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Encyclopedia results for Jen Cushman

Jen Cushman

Encyclopedia results for Jen Cushman

  1. Cushman

    otheruses Cushman disambiguation Image Cushman.jpg thumb Cushman Truckster Cushman is a manufacturer ..., track based ATV. Golfster. Military see G numbers for List of G numbers File US Gov Cushman scooter 01.jpg thumb 3 wheel US Government Cushman motor scooter, airborne 2 wheel, model 53 G683 motor scooter ... G679 Company Cushman is based in Augusta, Georgia , United States and is owned by Textron , Inc. Textron ... Go Golf Carts . History The Cushman company started in 1903 in Lincoln, Nebraska , by Everett and Clinton Cushman. The company incorporated as Cushman Motor Works in 1913. ref name CushmanCentennial http sites mnh cushman.htm Cushman Centennial website, Nebraska State Historical ... s, lawn mower s and boat s. From 1936 until 1965 Cushman produced motor scooter motorcycle scooters ... the war. One famous Cushman was the model 53, a military model from the WWII era. Designed to be dropped by parachute with Army Airborne troops, it became known as the Cushman Airborne. Other models were used on military bases for messenger service. The most successful model of Cushman scooter, the Eagle ... and top tank. Other Cushman models used a step through design common for scooters. The step through ... the Allstate brand. Cushman scooters featured an automatic centrifugal clutch , which allowed the rider ..., opposite the usual pattern in most other motorcycles and scooters. Cushman claimed 75 miles per gallon, and advertised penny a mile operating cost. Cushman scooters usually weighed about 250 to 335 pounds ... were sold as 1966 models. After scooter production ceased, Cushman manufactured golf cart s, industrial vehicles and turf maintenance equipment. File Cushman scooter orange.jpg thumb Cushman motor scooter Cushman Trucksters were produced from 1958 to 2002. Small and light duty, they have been used for ice ... Marine Corporation in 1962. Ransomes of Great Britain purchased Cushman in 1989, and then Textron ... Cushman vehicles http Official website http TIMELINE.HTM Hobbytech ...   more details

  1. Jen

    Infobox family name name Jen pronunciation meaning region origin China related names footnotes Infobox given name name Jen image imagesize caption pronunciation gender Usually female in the Western world West meaning region origin related names Jennifer given name Jennifer , Genevieve , Jenna footnotes Jen may refer to Ren Confucianism , a.k.a. Jen, Confucian word for humaneness Jennifer given name , diminutive form Jen Famous people with this surname Jen wiktionary , common of surname Ren, Njim, Nham, Yam, Yum, Yim, Im Jen wiktionary , common of surname Njin, Ren, Yin, Jin, Yan from Zhou Dynasty Chih Kung Jen , Chinese American physicist Selina Jen , , Taiwan taiwanese Actor Richie Jen , , Taiwan taiwanese Actor Famous people with this given name Jen Sorensen , U.S. cartoonist Jen Trynin , U.S. singer songwriter Jen Wood , U.S. musician Jen Hsun Huang , U.S. businessman Fictional characters Jen Masterson , character on 6teen Jen Scotts , Pink Time Force Ranger Jen Gelfling , protagonist in 1982 film The Dark Crystal See also Jenny given name Jenna Guinevere Given name It does not help to add disambig or hndis tags where the page only contains people who share a given name or surname surname Category Surnames es Jen eo JEN it JEN ...   more details

  1. Cushman (disambiguation)

    Cushman may refer to Cushman , vehicle manufacturer, People Arthur Cushman McGiffert Austin F. Cushman Charlie Cushman Charlotte Saunders Cushman Doug Cushman Danielle Colby Cushman Jeremy Cushman Joseph Augustine Cushman Karen Cushman Pauline Cushman Robert Cushman Pilgrim Robert Cushman 1578 1625 Robert Cushman Murphy Robert Cushman Murphy Junior High School Robert E. Cushman, Jr. 1914 1985 Stephen Cushman Susan Cushman , Canadian rhythmic gymnast Cushman Davis Places Cushman, Arkansas Cushman, Oregon Lake Cushman, Washington Lake Cushman Cushman Dam No. 1 Cushman Dam No. 2 Other Cushman & Wakefield The Cushman School , Miami, Florida disambig en Cushman disambiguation de Cushman fr Cushman nl Cushman pl Cushman ...   more details

  1. Dorsum Cushman

    Dorsum Cushman is a wrinkle ridge at Lunar coords and quad cat 1.0 N 49.0 E in Mare Fecunditatis on the Moon . It is 80 km long and was named after Joseph Augustine Cushman in 1976. moon stub Category Ridges on the Moon Cushman de Dorsum Cushman it Dorsum Cushman pl Dorsum Cushman ...   more details

  1. Cushman House

    Cushman House may refer to Cushman House Baker, Louisiana , List of RHPs in LA listed on the NRHP in Louisiana Charles L. Cushman House , Auburn, ME, listed on the NRHP in Maine Cushman House Arlington, Massachusetts , listed on the NRHP in Massachusetts disambig ...   more details

  1. Lake Cushman

    Infobox lake lake name Lake Cushman image lake Mount Ellinor Trail Lake Cushman View3.jpg caption lake Lake Cushman and Hood Canal , as viewed from the summit of Mt. Ellinor image bathymetry caption bathymetry location Mason County, Washington coords coord 47 28 48 N 123 15 0 W type waterbody region US WA display inline,title type Reservoir inflow Skokomish River outflow Skokomish River catchment basin countries United States length convert 8.64 mi abbr on width convert 1.10 mi abbr on area convert 4010 acre abbr on depth max depth volume residence time shore elevation islands cities Lake Cushman, Washington Lake Cushman Lake Cushman is a convert 4010 acre km2 adj on lake and reservoir on the north ... the last ice age, during the Vashon stade. The lake was expanded after construction of the Cushman ... Power system. As a popular retreat for hiking, fishing, boating and kayaking, Lake Cushman s shoreline ... trees. Lake Cushman was named in honor of Orrington Cushman, who served as interpreter for Governor ... University of Washington Press isbn 0 295 95158 3 ref There is also a town near Lake Cushman known as Lake Cushman, Washington , or simply Cushman, Washington. Still unincorporated, it is the fastest growing community in Mason County. Citation needed date February 2008 Image Lake Cushman Pano.jpg thumb 600px center Panoramic image of Lake Cushman, 5000 feet below, as viewed from the summit of Mount Ellinor on a summer afternoon. Image LakeCushman.JPG thumb Lake Cushman with stumps showing changing water levels References reflist External links http files library cushman lake levels.pdf Lake Levels and River Flows , Cushman Project Settlement, Tacoma Power http lake cushman washington.html Lake Cushman on the Official Tourism Web Site for Mason County Category Reservoirs in Washington state Cushman Category Landforms of Mason County, Washington Category Lakes of Washington state Cushman Category Buildings and structures in Mason County, Washington ...   more details

  1. The Cushman School

    Refimprove date May 2008 Infobox School name The Cushman School image imagesize caption streetaddress ... denomination founder Dr. Laura Cushman head of school Dr. Joan Lutton principal Cheryl Rogers staff ..., Middle School campus size campus type athletics conference slogan motto accreditation mascot Cushman ... footnotes picture homepage http The Cushman School The Cushman School is a private .... The founder, Dr. Laura Cushman, was Head for 57 years. The Cushman School prides itself on its .... History The Cushman School was founded in 1924 and is the oldest PK 8 private school in Miami. The school ... Association of Independent Schools. The Cushman School is Miami Dade County s oldest continuously ... institutions. The Cushman school is known for its idealism, innovation and vision. The School ... input in the learning process. Dr. Laura Cushman believed that every student was capable of helping to chart his or her educational path. ref cite book last George first Dr. Paul title The Cushman School year 200 publisher The Cushman Wchool pages 175 ref Curriculum The curriculum is varied with all .... Cushman is a laptop school with students in grades 5 8 working on their own laptops in every class. Extracurricular activities The Cushman School has sports including Cross Country,Volleyball ... graders, 6th, 7th, and 8th. Swimming is not available. The Cushman Contribution The school remains driven by Laura Cushman s pioneering philosophy and teaching methods and has added a host of innovations ... and life. 80 years ago, Laura Cushman explained that a school seeks to develop the child mentally ... for eight decades, The Cushman School represents a wonderful fulfillment of these objectives. ref cite book last George first Dr. Paul title The Cushman School year 2006 publisher The Cushman ... first Paul title The Cushman School year 2006 publisher The Cushman School pages 175 url http ref References Reflist External links http The Cushman School ...   more details

  1. Cushman & Wakefield

    Refimprove date December 2007 Cushman & Wakefield is a privately held commercial real estate services firm. Founded in 1917, it has 230 offices in 60 countries and more than 15,000 employees ref http cwglobal jsp aboutUsDetails.jsp?aboutUsId ABOUTUS&Country GLOBAL&Language EN About Us , Retrieved at June 17, 2008 ref . It has its world headquarters in the 1290 Avenue of the Americas building in Midtown Manhattan , New York City . ref http cwglobal jsp locations.jsp?Country GLOBAL&Language EN Global locations . Cushman & Wakefield. Retrieved on November 12, 2009. ref Select United States Northeast New York City The World HQ is 1290 Avenue of the Americas The firm represents a diverse customer base ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It offers a range of services within four primary disciplines Transaction Services, including tenant and landlord representation in office, industrial and retail real estate Capital Markets, including property sales, investment management, valuation services, investment banking, debt and equity financing ... Exor company Exor , the investment arm of the Agnelli family , acquired a 71.5 percent stake in Cushman ... is president and CEO of the company. John C. Cushman III is chairman of the board. Cushman & Wakefield Sonnenblick Goldman Cushman & Wakefield Sonnenblick Goldman provides real estate financial services ... New York City Companies http Commercial Property of Southwest Florida Cushman & Wakefield Alliance Member http Cushman & Wakefield website http Orvis Cushman & Wakefield Ranch and Recreational Properties, LLC http www.czech Cushman & Wakefield ... of the United Kingdom cs Cushman & Wakefield de Cushman & Wakefield fr Cushman & Wakefield it Cushman & Wakefield lt Cushman & Wakefield nl Cushman & Wakefield ja pl Cushman & Wakefield ro Cushman & Wakefield sv Cushman & Wakefield zh ...   more details

  1. Clifton Cushman

    Olympics 1960 Rome 400 metre hurdles MedalBottom Clifton Cushman Clifton Emmett Cliff Cushman ... metre hurdles where he won the silver medal. High school Cliff Cushman was a graduate of Grand Forks Central High School in Grand Forks, North Dakota Grand Forks , North Dakota in 1956. Cushman .... In 1990 Cushman was inducted into the Grand Forks Central Athletic Hall of Fame. Randy Heuther of Lisbon High School, ND broke Cushman s record in the hurdles, but then was stripped of the title after ... during his college career was during the 1960 season where Cliff Cushman became an Olympian, competing in the 1960 games in Rome. Cushman finished second overall with a time of 49.6 seconds in the 400 meter hurdles. Race to the Gold Medal In 1964 Cliff Cushman hoped to compete again in the Olympics ... Olympic trial meet in Los Angeles. Just hours after the meet, Cushman wrote a letter to the youth .... U.S. Air Force After Cushman s successful career at the University of Kansas, he joined the United States Air Force . Cushman s Death On September 25, 1966 Captain Clifton E. Cushman was the pilot ... MiG base and 29 miles northeast of Bac Giang , Lang Son Province, North Vietnam . Capt. Cushman ... by the rest of his flight. After pulling off the target, Capt. Cushman radioed that he had been ... steer, Cliff Cushman replied he had lost his stability, augmentation and aircraft power. Devil Lead observed 37  mm AAA fire bursting to the left and rear of Devil 2 Cushman , and told Capt. Cushman ... the right aft section of Devil 2 Cushman s aircraft. Devil Lead then observed Cushman s aircraft break into several burning parts. He also saw Cliff Cushman s ejection seat arcing up and to the front of the falling wreckage. They could not find the body of Cliff Cushman anywhere. Because of the rough landscape it was nearly impossible for anyone to gain radio control. Cliff Cushman was immediately listed Missing in Action. On November 6, 1975, Cliff Cushman was officially declared dead. Surviving ...   more details

  1. Robert Cushman

    Robert Cushman 1578 &ndash 1625 was one of the leading Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony . He was born in the village ..., one of five children of Thomas and Eleanor Elinor Hubbard Cushman. In his February 10, 1585 6 will, Thomas Cushman gave bequests to his three surviving children sons Richard and Robert, and daughter Sylvester. Elinor Cushman married 2 Emmanual Evenden on October 17, 1587, and 3 Thomas Tolden on November 6, 1593. Robert Cushman died in England in the spring of 1625. ref http pilgrim families robert cushman NEHGS American Ancestors Pilgrim Village Families Sketch Robert Cushman ref Marriage, children and early life Image EmbarkationPilgrims.jpg thumb 300px The Pilgrims ... on October 11, 1616. ref Robert E. Cushman and Franklin P. Cole. Robert Cushman of Kent 1577 1625 ... 2nd Ed. edited by Judith Swan p. 11 ref The children of Robert Cushman and wife Sara Thomas Cushman .... Child, buried at Pieterkerk, Leiden on October 24, 1616. Cushman married 2 Mary Clarke Shingleton ... Cushman who married William Hoskins in Plymouth on November 2, 1636, as Robert Cushman s daughter ... robert cushman NEHGS American Ancestors Pilgrim Village Families Sketch Robert Cushman ref Robert ..., Lincolnshire . ref Robert E. Cushman and Franklin P. Cole. Robert Cushman of Kent 1577 1625 Chief ... years later Brewster became the elder of the Plymouth colony. ref Robert E. Cushman and Franklin P. Cole. Robert Cushman of Kent 1577 1625 Chief Agent of the Plymouth Pilgrims 1617 1625 pub General ... VI and I King James I and during that year Robert Cushman joined them where they remained for eleven years. ref Robert E. Cushman and Franklin P. Cole. Robert Cushman of Kent 1577 1625 Chief Agent of the Plymouth ... Swan. p. 85 ref Robert Cushman and his family emigrated to Leiden sometime before November 4 ... Cushman had three family losses. His wife, Sarah, died early in the year exact date unknown. One of their children had died in March and another in October. ref Robert E. Cushman and Franklin P. Cole ...   more details

  1. Samuel Cushman

    Image Cushman23.jpg thumb Samuel Cushman Samuel Cushman June 8, 1783 May 20, 1851 was a United States Representative from New Hampshire . He was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and attended the common schools. In addition, he studied law, was admitted to the bar, and commenced practice in Portsmouth. Cushman served as judge of the Portsmouth police court, as county treasurer 1823 1828, and as member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives 1833 1835. He was nominated by President Andrew Jackson to be United States attorney for the district of New Hampshire but was not confirmed. He was elected as a Jacksonian to the Twenty fourth Congress and reelected as a Democrat to the Twenty fifth Congress March 4, 1835 March 3, 1839 . In Congress, he served as chairman, Committee on Commerce Twenty fifth Congress . Later, he was a United States Navy officer at Portsmouth 1845 1849. He died in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1851 and was buried in Proprietors Burying Ground. References CongBio C001021 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Samuel ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American politician DATE OF BIRTH June 8, 1783 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH May 20, 1851 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Samuel Category 1783 births Category 1851 deaths Category Members of the United States House of Representatives from New Hampshire Category People from Portsmouth, New Hampshire Category New Hampshire Jacksonians Category New Hampshire Democrats NewHampshire politician stub de Samuel Cushman ...   more details

  1. Cushman (mango)

    Image Mango Cushman Asit fs8.jpg thumb Display of Cushman mango at the Redland Summer Fruit Festival, Fruit and Spice Park , Homestead, Florida . The Cushman mango is a mango cultivar that originated in south Florida . The variety had limited to no commercial application but has been sold as a dooryard tree. History The original tree grew from a seed planted in 1936 on the property of E. L. Cushman, in Miami, Florida . For many decades afterward the parentage of the Cushman was unknown, however a 2005 pedigree analysis estimated that Cushman was likely a cross between Haden mango Haden and Amini mango Amini ref cite journal url http academics faculty burns pdf 192 197.pdf title Pedigree analysis of Florida mango cultivars publisher Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc year 2005 author Cecile T. Olano Raymond J. Schnell Wilber E. Quintanilla and Richard J. Campbell issue 118 pages 192 197 ref . The fruit was recognized as having excellent eating quality, but the trees were poor bearers making the cultivar undesirable for commercial production. Cushman was also known as the Big Yellow . Cushman trees are planted in the collections of the USDA s germplasm repository in Miami, Florida ref http www.ars cgi bin npgs acc USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network GRIN . Online Database National Germplasm Resources Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland ref , the University of Florida s Tropical Research and Education Center in Homestead, Florida ref http crane pdfs TREC Fruit Collections.pdf ... index.php?option com content&task view&id 43&Itemid 29 ref , also in Homestead. Description File Cushman FS Asit.JPG thumb Display of Cushman mango at the Tropical Agricultural Fiesta held in the Fruit ... seed. The flesh has a distinctive characteristic in that when sliced open, Cushman fruit have a visible ... description of Cushman by Dr. Jonathan Crane of the University of Florida. Mangoes DEFAULTSORT Cushman ...   more details

  1. Stephen Cushman

    notability Biographies date October 2011 BLP sources date October 2011 Stephen Cushman is the former drummer for the US Christian rock band Relient K . ref http music artist relient k artist.jhtml biographyEnd MTV Band profile ref He drummed for the band s first full length album, Relient K album a self titled debut . He left the band music band in 2000 and joined Ohio based Narcissus band Narcissus . After he left, Dave Douglas musician Dave Douglas joined Relient K as the new drummer. Cushman s style of drumming was much different than that of the new drummer, Dave Douglas. Cushman is still friends with the members of Relient K. He is married. Stephen is now in an upcoming band http Wesly , with friends Keith Hill, Jon Myers, Fred Sickels, and Matthew Biscuit Troyer. References Reflist RelientK Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Stephen ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Stephen Category Living people Category American performers of Christian music Category Relient K members Category American Christians ...   more details

  1. David Cushman

    David Cushman November 15, 1939 August 14, 2000 was an American chemist famous for his role in the invention of captopril , the first of the ACE inhibitor s used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease . With Miguel A. Ondetti , he won the 1999 Lasker Award for developing an innovative approach to drug design based on protein structure and using it to create the ACE inhibitors, powerful oral agents for the treatment of high blood pressure, heart failure, and diabetic kidney disease. ref cite web url http awards library 1999clinical.shtml title The Lasker Foundation 1999 Winners publisher Lasker Foundation accessdate 2007 04 11 archiveurl http web 20070426211349 http awards library 1999clinical.shtml Bot retrieved archive archivedate 2007 04 26 ref After earning his Ph.D. in 1966 from the University of Illinois , Dr. Cushman joined the Squibb Institute for Medical Research. His and Dr. Ondetti s research began with the Brazilian pit viper, one of the world s deadliest snakes. Something in the venom inhibits angiotensin converting enzyme ACE , which helps regulate blood pressure ref cite web url http cgi bin 104&STORY www story 08 23 2000 0001296735 title Bristol Myers Squibb Scientists Named Heroes of Chemistry David Cushman & Miguel Ondetti Honored by American Chemical Society publisher Bristol Myers Squibb Company accessdate 2007 04 11 ref . Dr. Cushman says captopril s significance from a basic research point of view is that it was developed through pure chemical design. He credits Dr. John Vane with suggesting angiotensin converting enzyme as a target for research at The Squibb ... see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, David ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1939 11 15 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 2000 08 14 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cushman, David Category ... of Fame inductees US biochemist stub pt David Cushman ...   more details

  1. Jeremy Cushman

    earned the title of Most Talented Boy of 2002 2003 . More recently, Cushman was flown by Swiss Orange ... the best performers from years past. Cushman has appeared with a variety of acclaimed orchestra s including ... of the COS Young Symphonic Ensemble. Most recently, Cushman had the opportunity to perform at the opening ... and Succeed. In April 2006, Cushman won the American Fine Arts Festival young performers competition ..., Cushman spent many years as the featured soloist for the Tarumi Violinists, an acclaimed youth ensemble ... tours of Japan , Taiwan , Argentina and Hong Kong . Cushman began his studies with inspirational ... throughout high school. Jeremy Cushman attended Benjamin N. Cardozo High School , where he was ranked ... links http Jeremy Stein Cushman s Web Site Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Jeremy ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1990 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Jeremy Category American classical violinists Category ...   more details

  1. Charlie Cushman

    Infobox MLB player name Charlie Cushman image position Manager baseball Manager bats Unknown throws Unknown birth date birth date 1850 5 25 birth place death date death date and age mf yes 1909 6 29 1850 5 25 death place Milwaukee, Wisconsin stat1label Managerial win baseball W loss baseball L stat1value 21 15 stat2label Games stat2value 36 stat3label Winning percentage stat3value .583 teams nowiki nowiki Milwaukee Brewers AA Milwaukee Brewers by 1891 highlights nowiki nowiki Charles H. Charlie Cushman May 25, 1850 June 29, 1909 was a baseball umpire baseball umpire and manager baseball manager . For parts of three seasons by 1885 , by 1894 , and by 1898 , Cushman umpired National League baseball games. He umpired 110 total games. ref http boxesetc S Psearz901.htm Retrosheet ref Cushman managed the Milwaukee Brewers AA Milwaukee Brewers of the American Association 19th century American Association in by 1891 . He led the Brewers to 21 wins, with 15 loses in 36 games. See also List of managers of defunct Major League Baseball teams References reflist External links http managers cushmch99.shtml Baseball Reference manager page Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Charlie ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH May 25, 1850 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH June 29, 1909 PLACE OF DEATH Milwaukee, Wisconsin DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Charlie Category 1850 births Category 1909 deaths Category People from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Category Major League Baseball umpires Category Minor league baseball managers baseball manager stub ...   more details

  1. Doug Cushman

    Doug Cushman born May 4, 1953 ref name CBG1285 Comics Buyer s Guide 1485 May 3, 2002 Page 29 ref is an artist who has worked as a cartoonist and a book illustrator. He is also the author of a series of children books. He received the National Cartoonist Society Magazine and Book Illustration Award for 1996, and was nominated for their 2000 Book Award. Notes reflist External links http www.doug Personal site http ncs awards2.asp NCS Awards Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Doug ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Cartoonist DATE OF BIRTH May 4, 1953 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Doug Category 1953 births Category Living people Category American cartoonists Category American children s writers US cartoonist stub ru , ...   more details

  1. Cushman, Oregon

    Infobox settlement official name Cushman, Oregon settlement type Unincorporated area Unincorporated community nickname motto image skyline Cushman, Oregon.JPG imagesize 250px image caption Cushman Store image map established date established title named for local residents C. C. and I. B. Cushman pushpin map USA Oregon pushpin label position the position of the pushpin label left, right, top, bottom, none pushpin map caption Location within the state of Oregon pushpin mapsize mapsize map caption image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 coordinates region US OR subdivision type List of countries Country subdivision name United States subdivision type1 Political divisions of the United States State subdivision name1 Oregon subdivision type2 List of counties in Oregon County subdivision name2 Lane County, Oregon Lane area total sq mi area total km2 area land sq mi area land km2 area water sq mi area ... name Cushman entrydate 1980 11 28 accessdate 2011 10 19 ref Cushman is an unincorporated area ... 7th year 2008 publisher DeLorme location Yarmouth, Maine isbn 0 89933 347 8 page 38 ref Cushman .... B. Cushman. ref name OGN Cite OGN 7th pages 262 263 ref It was a mile east of the community of Acme, Oregon Acme , but the railroad already had a station named Acme, so the name Cushman was chosen ... it closed in 1961. ref name OGN Cushman has a historic store that was built in 1889 and expanded ... 2004 OrderText 6 15 PA1203 6.pdf title Unincorporated Rural Community of Cushman Developed and Committed ... to close Oregon sawmill accessdate 2010 01 05 ref In 1940, Cushman had a population of 145 and a full ... page 350 mode 2up search Cushman title Oregon End of the Trail author Federal Writers Project Writers ... links http photo 24731136 Image of railroad bridge at Cushman from Panoramio http popups Cam.asp?camera 1351&curRegion 4 Oregon 126 road cam at Cushman from Oregon ..., Oregon ht Cushman, Oregon ...   more details

  1. Cushman Library

    Mergeto Bernardston, Massachusetts date November 2010 Image 1891 Bernardston public library Massachusetts.png thumb right Cushman Library in 1891 The Cushman Library is a public library in Bernardston, Massachusetts . ref http libraries directory index.php Retrieved 05 18 2010 ref References reflist External links http http search?num 100&hl en&lr &tbo u&tbs blg 1&source og&q massachusetts 20Bernardston 20 22Cushman 20Library Google blog search . Posts about the library Massachusetts stub coord 42 40 17.35 N 72 33 04.94 W display title Category Public libraries in Massachusetts Category Libraries in Franklin County, Massachusetts ...   more details

  1. Susan Cushman

    Infobox gymnast name Susan Cushman image imagesize caption fullname Susan Cushman nickname country CAN formercountry birth date birth date and age 1972 01 07 birth place Cold Lake, Alberta hometown height height m 1.72 weight convert 60 kg lb discipline Rhythmic gymnastics level Senior international natlteam club Winnipeg High Performance Centre gym collegeteam headcoach assistcoach formercoach choreographer music eponymousskills retired show medals yes medaltemplates see Template MedalRelatedTemplates MedalCompetition Pan American Games MedalGold 1991 Pan American Games 1991 Havana Team MedalBronze 1991 Pan American Games 1991 Havana All Around MedalBronze 1991 Pan American Games 1991 Havana Hoop Susan Cushman born January 7, 1972 in Cold Lake, Alberta is a retired female gymnast from Canada , who competed for her native country in the rhythmic gymnastics competition at the 1992 Summer Olympics . She won a total number of three medals at the 1991 Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba . References http www.sports olympics athletes cu susan cushman 1.html sports reference Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Susan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH January 7, 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH Cold Lake, Alberta DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Susan Category 1972 births Category Living people Category Canadian rhythmic gymnasts Category Gymnasts at the 1992 Summer Olympics Category Olympic gymnasts of Canada Category Sportspeople from Alberta Category People from Cold Lake, Alberta Category Pan American Games competitors for Canada canada sport bio stub ...   more details

  1. Harvey Cushman

    Infobox MLB player name Harvey Cushman image position Pitcher bats Unknown throws Unknown birth date birth date 1877 7 5 birth place Rockland, Maine death date death date and age 1920 12 27 1877 7 5 death place Emsworth, Pennsylvania debutdate August 24 debutyear by 1902 debutteam Pittsburgh Pirates finaldate August 24 finalyear by 1902 finalteam Pittsburgh Pirates stat1label Win loss record pitching Win loss record stat1value 0 4 stat2label Earned run average stat2value 7.36 stat3label Strikeout s stat3value 12 teams nowiki nowiki Pittsburgh Pirates 1902 Harvey Barnes Cushman July 5, 1877 December 27, 1920 was an American professional baseball pitcher with the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball , with whom he played for in 1902. He was born in Rockland, Maine , and played college baseball at the University of Maine . ref http players c cushmha01.shtml Harvey Cushman Statistics and History . baseball . Retrieved 2010 12 20. ref References reflist External links baseballstats br c cushmha01 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Harvey ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Major League Baseball pitcher DATE OF BIRTH July 5, 1877 PLACE OF BIRTH Rockland, Maine DATE OF DEATH December 27, 1920 PLACE OF DEATH Emsworth, Pennsylvania DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Harvey Category 1877 births Category 1920 deaths Category Major League Baseball pitchers Category Pittsburgh Pirates players Category Des Moines Undertakers players Category Des Moines Prohibitionists players Category Baseball players from Maine Category People from Rockland, Maine Category Maine Black Bears baseball players US baseball pitcher 1870s stub ...   more details

  1. Joshua Cushman

    Infobox Congressman image honorific prefix name Joshua Cushman honorific suffix caption office state Maine district Maine s 6th congressional district 6th term start March 4, 1821 term end March 3, 1823 preceded District went with Maine when Maine separated from Massachusetts succeeded Jeremiah O Brien Maine Jeremiah O Brien state2 Massachusetts district2 Massachusetts s 19th congressional district 19th term start2 March 4, 1819 term end2 March 3, 1821 preceded2 Joshua Gage succeeded2 District went with Maine when Maine separated from Massachusetts order3 Member of the br Massachusetts State Senate district3 term start3 1832 term end3 1834 preceded3 succeeded3 office4 Member of the br Massachusetts House of Representatives term start4 term end4 preceded4 succeeded4 office5 Member of the br Maine House of Representatives ref Citation last Cushman first Henry Wyles title A Historical and biographical genealogy of the Cushmans the descendants of Robert Cushman The Puritan From the Year 1617 ... Jones ref Citation last Cushman first Henry Wyles title A Historical and biographical genealogy of the Cushmans the descendants of Robert Cushman The Puritan From the Year 1617 to 1855 page 185 publisher ... last Cushman first Henry Wyles title A Historical and biographical genealogy of the Cushmans the descendants of Robert Cushman The Puritan From the Year 1617 to 1855 page 185 publisher Little Brown ... battles American Revolutionary War awards Joshua Cushman April 11, 1761 January 27, 1834 was a United ... in Halifax, Massachusetts , Cushman served in the Continental Army from April 1, 1777, until March ... House of Representatives . Cushman was elected as Democratic Republican from Massachusetts to the 16th ... see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Cushman, Joshua ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American politician ... PLACE OF DEATH Augusta, Maine DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Joshua Category 1761 births Category 1834 deaths ... soldiers de Joshua Cushman ...   more details

  1. Karen Cushman

    Infobox writer for more information see Template Infobox writer doc name Karen Cushman image imagesize alt caption pseudonym birth name birth date Birth date and age 1941 10 04 birth place Chicago, Illinois death date death place occupation Novelist nationality United States American ethnicity religion citizenship education alma mater Stanford University period genre Young adult subject movement notableworks Catherine, Called Birdy , The Midwife s Apprentice spouse partner children relatives influences influenced awards Newbery Honor , Newbery Medal signature website portaldisp Karen Cushman born October 4, 1941, in Chicago, Illinois ref cite web url http finding aids anc0006.htm title Karen Cushman Papers publisher Arne Nixon Center accessdate 2008 12 13 ref is an American writer of historical fiction. Her 1995 novel The Midwife s Apprentice won the Newbery Medal for children s literature, and her 1994 novel Catherine, Called Birdy won a Newbery Honor . ref cite web url http ala mgrps divs alsc awardsgrants bookmedia newberymedal newberyhonors newberymedal.cfm title Newbery Medal and Honor Books, 1922 Present publisher American Library Association accessdate 2008 12 13 ref She has a bachelor of arts degree in Greek and English from Stanford University . In addition, she has a master s degree in human behavior as well as a master s degree in museum studies. ref cite web url http special cushman.htm title Karen Cushman last Bowlan first Cheryl publisher ACHUKA accessdate 2008 12 13 ref Books Catherine, Called Birdy 1994 The Midwife s Apprentice 1995 The Ballad of Lucy Whipple 1998 Matilda Bone 2000 Rodzina 2004 The Loud Silence ... Persondata . NAME Cushman, Karen ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1941 10 04 PLACE OF BIRTH Chicago, Illinois DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Karen Category 1941 births ... child writer stub US novelist 1940s stub pl Karen Cushman ...   more details

  1. Cushman, Arkansas

    Infobox settlement official name Cushman, Arkansas settlement type Town image skyline imagesize image caption image seal image map Independence County Arkansas Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Cushman Highlighted.svg mapsize 250px map caption Location in Independence County, Arkansas Independence County and the state of Arkansas image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 subdivision type List of countries Country subdivision type1 US state State subdivision type2 List of counties in Arkansas County subdivision name United States subdivision name1 Arkansas subdivision name2 Independence County, Arkansas Independence government type leader title leader name established date area magnitude area total km2 10.3 area total sq mi 4 area land km2 10.3 area land sq mi 4 area water km2 0 area water sq mi 0 elevation ft 715 elevation m 218 population as of 2000 population footnotes population total 461 population metro population density km2 44.8 population density sq mi 115.3 timezone Central Time Zone North America Central CST utc offset 6 coordinates display inline,title coordinates type region US type city latd 35 latm 52 lats 10 latNS N longd 91 longm 45 longs 53 longEW W timezone DST CDT utc offset DST 5 postal code type ZIP code postal code 72526 area code Area code 870 870 blank name Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS code blank info 05 16930 blank1 name Geographic Names Information System GNIS feature ID blank1 info 0048278 footnotes website Cushman is a town in Independence County, Arkansas Independence County , Arkansas , United States . The population was 461 at the 2000 United States Census 2000 census . Geography Cushman is located at Coord 35 52 10 N 91 45 53 W type city 35.869346, 91.764695 GR 1 . According to the United States Census Bureau , the town has a total ... Category Populated places in Independence County, Arkansas Category Towns in Arkansas es Cushman Arkansas ht Cushman, Arkansas nl Cushman Arkansas pt Cushman Arkansas ru simple Cushman ...   more details

  1. Pauline Cushman

    no footnotes date May 2012 Infobox person image Pauline Cushman.jpg name Pauline Cushman birth name Harriet Wood other names Major Pauline Cushman Fryer, Pauline Fryer birth date June 10, 1833 death date Death date and age 1893 12 2 1833 6 10 birth place New Orleans , Louisiana death place San Francisco , California occupation Actress, Union Spy spouse Jerry Fryer, August Fichtner, Chas C. Dickinson children Two, Charles and Ida Pauline Cushman Born Harriet Wood June 10, 1833 &ndash December 2, 1897 , was an United States American actress and a espionage spy for the Union Army during the American Civil War . Early life Harriet was born in New Orleans , Louisana on June 10, 1833, the daughter ... she would travel to New York where she would take the stage name Pauline Cushman. Spy image Pauline cushman by Brady, 1860s.jpg thumb left Cushman circa 1860s While touring hamelin with a theatrical ... known as Miss Major Cushman. By the end of the war in 1865 she was touring the country giving lectures ... Sarmiento, wrote her biography, The Life of Pauline Cushman The celebrated Union spy and scout ... . Major Cushman s remains now rest in Officer s Circle at the San Francisco National Cemetery ... a0086ffc02.jpg http prsf historyculture images Cushman Fryer.jpg http ... Stories of Indomitable Spirit ISBN 0 916179 77 X William Christen, Pauline Cushman Spy of the Cumberland ... X Lynn Swanson, A Union spy in 1863, Pauline Cushman was colorful, famous and unlucky. ISSN 0889 ... are provided. http Pauline Cushman Spy of the Cumberland Website http ... gi dynamic offsite.htm?site http Cushman.htm The Life Of Pauline Cushman analysis ... accessdate 2009 05 13 imdb title id 0003254 title Pauline Cushman, the Federal Spy http ... Persondata . NAME Cushman, Pauline ALTERNATIVE NAMES Wood, Harriet SHORT DESCRIPTION Union spy, actress ... San Francisco DEFAULTSORT Cushman, Pauline Category 1833 births Category 1893 deaths Category ...   more details

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