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Encyclopedia results for Sheokhand


Encyclopedia results for Sheokhand

  1. Sheokhand

    clan name that is sheokhand. They are identified by some scholars with the Shivi s ref Kathasaritsagar ... but some members of the community are resisting the efforts as they wish to be different . Sibi, Sheokhand and shokeen Jats There has been a widespread debate over the fact that sheokhand Jats who were ... to sheokhand can been logically proofed as there is similarity in change of surname from sheokhand ... is the original surname which got changed in sheokhand for the migratory members of this community. Shokeen surname of this clan was adopted in 1950s which is an Arabicised version of sheokhand used only in some Delhi villages most still use sheokhand as surname or refrain from using any ...   more details

  1. Mongol Pur Kalan

    Mangol Pura Kalan is a village which has been urbanized during 1980s and lies on North west region of Delhi. It is predominantly habituated by Jats of Sheokhand clan or Shokeen Arabanized . Though over the years a large no of migrants have also come and habituated there. It has a very famous Kali Mata ka Mandir , where devotees from all across India come. The recent developments in the region has led to spurring up of Malls and shopping complex. It has famous Marble Market of delhi second only to the Marble Market in Rajouri Garden. references http delhi mangolpur kalan.html http 3347806 222B Mangolpur Kalan Near Sector 2 Rohini New Delhi 85 http list of members n1.html http searchresults lists Marble Shop delhi service 2.html references coord missing Delhi Category Villages in North West Delhi district ...   more details

  1. Shivi

    and about 5 villages in Nangloi block of Delhi, goes by its gotra name as Shivakhande or Sheokhand . of late this gotra has been Arabicised as Shokeen in Delhi villages. Yet the elders of Sheokhand ...   more details

  1. List of Jat clans

    Sheokhand Shergill Sheoran Sidhu Sinsinwar Sunda clan Sunda Suriara Sapediya T Takhar clan Takhar ...   more details

  1. Origin of Jat people from Shiva's Locks

    or Sheokhand . of late this gotra has been Arabicised as Shokeen in Delhi villages. Yet the elders of Sheokhand Khap area take pride in the fact that they originally hail from the Dharan clan Dharan ...   more details

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Sheokhand in Encyclopedia
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