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Encyclopedia results for Rhoda


Encyclopedia results for Rhoda

  1. Rhoda

    Other uses Refimprove date August 2011 Infobox television show name Rhoda image File Rhoda cast 1977.JPG 230px caption The cast of Rhoda . From left to right Julie Kavner, Valerie Harper, Nancy Walker ... Cancelled num seasons 5 num episodes 110 list episodes List of Rhoda episodes preceded by The Mary Tyler Moore Show followed by Carlton Your Doorman br Mary and Rhoda related Phyllis TV series Phyllis br Lou Grant TV series Lou Grant Rhoda is an American Situation comedy television sitcom , starring ... the years 1970 and 1974 had played the role of Rhoda Morgenstern , a spunky, weight conscious, flamboyantly ... best friend. After four seasons, Rhoda left Minneapolis and returned to her original hometown of New ... numerous television records, and created one of the most iconic moments in television. Rhoda was filmed ... Rhoda 1974.JPG thumb 220px left Rhoda is staying with Brenda for a vacation Brenda and Ida think it will be for longer ... down Rhoda Morgenstern traveling to New York City from her home in Minneapolis for a two week ... about their feelings for each other, Joe asks Rhoda to stay in New York, which she does, initially ... in attracting the opposite sex&mdash similar problems to those experienced by Rhoda herself ... Wilson Company, 1975. pages 183 184 When Rhoda premiered on CBS TV on Monday, September 9, 1974 at 9 ... s Lives Well Lived . New York Warner Books, 1998. entry Valerie Harper When Rhoda premiered on September ... that had never been accomplished before or duplicated since. ref File Valerie Harper David Groh Rhoda 1974.JPG thumb Joe asks Rhoda to move in with him. Rhoda and Brenda soon realize that the small studio apartment can t hold them both, so Rhoda moves in with their parents List of other characters ... goes to great lengths to baby her daughter. When it becomes apparent Rhoda is sliding into a rut ... go by, the relationship between Joe and Rhoda quickly blossoms. By the sixth episode, Pop Goes the Question , an insecure Rhoda asks Joe where their relationship is heading. His response is to invite ...   more details

  1. Rhoda (disambiguation)

    Rhoda can refer to Rhoda , a television situation comedy that aired on CBS from 1974 to 1978 Rhoda Bible , one of the early Christian disciples, who appears in the story of the Liberation of Saint Peter in the New Testament Rhoda name , a female given name disambig de Rhoda pt Rhoda ...   more details

  1. Rhoda (name)

    other uses Rhoda disambiguation Rhoda is a female given name , originating in both Greek language Greek and Latin . Its primary meaning is rose but it can also mean from Rhodes , the Greek island originally named for its roses. The name was mostly used in the 18th and 19th centuries but goes back at least to the first century as it is recorded in the New Testament of the Bible . Famous Rhodas Television and Film Rhoda Griffis , American actress Rhoda Jordan , African American actress Rhoda Montemayor , actress who played Rose Ortiz, the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Political Rhoda Billings Rhoda Grant , politician Rhoda Jacobs Music Rhoda Hutchinson Rhoda Scott , organist Literature Rhoda Broughton , novelist Rhoda Shipman , comic book writer Rhoda Truax Rhoda Truax Silberman , American author Science Rhoda Metraux Rhoda Alani , oncologist http alani.html Art Rhoda Holmes Nicholls , painter Fictional Rhoda Dendron , character on the animated television series Darkwing Duck Rhoda Penmark , character on William March s novel The Bad Seed Rhoda Morgenstern Rhoda Morgenstern Gerard , title character of Rhoda Rhoda, character in The Waves . Rhoda, character in 12 Oz. Mouse . Other fields Rhoda Richards Rhoda Wise See also Rhonda Special Allpages Rhoda List of all pages starting with Rhoda External links http meaning 0 Rhoda Meaning of Rhoda DEFAULTSORT Rhoda Category Given names Category English given names it Rhoda nome ...   more details

  1. 907 Rhoda

    div style float right text align center 907 Rhoda width 280 style border color 999999 border style solid border width 1px bgcolor ffffcc colspan 2 Name Name Rhoda Designation 1918 EU bgcolor ffffcc colspan 2 Discovery width 140 Discoverer Max Wolf Discovery date November 12, 1918 Discovery site Heidelberg bgcolor ffffcc colspan 2 Orbital elements colspan 2 align center small Epoch astronomy Epoch August 18, 2005 Julian day JDCT 2453600.5 small Eccentricity orbit Eccentricity e 0.164 Semimajor axis a 2.797 Astronomical unit AU Perihelion q 2.339 Astronomical unit AU Aphelion Q 3.256 Astronomical unit AU Orbital period P 4.679 Julian year astronomy a Inclination i 19.574 Longitude of the ascending node 43.174 Argument of Perihelion 88.349 Mean anomaly M 127.507 div 907 Rhoda is a minor planet orbiting the Sun . External links http cfa iau lists NumberedMPs.txt Discovery Circumstances Numbered Minor Planets MinorPlanets Navigator 906 Repsolda 908 Buda MinorPlanets Footer DEFAULTSORT Rhoda Category Discoveries by Max Wolf Category Main Belt asteroids Category Asteroids named for people Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1918 beltasteroid stub de 907 Rhoda el 907 eo 907 Rodo eu 907 Rhoda fa fr 907 Rhoda hr 907 Rhoda it 907 Rhoda la 907 Rhoda hu 907 Rhoda ja no 907 Rhoda nn 907 Rhoda pl 907 Rhoda pt 907 Rhoda ru 907 sk 907 Rhoda sr 907 Rhoda tl 907 Rhoda uk 907 vi 907 Rhoda yo 907 Rhoda ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Morgenstern

    Use mdy dates date November 2011 Refimprove date December 2009 Infobox character name Rhoda Morgenstern image File Mary and Rhoda 1974.JPG 230px caption Mary and Rhoda. first List of The Mary Tyler Moore Show episodes Love Is All Around last Mary and Rhoda gender Female occupation Photographer br Former ... Burns Rhoda Morgenstern , portrayed by Valerie Harper , is a character on the television sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show and subsequent spin off television spin off Rhoda . Character background The original opening of the series Rhoda establishes that Rhoda Faye Morgenstern was born in the Bronx ... moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota sometime in the late 1960s. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show Rhoda had ... Arnold they were retcon retconned out of existence when the character got her own series. On Rhoda , Rhoda s only sibling was a younger sister named Brenda. The Mary Tyler Moore Show File Rhodas sisters wedding 1973.JPG thumb 200px left Mary and Rhoda with Debbie Morgenstern. Relocating from New York City, Rhoda was a window dresser at Hempel s after being fired at Bloomfield s department store in Minneapolis ... Lindstrom . After Mary Richards moved into the apartment below Rhoda, they quickly became best friends. Throughout the series, Rhoda and Phyllis maintained an adversarial but friendly relationship. She ... Moore Show Bess , who referred to Rhoda as her aunt. While living in Minneapolis, Rhoda received infrequent visits from her parents. Rhoda In 1974, Harper departed from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to star in Rhoda . After relocating back to New York City, Rhoda met ruggedly handsome Joe Gerard David Groh and married him soon afterward. The couple moved into the same building occupied by Rhoda s sister, Brenda. The marriage soured after two years, and they divorced. After arriving in New York, Rhoda started her own window dressing company and later took a job at costume company. Mary and Rhoda Rhoda ... between the 1978 cancellation of Rhoda and the 2000 Television movie made for television ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Coffin

    Rhoda Coffin , 1826 1909 , was a Quaker reformer. She was integral in establishing the Indiana Women s Reformatory , often considered to be the first of its kind. ref Cite web last KSANDER first YA L title Rhoda Coffin url http momentofindianahistory rhoda coffin work Moment of Indiana History accessdate 14 September 2010 date April 16, 2007 ref References Reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Coffin, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1826 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1909 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Coffin, Rhoda Category 1826 births Category 1909 deaths Category American activists Category American Quakers Category People from Chicago, Illinois Category People from Greene County, Ohio Category People from Richmond, Indiana ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Penmark

    Image with unknown copyright status removed Image Badseedpatty.jpg Patty McCormack as Rhoda Penmark, in the The Bad Seed film 1956 adaptation of The Bad Seed . thumb Rhoda Penmark is a fictional character ... Wells in the 1985 Made for TV movie made for TV remake. Character overview Rhoda Penmark is an eight ..., who sense who she truly is and avoid her. March writes that Rhoda s evil is gene tic her maternal grandmother was a serial killer , who also began killing at a young age Rhoda s mother, Christine, was adopt ... anchor character history Rhoda drowning drowns her classmate, Claude Daigle, who won a penmanship award ... suspects Rhoda, Christine notices that she seems startlingly untroubled by the other child s death. Christine ... any possibility that Rhoda was actually involved in the boy s death. The only adults who see through Rhoda are Leroy, the somewhat addled janitor, and, to a lesser extent, her teacher Miss Fern, who observes that she is a poor loser and rather selfish. Leroy spies on Rhoda and repeatedly threatens to tell on her. Rhoda says no one would believe him, but begins to make plans to get rid of him. Christine ... funny about this whole thing and asks Christine to ask Rhoda about her last few moments with the boy. While Christine is locating Rhoda s necklace, which Mrs. Breedlove is having engraved for the child, Christine finds the Penmanship Medal in Rhoda s treasure chest. She confronts Rhoda, who initially denies having done anything wrong, but confesses after Christine finds the bloodied shoes Rhoda had beaten Claude with before drowning him. Christine is horrified, but Rhoda doesn t seem to understand ... grapples with what to do, Rhoda silences Leroy by locking him in a furnace room and setting it on fire ... kill Rhoda to keep her from killing again. She gives her a lethal dose of sleeping pills, hoping she will die without pain, and then commits suicide by shooting herself in the head. Rhoda survives when a neighbor hears the shot and takes her to the hospital. Nobody is the wiser as to what Rhoda has ...   more details

  1. Hilary Rhoda

    BLP sources date December 2008 Infobox model name Hilary Rhoda image Hilary Rhoda 2008.jpg imagesize 250px caption birth name Hilary Hollis Rhoda birth date birth date and age 1987 04 6 birth place Chevy Chase, Maryland , United States death date death place height convert 1.80 m ftin 0 abbr on ref name ... Hilary Hollis Rhoda Citation needed date August 2010 born April 6, 1987, in Chevy Chase, Maryland ... Swimsuit Issue . Biography Early life Rhoda attended St. Jane de Chantal school in Bethesda, Maryland for grade school. Before her career as a model, Rhoda graduated from Academy of the Holy Cross the Academy of the Holy Cross , a Catholic all girls school in Maryland. While a student, Rhoda played on her school s field hockey and lacrosse teams. ref http Bios Rhoda hilary rhoda 1.shtml Bio ref Career Rhoda was originally discovered at a ProScout event ..., for the May 2007 issue of American Vogue , Rhoda was featured on the cover with fellow models ... 2007, Rhoda signed an exclusive contract with Est e Lauder Companies Est e Lauder as their newest .... 2009 also marks Rhoda s debut in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition . ref http 2009 swimsuit models hilary rhoda index2.html Sports Illustrated ... The Official Hilary Rhoda Website http HilaryHRhoda Hilary Rhoda on Twitter fashionmodel id Hilary Rhoda name Hilary Rhoda http peopleparties modelsearch thumb person3560 Hilary Rhoda Photos on http industry model hilaryrhoda Hilary Rhoda ... Persondata NAME Rhoda, Hilary SHORT DESCRIPTION American model DATE OF BIRTH April 6, 1987 PLACE OF BIRTH Chevy Chase, Maryland , United States DEFAULTSORT Rhoda, Hilary Category American female models ... Rhoda it Hilary Rhoda he pl Hilary Rhoda pt Hilary Rhoda fi Hilary Rhoda vi Hilary Rhoda zh ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Rennie

    MedalTop MedalCountry RSA MedalSport Women s Swimming at the Summer Olympics swimming MedalBronze 1928 Summer Olympics 1928 Amsterdam Swimming at the 1928 Summer Olympics Women s 4 x 100 metre freestyle relay 4 100 m freestyle MedalBottom Rhoda Lillian Rennie 1909 &ndash 11 March 1963 was a South Africa n Freestyle swimming freestyle Swimming sport swimmer who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics . In 1928 she was a member of the South African relay team which won the bronze medal in the 4 100  m freestyle relay event She also competed in the Swimming at the 1928 Summer Olympics Women s 100 metre freestyle 100 metre freestyle competition and in the Swimming at the 1928 Summer Olympics Women s 400 metre freestyle 400 metre freestyle event , but was in both eliminated in the first round. External links http www.sports olympics athletes re rhoda rennie 1.html Rhoda Rennie s profile at Sports http Rhoda 20Rennie.html Rhoda Rennie s obituary Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Rennie, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Swimmer DATE OF BIRTH 1909 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 11 March 1963 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rennie, Rhoda Category 1909 births Category 1963 deaths Category South African swimmers Category Female freestyle swimmers Category Olympic swimmers of South Africa Category Swimmers at the 1928 Summer Olympics Category Olympic bronze medalists for South Africa Category Olympic medalists in swimming Category South African sportswomen SouthAfrica swimming bio stub SouthAfrica Olympic medalist stub it Rhoda Rennie no Rhoda Rennie ...   more details

  1. Lake Rhoda

    unreferenced date February 2011 Infobox lake lake name Lake Rhoda image lake LakeRhoda.JPG caption lake image bathymetry caption bathymetry location Lakeside, Colorado Lakeside , Jefferson County, Colorado coords Coord 39.7808 N 105.0582 W region US CO type waterbody display inline,title type inflow outflow catchment basin countries United States length width area depth max depth volume residence time shore elevation islands cities Lake Rhoda , on the eastern edge of Jefferson County, Colorado in the town of Lakeside, Colorado Lakeside , between Interstate 70 and West 44th Avenue, is a natural lake named after Rhoda Krasner by her father, Ben Krasner , who rescued Lakeside Amusement Park from bankruptcy during the Great Depression . The lake was originally named West Berkeley Lake . Category Geography of Jefferson County, Colorado Category Lakes of Colorado Rhoda Colorado geo stub ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Scott

    File PhotoRhodaScottpro.JPG thumb right Rhoda Scott Rhoda Scott b. July 3, 1938, Dorothy, New Jersey is an African American hard bop and soul jazz organist. The daughter of an African Methodist Episcopal Church AME minister, Scott spent much of her childhood in New Jersey , where she learned to play organ music organ in the churches where her father served. Soon she herself was serving frequently as organist for youth and gospel choir s at her father s and other churches. Scott later studied classical piano , but she concentrated on the organ, eventually earning a Masters degree in music theory from the Manhattan School of Music . Citation needed date March 2011 By this time she had been asked by a choir member to fill in with a small band as a jazz pianist . Enjoying the music, she agreed to stay on with the band on condition that she be allowed to play organ instead of piano. Choosing as her instrument the Hammond Organ , she soon became a preeminent jazz musician and is considered by many to be the top female jazz organist. Citation needed date March 2011 Scott was first attracted to the organ in her father s church at age seven. It s really the most beautiful instrument in the world, she stated in a recent interview. The first thing I did was take my shoes off and work the pedals. ref The Death and Rebirth of the Hammond B 3 , Wall Street Journal , January 8, 2002, http pow wsjarticle.htm ref From then on she always played her church organ in her bare feet, and to this date ... Lewis Orchestra With Rhoda Scott Rhoda Scott in New York References Reflist External links http Rhoda Scott official website Rhoda Scott discography at Allmusic class artist id p143404 ..., Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American musician DATE OF BIRTH July 3, 1938 PLACE OF BIRTH Dorothy, New Jersey , U.S. DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Scott, Rhoda Category 1938 ... Rhoda Scott fr Rhoda Scott it Rhoda Scott ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Janzen

    Rhoda Janzen is an American poet, academic and memoirist, best known for her memoir Mennonite in a Little Black Dress . Biography Janzen grew up in a Mennonite household in North Dakota . ref http memoirville 2010 04 22 interview rhoda janzen author of mennonite in a little black dress Interview Rhoda Janzen, author of Mennonite in a Little Black Dress , Laurel Rhame, Smith , April 22, 2010. ref She earned a Ph.D. from UCLA. ref http time arts article 0,8599,1931136,00.html Rhoda Janzen From Modern to Mennonite , Andrea Sachs, Time , October 20, 2009. ref She teaches at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. ref http academic english fac bio janzen.html Hope College ref In 2006, Janzen s husband of 15 years left her for a man, and she suffered serious injuries in car accident a few days later. ref http time arts article 0,8599,1931136,00.html Rhoda Janzen From Modern to Mennonite , Andrea Sachs, Time , October 20, 2009. ref While on sabbatical from her teaching position, ref http index.php feature article mennonite in a little black dress Mennonite in a Little Black Dress , Jason Zasky, Failure Magazine . ref she went home to her Mennonite family in Fresno, California to heal from these crises. ref http 2009 12 03 fashion 03JANZEN.html The Simple Life Comes With Complications , Cathy Horyn, The New York Times , December 2, 2009. ref These experiences are recounted in her memoir Mennonite in a Little ... life books news 2009 10 21 rhoda janzen N.htm New Voices Rhoda Janzen , Carol Memmott, USA Today , 10 ... 2010 04 22 interview rhoda janzen author of mennonite in a little black dress Interview Rhoda Janzen ... bio rhoda janzen The Poetry Foundation ref Bibliography Babel s Stair , Word Press ... links http Official website Persondata NAME Janzen, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT ... Janzen, Rhoda Category Living people Category American poets Category American memoirists Category ...   more details

  1. Mary and Rhoda

    Infobox television name Mary and Rhoda image image size caption director Barnet Kellman producer Cecilia Kate Roque writer Katie Ford narrator starring Mary Tyler Moore br Valerie Harper br Bethany Joy Galeotti Joie Lenz br Marisa Ryan music David Kitay cinematography Adam Holender editing Jeff Wishengrad distributor American Broadcasting Company ABC released February 7, 2000 runtime 86 minutes country ... Show 1991 followed by The Mary Tyler Moore Reunion 2002 Mary and Rhoda is a 2000 television movie made for television movie that reunited Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper as Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern fictional character Rhoda Morgenstern from the 1970 1977 Situation comedy sitcom The Mary ... in 1982. Mary and Rhoda was written by Katie Ford, executive produced by Mary Tyler Moore and Susan ... climbing accident. Rhoda Morgenstern Rousseau also returns to her native New York to make a fresh ... at New York University and Rhoda s Meredith is Pre medical pre med at Barnard College the old ... as Rhoda Morgenstern Rhoda Morgenstern Rousseau Elon Gold as Jonah Seimeier Christine Ebersole as Cecile ... directly referred to, nor were Rhoda s sister Brenda Morgenstern or her father, List of other characters ... Show and Rhoda to be mentioned was List of other characters on The Mary Tyler Moore Show Ida Morgenstern , Rhoda s mother, though not by her name. Anticipating strong viewer interest, American Broadcasting ... signed with American Broadcasting Company ABC to reprise their roles as Mary and Rhoda ... Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern as widows reunited by chance in New York after many years of estrangement, who each have a 20 something daughter named after the other Mary s daughter is Rhoda Richards and Rhoda s daughter is Mary Morgenstern . According to reports, ABC executives were not pleased ... that Moore and Harper would reunite instead in the two hour made for TV movie Mary and Rhoda which began filming on October 18, 1999. DVD release Mary and Rhoda was released on DVD in DVD region ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Montemayor

    pp protected small yes Infobox person name Rhoda Montemayor image imagesize caption birth date Birth date and age df y 1979 5 31 birth place London , United Kingdom birth name othername Rhoda, Monty website notable role Operation Overdrive Power Rangers Rose Ortiz Rose Ortiz on Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 2007 Use dmy dates date August 2010 Rhoda Montemayor born 31 May 1979 in London is an actress and dancer of Filipino people Filipino heritage. Her premiere role was as Characters of Peter Pan Tiger Lily Tiger Lily in Finding Neverland . Other notable roles include Operation Overdrive Power Rangers Rose Ortiz Rose Ortiz , the Pink Ranger, in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive , and a cameo role in the film Adulthood film Adulthood . Family background Rhoda and her family are Filipino people Filipinos . Her mom, Rosalie Pichay Viloria related to former Philippines Philippine Legislator Representative Prospero Pichay, Jr. Prospero Pichay , is Ilocano people Ilocana and her dad, Eddie Montemayor, is Kapampangan people Kapampangan . She has two siblings, her older actor sister Renee Montemayor and a younger sister, Rowena Montemayor. ref name Yahoo cite web url http star 20080712 tel pink ranger filipino dd408b0.html title The Pink Ranger is a Pinay accessdate 2008 07 17 work Yahoo News Philippines date 2008 07 17 Dead link date July 2009 ref Filmography Television Power Rangers Operation Overdrive , Rose Ortiz Harry and Cosh , Mai Kung Fu Warriors Kerching ... film Adulthood , Kim Other appearances In June 2007, Rhoda appeared with her fellow Power Rangers ... name 1628056 Rhoda Montemayor http Official Site Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata Persondata NAME Montemayor, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES Rhoda, Monty SHORT DESCRIPTION United ... Kingdom DEFAULTSORT Montemayor, Rhoda Category English television actors Category British people ... Rhoda Montemayor ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Shipman

    Refimprove date February 2010 Tone date December 2007 Infobox comics creator image birth name birth date Birth date and age 1968 1 30 birth place nationality American cartoonist write y art pencil ink edit y publish letter color alias signature very optional notable works awards website http subcat American Rhoda Shipman born January 30, 1968 is an People of the United States American comic book writer and mother to three children. Biography Expand section date February 2010 Shipman, with husband Gary Shipman , created the independently produced comic book series Pakkins Land , writing and editing the series. Pakkins Land tells the adventuresome and engaging tale of Paul, a young boy who finds himself in a magical world filled with talking animals, mystery and excitement. Pakkins Land has been heralded for excellence by both critics and peers alike, accumulating an international following and numerous award nominations. Certain characters in the Pakkins Land stories are named after Shipman s children. Awards In 1997 Shipman and her husband were nominated for the Russ Manning Award Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award . In 1998 Shipman and her husband were nominated for an Eisner Award in the Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition category. ref http comics awards eisner98.php 1998 Will Eisner Comic Industry Award Nominees , the Comic Book Awards Almanac ref Notes Reflist References Refbegin gcdb type credit search Rhoda Shipman title Rhoda Shipman comicbookdb type creator id 8271 title Rhoda Shipman Refend External links Official website http Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Shipman, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH January 30, 1968 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Shipman, Rhoda Category Female comics writers Category Living people Category 1968 births US comics creator stub ...   more details

  1. Sepia rhoda

    italic title Taxobox name Sepia rhoda image image caption regnum Animal ia phylum Mollusca classis Cephalopod a ordo Sepiida familia Sepiidae genus Sepia genus Sepia subgenus Doratosepion species S. rhoda binomial Sepia rhoda binomial authority Tom Iredale Iredale , 1954 synonyms Arctosepia rhoda br small Iredale, 1954 small Sepia rhoda is a species of cuttlefish native to the Indo Pacific , specifically from the Arafura Sea coord 10 24 S 130 23 E scale 250000 to the North West Shelf coord 20 47 S 114 48 E scale 250000 , both off Australia . It lives at depths of between 64 and 184 m. ref name Reid Reid, A., P. Jereb, & C.F.E. Roper 2005. Family Sepiidae. In P. Jereb & C.F.E. Roper, eds. Cephalopods of the world. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of species known to date. Volume 1. Chambered nautiluses and sepioids Nautilidae, Sepiidae, Sepiolidae, Sepiadariidae, Idiosepiidae and Spirulidae . FAO Species Catalogue for Fishery Purposes. No. 4, Vol. 1. Rome, FAO. pp. 57 152. ref Females grow to 58 mm in mantle mollusc mantle length ML . Males are slightly larger, reaching 61 mm ML. ref name Reid The type specimen was collected off Point Cloates in Western Australia coord 22 43 S 113 40 E scale 250000 . It is deposited at the Australian Museum in Sydney . ref http cephs newclass.pdf Current Classification of Recent Cephalopoda ref References references External links CephBase Species 709 cuttlefish stub Category Cuttlefish nl Sepia rhoda ...   more details

  1. Rhoda (Bible)

    File Peter Returns by Weigel.png thumb right 200px Peter Returns by Johann Christoph Weigel, 1695. Rhoda is in the upper left of the woodcut. Rhoda is a minor character in the New Testament . She appears only in Acts of the Apostles Acts bibleverse nb Acts 12 12 15 NIV . Rhoda whose Rhoda name name means rose ref Joseph Henry Thayer , http lang lexicon lexicon.cfm?Strongs G4498&t KJV Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament , RHODA. ref was a servant girl in the house of Mary, mother of John Mark Mary , the mother of John Mark . After Saint Peter Peter was Liberation of Saint Peter released from prison , he went to the house and knocked on the door. Rhoda came to answer it, and when she heard Peter s voice she was so overjoyed that she rushed to tell the others, and forgot to open the door for him. She told the group of Christians who were praying that Peter was there. They did not believe her at first, and told her she was out of her mind. When she kept insisting that it was Peter, they said, It is his Guardian angel angel . Yet Peter kept on knocking and eventually they opened the door for him. Amusingly, Peter s release from prison came as a result of the intervention of an angel who miraculously led the apostle out of his cell, passing guards and gates in the process, yet Peter was unable to gain entry through a front door because of the absent mindedness of a servant girl. Jaroslav Pelikan suggests that it is difficult not to smile when reading this little anecdote, ref Jaroslav Pelikan , Acts Grand Rapids Brazos, 2005 , 148. ref while F. F. Bruce says that the scene is full of vivid humour. ref F. F. Bruce , Commentary on the Book of the Acts Grand Rapids Eerdmans, 1964 , 251. ref References references New Testament people state collapsed Category New Testament people Category Book of Acts Category Women in the Bible Category Servants pt Rode B blia ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Martin

    Infobox sportsperson name Rhoda Martin image imagesize caption birth name fullname nickname nationality residence birth date August 31, 1919 birth place Montreal , Quebec , Canada death date death date and age 1998 7 3 1919 8 31 ref name Obit Obituaries , Sarasota Herald Tribune , July 4, 1998 ref death place Sarasota, Florida , United States height weight website country sport Fencing event collegeteam club team turnedpro coach retired coaching worlds regionals nationals olympics paralympics highestranking pb show medals yes Rhoda Evelyn Martin August 31, 1919 &ndash July 3, 1998 was a Canadian fencing fencer . She competed in the women s individual foil fencing foil event at the 1948 Summer Olympics . ref name sports reference cite web url http www.sports olympics athletes ma rhoda martin 1.html title Rhoda Martin Olympic Results accessdate 2010 06 12 work sports ref References reflist Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata Persondata NAME Martin, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Fencer DATE OF BIRTH August 31, 1919 PLACE OF BIRTH Montreal , Quebec , Canada DATE OF DEATH July 3, 1998 PLACE OF DEATH Sarasota, Florida , United States DEFAULTSORT Martin, Rhoda Category 1919 births Category 1998 deaths Category Canadian fencers Category Olympic fencers of Canada Category Fencers at the 1948 Summer Olympics Category Sportspeople from Montreal Category Women fencers Canada fencing bio stub ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Gemignani

    Rhoda Gemignani born October 21, 1940, in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania is an actress , primarily known for her role as Mrs. Rossini in in the United States American Situation comedy television sitcom Who s the Boss? . She also played in other sitcoms, including The Bob Newhart Show , The Jeffersons , Just Shoot Me , The Twilight Zone 1985 series The Twilight Zone , Family Album as Ruby DeMattis , Friends , Seinfeld , Full House , Kojak , The Mary Tyler Moore Show , NBC Special Treat , Walker, Texas Ranger and many others. She also played in the films Ghostbusters 1984 , Carlo s Wake 1999 , and The Man Who Wasn t There 2001 . External links Imdb name id 0312564 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gemignani, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH October 21, 1940 PLACE OF BIRTH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gemignani, Rhoda Category 1940 births Category Living people Category Actors from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Category American television actors Category American film actors ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Chase

    Orphan date October 2010 original research date October 2010 Image Rhoda Chase Close Up.jpg thumb right Rhoda Chase close up Rhoda Chase, n e Anna Blanor June 21, 1914 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania October 14, 1978 in Mexico City was The Blue Velvet Voice , a popular radio, stage, nightclub and USO blues singer. Background and childhood Rhoda Chase was born of well to do ref During the Coal Boom of the early part of the 20th century, Uniontown, Pennsylvania was home to at least 13 millionaires, the most per capita of any city in the United States . ref Russian ref Born in Saint Petersburg , the capital ... File Rhoda Chase at Major Bowes Show.jpg thumb left Rhoda Chase at Major Bowes Show Anna got her first .... Bowes promoted her as a penniless orphan and used her new stage name, Rhoda, selected by a psychic ... 2010 ref March of Time, Portland, Oregon, November 8, 1936. ref File Rhoda Chase with Major Bowes tour with Edgar J. Hoover.jpg thumb left Rhoda Chase with Major Bowes tour with Edgar J. Hoover Image Rhoda Chase and USO.jpg thumb right Rhoda Chase and the USO At the height of the The Great Depression ... the country simultaneously. Rhoda was amongst these chosen struggling acts who got their start with the Bowes ... on WABC. ref Henry Suarez, Presenting Rhoda Chase, Antena, Puerto Rico, August, 1944 ref One of the most ... New York Journal American, December 29, 1946 ref Rhoda received a Short Snorter Bill signed by 300 ... Cantinflas, Rhoda Chase, and Tin Tan.jpg thumb left Cantinflas, Rhoda Chase, and Tin Tan File Rhoda Chase at L Intime Mexico City.jpg thumb left Rhoda Chase at L Intime Mexico City File Rhoda Chase and Alfonso De la Barrera.jpg thumb Rhoda Chase and Alfonso De la Barrera Marriage and retirement On January ... in Mexico City . Rhoda is quoted as saying all I ever wanted was a family. Chase died of lung emphysema ... Chase, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Singer DATE OF BIRTH June 21, 1914 PLACE OF BIRTH ... Chase, Rhoda Category Articles created via the Article Wizard Category American blues singers Category ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Wise

    Rhoda Wise 1888 &ndash 7 July 1948 was an alleged United States U.S. Stigmata stigmatist from Canton, Ohio originally the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and now part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown Diocese of Youngstown . Her biography, Her Name Means Rose , was published by Eternal Word Television Network EWTN . Rhoda Wise has been associated with many miraculous healings, including the healing of Mother Angelica . ref name Hoopes cite journal last Hoopes first Tom authorlink coauthors year 2005 month December title Love Bears Fruit The Triumph of Mother Angelica journal Crisis Magazine url http december2005 hoopes.htm accessdate 2007 04 11 ref The Roman Catholic Church investigated Wise, but made no official decision concerning her experiences Fact date July 2007 . Although raised a Protestant , Rhoda was received into the Roman Catholic church after one of her stays at a Canton hospital, where a nun told her about the Rosary and Saint Th r se de Lisieux . Wise allegedly experienced her first apparition of Jesus on 28 May 1939 at her home in Canton, wherein he told her that he would come with Saint Therese on 28 June 1939. Wise was cured of her stomach cancer , which had been considered incurable and so she had been sent home to die Fact date June 2007 . On 15 August 1939, Saint Therese is said to miraculously heal Rhoda of a broken foot Fact date June 2007 . From 1939 to 1948, Wise allegedly experienced annual apparitions of Jesus and Saint Therese. Saint Therese would also visit Wise on 2 January, the saint s birthday, every year. Wise ... ref name Hoopes . Rhoda Wise died on 7 July 1948, which was then the Feast of Saints Cyril ... wise.htm American Saints http 2010 03 rhoda wise american mystic stigmatic.html Biography on Rhoda Wise Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Wise, Rhoda ... DATE OF DEATH 7 July 1948 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Wise, Rhoda Category 1888 births Category 1948 ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Grant

    Update date May 2011 Infobox MSP honorific prefix name Rhoda Grant br honorific suffix small Member of the Scottish Parliament MSP small image RhodaGrantMSPPortrait.jpg imagesize caption office Member of the Scottish Parliament br for Highlands and Islands Scottish Parliament electoral region Highlands and Islands parliament Scottish majority term start 3 May 2007 term end predecessor successor majority2 term start2 6 May 1999 term end2 1 May 2003 predecessor2 successor2 birth date Birth date and age 1963 06 26 df yes birth place Stornoway, Outer Hebrides Stornoway , Outer Hebrides death date death place birthname nationality party Scottish Labour Party spouse relations children residence alma mater Open University occupation profession cabinet committees religion signature website footnotes Rhoda Grant born 26 June 1963, Stornoway, Outer Hebrides Stornoway is a Scotland Scottish Scottish Labour Party Labour politician, and Member of the Scottish Parliament for Highlands and Islands Scottish Parliament electoral region Highlands and Islands region from 1999 to 2003 and since 2007. In the Scottish Parliament Election, 2003 2003 election she fought the Inverness East, Nairn and Lochaber Scottish Parliament constituency Inverness East, Nairn and Lochaber constituency but came second, and she lost her list seat to Eleanor Scott of the Scottish Green Party . In the Scottish Parliament Election, 2007 2007 election she won her list seat back as the Scottish Green Party s vote collapsed ... msp membersPages rhoda grant index.htm Rhoda Grant MSP biography at the Scottish Parliament website http Rhoda Grant website http fpb ... see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Grant, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION British politician ... OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Grant, Rhoda Category 1963 births Category Living people Category ... 2011 Category People educated at Plockton High School MSP stub de Rhoda Grant ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Truax

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Rhoda Truax Silberman October 28, 1901 June 29, 2000 was an United States American author . Born Rhoda Truax in New York City to Justice Charles Henry Truax of the New York State Supreme Court and his wife, Caroline Sanders, she was a graduate of the Horace Mann School and Barnard College in New York . Rhoda Truax wrote 12 novels & historical books, the best known being The Doctors Warren of Boston , published by Houghton Mifflin in 1968. She married twice, firstly to Dr. Robert Henry Aldrich of Boston in 1924 and later, to Henry R. Silberman, a businessman of Boston , in 1955. Truax had lived in Colorado Springs since 1992 and prior to that was a resident of Cambridge, MA for many decades. She was the sister of arts administrator and cookbook author and editor, Carol Truax . Selected published works Hospital , E.P. Dutton and Co, 1932 Doctors Carry the Keys , E.P. Dutton and Co, 1933 Barry Scott, M.D A novel , E.P. Dutton, 1935 The Accident Ward Mystery , Little, Brown and Co, Boston, 1937 Hardcover This Dynasty of Doctors , Bobbs Merrill Company Inc, Indianapolis, 1940 Green is the Golden Tree , Bobbs Merril, Indianapolis, 1943 Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister Joseph Lister , Father of Modern Surgery , Bobbs Merrill, Indianapolis and New York, 1944 The Doctors Jacobi , Little, Brown and Co, Boston, 1952 True Adventures of Doctors with Paul Galdone , Grosset and Dunlap, New York, 1954 Hardcover, illustrated With Equal Grace , Bobbs Merrill, Indianapolis, 1964 The Doctors Warren of Boston First Family of Surgery , Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1968 Hardcover Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Truax, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH October 28, 1901 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH June 29, 2000 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Truax, Rhoda Category 1901 births Category 2000 deaths Category American women writers Category Writers from New York City ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Island

    File Cairo, channel between Roda Island and Old Cairo, Egypt, Oct 2004.jpg thumb 200px Nile branch between Rhoda Island and Old Cairo . File Nilometer Rhoda Island Cairo June 1966.jpg thumb 200px The Rhoda Island Nilometer , and island in the Nile. Rhoda Island or Rawdah Island , Lang ar , Transl ar Gez ret er R dah and Al Manyal ar Rawdah Egyptian Arabic pronunciation , is an island located on the Nile in central Cairo . ref name touregypt http featurestories rawdah.htm Touregypt Rawdah Island accessed 02 28 2011 ref The El Manial District, and the Al Manyal Palace Museum and gardens, are located on the island. It is west of historic Old Cairo , across a small branch of the Nile. The island has one of the oldest Islamic buildings in Egypt, the Nilometer on its southern tip. ref name touregypt References Reflist External links Commons category Rawda Island http tawfig alimuseum.htm The Al Manyal Palace Museum and gardens de icon http de Kairo R C5 8D E1 B8 8Da R a on Wikivoyage .org Districts of Cairo cairo Coord 30 01 15 N 31 13 32 E display title region EG type city Category Islands of the Nile Category Islands of Egypt Egypt geo stub ar de Roda Kairo es Isla Roda arz sv Rhoda Kairo uk ...   more details

  1. Rhoda Coghill

    Rhoda Coghill 1903 2000 was an Irish poet, pianist and composer. She was born in Dublin and studied with Patricia Read in the Leinster School of Music. She continued her studies with Arthur Schnabel in Berlin . After completing her studies, she took a position as the accompanist of Radio ireann in 1939, where she remained until 1969. ref cite web url http composers composer.cfm?composerID 23 title Rhoda Coghill 1903 2000 accessdate 19 January 2011 ref ref cite book url http books?id IvoQQU1QL QC&pg PA125&dq Rhoda Coghill norton&hl en&ei pG02TYL3LsK78gaGpIjmAw&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 6&ved 0CEAQ6AEwBQ v onepage&q&f false title The Norton Grove dictionary of women composers format Digitized online by GoogleBooks first Julie Anne last Sadie first2 Rhian last2 Samuel year 1994 accessdate 19 January 2011 ref ref cite book title Out of what began a history of Irish poetry in English author Schirmer, Gregory A. year 1998 ref Works Selected works include Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking , for tenor solo, STAB and orchestra, 1923 Jenny Kissed Me for solo baritone and piano Parting for solo baritone and piano, 1941 Refuge for baritone solo and piano, 1941 When for baritone solo and piano, 1941 Among the Heather for baritone solo and piano, 1926 The Old Woman of the Roads for baritone solo and piano, 1926 ref cite web url http composers work.cfm?composerID 23 title Compositions by Date accessdate 19 January 2011 ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Coghill, Rhoda ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Composer DATE OF BIRTH 1903 PLACE OF BIRTH Dublin , Ireland DATE OF DEATH 2000 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Coghill, Rhoda Category 1903 births Category 2000 deaths Category 20th century classical composers Category Women classical composers Category Irish composers Category Irish poets Category Irish writers Category People from County Dublin ...   more details

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