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Encyclopedia results for Gestapo

  1. Gestapo

    refimprove date August 2010 Infobox Government agency agency name Gestapo nativename Geheime Staatspolizei nativename a nativename r logo Schutzstaffel Abzeichen.svg logo width 100px logo caption The Gestapo ... following the white buses.jpg picture width 280px picture caption Plainclothes Gestapo agents ... PA44&dq gestapo total agents title The Gestapo and German Society author Robert Gellately accessdate ... chief2 position Director, Gestapo, 1934 1936 Director, Sicherheitspolizei SiPo , 1936 1939 Director, RSHA 1939 1942 chief3 name SS Gruppenf hrer Heinrich M ller Gestapo Heinrich M ller chief3 position Chief of Operations, Gestapo, 1936 1939 Director, Gestapo RSHA Amt IV , 1939 1945 agency type Secret ... child1 agency child2 agency website footnotes The Gestapo IPA de e sta po, ta po De Gestapo.ogg ... thumb left 200px Heinrich Himmler and Hermann G ring at the meeting to formally hand over control of the Gestapo ... thumb Rudolf Diels , first Commander of the Gestapo 1933 1934 As part of the deal in which Adolf Hitler ... the police and filled their ranks with Nazis. On April 26, 1933, G ring merged the two units as the Gestapo .... ref Flaherty, The SS . 2004, pp 64 66. ref G ring himself took over the Gestapo in 1934 and urged ... over the Gestapo to Himmler, who was at that time also named chief of all German police forces outside Prussia. Himmler named Heydrich the head of the Gestapo on 22 April 1934. ref Williams, Max. Reinhard .... ref At that point, the Gestapo became a national state agency rather than a Prussian state agency ... the SiPo and SD. ref name Lumsden, Robin pp 80 84 Heinrich M ller Gestapo Heinrich M ller was the chief of operations of the Gestapo. He answered to Heydrich Heydrich answered only to Himmler and Himmler answered only to Hitler. The joint command of the SS and Gestapo effectively removed it from the oversight ... Heydrich and Heinrich M ller Gestapo Heinrich M ller . According to the archival caption, these men ... 1939 in Munich . The Gestapo had the authority to investigate cases of treason , espionage , sabotage ...   more details

  1. Jimmy Gestapo

    James Drescher , better known as Jimmy G or Jimmy Gestapo and also known as Jimmy Spliff , is the lead singer for New York based hardcore punk band Murphy s Law band Murphy s Law . He appears in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV as the DJ of Liberty City Hardcore L.C.H.C radio station. Jimmy Gestapo is also a principal in the Lower East Side Lower East Side s , New York Hardcore Tattoos. External links http index.cfm?fuseaction user.viewprofile&friendid 3608933 Jimmy G s MySpace Page http inked people 41 Inked Magazine feature on NYC Hardcore legends Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gestapo, Jimmy ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gestapo, Jimmy Category Living people Category American male singers Category Year of birth missing living people Category American punk rock singers US rock singer stub ...   more details

  1. Anal Gestapo

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Anal Gestapo image AnalGestapoRP.jpg caption Anal Gestapo live image size background group or band alias origin Serbia instrument genre Heavy metal music Heavy metal br Hard rock br Rock music Rock br Punk rock occupation years active 2005 in music 2005 &ndash present label associated acts website http current members Razor Pain vocals br Al Allah a.k.a. The Noodle Man vocals br OrfeAss guitar br Skin Lion guitar br Cobra Kan bass br Iron Mladen drums past members notable instruments Anal Gestapo sometimes credited as Nazipenis is a Serbian tribute band to a Norway Norwegian band Turbonegro . They were formed by members of a cover band Radio London. After their show at the Turbojugend Novi Sad party on May 25, 2006, a local newspaper ref cite web url http modules.php?name News&file article&sid 10641 title Dnevnik Press on Anal Gestapo date 2006 05 26 accessdate 2006 05 27 Dead link date October 2010 bot H3llBot ref considered them as the best Turbonegro tribute band in the world . Apart from Turbonegro songs, their live set at times includes covers of Sex Pistols , Demolition 23., The Diamond Dogs , Neurotic Outsiders , and Dead Boys . Name Image NaziPenis.jpg 150px thumb left Nazipenis ad The name of the band is Anal Gestapo, yet the band itself has been booked and advertised as Nazipenis occasionally. Despite of that, the band has never appeared on stage under the name Nazipenis, leaving their announcer explain the audience that Nazipenis has canceled the gig, and that another band, Anal Gestapo, has been booked instead . The band sometimes intentionally deceives the public into believing that they come from Nagorno Karabakh , by stating that on concert posters. clear Band members Current Image Jugendtag Novi Sad November 30.jpg 200px thumb Jugendtag ... website of Anal Gestapo and Turbojugend Novi Sad http watch?v m3U9s uP vw Anal Gestapo ...   more details

  1. The Black Gestapo

    Infobox Film name The Black Gestapo image Black gestapo.jpg image size caption Theatrical release poster director Lee Frost producer Wes Bishop writer Lee Frost br Wes Bishop narrator starring Rod Perry actor Rod Perry br Charles Robinson actor Charles Robinson br Phil Hoover br Charles Howerton br Edward Cross actor Edward Cross music Allan Alper cinematography Derek Scott editing Joanna Terbush distributor Bryanston Releasing released March, 1975 runtime 88 min country USA language English language English budget gross preceded by followed by The Black Gestapo is a 1975 Nazi exploitation nazi blaxploitation film about a vigilante named General Ahmed, who starts an inner city People s Army to protect the black citizens of Watts, Los Angeles, California Watts . However, when the Army succeeds in chasing the mob out of town, Ahmed s second in command, Colonel Kojah, reforms the movement into a fascist criminal organization. It was written and directed by Lee Frost , and stars Rod Perry actor Rod Perry , Charles Robinson actor Charles Robinson , and Edward Cross actor Edward Cross . It also features a cameo from model Uschi Digard . It features African American men dressed as Nazis and contains many scenes of violence including a castration scene and soft core nudity. External links imdb title id 0169620 title The Black Gestapo http BLITZ BLIT1047.HTM The Black Gestapo at Trash City DEFAULTSORT Black Gestapo, The Category 1975 films Category 1970s action films Category Action thriller films Category 1970s drama films Category Exploitation films Category Blaxploitation films Category American crime drama films Category English language films Category Vigilante films ...   more details

  1. Robert Mohr (Gestapo) themen CSMOM9,0,0,Robert Mohr.html Robert Mohr. Kriminalobersekret r bei der Gestapo Leitstelle ...   more details

  1. Heinrich M�ller (Gestapo)

    M ller nickname Gestapo M ller allegiance flag Nazi Germany serviceyears 1933 1945 rank Schutzstaffel SS Gruppenf hrer und Generalleutnant der Polizei branch Munich Police 1919 1933 br Gestapo 1933 1945 commands Chief of the Gestapo unit battles World War I br World War II awards War Merit Cross Knights ... and Nazi Germany . He became chief of the Gestapo , the political secret state police of Nazi Germany ... and execution of the Holocaust . He was known as Gestapo M ller to distinguish him from another ... of the Gestapo, especially since he had once referred to Hitler as an immigrant unemployed house ... & Personalities of the Third Reich, Vol. 2 , R. James Bender Publishing, p. 167 ref Gestapo .... By 1936, with Heydrich head of the Gestapo, M ller was its chief of operations. M ller continued to rise ... 1939, when the Gestapo and other police organizations were consolidated under Heydrich into the RSHA Reich Main Security Office RSHA , M ller was chief of the RSHA Amt IV Office or Dept. 4 the Gestapo ... him from another SS general named Heinrich M ller a very common German name , he became known as Gestapo M ller . As Gestapo chief of operations and later after 1939 its chief, M ller played a leading ..., the Gestapo succeeded in infiltrating and to a large extent destroying the underground networks ... Eichmann , headed the Gestapo s Office of Resettlement and then its Office of Jewish Affairs the Amt ..., including Gestapo M ller, did not appear to have middle names. An additional source of confusion ... given his position in the Gestapo. The seizure in 1960 and subsequent trial in Israel of Adolf Eichmann ... Heinrich M ller, the former head of the Gestapo. West German diplomats pressed Panama to extradite ... The Gestapo and German Society Enforcing Racial Policy, 1933 1945 , Oxford Clarendon Press Toronto Oxford ... SS generals Category Missing people Category Gestapo Category Year of death unknown Category ... gestapo da Heinrich M ller de Heinrich M ller Gestapo et Heinrich M ller es Heinrich M ller fr ...   more details

  1. Gestapo?NKVD Conferences

    Image Zakopane, Poland, fot. mariuszjbie.jpg thumb right 260px Zakopane The Gestapo NKVD conferences were a series of meetings organized in late 1939 ref name museum0 http Poland WW2 soviet deportations soviet deportations album 1.html ref ref name voskresenie http artykul.php?lg ru&nr 200409&dz z historii&id art 00005 ref and early 1940, whose purpose was the Soviet German cooperation mutual cooperation between Nazi Germany and Soviet Union . In spite of several differences, both Heinrich Himmler and Lavrentiy Beria had common purposes as far as the fate of Poland was concerned ref name Rees0 , and the conferences discussed coordinating plans for Occupation of Poland 1939 1945 occupation of the Polish nation and in fighting the Polish resistance movement in World War II Polish resistance movement ref name Communistcrimes http en Database Poland Historical Overview 1939 1941 ref ref name museum1 http Poland WW2 ethnic minorities occupation jews foreword.html ref , which was an irritant to both Nazi Germany Nazi and Soviet Union Soviet occupiers of Poland. Wikisource German Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty 28 September 1939 Out of four conferences ref name Communistcrimes , the third ... in these meetings, and the Germans brought a group of experts from the Gestapo . Prelude Image ... ISBN 978 0198208433 http books?id iQg3yRz6TYoC&pg PA277&dq gestapo nkvd ... how a special delegation of NKVD came to Krakow, which was going to discuss with Gestapo how ... to the Gestapo Citation needed date January 2010 . Bor Komorowski s description is disputed by Russian ... was not between NKVD and Gestapo , but between Soviet and German commissions dealing with refugees ... Gestapo Nkvd Conferences Category History of Poland 1939 1945 Category World War II conferences ... Konferencje Gestapo NKWD ru ...   more details

  1. 1st Belgrade Special Combat detachment

    Serbian Gestapo lang sr Srpski Gestapo, Cyrillic officially 1st Belgrade Special Combat detachment was a special police unit which was established in World War II Serbia 1941 1944 Serbia by the German Gestapo without the knowledge of Milan Nedi . ref http books?id Fz1PW wnHYMC&pg PA50&dq Serbian Gestapo ref See also Fascism in Serbia References reflist External links http eng world war 2 serbia serbian gestapo article on the unit Category Serbia under German occupation Category Military units and formations of World War II Category Military units and formations of Yugoslavia in World War II WWII stub serbia stub it Gestapo serba pl Serbskie Gestapo ...   more details

  1. List of Allied airmen from the Great Escape

    by Gestapo style background cyan Recaptured but not executed style background lightgreen Home ... by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx?casualty 2194196 ref style background ... by Gestapo ref Motor Sport , July 1944, Page 142 Obituary. ref ref http search casualty ... Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx?casualty 2194204 ref style ... by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx?casualty 2194208 ref style background ... RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx ... murders Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx?casualty 2194215 ref ... by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx?casualty 2194218 ref style background ... Herbert Cochran RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty ... Cross DFC RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx ... Sergeant Haldor Espelid Royal Norwegian Air Force Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo style background pink Flight Lieutenant Brian Herbert Evans RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ... Nils Fuglesang Royal Norwegian Air Force Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo style background pink Lieutenant Johannes Gouws SAAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo style background ... Jack Grisman RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx ... Gunn RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx ... murders Executed by Gestapo ref http search casualty details.aspx?casualty 2194276 ref style background pink Flight Lieutenant Charles Piers Hall RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ... Flight Lieutenant Anthony Ross Henzell Hayter RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ref ... Edgar Spottiswoode Humphreys RAF Stalag Luft III murders Executed by Gestapo ref http ...   more details

  1. Heinrich M�ller (name)

    about the name as such holders of the name Heinrich M ller disambiguation Heinrich M ller is a common German and Austrian name. The name is so common, that it made the search for Heinrich M ller Gestapo the Gestapo M ller extraordinarily difficult. The U.S. National Archives comments By the end of 1945, American and British occupation forces had gathered information on numerous Heinrich M llers, all of whom had different birth dates, physical characteristics and job histories... Part of the problem stemmed from the fact that some of these M llers, including Gestapo M ller, did not appear to have middle names. An additional source of confusion was that there were two different SS Generals named Heinrich M ller. ref name nara analysis Timothy Naftali and others, Analysis of the Name File of Heinrich Mueller , U.S. National Archives and Records Administration available online http iwg declassified records rg 263 cia records rg 263 mueller.html here ref References reflist Category Germanic language surnames Category Gestapo name stub ...   more details

  1. Karl L�ffler

    Karl L ffler was a Germany German Nazi who was head of the Jewish Desk or Jewish Affairs department of the Gestapo in Cologne, Germany during the 1930s and 1940s. As such he was in charge of coordinating the deportations of the Jewish community of Cologne to concentration camps . After the war, L ffler was fully exonerated ref name Gewen cite news url http books 00 02 20 reviews 000220.20gewent.html? r 1&oref slogin title Hitler s Silent Partners How much responsibility did ordinary citizens bear for the Holocaust? author Barry Gewen date February 20, 2000 publisher The New York Times accessdate 2007 07 15 ref by the Denazification courts of Cologne after receiving positive recommendations from the heads of the Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish churches in Cologne. Fact date July 2007 He appealed successively to have his pension restored, to have his pension increased to account for his promotions, and to have his promotions during his Gestapo service recognized. ref name Gewen Historian Eric A. Johnson used L ffler as an example of what he called local Eichmann s in his book, Nazi Terror The Gestapo, Jews, and Ordinary Germans . Johnson points out that local Gestapo chiefs were usually prosecuted, but Gestapo officials below that level were often not. ref cite book url http books first j johnson terror.html title Nazi Terror THe Gestapo, Jews and Ordinary Germans publisher Basic Books year 2000 First chapter republished by The New York Times . ref References reflist http www.ghi bulletinS04 34.153.pdf Nazi Crimes and the law , retrieved 2006 04 12 PDF Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Loffler, Phillip Karl ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Loffler, Phillip Karl Category Officials of Nazi Germany Loffler, Karl Category Holocaust perpetrators germany bio stub ...   more details

  1. Carlingue

    Image Plaque Gestapo fran aise, 93 rue Lauriston, Paris 16.jpg thumb 300px Commemorative plaque at rue Lauriston in tribute to the victims of the French Gestapo The French Gestapo or Carlingue was the name given to France French auxiliaries of the Gestapo , based at 93, rue Lauriston in the 16th arrondissement of Paris , and active between 1941 and 1944. It was headed by Henri Lafont and Pierre Loutrel . This group drew its members from the same milieu as that of its leaders, the gangsters Henri Lafont and Pierre Loutrel , alias Pierrot le fou, or from those with a criminal background, for example Pierre Bonny who was wanted by the police for misappropriation of funds and selling influence Citation needed date May 2008 and was a central figure in the Seznec Affair Seznec and Stavisky Affair Stavisky affairs. Their links with the occupiers granted them many contacts with disreputable figures like Joseph Joanovici . They originated from the north African brigade, made up of Muslims devoted to the Nazi cause, which was involved in suppressing the Maquis World War II maquis in Tulle . According to the retired policeman Henri Longuechaud, one might be scandalised by the numbers of 30,000 to 32000 sometimes quoted as Carlingue s members . In Paris, when the occupier launched a recruitment drive for 2,000 auxiliary policeman in their service, they received no fewer than 6,000 candidates. ref Henri Longuechaud, Conform ment l ordre de nos chefs , page 58, cited by Maurice Rajsfus in La Police de Vichy. Les forces de l ordre fran aises au service de la Gestapo. 1940 1944 , Le Cherche Midi diteur, 1995 page 51 . ref On peut tre scandalis par le chiffre de 30 000 32 000 souvent avanc comme effectifs de la Carlingue . Paris, lorsque l occupant lance un avis de recrutement ... Gestapo Category 16th arrondissement of Paris de Carlingue es Gestapo francesa fr Gestapo fran aise nl Franse Gestapo ...   more details

  1. Spliff (disambiguation)

    Spliff may refer to A joint cannabis , or a variation of one Spliff band , a German 80s new wave band Spliff Star , an African American rapper Jimmy Spliff, another name for punk singer Jimmy Gestapo Sam the Spliff, a character in the martial arts film Shaolin Dolemite disambig ...   more details

  1. Heinrich M�ller

    Heinrich M ller may refer to Heinrich M ller name , article about the name in general Heinrich M ller Gestapo 1900 1945? , head of the Nazi Gestapo Heinrich M ller physiologist 1820 1864 , anatomist and physiologist Heinrich M ller footballer 1909 2000 , Austrian football player and coach Heinrich M ller theologian 1631 1675 , Lutheran theologian Heinrich M ller TV presenter born 1946 , television journalist, newscaster and musician Heinrich Anton M ller 1869 1930 , Swiss painter See also Heini M ller Heini M ller footballer born 1934 hndis Muller, Heinrich cs Heinrich M ller de Heinrich M ller nl Heinrich M ller ru , ...   more details

  1. Rudolf Kerner

    File Rudolf Kerner 1945.JPG thumb Rudolf Kerner in 1945 File Rudolf Kerner Skrekens hus.JPG thumb Exhibition from Horror House in Kristiansand, showing the local Gestapo chief Rudolf Kerner in his office in the Statsarkivet in the city. The archive is currently the only surviving Gestapo headquarters in Norway Rudolf Kerner 21 February 1910 in Saarbr cken ref http www.stiftelsen gestaspistene pa arkivet Stiftelsen Arkivet Gestapistene p Arkivet in Norwegian ref ? was a German SS Hauptsturmf hrer and crime commissioner. He was head of the German Security Police and Gestapo in Kristiansand , Norway from 1941. After the war he was sentenced to death but later pardoned. In charge of Gestapo heaquarters In 1942 Gestapo took over the building of the state archives, arkivet Kristiansand Arkivet in Kristiansand. The local Gestapo commander was Rudolf Kerner, and it was he who determined who should be heard. During the war was about 3,500 Norwegians from S rlandet arrested on of more than four days. Over 400 were torture d by the German security police and Gestapo, and 162 died in concentration camp s or were executed. ref http dev.stiftelsen index.php?id 23 Stiftelsen Arkivet arkivets historie in Norwegian ref One of the tortured was resistance fighter Louis Hogganvik . ref http www.stiftelsen louis hogganvik Stiftelsen Arkivet Louis Hogganvik Besluttet ta sine egne liv in Norwegian ref Horror house as the nickname was of Arkivet, is today the only surviving Gestapo headquarters in Norway , and appear almost authentic. Kerner was in charge of several German security police actions at S rlandet in World War II together with the Norwegian State Police. Sentences Kerner was on 16 June 1947 sentenced to death for crimes against Penal Code s for crimes against Norwegian patriots. Kerner was originally charged with, among other things to have executed a number of Soviet POW s. The basis for the indictment was that all of these killings were car ...   more details

  1. Herr Otto Flick

    is anger. He is the godson of Heinrich Himmler , the head of the SS and Gestapo . He explains in one ... if the underwear she sent fitted. He has stated that he originally didn t want to join the Gestapo ... , a junior officer of the Gestapo who is not too intelligent. Whenever Von Smallhausen makes a statement .... He often adds the word Gestapo as an adjective to various gadgets and items he uses. Examples include My powerful Gestapo binoculars , My Gestapo staff car , and The Gestapo Dance . Herr Flick has ... side effects on his victims. There is also an extensive collection of Gestapo gramophone records dealing ... in a telephone gag on the show when Herr Flick answered the phone he stated Flick the Gestapo and after a pause and a look of shock upon his face repeated I said Flick the Gestapo as opposed to fuck the Gestapo while pronouncing his name more clearly. A website located at http ...   more details

  1. Operation Carthage

    members and destroying Gestapo records. Britain initially turned down the request as too risky, due ... the building burning from end to end. The raid had succeeded in destroying Gestapo headquarters and severely disrupting Gestapo operations in Denmark, as well as allowing the escape of 18 Gestapo prisoners. Fifty five German soldiers, 47 of the Gestapo s Danish employees, and eight prisoners died in the headquarters ... raid similar attack on Gestapo HQ in Oslo References Notes Reflist Bibliography citation url http history bombercommandattackongestapoheadquarterscopenhagen.cfm title Attack on Gestapo ...   more details

  1. Rudolf Mildner

    Rudolf Mildner July 7, 1902 1951? was an SS Standartenf hrer who served as the chief of the Gestapo at Katowice and who was the head of the political department at Auschwitz concentration camp Auschwitz which conducted third degree methods of interrogation from March 1941 until September 1943. As such, he frequently sent prisoners to Auschwitz for incarceration or execution and visited Auschwitz on several occasions. Mildner testified at the Nuremberg Trials and remained in custody until 1949. Early life Born in Janov Brunt l District Johannestal , Austrian Silesia , Mildner served as a volunteer in the Austro Hungarian Navy during World War I . After the War, Mildner served in a Freikorps . Mildner entered the Austrian police in 1925. He became a member of the NSDAP in 1931. He achieved a doctorate of law at the University of Innsbruck in 1934. In 1935 he was forced to move to Germany and became a German citizen and entered the SS. Career in the Gestapo After the Anschluss Mildner became head of the Gestapo in Linz and in 1939 in Salzburg . From December 1939 to early 1941 he led the Gestapo at Chemnitz . In March 1941 he was named as the head of the Gestapo in Katowice. In the capacity of this office he became connected to the concentration camp at Auschwitz as head of a kangoroo court which sentenced some 2000 Poles to death. In 1942 he received the War Merit Cross , 2nd class for fighting the enemies of the Reich. In September 1943 Mildner was transferred to Occupation of Denmark occupied Denmark Danmark as Gestapo chief where he was to fight the Danish resistance movement and organize the evacuation of the Danish Jews. Mildner oversaw security in Denmark in 1943 when ... that while he was Gestapo leader at Katowice he frequently sent prisoners to Auschwitz for imprisonment ... ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Chief of the Gestapo at Katowice DATE OF BIRTH 1902 PLACE OF BIRTH ... Mildner, Rudolf Category 1902 births Category Missing people Category Gestapo Category Year of death ...   more details

  1. Maria Steiner

    one source date January 2010 Maria Steiner is an Austrians Austrian honored as one of the Righteous among the nations . ref http index.php?path righteous index.php ref Maria Steiner lived in Vienna and in 1942 she housed the Jewess Hedwig Mendelsohn within her house. Hedwig Mendelssohn, chased by the Gestapo , was in danger to get arrested and to be deported. She asked the nearby living Maria Steiner, who in no time said yes to shelter her. Hedwig s husband Dr. Leopold Mendelsohn emigrated to Argentina in 1942, but because Hedwig had married him in 1941 only she wasn t able to get the necessary emigration papers together with him. Therefore she stayed in Vienna alone. Her emigrationpapers came when she already was chased by the Gestapo. Maria Steiner hid Hedwig Mendelsohn although the janitor and the Gestapo controlled her often. She hid her for 3 years, until the end of the war, by doing this she saved Hedwigs life. After the war Hedwig followed her husband to Argentina. References reflist DEFAULTSORT Steiner, Maria Category Austrian Righteous Among the Nations ...   more details

  1. Edi Stecher

    orphan date January 2010 Edi Stecher is a Vienna Viennese Righteous among the Nations . He received this honorary title in 1984 for harbouring the Jewish woman Melvine Deutsch. Deutsch was in a camp of Forced labor in Germany during World War II forced labors of the Siemens company in Vienna. When she was deported to the Mauthausen Gusen concentration camp , she fled from the train and came to Vienna, where she received help from Anna Manzer. The Gestapo did not give up finding Melvine Deutsch. When she was in danger at Manzer s place, she went to her brother Edi Stecher, where she stayed several months hidden from the Gestapo . Stecher and Manzer did not have enough allotted food, after they harboured Deutsch, and received help from their parents, in whose apartment she was also brought from times to times, when the Gestapo searched the district. Deutsch safely left the apartment after the liberation. The parents Ludwig and Anna Friessnegg and the sister Anna Manzer are Austrians Austrian Righteous among the Nations as well. External links http deutsch gerechte verzweifelte lage.htm The Austrian Righteous among the Nations, in German http information mitarbeiter beitraege gedenkwien.html Information by the D W Seealso Stecher DEFAULTSORT Stecher, Edi Category Austrian Righteous Among the Nations Category People from Vienna de Edi Stecher ...   more details

  1. Police forces of Nazi Germany

    Unreferenced date December 2009 There were three constituents of the police forces of the Third Reich Ordnungspolizei Orpo regular police Kriminalpolizei Kripo criminal police Sicherheitspolizei Sipo security police In 1942 the Sipo and Kripo were amalgamated to form the Reichssicherheitshauptamt RSHA . See also Gestapo Hilfspolizei Hipo , auxiliary police DEFAULTSORT Police Forces Of Nazi Germany Category Government of Nazi Germany Category Law in Nazi Germany Category Defunct law enforcement agencies of Germany Category Nazi SS he ...   more details

  1. Die Blitzkinder

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Die Blitzkinder was a comedy rock project that performed in Boston clubs in 1989 and 1990. It featured vocalist Springa from SSD band SSD , backed by The Slaves. All concerned wore Gestapo uniforms minus the Swastikas as Springa played on German stereotypes. Musically they were closer to The Slaves than to SSD band SSD . DEFAULTSORT Blitzkinder, Die US rock band stub Category American comedy musical groups ...   more details

  1. Helene Moszkiewiez

    Helene Moszkiewiez born 1920 worked within the Belgian Resistance during World War II Resistance during World War II , and maintained three Cultural identity identities , Jewish , Belgian and Germany German , working for two years as a clerk position clerk in Gestapo headquarters in Brussels . The Germans took control of Belgium when she was 19. Two years earlier she had met a young Belgian soldier in a Brussels library . When she met him again, and he was operating with a different name while wearing a German uniform, she accepted his offer to work within the Belgian Resistance to undermine the Nazism Nazis . Moszkiewiez moved to Canada after the war and wrote her memoir s, Inside the Gestapo A Jewish Woman s Secret War Macmillan, 1985 . Her story recalls false Identity document identity papers , helping POW s escape, working within the Gestapo, hearing screams of Schutzstaffel SS victims, stealing information to rescue Jews scheduled for Nazi extermination camp transport and killing a Gestapo Secret police officer . The story was made into a 1991 TV film, A Woman at War , with Martha Plimpton in the lead role. References Source http ?state view author&author id 8787 External links imdb title id 0103281 title A Woman at War Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Moszkiewiez ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1920 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Moszkiewiez, Helene Category 1920 births Category Belgian Jews Category Belgian resistance members Category Female resistance members of World War II Category Living people Belgium bio stub sv Helene Moszkiewiez ...   more details

  1. Anna Friessnegg

    During the National Socialist dictatorship the Vienna Viennese Anna Friessnegg 1899 1965 , together with her husband Ludwig interceded on behalf of the persecuted Jews. Since 1984 she is an Austrian Righteous among the Nations . Anna Friessnegg and her husband were the parents of the helpers Anna Manzer and Edi Stecher. In 1944 they helped the Hungarian Jew Melvine Deutsch, looked after her and hid her in their apartment, whenever there was any danger to be found and deported by the Gestapo . Deutsch was placed in a labour camp of the company Siemens in Floridsdorf, Vienna . When she was deported to concentration camp Mauthausen , she escaped on the way to the train and came to Vienna, where she didn t know anybody. In her situation of despair she turned to Manzer, previously unknown to her. The Gestapo did not give up to look for Deutsch, who fled from the transporter to Mauthausen. When she was in danger at Manzer s home, Manzer turned to her brother Stecher for help. Deutsch stayed with Stecher for a few months, whithout being found by the Gestapo . But Manzer and Stecher didn t have enough rationed food. That is why their parents helped out and provided food for the hidden Deutsch. When the Gestapo searched the surroundings for Jews, Deutsch often had to hide in Frissneggs apartment as well. After the liberation Deutsch was able to leave that very same apartment safe and unharmed. Her husband, Ludwig Friessnegg, as well as Anna Manzer und Edi Stecher also are Austrian Righteous among the Nations. External links http deutsch gerechte inhalt.php Austrian Righteous Among the Nations Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Friessnegg, Anna ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1899 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1965 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Friessnegg, Anna Category 1899 births Category 1965 deaths Category Austrian Righteous Among the Nations Category People from Vienna ...   more details

  1. Tokk?

    Tokk is a Japanese abbreviation which may refer to In the context of World War II Japan Tokk , short for Tokubetsu K gekitai literally Special Attack Unit , a military unit known for conducting kamikaze attacks Tokk , short for Tokubetsu K t Keisatsu literally Special Higher Police , the Japanese equivalent of the Nazi gestapo secret police Tokko manga , short for Tokushu K anbu disambiguation ...   more details

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