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Steve Fossett
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Encyclopedia results for Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett

Encyclopedia results for Steve Fossett

  1. Fossett

    Fossett may refer to Steve Fossett 24654 Fossett Robert George John Francis Fossett disambig surname ...   more details

  1. 24654 Fossett

    Notability Astro date February 2012 Infobox planet minorplanet yes width 25em bgcolour FFFFC0 apsis name Fossett symbol image caption discovery yes discovery ref discoverer C. S. Shoemaker and E. M. Shoemaker discovery site Palomar Observatory Palomar discovered May 29, 1987 designations yes mp name 24654 alt names 1987 KL named after Steve Fossett mp category orbit ref epoch May 14, 2008 aphelion 2.2062515 perihelion 1.5828559 semimajor eccentricity 0.1645231 period 952.4864818 avg speed inclination 27.34353 asc node 73.79512 mean anomaly 61.41871 arg peri 113.27571 satellites physical characteristics yes dimensions mass density surface grav escape velocity sidereal day axial tilt pole ecliptic lat pole ecliptic lon albedo temperatures temp name1 mean temp 1 max temp 1 temp name2 max temp 2 spectral type abs magnitude 14.4 24654 Fossett 1987 KL is a Mars crossing asteroid discovered on May 29, 1987 by C. S. Shoemaker and E. M. Shoemaker at Palomar Observatory Palomar . External links http sbdb.cgi?sstr 24654 Fossett JPL Small Body Database Browser on 24654 Fossett Reflist Minor planets navigator 24653 1986 RS5 24655 1987 QH Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT Fossett Category Mars crosser asteroids Category Asteroids named for people Category Discoveries by Eugene Merle Shoemaker Category Discoveries by Carolyn S. Shoemaker Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1987 mars crosser asteroid stub fa it 24654 Fossett hu 24654 Fossett pl 24654 Fossett vi 24654 Fossett ...   more details

  1. Robert George John Francis Fossett

    Robert George John Francis Fossett 11 November 1922 1 June 2004 , also known as Jacko Fossett , was an English clown who performed under the name of Jacko the Clown . With his partner of 30  years, William Alfred Merchant Little Billy Merchant , he travelled extensively on the European circus circuit. The pair were regular performers at the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens Circus Belle Vue Christmas Circus until Merchant s retirement in 1979. ref Harvnb Stackhouse Hyams 2005 p 65 ref Sydney the boxing kangaroo was another of Jacko s regular partners, although there were in fact eight different animals over the years. ref citation last Gibson first Barbara contribution Focus on The Oral History of the Circus title National Life Story Collection publisher National Sound Archive date Winter 2000 pages 5 8 url http reshelp findhelprestype sound ohist ohnls nlsreports nlscnewsletter5.pdf accessdate 22  September 2010 ref Jacko was presented with the World s Fair s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000. Described by circus historian J. M. Turner as probably the last of the traditional British clowns , Jacko died suddenly on 1  June 2004, at the age of 81. ref citation last Turner first J. M. contribution Jacko and Little Billy title Circus History Message & Discussion Board url http Query Query06j.htm publisher Circus Historical Society accessdate 22  September 2010 ref References Notes reflist Bibliography refbegin citation last Stackhouse first Heather last2 Hyams first2 Daniel title Belle Vue Manchester s Playground year 2005 series Manchester at Heart publisher First Edition Limited Manchester Evening News refend Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Fossett, Robert George J. F. ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 11 November 1922 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1 June 2004 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Fossett, Robert George J. F. Category English clowns Category 1922 births Category 2004 deaths UK bio stub ...   more details

  1. Steve Lawson

    Steve Lawson may refer to Steve Lawson musician Steve Lawson American football Steve Lawson baseball hndis Lawson, Steve de Steve Lawson Begriffskl rung ...   more details

  1. Steve Forrest

    Steve Forrest may refer to Steve Forrest actor , U.S. film and television actor Steve Forrest musician , U.S. musician Placebo hndis Forrest, Steve es Steve Forrest desambiguaci n it Steve Forrest nl Steve Forrest ...   more details

  1. Steve Hanley

    Steve Hanley may refer to Steve Hanley musician born 1959 , English musician Steve Hanley rugby union , English rugby union player hndis Hanley, Steve fr Steve Hanley ...   more details

  1. Steve Howey

    Steve Howey may refer to Steve Howey footballer , English footballer Steve Howey actor , American actor hndis Howey, Steve de Steve Howey sr ...   more details

  1. Steve Potts

    Steve Potts is the name of Steve Potts jazz musician born 1943 Steve Potts footballer born 1967 Steve Potts drummer Stephen Potts , British children s author hndis Potts, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Peterson

    Steve Peterson may refer to Steve Peterson actor , American actor Steve Peterson racing executive 1950 2008 , American technical director for NASCAR Steve Peterson banjoist , American musician hndis Peterson, Steve DEFAULTSORT Peterson, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Vickers

    Steve Vickers may refer to Steve Vickers ice hockey Steve Vickers footballer Steve Vickers computer scientist , lecturer and ROM file engineer of the ZX Spectrum hndis Vickers, Steve de Steve Vickers ...   more details

  1. Steve Sylvester

    Steve Sylvester may refer to Steve Sylvester American football born 1953 , American footballer Steve Sylvester , vocalist of Death SS , Italian heavy metal band hndis Sylvester, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Buckingham

    Steven or Steve Buckingham may refer to Steve Buckingham rugby league , retired New Zealand rugby league player Steve Buckingham record producer , record producer hndis Buckingham, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Sutton

    Steve Sutton may refer to Steve Sutton footballer born 1961 , English footballer Steve Sutton skydiver , Canadian skydiver hndis Sutton, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve McBride

    Steve McBride may refer to Steve McBride Shameless , fictional character from British TV drama Shameless Steve McBride politician , Northern Irish politician hndis Macbride, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Tanner

    Steve Tanner may refer to Steve Tanner referee born 1970 , British football referee Steve Tanner Coronation Street , a former character in British soap Coronation Street hndis Tanner, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Hayden

    Steve Hayden may refer to Steve Hayden copywriter Steve Hayden fictional detective hndis Hayden, Steve Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Steve Penney

    Steve Penney may refer to Steve Penney ice hockey Steve Penney footballer hndis Penney, Steve Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Steve Kinsey

    Steve Kinsey may refer to Steve Kinsey footballer born 1963 , British footballer Steve Kinsey politician , Californian County Board Supervisor from Marin County, California hndis Kinsey, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Sutherland

    Steve Sutherland may refer to Steve Sutherland ice hockey born 1946 , hockey player Steve Sutherland DJ Stephen Sutherland , boxer hndis Sutherland, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Abbott

    Steve Abbott may refer to Steve Abbott comedian born 1956 , Australian comedian and author Steve Abbott politician born 1962 , American politician Hndis Abbott, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Alexander

    Steve Alexander may refer to Steve Alexander businessman born 1951 , professional coach and communications expert Steve Alexander drummer born 1962 , Welsh drummer hndis Alexander, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Holman

    Steve Holman is the name of Steve Holman sportscaster b. 1954 , American, sports broadcaster Steve Holman athlete b. 1970 , American middle distance runner hndis Holman, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Peters

    Steve Peters may refer to Steve Peters politician , politician Steve Peters game designer , game designer Steve Peters baseball , former MLB pitcher Steve Peters ice hockey , hockey player Steve Peters Manitoba politician , Manitoba politician See also Stephen Peters , cricketer Stephen Peters footballer hndis name Peters, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Ryan

    Steve or Steven Ryan may refer to Steve Ryan entrepreneur , American Entrepreneur Steve Ryan actor , American actor Steve Ryan author , American author Steve Ryan soccer , American soccer player Steve Ryan American football See also Stephen Ryan disambiguation hndis Ryan, Steve ...   more details

  1. Steve Kirby

    Steve Kirby may refer to Steve T. Kirby , 35th Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota Steve Kirby musician , American jazz musician Steven Kirby , English cricketer Steve Kirby Washington politician hndis Kirby, Steve ...   more details

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