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Encyclopedia results for JM Demo

JM Demo

Encyclopedia results for JM Demo

  1. .jm

    Infobox Top level domain name .jm background CCF image Image Dotjm.gif JM introduced 1991 type Country code top level domain status Active registry University of West Indies sponsor University of West Indies intendeduse Entities connected with flagcountry Jamaica actualuse Gets some use in Jamaica . restrictions None structure Registrations are at third level beneath second level labels document disputepolicy website http mits Registrar .jm is the Internet country code top level domain ccTLD for Jamaica . Registrations are at the third level beneath the second level names , , , , , and . Registrations are processed by hand rather than automatically, so registrants are asked to allow 30 days for the registrations to be completed. Registration of .jm domains is handled by MITS at the University of the West Indies . Registration is free, although there has been some discussion about MITS making the service commercial in the coming years. External links http root whois jm.htm IANA .jm whois information http domainname formulaire jm.txt .jm domain application form http mits Jamaica domain names registrar CcTLD DEFAULTSORT JM Jamaica stub Compu domain stub Category Country code top level domains Category Communications in Jamaica Category University of the West Indies af .jm ar .jm ast .jm az .jm be .jm be x old .jm bg .jm bs .jm cv .jm cs .jm cy .jm da .jm de .jm et .jm el .jm es .jm eo .jm eu .jm fa .jm fr .jm xal .jm ko .jm hy .jm hr .jm bpy . id .jm is .jm it .jm krc .jm ka .jm lv .jm lb .jm hu .jm mk .jm ms .jm nah .jm nl .jm ja .jm ce .jm no .jm oc .jm uz .jm nds .jm pl .jm pt .jm ro .jm ru .jm sah .jm sq .jm sk .jm sr .jm sh .jm fi .jm sv Toppdom n J tl .jm tt .jm th .jm tg .jm tr .jm tk .jm uk .jm ur Jm. vi .jm fiu vro .jm war .jm yo .jm diq .jm zh .jm ...   more details

  1. JM

    JM may refer to Groups Jama at al Jihad al Islami , an Islamic terrorist group active in Central Asia Jack s Mannequin , a piano rock band Places Jamaica ISO 3166 1 alpha 2 country code Jay Em, Wyoming , a community in the United States Codes the IATA code for Air Jamaica Organizations Jer nimo Martins , a Portuguese company Jaysh Muhammad , an Iraqi insurgency group Joseph Magnin Co. Johnson Matthey , a British chemicals and metals company Other Shortened form of Jim , as in Jim J. Bullock Fender Jazzmaster , an American guitar model Juris Master , a degree similar to the Master of Laws disambiguation cs JM de JM eo Jm fa JM fr JM ko JM it JM sw JM lv JM lt JM ja JM pt JM ro JM fi Jm ...   more details

  1. Demo

    wiktionary demo demo Demo may refer to Demonstration teaching Product demonstration , a sales or marketing presentation Exhibition game or demo, a sporting event with no competitive value to any competitor Demolition , the destruction of buildings and other structures TOC Right Computing and technology Demo computer programming , a non interactive multimedia presentation Game demo , a freely distributed version of a video game Technology demo , a prototype version of a technology product Demo mode , a feature found in consumer electronics Music Demo music , a song recorded for reference rather than release Demo EP Demo EP , a 2002 EP by Paint It Black Demo 2004 Year of No Light album Demo 2004 , a 2004 demo by Year of No Light Demo Miss May I album Demo Miss May I album 2008 Other uses DEMO , a proposed experimental nuclear fusion reactor Demo comics Demo comics , a comic book series by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan DEMOs, a Jan Dietz DEMO business process design methodology by Jan Dietz Demo, a daughter of Celeus and Metaneira Demo, an annual conference held by Network World See also Demoware , software that users can test in a limited fashion before buying Demo 2 , a Blink 182 demo tape Demo No. 2 Demo 2 , a Neutral Milk Hotel demo tape Demos disambiguation Democrat disambiguation Demographic Demolition disambiguation Demonstration disambiguation Demoscene , collectively, the digital artists who create demos disambiguation cs Demo da Demo de Demo es Demo fr D mo ko it Demo disambigua lv Demo nl Demo no Demo pl Demo pt Demo ru simple Demo sk Demo fi Demo sv Demo vi Demo nh h ng zh Demo ...   more details

  1. DEMO

    Other uses Demo disambiguation DEMO DEMOnstration Power Plant is a proposed nuclear fusion power station power plant that is intended to build upon the expected success of the ITER experimental nuclear ... seconds, the goal of DEMO will be to produce at least four times that much fusion power on a continual ..., DEMO s goal is to produce 25 times as much power. DEMO s 2 to 4 gigawatts of thermal output will be on the scale ... of Fusion Energy url http 3 4 demo en.htm accessdate 5 February 2011 archiveurl http web 20070708082042 http 3 4 demo en.htm archivedate 8 July 2007 ref Also notably, DEMO is intended to be the first fusion reactor ... they produce into the atmosphere as steam. To achieve its goals, DEMO must have Linear Measurement linear ... ITER. As a prototype Commerce commercial fusion Nuclear reactor reactor DEMO could make fusion energy ... of DEMO if things go according to plan. ref name ITERorg cite web work The ITER Project title ... archivedate 2006 10 01 ref While fusion reactors like ITER and DEMO will not produce transuranic wastes, some of the components of the ITER and DEMO reactors will become radioactive due to neutron ... manufacturing tritium currently produces long lived waste, but both ITER and DEMO will produce their own ... sci fusionfuels accessdate 2010 07 28 ref PROTO is a beyond DEMO experiment, part of European ... on a commercial basis. It is only expected after DEMO, meaning a post 2050 timeline, and may or may not be a second part of DEMO PROTO experiment. This might possibly make PROTO the first commercial ... 10neutron 17.6 MeV DEMO will be constructed once designs which solve the many problems of current ... of each other, which is achievable using very high temperatures. DEMO, a tokamak reactor, requires both ... . The DEMO project is planned to build upon and improve the concepts of ITER. Since it is only proposed ... de DEMO fr DEMO it DEMO ru DEMO uk DEMO ...   more details

  1. J.M. Ritchie

    J.M. Ritchie may refer to James Ritchie rugby union 1907 1942 , Scottish rugby union player James M. Ritchie 1829 1918 , US politician hndis Ritchie, J.M. Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it from being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Long comment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. JM cloche

    Image Cloche jm.jpg The outside of a JM cloche 400px right thumb The JM cloche is an element of the Maginot Line . It is a non retractable non rotating cupola of steel alloy like GFM cloche s, but are armed with twin heavy machine gun s, as opposed to the lighter automatic rifle s associated with the GFM. There are 179 JM cloches on the Maginot Line . JM is an acronym for Jumelage de Mitrailleuses twin machine guns . ref name hetou2 1 cite book last Mary first Jean Yves coauthors Hohnadel, Alain Sicard, Jacques title Hommes et Ouvrages de la Ligne Maginot, Tome 2 publisher Histoire & Collections date 2009 page 69 isbn 2 908182 97 1 language French ref While the MAC 31 heavy machine guns were of the same caliber 7.5mm as the GFM guns, they had a longer practical range convert 1200 m ft and a maximum range of convert 4900 m ft , with a 500 round per minute rate of fire. ref Mary, Tome 2, page 109 ref Description Image jm cloche.jpg The inside of a JM cloche equipped with the twin machine guns left thumb The JM cloche closely resembles the GFM cloche in size and construction. It exists in three versions, all designed Model 1930 small, large and two man. JM cloches had a single firing port, which was flanked on either side by trapezoidal observation ports. The blank rear was frequently backed by a concrete covered embankment, which provided additional cover and reduced the prominence of the cloche. ref name hetou2 1 AM cloche The AM Armes Mixte cloche, Model 1934, could mount a 25mm anti tank gun and paired machine guns in two separate ports. It lacked the JM s observation ports. Shutters could be put in place to close unused ports. The AM existed in both a large and a small version. 72 AM cloches were installed solely in the New Fronts fortifications. ref name AM Mary, Tome 2, page 70 ref AM conversions Ten JM cloches were modified to accept a shortened 25mm anti tank gun ... Embrague JM fr Cloche JM fort stub ...   more details

  1. JM Eagle

    JM Eagle is an American corporation and the world s largest manufacturer of plastic pipe . ref cite news title Plastics News Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extruders url http rankings listrank.html?mode ppt&inpconame JM Eagle accessdate 3 October 2011 newspaper Plastics News date 4 July 2011 ref At its 22 plants in North America, the company manufactures polyvinyl chloride and high density polyethylene pipe for a variety of industries including utility, plumbing, electrical, natural gas, irrigation, potable water, drainage and sewage. JM Eagle employs more than 1,000 people at its corporate office and in its 22 plants located in 15 states and Mexico. ref cite web title Corporate Fact Sheet url http pdfs Company Fact Sheet.pdf work publisher JM Eagle Official Website accessdate 3 October 2011 ref History In 1982, Formosa Plastics Group Formosa Plastics purchased the eight plants comprising the plastic pipe operations of Johns Manville Johns Manville to form J M Manufacturing, headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey Livingston , N.J. ref cite web title J M Manufacturing to celebrate 30 years in Pueblo West url http news 1043910000 23 accessdate ... to Los Angeles in 2008. ref cite web title JM Eagle Completes Move to Los Angeles url http ... Driller accessdate 13 January 2012 ref JM Eagle offers full range of common product lines, as well as specialty and unique pipe products. Philanthropy Today, 400 miles of donated JM Eagle pipe ... web title JM Eagle CEO Walter Wang Tours Millennium Villages in East Africa url http 2011 08 01 jm eagle ceo walter wang tours millennium villages in rwanda kenya and uganda work publisher The Earth Institute accessdate 3 October 2011 ref Thanks to JM Eagle s financial and product ... drinking water. And JM Eagle s donation of 45,600 feet of PVC pipe to construct an 8.5 mile pipeline ... Water To Small Village In Honduras url http news pr honduras.html work publisher JM ...   more details

  1. J.M. McCorkindale

    Infobox Mayor order 13th Mayor of Elkhorn, Manitoba term start 1936 term end 1937 predecessor H.J. Jones successor C.W. Johnston John Matheson McCorkindale served as the thirteenth Mayor of the Elkhorn, Manitoba Village of Elkhorn . He was born in 1878 on the Isle of Coll , Argyll County Argyll , Scotland . On January 17, 1912 John married Edith Bernice Harrison in Elkhorn. A tailor by trade, McCorkindale operated a shop with his wife until the outbreak of the First World War when he enlisted for active service. Upon discharge he established a bakery and confectionary in Elkhorn until he became postmaster in 1926. He served as the village s postmaster until 1950. McCorkindale was active in community life belonging to both the Great War Veterans Association and the Masonic Lodge. He was first elected to the Village Council in 1922 and re elected in 1923. He was not elected again until 1927 and served as a councillor until 1936 when he became mayor. He served two years in that position before again devoting himself to his position as postmaster. J.M. McCorkindale died on November 13, 1961. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Maccorkindale, J.M. ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1961 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Maccorkindale, J.M. Category 1961 deaths Category Mayors of places in Manitoba Manitoba mayor stub ...   more details

  1. Operation JM

    Infobox Military Conflict conflict Operation JM partof Colombian armed conflict image caption date April 2004 December, 2006 place Colombia territory result Main objective of Colombian military not accomplished br FARC guerrilla weakened br 356 guerrilla base camps destroyed ref http www.dialogo nonstop farc spanish.cfm Sin pausa contra las FARC Bot generated title ref Colombian military Confiscated 285 rifles, 232 small arms, 57 mortars, 4,162 grenades, 685,542 projectiles of different calibers, 30 tons of explosives of different types and some 4,528 Improvised explosive device IEDs . combatant1 Military of Colombia combatant2 FARC combatant3 commander1 General Gilberto Rocha commander2 Mono Jojoy commander3 strength1 18.000 soldiers ref http index.php?id 172&op noticias RTV NERUDA La humanidad es la nica propietaria del conocimiento Bot generated title ref strength2 4,350 guerrillas strength3 casualties1 137 killed in action KIA br some 1,300 wounded combat related plus illnesses . casualties2 Approximately 233 killed in action KIA br 202 captured br 52 surrendered casualties3 notes 10,000 removed from the service in 2006 combat wounds and leishmaniasis related. campaignbox Campaignbox Colombian conflict state collapsed Operation JM lang es Operaci n JM was a military operation by the Military of Colombia Joint Task Force OMEGA intended to capture or kill the leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia guerrilla FARC , as part of the Plan Patriota . The operations began in April 2004 and after some 30 operations concluded without the main objective being accomplished in December 2006. However, the Colombian military achieved numerous military advances in a region that had been dominated by the guerrillas. ref http conflicto noticias ARTICULO WEB NOTA INTERIOR 3360295.html es icon Derrota total de las Farc es el objetivo de la nueva fase de operaciones militares en el sur de pa s ref 2004 Military ...   more details

  1. J.M. Carvalho

    Orphan date July 2009 J.M. Joaquim Carvalho is a former India n field hockey player and coach. He was awarded the Arjuna Award for his performance. He quit the position of coach of Indian team when the team failed to qualify for 2008 Olympics first time since 1928. ref cite web url http storypage storypage.aspx?id 1df1d1e9 7d63 4c56 b9ca 32bf2851eb61&ParentID 3bfbe6f0 2ce1 42be 8e68 7df854c82981&MatchID1 4736&TeamID1 8&TeamID2 6&MatchType1 1&SeriesID1 1194&MatchID2 4727&TeamID3 2&TeamID4 3&MatchType2 1&SeriesID2 1191&PrimaryID 4736&Headline Britain crushes India s Olympic dreams 2c Carvalho to quit title Britain crushes India s Olympic dreams, Carvalho to quit publisher Hindustan Times date 2008 10 03 accessdate 2010 06 02 ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Carvalho, J M ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Carvalho, J M Category Indian field hockey players Category Olympic field hockey players of India Category Recipients of the Arjuna Award Category Indian field hockey coaches Category People from Goa Category Living people Category Year of birth missing living people India fieldhockey bio stub ...   more details

  1. J.M. Meulenhoff

    Infobox Company company name J.M. Meulenhoff company logo company type foundation 1895 location Amsterdam , The Netherlands key people Johannes Marius Meulenhoff, br Laurens van Krevelen products industry Publishing num employees revenue operating income net income num employees homepage http meulenhoff default.asp Meulenhoff website intl J.M. Meulenhoff is a Netherlands Dutch publishing house, which has built a reputation publishing literary works in Dutch and in translation. ref name pcm cite news last first coauthors title Meulenhoff en PCM newspaper de Volkskrant location pages language publisher date 2001 09 07 url http archief gratis article902642.ece Meulenhoff en PCM accessdate 2009 10 13 ref For many decades, the company was led by Laurens van Krevelen, who received the Jan Hein Donner Award a prestigious Dutch prize, awarded once every five years to notable persons in the publishing industry in 2007. ref cite web last first authorlink coauthors title J.H. Donnerprijs voor Laurens van Krevelen work publisher Literatuurplein date 2007 10 15 url http nieuwsdetail.jsp?nieuwsId 1644 format doi accessdate 2009 10 13 ref In 2001, the company s reputation was damaged by the departure of long time editor Tilly Hermans, for which the Dutch and other media blamed the corporate culture of owner PCM Uitgevers . ref name pcm PCM, it was said, cared more for the bottomline than for the company s authors and editors, and was blamed for a purge that also led to the early retirement of van Krevelen. ref cite news last Lottman first Herbert R. coauthors title Executives Exit Meulenhoff purge by parent company newspaper Publishers Weekly location pages language publisher date 2001 01 08 url http coms2 summary 0286 10554853 ITM accessdate 2009 10 13 ref Hermans s move after more than ... of the Netherlands de J. M. Meulenhoff nl J.M. Meulenhoff Netherlands company stub publishing company ...   more details

  1. This Is a Muse Demo

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name This Is a Muse Demo Type demo Artist Muse band Muse Cover Released Start date 1995 Recorded Start date 1995 5 at Christopher Wolstenholme s house, Teignmouth Genre Alternative rock Length Label Geobell Producer Muse Reviews Last album This album This Is a Muse Demo br 1995 Next album Newton Abbot Demo br 1997 This Is a Muse Demo was the debut Demo music demo by English alternative rock band Muse band Muse . Recorded in May 1995 and produced by the band, it was released Independent record label independent ly later in the year on Compact Cassette and has since become out of print. The demo contained four songs, of which none have since been released or performed by the band. In 2005, the owner of an original copy of This Is a Muse Demo listed the release on auction website eBay . After a significant amount of interest in the auction, the item sold for 913 approximately 500 to an American bidder, who was later alleged to be drummer Dominic Howard s ex girlfriend. Track listing All songs written and composed by Matthew Bellamy . Backdoor Sling Feed Jigsaw Memory Personnel Matthew Bellamy &ndash Singing vocals , lead and rhythm guitar Christopher Wolstenholme &ndash Bass guitar bass , Backing vocalist backing vocals Dominic Howard &ndash Drum kit drums References refbegin cite web url http This Is a Muse Demo 28demo 29 title This Is a Muse Demo demo publisher MuseWiki accessdate July 29, 2009 cite web url http musedemo.html title This Is A Muse Demo Information Page publisher FireSka accessdate July 29, 2009 refend External links http Muse official website Muse Category Muse band albums Category 1995 albums id This Is a Muse Demo nl This Is a Muse Demo no This Is a Muse Demo pl This Is a Muse Demo pt This Is a Muse Demo fi This Is A Muse Demo ...   more details

  1. Red Demo (Sadus demo)

    notability Music date April 2012 Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Red Demo Type demo Artist Sadus Cover Sadusreddemosideb.jpg Info Side B of the demo tape. Released 1994 Recorded Genre Technical Death Metal , Thrash metal Length 15 14 Label self released Producer Reviews Red Demo is the third demo tape by the thrash metal band Sadus , released in 1994. This demo tape hasn t got any covers as a matter of fact, on Internet you can find only a few photos of the cassette. Track listing Side A Black March 4 53 In The End 4 15 Side B Power Of One 3 36 Fuel 2 30 Personnel Darren Travis Guitar , Singing vocals Rob Moore musician Rob Moore Guitar Steve DiGiorgio bass guitar Bass , Keyboard instrument keyboards Jon Allen drummer Jon Allen Drum kit drums Category Sadus albums ...   more details

  1. Demo mode

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 The demo mode short for demonstration mode is a feature often found in consumer electronics . A demo mode is usually programmed into the unit s firmware, and is often accessed by the pressing of a combination of keys. Demo mode is usually activated by retailer retail stores on their consumer electronics floor model s. The purpose of a demo mode is twofold It demonstrates the features of the unit in question It catches the eye of the consumer with a flashy show of lights, entertaining sound, or both. The central idea behind a demo mode is in store advertising. See also Attract mode DEFAULTSORT Demo Mode Category Consumer electronics Electronics stub Ad stub fr Mode d mo ...   more details

  1. Demo (music)

    Unreferenced date July 2010 A demo version or demo of a song shortened from the word demonstration is one recorded for reference rather than for release. A demo is a way for a musician to approximate their ideas on Magnetic tape tape or compact disc disc , and provide an example of those ideas to record labels, Record producer producer s or other artists. Musicians often use demos as quick sketches to share with bandmates or arranger s in other cases a songwriter might make a demo to send to artists in hopes of having the song professionally recorded, or a Music publisher popular music music publisher may need a simple recording for publishing or copyright purposes. Many unsigned bands and artists record demos in order to obtain a recording contract . These demos are usually sent to record label s in hopes that the artist will be signed onto the label s roster and allowed to record a full length album in a professional recording studio . However, large record labels usually ignore unsolicited demos that are sent to them by mail artists generally must be more creative about getting the demos ... home tape. Citation needed date March 2007 Demo recordings are seldom heard by the public ... s. Other demo versions have been unofficially released as bootleg recording s, such as The Beatles The Beatles ... releases of demo versions of their songs as albums or companion pieces to albums. The event of a demo ... Reflist External links http Collection of Demo Covers http Music From the Demo Scene Category Demo albums Category Music production Category Audio storage Category Album types ar cs Demo hudba da Demo musik de Demoaufnahme es Demo m sica eo Demo fa fr D mo musique gl Demo m sica id Demo musik it Demo In musica ka lv Demo ieraksts hu Dem felv tel nl Demo muziek ja no Demo musikk pl Demo muzyka pt Demo tape ru simple Demo music sk Demonahr vka fi Demo musiikki sv Demo musik tr Demo m zik uk vi Demo ...   more details

  1. Dawn (demo)

    3728 Nvidia and Jim Henson s Creature Shop team up Jan 09, 2004 ref The eponymous demo is called the dawn ... on her head. She wears a revealing dress, made of leaves and blue petals. The demo is set ... in the background, or sits on a branch smiling, dangling her legs. The demo can be paused so that the user ... of sliders, although the number of controls in the released demo was limited. The demo was first ... card. The downloadable demo appeared on Nvidia s website shortly thereafter. The demo was initially ... card from Nvidia. Aside from hardware emulation the demo can not be run on older DirectX 8.0 ... feature. The demo can be run either in Regular or Ultra with advanced shaders mode. Ultra mode at the time runs faster only on mainstream FX5600 or high end FX5800 onwards. A similar demo, named Dusk ... computerized demo computer programming demo of a realistic human character, as such demos ... video cards. Nvidia themselves had created a demo featuring the life like characters of Aki Ross ... with several more recent real time female demo characters, including Nalu demo Nalu a mermaid , Luna demo Luna a cybernetic being , and Adrianne demo Adrianne , a digital representation of real life model Adrianne Curry . Fan work Impressed with the demo but disappointed that it wouldn t run on ATI cards a group of MIT engineering students promptly hacked an OpenGL wrapper to run the demo ... also Nalu demo Luna demo Nvidia demos References references External links http object nzone dawndemo home.html Nvidia Dawn demo official page wikiasite hdps Dawn HDPS Wiki Dawn http content articles atidawning Dawn Sleeps with ATI instructions for running the demo on Radeon ... Dawn Demo Category Fictional fairies and sprites Category Nvidia Category Demos ...   more details

  1. Antonio Demo

    Image Fr Demo Square jeh.JPG thumb left Father Demo Square Father Antonio Demo born on April 23, 1870 in Lazzaretto di Bassano , Italy 1936 in New York City was a New York City priest and civic activist. He studied at seminaries in Italy and emigrated to the United States in 1896. He initially did missionary work in Boston and then served as assistant pastor of Our Lady of Pompei Church on Bleecker Street Bleecker and Carmine Streets in Greenwich Village . In 1900 he was appointed pastor of the church, which served what was then a largely Italian American community. Image Fr Demo Church jeh.JPG thumb upright New church In 1923 Father Demo learned that the church would have to be demolished to allow extension of the Sixth Avenue Manhattan Sixth Avenue . Father Demo organized a campaign to buy a nearby property and build a new church, rectory, and parochial school. The new church opened in 1928. In 1935 Father Demo became Pompei s pastor emeritus and superintendent of its parochial school . He died in 1936 in New York, and thousands of parishioners and friends, including Mayor Fiorello La Guardia , paid their respects. In 1941, the intersection of Bleecker Street and Sixth Avenue was named Father Demo Square. ref http sub your park historical signs hs historical sign.php?id 6444 Father Demo Square Historical Sign bot generated title at ref Notes reflist External links http sub your park historical signs hs historical sign.php?id 6444 Biography of Father Demo Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Demo, Antonio ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH April 23, 1870 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1936 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Demo, Antonio Category 1870 births Category 1936 deaths Category American people of Italian descent Category American Roman Catholic priests Category Italian emigrants to the United States Category People from New York City ...   more details

  1. Grillo Demo

    Orphan date February 2009 Image Grillo Demo HK Ar Gallery Exhibition in Nov 2008.jpg thumb 200px Grillo Demo s work on display Victor Hugo Grillo Demo is an Argentina Argentine artist. Demo left Argentina in 1978 and settled in Ibiza , Spain , where he continues to work. He is known for his jasmine paintings, depicting falling jasmine. Kate Moss , Madonna entertainer Madonna and Elle McPherson are collectors of his work, he s best friend is Alica Demonte from Rafaela External links http property homes article321360.ece Biography Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Demo, Grillo ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Demo, Grillo Category Living people Category Year of birth missing living people Category Argentine painters Category Place of birth missing living people Argentina painter stub ...   more details

  1. Dartz Demo

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Demo Type demo Artist Dartz Released May,2005 Recorded Genre Disco Punk Length Label Reviews Last album This album Next album Demo is the demo EP released by Dartz in 2005. Limited to 200 CDRs 100 with Darts on, and 100 with Dartz . Track listing Laser Eyes Harbour, Harbor Teaching Me To Dance Network Network Network Sources http Dartz website 2000s rock album stub Category 2005 EPs Category Dartz albums ...   more details

  1. Berzo Demo

    Infobox Italian comune name Berzo Demo official name Comune di Berzo Demo native name B rs e D m image skyline Berzo Demo panorama Foto Luca Giarelli .jpg imagesize image alt image caption Berzo and Demo s panorama image shield berzo Demo Stemma.png shield alt image map mappa berzo demo.jpg map alt map ... Province of Brescia Brescia BS frazioni Berzo, Demo, Monte mayor party mayor Corrado Mario Scolari ... m twin1 twin1 country saint Sant Eusebio di Vercelli Berzo BR San Lorenzo Demo day 2 August BR ... Demo B rs e D m in camunian dialect is an Italy Italian comune of 1.772 inhabitants ref http ... . Geography The town of Berzo Demo is nestled on the southern slopes of the Pian della Regina . It is formed by three villages the more downstream is Demo, the focus is Berzo and on top is Monte ... . File Demo torre campanile Foto Luca Giarelli .jpg thumb right 250px Tower bell in Demo File Berzo demo seusebio es.JPG thumb right 250px St Eusebio in Berzo History see also Val Camonica Monday, April 6, 1299 the consuls of the vicinia of Berzo and Demo go to Cemmo where is Cazoino Capriolo, Chamberlain ... Demo, Astrio, Ossimo and Losine Giovanni and Gerardo sons of Pasino Federici of Mu. The peace of Breno of December 31, 1397 the representatives of the community of Demo, Albertino di Martino di Demo and the notary ..., Vione, Incudine and Berzo Demo at Bertolino della Torre of Cemmo. In 1760 Berzo Demo and Monte were 790 inhabitants. Between 1927 and 1948 Royal Decree 28 September 1927 Berzo Demo was joint to Cedegolo . Monuments and places of interest Religious architectures The churches of Berzo Demo are Berzo ... of the mayor altar is made by Pietro Ramus. Demo Parish of Saint Lawrence San Lorenzo , the portal ... characterize the people of Berzo is Bers goi Demo is G s Monte is G cc References reflist Bibliography ... e civile del comune di Berzo Demo publisher Tipografia camuna location Breno year 2003 language italian External links commons Berzo Demo it http luoghi schede 287 ...   more details

  1. Igor Demo

    Use dmy dates date March 2011 Infobox football biography name Igor Demo image fullname birth date birth date and age 1975 9 18 df y birth place Nitra , Czechoslovakia height height m 1.85 precision 0 position Midfielder currentclub clubnumber youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 1990 1994 clubs1 FC Nitra caps1 41 goals1 4 years2 1994 1997 clubs2 K Slovan Bratislava Slovan Bratislava caps2 77 goals2 12 years3 1997 2000 clubs3 PSV Eindhoven caps3 27 goals3 0 years4 2000 2005 clubs4 Borussia M nchengladbach caps4 142 goals4 28 years5 2005 2006 clubs5 Grazer AK caps5 14 goals5 0 years6 2006 clubs6 FC Nitra caps6 12 goals6 1 nationalyears1 1997 2005 nationalteam1 Slovakia national football team Slovakia nationalcaps1 24 nationalgoals1 4 pcupdate ntupdate manageryears1 managerclubs1 Igor Demo born 18 September 1975 in Nitra is a former Slovakia Slovak Association football football player. His playing position is midfielder . Demo was born and grew up in Nitra , and he started his professional career playing for the local team FC Nitra . ref cite web publisher title Hr i FC NITRA v najvy ch ligov ch s a iach po ro n k 2008 2009 vr tane url http statistiky.pdf language Slovak accessdate 20 December 2010 ref He also played for K Slovan Bratislava before being transferred to the Dutch side PSV Eindhoven in 1998. He moved to Germany to join Borussia M nchengladbach in 1999, and played there for six seasons. In 2005, Demo was signed by the Austrian team Grazer AK ... with mutual agreement on 5 January 2010. He then returned to his first club, FC Nitra. Demo has represented ... accessdate 9 April 2008 publisher RSSSF ref References reflist Persondata NAME Demo, Igor ALTERNATIVE ... , Czechoslovakia DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH dmy date October 2011 DEFAULTSORT Demo, Igor Category ... Category 2. Fu ball Bundesliga players Slovakia footy midfielder stub de Igor Demo es Igor Demo fr Igor Demo it Igor Demo nl Igor Demo pl Igor Demo sk Igor Demo ...   more details

  1. Demo 98

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Demo 98 Type Demo Artist Crionics Cover Demo 98.jpg Released 1998 Recorded 1998 , Alwernia Studio Genre Blackened death metal Length 18 53 Label Self released Producer Self produced Reviews Last album This album Demo 98 br 1998 Next album Beyond the Blazing Horizon br 2000 Demo 98 is the first Demo music demo and release by the Blackened death metal band Crionics . The demo is actually named Demo 98 and the cover on the right is the original cover that goes with the demo. Featuring only a calm winter nature photo, without the title and the original Crionics logo which they re still using today on their releases. Dariusz Stycze Yanuary made his first appearance on this demo, but left the band later on. He came back to Crionics after a couple of years although not as the guitarist , but as the bassist . A year after the band was formed, they recorded five songs. However, this material never saw the light because of its bad production. About six months later after they recorded the songs, the band decided to record a four song Demo 98 . This is that same demo featuring four song of the original five songs they recorded. Because of the poor equipment the material wasn t exactly perfect, but the band decided to promote it anyway. They played a few shows and started looking for a keyboardist that would enhance their sound. Wac aw Borowiec Vac V was the man that quickly became the missing link in their music and the band s music started to sound more interesting and complete at their shows. He joined the band later on and made its first appearance on their next release and first extended play EP , Beyond the Blazing Horizon . Track listing Mystic Past 4 12 Pagan Strength 4 01 Black Warriors ref 1 5 29 I Am the Black Wizards 5 ... release.php?id 16499 Encyclopaedia Metallum Crionics Category 1998 albums Category Demo albums Category Crionics albums 1990s death metal album stub es Demo 98 ...   more details

  1. The Demo Compilation

    unreferenced date November 2010 Infobox album Please see WP ALBUMS about this template Name The Demo Compilation Cover Refused The Demo Compilation album cover.jpeg Type Compilation album Artist Refused Released 1997 Recorded ? Genre Hardcore punk , post hardcore Length 56 00 Label Burning Heart Records Producer ? Reviews Last album The E.P. Compilation BR 1997 This album The Demo Compilation BR 1997 Next album The Shape of Punk to Come BR 1998 The Demo Compilation is the second compilation of old songs by Sweden Swedish hardcore punk band Refused . It was released in 1997 through Burning Heart Records . It is also known as This Album Contains Old Songs & Old Pictures Vol. 2 . Overview Empty section date May 2008 Track listing Tracks 1 15 collect the EPs First Demo Refused 1992 and Second Demo Operation Headfirst 1992 . Tracks 16 21 are bonus songs. Re fused 2 41 Another One 2 19 Enough Is Enough 2 07 Fusible Front 2 25 Reach Out 2 07 Fudge 2 33 Blind 3 05 Back in Black song Back in Black Young Young Johnson 3 36 The New Deal 2 13 I Wish 2 55 Where Is Equality? 2 17 Who Died? 1 51 Burn 3 32 Racial Liberation 2 30 Hate Breeds Hate 3 28 I ll Choose My Side 2 51 The Marlboro Man Is Dead 3 02 Defeated 2 21 Live Wire 3 02 M tley Cr e Cover Gratitude 2 39 Beastie Boys Cover untitled 2 20 Gorilla Biscuits Cover, the song is called No Reason Why and this is a live recording Personnel First Demo Dennis, David, Par & Jonas Second Demo Dennis, David, Par, Magnus & Henrick Both were recorded ar Hortlax hardcore studios by Pelle Gunne Mastered by Eskril at Tontenik all songs by Refused except 8 By AC DC, 19 By M tley Cr e and 20 By Beastie Boys Expand section date May 2008 External links LYRICS LINKS Refused DEFAULTSORT Demo Compilation Category Refused albums Category 1997 compilation albums Category Demo albums Category Burning Heart Records compilation albums 1990s compilation album stub 1990s punk album stub gl The Demo Compilation pl The Demo Compilation sv The Demo Compilation ...   more details

  1. Ducks demo

    The Ducks demo was a tech demo that demonstrated the capabilities of the PlayStation 2 at Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 2000 and the PlayStation 3 at E3 2005. In the PlayStation 2 demo, only one duck is shown interacting with the water in the bathtub. In the PlayStation 3 demo, there are many ducks interacting with each other and their environment. A visual representation of the leap in processing abilities from the PlayStation 2 Sony executives promise the PlayStation 3 will deliver. The 2005 Demo In the demo, Phil Harrison shows the crowd a small bathtub with some rubber duck s in it. He uses these to demonstrate the real time water ripples and dynamics. He then uses two toy pirate ships to demonstrate cloth dynamics. To show the Cell microprocessor Cell s processing power, he adds a huge amount of ducks to the tub all reacting as they would in real life, due to the advanced physics engine . Phil comments dryly that this is only possible with the use of Level of detail LOD technology, for those of you that don t know, LOD stands for Lots of Ducks The EyeToy Phil Harrison then invites the creator of EyeToy to show the new technology the PlayStation 3 can use. Plugging a standard PlayStation 2 EyeToy into the PlayStation 3, he picks up two ordinary cups and proceeds to move the cups in a scooping motion, which scoops up the water pictured on screen. animated and reacting as real water would . Trivia The Ducks demo was the basis for Super Rub a Dub which is a downloadable title for the PS3 produced by SCEE. External links http articles 615 615000 vids 1.html 2005 Ducks demo Category PlayStation brand Category Technology demos Category PlayStation 2 Category PlayStation 3 Sony videogame stub technology stub ...   more details

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