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Encyclopedia results for Kulin Ban

Kulin Ban

Encyclopedia results for Kulin Ban

  1. Rangin Ban

    Rangin Ban lang fa may refer to Rangin Ban, Kuhdasht Rangin Ban, Pol e Dokhtar geodis ...   more details

  1. Ban Kat

    Ban Kat may refer to Ban Kat, Mae Sariang , tambon subdistrict of Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand Ban Kat, Mae Wang , tambon of Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand Ban Kat, Sung Men Ban Kat , tambon of Sung Men District, Phrae Province, Thailand geodis ...   more details

  1. Ban Fang

    Ban Fang may refer to Ban Fang, a village in Ban Pong commune Ban Pong , Cambodia Amphoe Ban Fang , a district in Thailand Ban Fang, Kaset Wisai Roi Et Province, Thailand Ban Fang, Kranuan Khon Kaen Province, Thailand geodis Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Ban Klang

    Ban Klang may refer to several places in Thailand Ban Klang, San Pa Tong Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand Ban Klang, Song Phrae Province, Northern Thailand Ban Klang, Wang Thong Phitsanulok Province, CentralThailand Ban Klang, Mueang Lamphun Lamphun Province, Northern Thailand Ban Klang, Lom Sak Phetchabun Province, Central Thailand Ban Klang, Mueang Pathum Thani Pathum Thani Province, Central Thailand Ban Klang, Mueang Nakhon Phanom Nakhon Phanom Province, North Eastern Thailand Ban Klang, Ao Luek Krabi Province, Southern Thailand Ban Klang, Panare Pattani Province, Southern Thailand geodis ...   more details

  1. Ban Muang

    Ban Muang can refer to Ban Muang, King of Sukhothai , Thailand Ban Muang, Ban Pong Ban Muang , a tambon of Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand Disambig Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Ban Biao

    chinese name Ban Ban Biao zh c p B n Bi o w Pan Piao , 3 54 , courtesy name zh c p Sh p w Shupi , was a Chinese people Chinese historian , and an official born in what is now Xianyang Xianyang, Shaanxi during the Han Dynasty . He was the nephew of Consort Ban , a famous poet and concubine to Emperor Cheng of Han Emperor Cheng . Ban Biao began the Book of Han , which was completed by his son, Ban Gu and daughter Ban Zhao while their brother Ban Chao was a famous general who contributed his stories to expand the Book of Han. Ban Biao and his descendants Ban Biao zh 3 54 father Ban Gu zh 32 92 first son Ban Chao zh 32 102 second son Ban Xiong zh ? after 107 Ban Chao s eldest son Ban Shi zh ? 130 Ban Xiong s son Ban Yong zh ? after 127 Ban Chao s youngest son Ban Zhao zh 45 116 daughter See also Book of Han References Book of Later Han , zh s 40 vol. 40, part 1 . Zizhi Tongjian , vols. zh s 033 33 , zh s 040 40 , zh s 041 41 , zh s 042 42 , zh s 044 44 . Han Dynasty historians Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Biao, Ban ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Biao, Ban Category Han Dynasty historians Category 1st century historians Category Han Dynasty politicians Category 3 births Category 54 deaths China academic bio stub historian stub de Ban Biao es Ban Biao fr Ban Biao ko it Ban Biao ja no Ban Biao pl Ban Biao sr sh Ban Biao fi Ban Biao zh ...   more details

  1. Arri�re-ban

    Arri re ban , in France French customs, is a general proclamation whereby the King of France king summons to war all his vassal s and their vassals. To the Provost civil Provost of Paris belongs the convoking and commanding of the arri re ban. In the Medieval usage, arri re ban denoted a general Conscription Medieval levies levy , where all able bodied males were summoned into arms. Fact date February 2007 The arri re ban was proclaimed throughout the Kingdom of France on April 30, 1337. References 1728 http cgi bin HistSciTech HistSciTech idx?type turn&entity HistSciTech000900240188&isize L Category Military history of France France hist stub de Arri re ban fr Ban assembl e it Arri re ban ...   more details

  1. Ban Dong

    Ban Dong may refer to Ban Dong, Chat Trakan Ban Dong, Lampang geodis Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it from being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Long comment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. King Ban

    Unreferenced date January 2008 In Arthurian legend , Ban IPA en b n is the King of Benwick or Benoic . He is the father of Sir Lancelot and Sir Hector de Maris , the brother of Bors King Bors , and an early ally of King Arthur . Ban s wife Elaine legend Elaine is the sister to King Bors wife Evaine . Together they have Lancelot, but while travelling in Sub Roman Britain Britain in support of Arthur, Ban sleeps with the Lady de Maris, who becomes pregnant with Hector, Lancelot s half brother. Ban and Bors are eventually killed by their enemy, the Franks Frankish king Claudas , and Lancelot is taken by the Lady of the Lake to her abode, where he is later joined by Bors the Elder s sons Sir Lionel Lionel and Bors the Younger. When the children grow up and become Knights of the Round Table , they aid Arthur in finally defeating Claudas and reclaiming their fathers land. DEFAULTSORT Ban, King Category Arthurian characters Category Mythological kings Euro myth stub de K nig Ban es Ban de Benwick fr Ban de B no c pt Ban de Benoic ...   more details

  1. Ban Pao

    Ban Pao may refer to Ban Pao, Mae Taeng , Chiang Mai Ban Pao, Lampang Geodis Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it from being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Long comment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Chinatsu Ban

    Chinatsu Ban Ban Chinatsu , born 1973 is a Japan ese artist. Ban has a reputation as an artist drawing elephant and human figures on rice paper . A sculpture, titled V W X Yellow Elephant Underwear H I J Kiddy Elephant , featured in an exhibit about modern Japanese culture called Little Boy The Arts of Japan s Exploding Subculture . ref http artists list C8 ref Ban was born in Aichi Prefecture and graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in oil painting in 1995. ref http pafweb projects 05 littleboy littleboy chinatsu 05.html ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ban, Chinatsu ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ban, Chinatsu Category Japanese artists Category 1973 births Category Living people Category People from Aichi Prefecture ru , ...   more details

  1. Ban Zhao

    chinese name Ban Infobox person image Ban Zhao.jpg caption Imaginary image of Ban Zhao by Shangguan Zhou , b. 1665 . birth date 45 death date death year and age 116 45 spouse Cao Shishu parents Ban Biao relations Ban Chao , Ban Gu NOTOC B n Zh o 45 116 CE zh c w Pan Chao , fl. 2st century , courtesy ... brother Ban Gu s work as he was imprisoned and executed in the year 92 BCE. because of his association ... and mathematics. Family Ban Zhao was born in Fufenganlin, in what is now Shanxi province. At age fourteen ... Ban Biao and younger sister of the general Ban Chao and of historian Ban Gu . She was also the grandniece of the notable scholar and poet Consort Ban . Work Ban Gu was author of the history of the Western ... 101 ref Ban Zhao also wrote the Lessons for Women . This book generally advised women to be submissive ... .This treatise on the education of women was dedicated to the daughters in Ban Zao s family but was circulated ... sought the advice of Ban Zhao. In gratitude, the Empress gave both Ban Zhao s sons appointments as officials. ref cite book last Bennet Peterson page 102 ref Ban Zhao was also a librarian at court, supervising ... material, paper. ref cite book last Jane Donawerth page 14 ref As Ban Zhao got older, she decided ... Ban Zhao s death at advanced age, she dressed all in white to mourn her. Legacy Ban Zhao crater Ban Zhao crater on Venus is named after her. Family Ban Biao zh 3 54 father Ban Gu zh 32 92 eldest brother Ban Chao zh 32 102 second brother Ban Xiong zh ? after 107 Ban Chao s eldest son Ban Shi zh ? 130 Ban Chao s second son Ban Yong zh ? after 127 Ban Chao s youngest ... on Ban Zhao and her family Han Dynasty historians Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Zhao, Ban ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Chinese historian DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 116 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Zhao, Ban Category 45 births Category 116 deaths Category ... women Category 1st century women writers Category 2nd century women writers ca Ban Zhao de Ban Zhao ...   more details

  1. Consort Ban

    File Ban Chieyu.jpg thumb Ban Jieyu Consort Ban c. 48 BC? c. 6 BC , or Ban Jieyu , zh c p B n Ji y w Pan Chieh y , and also known as Lady Pan was a Chinese scholar and Classical Chinese poetry poet during the Western Han Dynasty 206 BC 23 AD 23 . Jieyu was a title for a concubine, her personal name is not known. Life Consort Ban started as a junior maid, became a concubine of Emperor Cheng of Han Emperor Cheng and quickly rose to prominence at court ref cite book authors Chang, Saussy and Kwong page 17 ref . She bore him two sons, but both died in infancy. Once she declined an invitation to ride in a palanquin because she feared to distract him from matters of state. She was also renowned ... the Empress Xu Cheng Empress Xu nor Consort Ban produced him an heir, the Empress Wang Zhengjun ... Hede Zhao Hede . They were both made concubines and he favored them over Empress Xu and Consort Ban. In 18 BC both the Empress and Consort Ban were accused of witchcraft. Empress Xu was put under house arrest away from court, but Consort Ban pleaded her case. She used citations of Confucius and made ... a lady in waiting to the Empress Dowager, instead of remaining consort to the Emperor. Consort Ban became ... book authors Chang, Saussy and Kwong page 18 ref . Family Consort Ban once saved her brother Ban Zhi from a charge of treason. Ban Zhi who was to become the father of the historian Ban Biao . He in turn had a son and a daughter, Ban Gu and Ban Zhao , who would complete their father s historic work Book ... of this song to her, especially since it is not mentioned in her grand nephew Ban Gu ... Women Lien Zhuan compiled by the Han Dynasty scholar Liu Xiang scholar Liu Xiang . Consort Ban ..., last accessed June 7, 2007 DEFAULTSORT Ban, Consort Category 48 BC births Category 6 BC deaths Category ... 1st century BC women Category 1st century BC women writers Link GA zh classical de Ban Jieyu es Consorte Ban ko hr Supruga Ban ja sh Supruga Ban zh classical zh ...   more details

  1. Ban Gu

    for the Chinese deity Pangu File Ban Gu.jpg thumb Ban Gu ChineseText chinese name Ban Ban Gu zh c p ban1 gu4 w Pan Ku , 32 92 , courtesy name Mengjian , was a 1st century Chinese people Chinese historian and poet best known for his part in compiling the Book of Han . He also wrote in the main poetic genre of the Han era, a kind of poetry interspersed with prose called fu literature fu . Some are anthologized by Xiao Tong in his Selections of Refined Literature in the 6th century. Compiler of the Bo hu tong . Life See History of the Han Dynasty Hanshu In the 3rd century BC, Ban Gu s ancestors gained prominence on the northwestern frontier as herders of several thousand cattle, oxen, and horses, which they traded in a formidable business and encouraged other families to move to the frontier. ref Y , 8. ref Ban Gu was born into a scholarly family. His great aunt Consort Ban was a scholar and poet, and his father, Ban Biao , was a prominent historian. He took over from his father responsibility for writing a history of the former Han Dynasty , a book known in modern times as the Hanshu or Book of Han . However, his work was interrupted by political problems, as his association ... biography , however, was completed by his younger sister, Ban Zhao , and became a model for many other works about later dynasties. The modern historian Hsu Mei ling states that Ban Gu s written ... name hsu 98 Hsu, 98. ref Ban Gu s family Ban Biao zh 3 54 CE father Ban Gu zh 32 92 first son Ban Chao zh 32 102 second son Ban Xiong zh ? after 107 Ban Chao s eldest son Ban Shi zh ? 130 Ban Xiong s son Ban Yong zh ? c. 128 youngest son of Ban Chao Ban Zhao zh ... Press, 1987, 265 70. Clark, Anthony E. Ban Gu s History of Early China Amherst Cambria Press ... 1st century poets Category 1st century historians bg ca Ban Gu de Ban Gu es Ban Gu fr Ban Gu ko it Ban Gu ja no Ban Gu pl Ban Gu ru sh Ban Gu vi Ban C zh ...   more details

  1. Daisuke Ban

    Image Ban Daisuke.jpg thumb Ban Daisuke. nihongo Daisuke Ban Ban Daisuke , born nihongo Kiyonori Saito Sait Kiyonori , is a Japan ese actor. He was born on May 5, 1947 in Saitama Prefecture Saitama prefecture , north of Tokyo . He is best known for his role as Jiro in Android Kikaider . Ban attended Saitama Ken High School . While in college, Ban performed in a theater group that performed the works of France French playwrights. He held a small job at a teahouse during college. Though he considered becoming a salaryman , ultimately he turned to acting. His first role was Oumuto Ni Watori , in 1971. He did not, however, audition for his breakout role in Kikaider . His photo was one of many sent in to TV Asahi NET while they were casting the programme&mdash Ban was one of several ... in the title role. According to Ban in an interview in Otaku USA magazine, his casting was fairly typical, with him meeting Toei Company Toei executives. Ban appeared in all 43 episodes of the original ... to Ban, Kikaider was very much like a typical television drama, and not significantly different ... played the title character on Inazuman , Ban was also a regular on Ninja Captor , Denkou Choujin Gridman ... did, and that they are not able to excite children the way they used to. Ban, along with the star .... Most recently, Ban appeared in the short film House of the Restless Spirits , released as part of the compilation Scary True Stories produced by horror film magazine Fangoria . Ban currently resides ... profile index.html title Ban Daisuke Profile work publisher accessdate 2006 04 06 IMDb name 0051499 ... Ban Daisuke official website http bd.htm Index of tokusatsu appearances features several images. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ban, Daisuke ALTERNATIVE ... Ban, Daisuke Category 1947 births Category Living people Category Tokusatsu actors Category Japanese actors id Daisuke Ban ja fi Daisuke Ban tl Daisuke Ban zh yue ...   more details

  1. Overtime ban

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 An overtime ban is a form of industrial action where employee s limit their working time to the hours specified in their Employment contract contracts , refusing to work any overtime . Overtime bans are less disruptive than strike action , and since there is no breach of contract by the employees there is less chance of disciplinary action by the employer than there is with strikes. However, an overtime ban can have a significant impact on industries which normally operate outside of regular office hours, such as emergency services , public transport , or retail . An overtime ban is similar to a work to rule , in that both involve employees refusing to do more than is strictly required of them. However, and in contrast with a work to rule, when an overtime ban is in place workers may still perform duties not required of them, providing they do not go outside their contracted hours. DEFAULTSORT Overtime Ban Category Labor disputes Labor dispute stub no Overtidsnekt fi Ylity kielto sv Arbetsblockad ...   more details

  1. Ban Mae

    info sec2 501206 website footnotes Ban Mae lang th is a tambon subdistrict of Amphoe San ... The whole area of the subdistrict is administrated by the Ban Mae Tambon administrative organization ... http about.php?id 1 title . language Thai publisher Ban Mae TAO ref No. Name Thai 0 1. Ban Mueang Fu 0 2. Ban Ten 0 3. Ban Tha Pong 0 4. Ban Chim Phli 0 5. Ban Rong Than 0 6. Ban San 0 7. Ban Rong Khum 0 8. Ban Mae 0 9. Man Chedi Noeng 10. Ban Kio Lae Noi 11. Ban Tong 12. Ban Tha Duea 13. Ban Pliang History In 1997 the subdistrict administrative organization Ban Mae was established. ref cite journal journal Royal Gazette ... Ban Mae http tambon ttambon.asp?ID 501206 on Ban Mae subdistrict Thai ...   more details

  1. Ban Ban Springs, Queensland

    Infobox Australian Place type town name Ban Ban Springs state qld image BanBanSpringsServiceStation.JPG caption Service station at Ban Ban Springs latd 25 latm 40 lats 34 longd 151 longm 49 longs 13 pushpin label position left lga North Burnett Region postcode 4625 est pop elevation coordinates coord 25 40 34 S 151 49 13 E region AU QLD type city display inline,title name Ban Ban Springs maxtemp mintemp rainfall stategov Electoral district of Callide Callide fedgov Division of Flynn Flynn dist1 297 dir1 NW location1 Brisbane dist2 122 dir2 W location2 Maryborough, Queensland Maryborough dist3 27 dir3 E location3 Gayndah, Queensland Gayndah Ban Ban Springs is the formally approved and current name given by the Minister for Natural Resources on the 24 September 1999 to a small community in Queensland , Australia , located at the junction of the Burnett Highway Burnett and Isis Highway Isis highways. ref name PlaceNames01 On the southern side of the road junction are the Spring hydrosphere springs from which the community gets its name, being rare springs from which waters flow into the nearby Barambah Creek. ref name Map01 http cultural heritage pdf banbansprings.pdf Map of Ban Ban Springs Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Area Accessed 25 February 2009 ref The name, Ban Ban Springs , finds its source in the name originally used by H. Herbert when, in 1846, he first ... placenames detail.php?id 1467 Queensland Register of Place Names Entry for Ban Ban Springs Accessed 25 February ref It is reported H. Herbert borrowed the words Ban Ban meaning grass from the local ... ref File BanBanSpringsMural.JPG thumb 240px right Ban Ban Springs Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Area 2008 Sign, Mural, & Plaque blockquote Ban Ban Springs is a Aboriginal sacred site sacred site and has ... living in the town of Gayndah, Queensland Gayndah blockquote blockquote Ban Ban Springs is unique ... cultural heritage pdf banbansprings.pdf Map of Ban Ban Springs Aboriginal Cultural ...   more details

  1. Ban Pong, Ban Pong

    For other similarly named places Ban Pong disambiguation Ban Pong Infobox settlement See the Table at Infobox Settlement for all fields and descriptions of usage Basic info official name Ban Pong native name settlement type Tambon motto images and maps image skyline Ban Pong159.jpg imagesize image caption Post office square and clock tower in Ban Pong town image map mapsize map caption Location subdivision type Country subdivision name flag Thailand subdivision type2 Provinces of Thailand Province subdivision name2 Ratchaburi Province Ratchaburi subdivision type3 Amphoe subdivision name3 Ban Pong District Ban Pong Politics government footnotes government type leader title leader name established title established date Area area total km2 area water km2 Population population as of population footnotes population note population total population density km2 population metro population density metro km2 population urban population density urban km2 General information timezone Thailand utc offset 7 latd latm lats latNS N longd longm longs longEW E elevation footnotes elevation m Area postal codes & others postal code type postal code area code blank name blank info website footnotes Ban Pong , lang th , is the centre town of Amphoe Ban Pong in Ratchaburi Province , Thailand . It is located roughly 77 kilometers west of Bangkok . History The current town was first promoted as a municipality around 100 years ago, when it was moved down the Mae Klong River from the old town, which is now part of Tha Pha municipality. The new town, when it was first built, was flooded with Chinese immigrants migrating from Southern China where drought had occurred for four consecutive ..., the town s economy depends very much on the purchasing power of the workforce in Ban Pong ... within Ban Pong district alone, producing everything from jewelry to car parts. Hence, the town ... going on than the past. See also Amphoe Ban Pong References reflist coord missing Thailand Category ...   more details

  1. Wu Ban

    Unreferenced date January 2009 In universe subject Three Kingdoms category Three Kingdoms date October 2009 Chinese t s chinese name Wu surname Wu Wu Ban , Chinese style name style name Yuanxiong , was a military general of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms era of History of China Chinese history . A relative of Wu Yi , Wu Ban at one time was a close servant under Liu Zhang warlord Liu Zhang . During the Battle of Xiaoting against Sun Quan , Wu Ban was tasked to lead the vanguard, winning many battles along with surrounding Sun Huan Shuwu Sun Huan at Yiling District Yiling . During the last of Zhuge Liang s Zhuge Liang s Northern Expeditions Northern Campaigns in 234, Wu Ban was killed by the Cao Wei generals Zhang Hu Three Kingdoms Zhang Hu and Yue Lin . See also List of people of the Three Kingdoms People of Shu DEFAULTSORT Wu, Ban Category Liu Zhang and associates Category Shu Han generals China mil bio stub ca Wu Ban ko ja zh ...   more details

  1. Ray-Ban

    ref improve date April 2012 Advert date August 2010 Infobox company company name Ray Ban company logo File Ray Ban logo.svg 250px company type Subsidiary foundation 1937 founder Lester Belisario location ... http www.ray ray footnotes Ray Ban is a brand of sunglasses founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb . ref name Ray Ban company website http www.ray Ray Ban Website Vague date April ... while maintaining a stylish look. Citation needed date March 2012 The Ray Ban Aviator became a well ... debut? In 1952, Ray Ban created another style, the Ray Ban Wayfarer , this time with plastic frames, which became popular soon after its release. Citation needed date March 2012 By 1962, Ray Ban started ... Ban The History of the Top Selling Eyewear Brand World Wide url http MNR Ray BanAviatorTheEssentials docs RAY BAN HISTORY RAY BAN History EN.pdf publisher Ray Ban accessdate 28 March ... March 2012 Ray Ban still remains a top designer Vague date April 2012 What is a top designer ? in the sunglasses ... s film Breakfast at Tiffany s . ref http ray ban wayfarer audrey hepburn ... s As the 1970s lacked public celebrity endorsements for Ray Ban, the 1980s was the decade of revival for them. In 1982, Ray Ban signed a deal with a California company Vague date March 2012 Which California ... seen wearing Ray Ban sunglasses however, product placement in movies and television continued. Citation ... Deyn are seen wearing them in public or on television. Citation needed date March 2012 Ray Ban s Never ... title Ray Ban Never Hide Be Bold. Be You. url http news aaaa industryPR detail.jsp ... Club wearing Ray Ban products and playing live shows. ref name smartbrief Publicity Sales campaigns ..., especially toward younger people. ref name stellarhead cite web title Ray Ban The History ... docs RAY BAN HISTORY RAY BAN History EN.pdf accessdate March 28, 2012 Dubious date March 2012 This appears ... Never Hide was its name and it aimed to express the Ray Ban ideology Sunglasses that place you at the centre ...   more details

  1. Ban Yaeng

    blank1 info website footnotes Ban Yaeng lang th is a subdistrict in the Amphoe Nakhon Thai Nakhon Thai District of Phitsanulok Province , Thailand . Geography Ban Yaeng lies within the Nan ... clnk&cd 7&gl us in Thai ref class wikitable No. English Thai 1 Ban Yaeng 2 Ban Nong Hin 3 Ban Tam Phrik 4 Ban Khek Yai 5 Ban Gaset Suk 6 Ban Pradoo Sin 7 Ban Gaset Sam Phan 8 Ban Pong Khae 9 Ban Khek Glang 10 Ban Gaset Sombun 11 Ban Thatna Nakhon 12 Ban Khek Phattana 13 Ban Bang Glang Thao Phattana Temples Wat Ban Yaeng is home to the following Buddhist temples ref name The Office of Phitsanulok Province ...   more details

  1. Ban Chao

    File Statue commemorating Ban Chao, Kashgar.jpg thumb 250px Modern statue commemorating Ban Chao in Kashgar Chinese name Ban align right style border 1px solid colspan 3 align center style background ccffcc colspan 3 Ban Chao s Chinese name names Chinese name Given name Chinese style name Style name ... Pinyin small B n Ch o Zh ng Sh ng small Wade Giles small Pan Ch ao Chung Sheng Ban Chao zh c ... brother of the famous historian, Ban Gu zh c w Pan Ku , 32 92 CE who, with his father Ban Biao , and sister, Ban Zhao , wrote the famous Hanshu , or History of the Former Han Dynasty . Ban Chao was a general and cavalry commander in charge of the administration of the Western Regions ... Regions . He fought for 31 years. Control of the Tarim Basin Ban Chao, like his predecessors ... of Loulan , Khotan and Kashgar came under Chinese rule. Ban Chao was recalled to Luoyang , but then sent ... in his attack on Turpan , in the eastern Tarim Basin. Ban Chao ultimately brought the whole of the Tarim ... though they had sent presents to the Chinese court. In retaliation, they marched on Ban Chao in 90 ... among them, as king of Kashgar . ref Hill 2009 , p. 43. ref In 91 CE, Ban Chao finally succeeded in pacifying .... ref Hill 2009 , p. 5. ref In 97 CE Ban Chao sent an envoy, Gan Ying , who reached the Persian Gulf ... has been criticized as a misreading. ref Some modern authors have even claimed that Ban ... of the claim that Ban Chao marched to the Caspian, and Yule Cordier, Cathay and the way thither ... gives no details on them. In 102 CE Ban Chao was retired as Protector General of the Western ... emperors were never to reach so far to the west. A family of historians Ban Chao also belonged to a family of historians. His father was Ban Biao 3 54 CE who started the History of the Western Han Dynasty Hanshu The Book of Han in 36, which was completed by his son Ban Gu 32 92 ref Hill 2009 , p. xv. ref and his daughter Ban Zhao Ban Chao s brother and sister . Ban Chao was probably the key source ...   more details

  1. Ban Naoyuki

    Japanese name Ban nihongo Ban Naoyuki 1567 &ndash May 26, 1615 , also known as nihongo Ban Dan emon , was a Japanese samurai general of the late Sengoku and early Edo period s. He first served as a retainer of Kat Yoshiaki , one of the Seven Spears of Shizugatake , who went on to become lord of the Aizu Domain Aizu domain, in Mutsu. Naoyuki served Lord Kat as a gunnery commander tepp taish . Naoyuki followed his lord during the Japanese invasions of Korea 1592 1598 invasion of Korea in the 1590s , and for his actions in combat there he was given a stipend of 350 koku . However, at the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, he opposed Yoshiaki s orders and subsequently left his service. After that, he served several lords, including Kobayakawa Hideaki , Matsudaira Tadayoshi , and Fukushima Masanori however, as his former lord Yoshiaki was a hindrance, Naoyuki entered the priesthood for a time. He served the Toyotomi clan at the Siege of Osaka Osaka Winter Campaign in 1614. However, during the next year s Summer Campaign, he was killed in action fighting Asano Nagaakira s forces in Izumi province . References http osaka busho toyotomi b ban.html Ban Dan emon Sh kai in Japanese http senryusai senryusai.ban.html Ban Dan emon Retsuden in Japanese Persondata NAME Ban Naoyuki ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1567 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1615 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ban, Naoyuki Category Samurai Category 1567 births Category 1615 deaths Category Japanese warriors killed in battle Japan bio stub it Ban Naoyuki ja zh ...   more details

  1. Li Ban

    Dablink For the character in Irish mythology , see L Ban . For homonyms, see Liban . Chinese Emperor ... i br notes Li Ban 288 334 , courtesy name Shiwen , posthumous name initially Crown Prince ... Ba state Ba Di Wu Hu Di state Cheng Han . Li Ban was the founding emperor Li Xiong Emperor Wu ..., Li Ban was said to have been raised by Li Xiong and his wife Empress Ren even though his mother Lady ... successor. Initially, he considered Li Han , Li Ban s older brother, but Li Han died in battle against Yang Nandi in 323. In 324, he created Li Ban crown prince, reasoning that the empire s foundation ... to Li Dang s son. He also valued Li Ban highly for his kindness and studiousness. Li Xiang and Wang ... that his sons avoided him, but Li Ban cared for him day and night. He died in summer 334 and was succeeded by Li Ban. However, as Li Xiang had predicted, Li Xiong s sons were unhappy they were passed over. Two of them, Li Yue and his younger brother Li Qi , conspired against Li Ban. Li Ban s younger brother Li Wu , who had heard rumors of the conspiracy, suggested to Li Ban that he immediately send Li Yue and Li Qi away from the capital, back to their defense posts, but Li Ban did not have ... away to try to decrease the friction. In the winter, during one night when Li Ban was on mourning watch before Li Xiong s casket, Li Yue assassinated Li Ban and his older brother Li Du , and made Li Qi emperor, after forging an edict from Empress Dowager Ren accusing Li Ban of crimes. Li Qi initially gave Li Ban the posthumous name Crown Prince Li the same posthumous name that Emperor Wu of Han ... to recognize Li Ban as an emperor. In 338, when Li Qi was overthrown by Li Shou , Li Shou posthumously honored Li Ban as Emperor Ai. Personal information Father Li Dang , the second son of Li Te and older ... Qi end Notes and references references Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Li, Ban ... DEFAULTSORT Li, Ban Category Cheng Han emperors Category Assassinated Chinese people Category Murdered ...   more details

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