ... are Orange, Apple, Cherry and Citrus. Advertisements Image Tango drink.JPG 300px thumb right Tango apple and orange flavours Advertisement s for Tango were originally largely unremarkable apart from ..., and manufacturer Britvic s own Tango brand page states that Today Tango is probably most famous ... introduced the now common catchphrase You know when you ve been Tango d , produced by advertising ... man painted orange Peter Geeves immediately after drinking Tango. It received widespread ... students who had injured themselves. Whatever the truth, Tango voluntarily replaced the slapping advert ... poll conducted by The Sunday Times UK The Sunday Times and Channel 4 . Most subsequent Tango advertisements ... doubles Tango ad spend ?DCMP ILC SEARCH title Britvic doubles Tango ad spend & 124 Advertising news ... re weak for Diet soda Diet Tango and Feed the Tango Inside . A major revamp for the drink in 1996 included an Apple Tango Calendar given free with the Daily Star United Kingdom Daily Star . ref cite ... news 20209 NEWS HHCL unveils Tango lsquopin up rsquo ?DCMP ILC SEARCH title NEWS HHCL unveils Tango ... 08 13 ref After various other ads, like the We Drink Tango Don t You Know ads of 1998 1999 and Feed The Tango Inside ad of 2001, Tango brought back their famous You Know When You ve Been Tango d slogan ... were used for Tango Orange and Tango Apple. The adverts lasted from 2002 to 2005. In 2003, to advertise Tango Apple was a Big drench tour , a roadshow of a a 30  ft tall apple shaped installation ... Tango pushes apple drink via Big Drench promotion.html title Tango pushes apple drink via Big ...   more details

  1. Argentine tango

    about the modern international dance form that evolved from the Argentine tango tango dance 1 more footnotes date September 2009 Image Tango couple closeup.jpg thumb The embrace of two Argentine tango dancers Argentine tango is a musical genre of simple quadruple metre and binary musical form , and the social ... of Buenos Aires , ref Norese, Mar a Rosal a Contextualizaci n y an lisis del tango. Sus or genes ... Osvaldo Pugliese and stor Piazzolla . History of tango main History of the tango The main history of the tango is it started in the Suburbs of Buenos Aires Music main Tango music Argentine tango music is much more varied than ballroom tango music. A large amount of tango music has been composed by a variety ... for Argentine tango dancers to spend the whole night dancing only Argentine tango. The four representative schools of the Argentine tango music are Carlos Di Sarli Di Sarli , Juan d Arienzo d Arienzo ... is needed. It has a clear, repetitive pulse or beat, a strong tango rhythm which is based on the 2x4, ref cite web url http Tango E Vita tango Caminar.htm title Caminar publisher ... . stor Piazzolla stretched the classical harmony and counterpoint and moved the tango from the dance ... it relates much to modern dance. ref cite web url http Tango E Vita tangoiste TANGOkinesis.htm title Tango and modern dance publisher date 2007 06 23 accessdate 2010 03 15 ref While Argentine tango dancing has historically been dancing to tango music, such as that produced ... a younger generation of tango dancers began dancing tango steps to alternatives to tango music music from other genres like, world music , electro tango , experimental rock , trip hop , and blues .... Tango nuevo dance is often associated with alternative music, see nuevo tango , but it can be danced to tango as well. Dance Unreferenced section date March 2011 Image Tango au01.JPG thumb right Argentine tango in the streets of San Telmo, Buenos Aires San Telmo , Buenos Aires. Argentine tango ...   more details

  1. Finnish tango

    Finnish tango is an established variation of the Argentine Tango Argentine tango and one of the most enduring and popular music forms in Finland . Brought to Europe in the 1910s by travelling musicians, Finns began to take up the form and write their own tangos in the 1930s. ref http web 20080527143743 http netcomm news showarticle.asp?intNWSAID 26960 The Story of the Finnish Tango exVirtual FInland by Pekka Gronow, Archived at Wayback Machine , 2008. ref By the 1940s about half of the entries on the popular music charts were occupied by tangos, and the post war period saw tangos spread from a popular urban phenomenon to their enthusiastic adoption by the countryside as well. ref http fimic fimic.nsf 0 B07DE6DA87C46640C2257506005199FE?opendocument The Finnish Tango Its History and Characteristics by Jutta Jaakkola, Finnish Music Information Service , trans. Susan Sinisalo, May, 2000, retrieved June 17, 2006. ref Special characteristics of Finnish tango include the change of rhythm to beguine dance beguine during chorus. Also habanera music habanera rhythm is used often. The Finnish tango is distinguished from other forms of tango by its ... explains, The central themes of Finnish tango lyrics are love, sorrow, nature and the countryside ...?intNWSAID 26965 Tango and the Finnish Soul by Pekka Gronow, ExVirtual Finland 2007, Archived at Wayback Machine ref One of the highlights of Finnish summers is the Tangomarkkinat , or tango festival ... by the coronation of the tango King and Queen, who receive much domestic media attention and often recording contracts as well. Since joining the European Union in 1995 , Finland s version of the tango ... Mononen , the most renowned composer performers. The most well known Finnish tango songs include ... Reflist Category Finnish music Category Tango dance de Finnischer Tango es Tango de Finlandia fr Tango finlandais pt Tango finland s fi Tango sv Finsk tango ...   more details

  1. Queer Tango

    Unbalanced date April 2011 Queer Tango is a new way to dance Argentine tango free from traditional heteronormative codes. Its proposal is to dance tango without pre established roles according to the gender ... role or same sex tango . The queer tango movement permits not only an access to tango for the LGBT ... tango Conventional tango dance tango is said to be the stronghold of heterosexism and machismo quote The tango is a duel for dominance. Partner against partner, man against woman, machismo leading female, using weapons and lures of sexuality. Gretchen Elizabeth Smith, The History of the Tango . ref Gretchen Elizabeth Smith The History of the Tango. A ten minute play with commentary and music. Dallas ... close embrace this intimacy is what defines tango as a three minute love affair ref Jennie Orvino ... partner is the follow . These two gender roles are sexually defined quote Tango. The word conjures ... quite conspicuously around them. Dina O Meara, It takes two to tango. ref Dina O Meara It takes two to tango. In Western Standard Magazine, June 27, 2005. http tango symposium articles.htm 2toTango full text on ref Traditional tango is steeped in machismo ... is the active participant while the woman is passive. Argentine tango is a full improvisational ... dancing open role reverse and same sex tango The Queer Tango movement breaks these rigid heteronormative gender roles of the tango world and permits all the permutations of partnering within tango. Same ... , is used here in a larger sense. A queer tango dancer shifts the focus from sexuality to gender which allows to enhance his expressiveness by way of role exchange. Therefore the Queer Tango scene ... tangueras and tangueros tango dancers , where they can feel comfortable. It creates a liberated tango environment for gender neutral dancing, where rules and codes of traditional tango no longer restrain communication between people. By way of queer tango teaching, heterosexuals dancers can learn ...   more details

  1. History of the tango

    Use dmy dates date September 2010 Image TangoPostcard1920.jpg thumb 250px Tango postcard, c. 1919 Tango , a distinctive dance and the corresponding musical style of tango music tango music , began in the working ... article ALeqM5hy8EQ1hEp3BVG vnlwrClzXfpA7A title Argentina, Uruguay bury hatchet to snatch tango honor ... Etymology There are a number of theories about the origin of the word tango . One of the more popular ... and the Caribbean page122 ISBN 0842024859 ref ref http index.php?term tango ... Nouzeilles, Graciela R. Montaldo url http books?id Y0 u5aLUT8YC&pg PA197&dq tango ... tango , already in common use in Andalusia to describe a style of music, lent its name ... of couple dancing.html Christine Denniston. Couple Dancing and the Beginning of Tango ... records of Tango dances in Cuba and Spain, ref name Pichardo Esteban Pichardo, Diccionario Provincial ... Luis Ortiz Nuevo El origen del tango americano Madrid and La Habana 1849 ref while there is a flamenco ..., relating it to the Salon music styles to which Tango would contribute back at a later stage, when it became fashionable in early 20th century Paris. In Argentina, the word Tango seems to have first been used in the 1890s. In 1902 the Teatro Opera started to include tango in their Ball dance balls ... about the origins of tango , Ricardo Garc a Blaya ref Initially tango was just one of the many ... of thousands of European immigrant s. The development of the Tango had influences from the cultures of several peoples that came together in these melting pot s of ethnicities. For this reason Tango is often ... 1903 1910 over a third of the 1,000 gramophone records released were of tango music, and tango ... Aires from Germany and it became linked inextricably with tango music from then on. In 1912, Juan Pacho ... and guitar. Between 1910 and 1920, tango featured on 2,500 of the 5,500 records released. ref name RGB Image Tango origen.jpg thumbnail 285px right Men in Buenos Aires dance and play tango ca. 1900 ...   more details

  1. Tango Explorer

    Unreferenced date November 2009 Infobox rail service box width name Tango Explorer br logo logo width image KTR001Series01.jpg image width caption Tango Explorer at Nishi Maizuru Station type Intercity rail status locale saka Prefecture saka , Hy go Prefecture Hy go , Ky to Prefecture Ky to Prefectures first 1990 last 2011 operator Kitakinki Tango Railway , JR West formeroperator ridership start Ja stalink Shin Osaka stops end Ja stalink Miyazu , Ja stalink Toyooka Hy go distance Convert 207.3 km mi 0 abbr on journeytime 3 hours, 19 minutes frequency Two round trips daily class Unreserved, reserved, and Green class seating stock Kitakinki Tango Railway KTR001 series DMU gauge RailGauge 1067 el speed map map state Nihongo Tango Explorer Tango ekusupur r was a limited express service operated by Kitakinki Tango Railway and West Japan Railway Company JR West between Ja stalink Shin Osaka and Ja stalink Miyazu and or Ja stalink Toyooka Hy go stations. The term also referred to the KTR001 series currently used for Tango Relay services between Fukuchiyama and Toyooka rolling stock itself. Tango refers to the Nihongo Tango region of northern Kyoto Prefecture. Prior to 1999, the Tango Explorer operated from Kyoto Station, but with the introduction of the Tango Discovery service, Tango Explorer services begin at Shin Osaka. Services Tango Explorer services were generally run with three car trains, though during peak holiday periods six car trains three paired sets are used. When the Tango Explorer KTR001 series trainset was out of operation, KTR8000 series DMUs used on the Tango Discovery service or JNR 183 series EMUs were sometimes used. Terminuses are in bold ... Ja stalink Miyazu Ja stalink Amanohashidate Ja stalink Nodagawa Ja stalink Tango miya Ja stalink Mineyama Ja stalink Amino Ja stalink Kumihama Ja stalink Toyooka Hy go The Tango Explorer 2 stopped at Kuroi and Tanikawa. The Tango Explorer 3 stopped at Shin Sanda, Aino, Tanikawa and Kuroi. JR West ...   more details

  1. Tango (tram)

    Infobox Schienenfahrzeug Baureihe Tango Bochum Farbe1 Farbe2 Abbildung Stadler Tango Variante BoGeStra.jpg Name Tango Bochum Maker Stadler Rail Built since 2007 Axles 6 Wheel arrangement Bo 2 Bo Gauge Standard Gauge 1435 mm Treibraddurchmesser 740 mm VorneLaufraddurchmesser HintenLaufraddurchmesser AussenLaufraddurchmesser InnenLaufraddurchmesser Laufraddurchmesser 740 mm Anfahrzugkraft Beschleunigung Bremsverz gerung Leistungskennziffer H chstgeschwindigkeit 80 km h L nge berKupplung 28.200 mm L nge berPuffer L nge H he 3.650 mm Breite 2.650 mm Drehzapfenabstand AchsabstandDerFahrgestelle FesterRadstand Gesamtradstand RadstandMitTender Leermasse 35.740 kg Dienstmasse DienstmasseMitTender Reibungsmasse Radsatzfahrmasse Antrieb Geschwindigkeitsmesser Steuerung bersetzungsstufen Kupplungstyp Bremsen Zusatzbremse Feststellbremse Zugheizung Lokbremse Zugbremse Zugsicherung Halbmesser 25 m Besonderheiten Anmerkung Stromsystem 750 V Strom bertragung Stundenleistung Dauerleistung 4 125 kW AnzahlFahrmotoren 4 Fahrstufenschalter Raddurchmesser Sitzpl tze 56 10 Folding seats Stehpl tze 109 Fu bodenh he Niederfluranteil 0 Platform height Klassen Nutzmasse Betriebsart Infobox Schienenfahrzeug Baureihe Tango Basel Name Tango Basel Abbildung BLT Tango Batteriestrasse.jpg Baujahre 2008 Hersteller Stadler Rail L nge berKupplung 45 000 mm H he 3510 mm Breite 2300 mm Sitzpl tze 94 Stehpl tze 182 Achsformel Bo 2 Bo 2 Bo Laufraddurchmesser 580 mm Triebraddurchmesser 680 mm Spurweite Meterspur 1000 mm leistung 6 125 kW Stromsystem 600 V Strom bertragung overhead wire H chstgeschwindigkeit 80 km h Leermasse 57,0 t Low floor section 75 The Tango is a light rail vehicle and tram made by Stadler Rail . It is currently available in high floor and 70 low floor. It is in use in Bochum , Basel and Lyon ... http en vehicles tango Category Tram vehicles of Switzerland Category Stadler Rail de Stadler Tango fr Stadler Tango nl Tango tram pl Stadler Tango ...   more details

  1. Uruguayan tango

    Uruguayan tango is a form of dance that originated in the neighborhoods of Montevideo , Uruguay towards the beginnings of the 20th century a few years later than Argentine tango ref Norese, Mar a Rosal a Contextualization and analysis of tango. Its origins to the emergence of the avant garde . University of Salamanca, 2002 Google books HRQQhaDqqwIC restricted online copy page 5 ref . It consists of a variety ... accompanied by several musical forms such as tango music Tango Milonga Vals dance Vals One of the most famous and well known tango songs is La Cumparsita , ref Luis Guzman La Cumparsita . In Encyclopedia .... Musicians Uruguayan tango musicians include Jos Mar a Aguilar H ctor Artola Julio Brum Manuel Campoamor Francisco Canaro Juan Canaro Pint n Castellanos Olga Delgrossi , La Dama del Tango or The Woman of Tango Horacio Ferrer , Uruguayan poet who contributed the lyrics to several of the most important tango works. Ra l Jaurena Luis di Matteo Ra l Montero Elsa Mor n Gustavo Nocetti Jos Razzano ... del Tango or The Man of Tango Miguel Villasboas Bajofondo Tango Club , a music group made up of seven ... para una ni a Mocosita Ni o bien Hasta siempre amor Sentimiento gaucho Se dice de m Where to Tango Places to go learn and dance tango include Centro Ra ces Montevideo Gonzalo Ram rez 2095 http La Morocha Tango y Milonga Montevideo Plaza del Entrevero Montevideo Av. 18 de Julio ... watch?v 14Rkxk1QIU Youtube video click here to hear and see the tango http watch?v qCgydRdxoZk Youtube video click here to watch tango in Montevideo Dia del Patrimonio http watch?v SrDQyOFumKE&mode related&search Youtube video click here to watch more tango in Montevideo ... zRU&mode related&search Youtube video click here to watch tango at the Torre Telecomunicaciones in Montevideo http buscar ?gen Tango&en detalle&busqueda Tango En Ediciones Ayu Tacuab References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Uruguayan Tango Category Tango Category Uruguayan culture Tango ja ...   more details

  1. Dr�ckender Tango

    Dr ckender Tango is a book by Nobel Prize in Literature Nobel Prize winning author Herta M ller . It was first published in 1984. Herta Muller DEFAULTSORT Druckender Tango Category 1984 novels Category Novels by Herta M ller Category German language novels 1980s novel stub ...   more details

  1. Ballroom tango

    Ballroom Tango is a ballroom dance that branched away from its original Argentine roots by allowing European, American, Hollywood, and competitive a.k.a dancesport influences into the style and execution of the dance. The present day ballroom tango is divided into two disciplines Glossary of partner dance terms American Style American Style and Glossary of partner dance terms International Style International Style . Both styles are enjoyed as social and competitive dances, but the International ... Tango ballroom american.png thumb upright right American Tango American style tango American style tango s evolutionary path is derived from Argentina to U.S., when it was popularized by silent film star Rudolph Valentino in 1921, who demonstrated a highly stylized form of Argentine tango in The Four ... style. Meanwhile, the tango was also making its own inroads into Europe. Following the English standardization of their version of Tango, Arthur Murray , a ballroom dance instructor in the U.S. ... to as American style by the English. Clear International style tango image Tango ballroom standard.png thumb upright right International Tango In 1912 tango was introduced to British audiences, showcased ... to teach a standardized version of the tango, the English eventually codified their own version of tango for instruction in dance schools and for performance in competitions in 1922. The resulting ... style tango were organized all over Europe with numerous participating countries. Adjudicators ... ballroom dance.html tango ISTD International Standard Syllabus, Ballroom Dance Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz Bot generated title ref Initially, the English dominated the International style tango, but eventually, technicians from other backgrounds, most notably the Italians ... Professional Standard Champions Bot generated title ref Clear See also Ballroom dance Argentine tango Tango music References Reflist Portal Dance Category Dancesport Category Tango dance fr tango de salon ...   more details

  1. Tango Province

    Image Provinces of Japan Tango.svg thumb 300px right Map of Japanese provinces 1868 with Tango Province highlighted nihongo Tango Province Tango no Kuni was an old provinces of Japan old province in the area that is today northern Kyoto Prefecture facing the Sea of Japan . ref Nussbaum, Louis Fr d ric. 2005 . Tango in Google books p2QnPijAEmEC Japan Encyclopedia , p. 948 page 948 n.b., Louis Fr d ric is pseudonym of Louis Fr d ric Nussbaum, see http DB 4.1 PPN?PPN 128842709 Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Authority File . ref It was sometimes called nihongo Tansh , with Tamba Province . Tango bordered on Tajima Province Tajima , Tamba Province Tamba , and Wakasa Province Wakasa provinces. At various times both Maizuru, Kyoto Maizuru and Miyazu, Kyoto Miyazu were the capital and chief town of the province . Historical record In the 3rd month of the 6th year of the Wad era Wad Japanese era names era 713 , the land of Tango Province was administratively separated from Tamba Province . In that same year, Empress Gemmei s Daij kan continued to organize other cadastral changes in the provincial map of the Nara period . In Wad 6, Mimasaka Province was sundered from Bizen Province , and Hy ga Province was divided from sumi Province . ref name Titsingh64 Titsingh, Isaac. 1834 . Google books 18oNAAAAIAAJ Annales des empereurs du japon, p. 64. page 64 ref In Wad 5 712 , Mutsu Province had been severed from Dewa Province . ref name Titsingh64 Notes reflist References Nussbaum, Louis Fr d ric and K the Roth. 2005 . http books?id p2QnPijAEmEC&client firefox a Japan encyclopedia. Cambridge Harvard University Press . 10 ISBN 0 674 01753 6 13 ... Kyoto geo stub cs Provincie Tango de Provinz Tango fr Province de Tango gl Provincia de Tango ko id Provinsi Tango it Tango provincia lt Tango em nl Tango provincie ja pt Prov ncia de Tango ru simple Tango Province sk Tango provincia uk zh ...   more details

  1. Tango on intohimoni

    Infobox Book See Wikipedia WikiProject Novels or Wikipedia WikiProject Books name Tango on intohimoni title orig Tango on intohimoni translator image image caption author M. A. Numminen illustrator cover artist country Finland language Finnish language Finnish series genre Novel publisher Schilds release date 1998 english release date media type Print pages 348 pp isbn 951 50 0918 9 oclc 245738544 preceded by followed by Tango on intohimoni or Tango is my Passion is a novel about Finnish tango written by M. A. Numminen. It features Virtanen, who is obsessed with the Finnish tango and is interpersed with a history of the Finnish tango. Plot summary Many people ask what the meaning of life is. I know it s tango. So says Virtanen, the hero of Tango on intohimoni , or Tango is my Passion , the definitive Finnish tango novel. Virtanen is a Finnish tango tango obsessive, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject, which he insists on sharing with everybody he meets. He goes dancing every day in the various dance halls of Helsinki and sometimes Turku , but he only dances the tangos. But Virtanen also has principles. At the age of 15 he had read that Plato recommends 24 as the ideal age for sexual intercourse for women, and 35 for men. If Virtanen can hold on to his virginity until the age of 36, he will have beaten the old fraud. But this is difficult for someone with such a passion for tango My penis rises and interferes with the dance. So, immediately after the dance, I hasten into the woods, break a handful of twigs off a birch tree, and punish my penis with many sharp little blows. The chastisement makes it calm down, and I can then go and invite a new girl onto the floor ... s adventures is a history of Finnish tango, sometimes given by Virtanen himself, and sometimes by an anonymous ... M.A. Numminen, Tango on intohimoni has been translated into German language German , Swedish language ... set in Helsinki Category Tango 1990s novel stub ...   more details

  1. Tango music

    Infobox music genre name Tango bgcolor maroon color white stylistic origins European styles including ... subgenrelist List of tango genres subgenres Neotango Tango canci n fusiongenres Tango rock regional scenes Dodompa Dodompa Japanese tango Tango Rapanui Easter Island other topics Tango dance Dance Maxixe dance Maxixe Brazilian tango br List of tango music labels Record labels File Bandoneon ... thumb right 250px Tango rhythm . ref name Blatter Blatter, Alfred 2007 . Revisiting music theory a guide to the practice , p.28. ISBN 0 415 97440 2. ref Tango is a style of ballroom ..., Uruguay bury hatchet to snatch tango honor last Termine first Laura date September 30, 2009 ... forms of this ensemble sometimes included flute , clarinet and guitar . Tango may be purely instrumental or may include a vocalist. Tango is well known across much of the world, along with the associated tango dance tango dance . Origins Image Early bandonion.jpg thumb 250px left Early bandone n ... 19th century, there are records of 18th and early 19th century Tango styles in Cuba and Spain, ref name OrtizOrigen Jos Luis Ortiz Nuevo El origen del tango americano Madrid and La Habana 1849 ref while ... Dancing and the Beginning of Tango 2003 ref All sources stress the influence of the African communities ... to which Tango would contribute back at a later stage. The first Tango ever recorded was made by Angel ... in Argentina at the time there was no recording studio. Early tango was played by immigrants in Buenos Aires , where many argue the tango was born. ref Norese, Mar a Rosal a Contextualization and analysis of tango. Its origins to the emergence of the avant garde . University of Salamanca, 2002 ... ref The first generation of tango players was called Guardia Vieja the Old Guard . By the end ..., with Vicente Greco soon standardizing the tango sextet as consisting of piano , double bass , two violins and two bandone ns. Like many forms of popular music, the tango was associated with the underclass ...   more details

  1. Tango (boat)

    Unreferenced date December 2009 The Tango is also known as the Armored Troop Carrier ATC . It was used by the Mobile Riverine Force in the United States army in the Vietnam War . Tangos were mounted with 30 and 50 caliber machine guns, Mk 19 rapid fire grenade launchers, and 20 millimeter cannons. They were used to transport the Riverine Infantry throughout the delta. In the early part of the war these were mainly troops of the 9th Infantry Division. Later in the war, Vietnamese Army and Marine troops were placed aboard the Tango boats. Tangos with added helo decks, ATC H , also provided a place for helicopters to land for swift evacuation of wounded soldiers. Tango boats can be distinguished by their distinctive bow ramp. The MRF started with three basic boat types 1 the Tango boat or ATC , served as the real work horse of the MRF and was by far the most prevalent 2 the Monitor was the floating tank of the MRF and, 3 the Command and Communications boat CCB , or Charlie boat. Most boats were converted LCM designs with 1 4  inch armored plating and added re bar in many areas to protect the superstructure from critical damage caused by rockets. Each squadron of boats also had a tango boat which had been converted into a Refueler Boat. DEFAULTSORT Tango Boat Category Military equipment of the Vietnam War Category Patrol boats Vietnam war stub it Armored Troop Carrier pl ATC Tango ...   more details

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