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Encyclopedia results for Nauru


Encyclopedia results for Nauru

  1. Nauru

    About the island country the Tanzanian village Nauru, Tanzania pp move indef Infobox country native name Ripublikee Naoero conventional long name Republic of Nauru common name Nauru image flag Flag of Nauru.svg image coat Coat of arms of nauru.png image map Nauru on the globe Polynesia centered .svg national motto God s Will shall be First national anthem Nauru Bwiema br small Song of Nauru small official ... District Yaren de facto Ref label capital a government type Republic leader title1 President of Nauru ... 8.1 Do not remove per WP MOSNUM percent water 0.57 of Nauru s area taken up by Buada Lagoon population ... title Nauru url https library publications the world factbook geos nr.html year 2011 ... a. note capital Nauru does not have an official capital, but Yaren is the largest settlement and the seat of Parliament. Coord 0.527288 166.936724 display title Nauru IPAc en lang audio en us Nauru.ogg n u r u respell nah OO roo , officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant ... is Banaba Island in Kiribati , convert 300 km mi 0 to the east. Nauru is the List of countries ... n people, Nauru was Annexation annexed and claimed as a colony by the German Empire in the late 19th century. After World War I , Nauru became a League of Nations mandate administered by Australia , New Zealand , and the United Kingdom . During World War II , Nauru was occupied by Empire of Japan ... 2010 06 22 ref Nauru gained its independence in 1968. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Nauru was a rentier state . Nauru is a phosphate rock island , with rich deposits close to the surface ... Company Phosphate mining in Nauru began mining there , through the formation of the British Phosphate Commission in 1919, and continuing after independence. This gave Nauru back full control of its minerals under the Nauru Phosphate Corporation , until the deposits ran out during the 1980s. For this reason, Nauru briefly boasted the highest per capita income enjoyed by any sovereign state in the world ...   more details

  1. Nauru (disambiguation)

    Wiktionary Nauru nauru Nauru can be Nauru , a country in Oceania Nauru, Tanzania , a little village in Tanzania See also Nakuru Naura disambiguation Nauru Nigpai Naururu Disambiguation ru fi Nauru t smennyssivu tt uk ...   more details

  1. Outline of Nauru

    of Nauru The Coat of arms of Nauru Image LocationNauru.png thumb The location of Nauru Image Nauru map bold.jpg thumb An enlargeable relief map of the Republic of Nauru See also Index of Nauru related articles The Republic of Nauru is a List of sovereign states sovereign island nation located ... 2009 url https library publications the world factbook geos nr.html title Nauru work The World .... Nauru is the world s smallest island nation, covering just convert 21 km2 mi2 0 , the smallest ... n and Polynesia n peoples, Nauru was Annexation annex ed and designated a colony by German Empire ... of Japan Japan during World War II , and after the war entered into trusteeship again. Nauru achieved independence in 1968. Nauru is a phosphate rock island , and its primary economic activity since 1907 has been the export of phosphate mined from the island. ref name UN http nauru overview.html Republic of Nauru Permanent Mission to the United Nations . Retrieved 2006 05 10. ref ... established to manage the island s wealth significantly reduced in value, the government of Nauru has resorted to unusual measures to obtain income. In the 1990s, Nauru briefly became a tax ... for this aid, Nauru housed, until early 2008, an offshore Nauru detention centre detention centre ... of and topical guide to Nauru TOC limit limit 2 General reference Image Nauru CIA WFB Map.png thumb An enlargeable basic map of Nauru International Phonetic Alphabet Pronunciation Common English country name Nauru Official English country name The Republic of Nauru Common endonym s List of countries ... s Nauruan s Etymology Name of Nauru ISO country codes NR, NRU, 520 ISO region codes See ISO 3166 2 NR Internet country code top level domain .nr Geography of Nauru image Topography Map thumb An enlargeable topographic map of Nauru main Geography of Nauru Nauru is a Nation state country Location Southern ... 12 Extreme points of Nauru High Command Ridge convert 71 m ft 0 abbr on Low South Pacific Ocean 0 m ...   more details

  1. Nauru Bwiema

    Infobox Anthem title Nauru Bwiema english title Song of Nauru image image size caption prefix National country NRU author Margaret Hendrie lyrics date composer Laurence Henry Hicks music date adopted 1968 until sound sound title Nauru Bwiema Song of Nauru is the national anthem of Nauru . Words and music The words of the anthem were written by Margaret Hendrie . The music was composed by Laurence Henry Hicks . Nauru adopted the anthem in 1968, the year of independence. Nauruan lyrics Nauru bwiema, ngabena ma auwe. br Ma dedaro bwe dogum, mo otata bet egom. br Atsin ngago bwien okor, ama bagadugu br Epoa ngabuna ri nan orre bet imur. br Ama memag ma nan epodan eredu won engiden, br Miyan aema ngeiyin ouge, br Nauru eko dogin English translation Nauru our homeland, the land we dearly love, br We all pray for you and we also praise your name. br Since long ago you have been the home of our great forefathers br And will be for generations yet to come. br We all join in together to honour your flag, br And we shall rejoice together and say br Nauru for evermore See also Flag of Nauru External links http nr.mid Midi version of the Nauru national anthem http nauru nauru bwiema Streaming audio, lyrics and information for the Nauru national anthem http www.y nauru images Nauru Bwiema.jpg Sheet music Nationalanthemsofoceaniaandthepacificislands Category National anthems Category National symbols of Nauru Category Nauruan music Nauru stub ar bg cs Hymna Nauru da Nauru Bwiema de Nauru Bwiema et Nauru Bwiema el es Nauru Bwiema fr Nauru Bwiema gl Nauru Bwiema ko id Nauru Bwiema it Nauru Bwiema jv Nauru Bwiema lt Nauru himnas ms Nauru Bwiema na Nauru Bwiema nl Nauru Bwiema ja no Nauru Bwiema pl Hymn Nauru pt Nauru Bwiema ru sk Nauru Bwiema sr fi Nauru Bwiema tr Nauru Bwiema zh ...   more details

  1. Constituencies of Nauru

    The Constituencies of Nauru are Aiwo Constituency Aiwo District Anabar Constituency Anabar District , Anibare District , Ijuw District Anetan Constituency Anetan District , Ewa District Boe Constituency Boe District Buada Constituency Buada District Meneng Constituency Meneng District Ubenide Constituency Baiti District , Denigomodu District , Nibok District , Uaboe District Yaren Constituency Yaren District Ubenide sends 4 persons to the parliament of Nauru , the others all send two. Category Constituencies of Nauru Category Subdivisions of Nauru nauru stub fr Circonscription lectorale Nauru it Circoscrizioni elettorali di Nauru mk nl Kieskringen van Nauru pl Okr gi wyborcze Nauru ru ...   more details

  1. Music of Nauru

    unreferenced date March 2011 The music of Nauru demonstrates its Micronesia n heritage. Historical background Its music has been scantly recorded and documented, partially as a result of a ban on traditional dance by Germany German colony colonial authorities after the 1888 annexation by Germany. National anthem The national anthem of Nauru is Nauru Bwiema Song of Nauru . Margaret Hendrie wrote the words Laurence Henry Hicks composed the music. Nauru adopted the anthem in 1968. Noted contemporary composer Baron Waqa , who has also served as a government minister, has been noted for his musical composition activity. Micronesianmusic Nauru topics Culture of Oceania Oceania topic Music of Nauru stub music stub Category Nauruan music pt M sica de Nauru ...   more details

  1. Transport in Nauru

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Image Nauru airport entrance.jpg thumb 235px The main entrance of Nauru Airport Image Nauru phosphatetrain.jpg thumb 235px Nauru phosphate train Image Nauru phosphateship2.jpg thumb 235px Phosphate ship for exporting in Nauru harbor Nauru has one 24  km paved road that circles the island and a dirt track that leads to the Nauru Phosphate Corporation stockpile and offices. There is one artificial harbour at Anibare Bay . The island s airport consists of a stretch of road that serves as a runway and an airline terminal. Air service is provided by Our Airline , formerly Air Nauru. The airline was relaunched in October 2006 after its only plane was impounded in December 2005. Railway s main Rail transport in Nauru total 3.9  km used to haul phosphate s from the center of the island to processing facilities on the southwest coast Highway s br total 30  km br paved 24  km br unpaved 6  km 1999 est. Harbor s 1 Anibare Harbour Merchant marine none 1999 est. Airport s 1 Nauru International Airport Airports with paved runways br 1 br 1,524 to 2,437 m 1 Nauru International Airport, IATA airport code INU See also Air Nauru Nauru Pacific Line Pacific Forum Line Oceania in topic Transport in Nauru topics DEFAULTSORT Transport In Nauru Category Transport in Nauru Nauru stub fr Transport Nauru lt Nauru transportas hu Nauru k zleked se ja no Naurisk transport ...   more details

  1. Canals in Nauru

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Canals in Nauru have been artificially created to allow boats access to the small island. The canals are predominantly man made openings in the surrounding reef which encircle the entire island of Nauru . These canals ease the docking of boats and yachts. valign top Gabab, near Yaren district Yaren terminus Auweyida s location of the Moqua Caves Gadu, near Denigomodu Gago also written Gato Gagori, near Waboe Ganaba Ganabereber Ganama, near Ewa district Ewa Ganara valign top Ganeno Ganiamwe Ganibawo, near Boe Nauru Boe Ganiwuro Ganokwang Gatoe Gonge, near Ewa district Ewa also written Onge Gonokwoy Nauru topics DEFAULTSORT Canals In Nauru Category Transport in Nauru Category Geography of Nauru Category Canals in Nauru Nauru geo stub pt Canais em Nauru ...   more details

  1. Flag of Nauru

    , Nauru s flag has evoked little controversy. Flag variant used by Scouts A variant of the Flag of Nauru is used by Scouts locally. br clear all Oceania topic Flag of title Flags of Oceania nationalflags See also Coat of arms of Nauru DEFAULTSORT Nauru, Flag of Category National symbols of Nauru Flag Category National flags flag stub nauru stub am ar az Nauru bayra bg bs Zastava Naurua ca Bandera de Nauru cs Vlajka Nauru da Naurus flag de Flagge Naurus et Nauru lipp el es Bandera de Nauru eo Flago de Nauro fr Drapeau de Nauru gl Bandeira de Nauru ko hi hr Zastava Naurua bpy id Bendera Nauru it Bandiera di Nauru he lt Nauru v liava hu Nauru z szlaja mk nl Vlag van Nauru ja no Naurus flagg nn Det nauriske flagget tpi Plak bilong Nauru pl Flaga Nauru pt Bandeira de Nauru ru sk Vlajka Nauru sr sh Zastava Naurua fi Naurun lippu sv Naurus flagga uk yo Flag of Nauru zh ...   more details

  1. Cabinet of Nauru

    Politics of Nauru The Cabinet of Nauru is the Cabinet government cabinet Executive government executive branch ref http nr legis num act con256 Constitution of Nauru , art.17 1 ref of the Politics of Nauru government of the Nauru Republic of Nauru . The Constitution of Nauru art.19 specifies that the Cabinet is composed of the President of Nauru President and of four or five Parliament of Nauru members of Parliament appointed to Cabinet positions by the President. The Cabinet is collectively responsible to Parliament . ref Constitution of Nauru, art.17 2 ref Current Cabinet As of November 2010 ref http fr pays zones geo 833 nauru 586 presentation 20479 composition du gouvernement 3113.html Composition du gouvernement de la R publique de Nauru , French Ministry of Foreign Affairs ref class wikitable Portfolio Minister President of Nauru President br Minister for Home Affairs br Minister for the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust br Minister for Police, Prisons, & Emergency Services br Minister for Public Service Marcus Stephen Minister Assisting the President br Minister for Finance & Sustainable Development br Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade Kieren Keke Minister for Commerce and Industry br Minister for the Environment br Minister for Public Works Frederick Pitcher Minister for Education br Minister for Fisheries Roland Kun Minister for Health br Minister for Justice br Minister for Sports Matthew Batsiua Minister for Telecommunications br Minister for Transport Riddell Akua References reflist Oceania topic Cabinet of title National cabinets of Oceania Category Government of Nauru Cabinet Category National cabinets Nauru fr Cabinet de Nauru he pl Rada ministr w w Nauru ...   more details

  1. Nauru, Tanzania

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date February 2009 Nauru is a small village in Tanzania . Nauru lies on a path and on two Ruvuma River tributaries. There are almost no paved ways. The village is situated 15  km from the frontier with Mozambique which is formed by the Ruvuma . Coord 11 08 S 38 37 E region TZ type city display title Category Populated places in the Mtwara Region Tanzania geo stub et Nauru Tansaania fi Nauru Tansania ...   more details

  1. Media of Nauru

    Media in Nauru remain undeveloped, but Australian aid program AusAID has been financing and supporting .... ref http business media nauru makes media network from scratch story e6frg996 1225830274890 Nauru makes media network from scratch , The Australian , February 15, 2010 ref Press In 2009, Nauruan press consisted in the weekly government issued Nauru Bulletin , the fortnightly Central Star News , and the fortnightly Nauru Chronicle . ref http 2 hi asia pacific country profiles 1134221.stm media Nauru Media , British Broadcasting Corporation , May 5, 2009 ref ref http YearbookInternal 138868 society Nauru Yearbook 2006 , Commonwealth ... business media nauru makes media network from scratch story e6frg996 1225830274890 Nauru makes media network from scratch , The Australian , February 15, 2010 ref With the assistance ... business media nauru makes media network from scratch story e6frg996 1225830274890 Nauru makes media network from scratch , The Australian , February 15, 2010 ref Television Nauru Television NTV operated by the state owned, non commercial Nauru Broadcasting Service was launched ... in the country. ref http business media nauru makes media network from scratch story e6frg996 1225830274890 Nauru makes media network from scratch , The Australian , February 15, 2010 ref ref http YearbookInternal 138868 society Nauru Yearbook 2006 ... media Nauru Media , British Broadcasting Corporation, May 5, 2009 ref Radio Radio Nauru , also operated by the Nauru Broadcasting Service, broadcasts local content and programmes from Radio Australia and the British Broadcasting Corporation . ref http business media nauru makes media network from scratch story e6frg996 1225830274890 Nauru makes media network from scratch ... society Nauru Yearbook 2006 , Commonwealth of Nations ref ref http 2 hi asia pacific ...   more details

  1. Nauru at the Olympics

    Infobox Olympics Nauru Deleted image removed Image NauruNOC.JPG framed NOC symbol of Nauru The Pacific ocean Pacific island nation Nauru NRU competed at the Summer Olympics Summer Olympic Games first in the 1996 ... Summer Olympics 2008 . ref http sport olympics countries 8662737 Nauru London 2012 Olympics.html Nauru at the Olympics , The Telegraph ref The nation is mainly known for its weightlifting tradition and all seven athletes that have competed for Nauru at the Olympics have been weightlifters. ref http sport olympics countries 8662737 Nauru London 2012 Olympics.html Nauru at the Olympics , The Telegraph ref Nauru earns a distinction for being the smallest nation .... Vinson Detenamo, the Olympic movement began in Nauru in the early 1990s. The Olympic Committee was established ... 1994 Nauru presented its bid to join the IOC and in September 1994 the nation was accepted, clearing the path for participation in the 1996 games. 1996 was not the first time that Nauru athletes participated ... in the 62 kg category in 2000. In 2009, he replaced Vinson Detenamo as president of Nauru s National Olympic Committee. ref http news stories 200901 s2474349.htm Nauru president ... Coffa is the weightlifting coach of the Oceania Weightlifting Federation and has been Nauru s Olympic ... 0px Nauru at the Summer Olympics bgcolor efefef Year Athletes bgcolor gold Gold bgcolor silver Silver bgcolor CC9966 Bronze Total align center Nauru at the 1996 Summer Olympics 1996 2 0 0 0 0 align center Nauru at the 2000 Summer Olympics 2000 2 0 0 0 0 align center Nauru at the 2004 Summer Olympics 2004 3 0 0 0 0 align center Nauru at the 2008 Summer Olympics 2008 1 0 0 0 0 Athletes Weightlifting ... www.sports olympics countries NRU Nauru . Olympics at Sports References reflist br NOCattheSummerOlympics Category Nauru at the Olympics fr Nauru aux Jeux olympiques it Nauru ai Giochi olimpici he hu Nauru az olimpiai j t kokon mr ...   more details

  1. Constitution of Nauru

    Politics of Nauru The constitution of the Republic of Nauru was adopted following national independence on 31 January 1968. In 2007 there were political debates in progress with a view to amend aspects of the Constitution, owing to the challenge of widely acknowledged political instability. One notable issue being discussed was the possibility of making the office of President of Nauru directly elected by the population, instead of the office being indirectly elected by the Parliament of Nauru . Owing to frequent recourse to the vote of no confidence s, changes of President have been frequent i.e. Bernard Dowiyogo was appointed President of Nauru a total of seven times, prior to his death in 2003 . Supporters of making the office of President independent of a Parliamentary vote hope that increased stability will ensure from the adoption of such a measure. Sceptics are concerned that attempts may arise to set aside the elected President through the courts bearing in mind also that under the Nauruan court system some appeals are actually heard in Australia . Arrangement of Parts The Constitution of Nauru is divided into 11 parts and 6 schedules Part I Articles 1 and 2 The Republic of Nauru and the Supreme Law of Nauru br Part II Articles 3 15 Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms br Part III Articles 16 25 The President and the Executive br Part IV Articles 26 47 The Legislature br Part V Articles 48 57 The Judicature br Part VI Articles 58 67 Finance br Part VII Articles 68 70 The Public Service br Part VIII Articles 71 76 Citizenship br Part IX Articles 77 79 Emergency Powers br Part X Articles 80 84 General Provisions br Part XI Articles 85 100 Transitional Provisions External links http nr legis num act con256 Text of Constitution of Nauru Nauru topics Category Government of Nauru Category 1968 in law Category Constitutions by country Nauru Nauru stub no Naurus grunnlov pl Konstytucja Nauru ...   more details

  1. Economy of Nauru

    Revenues of Nauru have traditionally come from exports of phosphate rock . Primary phosphate reserves ... began. It is hoped that this economic activity might lift Nauru from the bottom rung of global GDP per capita. The only other major source of government revenue is sale of fishing rights in Nauru s territorial ... are serious long term problems. In anticipation of the exhaustion of Nauru s phosphate deposits, substantial ... for Nauru s economic future. The government borrowed heavily from the trusts to finance fiscal ..., and closed some overseas consulate s. In recent years Nauru encouraged the registration of offshore ... international pressure saw Nauru crack down on money laundering . Few comprehensive statistics on the Nauru economy exist, with estimates of Nauru s GDP varying widely. Aid flows, chiefly from Australia ... after independence in 1968, Nauru possessed the highest GDP per capita in the world due to its rich ... for Nauru s economic future. However, because of heavy spending from the trust funds, including ... of basic goods, has resulted in some domestic unrest. In 2004 Nauru was faced with chaos amid political ... and hospitals has continued. Few comprehensive statistics on the Nauru economy exist, with estimates of Nauru s GDP varying widely. According to the U.S. State Department, Nauru s GDP volume was US 1 million in 2004. Nauru receives about US 20 million foreign aid a year from Australia. ref ... Login Page Bot generated title ref Balance of payments Phosphate is Nauru s only product for export ... of 50,000 tonnes of Nauru zone caught tuna overseas. ref name NFMRAplan cite web last Nauru Fisheries ... of Nauru accessdate 2009 ref In 2004 income from phosphate export was US 640,000, with Australia, New Zealand and Japan serving as the country s major export markets. In the same year the Nauru government budget shows that income from licencing foreign fishing vessels was over US 3,000,000. Nauru ... goods, with Australia and New Zealand as its major import sources. In 2004 Nauru s imports totaled ...   more details

  1. Tourism in Nauru

    The Republic of Nauru is a small, isolated Western Pacific island nation, lacking many of the tourist facilities of some of its larger neighbours, such as Fiji , the Cook Islands , or even New Caledonia . Access to the island comes through once a week, with flights from Brisbane , Australia , on the national airline provider of Nauru, Our Airline . Accommodations Hotels within the Republic of Nauru consist of The Menen Hotel 119 rooms, recently updated The OD N Aiwo Hotel Food & Beverage The Menen Hotel hosts two restaurants, the Anibare and the Oriental, and one bar. These food and beverage facilities offer views of Anibare bay, off the east coast of the island. The Anibare offers international cuisine and local seafood. The Oriental serves Thai, Chinese, and Indian food. The restaurants are frequented by islanders. Leisure activities Deep Sea Game Fishing is offered by several locals with privately owned boats who hire their services for chartered amounts of time. Fish that have been caught include marlin, yellowfin tuna, skipjack, and barracuda. Swimming at the beach just outside the Menen Hotel is considered by locals and visitors alike to be the best on the island. White sand and bright blue water rival any other beach in the Pacific. Scuba Diving is a treat in Nauru thanks to the clear water and an intact reef. A plethora of marine life can be seen and wreck diving is even available. Equipment needed to scuba dive can be rented on the island. Getting to Nauru Our Airline, formerly known as Air Nauru , operates two Boeing 737 300 aircraft out of Brisbane, Australia. Our Airline serves Brisbane, Honiara the capital of the Solomon Islands , & Nauru. See also Republic of Nauru Our Airline Menen Hotel OD N Aiwo Hotel External links http nauru cms index.html Official Nauru Tourism Website http en Nauru Nauru travel guide at Wikitravel Tourism in Oceania Category Tourism in Nauru ...   more details

  1. Nauru Radio

    unreferenced date March 2011 Nauru Radio , established on 1968, public radio government owned , non commercial sole radio company in the Nauru Republic of Nauru . Owned by Nauru Broadcasting Service . It broadcasts in 1323 kHz amplitude modulation AM and 88.8 MHz frequency modulation FM frequencies. Nauru Radio offers program of traditional culture, news, information and classical and modern music, as well as island music. It carries programs of Radio Australia and British Broadcasting Corporation BBC . Oceania radio station stub category Nauruan radio networks ...   more details

  1. Parliament of Nauru

    Use dmy dates date May 2011 Politics of Nauru The Parliament of Nauru has 18 members, elected for a three year term in multi seat constituency constituencies . The President of Nauru is elected by the members of the Parliament. ref http parliament about.html About Parliament , Parliament of Nauru ref The members of the Parliament of Nauru are elected by a positional voting system . ref http parliament about.html About Parliament , Parliament of Nauru ref On 22 March 2010 Radio New Zealand International reported that President Marcus Stephen had dissolved Parliament in readiness for elections on 24 April 2010. The election saw all 18 MPs returned ref name RNZI 53201 cite news url http pages news.php?op read&id 53201 title Nauru election returns previous parliament unchanged date 26 April 2010 work Radio New Zealand International accessdate 1 November 2011 ref , but by this stage nine of them formed the Opposition, resulting in a deadlocked Parliament. After two weeks of uncertainty, the deadlock was resolved when the Opposition agreed to have one of its own, Godfrey Thoma , elected as Speaker politics Speaker . President Stephen then suggested ... stories 201005 2898723.htm Political standoff ends with speaker s election in Nauru ... members.html Members of the 20th Parliament of Nauru , official website ref rowspan 2 Aiwo Constituency ... election, Riddell Akua was appointed Speaker of the Parliament of Nauru. He replaced David Adeang . ref http news stories 200805 s2233109.htm?tab latest Nauru president moves ... in Nauru , ABC Radio Australia, 13 May 2010 ref References reflist Nauru topics legislature stub ... Parliaments by country Nauru Category Politics of Nauru Category Unicameral legislatures Nauru Category National legislatures Nauru de Nauruisches Parlament fr Parlement de Nauru no Naurus parlament pl Parlament Nauru ru fi Naurun parlamentti sv Naurus parlament ...   more details

  1. Telecommunications in Nauru

    Unreferenced date January 2008 Nauru has one government owned radio station and two television stations. One station is government owned and mainly rebroadcasts CNN and the other is a private sports network. The island s Internet service is provided by CenPacNet. Telephone s main lines in use 2,000 1994 Telephones mobile cellular 450 1994 Telephone system adequate local and international radiotelephone communications provided via Australia n facilities br domestic NA br international satellite earth station 1 Intelsat Pacific Ocean Radio Broadcasting broadcast stations AM 1, FM 0, shortwave 0 1998 Radios 7,000 1997 Television broadcast stations 1 1997 Televisions 500 1997 Internet Service Provider s ISPs 1 CenPacNet Country code Top level domain NR Oceania topic Telecommunications in Telecommunications Nauru topics DEFAULTSORT Telecommunications In Nauru Category Communications in Nauru Nauru stub lt Nauru ry iai no Naurus sambandssystem ...   more details

  1. Aquaculture in Nauru

    Aquaculture in Nauru has been practiced much longer than aquaculture in any other Pacific Islands country, the country s milkfish industry predating contact with Europe. ref Cite journal title Traditional Milkfish Aquaculture in Nauru author Dirk H. R. Spennemann year 2003 journal Aquaculture International volume 10 issue 6 pages 551 562 url http research jcentre project summaries summary ds nauru.pdf doi 10.1023 A 1023900601000 format dead link date January 2010 ref The only area in Nauru deemed capable of supporting aquaculture by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is Buada Lagoon . ref Cite web title Buada Lagoon Experimental Milkfish Pilot Project author Esteban C. Dela Cruz publisher Food and Agriculture Organization url http coastfish Countries nauru nfmra information Buada lagoon experimental milkfish pilot project.PDF accessdate 2009 05 01 ref References reflist Oceania topic Aquaculture in Category Aquaculture by country Nauru Category Economy of Nauru ...   more details

  1. President of Nauru

    Infobox Political post post President body the br Republic of the br Nauru insignia insigniasize 100px insigniacaption Seal of Government of br the Republic of Nauru termlength Three years, renewable once image incumbent Sprent Dabwido incumbentsince 15 November 2011 formation 31 January 1968 inaugural Hammer DeRoburt website Politics of Nauru The President of Nauru is elected by Parliament from amongst its members. He is both the head of state and head of government of Nauru . Nauru s unicameral Parliament has 18 members, with an electoral term of 3 years. Political parties only play a minor role in Nauru politics, and there has often been significant periods of instability in the Presidential office. The even number of seats in the Parliament and shifting allegiances amongst a small number of individuals can leading to frequent changes in the makeup of the government of the day, including the Presidential position itself. List of Presidents of Nauru 1968 Present class wikitable Name birth death Dates of presidency 1. Hammer DeRoburt 1922 1992 31 January 1968 to 22 December 1976 2. Bernard Dowiyogo 1946 2003 22 December 1976 to 19 April 1978 3. Lagumot Harris 1938? 1999 19 April 1978 to 15 May 1978 4. Hammer DeRoburt 2nd admin 15 May 1978 to 17 September 1986 5. Kennan Adeang 1942 2011 17 September 1986 to 1 October 1986 6. Hammer DeRoburt 3rd admin 1 October 1986 to ?? December 1986 7. Kennan Adeang 2nd admin ?? December 1986 to ?? December 1986 8. Hammer DeRoburt 4th admin ... Nauru topics NauruPres Category Politics of Nauru Category Lists of presidents Nauru Category Presidents of Nauru Category Nauru related lists Presidents Nauru stub de Pr sident Naurus es Presidente de Nauru fr Liste des pr sidents de Nauru gl Lista de presidentes de Nauru hr Popis predsjednika Naurua io Listo di prezidisti di Nauru id Daftar Presiden Nauru ka sw Orodha ya marais wa Nauru xmf pl Prezydenci Nauru pt Anexo Lista de presidentes de Nauru ru ...   more details

  1. Elections in Nauru

    Politics of Nauru Elections in Nauru gives information on election and election results in politics of Nauru Nauru . Nauru elects on national level a head of state the president and a legislature . Parliament of Nauru Parliament has 18 members, elected for a three year term in multi seat constituency constituencies . The president is elected for a three year term by the parliament. However, it must be added that there are frequent changes of government in Nauru which occur without an election most recently, in December 2007, that of President of Nauru Marcus Stephen came to office following a Parliamentary vote of no confidence which overturned the preceding Administration of Ludwig Scotty , reelected just a few weeks previously with a landslide majority. Voting System ref cite web title Nauru url http country.php?ID 150 work accessdate 13 December 2011 ref The 18 seat members of the Parliament of Nauru are elected through the Dowdall System a decimalised modification of a preferential Borda Count . The voter must rank all candidates in order of preference see Preferential voting . Each vote is then counted using the formula 1 n, according to ranking order. For example a candidate ranked 1st becomes 1 1 and receives a decimal value of 1.0, the 2nd candidate becomes 1 2 and 0.5, the 3rd becomes 1 3 and 0.33 etc. Each legal vote, is aggregated in order to determine a decimal score for each candidate. ref cite web title Results of the General Election held on 19th June 2010 url http parliament files June 202010 20election 20results.pdf work http parliament index.html accessdate 16 December 2011 ref For example ... External links http psephos.adam countries n nauru Adam Carr s Election Archive http ... in Nauru topics Category Elections in Nauru Oceania election stub Nauru stub fr lections Nauru no Valg p Nauru ...   more details

  1. History of Nauru

    The history of Nauru has been intrinsically linked with the extraction of phosphate . Initially inhabited by ru Micronesian and Polynesia n peoples, Nauru was annexed by Germany in the late 19th century, and Phosphate mining in Nauru extraction of the island s phosphate began in 1906. Following ... into trusteeship again. Nauru achieved independence in 1968. Early history File Nauruan warrior 1880ers.jpg thumb right 180px Nauruan warrior, 1880 Nauru was first settled by Micronesian and Polynesian peoples at least 3,000 years ago. ref name UNCCD Nauru Department of Economic Development and Environment. 2003. http cop reports asia national 2002 nauru eng.pdf First National Report ... 12 clans or tribes on Nauru, which are represented in the 12 pointed star in the nation s flag of Nauru flag . Nauruans traced their descent on the matrilineal female side . The first Europeans ... who replenished their supplies such as fresh water at Nauru. Citation needed date July 2010 The islanders .... Paradise for Sale . University of California Press ISBN 9780520222298 pp 30 ref Jones became Nauru ... was banned and some arms were confiscated. German protectorate File Nauru Annexation Germany 1888.jpg ... Island and Nauru their story . Angus and Robertson Limited. pp 29 39 ref The Germans ruled Nauru for almost ..., appointed in 1890. At the time there were twelve tribe s on Nauru Deiboe, Eamwidamit, Eamwidara ... are represented by the twelve pointed star in the flag of Nauru . Phosphate was discovered on Nauru .... ref Ellis, A. F. 1935. Ocean Island and Nauru their story . Angus and Robertson Limited. pp 127 139 ref World War I to World War II In 1914, following the outbreak of World War I, Nauru was captured ... Britain held control until 1920. Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom signed the Nauru ... mandate over Nauru, with the United Kingdom and New Zealand as co trustees. ref Cain, Timothy M., comp. Nauru. The Book of Rule. 1st ed. 1 vols. New York DK Inc., 2004. ref ref cite web url http ...   more details

  1. Nauru House

    Infobox building name Nauru House image Nauru House AON.jpg image size 250px location Melbourne, Australia latd 37 latm 48 lats 48 latNS S longd 144 longm 58 longs 15 longEW E iso region AU VIC coordinates ... Lyon Timlock & Kesa Nauru House also called 80 Collins Street ref name Emporis cite web title Nauru ... at a price of A 19 million by the government of the Republic of Nauru as an international investment ... 2011 newspaper The Age date 4 February 1972 ref Nauru, which had become incredibly wealthy thanks to the selling of phosphate mining in Nauru phosphate , began the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust NPRT ... was stirred when construction began in 1972, as the government of Nauru decided to raze two ... off its international assets to pay loans. ref cite web last Clausen first Lisa title Can Nauru Stay ... 25 April 2011 date 18 May 2004 ref ref cite news last Westerman first Helen title Nauru House ... April 2011 newspaper The Age date 24 August 2004 ref Nauru House is now owned by QIC after purchasing the building for A140 million in December 2004. ref cite news last Westerman first Helen title Nauru moves out of Melbourne with 9.9m sale url http news Business Nauru moves out ... date 8 April 2005 ref Facade Between 1994 and 1996, the Nauru House went under a facelift to replace ... 190 m Number of floors 52 ref cite news last Day first Norman title Nauru s new ill mannered ... m sup 2 sup See also List of tallest buildings in Melbourne Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust References reflist External links http building profile.php?ID 491 Nauru House Walking ... Estate http nauru nauruhouse.html Tallest buildings in Australia taller Suncorp Place theight ... completed in 1977 Category Skyscrapers between 150 and 199 meters Category History of Nauru Category Office buildings in Melbourne be be x old de Nauru House es Nauru House fr Nauru House no Nauru House pl Nauru House ru uk ...   more details

  1. Religion in Nauru

    Christianity is the primary religion in Nauru . ref name report http g drl rls irf 2007 90147.htm International Religious Freedom Report 2007 Nauru . United States Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor September 14, 2007 . This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain . ref According to the 2002 census, approximately two thirds of Christians are Protestant , and the remainder are Catholic . ref name report The largest denomination is the Nauru Congregational Church . The ethnic Chinese on the island, approximately 3 to 4 percent of the population, may be Confucian , Buddhist , Taoist , Christian , or nonreligious . ref name report The largely Christian communities of Tuvaluan and I Kiribati expatriates were repatriated in late 2006 following the near cessation of phosphate mining in the country. ref name report The Jehovah s Witnesses and the Mormons said they had small numbers of followers among the native population. ref name report Foreign missionaries introduced Christianity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. ref name report There are a few active Christian missionary organizations, including representatives of Anglicanism , Methodism , and Catholicism . ref name report The Constitution provides for freedom of religion however, the Government restricted this right in some circumstances. ref name report There are no indications of widespread societal discrimination against particular religious denominations however, some elements of the Nauru Protestant and Roman Catholic communities occasionally voice ... day Saints and the Jehovah s Witnesses . ref name report bar box title Nauru religiosity titlebar ... Roman Catholicism in Nauru Catholicism red 26 bar percent Buddhism yellow 11 bar percent Bah orange 9 bar percent others green 3 References reflist Oceania topic Religion in Category Religion in Nauru fr Christianisme Nauru pt Religi o em Nauru ...   more details

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