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Encyclopedia results for Pingoat


Encyclopedia results for Pingoat

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    Orphan date February 2009 primarysources date April 2007 Image Pingoat logo.png thumb right Pingoat official logo Pingoat is a web service developed by http Kailash Nadh , that Ping blogging pings a number of blog ping servers like Technorati , using XML RPC . Currently, pingoat pings around sixty such services. Technical details Pingoat employs the XML RPC method for pinging the target servers. Unlike the traditional pinging, pinging a weblog service is different. An XML RPC ping is usually a string in the xml format, which holds the data to be delivered. When it comes to blog pinging, the method is employed, along with other custom methods. Pingoat also supports on the fly generation of Google sitemaps with simultaneous upload to ftp server and ping Google. See also Technorati Ping blogging References div class references small http pingoat blog pinging service 2344 Search Engine Blog pinging service http software blogging fast and easy pings with pingoat 129833.php Lifehacker Fast and easy pings with Pingoat See http wiki Wikipedia Footnotes for an explanation of how to generate footnotes using the ref erences tags references div External links http Pingoat website http goatlog The Pingoat weblog Blog topics Category Blogs internet stub ...   more details

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