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Syncope (phonetics)
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Encyclopedia results for Syncope (phonetics)

Syncope (phonetics)

Encyclopedia results for Syncope (phonetics)

  1. Syncope (phonetics)

    English never poetic ne er Syncope in informal speech linked from Compression phonetics Various sorts of colloquial reductions might be called syncope . It is also called compression . ref cite book ... as a historical sound change In historical phonetics, the term syncope is often but not always ...Sound change Other uses Syncope disambiguation Syncope In phonology , syncope IPAc en icon s k p i Greek syn koptein to strike, cut off is the loss of one or more sounds from the interior of a word especially, the loss of an unstressed vowel. It is found both in Synchronic analysis of languages and Diachronics . Found synchronically Synchronic analysis is an analysis that views linguistic phenomena only at one point in time. Usually, the present. We find syncope happening within the functioning of modern languages. Here we consider it in three areas Inflection, Poetry, and Informal Speech. In inflections In languages such as Irish language Irish , the process of inflection can precipitate syncope. For example In some verbs Imir To play should become imir m I play . However the addition of the m causes syncope and the second last syllable vowel i is lost. So, Imir becomes Imr m. In some nouns Inis Island should become inise in the genitive case. However, if one looks at road signs one finds not Baile na hInise , but Baile na hInse The town of the Island . Once again the loss is of the second syllable i . It is interesting that if the present root form in Irish is the result of diachronic syncope then there is a resistance to synchronic syncope for inflection . Historically in old Irish, as a rule, syncope happened whenever the addition of and ending gave rise to syncope ... tremare to tremble See also Apocope Apheresis linguistics Clipping morphology Clipping phonetics ... es S ncopa ling stica fr Syncope linguistique gl S ncope ling stica gan it Sincope linguistica kk ms Sinkope nl Syncope taalkunde ja pl Synkopa fonetyka pt S ncope gram tica ru ...   more details

  1. Syncope

    Wiktionarypar syncope Wikisource1911Enc Syncope Syncope may refer to one of the following Syncope medicine , loss of consciousness Vasovagal episode , a common form of fainting Syncope phonetics , the loss of one or more sounds from the interior of a word, especially the loss of an unstressed vowel Syncopation , a musical effect caused by a syncope, missed beat or off the beat stress Neighbor note Suspension Suspension , in music Syncope genus , a genus of microhylidae frogs Syncope album Syncope album , an album by aggrotech band Tactical Sekt Syncopy Films , a film production company founded by director, writer and producer Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas See also Syncopation disambiguation disambig an Sincope ca S ncope da Synkope de Synkope fr Syncope gl S ncope io Sinkopo it Sincope hu Szink pa egy rtelm s t lap nl Syncope pl Syncope ujednoznacznienie pt S ncope ru sk Synkopa sr tr Senkop uk ...   more details

  1. Phonetics

    linguistics Phonetics from the lang el wikt , ph n , sound, voice is a branch of linguistics ... sounds or signs Phone phonetics phones their physiological production, acoustic properties, auditory ..., grammatical characterization of systems of sounds or signs. The field of phonetics is a multiple ... basic areas of study Articulatory phonetics the study of the production of speech sounds by the articulatory and vocal tract by the speaker Acoustic phonetics the study of the physical transmission of speech sounds from the speaker to the listener Auditory phonetics the study of the reception ... mechanism of sound, such as wavelength pitch music pitch , amplitude, and harmonics. History Phonetics ... system on a phonetic alphabet. Modern phonetics began with Alexander Melville Bell , whose Visible ... is assigned its own corresponding symbol. The difference between phonetics and phonology Phonology ... distinguish the words of a language. Phonetics, on the other hand, concerns itself with the production ... production. Relation to phonology In contrast to phonetics, phonology is the study of how sounds ... of language. Phonetics deals with the articulatory and acoustic properties of speech sounds, how they are produced ... portion of research in phonetics is not concerned with the meaningful elements in the speech signal. While it is widely agreed that phonology is grounded in phonetics, phonology is a distinct branch .... 2007. The Phonetics Phonology Interface , in The Cambridge Handbook of Phonology ed. Paul DeLacy , Cambridge University Press. ref Phonology relates to phonetics via the set of distinctive feature s, which ... of distinctive features, Mouton de Gruyter. ref Subfields Phonetics as a research discipline has three main branches articulatory phonetics is concerned with the articulation of speech The position ... folds . acoustic phonetics is concerned with acoustics of speech The spectro temporal properties ... . auditory phonetics is concerned with speech perception the perception , categorization , and Recall ...   more details

  1. Clipping (phonetics)

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 In phonetics , clipping is the process of shortening the Manner of articulation articulation of a Phone phonetics phonetic segment , usually a vowel . A clipped vowel is pronounced more quickly than an unclipped vowel, and these clipped vowels are often also Reduced vowel reduced . In English, clipping without vowel reduction most often occurs in a stressed syllable before a voiceless consonant , and clipping with vowel reduction occurs in many unstressed syllables. See also Aphesis Clipping morphology Syncope phonetics Vowel reduction DEFAULTSORT Clipping Phonetics Category Phonetics Phonetics stub br Troc hadur yezhoniezh ca Af resi es Af resis fon tica ext Af resi gl Af rese ling stica pt Af rese ...   more details

  1. Syncope antenori

    This article was auto generated by User Polbot . Taxobox name Syncope antenori image status LC status system IUCN3.1 regnum Animalia phylum Chordata classis Amphibia ordo Anura familia Microhylidae genus Syncope genus Syncope species S. antenori binomial Syncope antenori binomial authority Edmund Murton Walker Walker , 1973 synonyms Syncope antenori is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family. It is found in Ecuador , Peru , and possibly Brazil . Its natural habitat s are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest s and subtropical or tropical swamp s. It is threatened by habitat loss . References Coloma, L.A., Ron, S., Monteza, J.I., Jungfer, K. H. & Cisneros Heredia, D. 2004. http search details.php 58019 all Syncope antenori . http 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 23 July 2007. Category Syncope Microhylidae stub ca Syncope antenori es Syncope antenori fr Syncope antenori vi Syncope antenori ...   more details

  1. Syncope tridactyla

    This article was auto generated by User Polbot . Taxobox name Syncope tridactyla image status LC status system IUCN3.1 regnum Animalia phylum Chordata classis Amphibia ordo Anura familia Microhylidae genus Syncope genus Syncope species S. tridactyla binomial Syncope tridactyla binomial authority Duellman & Mendelson, 1995 synonyms Syncope tridactyla is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family. It is found in Brazil , Colombia , Peru , and possibly Ecuador . Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest s. It is threatened by habitat loss . References Angulo, A., Hoogmoed, M., Gascon, C., Azevedo Ramos, C. & Monteza, J.I. 2004. http search details.php 58021 all Syncope tridactyla . http 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 23 July 2007. Category Syncope Microhylidae stub ca Syncope tridactyla es Syncope tridactyla fr Syncope tridactyla vi Syncope tridactyla ...   more details

  1. Syncope (genus)

    DISPLAYTITLE Syncope genus Taxobox name Syncope regnum Animal ia phylum Chordate Chordata classis Amphibia ordo Anura subordo Neobatrachia familia Microhylidae subfamilia Microhylinae ? genus Syncope genus authority Walker, 1973 subdivision ranks Species subdivision See text. Other uses Syncope disambiguation Syncope Syncope is a genus of Microhylidae microhylid frog s. Species style text align left border 1px solid 999999 width 45 style background CCCC99 text align center style width 60 Binomial Name and Author style width 40 Common Name style background EEEEEE Syncope antenori Small Walker, 1973 Ecuador Silent Frog style background EEEEEE Syncope carvalhoi Small Nelson, 1975 Carvalho s Silent Frog style background EEEEEE Syncope tridactyla Small Duellman & Mendelson, 1995 Cite web title Amphibian Species of the World 5.3 Microhylidae url http herpetology amphibia names.php?taxon &family &subfamily &genus Syncope&commname &authority &year &geo 0&dist &comment accessdate 20 May 2009 DEFAULTSORT Syncope Genus Category Microhylidae Microhylidae stub ca Syncope fr Syncope amphibien pl Syncope rodzaj ...   more details

  1. Syncope carvalhoi

    This article was auto generated by User Polbot . Taxobox name Syncope carvalhoi image status LC status system IUCN3.1 regnum Animalia phylum Chordata classis Amphibia ordo Anura familia Microhylidae genus Syncope genus Syncope species S. carvalhoi binomial Syncope carvalhoi binomial authority Edward William Nelson Nelson , 1975 synonyms Syncope carvalhoi is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family. It is found in Colombia , Peru , and possibly Brazil . Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest s. It is threatened by habitat loss . Major Threats Habitat loss from farming and logging are the main threats to Syncope carvalhoi frog. References Monteza, J.I., Angulo, A., Jungfer, K. H., Castro, F. & Rueda, J.V. 2004. http search details.php 58020 all Syncope carvalhoi . http 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 23 July 2007. IUCN, Conservation International, and NatureServe. 2004. Global Amphibian Assessment. . Accessed on 21 February, 2008. Category Syncope Microhylidae stub ca Syncope carvalhoi es Syncope carvalhoi fr Syncope carvalhoi vi Syncope carvalhoi ...   more details

  1. Stretch syncope

    Orphan date February 2009 unreferenced date August 2008 Stretch syncope is a condition wherein a person experiences fainting while stretching the upper limbs upward with the vertebral column spine extended, or with bending of the neck all the way backwards. Stretch Syncope fainting has many different causes. But it is difficult to know when syncope means a serious problem, such as a seizure disorder , is present and further investigation is necessary. med stub Category Symptoms ...   more details

  1. Heat syncope

    unreferenced date November 2011 Infobox Disease Name Heat syncope Image Caption DiseasesDB ICD10 ICD10 T 67 1 t 66 ICD9 ICD9 992.1 ICDO OMIM MedlinePlus eMedicineSubj eMedicineTopic MeshID Heat syncope is fainting as a result of overheating syncope is the medical term for fainting . It is another stage in the same process as heat stroke , it occurs under similar conditions, and it is not distinguished from the latter by some authorities. The basic symptom of heat syncope is a body temperature above 40 C 104 F with fainting, with or without mental confusion , which does occur in heat stroke. Heat syncope is caused by mild overheating with inadequate water or salt. In young persons, it is far more common than true sunstroke. Classification Heat syncope is a type of heat illness . Causes Heat syncope occurs when blood pressure is lowered as the body dilates widens arterioles small blood vessel s in the skin to radiate heat. Also, water is evaporated from the blood, Citation needed date July 2010 reducing the blood s volume and therefore lowering blood pressure further. The result is less blood to the brain, causing light headedness and fainting . Treatment The basic treatment for heat syncope is like that for other types of fainting the patient is positioned in a seating or supine position with legs raised. Water is administered slowly, and the patient is moved to a cooler area. Consequences of external causes Category Medical emergencies Category Effects of external causes medical stub ar ...   more details

  1. Syncope (album)

    Infobox Album Name Syncope Type Studio album Artist Tactical Sekt Cover Tactical Sekt Syncope.jpg Released Start date 2006 4 28 ref http release.php?releaseid 21 NoiTekk release information for Syncope ref Recorded Sektor Lab, Ardley, UK Genre Aggrotech Length 67 09 Language English language English Label NoiTekk Producer Reviews Last album Geneticide This album Syncope Next album Other uses Syncope disambiguation Syncope Syncope is the third album by the aggrotech band Tactical Sekt . It was released in 2006 in music 2006 . The track Beslan refers to the Beslan school hostage crisis . Track listing All songs written and performed by Anthony Mather From CD inlay . Syncope 5 49 Dark Sky 5 50 American Me 4 33 Awaken The Ghost Final Awakening 5 47 Waiting For The World To End 5 16 Bring Me Violence 5 22 Not Going To Work That Way 5 41 Chosen One 6 34 4 Steps To Dysfunction 6 38 Not Entertained 5 19 Beslan 4 52 You re Fired 5 28 Personnel Anthony Mather Singing vocals , Keyboard instrument keyboards , Programming music programming Jay Taylor Drum kit drums Marco Gruhn keyboards Release history class wikitable Region Date Label Format Catalog United States COP International Compact Disc CD COPCD 094 Germany April 28, 2006 Noitekk CD NTK 020 Notes reflist DEFAULTSORT Syncope Album Category 2006 albums Category Tactical Sekt albums pl Syncope album ...   more details

  1. Experimental phonetics

    linguistics Experimental phonetics is the branch of general phonetics that deals with the study of the sound s and other human speech units by applying the experimental method . This scientific field covers basic areas of phonetics articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics and auditory phonetics. Moreover, experimental method used in study of the segment linguistics segmental phonetics and suprasegmental phonetics, in exploration of the typological phonetics. Experimental phonetics is used to test theories or hypotheses in order to support or disprove them. See also Phonetics Speech processing External links http EBchecked topic 457255 phonetics 69037 Experimental phonetics Experimental Phonetics Encyclop dia Britannica http joaquim phonetics fon met exper Bib met exp.html Experimental Phonetics Bibliography Category Phonetics Category Experimental social sciences Ling stub Link FA gv uk ...   more details

  1. Syncope (medicine)

    SignSymptom infobox Name Syncope medicine Image Pietro Longhi 027.jpg Caption DiseasesDB 27303 ICD10 ... mult eMedicine2 ped 2188 eMedicine2 emerg 876 MeshID D013575 refimprove date October 2011 Syncope ... . Many forms of syncope are preceded by a prodromal state that often includes dizziness and loss ... may be indicative of seizure which should be considered different than syncope. ref name Harrisons18 There are two broad categories of syncope, cardiogenic or reflex , which underlie most forms of syncope ... prompt or even immediate treatment. Although cardiogenic syncope is much more common in older patients, an effort to rule out arrhythmic, obstructive, ischemic, or cardiomyopathic causes of syncope and circulatory inadequacy is mandatory in each patient. Variants of reflex syncope often have characteristic ... taking. Thus, the clinical history is the foremost tool used in the differential diagnosis of syncope. Physical examination, and electrocardiogram are part of the initial evaluation of syncope and other more specific tools such as loop recorders may be necessary in clinically uncertain cases. Syncope ... the definition of syncope above. Syncope needs to be distinguished from coma or cerebrovascular accident which can include persistent states of loss of consciousness. Although syncope may cause ... associated with globally reduced brain blood flow . Syncope is extraordinarily common, occurring for the most ... disease Arterial disease in the upper spinal cord, or lower brain, causes syncope if there is a reduction ... pressure. Vasovagal main Vasovagal syncope Vasovagal situational syncope, one of the most common types ... or defecation. Other types include postural syncope caused by a change in body posture , cardiac syncope due to heart related conditions , and neurological syncope due to neurological conditions . There are many other causes of syncope, including low blood sugar levels and lung disease such as emphysema ... is invariably upright. The tilt table test , if performed, is generally negative. Recurrent syncope ...   more details

  1. Micturition syncope

    Micturition syncope or post micturition syncope is the name given to the human phenomenon of fainting shortly after or during urination . It is a type of Vasovagal response . People often become pale, nauseated, sweaty and weak before they lose consciousness. Sometimes even defecating , cough ing, or severe vomiting may cause fainting in a similar way. Epidemiology Responsible for 2.4 to 8.4 percent of all cases of fainting in adult s, it most commonly occurs in male s. The events often occur at night or after awaking this means that it occurs while standing immediately after being recumbent for some time . Causes When one strains to increase the flow of urine it stimulates the vagus nerve usually more pronounced in elderly men with benign prostatic hyperplasia large prostates . The vagus nerve stimulus causes slowing down of the heart bradycardia and severe hypotension drop in blood pressure . The heart cannot perform as a pump effectively because insufficient blood comes to it. It is classically associated with a tumor known as a pheochromocytoma within the urinary bladder. Treatment There is no specific treatment for micturition syncope. General advice to men who have a micturition syncope includes ref http health micturition syncope AN01608 ref to sit while urinating to sit on the edge of the bed for a while before getting up and going to the toilet to avoid micturition while sleepy to go for micturition before sleep References reflist External links http showdoc 40000734 Micturition Syncope Patient Plus disease stub Category Urological conditions zh ...   more details

  1. Auditory phonetics

    Auditory phonetics is a branch of phonetics concerned with the hearing sense hearing of speech sounds and with speech perception . See also Acoustic phonetics Auditory illusion Auditory processing disorder Hearing sense Motor theory of speech perception Psychoacoustics Speech perception Vestibular system Weber Fechner law Bibliography Clark, John & Yallop, Colin. 1995 . An introduction to phonetics and phonology 2nd ed. . Oxford Blackwell. ISBN 0 631 19452 5. Hardcastle, William J. & Laver, John Eds. . 1997 . The handbook of phonetic sciences . Oxford Blackwell Publishers. ISBN 0 631 18848 7. Johnson, Keith. 2003 . Acoustic and auditory phonetics 2nd ed. . Cambridge, MA Blackwell Publishers. ISBN 1 4051 0122 9 hbk ISBN 1 4051 0123 7 pbk . Flanagan, James L. 1972 . Speech analysis, synthesis, and perception 2nd ed. . Berlin Springer Verlag. ISBN 0 387 05561 4. Pisoni, David B. & Remez, Robert E. Eds. . 2004 . The handbook of speech perception . Oxford Blackwell. ISBN 0 631 22927 2. Stevens, Kenneth N. 1998 . Acoustic phonetics . Current studies in linguistics No. 30 . Cambridge, MA MIT. ISBN 0 262 19404 X. Category Phonetics phonetics stub eo A da fonetiko fr Phon tique auditive ko it Fonetica uditiva nl Auditieve fonetiek ...   more details

  1. Phone (phonetics)

    Unreferenced date August 2009 Within phonetics , a phone is a speech sound or gesture considered a physical event without regard to its place in the phonology of a language a speech segment linguistics segment that possesses distinct physical or perceptual properties the basic unit revealed via phonetic speech analysis A phonetic transcription is enclosed within square brackets , rather than the Slash typography slashes of a phonemic transcription. See also Phoneme , a set of phones that are cognitively equivalent the same sound or element of sign linguistics sign . Allophone , one phone of the many that constitute a phoneme List of phonetics topics DEFAULTSORT Phone Phonetics Category Phonetics Category Phonology phonetics stub ar br Fonenn ca Fon fon tica cs Hl ska da Sproglyd de Phon Linguistik et H lik el es Fono eo Parolsono fa fr Phone linguistique gd Foghar c nanachas he hr Glas id Bunyi bahasa it Fono la Phonum hu Besz dhang mk ml nl Foon fonetiek ja no Fon nn Fon pl G oska pt Fone qu Kunkalla ru sco Phone sk Hl ska sh Glas fi nne sv Fon fonetik zh ...   more details

  1. Acoustic phonetics

    Essay like article date October 2009 Acoustic phonetics is a subfield of phonetics which deals with acoustics acoustic aspects of Manner of articulation speech sounds . Acoustic phonetics investigates properties like the mean squared amplitude of a waveform , its duration, its fundamental frequency , or other properties of its frequency spectrum , and the relationship of these properties to other branches of phonetics e.g. articulatory phonetics articulatory or auditory phonetics , and to abstract linguistic concepts like Phone phonetics phones , phrases, or utterances. The study of acoustic phonetics was greatly enhanced in the late 19th century by the invention of the Thomas Edison Edison phonograph . The phonograph allowed the speech signal to be recorded and then later processed and analyzed. By replaying the same speech signal from the phonograph several times, filtering it each time with a different band pass filter , a spectrogram of the speech utterance could be built up. A series ... phonetics were made possible by the development of the telephone industry. Incidentally, Alexander ... level, acoustic phonetics really took off when it became clear that speech acoustic could be modeled ... Halle wrote Preliminaries to Speech Analysis , a seminal work tying acoustic phonetics and phonological ... of phonetics topics Human voice External links http research speechtutorial tutorial.html Speech Analysis Tutorial Bibliography Clark, John & Yallop, Colin. 1995 . An introduction to phonetics ... and Auditory Phonetics Illustrated . 2nd edition by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1 4051 0122 9 hardback ... of Acoustic Phonetics 2nd ed. . The University of Chicago Press, Ltd. London. ISBN 0 226 46763 5 cloth ISBN 0 226 46764 3 paper . Stevens, Kenneth 2000 . Acoustic Phonetics Current Studies in Linguistics ... 0 631 22927 2. Stevens, Kenneth N. 1998 . Acoustic phonetics . Current studies in linguistics No. 30 ... doi 10.1121 1.1458026 Category Phonetics de Akustische Phonetik fr Phon tique acoustique ko it Fonetica ...   more details

  1. Journal of Phonetics

    Infobox journal title Journal of Phonetics cover File Journal of Phonetics cover.gif editor K. de Jong discipline Phonetics abbreviation J. Phon. publisher Elsevier country frequency Quarterly history 1973 present openaccess license impact 1.525 impact year 2009 website http wps find journaldescription.cws home 622896 description description link1 http science journal 00954470 link1 name Online access link2 link2 name JSTOR OCLC 36945983 LCCN 73644848 CODEN ISSN 0095 4470 eISSN The Journal of Phonetics is a Peer review peer reviewed academic journal that covers topics in phonetics and phonology . It was established in 1973 and appears four times a year. It is published by Elsevier , the current editor in chief being Kenneth de Jong Indiana University . Aims and scope The journal covers a wide scope of topics, including both auditory, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, as well as the relation between phonetics and phonology. Phonetics related aspects of second language acquisition foreign language acquisition are also covered, as well as pathological and technological issues. ref name aimScope Cite web title Journal of Phonetics work Decribes aims and scope publisher Elsevier date 2010 url http wps find journaldescription.cws home 622896 description description format accessdate 2010 12 25 ref The journal publishes both theoretical and experimental papers, as well as review articles and letters to the editor. Special thematic issues are published occasionally. Abstracting and indexing The journal is indexed in the following services ref name index Cite web title Abstracting and Indexing work Database indexing publisher Elsevier date 2010 url http wps find journalabstracting.cws home 622896 abstracting abstracting format accessdate 2010 12 25 ref columns list 3 Abstracts in Anthropology Arts and Humanities Citation Index Communication and Mass Media Complete Current Contents Dietrich s Index Philosophicus ...   more details

  1. Shorthand Phonetics

    cleanup link rot date June 2011 Infobox musical artist name Shorthand Phonetics image alt caption Shorthand Phonetics promotional picture depicting Ababil Ashari circa 2008 background group or band origin Bandung , Indonesia genre indie rock , br lo fi , br film score years active 2003 ref cite web url http music artists d31ec357 5a2b 43b8 9efd ece95634df1c title Music Shorthand Phonetics publisher BBC date accessdate 2012 03 05 ref or 2004 ref name phlow magazine1 cite web url http phlow interview portrait 843 free music from indonesia 2 title Yes No Wave Music Free Music from Indonesia publisher Phlow date 2008 11 13 accessdate 2012 03 05 ref present label Yes No Wave Music and Tsefula Tsefuelha Records associated acts website http current members Ababil Ashari past members Alfonsus Tanoto br Daniel Sastro br Kevin Yapsir br Alvin Lasmana Shorthand Phonetics is an indie rock and film score outfit from Bandung, Indonesia which, as of 2010, only comprises Ababil Ashari vocals, guitars, bass and programming . The outfit was established on the 13th of April 2004, ref cite web url http music artists d31ec357 5a2b 43b8 9efd ece95634df1c title Music Shorthand Phonetics publisher BBC date accessdate 2012 ... netlabel Yes No Wave Music since 2007. ref name phlow magazine1 Shorthand Phonetics used to be a five ... Shorthand Phonetics album Fanfiction From the Seriously Absurd to the Absurdly Serious 2006 . After ... the namesake as a songwriting recording outfit. ref http bands shorthand phonetics dead link date March 2012 ref The Shorthand Phonetics recorded sound is a mix of staccato guitars ... news 2007 11 24 shorthand phonetics play it smart and frenetic.html title Shorthand Phonetics play it smart and frenetic publisher The Jakarta Post date 2007 11 24 accessdate 2012 ... groups es Shorthand Phonetics ...   more details

  1. Articulation (phonetics)

    Image Illu01 head neck.jpg thumb Human vocal tract In phonetics and phonology , articulation is the movement of the tongue, lips, jaw, and other speech organs the articulators in order to make speech sound s. You can see a https drupal ?q vocalization articulators movie clip showing the human articulators in action here . The study of articulation in making speech is called articulatory phonetics . Sound is produced simply by expelling air from the lungs. However, to vary the sound quality in a way that can be useful for speaking, two speech organs normally need to come close to each other to contact each other, so as to create an obstruction that shapes the air in a particular fashion. The point of maximum obstruction is known as the place of articulation , and the way in which the obstruction is formed and released is known as the manner of articulation . For example, when making a p sound, the two lips come together tightly, blocking the air for a little while and causing a buildup of air pressure . The lips are then released suddenly, leading to an explosive sound. The place of articulation of this sound is therefore called lcons bilabial , and the manner is called lcons plosive also known as a plosive . Place of articulation Place of articulation Main Place of articulation Image Places of articulation.svg float right thumb 250px Places of articulation passive & active br 1. Exo labial, 2. Endo labial, 3. Dental, 4. Alveolar, 5. Post alveolar, 6. Pre ... voice onset time Voice phonetics Voicing How closely the vocal cord s are placed together. In English ... List of phonetics topics Vocal tract Human Voice Source filter model of speech production multicol end References SOWL External links http danhall phonetics sammy.html Interactive place and manner of articulation http acadtech phonetics Interactive Flash website for American English, Spanish and German sounds IPA navigation Category Phonetics ...   more details

  1. Articulatory phonetics

    manner of articulation place of articulation The field of articulatory phonetics is a subfield of phonetics . In studying articulation, phoneticians explain how humans produce speech sound s via the interaction of different physiological structures. Generally, articulatory phonetics is concerned with the transformation of aerodynamic energy into Acoustics acoustic energy. Aerodynamic energy refers to the airflow through the vocal tract . Its Potential energy potential form is air pressure its Kinetic energy kinetic form is the actual Dynamics physics dynamic airflow. Acoustic energy is variation in the air pressure that can be represented as sound waves , which are then perceived by the human auditory system as sound. ref Note that although sound is just air pressure variations, the variations must be at a high enough rate to be perceived as sound. If the variation is too slow, it will be inaudible. ref Overview Expand section date January 2009 The vocal tract can viewed through an aerodynamic biomechanic model that includes three main components air cavities pistons air valves Air body cavity cavities are containers of air molecule s of specific volume s and mass es. The main air cavities present in the articulatory system are the supraglottal cavity and the subglottal cavity. They are so named because the glottis , the openable space between the vocal folds internal to the larynx , separates the two cavities. The supraglottal cavity or the orinasal cavity is divided into an oral ... phonetic techniques used to record data regarding articulators. ref Ladefoged, Peter A Course In Phonetics ... of the contact is. See also list of phonetics topics manner of articulation place of articulation ... Phonetics Tools For Analyzing The World s Languages 4th ed. . Summer Institute of Linguistics. ISBN 1 55671 165 4. External links http danhall phonetics sammy.html Interactive ... DEFAULTSORT Articulatory Phonetics Category Phonetics de Artikulatorische Phonetik es Fon tica ...   more details

  1. Length (phonetics)

    John year 2007 title Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology chapter editor others pages pp 51 52, 26 ...   more details

  1. Fusion (phonetics)

    Sound change In phonetics and historical linguistics , fusion , or coalescence , is the merger of the Distinctive feature features of two Segment linguistics segment into one. A common form of fusion is found in the development of nasal vowel s, which frequently become phonemic when final nasal stop nasal consonants are lost from a language. This occurred in French and Portuguese. Compare the French words un vin blanc IPA v bl a white wine with their English cognate s, one, vine, blank, which retain the n s. Another example is the development of Greek language Greek bous cow from Indo European gwous. Although gw was already a single consonant, IPA , it had two places of articulation, a velar stop IPA and labial secondary articulation IPA . In Greek bous these elements have fused into a purely labial stop IPA b . Often the resulting sound has the place of articulation of one of the source sounds and the manner of articulation of the other. An example comes from Malay language Malay , where the final consonant of the prefix IPA m N where N stands for a placeless nasal , i.e. a nasal stop with no specified place of articulation coalesces with a voiceless plosive at the beginning of the root to which the prefix is attached. The resulting sound is a nasal stop that has the place of articulation of the root initial consonant. ref Laura Benua, July 1995, http files 74 0000 74 0000 BENUA 0 0.PDF Identity Effects in Morphological Truncation . Retrieved 2009 05 03 ref For example IPA m N p oto becomes IPA m m oto cut IPA p and IPA m are both pronounced with the lips IPA m N t ulis becomes IPA m n ulis write IPA t and IPA n are both pronounced with the tip of the tongue IPA m N k ira becomes IPA m ira guess IPA k and IPA are both pronounced at the back of the tongue An extreme example of fusion occurred in Old Irish , where a vowel fused with a consonant before another consonant. The only feature that remained of the lost consonant was its ...   more details

  1. Laughter-induced syncope

    Laughter induced syncope is an unusual but recognized form of situational Syncope medicine syncope fainting likely to have a similar pathophysiological origin to tussive syncope. One case report occurred while watching the television show Seinfeld , and was given the name Seinfeld syncope . ref name pmid9328725 cite journal author Cox SV, Eisenhauer AC, Hreib K title Seinfeld syncope journal Cathet Cardiovasc Diagn volume 42 issue 2 page 242 year 1997 month October pmid 9328725 doi 10.1002 SICI 1097 0304 199710 42 2 242 AID CCD41 3.0.CO 2 M ref There are few case reports of this syndrome in the literature. Patients, as in this case, might present initially to the ED, and laughter should be considered among the numerous differentials for syncope. Laughter induced syncope should not be confused with cataplexy , a sudden loss of muscle tone triggered by strong emotions, particularly laughter. Unlike syncope, there is no loss of consciousness in cataplexy, which affects some sufferers of narcolepsy . To date there have been few http watch?v 3D5o3PYcJoM cases of laughter induced syncope documented in medical literature. ref cite journal title Shear Hilarity Leading to Laugh Syncope in a Healthy Man author Bloomfield and Jazrawi journal Journal of the American Medical Association date 2005 volume 293 pages 2863 2864 url http jama.ama content 293 23 2863.2.extract doi 10.1001 jama.293.23.2863 b pmid 15956630 last2 Jazrawi first2 S issue 23 ref References references Further reading cite journal title Laughter induced syncope date August 2005 journal The Lancet ... syncope journal Emergency Medicine Australasia volume 18 issue 5 6 pages 518 519 doi 10.1111 j.1742 6723.2006.00877.x pmid 17083645 cite journal title Defining and classifying syncope journal Clinical ... pmid 15480929 cite journal title Observations on recurrent syncope and presyncope in 641 patients journal ... doi 10.1383 medc. year 2004 Category Laughter Syncope Category Syndromes medicine ...   more details

  1. Index of phonetics articles

    linguistics Stricture Syllable Syncope phonetics Syncope T Table of vowels Tap or flap consonant ...compactTOC8 side yes top yes num yes A Acoustic phonetics Active articulator Affricate Airstream mechanism Alfred C. Gimson Allophone Alveolar approximant Alveolar consonant Alveolar ejective fricative Alveolar ejective Alveolar flap Alveolar nasal Alveolar ridge Alveolar trill Alveolo palatal consonant Apical consonant Approximant consonant Articulatory phonetics Aspect of articulation Aspiration phonetics aspiration Auditory phonetics B Back vowel Bilabial click Bilabial consonant Bilabial ejective Bilabial nasal Bilabial trill Breathy voice C Cardinal vowel Central consonant Central vowel Checked vowel Click consonant Close back rounded vowel IPA u Close back unrounded vowel IPA Close central rounded vowel IPA Close central unrounded vowel IPA Close front rounded vowel IPA y Close front unrounded vowel IPA i Close vowel Close mid back rounded vowel IPA o Close mid back unrounded vowel IPA Close mid central rounded vowel IPA Close mid central unrounded vowel IPA Close mid front rounded vowel IPA Close mid front unrounded vowel IPA e Close mid vowel Co articulated consonant Coarticulation Consonant Creaky voice D Daniel Jones phonetician Daniel Jones Dental click Dental consonant Dental ejective Dental nasal Diphthong E Eclipsis Ejective consonant Elision Epenthesis Epiglottal consonant Epiglottal plosive F Formant Fortis phonetics Fortis and lenis Free vowel Fricative ... approximant Lateral velar approximant Length phonetics Lenis Lexical stress Linguolabial consonant ... phonetics Phone Phoneme Phonetic palindrome Phonetic reversal Phonetics Phonetic transcription Pitch ... Voiceless velar nasal Voiceless velar plosive Voice phonetics Voicing Vowel backness Vowel harmony ... footer Category Linguistics lists Phonetics topics Category Phonetics Category Indexes of topics Phonetics topics eo Listo de fonetikaj temoj fr Liste des notions utilis es en phon tique vi Thu t ...   more details

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