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Encyclopedia results for PLAXIS 2D


Encyclopedia results for PLAXIS 2D

  1. 2D

    2D or II D may refer to Wiktionary 2d 2D, two dimensional space 2D geometric model 2D computer graphics 2D Gorillaz , a member of the virtual band Gorillaz Oflag II D Stalag II D Transcription factor II D Barcode s and 2D barcodes a.k.a. 2D codes Two Dickinson Street Co op , a student dining cooperative at Princeton University 2D animation, or traditional animation See also D2 disambiguation Letter NumberCombDisambig da 2D flertydig de 2 D et 2D it 2D ja 2D pt 2D ru 2D ...   more details

  1. 2d Or Not 2d Animation Festival

    Convention name 2D Or Not 2D Animation Festival image caption status Active genre animation venue Pacific ... Animaticus Foundation filing attendance website http The 2D Or Not 2D Animation ... dedicated to the preservation, education and evolution of traditional 2D animation. The foundation acts to allow survival of 2D animation through education and high level production, and through allowing ... master animators. Festivals Past Festivals 2009 On the 5th of December 2009, the fourth annual 2D Or Not 2D was held in the Eames Imax Theater at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle , Washington. ref name 2dornot2d1 2008 On the 14th 15 November 2008, the third annual 2D Or Not 2D was held in the Boeing ... On the 2nd 3 November 2007, the second annual 2D Or Not 2D was held in the Everett Theater in Everett ... 2006, the first annual 2D Or Not 2D was held in the Everett Theater in Everett, Washington. ref name ... name psc cite web url http animationfest title 2D Or Not 2D Animation Festival publisher ...?article id 5985 title 2D Or Not 2D, That is the Festival last Ball first Ryan date 5 October ... cite web url http news awards 2d or not 2d festival announces winners title 2D or Not 2D ... 2d Or Not 2d Animation Festival accessdate 1 March 2010 ref ref name 2dornot2d2 cite web url http ... welcome date 19 November 2008 publisher 2d Or Not 2d Animation Festival accessdate 1 March 2010 ... animaticus foundation launches 2d or not 2d festival title Tony White s New Book Debuts, Animaticus Foundation Launches 2D or Not 2D Festival last Liu first Ed date 20 August 2006 publisher Toon Zone accessdate 25 February 2010 ref references External links http 2D Or Not 2D Official website http animationfest 2D Or Not 2D Animation Festival Pacific Science Center ... http dev old brew festival report 2d or not 2d Festival Report 2006 Cartoon Brew http 2006 11 2d or not 2d is that question.html 2d or not 2d Is that a question ...   more details

  1. Quartz 2D

    Mac OS X Graphics Model logo Image Quartz2D.png Quartz 2D 96px Quartz 2D is the primary two dimensional graphics rendering API for Mac OS X , part of the Core Graphics framework. Overview Quartz 2D is available to all Mac OS X application environments, and provides resolution independent and device independent ... 2D Programming Guide url https library mac documentation GraphicsImaging Conceptual ... 2D Quartz 2D expands the drawing functions associated with QuickDraw . The most notable difference is that Quartz 2D eliminates output device and resolution specificity. The drawing model utilized by Quartz 2D is based on PDF specification 1.4. ref cite web title Apple Developer Graphics & Imaging ... ref However, drawing output is not sent directly to the output device. Quartz 2D uses graphics contexts ... are the mechanism by which Quartz 2D employs resolution and device independence. For example ... Quartz 2D is similar to NeXT s Display PostScript in its use of contexts. It first appeared as the 2D ... 2.html accessdate 2007 01 25 ref Presently, the name Quartz 2D more precisely defines the 2D rendering ... framework or just its 2D renderer. Presently, Quartz technologies can describe all of the rendering ... OS X 10.4, QuickDraw rendering outperformed that of Quartz 2D. Mac OS X 10.4 rectified this, substantially increasing the standard rendering performance of Quartz 2D. Mac OS X 10.4 also introduced Quartz 2D Extreme optional graphics processor GPU acceleration for Quartz 2D, although it is not an officially supported feature. Quartz 2D Extreme is disabled by default in Mac OS X 10.4 because it may ... ref In Mac OS X 10.5, Quartz 2D Extreme was renamed QuartzGL. References reflist See also Quartz graphics ... Introduction to Quartz 2D Programming Guide &ndash developer documentation from Apple http pub a mac 2004 09 28 quartz.html Introduction to Quartz 2D for QuickDraw ... Category Mac OS X APIs fr Quartz 2D it Quartz 2D ja Quartz 2D ru Quartz 2D zh Quartz 2D ...   more details

  1. TableCurve 2D

    Orphan date September 2008 Infobox Software name TableCurve 2D logo screenshot caption developer Systat Software Inc. latest release version 5.0.1 latest release date 2007 operating system Microsoft Windows Windows genre 2D linear and non linear curve fitting software license Proprietary software proprietary website http products SigmaPlot SYSTAT TableCurve 2D is a linear and non linear Curve fitting software package for engineers and scientists that automates the curve fitting process and in a single processing step instantly fits and ranks 3,600 built in frequently encountered equations enabling users to easily find the ideal model to their 2D data within seconds. Once the user has selected the best fit equation, they can output high quality function and test programming codes or generate comprehensive reports and publication quality graphs. TableCurve 2D was originally developed by Ron Brown of AISN Software. The first version of TableCurve 2D was released in 1989. The first version was a DOS product. The first Microsoft Windows Windows based product was introduced in the last quarter of 1992. It was distributed by http p articles mi m0EIN is 1996 Oct 8 ai 18742814 Jandel Scientific Software in the late 1980 s but by January 2004, Systat Software acquired the exclusive worldwide rights from SPSS , Inc. to distribute SigmaPlot and other Sigma Series products. Systat Software is now based in San Jose, California. TableCurve 2D saves time by taking the endless trial and error out of curve fitting and that can help solve complex science and engineering problems faster. External links http Systat Webpage http products TableCurve2D resources ?sec 1014 TableCurve 2D Support Webpage Category Plotting software Category Regression and curve fitting software science software stub ...   more details

  1. 2D (Gorillaz)

    alias 2D, Stu Pot, 2 dent, Faceache By Murdoc , Tusschunk & D By Russel , Toochi By Noodle birth date ... known by his stage name 2 D , also simply spelled as 2D , is a member of the British virtual band ... the hiatus, 2D went to work on his father s funfair in Eastbourne. He used to collect money for a ride ... good friends. By the time they met, 2D adopted a teddy boy style and used to stroll the city ... after he realised he was responsible for the Gorillaz success. After the El Ma ana conspiracy, 2D ... to an official mail out from 31 October 2007, Murdoc says that 2D is away on a vacation at a Jamaican beach. On 13 November, however, the D Sides text in the G Shop stated that 2D was currently completing a law degree. Murdoc has revealed that he has kidnapped 2D and is holding him against his will on Plastic Beach, enlisting 2D s vocal talents for use on the third Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach . It was revealed through various media on the trailer in which this kidnapping was revealed that 2D ... website http it was recently stated by 2D, in the Plastic Beach adventure game, ref http plasticbeach intro ref that Murdoc kindly had 2D gassed and shipped to Plastic Beach ... and forcing them to be on the album. Throughout a recent interview, Gorillaz iTunes Session , 2D ... subject for 2D. quote I only really joined the band to make music, and now, I m being held captive ... to me implied to viewers that 2D misses Noodle, and could be classed as a misleading pairing between the two. During the Escape to Plastic beach World Tour, 2D wrote his Gorillaz album The Fall Gorillaz ... of the band at 212 Wobble Street, London. Role as musician 2D has a twofold role in Gorillaz ... Gorillaz Noodle . In most cases, 2D s singing voice is much lower than his warbly speaking ... Inc. 2D apparently has had some influence in the lyric writing process as evidenced by the credits ... negligible . Apparently Murdoc has had Damon Albarn teach 2D from time to time to sing better than ...   more details

  1. Fengyun 2D

    Unreferenced date December 2006 orphan date November 2009 Fengyun 2D is a Chinese made weather satellite. It is fifth satellite of the Fengyun 2 series. The satellite was launched on a Long March 3A rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Center on December 8, 2006 at 08 53 China Standard Time CST . It entered an orbit of 202x36,525  km at 09 17 CST. Plans call for it to be positioned at 80.595 E above equator. DEFAULTSORT Fengyun 2d Category Artificial satellites orbiting Earth Category Chinese space program China spacecraft stub pt Fengyun 2D ...   more details

  1. 2D Love

    Disputed date August 2011 Expert subject Japan article category date August 2011 2D Love is a concept heavily attached to the Otaku and Moe slang Moe subcultures of anime and manga culture. The concept involves a person partaking in a relationship with a fictional character. To the person in question, this relationship is just as important and serious as any other relationship. The relationship can be platonic or romantic, and may or may not be sexual. While the term waifu is not exclusive to 2D love, a person experiencing 2D love may refer to their object of affection as their waifu. In the japanese otaku language, the term Nihongo ore no yome , lit. my bride , has a similar meaning. The Relationship Category Anime and manga terminology ...   more details

  1. Astra 2D

    Infobox spacecraft Name Astra 2D Organisation SES S.A. SES Launch 19 December 2000 Mass 1420  kg launch br 824  kg operational Major Contractors Boeing Satellite Systems Hughes Bus HS 376 Carrier Rocket Ariane 5 br s n V138 Mission Duration 12 years ref http 4233325 news 1999 4426264 ref Orbit regime Geostationary orbit Geostationary Transponder Capacity 16 Ku band Twta output power ... Astra 2D is one of the Astra satellites Astra communications satellite s owned and operated by SES S.A. ... 2A and Astra 2B at 28.2 E, where it has remained for its active life. As of February 2012, Astra 2D ... astra2d.html Astra 2D at 28.2 E on Accessed March 2, 2012 ref In Service While active, most of Astra 2D s transponders were used to provide television channels available on the Sky Digital ... and so could still access Freesat from outside the UK. Some channels on 2D are encrypted with Videoguard ... of its domestic television channels including BBC HD and the regional variations from the Astra 2D ... the Astra 2D satellite. All ITV channels have been free to air from 1 November 2005, although some regions reverted to Free To View encryption in 2008 when their lease on one 2D transponder could not be renewed ... time on Astra 2D, using borrowed space on a BBC transponders, allowing the channel to join ... years, Astra 2D was expected to leave regular operational service towards the end of 2012 or the beginning ... 2011, was initially positioned at Astra 28.2 E 28.2 E to temporarily replace Astra 2D until ... testing in October and November. Channels on Astra 2D started to transfer to Astra 1N in December ... over the next two months. On February 24, 2012 the last remaining channels on Astra 2D the BBC ... Astra 2D Ku band UK Ireland Beam http how to receive astra index.php SES guide to receiving ... Astra 2d Category Communications satellites in geostationary orbit Category 2000 in Luxembourg Category 2000 in spaceflight de Astra 2D sv Astra 2D uk Astra 2D ...   more details

  1. Movimiento 2D

    The Movimiento 2D 2D Movement , M2D or simply 2D is a Venezuela n opposition movement led by El Nacional Caracas El Nacional editor and proprietor Miguel Henrique Otero . 2D, founded by Otero in late 2007 in the run up to the Venezuelan constitutional referendum, 2007 , ref es El Nuevo Herald , 10 January 2008, http 2008 10 01 294942 denuncian gobierno de facto en.html Denuncian gobierno de facto en Venezuela ref includes a number of prominent Venezuelans besides Otero, including former foreign minister Sim n Alberto Consalvi , who served under both Jaime Lusinchi and Carlos Andr s P rez . ref Movimiento 2D, http nosotros.php Nosotros ref The name of the movement refers to 2 December, ref name YVKE es YVKE, 22 September 2008, http yvke noticia.php?12125 Movimiento 2D contin a conspirando contra Constituci n venezolana ref being the date of the Venezuelan presidential election, 2012 . ref The presidential election is held on the first Sunday in December of the year the election falls due. ref In February 2010 M2D announced it would support the opposition electoral coalition Mesa de la Unidad Democr tica in the Venezuelan parliamentary election, 2010 September 2010 parliamentary election . ref es El Nacional Caracas El Nacional , 26 February 2010, http el www site p contenido.php?q nodo 124882 Nacional Movimiento 2D apoyar C3 A1 a Mesa de la Unidad para comicios del 26 S Movimiento 2D apoyar a Mesa de la Unidad para comicios del 26 S ref In a 2D press conference opposing the Venezuelan constitutional ...?id 77564 Patrick J. O Donoghue s news and views from Venezuela February 10, 2009 ref and 2D s Pablo ... 2009, http readnews.asp?id 77471 Movimiento 2D s Pablo Medina Venezuela is about ... offices was approved. In June 2010 2D criticised the government takeover of Banco Federal . ref El ... links http Movimiento 2D Venezuela stub Category Politics of Venezuela ...   more details

  1. 2D Key

    A 2D key is a special type of password input method proposed by Kok Wah Lee since year 2005, that is input in a special grid, instead of a single line. This enables the user to create memorizable or mnemonic but long passwords, such as ASCII art , allowing extreme security. Category Password authentication computer security stub ...   more details

  1. Java 2D

    In computing , Java 2D is an API for drawing two dimensional Computer graphics graphics using the Java programming language Java programming language . Every Java 2D drawing operation can ultimately be treated as filling a shape using a paint and compositing the result onto the Computer display screen . Organization The Java 2D API and its documentation are available for download as a part of JDK 6. Java 2D API classes are organised into the following packages in JDK 6 Javadoc SE package java.awt java awt The main package for the Java Abstract Window Toolkit . Javadoc SE package java.awt.geom java awt geom The Java standard library of two dimensional geometric shapes such as lines, ellipses, and quadrilaterals ... for writing to paper. Basic Concepts These objects are a necessary part of every Java 2D drawing operation. Shapes A shape in Java 2D is a boundary which defines an inside and an outside. Pixel ... their duties in terms of the simpler objects described above. Transform Every Java 2D operation ... and then filling that shape. Stroke In addition to the fill operation, Java 2D provides a draw operation ... 2D implements the outline rules described above, but a custom written stroke could produce any shape it wished. Optimizations Conceptually, drawing a straight black line in Java 2D can be thought ... inefficient. Java 2D therefore optimizes common drawing operations so that many of these steps can .... Java 2D performs the minimum amount of work necessary to make it seem as if it is performing all of these steps ..., or even an object which accepts Java 2D graphics commands and translates them into vector graphics ... javase 6 docs technotes guides 2d Java 2D Landing page at Oracle Corporation Oracle . http docs books tutorial 2d index.html Java 2D Tutorial at Oracle Corporation Oracle . See also Java 3D Java Class Library Java applet Category Java platform 2D Category Java APIs Category Graphics libraries ca Java 2D de Java 2D es Java 2D fr Java2D nl Java2D ja Java 2D pl Java2D tr Java 2D ...   more details

  1. 2D geometric model

    A 2D geometric model is a geometric model of an object as two dimensional figure, usually on the Euclidean plane Euclidean or Cartesian plane . Even though all material objects are three dimensional, a 2D geometric model is often adequate for certain flat objects, such as paper cut outs and machine parts made of sheet metal . 2D geometric models are also convenient for describing certain types of artificial image s, such as technical diagram s, logo s, the glyph s of a Typeface font , etc. They are an essential tool of 2D computer graphics and often used as components of Three dimensional space 3D geometric models, e.g. to describe the decal s to be applied to a automobile car model. 2D geometric modeling techniques simple geometry geometric shape s boundary representation Boolean operation s See also computational geometry digital image Category Euclidean plane geometry Elementary geometry stub ...   more details

  1. 2D plus Delta

    2D Plus Delta AKA 2D Delta is a standards listed methodology as part of MPEG2 , and MPEG4 , specifically on the H.264 implementation of Multiview Video Coding extension. This technology originally started as a proprietary method for Stereoscopic Video Coding and content deployment that utilizes the Left or Right channel as the 2D version and the optimized difference or disparity Delta between that image channel view and a second eye image view is injected into the videostream as user data, secondary stream, independent stream, enhancement layer or NALu for deployment. The Delta data can be either a spatial stereo disparity, temporal predictive, bidirectional or optimized motion compensation . The technology was originally filed for protection World Wide via WIPO in 2003, submitted the patent statements to ISO in 2007 and listed as part of the MVC standard in 2008 and is now considered as an Open Standard available for licensing and usage under a world wide, non discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions. The Multiview Video Coding MVC initiative was started in June 2006. The resulting videostream has the following characteristics Citation needed date May 2011 Contains the full information to reconstruct the Left and Right stereoscopic views in full resolution per eye Requires an additional average bandwidth ranging from 30 to 60 regarding a 2D only stream depending on the encoding implementation Can be deployed over existing pipelines, starting from 16Mbits s for 1080p 60fps per eye One single videostream services both 3D viewers and 2D Legacy users Can be seamlessly decoded by 2D legacy decoders in full 2D HD without the need of any change or additional hardware 2D Plus Delta has been listed at ISO ITU IEC MPEG2 MPEG4 MVC initiatives. MPEG4 ISO IEC 14496 10 2009 MPEG4 ISO IEC 14496 10 2008 07 MPEG4 ISO IEC 14496 10 2008 FDAmd 1 01 MPEG4 ISO IEC 14496 ... Videostream Coding 2D Delta Multiview Video Coding MVC and 2D plus depth See also 2D plus depth ...   more details

  1. Long March 2D

    Category Long March rocket family fr Longue Marche 2D pl Chang Zheng 2D ru 2D sv Chang Zheng 2D zh ...   more details

  1. 2d Fighter Squadron

    Use dmy dates date March 2012 Infobox military unit unit name 2d Fighter Squadron image File 2 FS.jpg 200px caption 2d Fighter Squadron Patch dates 15 January 1941 7 November 1945 br 9 November 1946 31 ... File 2d Fighter Squadron F 15s Tyndall AFB.jpg thumb F 15s from the 2nd Fighter Squadron conduct a four ship formation over Tyndall Air Force Base. File 2d fighter interceptor squadron ADC.png thumb 150px 2d FIS Air Defense Command File 2d Fighter Interceptor Squadron 2 F 106 takeoff.jpg thumb 2 F 106s taking off, Wurtsmith AFB File 2d Fighter Interceptor Squadron F 106 58 0763.jpg thumb F 106 58 0783, taken about 1970 File 2d Fighter Interceptor Squadron Convair F 102A 50 CO Delta Dagger 55 3461.jpg ... to Turkish Air Force File 2d Fighter Interceptor Squadron North American F 86D 35 NA Sabre 51 ..., 1955 File 2d Fighter Interceptor Squadron Lockheed F 94A 5 LO 49 2548 1952.jpg thumb Lockheed F 94A 5 LO 49 2548 being Refueled at McGuire AFB in 1952 File 2d Fighter Squadron All Weather Northrop P 61B 10 NO Black Widow 42 39556.jpg thumb 2d Fighter Squadron All Weather Northrop P 61B 10 NO Black ..., Oklahoma. The 2d Fighter Squadron 2 FS is an inactive United States Air Force Unit. It was last part ... the 2d Pursuit Squadron on 20 November 1940, the squadron was activated on 15 January 1941. It served ... Wright Curtis P 40 Warhawk and Bell Aircraft Bell P 39 Airacobra . The 2d also flew combat ... , Germany. Returning to Mitchell Field , New York , the squadron was designated the 2d Fighter Squadron and flew the Northrop Corporation Northrop P 61 Black Widow . In 1949, the 2d was moved to McGuire ... 82 Twin Mustang . ref name In 1950, the 2 FS became the 2d Fighter All Weather Squadron ... was redesignated the 2d Fighter Interceptor Squadron and began flying the Republic Aviation Republic ... 31 March 1973. In August 1974, the squadron was reactivated and designated the 2d Fighter Interceptor ... the 2d Fighter Weapons Squadron, and it had the privilege of training the last active duty F 106 pilots ...   more details

  1. 2d Reconnaissance Group

    Use dmy dates date May 2011 Infobox military unit unit name 2d Reconnaissance Group image File 2d Reconnaissance Group World War II.png 250px caption Emblem of the 2d Reconnaissance Group dates 1942 1944 country United States allegiance branch United States Army Air Force type role size command structure current commander garrison ceremonial chief colonel of the regiment nickname patron motto colors march mascot battles notable commanders anniversaries decorations battle honours The 2d Reconnaissance Group is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the Third Air Force , being stationed at Will Rogers Field , Oklahoma . It was inactivated on 1 May 1944. The unit was active during World War II as a reconnaissance and mapping training unit, initially being assigned to Second Air Force, then to Third Air Force in October 1943. The group also trained crews and occasionally provided personnel to help man new groups and squadrons. Aircraft included B 17 s, B 24 s, B 25 s, L 4 s, L 5 s, P 38 s, and A 20 s. History Lineage Constituted as 2d Photographic Group on 1 May 1942 Activated on 7 May 1942 Redesignated 2d Photographic Reconnaissance and Mapping Group in May 1943 Redesignated 2d Photographic Reconnaissance Group in August 1943 Disbanded on 1 May 1944 Assignments II Air Support Command , 7 May 1942 III Air Support Command , 7 October 1943 1 May 1944 Components 6th Photographic Squadron 1942 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron 1942 1944 10th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron 1942 1944 11th Combat Mapping Squadron 11th formerly 5th Combat Mapping Squadron 1942 1944 29th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron 1943 1944. Stations Bradley International Airport Bradley Field , Connecticut , 7 May 1942 Colorado Springs Army Air Base , Colorado , c. 13 May 1942 Will Rogers Field , Oklahoma , c. 7 October 1943 1 May 1944. References Portal box United ... 092 4. External links USAAF 3d Air Force World War II USAAF 2d Air Force World War II DEFAULTSORT 0002 ...   more details

  1. List of 2D animation software

    Software packages for production of two dimensional animation include Expand list date February 2011 Adobe Flash Professional Ajax Animator Anime Studio http crazytalk CrazyTalk Animator CTP Pro http CelAction 2D DigiCel Flipbook KToon Microsoft Silverlight Open Dialect Pencil software Pencil Pivot Stickfigure Animator Plastic Animation Paper http RETAS Stickman & Elemento http SVGDreams PHP animation library http Synfig Tisfat Toon Boom Animation Toon Boom TVPaint Toonz See also List of 3D animation software Category Animation Category Lists of software 2D animation ...   more details

  1. 2d Bomb Wing

    Infobox military unit unit name 2d Bomb Wing image Image 2d Bomb Wing.png 250px caption 2d Bomb Wing ... John Dale Ryan Image Barksdale b52 emblem.jpg thumb B 52H bomber at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana The 2d ... 2d Operations Group is a successor organization to the 2d Bombardment Group , which was one of the 15 ... wing of Strategic Air Command s heavy bomber deterrent force throughout the Cold War . The 2d ... the heritage of its motto Libertatem Defendimus Liberty We Defend. 2d Maintenance Group 2d Maintenance Squadron 2d Maintenance Operations Squadron 2d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 2d Munitions Squadron 2d Medical Group 2d Operations Group 2d Operations Support Squadron Posse 11th Bomb Squadron 20th Bomb Squadron Buccaneers 96th Bomb Squadron The Devil s Own 2d Mission Support Group 2d Contracting Squadron 2d Communications Squadron 2d Civil Engineer Squadron 2d Logistics Readiness Squadron 2d Mission Support Squadron 2d Security Forces Squadron 2d Services Squadron History See 2d Operations ... Bomb B 29 Era .gif thumb left 125px 2 BW 1950s insignia The 2d Bombardment Wing was activated ... 2d Bombardment Group being attached to the 43rd Bombardment Wing at Davis Monthan AFB , Arizona . At the time ... headquarters was activated at Chatam, with the 2d Bomb Wing assuming the assets of the 307th Bombardment Group which had been deployed to the base from MacDill AFB , Florida and the assets of the 2d ... be stationed in the area. This arrangement was agreed to and on 29 September 1950, the 2d Bomb Wing ... at Davis Monthan AFB . The 2d Bombardment Wing would be moved, and Hunter AFB was reassigned to Military ... thumb left 125px Emblem of the 4238th Strategic Wing The 2d Bombardment Wing was moved to Barksdale ... which could carry a lineage and history. With the move to Barksdale, the 2d Bomb Wing absorbed the assets ..., and component support units were also redesignated to the 2d numerical designation of the newly ... into the spotlight again with their efforts to liberate Kuwait. The 2d Bomb Wing flew what was then the longest ...   more details

  1. 2d Air Refueling Squadron

    Infobox Military Unit unit name 2d Air Refueling Squadron image File 2d Air Refueling Squadron.jpg 200 px caption 2d Air Refueling Squadron Patch dates 1 December 1915 18 November 1918 br 5 June 1919 2 ... thumb KC 10 on display at RAF Fairford File 2d Air Refueling Squadron SAC Patch.png thumb 200px Emblem of the SAC 2d Air Refueling Squadron 1950s The 2d Air Refueling Squadron ... for a second company were assembled and the unit was redesignated the 2d Aero Squadron on 20 July ... on 18 November 1918. A new 2d Aero Squadron was organized on 5 June 1919 at Rockwell ... March 1920 and consolidated with the original 2d Aero Squadron in 1924 as a light observation squadron ... at Davis Monthan AFB , Arizona . It moved to Georgia in 1950 along with the 2d Bombardment Group later ..., supporting the B 47E Stratojet s of the 2d Bombardment Wing until inactivated in Apr 1963 with the move of SAC out of Hunter AFB . On 19 Sep 1985 the 2d Air Refueling Squadron was consolidated with the 2d ... Unit will retain the Designation of 2d Air Refueling Squadron, Heavy The squadron was reactivated ... 2011 03 22 ref Lineage Organized as the 1st Company, 2d Aero Squadron on 1 Dec 1915 Redesignated the 2d ... Reconstituted and consolidated 8 Apr 1924 with the 2d Observation Squadron, which was organized as the 2d Aero Squadron Observation on 5 Jun 1919 Redesignated the 2d Squadron on 14 Mar 1921 Redesignated the 2d Observation Squadron on 25 Jan 1923 Redesignated the 2d Observation Squadron Medium on 26 Feb 1942 Inactivated on 2 Apr 1946 Consolidated 19 Sep 1985 with the 2d Air Refueling Squadron, Medium ... Apr 1963 Redesignated the 2d Air Refueling Squadron, Heavy on 19 Sep 1985 Activated on 3 Jan 1989 Redesignated 2d Air Refueling Squadron on 1 Sep 1991. Assignments Unknown, 1 Dec 1915 Feb 1916 Philippine ... Group , 10 Mar 1920 Fifth Air Force Far East later, Fifth Air Force , 28 Oct 1941 2 Apr 1946 2d Bombardment Group , 1 Jan 1949 Attached to 2d Bombardment Wing , 10 Feb 1951 15 Jun 1952 2d Bombardment ...   more details

  1. 2d Troop Carrier Squadron

    Use dmy dates date May 2011 Infobox military unit unit name 2d Troop Carrier Squadron image File 2d Reconnaissance Squadron World War II .png 250px caption Emblem of the 2d Reconnaissance Squadron World War II dates 1941 1953 country United States allegiance branch United States Air Force type Troop Carrier br Reconnaissance Mapping role size command structure current commander garrison ceremonial chief colonel of the regiment nickname patron motto colors march mascot battles notable commanders anniversaries decorations battle honours The 2d Troop Carrier Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the 65th Troop Carrier Group . It was inactivated at Mitchel Air Force Base , New York on 1 April 1953. History Established under the 1st Photographic Group in May 1941. Performed aerial mapping primarily over the northwestern United States prior to the Pearl Harbor Attack using P 39 Aircobra sub variants F 2 which were equipped for the ground attack and reconnaissance roles. After the United States entry into World War II, flew aerial mapping missions over Western Canada and the Alaska Territory , mapping uncharted territory to support the building of the Alaska Highway . Deployed to South America in 1942 1943 mapping locations in British Guiana and Brazil for locations of emergency airfields as part of the development of the South Atlantic Transport ... due to budget reductions. Lineage Constituted 2d Photographic Squadron on 15 May 1941 Activated on 10 June 1941 Redesignated 2d Mapping Squadron on 13 January 1942 Redesignated 2d Photographic Mapping Squadron on 9 June 1942 Redesignated 2d Photographic Charting Squadron on 11 August 1943 Redesignated 2d Reconnaissance Squadron Long Range, Photographic on 15 June 1945 Redesignated 2d Reconnaissance ... 2d Reconnaissance Squadron Photographic on 11 March 1947 Activated in the reserve on 6 October 1947 Inactivated on 27 June 1949 Redesignated 2d Troop Carrier Squadron Medium on 26 May 1952 Activated ...   more details

  1. 2d Operations Group

    Use dmy dates date May 2011 Infobox military unit unit name 2d Operations Group image File 2doperationsgroup ... thumb Boeing B 52H 140 BW Stratofortress 60 014 taking off for the aircraft s 50th Anniversary The 2d Operations Group 2 OG is the flying component of the United States Air Force 2d Bomb Wing , assigned ... capability The group is a successor organization to 2d Bombardment Group , one of the 15 original ... bases in North Africa and Italy flying B 17 Flying Fortress . In the postwar era, the 2d Bombardment ... Deputate organization and assigned all of the groups squadrons directly to the wing. Reactivated as the 2d Operations Group in 1991 when the 2d Bomb Wing adopted the USAF Objective organization plan. Components The 2 OG Tail Code LA consists of the following squadrons 2d Operations Support Squadron ... stripe History See 2d Bomb Wing for additional history and lineage information World War I File USAAC Roundel.svg left 50px The history of the 2d Bomb Wing is nearly as old as that of American air power ..., the 1st Day Bombardment Group was re designated the 2d Group Bombardment , and on 25 January 1923, as the 2d Bombardment Group. From 13 to 21 July 1921, the 2d Group s four bombardment squadrons were ... another test of aircraft bombardment efficiency. On 1 July 1922, the 2d Bomb Group relocated to Langley ... exercise. On 6 December 1939, the group was redesignated the 2d Bombardment Group Heavy . World War II Image Wing 0002nd Bomb B 29 Era .gif thumb left 125px Emblem of the 2d Bomb Group File Boeing B 17G 2 BG dropping bombs.jpg thumb A B 17G of the 96th BS, 2d BG, dropping its bombs. File 2dbg b 17s Amendola Takeoff 1944.jpg thumb 2d Bombardment Group B 17s form up and begin their climb to altitude ... entered World War II. In October 1942 was redesignated as 2d Bombardment Group Heavy and earmarked ... to Cut Bank. This was the third and final phase of training. The 2d Bomb Group and squadrons left ... was to Terranova, Sardinia. The 2d Bomb Group departed Chateau D un after flying 25 missions and arrived ...   more details

  1. 2D to 3D conversion

    2D to 3D video conversion is the process of transforming the original 2D video to a 3D form, which in almost all cases is stereo, so it is the process of creating imagery for each eye from one 2D image. That is why the transformation is also called 2D to stereo 3D conversion, or stereo conversion. Overview 2D to 3D conversion adds the binocular Depth perception Binocular cues disparity depth cue to digital ... while viewing stereo video in comparison to 2D video. However, in order to be thus successful, the conversion should be done with sufficient accuracy and correctness the quality of the original 2D ... 2d 3d conversion interview legend 3d barry sandrew 1394 2D 3D Conversion Can Be Better Than ... VOD and similar applications. Importance and Applicability 2D to 3D conversion is widespread ... fully or at least partially from 2D footage. Even Avatar contains several scenes shot in 2D and converted ... art of stereo conversion 2d to 3d Art of Stereo conversion 2D to 3D ref The reasons of shooting in 2D instead of stereo are financial, technical and sometimes artistic ref name squires2D3D Scott Squires. http 2011 08 2d to 3d conversions.html 2D to 3D Conversions ref ... as the 2D workflow, requires more work and rendering Professional stereoscopic rigs are much more ... be only shot with relatively small 2D cameras Stereo cameras introduce various mismatches in stereo ... may have complexity comparable to stereo conversion With the lack of stereo content, 2D to 3D conversion ... are too big to adjust, and it is simpler to perform 2D to stereo conversion treating one of the views as the original 2D video. General Problems Without respect to particular algorithms, all conversion ... images events asia State of the Art 2D to 3D Conversion and Stereo VFX ... 2D image should become visible in a stereo pair. Sometimes the background surfaces are known ... 2D image, with various shades of gray to indicate the depth of every part of the frame. While ...   more details

  1. 2d Space Launch Squadron

    Infobox Military Unit unit name 2d Space Launch Squadron image File 2d Space Launch Squadron.png 200px caption 2d Space Launch Squadronemblem dates 19xx 2005 country United States allegiance branch United States Air Force type role size command structure current commander garrison Vandenberg AFB , California ceremonial chief colonel of the regiment nickname patron motto RISING STARS colors march mascot battles anniversaries The United States Air Force s 2d Space Launch Squadron 2 SLS was a space lift unit located at Vandenberg AFB , California . It was deactivated after the last Titan IV launch in 2005. Mission Empty section date July 2010 History On 18 May 1998, the 2 SLS and 4th Space Launch Squadron 4 SLS merged into one squadron, the 2 SLS . The merged squadron was responsible for overseeing launch operations at Vandenberg AFB . The reason for the merger was the similarity in missions performed by both units. ref http magazine July1998 0798world.asp Air Force Association Two Space Squadrons Merge ref Previous designations 2d Space Launch Squadron 11 September 1990 2005 Assignments 30th Space Wing 19 November 1991 2005 ref Rogers, B. 2006 . United States Air Force Unit Designations Since 1978. ISBN 1 85780 197 0 ref Western Space and Missile Center 1 October 1990 19 November 1991 Bases stationed Vandenberg AFB , California 1 October 1990 Present Aircraft & Missiles Operated Atlas E Atlas IIAS Titan IV ??? Titan 23G Titan II 1 October 1990 2005 ref World Airpower Journal. 1992 . US Air Force Air Power Directory. Aerospace Publishing London, UK. ISBN 1 880588 01 3 ref Decorations File Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg Air Force Outstanding Unit Award ref http AwardsNet SearchUnitAwards.aspx?Mode Graphics Air Force Personnel Center Awards Search Post 1991 ref 1 November 1991 30 September 1993 References Reflist External links Portal United States Air Force http Vandenberg Air Force Base USAF Space Command US Air Force ...   more details

  1. 2d Fighter Squadron (Commando)

    Orphan date January 2010 Infobox military unit unit name 2d Fighter Squadron Commando image caption dates 1944 1945 country United States allegiance branch United States Army Air Force type role Air Commando size command structure garrison ceremonial chief nickname patron motto colors march mascot battles World War II decorations anniversaries notable commanders The 2d Fighter Squadron Commando is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the Tenth Air Force , based at Camp Kilmer , New Jersey . It was inactivated on 12 November 1945. History Lineage Constituted 2d Fighter Reconnaissance Squadron on 11 April 1944 Activated on 20 April 1944 Redesignated as 2d Fighter Squadron Commando on 2 June 1944 Inactivated on 12 November 1945 Disbanded on 8 October 1948. Assignments Third Air Force , 20 April 1944 2d Air Commando Group , 22 April 1944 12 November 1945. Army Service Forces, 11 12 November 1945 Stations Lakeland Army Airfield Lakeland AAF , Florida , 20 April 1944 Cross City Army Airfield Cross City AAF , Florida , 12 June 1944 Alachua Army Airfield Alachua AAF , Florida , 21 June 1944 Drew Field , Florida , 17 August 1944 Lakeland Army Airfield Lakeland AAF , Florida , 22 August 23 October 1944 Kalaikunda Airfield , India , 14 December 1944 Cox s Bazar, India , 13 February 1945 Kalaikunda Airfield , India , io May 22 October 1945 Camp Kilmer , New Jersey , 11 12 November 1945. Aircraft P 51 P 51D Mustang , 1944 1945 F 6 P 51D Mustang, 1945 Operational history Trained for operations with P 51 Mustang s as part of Third Air Force and trained at the Army Air Force School of Applied Tactics . Moved to India , September November 1944 assigned to Tenth Air Force . Combat in CBI, 14 February 9 May 1945. After May 1945 in training. Returned to the US during October November 1945. References AFHRA Mauer, Mauer 1969 , Combat Squadrons of the Air Force, World War II, Air Force Historical Studies Office, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. ISBN 0 89201 097 5 External ...   more details

  1. The Idiot Weekly, Price 2d

    Use dmy dates date February 2011 About the British television series the Australian radio series The Idiot Weekly infobox television show name The Idiot Weekly, Price 2d. format Comedy runtime 30 minutes per episode Writers Dave Freeman , John Junkin , Spike Milligan , Terry Nation , Eric Sykes starring Peter Sellers br Spike Milligan br Eric Sykes br Valentine Dyall br Kenneth Connor br Graham Stark br June Whitfield br Patti Lewis br Max Geldray br country United Kingdom network Associated Rediffusion br ITV first aired 24 February 1956 last aired 30 March 1956 num episodes 6 The Idiot Weekly, Price 2d was the first serious attempt to translate the humour of the Goon Show to television. It was made by Associated Rediffusion during 1956 and was broadcast only in the London area. It combined elements of a sitcom and sketch comedy with Peter Sellers as the editor of a tatty Victorian era Victorian newspaper, The Idiot Weekly . The headlines of the paper were used as links to comedy sketches. Although written mainly by Spike Milligan , there were many contributions from members of the writers co operative Associated London Scripts , including Dave Freeman writer Dave Freeman and Terry Nation , with Eric Sykes credited as the script editor. The series was produced and directed by Richard Lester . It was followed by A Show Called Fred and Son of Fred . The title was revived by Spike Milligan for the Australian radio series The Idiot Weekly . External links http comedy guide articles i idiotweeklyprice 7773800.shtml BBC Comedy Guide The Idiot Weekly, Price 2d Dead link date September 2009 Richard Lester DEFAULTSORT Idiot Weekly Category 1956 in British television Category 1956 British television programme debuts Category 1956 television series endings Category 1950s British television series Category ITV comedy ...   more details

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