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Encyclopedia results for Golop


Encyclopedia results for Golop

  1. Golop

    Infobox settlement more fields are available for this Infobox See Template Infobox Settlement coordinates display inline,title coordinates region HU subdivision type Countries of the world Country subdivision name HUN timezone Central European Time CET utc offset 1 timezone DST Central European Summer Time CEST utc offset DST 2 official name Golop map Image BAZMegye.png center thumb 275px Location of Borsod Aba j Zempl n county in Hungary subdivision type1 Counties of Hungary County subdivision name1 Borsod Aba j Zempl n area total km2 9.43 population total 639 population as of 2004 population density km2 67.76 postal code type Postal code postal code 3906 area code 47 pushpin map Hungary pushpin label position the position of the pushpin label left, right, top, bottom, none pushpin map caption Location of Golop pushpin mapsize latd 48.23716 longd 21.18850 Golop is a village in Borsod Aba j Zempl n county, Hungary . Image Golop Palace.jpg 300px thumb left Aerialphotography of the Castles of Golop External links http index.asp?go map&tid 13134 Street map hu icon Category Populated places in Borsod Aba j Zempl n county Borsod geo stub Borsod Aba j Zempl n County de Golop eo Golop fr Golop it Golop hu Golop nl Golop pl Golop ro Golop sk Golop sl Golop ...   more details

  1. Szerencs subregion

    Multiple issues orphan February 2012 refimprove February 2012 Szerencs subregion Borsod Aba j Zempl n fourth largest subregion . Area 498,95  km . Population 44 337 2009 ref http maps teratlas nepesseg.html ref Settlements Als dobsza Bekecs Golop Legyesb nye M d Megyasz Mez zombor Monok Pr gy R tka S st falva Szerencs Taktahark ny Taktaken z Taktaszada T llya Tiszal c jcsan los References Reflist coord 48 09 N 21 10 E dim 35000 region HU BZ type adm2nd source dewiki display title Category Borsod Aba j Zempl n County cs Okres Szerencs de Kleingebiet Szerencs fr Micro r gion de Szerencs hu Szerencsi kist rs g pl Powiat Szerencs ...   more details

  1. Flood in Miskolc, 1878

    Unreferenced date April 2007 Image Memorial of the Flood 1878.jpg thumb 200px Memorial of the flood on St. Anna Square The Hungary Hungarian city of Miskolc lies on the drainage area of the river Saj and the stream Szinva . Both the river and the stream played an important part in the development of the city, but during great rains they also meant danger. There were floods in 1691, 1788, 1813, 1845 and 1853, but the largest, which had the most victims and is still remembered as the Great Flood , was the one which destroyed the city in 1878. Of all the floods in 19th century Hungary, this one killed the most people. On August 30, 1878 large storms coming from the Transdanubian region arrived in Northern Hungary first in Eger , next in B kkszentl szl huta , Di sgy r and Miskolc, and then in T llya , Golop and M d . The rainfall swelled the streams Szinva and Pece, and destroyed the largest part of Downtown Miskolc Downtown Miskolc . The water swept away bridges, mills and houses, carrying a large amount of debris. The water level rose by half a meter per minute, making it impossible for many people to escape. In some parts of the city the water was 4 5 meters deep. Image Szinva and TVtower.jpg thumb left 200px The Szinva today. Most of its water is now led into the water supply system of the city The flood destroyed 2000 buildings and killed almost 300 people or 400 if people in neighbouring areas are also included in the count . In the small village of huta, 73 houses were destroyed. After the flood the citizens of Miskolc had to rebuild the city with almost no help. In previous and following years, the cities of Pest city Pest 1838 and Szeged 1879 were rebuilt in countrywide collaboration, with the help of generous donations. However, in the case of Miskolc, the fact that other, then more important, cities were threatened by flood diverted the nation s attention, even though the flood in Miskolc killed more victims than the floods in Szeged and Pest combined. Ca ...   more details

  1. Monok

    Infobox Hungarian settlement official name Monok image skyline Monok Kossuth Lajos .jpg image caption Lajos Kossuth s birthplace image shield HUN Monok COA.jpg rank Hungarian settlement rank name k zs g county Borsod Aba j Zempl n area total km2 41.98 population total 1606 population as of 2009 population density km2 41.49 mayor Zsolt Szepessy Independent postal code 3905 area code 47 subregion Szerencs latd 48.2102 longd 21.1477 population footnotes ref name ksh cite http pls portal cp.hnt telep?NN 07825 Monok at the Hungarian Central Statistical Office Hungarian . 1 January 2008. ref ksh code 07825 website Monok is a village in Borsod Aba j Zempl n , Hungary and is part of the Tokaj Hegyalja Tokaj wine region . Geography The nearest town is Szerencs convert 12 km 0 abbr on away. Neighbouring villages are Golop convert 5 km 0 abbr on away, Legyesb nye convert 7 km 0 abbr on away and T llya convert 7 km 0 abbr on away. The Zempl n Mountains have two sides on the north Vilvit ny Hill, on the south Szerencs Hill. The village lies in the valley between the two. Although the north is mountainous the south is lower lying at around convert 300 m 2 . On the north and south slopes there are fields and vineyards whose wines compete with those from Tokaj , and the fields bordering the vineyards offer a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains . History It is not certain when the village was established, but it was some time during the Mongol invasion of Europe , or the earlier Hungarian invasion lang hu honfoglal s . The first record of the village is in 1392 and the Monaky family owned it in the 13th century sic . The name of the village comes from Slavic languages Slavic monoh meaning monk . During the Ottoman Empire the village was razed and in 1567 it was recorded as being just barren fields. Towards the end of this century the village was reinhabited and around 1570 a small castle was built in the Renaissance architecture Renaissance style . Later ...   more details

  1. Borsod-Aba�j-Zempl�n County

    village Gadna Gagyap ti Gagyb tor Gagyvend gi Galv cs Garadna Gelej Gesztely Girincs Golop G m rsz l s ... Girincs Palace.jpg Aerial view Girincs Mansion Image Golop Palace.jpg Golop Mansion Image Hejce Palace.jpg ...   more details

  1. List of populated places in Hungary

    Multiple issues update November 2009 cleanup November 2009 verylong May 2011 ambox text This article is likely to contain errors and non up to date data. Please don t use any info from this article until this problem is resolved. See the talk page of the Hungarian version This is a list of cities, towns and villages of Hungary TOC right small KEY T Town V Village small A, class wikitable style text align left width 150px Name style text align left width 100px Type style text align left width 180px County style text align left width 150px District width 50 Population style text align right width 100px Post code Aba, Hungary Aba V Fej r Abai align right 4,574 align right 8127 Ab dszal k V J sz Nagykun Szolnok Tiszaf redi align right 4,677 align right 5241 Abaliget V Baranya P csi align right 637 align right 7678 Abas r V Heves Gy ngy si align right 2,665 align right 3261 Aba jalp r V Borsod Aba j Zempl n Encsi align right 96 align right 3882 Aba jk r V Borsod Aba j Zempl n Encsi align right 677 align right 3882 Aba jlak V Borsod Aba j Zempl n Sziksz i align right 113 align right 3815 Aba jsz nt V Borsod Aba j Zempl n Aba j Hegyk zi align right 3,407 align right 3881 Aba jszolnok V Borsod Aba j Zempl n Sziksz i align right 157 align right 3809 Aba jv r V Borsod Aba j Zempl n Aba j Hegyk zi align right 330 align right 3898 Abda, Hungary Abda V Gy r Moson Sopron Gy ri align right 3,061 align right 9151 Abod V Borsod Aba j Zempl n Edel nyi align right 285 align right 3753 Abony T Pest Cegl di align right 15,814 align right 2740 brah mhegy V Veszpr m Tapolcai align right 501 align right 8256 cs V Kom rom Esztergom Kom romi align right 7,255 align right 2941 Acsa V Pest V ci align right 1,528 align right 2683 Acs d V Vas Szombathelyi align right 661 align right 9746 Acsalag V Gy r Moson Sopron Csornai align right 482 align right 9168 cstesz r V Kom rom Esztergom Kisb ri align right 768 align right 2887 Ad cs V Heves Gy ngy si align right 3,794 align right 3292 d nd V ...   more details

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