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Encyclopedia results for Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth

Encyclopedia results for Hitler Youth

  1. Hitler Youth

    Division Hitlerjugend The Hitler Youth German Audio De HJ.ogg Hitler Jugend , abbreviated HJ was a paramilitary ... Youth group was established in 1922 as the Audio JsAH.ogg Jungsturm Adolf Hitler . Based in Munich ... was officially renamed Hitler Jugend Bund der deutschen Arbeiterjugend , Hitler Youth League of German .... In July 1926, it was renamed Hitler Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend Hitler Youth, League ... Girls. In April 1932, the Hitler Youth was banned by Chancellor Heinrich Br ning in an attempt to stop ... upright left Hitler Youth recruitment poster. The wording translates to Youth serves the leader. All ten year olds into the Hitler Youth. Doctrine The HJ were viewed as future Aryan race Aryan supermen ... exercises in which several dozen Hitler Youth cells would participate. The largest HJ gathering usually ... arms for which the HJ member was ultimately destined. The Marine Hitler Youth, for example ... Youth HY . This organization within the Hitler Youth was a training ground for future labor leaders and technicians. Its symbol was a rising sun with a swastika. The Hitler Youth regularly issued the Wille ... 2010. ref Flags of the HJ and its branches The basic unit of the Hitler Youth was the Bann unit of the whole ... of the Hitler Youth General flag Image HJ Gefolgschaft2.svg HJ Gefolgschafts Escort Flag Image Arbeiterjugend ... gross.jpg thumb upright Leistungsbuch Performance booklet of a Hitler Youth Deutsches Jungvolk .... ref There were a few members of the Hitler Youth who privately disagreed with Nazi ideologies. For instance ... resistance movement White Rose Wei e Rose , was also a member of the Hitler Youth. This fact is emphasised .... The Hitler Youth became active in German fire brigades and assisted with recovery efforts to German cities affected from Allied bombing . The Hitler Youth also assisted in such organizations as the Reich ... anti aircraft defense crews. By 1943, Nazi leaders began turning the Hitler Youth into a military ... division , with the majority of the enlisted cadre being drawn from Hitler Youth boys between ...   more details

  1. Hitler Youth Badge

    The Hitler Youth Badge was a Political decorations of the Nazi Party political decoration of Nazi Germany , awarded for various degrees of service to the Hitler Youth . The badge was first created in 1929, with formal regulations for presentation as a decoration formalized in 1933. In all, there were three degrees of the Hitler Youth Badge ref Lumsden, Robin 2001 , Medals and Decorations of Hitler s Germany , The Crowood Press Ltd. ISBN 1 84037 178 1 ref , these being the Hitler Youth Badge Golden Hitler Youth Badge Golden Hitler Youth Badge with Oakleaves Most adult leaders of the Hitler Youth, in particular those holding the rank of Bannf hrer and above, automatically were awarded the standard Hitler Youth Badge. The badge was also frequently awarded to SS members who had some connection to the Hitler Youth. A special degree of the Hitler Youth Badge, known as the Hitler Youth Badge for Distinguished Foreigners , was authorized for presentation to non German citizens who had benefited the goals of the Hitler Youth. Significant Recipients Adolf Hitler Heinrich Himmler Arthur Axmann Baldur von Schirach References reflist Category Orders, decorations, and medals of Nazi Germany nazi stub ...   more details

  1. Hitler Youth knife

    File Hitler youth knife IMG 4406.png thumb Hitler Youth knife with scabbard The Hitler Youth Knife German Hitler Jugend Fahrtenmesser was a knife sold to and carried by boys of the paramilitary youth organization of the Nazi Party that existed from 1922 to 1945. The Hitler Youth wore knives as part of their uniform, which was very similar to the uniforms worn by the Sturmabteilung or SA. The knife was also given to those who performed exceptionally well in minor exams. The Hitler Youth knife is mostly based on Mauser Gewehr 98 bayonets , except that it does not have a Fuller weapon fuller groove , and it is designed to be a dagger rather than a bayonet. Hitler Youth knives typically have an enameled swastika emblem on the obverse grip, and a Reichszeugmeisterei inscription on the blade. In early 1937, the motto Blut und Ehre Blood and Honor began to be etched on early knife blades, but this practice was abolished and later knives were produced with plain blades. There are large numbers of fake and reproduction Hitler Youth Knives. After the war, an unknown quantity of Hitler Youth style knives were shipped to the United States, made from mostly surplus parts, with the swastika emblem on the handle of many knives replaced with a fleur de lis emblem, similar to that used by the Scouting Boy Scouts . Knives of this style are still made for recreational use. Authentic models include a small leather swatch that prevents metal on metal contact between the handle and sheath, and have steel rather than alloy scabbards. Some fake scabbards also have a raised lip at the throat, unlike genuine ones. External links http Knives hitleryo.htm Hitler Youth knife info DEFAULTSORT Hitler Youth Dagger Nazi stub Category Hitler Youth Category Military knives Category Weapons of Germany de HJ Fahrtenmesser es Cuchillo de las Juventudes Hitlerianas ru ...   more details

  1. Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow

    Hitler Youth Growing up in Hitler s Shadow is a non fiction children s literature children s book written by Susan Campbell Bartoletti , and published in 2005. It received the Newbery Honor medal in 2006. ref cite news title Some top 2006 awards conferred author url http 2006 0131 p16s02 bogn.html newspaper The Christian Science Monitor date January 31, 2006 accessdate February 1, 2011 ref The book is a study of the Hitler Youth , a paramilitary organization of children dedicated to furthering the aims of the Third Reich , and is organized around interviews with 12 former members and their experiences in the organization. References reflist Category Newbery Honor winning works Category Hitler Youth Category 2005 books child novel stub ...   more details

  1. Ranks and insignia of the Hitler Youth

    Unreferenced date December 2009 The Ranks and insignia of the Hitler Youth were a Nazi Party Nazi party paramilitary ranks paramilitary rank system that existed from 1932 to 1945. The Hitler Youth had existed for nearly a decade before, but the organization did not maintain any particular system of ranks ... to power in 1933. The ranks of the Hitler Youth were divided into an adult leadership corps, which maintained ... and eighteen years of age. Reich Youth Leader Reichsjugendf hrer Reich Youth Leader was the highest possible rank of the Hitler Youth and was held by the Nazi Party official in command of the entire ... be seen in photographic evidence as donning a Nazi Party brown jacket with Hitler Youth armband. When ... 12px 0px width 90 align center rowspan 2 Hitler Youth Rank align center rowspan 2 Translation align ... center Hitlerjunge align center Hitler Youth br clear all div div style float right width 49 style ... in local Hitler Youth cells was denoted by a number worn on the upper portion of the rank insignia shoulder patch. These unit designators were worn by all members of the Hitler Youth, with the exception of the National Youth Leadership Corps, who served on the staff of the Reichsjugendf hrer . Hitler Youth Titles Prior to the establishment of a paramiltiary rank system, the Hitler Youth maintained a simple system of paramilitary titles which were as follows Reichsjugendf hrer National Youth Leader Commander of the Hitler Youth Hitlerjugendf hrer Hitler Youth Leader Adult Leadership Corps Hitlerjunge Hitler Youth Juvenile Membership Reichsjugendf hrer and Hitlerjunge would later become actual ranks with Hitlerjunge also commonly used to denote any juvenile member of the Hitler Youth. The title of Hitlerjugendf hrer never became an actual rank but was used throughout the Hitler Youth s existence as a term applied to members of the adult leadership. DEFAULTSORT Ranks And Insignia Of The Hitler Youth Category Nazi paramilitary ranks Category Hitler Youth pl Hitlerjugend Stopnie w Hitlerjugend ...   more details

  1. Hitler Youth Quex

    Hitler Youth Quex lang de Hitlerjunge Quex is a 1932 Nazi propaganda novel and a corresponding 1933 movie ... thumb 250px Hitler Youth s marching from Herbert Norkus grave to the Nazi party convent in Nuremberg Both novel and movie are based on the real story of Herbert Norkus life. Norkus, a Hitler Youth ... was made remembrance day for all killed Hitler Youths, and the flag of Norkus unit became the Hitler Youth s blood flag . ref name Baird118 Two weeks after the Enabling Act of 1933 , a provocative Hitler Youth march to Norkus grave took the route through Berlin s communist districts of Wedding Berlin ... A required reading for Hitler Youth members, ref name Rentschler55 more than 190,000 copies ... youth Hitler Youth Hitlerjugend , Hitler Youth is portrayed as an orderly organization, superior ..., only to encounter a Hitler Youth group in the woods. ref name Baird119 Deeply impressed, and in an atmosphere ... day of his life , Heini joins the Hitler Youth, and Schenzinger has the Bannf hrer group ... chapters deal with Heini s life as a Hitler Youth. ref name Baird120 Obedience and equality ... Fritz that with us Hitler Youth, there are no classes. There are only those who get the job done and parasites, and those we ll throw out. ref name Baird120 The haven Heini found in the Hitler Youth is symbolized ... font size 85 Hitler Youth Quex Universum Film AG Ufa movie class wikitable collapsible collapsed ... Berta Drews Brigade leader Cass Claus Clausen actor Claus Clausen Fritz D rris a Hitler Youth Gerda ... Braun br Heinz Trumper br Hitler Youth units div The novel provided the basis for a subsequent movie ... 1996 , p. 54 ref The latter also wrote the lyrics for the Hitler Youth song Vorw rts Vorw rts schmettern ... isbn 0674576403 Category Hitler Youth Category Films of Nazi Germany Category 1932 novels Category ... death in the service of the Nazi party and Hitler. ref Koonz 2003 , p. 85. ref Background ... by Nazi youth leader Baldur von Schirach for a speech that was broadcast nationwide. ref name Baird118 ...   more details

  1. Hitler Youth Conspiracy

    The so called Hitler Youth Conspiracy was a case investigated by the Soviet secret police , during the Great Purge in the late 1930s. Essentially a theory in search of evidence, it nonetheless resulted in the arrest of numerous German teenagers and some in their twenties and beyond, who were accused of having been fascism fascist , anti communist members of the Hitler Youth and of working against the Soviet Union . Teenagers from the Karl Liebknecht School , from Children s Home No. 6 , and adults from factories and elsewhere were arrested, tortured and imprisoned. Many were executed or died in custody. Some were the children of leading communists. Within years, the investigation was found to have been faulty and a number of the investigators were also arrested, with sentences ranging from imprisonment to execution. In the 1950s, following the death of Joseph Stalin , a new examination of the files ... Union in years. ref name laqueur 171 Instead, they were charged with having formed a branch of the Hitler Youth . ref name laqueur 171 New allegations Investigations regarding NKVD Order Number 8842, the Hitler Youth Conspiracy began in January 1938. ref name hs 1 The Council of People s Commissars ... to have formed a branch of the Hitler Youth and were planning acts of sabotage and an assassination. ref name laqueur 171 They were also accused of praising Adolf Hitler . Department 4 of the Main Directorate ... Some of those arrested were clearly not members of the Hitler Youth 20 were over the age of 30 and one ... Hitler Youth ... for Internal Affairs NKVD , investigated teenaged Germans suspected of being members of the Hitler Youth , but these investigations preceded the Great Purge and those arrested were not given the harsh ... troupe members Kurt Ahrendt and Karl Oefelein, all charged with founding a branch of the Hitler Youth . All three were executed three weeks later. ref name phelps Thomas Phelps, http www.uni ...   more details

  1. Adolf Hitler March of German Youth

    Orphan date April 2012 The Adolf Hitler March of German Youth was a yearly pilgrimage of some 2,000 Hitler Youth HJ from all parts of the Nazi Germany Reich to the Reich Party Congress in Nuremberg , where they marched with flags past Hitler in a huge parade. Some groups covered as many as 800 km 490 miles . The HJ goal of combat readiness lang de Wehrhaftmachung underlay the watchword given the youth by Reich Youth F hrer Baldur von Schirach cquote We are marching to the F hrer if he wishes, we will also march for him. After 1937, the march was extended beyond Nuremberg to Landsberg am Lech , where the viewing of Hitler s prison cell crowned the program. Bibliography Christian Zentner, Friedemann Bed rftig 1991 . The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich . Macmillan, New York. ISBN 0 02 897502 2 DEFAULTSORT Adolf Hitler March of German Youth Category Nazi culture Category Adolf Hitler March of German Youth ...   more details

  1. Blood and Honor: Youth Under Hitler

    Infobox television film name Blood and Honor Youth Under Hitler name 2 Blut und Ehre Jugend Unter Hitler image caption format Drama camera picture format runtime writer Robert Muller writer Robert Muller developer Helmut Kissel director Bernd Fischerauer producer Daniel Wilson film producer Daniel Wilson starring Jeffrey Frank actor Jeffrey Frank , Rolf Becker , Marlies Engel , Leslie Malton , Steffen Rubling actor Steffen Rubling narrated opentheme endtheme budget 4,000,000 country USA, West Germany language English, German network first aired 1982 last aired runtime 232 mins num episodes 2 4 in West Germany list episodes website Blood and Honor Youth Under Hitler , 1982 aka Blut und Ehre Jugend Unter Hitler is a German American made for TV mini series which was a co production between Daniel Wilson Productions and S.W.F Sudwestfunk and Taurus Films. ref name NY The original screenplay was by Helmut Kissel ref name NY and was partly based on his own experience as a member of the Hitler Youth. The scripts that were eventually shot, however, were written by Robert Muller. ref name NY Helmut Kissel led as the director of the project but was replaced by Bernd Fischerauer within the first ... by more than 50 of the available audience. ref name NY cite news title TV A Drama about Hitler Youth author John J. O Connor url http 1982 11 29 arts tv a drama about hitler youth.html ... 44, WPIX TV, etc . Blood and Honor Youth Under Hitler also received a Peabody Award in List of Peabody ... 1982 television series debuts Category Peabody Award winning television programs Category Hitler Youth de Blut und Ehre Jugend unter Hitler ... Blut und Ehre Jugend unter Hitler trailer for the DVD issue, German http 70 d16055 dvd blut und ehre jugend unter hitler 28grosse geschichten 45 29.html DVD Blut und Ehre Jugend unter Hitler Gro e Geschichten 45 Category World War II television drama series Category German drama television ...   more details

  1. Alois Hitler

    the name change. ref Smith, Bradley F. Adolf Hitler His Family, Childhood and Youth. Hoover Institute ...Infobox person name Alois Hitler image Alois Hitler last years.jpg image size 200px caption Alois Hitler ... Klara Hitler Klara P lzl 1885 1903 parents ubl see Biological father Biological father Maria Schicklgruber ... Alois Hitler, Jr. Angela Hitler with Klara P lzl ubl ul style margin left 1em Gustav Hitler Ida Hitler Otto Hitler Adolf Hitler Edmund Hitler Paula Hitler Alois Hitler born Alois Schicklgruber 7 June 1837  3 January 1903 was an Austrian civil servant who was the father of Adolf Hitler . ref cite web url http cgi bin fg.cgi?page gr&GRid 11646 title Alois Hitler publisher Find ... blank and the priest wrote illegitimate . ref Toland, John. Adolf Hitler , Doubleday & Company, 1976 .... 7 Shirer Kershaw, Ian. Hitler, 1889 1936 Hubris , W. W. Norton & Company, 2000, pp. 3 9 Kershaw . ref ... him into Alois Hitler . It is not known who decided on the spelling of Hitler instead of Hiedler .... ref name maser Werner Maser Hitler Legend, Myth and Reality in German, 1971 Penguin Books Ltd 1973 ... to his illegitimate son Alois together with his name. ref The Mind of Adolf Hitler ,Walter .... ref Kate Connolly, Hitler s Mentally Ill Cousin Killed In Nazi Gas Chamber , http roundup ... H ttler , and a Jew named Leopold Frankenberger. ref Frank McDonough , Hitler and the rise of the Nazi ... when he was 10 . Werner Maser suggests that Alois father was Johann Nepomuk, Georg s brother and Hitler ... Hitler biographer Joachim Fest thinks this is too contrived and unlikely to be true. After the war Hitler s former lawyer, Hans Frank , claimed that Adolf told him in 1930 that one of his relatives ... Explaining Hitler , New York Random House 1998 pages 20 22. ref Hitler asked Frank to find out the facts .... ref Rosenbaum, Ron Explaining Hitler , New York Random House 1998 pages 20 21. ref Given that all Jews ... Brigitte Hamann author2 Hans Mommsen title Hitler s Vienna A Portrait of the Tyrant as a Young ...   more details

  1. Klara Hitler

    and Youth , Hoover Institute 1967 reprinted in 1979 , ISBN 0 8179 1622 9 See also Alois Hitler Adolf ...Infobox Person name Klara P lzl image Klara Hitler.jpg image size caption other names Klara Hitler birth ... Alois Hitler 1885 1903 his death partner children Gustav Hitler 10 May 1885 8 December 1887 br Ida Hitler 23 September 1886 2 January 1888 br Otto Hitler 1887 1887 br Adolf Hitler 20 April 1889 30 April 1945 br Edmund Hitler 24 March 1894 28 February 1900 br Paula Hitler 21 January 1896 1 June 1960 br Stepchildren ref The Mind of Adolf Hitler ,Walter C. Langer, New York 1972 p.116 ref br Alois Hitler, Jr. 13 January 1882 20 May 1956 br Angela Hitler 28 July 1883 30 October 1949 parents Johann ... footnotes Klara Hitler n e P lzl 12 August 1860 &ndash 21 December 1907 was an Austrian woman, the wife of Alois Hitler and the mother of Adolf Hitler . ref http ahitler.html ... woman. ref The Mind of Adolf Hitler ,Walter C. Langer, New York 1972 p.116 ref In 1876, three years after Alois Hitler s first married Anna Glasl H rer, her uncle Alois had hired Klara P lzl ... at Hitler s rented rooms on the top floor of the Pommer Inn in Braunau . Alois then went to work for the day ... and died in 1887. Adolf Hitler Adolf was born 20 April 1889, followed by Edmund on 24 March 1894 and Paula Hitler Paula on 21 January 1896. Edmund died of measles on 28 February 1900, at the age of five. ref Vermeeren, Mar, De jeugd van Adolf Hitler 1889 1907 en zijn familie en voorouders , Soesterberg ... Hitler , was a typical stepmother to her stepchildren, Alois Hitler, Jr. Alois Jr. and Angela Hitler Angela . ref The Mind of Adolf Hitler ,Walter C. Langer, New York 1972 p.116 ref Klara was a devout ..., only Adolf and Paula Hitler Paula survived childhood. Alois and Klara s children were Gustav Hitler born 10 May 1885, died of diphtheria on 8 December 1887 in Braunau am Inn Ida Hitler born 23 September 1886, died of diphtheria 2 January 1888 in Braunau am Inn Otto Hitler born and died 1887 ...   more details

  1. The Hidden Hitler

    Infobox book italic title see above name The Hidden Hitler image File The Hidden Hitler book.jpg 200px Cover image caption Cover author Lothar Machtan title orig Hitlers Geheimnis Das Doppelleben Eines ... by The Hidden Hitler is the English language version of the 2001 book Hitlers Geheimnis. Das Doppelleben eines Diktators Hitler s Secret The Double Life of a Dictator by German Jewish professor ... 465 04308 9 The book discusses sexuality of Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler s sexuality . Machtan argues that Hitler was a closeted homosexuality homosexual . Among the evidence, it cites the allegedly homoeroticism homoerotic nature of his friendship with August Kubizek during Hitler s youth in Vienna . The question of Hitler s homosexuality is also raised in Walter Charles Langer Walter C. Langer s pioneering work The Mind of Adolf Hitler and in Waite s psychoanalysis psychoanalytic history The Psychopathic God Adolf Hitler . Industry reviews The New York Times Book Review 12 16 01 ... But the biggest ... ... See also The Pink Swastika List of books by or about Adolf Hitler The Saturday Night Live character Gay Hitler possibly based on Machtan s book at Saturday Night Live characters appearing on Weekend Update Saturday Night Live characters appearing on Weekend Update Discussion of Springtime for Hitler ... Hitler was a homosexual. Q online http 2001 2002 06 05 pastout.html article by Paula ... fullpage.html?res 9F02E5DE123CF935A25751C1A9679C8B63&n Top Reference Times 20Topics People H Hitler ... wp srv zforum 01 author machtan1017.htm said the author presents extensive evidence that Hitler ... Much Ado About Nothing Lothar Machtan s thesis that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual is scientifically ... The Hidden Hitler to be scanned in full by http gp product 0465043089 to facilitate search referencing. DEFAULTSORT Hidden Hitler, The Category 2001 books Category Books about Adolf Hitler Category LGBT history of Germany ...   more details

  1. Hitler (disambiguation)

    pp semi indef wiktionary Hitler Adolf Hitler 1889 1945 was the dictator of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. Hitler may also refer to TOC right Titled works Films about Adolf Hitler Hitler 1962 film Hitler 1962 film , a film starring Richard Basehart Hitler A Film from Germany , a 1978 film co produced by the BBC Hitler, Beast of Berlin , a 1939 film Hitler The Last Ten Days , a 1973 film Other films Hitler 1996 film Hitler 1996 film , a Malayalam film Hitler 1997 film Hitler 1997 film , a Telugu film Hitler 1998 film Hitler 1998 film , a Hindi film Other works Hitler Speeches and Proclamations , a book series compiling Hitler s speeches Hitler The Rise of Evil , a 2003 TV miniseries broadcast by CBS Other people with the surname Relatives of Adolf Hitler Eva Braun or Eva Braun Hitler, lover and wife Alois Hitler , father Alois Hitler, Jr. , half brother Angela Hitler , half sister Bridget Hitler , sister in law Klara Hitler , mother Paula Hitler , sister William Patrick Hitler , nephew Heinz Hitler , nephew Individuals unrelated to Adolf Hitler Adolf Lu Hitler Marak , Indian politician for the Nationalist Congress Party Chenjerai Hitler Hunzvi , Zimbabwean nationalist leader Bing Hitler, early stage name of Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson Fictional Eddie Hitler, a character in Bottom TV series Bottom Gay Hitler , a character on Saturday Night Live Vic Hitler, a character in List of Hill Street Blues episodes Season 3 1982 1983 Season 3 of Hill Street Blues See also Hitler moustache Reductio ad Hitlerum , a logical fallacy in which an argument is connected to Hitler Hitler Didi , a 2011 Indian soap opera on Zee TV Elvis Hitler , an American psychobilly band intitle Hitler disambiguation surname DEFAULTSORT Hitler Category Austro Bavarian language surnames ar da Hitler flertydig el es Hitler desambiguaci n fr Hitler homonymie ko nl Hitler pl Hitler pt Hitler desambigua o ru sv Hitler olika betydelser tr Hitler anlam ...   more details

  1. Hitler family

    3 cite book last Smith first Bradley F. title Adolf Hitler His Family, Childhood and Youth publisher ...Infobox Family colour powderblue name Hitler crest caption ethnicity Austrians Austrian region religion Catholic Church Roman Catholicism early forms Hiedler origin Austria members Adolf Hitler , Alois Hitler , Paula Hitler , Angela Hitler , William Patrick Hitler , Heinz Hitler otherfamilies distinctions traditions heirlooms estate meaning footnotes The Hitler family comprises the relatives of Adolf Hitler 20 April 1889  30 April 1945 an Austria Hungary Austrian born Germans German politician ... as head of state as F hrer F hrer und Reichskanzler from 1934 to 1945. Hitler is most remembered ... . Family history Earliest family members The Hitler family descends from Stefan Hiedler born 1672 and his ... 1792 9 February 1857 , who is the stepfather of Alois Hitler father of Adolf , and Johann Nepomuk 19 March 1807 September 17, 1888 , a maternal great grandfather of Adolf Hitler. ref See, e.g., Adolf Hitler s online family tree at, http library holocaust nhitanc.htm Online Family Tree . Family trees can also be found in various Hitler biographies see, e.g. , Toland, John 1976 . Adolf Hitler. Garden City, New York Doubleday & Company. pp. 10 11. ISBN 0 385 ... Nepomuk Brothers Johann Georg and Johann Nepomuk Hiedler are connected to Adolf Hitler several ways ... paternal grandfather of Adolf Hitler by the Third Reich . Whether Johann Georg was in fact Hitler ... Schicklgruber and became the legal stepfather to her illegitimate five year old son, Alois Hitler ... his great grandson Adolf Hitler had some Czech blood. However, Johann von Pomuk Johann Nepomuk ... senior. Father of Alois Hitler File Alois Hitler.jpeg 250px thumb right Alois Hitler , Adolf s father The actual father of Alois Hitler Biological father Alois is disputed . Legally, Johann Nepomuk was the step uncle of Alois Hitler Alois Schicklgruber later Alois Hitler , the stepson of his brother ...   more details

  1. Hitler and the occult

    Hitler and the occult could refer to any of several topics Hitler and the Occult , a 2007 National Geographic Society National Geographic TV special directed by Tudor Applen Hitler and the Occult , a 1999 teledocumentary by produced by Bram Roos and Phyllis Cannon Hitler and the Occult book Hitler and the Occult book , a 1995 book by Ken Anderson Hitler and the Occult author Ken Anderson As a subject, see Nazism and occultism for a general treatment, or Adolf Hitler s religious views as the subject might pertain to the person and character of Hitler. disambig Adolf Hitler Category Nazism and occultism ...   more details

  1. The Meaning of Hitler

    Italic title The Meaning of Hitler is the title of the English language English translation of the originally German language German 1978 book Anmerkungen zu Hitler by the journalist and writer Raimund Pretzel, who published all his books under the pseudonym Sebastian Haffner . The 176 page book analyzes the life and work of Adolf Hitler in a rational, neutral manner and is divided into seven chapters that each treats a different aspect of the man Liked Guys Achievements Successes Misconceptions Mistakes Crimes Betrayal The essay like book contrasts with the detailed, well referenced, chronological biographies of Hitler by Joachim Fest and Ian Kershaw . Publications Anmerkungen zu Hitler . Fischer Taschenbuch, 1978 Frankfurt am Main ISBN 3 596 23489 1 Kindler Verlag, 1978, Munich, ISBN 3 463 00719 3 The Meaning of Hitler ISBN 0 674 55775 1, 1979 English translation translated by Ewald Osers , published by the Harvard University Press http catalog HAFMEX.html The Meaning of Hitler ISBN 1 85799 878 2, 1979 English translation translated by Ewald Osers, published by Orion books , United Kingdom http MP 29189 The Meaning Of Hitler.htm See also List of Adolf Hitler books Adolf Hitler DEFAULTSORT Meaning of Hitler, The Category 1978 books Category Books about Adolf Hitler Category Works published under a pseudonym de Anmerkungen zu Hitler ...   more details

  1. High Hitler

    unreferenced date April 2012 High Hitler by the History Channel covers a mix of Hitler s mental and physical health and interweaves this topic with a overview of the Nazi ideology. Theorists hypothesize that Hitler s personal doctor Theodor Morell may have had a larger impact on Hitler s mental state and thus on history than anybody could of imagined. Run Time 50 Minutes Category History TV channel original programs ...   more details

  1. Heinz Hitler

    Image Heinz Hitler.jpg thumb right 200px Heinz Hitler Heinrich Hitler nickname Heinz March 14, 1920 February 21, 1942 was the son of Alois Hitler, Jr. and his second wife Hedwig Heidemann and the half nephew of Adolf Hitler . When World War II began, he joined the Wehrmacht and served on the Eastern Front World War II eastern front , where he was captured and died in prison in 1942. Unlike his half brother William Patrick Hitler , Heinz was a Nazi . He attended an elite Nazi military academy, the National Political Institutes of Education Napola in Ballenstedt Saxony Anhalt ref label interrogation 1 b . Aspiring to be an officer, Heinz joined the Wehrmacht as a signals NCO with the 23rd Potsdamer Artillery Regiment in 1941, and he participated in the invasion of the Soviet Union , Operation ... interrogation 2 c See also Hitler family References Notes ref label interrogation 1 b http books?id KD5AAAAAIAAJ&q 22heinz hitler 22 NAPOLA&dq 22heinz hitler 22 NAPOLA&pgis 1 Adolf Hitler ... One hour Discovery Channel special on Adolf Hitler s relatives Bibliography De jeugd van Adolf Hitler 1889 1985 en zijn familie en voorouders by Marc Vermeeren. Soesterberg, 2007, 420 blz. Uitgeverij Aspekt, ISBN 90 5911 606 2 Oliver Halmburger und Thomas Staehler Familie Hitler ... http familie hitler 2006 01 03 0 54742.1.htm PHOENIX bot generated title at http www.adel Hitler is01 is01 110.htm Stammbaum des Adolf Hitler bot generated title at www.adel spacing, please do not remove Adolf Hitler Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hitler, Heinz ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH March 14, 1920 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH March 13, 1942 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Hitler, Heinz Category 1920 births Category 1942 deaths Category Hitler family Category German military personnel of World ... Hitler da Heinz Hitler de Heinrich Hitler ko nl Heinz Hitler no Heinz Hitler fi Heinz Hitler ...   more details

  1. Explaining Hitler

    refimprove date November 2007 Explaining Hitler The Search for the Origins of His Evil is a 1998 book by journalist Ron Rosenbaum which tells of Rosenbaum s struggles with the exceptionalist character of Adolf Hitler s personality and impact on the world or, worse from his point of view, his struggle with the possibility that Hitler is not an exception at all, but on the natural continuum of human destructive possibility. For example, Rosenbaum discusses a theory advanced by Rudolph Binion , a professor at Brandeis University , who believes that Hitler s personality was moulded or deformed by witnessing as a child the suffering of his mother, Klara Hitler Klara , who died of breast cancer . Binion says that Hitler s mother was treated by a Jewish doctor, Eduard Bloch , with the standard remedy of the time, iodoform . Bloch was excessive in his prescribed dosages of iodoform, however, and the caustic and scarring effects of this chemical exacerbated his patient s suffering. Binion believes Hitler s rage at this was transferred to the Jewish people as a whole. See also List of Adolf Hitler books M nchener Post Ron Rosenbaum Explaining Hitler Interview on C Spanvideo. ref http www.c program 112269 1 C ref References references Category 1998 books Category Books about Adolf Hitler Category Books about Nazism ...   more details

  1. Hitler Myth

    The Hitler Myth is a concept which embodies two key points in Nazi ideology firstly it presents Adolf Hitler Hitler as a demigod figure, who both embodies and shapes the German people and thus giving him a mandate to rule. Secondly it presents Hitler as a mighty defender of the German people against its foes, who merely wanted to redress the imbalance evoked at the Treaty of Versailles . These two elements were demonstrated in Nazi propaganda propaganda of the time and have helped to plaster over early cracks in the Nazi Regime s facade, though by no means de fusing all tensions in Germany at that time. The myth of Hitler as the Saviour of Germany from conspiracies directed against it by the Soviet Union and the West especially France was an extremely powerful tool in binding together the German ... states, blockquote Hitler stood for at least some things they German people admired, and for many had ... had in many respects been perceived to accomplish. ref The Hitler Myth . Image and Reality in the Third Reich, P71. Kershaw. 1998 ref blockquote The myth was lent much credence by Hitler s huge successes ... like unredeemable circumstances. In 1932, one year before Hitler s rise to power, unemployment had .... 2000 ref According to Albert Speer , by around 1936 the Hitler Myth was under threat, with officials ... a stark contrast with Hitler s spontaneous crowds of old. 1938 saw a rise in Hitler s popularity, which ... 1940 revived it, and even then the campaign against the Soviet Union led to a dramatic decline in Hitler ... from Berlin , Howard K. Smith wrote blockquote I was convinced that of all the millions on whom the Hitler Myth had fastened itself, the most carried away was Adolf Hitler, himself. ref Last Train from Berlin , Howard K. Smith, New York 1942 p.59 ref blockquote References references Sources The Hitler ... 4260 4 Adolf Hitler A Portrait Michael FitzGerald 2006 ISBN 1 86227 322 7 See also F hrerprinzip Adolf Hitler Category Adolf Hitler Category Nazism Nazi stub ...   more details

  1. Hitler oath

    Unsourced image removed Image Adolf Hitler Bigger.jpg right thumb 195px Adolf Hitler The term Hitler ... pledged personal loyalty to the person of Adolf Hitler in place of loyalty to the Weimar constitution ... 2, 1934 removed the final obstacle to Adolf Hitler obtaining absolute power over Germany. Even before Hindenburg s death, Hitler s cabinet had enacted a law combining the offices of Chancellor of Germany German Reich Chancellor the head of government and President the head of state Adolf Hitler ... chief General Walther von Reichenau , the entire military took an oath of personal loyalty to Hitler, who was most surprised at the offer the popular view that Hitler imposed the oath on the military is false. ref Kershaw, Ian Hitler Hubris , New York W.W. Norton, 1998 p 525. ref The intention of Blomberg and Reichenau in having the military swear an oath to Hitler was to create a personal special bond between Hitler and the military, which was intended to tie Hitler more tightly towards the military ... the full implications of the oath at the time . ref Kershaw, Ian Hitler Hubris , New York W.W. Norton, 1998 p 525. ref Germany s voters went to the polls and 89.9 voted their approval for Hitler to assume ... swear loyalty to Adolf Hitler. Text of the oaths Wehrmacht oath in German Die Vereidigung der Wehrmacht auf Adolf Hitler, 2.8.1934 Ich schw re bei Gott diesen heiligen Eid, da ich dem F hrer des Deutschen Reiches und Volkes Adolf Hitler, dem Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht, unbedingten Gehorsam leisten ... Oath of Loyalty to Adolf Hitler, 2 August 1934 I swear by God this sacred oath that to the Leader of the German empire and people, Adolf Hitler, supreme commander of the armed forces, I shall ... dem F hrer des Deutschen Reiches und Volkes Adolf Hitler treu und gehorsam sein, die Gesetze beachten ... Hitler, to observe the law, and to conscientiously fulfil my official duties, so help me God Consequences By swearing loyalty to the person of Adolf Hitler rather than the nation or the constitution, the officers ...   more details

  1. Young Hitler

    morefootnotes date July 2010 Infobox book name Young Hitler image File YoungHitlercover.jpg 150px Hardcover ... isbn oclc dewey congress preceded by followed by Young Hitler is the title of what the author calls a fact based narrative that covers the time between Hitler s 16th and 30th year of age. The second .... Young Hitler was published in 2010 by Quartet Books , London. Summary The book is divided into two sections in the first part, a narrative retells the formative years of the young Adolf Hitler between ... ends, Hitler comes into contact with members of the Thule Society in Munich , an association of occultists ... when Hitler takes over the DAP and turns it into the Nazi Party NSDAP . In an interview with The Guardian ... Hitler biographies. But what the biographies do not investigate is the time before then, when Hitler was transformed from inconsequential artist and drifter to towering political leader. Hant says that he has centered Young Hitler deliberately around this momentous transformation ref Interview ... interview.htm ref . According to Hant, this decisive turning point in Hitler s life can only be explained ... known facts about Hitler. Most importantly, the appendices substantiate Hant s thesis which casts a surprising new light on the reasons behind Hitler s rise to power. Thesis Young Hitler focuses on the question that has plagued historians since the end World War II . How did Hitler do it? How did such a nonentity ... answer to this question. Hant states that Hitler was not as illiterate as once thought.According to Hant, Hitler was an extremely well read man who also had an extensive knowledge of art. Not only did his exceptional memory help Hitler to apply his knowledge in a way that appealed to the dull masses ... echelon of society. Hant also quotes various sources which document the fact that Hitler believed he had a special connection to the divine. Hitler did not merely pretend to be the German Messiah , says Hant. After what Hitler believed was a spiritual experience, he became convinced that he was indeed ...   more details

  1. Paula Hitler

    Infobox person name Paula Hitler image .jpg image size caption birth name Paula Hitler birth ... Adolf Hitler education alma mater employer occupation home town title salary networth height weight term predecessor successor party boards religion spouse partner children parents Alois Hitler br Klara Hitler relatives Adolf Hitler brother signature website footnotes Refimprove date May 2009 Paula Hitler Paula Wolf ref name Interrogation II with Paula Hitler http Paula page 6.htm Interrogation II with Paula Hitler . ref 21 January 1896 in Fischlham Hafeld , Austria Hungary Austria ... was the younger sister of Adolf Hitler and the last child of Alois Hitler and his third wife, Klara P lzl . Paula was the only full sibling of Adolf Hitler to survive into adulthood. Pre war ... until his suicide in 1945 , lived under the assumed family name Wolf at Hitler s request this was a childhood ... II with Paula Hitler During the closing days of the war, at the age of 49, she was driven ... Hitler . She talked mostly about Hitler s childhood. Death and burial She died on June 1, 1960, at the age of 64, ref cite news first last authorlink coauthors title Paula Hitler url http ... ABS FT&date JUN 03 2C 1960&author &pub The Washington Post&desc Paula Hitler 2C Adolf s Kin&pqatl google quote Berchtesgaden, Germany AP Paula Hitler, sister of Adolph sic Hitler, died Wednesday, according ... 17 ref the last surviving member of Hitler s immediate family. She was buried in the Bergfriedhof in Berchtesgaden Sch nau under the name Paula Hitler. In June 2005, the wooden grave marker and remains ... the 2nd burial is Cornelia Reif, Feb 2 1925  June 3, 2005 ref See also Hitler family References reflist Literature Marc Vermeeren, De jeugd van Adolf Hitler 1889 1907 en zijn familie en ... bergfriedhof Paula s Grave  Third Reich in Ruins website Adolf Hitler Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hitler, Paula ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Sister of German ...   more details

  1. Angela Hitler

    name Angela Hitler image image size caption birth name Angela Franziska Johanna Hitler birth date birth ... Rudolf Raubal br Geli Raubal br Elfriede Friedl Raubal parents Alois Hitler br Franziska Matzelsberger Stepmother Klara Hitler ref The Mind of Adolf Hitler ,Walter C. Langer, New York 1972 p.116 ref relatives Adolf Hitler half brother br Alois Hitler, Jr. brother signature website footnotes Angela Franziska Johanna Hammitzsch n e Hitler 28 July 1883 &ndash 30 October 1949 , first married to Leo Raubal, Sr. , was the elder half sister of Adolf Hitler . Life Angela Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn Braunau , Austria Hungary , the second child of Alois Hitler and his second wife, Franziska Matzelsberger. Her mother died the following year. She and her brother Alois Hitler, Jr. were raised by their father and his third wife Klara P lzl . Her half brother Adolf Hitler was born six years after ... 1903 ref Cite book last Hauner first Milan authorlink Milan Hauner coauthors title Hitler a chronology ... Services OSS profile of the Hitler family, Angela moved to Vienna and after World War I became ... of the household at Hitler s expanded retreat. Some historians believe that Hitler had a sexual relationship with Geli, who committed suicide in 1931. Meanwhile, Angela strongly disapproved of Hitler ... . Hitler broke off relations with Angela and did not attend her second wedding. On 20 January 1936 ... School of Building Construction in Dresden. It seems, however, that Hitler re established contact ... with whom he did not want contact. In 1941, she sold her memoirs of her years with Hitler to the Eher ... in the massive bomb attack of Bombing of Dresden in World War II February 13 14 &mdash Hitler ... younger sister Paula Hitler Paula hand over 100,000 Reichsmark . Clarify date April 2009 In Hitler s Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler Last Will and Testament , he guaranteed Angela a pension ... Hitler die unbekannte Schwester Zeitgeschichte Druffel Verlag year 2003 publisher Druffel location ...   more details

  1. Hitler Line

    Campaignbox Italy Campaignbox Winter Line Image ItalyDefenseLinesSouthofRome1943 4.jpg thumb right 300px German prepared defensive lines south of Rome. The Hitler Line was a Germany German defensive line in central Italy during the Second World War . The strong points of the line were at Aquino and Piedmont Piedimonte . In May 1944, the line was renamed the Senger Line , after Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin General von Senger und Etterlin , one of the generals commanding Axis forces in the area. This was done at Adolf Hitler Hitler s insistence, in order to minimise any propaganda significance should the line be penetrated. Between the coast and the Aurunci Mountains it was also known as the Dora Line . The line was a so called switch line , joining the Gustav Line at Monte Cairo and providing a fall back position behind the Gustav Line should it be penetrated. The line was breached on May 24, 1944 on the British Eighth Army front by 1st Canadian Infantry Division and 5th Canadian Armoured Division attacking with II Polish Corps on their right. The Polish Corps captured Piedimonte on May 25 and the line collapsed. The next German line was the Caesar C line . External links http archives categories war conflict second world war the italian campaign breaking the hitler line.html The Italian Campaign Breaking the Hitler line CBC Digital Archives Medium Radio Program CBC Radio News Broadcast Date May 23, 1944 http 51RTR.htm Category Italian Campaign Category German World War II defensive lines Category World War II sites in Italy WWII stub be x old da Hitler linjen es L nea Hitler fr Ligne Hitler it Linea Hitler pl Linia Hitlera sv Adolf Hitler linjen ta uk ...   more details

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