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Encyclopedia results for Marae


Encyclopedia results for Marae

  1. Marae

    Image Marae, Raiatea 2.jpg thumb 390px Taputapuatea marae Taputapu tea , an ancient marae constructed of stone on Raiatea Ra i tea in the Society Islands, restored in 1994. A marae in M ori language New .... It generally consists of an area of cleared land roughly rectangular the marae itself , bordered ... marae complex . In some modern Polynesian societies, notably that of the M ori of New Zealand, the marae is still a vital part of everyday life. However, in tropical Polynesia, most marae were destroyed ... an attraction for tourists or archaeologists. Nevertheless, the place where the marae were built are still considered as Tapu Polynesian culture tapu in most islands. In the Cook Islands, a few marae Arai te Tonga, Vaerota, Taputapu tea ref Rarotongan tradition holds that Taputapu tea marae at Rarotonga ... stone with him from the ancient marae of the same name at Ra i tea . Indeed, it seems that it was quite usual in ancient times to take a stone from this marae. The son of Tetupaia and Teu had not only the right to a seat in the great Marae of Taputapuatea in Raiatea, but he could take his stone from Taputapuatea and set it up in his own district of Pare Arue Tahiti , so founding a Marae Taputapuatea ... Project Online ref Marae in New Zealand Image Taupiri.jpg thumb right 390px A marae beneath Taupiri mountain, Waikato district, 19th century. This marae was associated with P tatau Te Wherowhero, a chief who became the first M ori King Movement M ori king . In M ori society, the marae is a place ... tangihanga , can be performed. Like the related institutions of old Polynesia, the marae is a w hi tapu , a sacred place which carries great cultural meaning. In M ori usage, the marae atea often shortened to marae is the open space in front of the wharenui or meeting house literally large building . However, the term marae is generally used to refer to the whole complex, including the buildings and the open space. This area is used for p whiri welcome ceremonies featuring oratory. Some marae do ...   more details

  1. Mangatautari marae

    Orphan date February 2009 Unreferenced date October 2008 Maungatautari marae is a marae in the Waikato Region of New Zealand , on the northern edge of Maungatautari Restoration Project Maungatautari mountain , overlooking the Waikato River . It is the main marae for the Taute, Kara, Tupaea, Wirihana, Poka and Tauroa wh nau , among others. coord missing New Zealand Category Waikato Region Category Marae in New Zealand Maori stub NewZealand struct stub ...   more details

  1. Rukumoana Marae

    The Rukumoana Marae is a Marae located between the towns of Morrinsville and Kiwitahi . It was built between 1915 and 1917 and used as a parliament house during the M ori King Movement . It fell into disrepair from the 1920s, but was restored in the 1980s. ref cite web author Nancy Swarbrick title Waikato places Morrinsville publisher Te Ara the Encyclopedia of New Zealand date 18 Jan 11 url http en waikato places 1 ref References reflist Maori stub Category Marae in New Zealand ...   more details

  1. Parewahawaha Marae

    Orphan date February 2009 Parewahawaha Marae is a marae located in the Rangitikei District of Bulls, New Zealand and the land is known as Ohinepuhiawe. The name of the whare tupuna is Parewahawaha and was opened on the 15th of April 1967 by Maori Queen Te Atairangikaahu At the time it was opened, Te Rangi Pumamao was the rangatira at Parewahawaha. He is known to have finished construction of the house, as previous builders had died. External links http journals teaohou issue Mao59TeA c15.html Extract from Te Ao Hou magazine about the opening of Parewahawaha Marae Category Marae in New Zealand Category Buildings and structures in the Manawatu Wanganui Region Maori stub NewZealand struct stub ...   more details

  1. Taputapuatea marae

    Image Taputapu marae Raiatea little man.jpg thumb right 220px Tiki on the marae at Taputapuatea Marae Taputapuatea is a large marae complex at Opoa in Taputapuatea , on the south eastern coast of Raiatea . The site features a number of marae and other stone structures and was once considered the central temple and religious center of Eastern Polynesia. History The Marae was already established by 1000 AD with significant expansion after this time. The marae was a place of learning where priests and Polynesian navigation navigators from all over the Pacific ocean Pacific would gather to offer sacrifices to the gods and share their knowledge of the genealogical origins of the universe, and of deep ocean navigation. Most significantly a truce known as the Faatau Aroha was established with the surrounding islands dived into two alliances known as Aotea East and Aouri West . This alliance lasted for many years and promoted an intense period of exploration leading to the discovery and colonisation of all the islands of Eastern Polynesia including Hawaii , Rapanui and Aotearoa New Zealand . New marae were established on each of these islands with a rock being taken from Taputapuatea, Raiatea to act as a spiritual link there are still marae named Tapuatapuatea at Moorea, Rarotonga and Hawaii ... at Avamoa that was not lifted until 1995. Research and restoration Image Marae, Raiatea 2.jpg thumb View of a marae at the archaeological complex of Taputapuatea, restored in 1994 When Te Rangi H roa visited Taputapuatea in 1929 he was overcome by the desolate state in which he found this great marae ... remains of Marae Taputapuatea were restored in 1994 and work to preserve the site continues ... for the preservation of the Marae Taputapuatea. The Association is working towards tentative listing of Marae Taputapuatea on the World Heritage List and creating and reviving connections between ... fr Marae de Taputapu tea ...   more details

  1. Katura Marae

    Katura Marae born December 3, 1989 ref http www Athletisme AthletismeFicheAthlete5000000000013365.html Katura Marae , L Equipe ref is a ni Vanuatu Athletics sport athlete who specializes in the 100 metres . She Vanuatu at the 2004 Summer Olympics represented her country at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens , competing in the women s 100 metres sprint. She finished last in her heat, with a time of 13.49 seconds. ref http olympics schedule athletics day7.html Day 7 Athletics Schedule & Results , Sydney Morning Herald ref Marea was pleased with her performance I am so excited Being here is just as wonderful as winning a gold medal. Thank you, thank you to everyone . ref http time magazine article 0,9171,689490,00.html Beaten, But Not Defeated , Time , August 20, 2004 ref At 14 years and 261 days she was the youngest track and field athlete competing at the 2004 Olympics. ref cite web url http www.sports olympics summer 2004 ATH title Athletics at the 2004 Athina Summer Games publisher Sports accessdate 27 March 2010 ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Marae, Katura ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Vanuatuan sprinter DATE OF BIRTH December 3, 1989 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Marae, Katura Category 1989 births Category Living people Category Sprinters Category Vanuatuan athletes Category Athletes track and field at the 2004 Summer Olympics Category Olympic athletes of Vanuatu Vanuatu athletics bio stub fi Katura Marae ...   more details

  1. Te Tomairangi Marae

    Multiple issues refimprove August 2008 orphan November 2006 notability November 2008 Image Stjmcbpblockinvercargill.GIF right thumb 325px Te Tomairangi Marae is an Invercargill Marae on the same city block as St Josephs and St. Mary s Basilica Invercargill St. Mary s Basilica . In late 2005, the Marae was affected by vandals who set fire to the main building. Months previously a Warehouse within a few hundred metres was also burnt. The fire consumed much of the marae. As of March 2005 the marae is currently boarded up. After being destroyed by fire twice the building reopened in 2008 with a sprinkler system installed. ref Name ONENews cite web last ONE News title Rebuilt marae praised by fire service publisher ONE News New Zealand url http view page 423466 1784776 format web date 2008 05 17 accessdate 2008 12 10 ref Gallery gallery Image Te Tomairangi Marae.JPG Image Te Tomairangi Marae 2.JPG gallery References reflist coord missing New Zealand Category Buildings and structures in Invercargill Category Southland Region Category Marae in New Zealand NewZealand struct stub Maori stub ...   more details

  1. Maniaiti Marae (Wallace P?)

    Orphan date February 2009 Refimprove date December 2010 Maniaiti Marae or Wallace P is a marae in Ngapuke, situated roughly 6  km south east from the township of Taumarunui , located in the central North Island of New Zealand. Ancestry Members of the marae are mostly the descendants of Nehuora and Te Wakatahurangi Te Warahi n e Chadwick , the latter being better known as Nanny Maraea . Nanny Maraea was a staunch and well respected matriarch, and was responsible for much of the marae s development. Nehuora was also greatly respected and performed the duty of delivering the family s children. It is thought he may have delivered over a hundred children during his lifetime, possibly many more as it was not restricted to just his family. The marae is called Wallace P , as Warahi was transliterated to Wallace during the time when M ori people were being encouraged to take European names. Now though many descendants have reverted back to Warahi, and many family or wh nau have other names among them Chadwick, Roderick, and Te Wano. Tribal affiliation The iwi tribe most affiliated with the marae is Ng ti Tuwharetoa , although Ng ti Kahungunu the tribe of Nanny Maraea are also closely associated. Most descendants associate with both iwi. Through Ng ti Tuwharetoa, the wh nau claim Ng ti ... The region of Ngapuke is a rural forestry area. The Pungapunga River runs to the back of the marae ... of Wallace P is uncertain, the marae is run down and fewer family remain. With most of the family ... to rebuild the P . Funds are also an issue for the marae. The family members live in all corners ... to raise funds to ensure the legacy of the marae and the Warahi family remains. References Grace, John Te Herekiekie. Tuwharetoa coord missing New Zealand DEFAULTSORT Maniaiti Marae Wallace Pa Category Buildings and structures in the Manawatu Wanganui Region Category Marae in New Zealand Category Forts in New Zealand mi Maniaiti Marae ...   more details

  1. List of marae in the Gisborne Region

    This is a list of marae located in the Gisborne Region of New Zealand . This listing is alphabetic by Marae name. Expand list date August 2008 Awatere Marae Hauiti Tolaga Bay Hine Tapora Mangahanea , Ruatoria Hinemaurea ki Mangatuna Tolaga Bay Hinemaurea Hinepare Rangitukia Hinerupe Te Araroa Hinetamatea anaura bay Hiruharama Iritekura Waipiro Bay Kaiwaka Kapohanga Karuwai Kie Kie Kutania Taniere Mangukaha Mangahanea Mangatu Manutuke Manutuke Maungaroa Te Kaha Maori Battalion aka Te Hokowhitu Maraehara Marotiri Matahi O Te Tau Horoera East Cape Muriwai Manutai Ngai Tai Nuhaka Ohako Manutuke Ohinewaiapu Rangitukia Okuri Omaramutu Pahau Pahou Manutuke Pakirikiri Tokomaru Bay Pakowhai Waituhi Parihimanihi Pokai Tikapa Porourangi Waiomatatini Potaka Puketawai Tolaga Bay Pokaitara Tiraroa Rahui Tikitiki Rakaihoea Rakairoa Harataunga Rangatira Rauru Ki Tahi Reporua Rongo i te Kai Penu . Rongohaere Rongopai Waituhi Ruataupare Tuparoa Ruawharo Taharora Waipiro Bay Takipu Te Karaka Takitimu Tamanuhiri Muriwai Tapuihikitia Tarere Makaraka Taumata o Tapuhi Te Amowhiu Uawa Tolaga Bay Te Aotawarirangi Te Aowera Ruatorea Te Ariuru Tokomaru Bay Te AuAu Te Horo Te Kuri a Tuatai Gisborne, New Zealand Gisborne Te Poho o Rawiri Kaiti, New Zealand Kaiti Te Rawheoro Uawa Tolaga Bay Te Rehu Te Upoko O Taharakau Te Wainui Whatatutu Tikapa Ruatoria Tikitiki Tu Auau Tuahuru Tuatini Tokomaru Bay Tukaki Tutua Marae Tuwhakairiora Hicks Bay Te Rauroha Pokaitara Tekenui Umuariki Tuparoa, Ruatorea Waihirere Waiparapara Tokomaru Bay Whakato Manutuke Whangara mai Tawhiti Whangara Whareponga Category Gisborne Region Category Marae in New Zealand List of marae in the Gisborne Region Category New Zealand related lists Marae in the Gisborne Region, List of Category Buildings and structures in the Gisborne Region ...   more details

  1. Te Papaiouru Marae

    Image TamatekapuaMeetingHouse.jpg thumb right 220px Tamatekapua is the wharenui or meeting house on Te Papaiouru marae Image Haka1908.jpg thumb right 220px Men performing a haka on Te Papaiouru Marae, circa 1908 Te Papaiouru is a marae at Ohinemutu , Rotorua , New Zealand . It is the home marae of the Ng ti Whakaue subtribes Ng ti Tae o T and Ng ti T nohop . The marae s carved wharenui meeting house , Tamatekapua, is named after Tama te kapua , the chief or captain of the Te Arawa canoe, which came to New Zealand from Polynesia in about 1350. ref http tm scholarly tei MitTaki t1 body d1 d9 d2.html Takitimu by Tiaki Hikawera Mitira full text at New Zealand Electronic Text Centre ref History Tamatekapua meeting house was first opened in the centre of Ohinemutu in 1873, but was demolished in 1939. It was rebuilt and reopened in 1943. Many of its carvings may be much older. An earlier Tamatekapua meeting house stood on Mokoia Island in Lake Rotorua . The Kotahitanga M ori parliament met at Ohinemutu in 1895, and many significant people have been welcomed onto Te Papaiouru Marae, including British royalty. Te Rorooterangi and T nohop are two other meeting houses at Ohinemutu. ref Malcolm McKinnon. Volcanic Plateau places Around Rotorua city , Te Ara the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, updated 20 Nov 09. URL http en volcanic plateau places 5 Volcanic Plateau places Around Rotorua city . Viewed 13 March 2010. ref References references coord missing New Zealand Category Buildings and structures in Rotorua Category Marae in New Zealand NewZealand struct stub Maori stub ...   more details

  1. Tapu Te Ranga Marae

    Cleanup date August 2009 Infobox building name Tapu Te Ranga Marae native name former names alternate names image Pic118p300.jpg alt Tapu Te Ranga Marae caption Tapu Te Ranga Marae map type altitude building type Marae architectural style Contemporary Maori structural system cost ren cost location Island Bay , Wellington , New Zealand address 44 Rhine Street, Island Bay, Wellington client owner current tenants landlord coordinates Coord 41.3313 174.769918 display title region NZ type landmark start date 1974 completion date inauguration date renovation date demolition date destruction date height convert 131 ft m diameter other dimensions floor count 10 floor area main contractor architect architecture firm structural engineer services engineer civil engineer other designers quantity surveyor awards ren architect ren firm ren str engineer ren serv engineer ren civ engineer ren oth designers ren qty surveyor ren awards references Tapu Te Ranga Marae is a Marae living marae in Island Bay , Wellington , New Zealand . It is the home of author Bruce Stewart , his family and various friends. The Marae is listed as a heritage site Citation needed date August 2009 . Stewart bought the whenua ... govern the marae . Starting in 1974, Bruce worked alongside unemployed Maori youth, some were ... 27000 sqft m2 , convert 131 ft m high. Thousands visit the marae from all corners of the earth. The marae is set in convert 50 acre m2 . Most of it has been planted with native trees sourced from .... Buildings Image Pic115p300.jpg thumb 300px right Tapu Te Ranga Marae Image SouthCoastPICT1197.JPG ... Maori. They who build the whare, are built by the whare is the M ori culture Marae oral tradition ... Bruce Stewart, rangatira of Tapu Te Ranga marae in Island Bay, Wellington asked me for artwork for the new ... Kahukiwa Kaitiaki References http Official Marae website http ... Category Marae in New Zealand ...   more details

  1. Ng?ti Koura

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 The Ng ti Koura are a sub tribe or hapu of the Bay of Plenty tribes of M ori people M ori in the North Island of New Zealand . Two marae are traditionally associated with Ng ti Koura Otenuku and Te Papakainga. Otenuku marae is the site of Te Tapuwae , a cemetery in which many tribal chiefs of the Tuhoe iwi are buried. DEFAULTSORT Ngati Koura Category Iwi and hapu Maori stub ...   more details

  1. Ng?ti Poneke

    Infobox Iwi iwi name Ng ti Poneke map iwi location Wellington waka population united tribes no. url Ng ti Poneke is a M ori people M ori iwi of New Zealand . It is a pan tribal iwi of M ori who have migrated to the city of Wellington like Ng ti karana in Auckland and Ng ti Ranana in London . Poneke is a Maori language diminutive of Port Nicholson . References http services commdirectory display group.php?id 417 Pipitea Marae Hall contact details http collections online exhibitions pipitea thorndon pipitea marae Pipitea Marae and the Ng ti Poneke Young M ori Club 1980 photo http books 123 The Silent Migration Ng ti Poneke Young M ori Club 1937 48 book http 1966 M MaoriSocialStructure ModernSociety en Modern Society, Modern Group Structure from the 1966 Encyclopaedia of New Zealand See also List of M ori iwi Iwi DEFAULTSORT Ngati Poneke Category Iwi and hapu Maori stub ...   more details

  1. Karanga

    Karanga may refer to Karanga district , Mangaia, Cook Islands Karanga M ori culture , an element of M ori cultural protocol, the calling of visitors onto a marae. Ikalanga language Te Karanga , a song by Rhian Sheehan a clan of the Shona people Karanga Chhota village , a village in India. Disambig ...   more details

  1. Taputapuatea

    Infobox French commune name Taputapuatea map size 300px adjustable map Taputapuatea.png map caption Location of the commune in red within the Leeward Islands overseas collectivity French Polynesia administrative subdivision Leeward Islands Society Islands Leeward Islands commune centre Avera Raiatea Avera INSEE 98750 postal code 98735 mayor Thomas Moutame term longitude 151.3589 latitude 16.8375 elevation m elevation min m 0 elevation max m 758 area km2 88.5 population 4614 population date August 2007 census Taputapuatea is a commune in France commune of French Polynesia , an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean . The commune of Taputapuatea is located on the island of Raiatea , in the French Polynesia Administrative divisions administrative subdivision of the Leeward Islands Society Islands Leeward Islands , themselves part of the Society Islands . The administrative centre of the commune is the settlement of Avera Raiatea Avera . The commune was named after a large marae complex which was once considered the religious center of eastern Polynesia . The archaeological site of Taputapuatea marae is still today the most famous landmark of Raiatea. Image Marae, Raiatea 2.jpg thumb left 390px View of the ancient marae at the archaeological complex of Taputapuatea, restored in 1994. Category Communes of French Polynesia FrenchPolynesia geo stub ca Taputapuatea de Taputapuatea fr Taputapuatea it Taputapuatea lt Taputapuatea oc Taputapuatea pt Taputapuatea ...   more details

  1. South Waikato District

    back 20 25 generations. There are 32 marae in the district, including Papa te Aroha marae, Aotearoa marae, Pikitu marae Nga Huri , P hara marae Ngati Koriki , Ngatira marae Ngati Ahuru and Tarukenga marae Ngati Te Ngakau . The district s main industries are forestry and timber production. Several ...   more details

  1. Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti

    , artist Linda Waimarie Nikora , academic Marae One of New Zealands more famous Marae and one stepped ... made famous from the Movie Whale Rider based on the story of the ancestor Paikea . Hauiti Marae Te Poho o Rawiri Marae Puketawai Marae Mangatuna Marae Te Rawheoro Marae Uawa FM Turanga FM Turanganui ...   more details

  1. Ng?ti Rangitihi

    Infobox Iwi iwi name Ng ti Rangitihi map Ng ti Rangitihi.png iwi location Bay of Plenty waka population united tribes no. url http Ng ti Rangitihi is a M ori people M ori iwi of New Zealand , located in the Bay of Plenty . Ngati Rangitihi is the senior tribe of Te Arawa . The 8 beating hearts of Te Arawa come under the umbrella of Rangitihi the people of Rangitihi . History Ngati Rangitihi history is carved into the pole beside of the Rangiaohia wharenui at the Matata Pa and at Tamatekapua wharenui at Te Papaiouru Marae at Rotorua , Ngati Rangitihi is the carved figure at the top of the pole, the 8 beating hearts are below Rangitihi. Their hapu, Ngati Mahi and Ngati Tionga are the recognised hapu of Ngati Rangitihi today. The Ngati Tionga hapu has occupied Ahika Otamarora Matata, New Zealand Matata since 1700, under the chiefs Rohi, Tewhareiti, Tionga, Tangihia Tionga and Porione Tangihia. Pre 1928, carvings were green. The Whare Nui was named Tionga. The Tionga Marae was located on Lot 5, Arawa Street, Matata, where it was owned by members Tangihia family. In the late 1880s Ngati Mahi renovated the Tionga marae, replacing the thatch with an iron roof and the raupo wall panels with sawn timber. In 1928 a tornado lifted the marae building up and carried it to its present location. It was renamed the Rangiohia Whare nui and has been maintained by Ngati Mahi ever since. Rohe traditional lands The recognised Rohe of Ngati Rangitihi as submitted to the Waitangi Tribunal in evidence during an urgent hearing in February 2002. It was not challenged by the legal Counsel for the Crown, Tuwharetoa ki Kawerau or Ngati Awa who were all present at the time. The Ngati Rangitihi land rohe extends from the East side of the Tarawera River mouth to Otamarakau , inland to Lake Rotoehu , through Lake Rotoma and through Lake Okataina and Lake Tarawera . South into the Kaingaroa Forest . East including the western third of the Matahina Block . Pokohu and Putauaki and out ...   more details

  1. Te Ao M?ori

    Te Ao M ori literally means the M ori world . This includes Te Reo the language and dialects , Tikanga the processes and practices , Marae the community focal point , Waahi Tapu sites of importance and access to wh nau, Hap and iwi. References Auckland Regional Public Health Service. 2007 . Mauri Ora Te Ao Maori. http Publications Reports maori health phreport Mauri 20Ora.pdf National Library of New Zealand. http about this site glossary te ao maori Category M ori ...   more details

  1. Flag of the Chatham Islands

    Unreferenced date September 2008 File Flag of Chatham Islands.svg left thumb Unofficial flag of the Chatham Islands The unofficial flag of the Chatham Islands Wharekauri in Maori language Maori Rekohu in the indigenous language, Moriori language Moriori . In the centre is the map of the island with the Te Whanga lagoon depicted in white. Behind the map is a depiction of the rising sun. The flag was designed by Logan Alderson a former New Zealand police officer in 1993, and it has been used in the Chathams since then. Citation needed date September 2008 It was reported By whom date July 2010 that at the 2005 opening of a new marae on the islands, which included a rare visit by the New Zealand Prime Minister of New Zealand Prime Minister , the Chathams flag was clearly seen flying from a flagpole over the Marae. Citation needed date September 2008 See also Flag of New Zealand List of New Zealand flags DEFAULTSORT Chatham Islands, Flag of the Category Flags of New Zealand Category Chatham Islands Flag Category Unofficial flags NewZealand stub flag stub ...   more details

  1. Te Tapuwae

    unreferenced date February 2011 Te Tapuwae is a M ori people M ori cemetery located close to Otenuku Marae in Ruatoki , in the Bay of Plenty Region of New Zealand . It is where tribal leaders of the Ngai Tuhoe iwi are traditionally buried, most notably chief Tamarau Takurua . In M ori mythology Maori folklore the cemetery is said to be protected by a powerful tapu which will curse anyone entering the cemetery without permission of the marae kaum tua . On leaving the sacred cemetery, visitors must always wash your hands with cleansing water. Tuhoe refer to the buried ground as Te Tapuwae, Te Urupa Ng Rangatira Ng i T hoe Te Tapuwae is the elder of the kings of the Tuhoe people coord missing New Zealand Category M ori Category Bay of Plenty Region Category Cemeteries in New Zealand BayofPlenty geo stub Cemetery stub Maori stub ...   more details

  1. Louis Wellington Parore

    Louis Wellington Parore 1888&ndash 1953 was a New Zealand M ori leader, interpreter, land court agent. Of M ori people M ori descent, he identified with the Nga Puhi and Te Roroa iwi . He was born at Te Houhanga Marae , Northland Region Northland , New Zealand in 1888. ref name DNZB Parore DNZB title Louis Wellington Parore first Garry Hooker and Robert last Parore id 4p4 accessdate December 2011 ref References Reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Parore, Louis Wellington ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Nga Puhi and Te Roroa leader, interpreter, land court agent DATE OF BIRTH 1888 PLACE OF BIRTH Te Houhanga Marae, Northland, New Zealand DATE OF DEATH 1953 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Parore, Louis Wellington Category 1888 births Category 1953 deaths Category New Zealand M ori people Category Interpreters Category Te Roroa NewZealand bio stub ...   more details

  1. Ohaaki Power Station

    Infobox power station name Ohaaki Power Station image Ohaaki geothermal power station.jpg image caption location map New Zealand country New Zealand locale Waikato lat d 38 lat m 31 lat s 37 lat NS S long d 176 long m 17 long s 31 long EW E coordinates type type landmark region NZ coordinates display title owner Contact Energy status Operational primary fuel Geothermal conveyance combined cycle generation units max planned cap 104 MW commissioned 1989 decommissioned The Ohaaki Power Station is a geothermal power station owned and operated by Contact Energy . A distinctive feature of this power station is the 105 m high natural draft cooling tower , the only one of its kind in New Zealand. Although initially constructed to generate 104 MW, decline in the steamfield has meant maximum net capacity is about 65 MW with an annual output of around 400 GWh pa. ref Contact Energy Prospectus, 1999 ref There are currently three turbines in operation. One smaller turbine runs off high pressure steam which then backfeeds into the main intermediate pressure system that feeds the two main units. Condensers on the back end of the main turbines are fed cooled water from the cooling tower to condense the steam back into water. Additional condensate gained in this process is reinjected back into the ground. Image Geothermal.Electricity.NZ.Ohaaki.png thumb none 260px Electricity Generation at Ohaaki, New Zealand. Ohaaki Marae The plant is located adjacent to the Ohaaki Marae Ng ti Tahu on the banks of the Waikato River in New Zealand . Gradual sinking of the marae has been attributed to draw off of geothermal fluids by the power station. The area of the marae is sinking approximately 170mm a year. ref cite news url http nz news article.cfm?c id 1&objectid 10594601 title Sinking marae s iwi upset at second forced shift last Ihaka first James date 2 September 2009 publisher New Zealand Herald accessdate 2009 09 02 ref In the 1960s, the marae was moved to its present lo ...   more details

  1. Cliff Whiting

    s College where he introduced the concept of student marae visits and continued to encourage the inclusion ... panels of the College s wharenui Te Kupenga o Te M tauranga . ref cite web title Marae History ... marae marae history.cfm accessdate 2009 03 07 Dead link date October 2010 bot H3llBot ref Whiting s work with Maori communities and his belief in the importance on the role of the marae in maintaining ... wharenui carved meeting houses and other marae buildings. He was encouraged in this by Pineamine Taiapa ... participated in the Historic Places Trust s first marae conservation project at Manutuke. It had always been the Trust s policy to work in partnership with iwi and hapu when restoring marae. Whiting ... marae http WhatsOn exhibitions Pages TheMarae.aspx Rongomaraeroa ... 1 ENZ Resources Standard 2 en Te Hono ki Hawaikii . The marae complex is situated in the fourth ... and p whiri on 14 February 1998. This marae is where all of the Museum s formal welcome ceremonies ... accessdate 2009 03 07 ref Contemporary Wharenui and Marae Following the construction of the wharenui at the Palmerston North Teacher s College and the Marae at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa ... Kaitatea at Takahanga Marae in Kaikoura which was opened in 2001. ref cite web title Te R nanga o Kaik ura Takahanga Marae url http News Runanga Education Projects Te Runanga o Kaikoura Takahanga Marae accessdate 2009 03 07 ref He has also worked on the development of the Te Rau Aroha Marae for the Awarua Runanga in Bluff. This marae complex was named in remembrance of the bus .... ref cite web last Murray first Justine coauthors Maraea Rakuraku title Nga Marae o te Motu Marae ... accessdate 2009 03 07 ref Again the wharenui was the centre of the marae. Named Tahu Potiki this wharenui ...   more details

  1. Wharenui

    Image Tanenuiarangi.jpg thumb right 460px T nenuiarangi, the wharenui at Waipapa marae, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Participants in a weekend long hui meeting , having slept overnight in the house, relax in the morning before the proceedings of the day begin. A wharenui literally big house is a communal house of the M ori people of New Zealand , generally situated as the focal point of a marae . Wharenui are usually called meeting houses in New Zealand English . Wharenui Also called a whare r nanga meeting house or whare whakairo literally carved house , the present style of wharenui originated in the early to middle nineteenth century. The houses are often carved inside and out with stylized images of the iwi s or tribe s ancestors, with the style used for the carvings varying from tribe to tribe. Modern meeting houses are built to regular building standards. Photographs of recent ancestors may be used as well as carvings. The houses always have names, sometimes the name of a famous ancestor or sometimes a figure from M ori mythology. Some meeting houses are built where many M ori are present, even though it is not the location of a tribe typically, a college or school with many M ori students. While a meeting house is considered sacred, it is not a church or house of worship, but religious rituals may take place in front of or inside a meeting house. On most marae, no food may be taken into the meeting house. Protocols Meeting houses are the centre of any cultural, business, or any affair which is relevant to the iwi as a whole. Typically, visitors to the village would be allowed to stay in the meeting house at night. Ceremonial occasions, including wedding and funeral typically take place in the meeting house or on the marae marae tea in front of the house. Strict rules of conduct generally govern the use of the wharenui, which is considered the domain of unity and peace. If anyone should become irate or physically violent, they would be asked to leave the house ...   more details

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