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Polish (chicken)
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Encyclopedia results for Polish (chicken)

Polish (chicken)

Encyclopedia results for Polish (chicken)

  1. Polish (chicken)

    Other uses Polish disambiguation Infobox poultry breed name Polish image Polish Silver Lace.jpg image caption A Polish Silver Lace Chicken status altname Poland country Netherlands ref name Ekarius nickname Nickname these must be on one line with br separating them apa yes apagroup APA standards American, English, Continental, Asiatic, Mediterranean, Other breeds aba Recognized by the ABA yes, if no leave blank abagroup ABA standards Game, Single Comb and Clean Legged, Rose Comb and Clean Legged, All Other Combs and Clean Legged, Feather Legged extinct Yes if no leave blank maleweight convert 30 oz femaleweight convert 26 oz skincolor S Color eggcolor white,brown,green blue,blue,green comb Type The Polish Also called the Poland is a European breed of chicken known for its crest of feathers ... External links Commons category Polish chicken http Poultry CGP Polish BRKPolish.html Polish at feathersite http polandsrespublica.htm at Official website of the Polish Breeders Club http website in the UK http index.php Fancy poultry breeds Chickens Polish Fancy Chicken Breeds Polish Category Chicken breeds Category Chicken breeds originating in the Netherlands da Paduaner de Paduaner Huhn fr Padoue .... This limited vision can impact their temperament. ref http chicken breeds Polish B91.aspx Chicken Breeds , My Pet Chicken, accessed March 19, 2011. ref Polish chickens are bred primarily as a show bird, but were originally egg layers. Accordingly, Polish do not go broody ..., and roosters 6 pounds. Image Silverpolishchick.jpg thumb left Polish Silver Lace chick Approximate weight metric width 200 cellspacing 1 cellpadding 1 border 1 Bantam Variety Polish Rooster 680g 790 g Hen 510g 680 g Bearded Image Buff Laced Polish Chicken.jpg thumb right A buff laced Polish Golden ... bearded varieties Image White Crested Black Polish.jpg thumb White Crested Black Polish ref ...   more details

  1. Polish

    Wiktionary Polish polish Polish British English BrE IPAc en icon p l or American English AmE IPAc en icon p o l may refer to Anything from or related to Poland , a country in Europe Polish language Poles , people from Poland Polish chicken Polish cuisine Polish IPAc en icon p l may refer to Polishing , the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by rubbing or chemical action Nail polish Shoe polish See also Polonaise disambiguation Lookfrom Intitle Disambiguation an Polaco da Polsk de Polnisch es Polaco ia Polonese it Polacco ja pt Polaco simple Polish ...   more details

  1. Cr�vec?ur (chicken)

    Infobox poultry breed name Cr vec ur image Crevecoeur chicken.JPG image caption Cr vec ur male in foreground altname country France apa apagroup aba abagroup maleweight 3,5  kg femaleweight 2,5  kg skincolor eggcolor white comb otheruses2 Cr vec ur The Cr vec ur is a rare breed of chicken originating in France . Named after the town of Cr vec ur en Auge Cr vec ur in Normandy , it is one of the oldest French chicken breeds, and may be the progenitor of the La Fl che chicken La Fl che , Houdan , and Faverolles chicken Faverolles . They have uniformly black plumage, a V shaped Comb anatomy comb and large crests, similar in this last regard to the Houdan chicken Houdan and Polish chicken Polish breeds. Their legs are a dark blue gray. ref harv Ekarius 2007 pp 116 117 ref They were first kept in France as dual purpose chickens, valued for both their white eggs and meat. Abroad in the U.S. and the U.K., where consumers prefer table birds with light colored legs, Cr vec urs are primarily bred for Livestock show poultry exhibition . They were admitted in to the American Poultry Association s Standard of Perfection in 1874. Footnotes references See also List of chicken breeds References cite book title Storey s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds last Ekarius first Carol year 2007 publisher Storey Publishing location 210 MAS MoCA Way, North Adams MA 01247 isbn 978 1 58017 667 5 External links Commons cat Cr vec ur chicken http poultry chickens crevecoeur Cr vec ur at the University of Oklahoma Animal Science Dept. DEFAULTSORT Crevecour Chicken Category ALBC Conservation Priority Breeds Category Chicken breeds Category Chicken breeds originating in France poultry stub de Cr vec ur Huhn fr Poule de Cr vec ur hu Cr vec ur nl Cr ve Coeur ...   more details

  1. Chicken Ranch

    Chicken Ranch may refer to Chicken Ranch Texas , a former brothel in Texas Chicken Ranch Nevada , an operating brothel in Nevada Chicken Ranch film Chicken Ranch film , a 1983 documentary film about the brothel in Nevada disambiguation nl Chicken Ranch ...   more details

  1. Chicken Out

    wiktionary chicken out Chicken Out may refer to Chicken Out album Chicken Out album , a 1994 album by the Ziggens Chicken Out Rotisserie , a chain of fast food restaurants Chicken Out , a song by Gomez from Split the Difference disambig ...   more details

  1. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken may refer to Dixie Chicken bar , a famous bar in Texas Dixie Chicken album Dixie Chicken album , the third studio album by American rock band Little Feat disambig ...   more details

  1. Chicken rice

    Chicken rice may refer to Chicken Rice band Chicken Rice , a band from Taiwan Chicken Rice War , a film set in Singapore Hainanese chicken rice , a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia The Chicken Rice Shop Chicken Biryani Chikin raisu disambig ...   more details

  1. Chicken claw

    Chicken claw may refer to Chicken feet The Chicken sickles chicken claw sickle , a Chinese martial arts weapon Chicken Claw , a song by That Handsome Devil The chicken claw, a variation of the Cartesian skyscraper Wrinkle skin Wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes due to aging these may resemble a chicken s claw See also Crow foot disambiguation disambig ...   more details

  1. Chicken pie

    Orphan date May 2011 File Chicken Pie.JPG thumb A chicken pie with vegetables in Chicken Pie is a pie with Chicken food chicken meat in it. Basic Ingredients Chicken Gravy Pastry Main types of pastry Puff or Shortcrust Pastry Some choose to add vegetable s such as leeks or Chicken and mushroom pie mushrooms . See also Meat pie Category Chicken dishes Pie stub ...   more details

  1. Chicken (disambiguation)

    NOTOC wiktionary chicken Chicken is a type of domesticated bird. Chicken can also refer to Chicken food , the meat of the chicken bird Chicken game , a typical game studied in game theory An alternative name for the Asian Zodiac animal, the Rooster zodiac Rooster Chicken, Alaska , a city in the United States. Chicken Scheme implementation , an implementation of the Scheme programming language Entertainment The Chicken dance , a popular American rhythm and blues dance A character in the cartoon Cow and Chicken Chicken short film Chicken short film Chickens film Chickens film , a 1916 film starring Oliver Hardy The Chicken film , a 1965 short comedy film directed by Claude Berri The Chicken song by Alfred Pee Wee Ellis Chicken song , a song by The Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster Wilfred Chicken Smallhorn 1911 1988 , Australian rules footballer Dixie Chicken bar , a popular bar in College Station, Texas, also called The Chicken The San Diego Chicken , a San Diego based sports mascot, also called The Chicken Ernie the Giant Chicken , recurring character in Family Guy The Chicken football game , colloquial name for a 1946 college football game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers Chicken, the embodiment of the deity in God is a Big Happy Chicken , a short story in Beware of God by Shalom Auslander Chicken Dance , an oom pah song composed by Swiss accordion Handharmonika player Werner Thomas Slang A coward pejorative, derived perhaps from The Sky Is Falling fable The Sky Is Falling Chicken gay slang , a young or young appearing gay male Slack on a cable or rope stagehand slang A kilogram of cocaine See also lookfrom Chicken lookfrom The Chicken disambig de Chicken fr Chicken ko ja pt Chicken ...   more details

  1. Chicken Cannon

    Chicken Cannon may refer to The NASA Chicken Gun , a device used in aircraft testing The Chicken Cannon featured on the satirical Canadian television show Royal Canadian Air Farce disambig ...   more details

  1. Chicken fries

    Chicken fries are chicken nugget s shaped like french fries . Some different brands of chicken fries include KFC , Canada Introduced in 1997, pulled later that year. They were re introduced in August 2006 and were available until 27 September 2006. They returned in the summer of 2007 with cheese in the center, as Cheesy Chicken Fries . Burger King s BK Chicken Fries ref http newsemail.asp?key 267108 BK launches chicken fries ref Dwight Yoakam s Chicken Lickins s chicken fries ref http our products.htm Modern Food products ref Tyson Foods Tyson s Chicken Fries See also Chicken nugget References Reflist Use dmy dates date November 2010 DEFAULTSORT Chicken Fries Category Chicken dishes cuisine stub ...   more details

  1. Chicken Fat

    Chicken Fat can refer to Chicken fat , the fat from the animal. Chicken Fat , a 1961 song performed by Robert Preston actor Robert Preston to get schoolchildren to do more daily exercise. Chicken Fat album Chicken Fat album an album by Mel Brown Disambig ...   more details

  1. Chicken's Neck

    Chicken neck or chicken s neck may refer to The neck of a chicken Chicken s Neck India , formally the Siliguri Corridor, a narrow strip of Indian territory connecting the northeastern states to the rest of India Chicken s Neck Pakistan , a narrow strip of Pakistani territory that lies south of Akhnoor in Indian Jammu and Kashmir disamb ...   more details

  1. Houdan (chicken)

    to reach 8 lb. 3.6 kg , and females 6.5 lb. 3 kg . It also comes as a bantam chicken bantam . Weight ... of a Mottled Houdan female in the American Standard of Perfection List of chicken breeds References ... http index.php Fancy poultry breeds Chickens Houdan PoultyHub Fancy Chicken Breeds Houdan Chicken Category ALBC Conservation Priority Breeds Category Chicken breeds Category Chicken ...   more details

  1. Chicken Dance

    confuse The Chicken dance The Chicken Dance is an oom pah song and its associated fad dance is now a contemporary ... from Davos , Switzerland , in the 1950s. History Contradict date September 2010 Image Chicken dance ... Chicken dance 02 Ballard Seafood Fest 2007.jpg thumb left Up Image 2010Jun17 OzseekerABbyVernBarber.jpg thumb right Ozseeker the Clown doing the Chicken Dance at a Eau Claire Municipal Band Municipal ... , Baile de los Pajaritos, Chicken Dance, and Dance Little Bird . Over 140 versions of it are recorded ... anywhere near Tulsa. At a local television station, however, a chicken costume was available which was donated for use at the festival, giving the Chicken Dance its name. ref cite web url http ... Chicken Dance , the name had come about because an Austrian tour guide translated Bird Dance Dance Little Bird and other similar names, from German to English by calling it The Chicken Dance when ... produced by Group W Productions of San Francisco as The Chicken Dance and featured Wisconsin Orchestra ... Hadaway produced a version of the Chicken Dance which was released in United Kingdom Britain as an instrumental ... right thumb right Chicken Dance The Chicken Dance song is accompanied ..., shape a chicken beak with your hands. Open and close them four times, during the first four beats of the music. Make chicken wings with your arms. Flap your wings four times, during the next four beats of the music. Make a chicken s tail feathers with your arms and hands. Wiggle downwards ... Norwegian Fugledansen Portuguese Passarinhos a bailar Polish Kaczuszki, Kaczuchy Duckies Romanian Gaina ... The Bird Dance , although sometimes called Kycklingdansen The Chicken Dance . The English title Chicken ... Marshall of the World s Largest Chicken Dance. The U.S. cable television channel VH1 , in its compilation ... Metal history. The Chicken Dance is featured in Judson Laipply s Evolution of Dance . Simon Tedeschi ... the Chicken Dance continuously until 389 Tickets for the http CHEO Dream of a Lifetime ...   more details

  1. Jubilee chicken

    Jubilee chicken can refer to one of two chicken dishes created to celebrate the jubilees of different monarchs. The first version of Jubilee chicken was created for the silver jubilee of George V of the United Kingdom George V in 1935, and was based on mayonnaise and curry. This has largely now been superseded by coronation chicken . The second version of Jubilee chicken was created for Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II s Golden Jubilee in 2002. This version was radically different from coronation chicken and was highly publicised at the time as a modern evolution of coronation chicken. Jubilee chicken was distributed in hampers to guests at the concerts for the Golden Jubilee. In spite of both of these, its popularity has remained relatively limited compared to coronation chicken. Description Jubilee chicken is a cold dish consisting of pieces of chicken in a white coloured sauce dusted with parsley and lime segments. The sauce is a mixture of cr me fraiche and mayonnaise flavoured with lime and ginger the chicken is also marinated in a combination of lime and ginger before being mixed with the sauce. Jubilee chicken has a distinctive light, fresh taste. It is recommended to be served with pasta salad. Unlike coronation chicken, Jubilee chicken is not served as a sandwich filling. External links http web 20080205200851 http output Page1206.asp Official Recipe for Jubilee Chicken Category British cuisine Category Chicken dishes ...   more details

  1. Chicken skin

    Chicken skin can refer to the skin of a chicken keratosis pilaris , a condition commonly known as chicken skin goose bumps an anthology of ghost stories by Glen Grant historian Glen Grant disambig zh yue ...   more details

  1. Prairie Chicken

    Prairie Chicken refers to several bird s in the genus Tympanuchus Greater Prairie Chicken Tympanuchus cupido Attwater s Prairie Chicken Tympanuchus cupido attwateri Heath Hen Tympanuchus cupido cupido Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus Lesser Prairie Chicken disambig zh ...   more details

  1. Chicken War

    About Polish Chicken War the Chicken War of the 1960s Chicken Tax Image Hen War.PNG 366px thumb right Chicken War by Henryk Rodakowski Chicken War lang pl Wojna kokosza is the colloquial name for a 1537 anti Jagiellon dynasty royalist and anti Absolute monarchy absolutist rokosz rebellion by the Poland Polish nobility . The derisive name was coined by the magnate s , who for the most part supported the King and claimed that the war s only effect was the near extinction of the local chicken s by the nobles gathered for the rokosz at Lw w , in Ma opolska . The magnates choice of kokosz it actually means laying hen may have been inspired by a play on words between kokosz and the similar sounding rokosz . At the start of his reign, King Zygmunt I the Old inherited a Kingdom of Poland of the Jagiellons Kingdom of Poland with a century long tradition of liberties of the nobility , confirmed in numerous privilege s. Zygmunt faced the challenge of consolidating internal power to handle external threats to the country. During the rule of his predecessor, Alexander I of Poland Alexander I , the statute of Nihil novi had been instituted, effectively forbidding kings of Poland to promulgate laws without the consent of the Sejm Parliament . This proved crippling to Zygmunt s dealings with his nobles and magnates, as well as a serious threat to the country s stability. To strengthen his power, Zygmunt initiated a set of reforms, establishing a permanent conscription army in 1527 and extending the bureaucracy bureaucratic apparatus necessary to govern the state and finance the army. Supported by his Italian consort, Bona Sforza , he began buying up land to enlarge the royal treasury. He also initiated a process of restitution of royal properties, previously pawned or rented to the nobles. In 1537, however, the King s policies led to a major conflict. The nobility, gathered near Lw w ... in 1537 Category Polish rebellions Category History of Poland 1385 1569 cs Kohout v lka de H hnerkrieg ...   more details

  1. Chicken suit

    dicdef Notability date January 2010 Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 A chicken suit is a novelty costume that exaggerates the features of chicken s. Chicken suits usually fit someone up to 6 1 and 200  lbs. Image Chicken suit1.jpg thumb Chicken Suit A chicken suit can be used at party parties and other events or as a costume for mascot school mascots . Some chicken barbecue companies bring a chicken suit with them for members of the group for whom the barbecue is held to wear in order to advertise the event. Once, as a joke , European ice skater Oksana Baiul entered the ice skating rink wearing a chicken suit. For an episode of the MTV show Jackass TV series Jackass , skateboarder Tony Hawk drove through a looping ramp in a chicken suit. See also Costume mascot mask DEFAULTSORT Chicken Suit Category Costume design Clothing stub ...   more details

  1. Chicken fingers

    Infobox Prepared Food name Chicken fingers image Image Crispy Chicken Strips FotoosVanRobin.jpg 200px caption alternate name Chicken strips, chicken tenders, chicken toes, chicken fillets course Appetizer , Main meal served Hot main ingredient Chicken calories 250 kcal Chicken fingers also called chicken strips , chicken fillets , or chicken tenders ref Though, more specifically, the tenders are a particular part of the chicken breast called the tenderloin which has a single tendon running through it. ref is chicken food chicken meat that does not include any bones or skin. Chicken fingers are prepared by dipping chicken meat in a breading mixture and then deep frying them. ref http recipes ellie krieger crispy chicken fingers recipe Crispy Chicken Fingers Recipe , Ellie Krieger, Food Network ref Traditionally, chicken fingers are primarily white meat, made from the rib meat trimmed from the breast. Chicken fingers are served in many restaurants in the United States ... in. In the northeastern United States, chicken fingers are often made with an egg batter and have a smooth texture. This particular variety of chicken fingers, in this part of America, are often ...?t 408431 ref ref http article 320075 calories in chinese chicken fingers food ref ref http questions 8270 how can i make chinese chicken fingers like in the northeast ref ref http topic denver chinese chicken fingers ref ref http ... and sour Polynesian culture Polynesian sauce. These kind of chicken fingers are often served in a basket ... food wrap or on a bun . Chicken tenders are offered by various fast food chains like McDonald s Chicken Select Strips 1980 and Wendy s Homestyle Strips that were discontinued in 2008. They are also a common offering on children s menus in American restaurants. See also Sweet and sour chicken American Chinese cuisine Chicken nugget References Reflist Chicken meat stub Category American cuisine ...   more details

  1. Chicken Man

    Chicken Man may refer to Chicken Man theme tune Chicken Man , the original theme tune of the British TV series Grange Hill television Grange Hill from 1978 1990 and also the theme tune of Give Us a Clue Chicken Man, the stage name of Fred Staten , nightclub performer Chickenman radio series Chickenman radio series , a radio series from the 1960s Chicken Man , a song by the Indigo Girls from the album Rites of Passage Indigo Girls album Rites of Passage The Chicken Man, a recurring character in numerous Daniel Pinkwater books, such as Lizard Music Chicken Man, nickname of Philip Testa , boss of the Philadelphia mafia for a brief time Chicken Man , a song by Evelyn Evelyn on their eponymous album disambig ...   more details

  1. Statler chicken

    Multiple issues wikify February 2012 orphan February 2009 refimprove January 2008 Statler chicken is a food dish comprising a boneless chicken breast with the drumette attached. The name Statler originated from the Boston Hotel Statler, built in 1927 by E.M. Statler. ref name test http ae food articles 2005 11 02 statler chicken Statler chicken Retrieved 2010 12 01 ref This hotel is presently the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. A chicken dish stating it is Statler simply means it is a breast of chicken with the drumette still attached. It can be accompanied by any type of sauces or side dishes. This cut is also referred to as an Airline breast of chicken. Skin on breast with 1st wing joint and tenderloin attached, otherwise boneless. References references Category Chicken dishes meat stub ...   more details

  1. Funky chicken

    The funky chicken may refer to The Chicken dance The Chicken , a 1950s era American rhythm and blues dance, in which dancers flapped their arms and kicked back their feet in imitation of a chicken this is the original usage of the term The Chicken Dance , an oom pah song and its associated fad dance , originating in Swiss German German speaking Switzerland under the title Der Ententanz The Duck Dance and also known as Der Voege r ltanz The Little Bird ie Dance this usage of the term is currently more common Template Disambiguation ...   more details

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