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GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System
GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System in Encyclopedia Encyclopedia
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Encyclopedia results for GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System

GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System

Encyclopedia results for GPS Live Tracking Device Child Finder System

  1. Child Exploitation Tracking System

    About The Microsoft Child Exploitation Tracking System. ref http industry ... from Microsoft was a quick, emotional one. Agencies experienced in tracking and apprehending those .... In order to increase the effectiveness of investigators worldwide, such a system would allow law enforcement entities to Collect evidence of online child exploitation gathered by multiple law ... Crime Agency & http Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre br United States ... Linkrot date October 2011 Reflist Category Computer security software Category Child abuse Category Child sexual abuse ...   more details

  1. GPS tracking unit

    A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location ... common type of GPS tracking unit, used for asset tracking , personal tracking and vehicle tracking Vehicle tracking system . Also known as a GPS beacon , this kind of device Push technology pushes ... GPS tracking in business environments, specifically organizations that employ a mobile workforce, such as a commercial fleet. Typical GPS tracking systems used in commercial fleets have two core parts location hardware or tracking device and tracking software . This combination is often referred to as an Automatic Vehicle Location system. The tracking device is most often hardwire installed ... live or historically using digital maps and reports. GPS tracking systems used in commercial fleets ... data. Live GPS Tracking used in commercial fleets, generally refers to systems which update regularly ... GPS Timing GPS tracking server GPS wildlife tracking Intelligent transportation system Real time ... later, using GPS tracking software . GPS tracking unit Architecture File GPS tracker Hardware Architecture.png ... of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory. Modern GPS loggers have either .... A GPS navigation device and a mobile phone sit side by side in the same box, powered by the same ... from the GPS receiver. Newer GPS integrated smartphone s running GPS tracking software can turn the phone ... , Windows Mobile, and Symbian. ref cite web title Free tracking system url http accessdate 2010 03 12 ref ref cite web title open gpstracker A GPS tracking Android App ... of extra data, which later get transferred to the GPS tracking server , where it is available for viewing ... allows children more independence. GPS personal tracking devices are being used increasingly to assist ... buttons. Trials using GPS personal tracking devices are also underway in several countries for use ... federal showArticle.jhtml?articleID 215800542 title Court Asked To Disallow Warrantless GPS Tracking ...   more details

  1. GPS tracking server

    The GPS tracking server has three responsibilities receiving data from the GPS tracking unit , securely storing it in database , and serving this information on demand to the user. GPS tracking server software Proprietary servers GpsGate GpsGate Server GpsGate Server server platform for GPS tracking built around AJAX, XML JSON, .NET and MySQL. GpsGate Server can be installed on a Windows server or subscribed to as a service. Wialon GPS tracking software platform with some fleet management features, developed by a Belarusian company Gurtam. Wialon is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. There is also free online service http gps GPS Trace Orange . http Counter Counter is GPS tracking software platform with complete solution on fleet management, personal tracking, container tracking features. It also offer LIFE TIME FREE tracking system with limited features. Open source servers http OpenGTS open source project designed specifically to provide web based GPS tracking services for a fleet of vehicles. http Open GPS Tracking Server open source server for various popular GPS tracking devices TK102, TK103, GPS103 and other cheap china trackers . Server doesn t have web interface itself, but can be easily configured to work with OpenGTS or any other GPS tracking system. See also GPS tracking unit Vehicle tracking system External links http GpsGate server http Gurtam Wialon http OpenGTS http Open GPS Tracking Server http counter Counter Source DEFAULTSORT GPS tracking server Category Geolocation Category GPS Category Satellite navigation systems Category Tracking Category Wireless locating ...   more details

  1. Tracking system

    Applicant tracking system Bug tracking system or Bugtracker Issue tracking system GPS tracking Satellite tracker Vehicle tracking system References references Category Geolocation Category Navigation ... system using GPS with its own features and software. The major technology silos in the supply ... TDOA , active RFID or GPS Yard Management feeding into either third party yard management software from the provider or to an existing system. Fleet management Fleet management is applied as a tracking ..., A GPS enabled handsets are still highly dependent on the Location Based Service LBS carrier system, so handset device choice and application requirements are still not apparent. Enterprise system integrators ...Refimprove date October 2007 Other uses Tracking disambiguation Tracking Generally tracking is the observing ... data to a model e.g. capable to serve for depicting the motion on a display capability. Tracking in virtual space In virtual space technology, a tracking system is generally a system capable of rendering virtual space to a human observer while tracking the observer s body coordinates . For instance ... current position of the observer relative to the environment. Tracking in real world Within the real world, there are a variety of technologies employed within asset tracking systems. Some are lag ... code or choke point or gate. Others are real time or near real time like Global Positioning System ... to scan items and automatic identification RFID auto id . For the most part, the tracking worlds are composed ... systems are separate from Electronic Product Code EPC systems, GPS systems are separate from active real time locating systems or Real time locating RTLS for example, a passive RFID system would be used ... auto ID or hand held ID applications. However tracking could also be capable to provide monitoring data without binding to fixed location by using a cooperative tracking capability, e.g. an Real time locating system RTLS . Yard management Outdoors mobile assets of high value are tracked by choke ...   more details

  1. GPS wildlife tracking

    GPS wildlife tracking is a process whereby biologists , scientific researchers or conservation agencies ... GPS tracking of sea turtles as a tool for conservation management , Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 347 2007 58 68 ref A GPS enabled device will normally record and store location ..., using a GIS package or custom software. While GPS tracking devices may also be attached to domestic ..., the high resolution tracks available from a GPS enabled system can potentially allow for tighter control ... and marine mammals . In the case of birds, the GPS unit must be very lightweight to avoid interfering with the bird s ability to fly or swim. The device is usually attached by gluing or, for short deployments, taping ref P. G. Ryan, S. L. Petersen, G. Peters and D. Gr millet, GPS tracking a marine ... tracking, for which a hole may be drilled in the animal s horn and a device implanted. Fact date January ... a longer deployment. ref P. G. Ryan, S. L. Petersen, G. Peters and D. Gr millet, GPS tracking a marine ... data and may reveal behavioural patterns or trends. Data Deletion Argos GPS tracking devices have been ... DEFAULTSORT Gps Wildlife Tracking Category GPS Category Wildlife Category Conservation Category ... ranging wild animal using the Global Positioning System and optional environmental sensors or automated data retrieval technologies such as Argos System Argos satellite uplink, Circuit Switched Data ... pending recovery of the device or relayed to a central data store or internet connected computer ... in fleet management of vehicles, wildlife tracking can place additional constraints on size and weight ... Track Migratory Birds GPS the Latest Tool in Fight Against Avian Influenza 9 6 2006 9 38 16 AM Bot generated ... technology 6188482.stm BBC NEWS Technology Snow leopard fitted with GPS tag Bot generated title ref ... turtles in the Mediterranean assessed by satellite tracking , Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 287 2003 p.121 ref In deployments on marine mammals such as phocids or otariids , the device ...   more details

  1. GPS Aircraft Tracking

    unreferenced date June 2010 Essay date May 2010 GPS Global Position System aircraft tracking are systems installed on aircraft to give position reports over a satellite and or cellular network. This information is typically accessed from a web based mapping interface where current and historical information can be viewed. These devices come in many different forms some are portable devices that can be moved between aircraft and others are fixed installations. There are varying degrees of fixed installations some with only the antenna permanently installed and others where the electronics must be installed in the dash of the cockpit. GPS aircraft tracking systems report aircraft specific information such as speed, bearing and altitude and sometimes have built in voice or data communications capabilities. These systems have varying configurations for reporting intervals, typically from one minute to fifteen minute time intervals but cellular based systems can also report at shorter intervals. Some devices also have the ability to report for AFF. Some common satellite networks include the Iridium ... Addressing and Reporting System ACARS can also be used for periodic transmission of GPS positions ... and rescue who typically spend multiple days searching for a missing aircraft. GPS aircraft tracking ... government agency. By having GPS aircraft tracking on board an aircraft, aircraft operators ... are required to have GPS aircraft tracking by law. This is called AFF Automated Flight Following ... operator several advantages. The first is the classic peace of mind. Some GPS aircraft tracking ... in advance of landing. Manufacturers of GPS aircraft tracking devices for general aviation http ... v2track http Spidertracks DEFAULTSORT Gps Aircraft Tracking Category GPS Category GPS navigation devices ... aircraft frequent remote locations where the traditional check system includes calling the base upon ...   more details

  1. GPS navigation device

    . A GPS navigation device is any device that receives Global Positioning System GPS signals for the purpose of determining the device s current location on Earth. GPS devices provide latitude and longitude ... applications File Tracks around the Birkenkopf.png thumb Varying accuracy of different GPS receivers Consumer GPS navigation devices include Dedicated GPS navigation devices GPS modules that need to be connected to a computer to be used GPS loggers that record trip information for download. Such GPS tracking is useful for trailblazing, mapping by hikers and cyclists, and the production of geocoded photograph s. Converged devices, including GPS Phones and Auto geotagging GPS cameras , in which GPS is a feature rather than the main purpose of the device. Those devices are the majority, Clarify date February 2012 and may use assisted GPS or standalone not network dependent or both. The vulnerability of consumer GPS to radio frequency interference from LightSquared Interference issues planned wireless data services is controversial. Dedicated GPS navigation devices see also automotive navigation system personal navigation assistant File GPS Receivers 2007.jpg thumb A variety of hand held receivers Image KyotoTaxiRide.jpg thumb right A Taxicab taxi equipped with GPS navigation system ... TeleType products Mobile phones with GPS capability Due in part to regulations encouraging mobile phone tracking , including E911 , the majority of GPS receivers are built into mobile telephone s, with varying ... their operation to A GPS mode when in range. Still others have a hybrid positioning system that can ... to rely on exclusively to pilot aircraft. GPS devices are used in military, aviation, marine and consumer product applications. GPS devices may also have additional capabilities such as containing ..., all GPS devices can answer the question Where am I? , and may also be able to answer which roads ... in a car may be permanently installed and depend entirely on the automotive electrical system. The pre ...   more details

  1. Device tracking software

    No footnotes date May 2010 Device tracking software is software installed in an electronic device that is capable of reporting the device s location remotely. Depending upon the software and the device on which it is installed, the software may obtain the location of the device by means of GPS , WiFi location, IP address , or accelerometer logs, and it may report the address by means of e mail , SMS , or other means. Some device tracking software is sold as part of a subscription to a staffed service that will assist the device s owner to update police officers with the device s location. See also Comparison of device tracking software Skyhook Wireless MobileMe Find My iPhone References http life style gadgets and tech features tracking the technology thieves 1810366.html Tracking the technology thieves software type stub Category Surveillance Category Mobile software ...   more details

  1. Inertial tracking device

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 An inertial tracking device uses the laws of inertia to track an object over very short distances. DEFAULTSORT Inertial Tracking Device Category Surveillance Category Technology Tech stub ...   more details

  1. Comparison of device tracking software

    reflist DEFAULTSORT Comparison Of Device Tracking Software security software stub Category Software comparisons Device tracking software Category Article Feedback 5 ...   more details

  1. Vehicle tracking system

    business names or commercial links arguably, this should NOT be redirected from GPS tracking because there are examples of GPS tracking systems whic do not involve vehicles at all, such as pet collars A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet ... Major constituents of the GPS based tracking are 1. GPS tracking device The device fits into the vehicle ... actually decide the final capability of the whole tracking system. 2. GPS tracking server The tracking server has three responsibilities receiving data from the GPS tracking unit , securely storing ... States were already using a GPS based vehicle tracking system to trigger automated stop announcements ... System GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle ... network is available and a tracking device is connected it transmits data to a server when a network ... s power system. For detailed vehicle locating and tracking this is still the predominant method ... and not encyclopedic It is the intelligence, power and configuration of GPS tracking server, that culminates ... system s website. ref name SFMTA2005 ref name bus tracking apps cite news title Cell phone bus tracking ... as a theft prevention and retrieval device. Police can simply follow the signal emitted by the tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle. When used as a security system, a Vehicle Tracking ... of emergency. The existence of vehicle tracking device then can be used to reduce the insurance cost ... GPS Tracking last Claburn first Thomas date March 4, 2009 work Information Week accessdate 2009 03 ... shapes and forms but most utilize Global Positioning System GPS technology and SMS services. While most ... recognition Automatic vehicle location Fleet telematics Fleet tracking GPS tracking server Intelligent transportation system Mobile phone tracking GPS wildlife tracking Tracking system Vehicle infrastructure integration InVANET References Reflist Public transport DEFAULTSORT Vehicle Tracking System ...   more details

  1. Movement Tracking System

    br The United States Army s Movement Tracking System MTS is a logistics communication platform under the Program Executive Office PEO for Enterprise Information Systems PEO EIS . It is designed for commanders to track assets on the battlefield with encrypted text messaging. It is a satellite based tracking and communicating system designed to provide command and control over distributed assets supporting and conducting theater operations. br This system provides units with digital National Geospatial Intelligence Agency maps, global positioning system GPS location data, and L band long band satellite two way text messaging. from Lifesaving Technology for Logistic Vehicle Operators Operation File SSGCrawley.jpg thumb 200px SSG Gary Crawley, 1 12 FA, operates an MTS mobile station mounted in his vehicle in Iraq. File SGTbennett.jpg thumb 200px SGT Jeremy Bennett, 1 12 FA, operates an MTS control station in the battery administrative and logisics center in Iraq. MTS can operate anywhere in the world giving over the horizon communications to vehicles on the move. Messages are transmitted via commercial satellites in near real time and vehicle locations are displayed on computers with NGA maps. All messages are encrypted end to end, including sender and recipient addresses for information security purposes. MTS operates over a variety of geostationary satellites and is designed to transition automatically from one satellite system to another, as required. File MTSnetwork.jpg 600px Configuration MTS computer systems come in two configurations, a mobile system that mounts in tactical vehicles and a laptop control station for use at a command post or at a higher headquarters. With this system ... protection due to the ability of the system. Leaders can pass critical information such as mission .... History Prior to the use of MTS, there existed a system called DTRACS from Qualcomm. References ... http coms2 gi 0199 5309685 Army s Movement Tracking System.html Lifesaving Technology ...   more details

  1. Gemini (issue tracking system)

    countersoft gemini 4.aspx Visual Studio Magazine 4.0 news Bug tracking systems Categories DEFAULTSORT Gemini Issue Tracking System Category Bug and issue tracking software Category .NET programming tools ... See also Comparison of issue tracking systems List of project management software Comparison of project ... Issue Tracking for DotNetNuke Take 2.aspx Upgrading Issue Tracking for DotNetNuke http ...   more details

  1. Worldwide Incidents Tracking System

    The Worldwide Incidents Tracking System is a publicly accessible terrorism database operated by the National Counterterrorism Center . Content As of September, 2010, had over 68,939 records. The database is organized in the following dimensions City Country Damage Event Type Facilities Type Geocode Anchor Geocode Country Geocode Province Group Type ICN An incident number of form YYYYMMDDXX Incident Group Type Incident Subject Incident Summary Incident Year Included Facility Defining Characteristics Included Facility Nationalities Included Facility Targeted Characteristics Included Group Nationalities Perpetrator Confidence Provinces States Related Term Victim Incident Country WITS Child Record ParentID Weapon External links https FederalDiscoverWITS 0 WITS Home terrorism stub Category Counter terrorism Category Terrorism databases ...   more details

  1. Issue tracking system

    Merge from Bug tracking system date January 2012 refimprove date August 2010 An issue tracking system also ITS , trouble ticket system, support ticket or incident ticket system is a computer software package .... An issue tracking system often also contains a knowledge base containing information on each customer, resolutions to common problems, and other such data. An issue tracking system is similar ... used as an issue tracking system, and vice versa. Consistent use of an issue or bug tracking system is considered one of the hallmarks of a good software team . ref cite web url http articles fog0000000029.html title Painless Bug Tracking author Joel Spolsky accessdate 29 October 2010 date November 8, 2000 ref A ticket is an element contained within an issue tracking system which contains information about support interventions made by technical support staff or third ... tracking system s design is relatively simple. A database is the main storage repository for all data ... user of the issue tracking system can create entirely new issues, read existing issues, add details to existing issues, or resolve an issue. When a user of the system makes a change, the issue tracking system will record the action and who made it, so as to maintain a history of the actions taken ... tracking system will authenticate its users before allowing access to the systems. Issues Issues can ... is presented to demonstrate how a common issue tracking system would work A customer service technician ..., it is marked as resolved in the issue tracking system. The problem may not have been fully corrected ... and increase IT personnel effectiveness is becoming very common. See also Bug tracking system Comparison ... software de Issue Tracking System es Sistema de seguimiento de incidentes fr Syst me de gestion des ... tracking systems are commonly used in an organization s customer support call center to create, update ... of their origin as small cards within a typical wall mounted work planning system when this kind ...   more details

  1. Bug tracking system

    Merge to Issue tracking system date August 2010 A bug tracking system is a software application that is designed ... bug s in their work. It may be regarded as a type of issue tracking system . Many bug tracking ... . Typically bug tracking systems are integrated with other software project management applications. Having a bug tracking system is extremely valuable in software development, and they are used extensively by companies developing software products. Consistent use of a bug or issue tracking system ... articles fog0000000029.html title Painless Bug Tracking author Joel Spolsky accessdate 29 October 2010 date November 8, 2000 ref Components A major component of a bug tracking system is a database ... release . In a corporate environment, a bug tracking system may be used to generate reports ... Portal Software Testing Issue tracking system Comparison of issue tracking systems Including bug tracking ... and issue tracking software Bug tracking system Category Help desk cs Bug tracking system de Bugtracker es Sistema de seguimiento de errores fr Logiciel de suivi de probl mes it Bug tracking system ja ... 03 09 ref Typical bug tracking systems support the concept of the life cycle for a bug which is tracked through status assigned to the bug. A bug tracking system should allow administrators to configure permissions based on status, move the bug to another status, or delete the bug. The system should ... programmers, when new records are added or the status changes. Usage The main benefit of a bug tracking system is to provide a clear centralized overview of development requests including both bugs ... be needed in the actual development queue. Thus, there are two tracking systems when an LBT is in place. Bug tracking systems as a part of integrated project management systems Bug and issue tracking ... systems . This approach allows including bug tracking and fixing in a general product development ... and release notes. Distributed bug tracking Some bug trackers are designed to be used with distributed ...   more details

  1. Debian bug tracking system

    Infobox software name Debbugs title Debian bug tracking system logo File screenshot caption collapsible author Ian Jackson developer released Start date YYYY MM DD df yes no discontinued latest release version latest release date Start date and age YYYY MM DD df yes no latest preview version latest preview date Start date and age YYYY MM DD df yes no frequently updated DO NOT include this parameter unless you know what it does programming language Perl programming language Perl , others operating system Debian platform Linux size language status genre issue tracking system license GNU General Public License website URL http Bugs The Debian bug tracking system , or Debbugs , is the bug tracking system used by the Debian project. Its unique feature is that it doesn t have any form of web interface to edit bug reports all modification is done through email. Debbugs was mainly ... Bug tracking system has the following features ref http ian debbugs ... of Debbugs is the Debian s main bug tracking system. ref cite web url http Bugs title Debian bug tracking system publisher Debian Project accessdate 2010 06 07 ref As of January ... 2010 06 07 ref See also Portal Free software Bug tracking system Comparison of issue tracking systems External links http Bugs Debian bug tracking system http debbugs source Source for Debian bug tracking system References references Bug tracking systems DEFAULTSORT Debian Bug Tracking System Category Bug and issue tracking software Category Debian Category Free ... not need on line web access or accounts on the host system. Outstanding, recently closed and other ... projects besides Debian. The system runs on Unix like operating system s such as Unix and Linux . Debbugs ... cite web url http Using.html title Using this system to track your project s bugs publisher GNU Project accessdate 2011 09 15 ref Integration Ubuntu operating system Ubuntu s Launchpad ...   more details

  1. Homicide Investigation Tracking System

    Homicide Investigation Tracking System HITS is a violent crime database program of the Washington U.S. state Washington State Office of the State Attorney General Attorney General . The system tracks homicide s and rape s in and or relating to the U.S. state states of Washington and Oregon and also receives data from at least three other states and Canada . The database provides information on over 6,000 murders and over 7,000 sexual assault s to local Law enforcement agency law enforcement agencies as well as advice and assistance in ongoing investigations. Notable cases that have been assisted by HITS include Gary Ridgway also known as the Green River Killer , John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo the Beltway sniper attacks Beltway snipers , and serial murder serial killer Robert Lee Yates . ref cite web title Homicide Investigation Tracking System url http uploadedFiles Another Supporting Law Enforcement Homicide Investigation Tracking System HITS HITS handout.pdf work publisher Washington State Attorney General s Office date accessdate 2009 05 09 ref References Robert D. Keppel Keppel, Robert D. and Joseph G. Weis. Improving the Investigation of Violent Crime The Homicide Investigation and Tracking System. National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Public Domain. references External links http page.aspx?ID 2352 Washington State Office of the Attorney General Homicide Investigation Tracking System HITS Category Law enforcement in Washington state Law enforcement stub ...   more details

  1. Applicant tracking system

    Unreferenced date March 2009 An applicant tracking system ATS is a application software software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. An ATS can be implemented on an enterprise or small business level, depending on the needs of the company. An ATS is very similar to customer relationship management systems, but are designed for recruitment tracking purposes. Nearly all major corporations use some form of applicant tracking system to handle job applications and to manage resume data. A dedicated ATS is not uncommon for recruitment specific needs. On the enterprise level it may be offered as a module or functional addition to a human resources suite or Human Resource Information System HRIS . The ATS is expanding into small and medium enterprises through open source software open source or software as a service offerings SaaS . The principal function of an ATS is to provide a central location and database for a company s recruitment efforts. ATSs are built to better assist management of resumes and applicant information. Data is either collected from internal applications via the ATS front end, located on the company website or is extracted from applicants on job boards. The majority of job and resume boards Monster, Hotjobs, Career Builder have partnerships with ATS software providers to provide parsing support and ease of data migration from one system to another. Modern ATSs allow applicants to be sourced from the company s own database of past ... workflow . Another benefit of an applicant tracking system is analyzing and coordinating recruitment ... Management DEFAULTSORT Applicant Tracking System Category Business software Category Human resource management pl System ledzenia aplikacji ... storage, which are often legally required by equal opportunity employment laws. Applicant tracking ... vary greatly across providers. In the UK and Ireland, Applicant Tracking Systems which are specifically ...   more details

  1. Wide Area Tracking System

    Orphan date February 2009 The Wide Area Tracking System WATS is a prototype wireless sensor network for detecting a ground based nuclear device http str Imbro.html such as a nuclear briefcase bomb. WATS is presently being developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLNL . Theory WATS would be made up of wireless gamma and neutron sensors connected through a communications network. Data picked up by the sensors undergoes Sensor fusion data fusion , which converts the information into easily interpreted forms this data fusion is the most important aspect of the system http spp starwars congress 1997 h has274010 1.htm 79 . The data fusion process occurs within the sensor network rather than at a centralized computer and is performed by a specially developed algorithm based on Bayesian statistics http str JulAug01 Hills.html . WATS would not use a centralized computer for analysis because researchers found that factors such as latency and available bandwidth tended to create significant bottlenecks. Data processed in the field by the network itself by transferring small amounts of data between neighboring sensors is faster and makes the network more scalable http str JulAug01 Hills.html . An important factor in WATS development is ease of deployment , since more sensors both improves the detection rate and reduces false alarms http str JulAug01 Hills.html . WATS sensors could be deployed in permanent positions or mounted in vehicles for mobile protection of specific locations. One barrier to the implementation of WATS is the size, weight, energy requirements and cost of currently available wireless sensors http str JulAug01 Hills.html . The development of improved sensors is a major component of current research at the Nonproliferation, Arms Control, and International Security NAI Directorate at LLNL . History WATS was profiled to the United States House of Representatives U.S. House ...   more details

  1. Antenna tracking system

    unreferenced date February 2011 An antenna tracking system tracks a primary antenna to follow a moving signal source , such as a communication satellite . A secondary antenna has a greater beam width than the primary antenna and receives the same tracking signal from the satellite. The primary antenna is tracked according to a predetermined search pattern which causes a variation in the signal amplitude depending upon the relative location of the satellite and the antenna position. The signal strength signals from the two antennas are input to a summation function which takes the difference of the two signals. The noise and signal variation component of the two signals is substantially the same and is therefore eliminated from the resulting difference signal . An antenna control unit utilizes the resulting difference signal to select the optimum signal strength for the particular step of the search pattern. This system is particularly applicable to high frequency communication channels in the higher 86 Ghz and above frequency band which are subject to atmospheric distortion and noise. Category Telecommunications equipment Category Communications satellites Category Statistical deviation and dispersion ...   more details

  1. Public expenditure tracking system

    unclear date October 2011 Globalize date October 2011 Public expenditure tracking system PETS is a system of presenting financial information that allows Project stakeholder stakeholders to see more clearly where money is coming from and where it is being spent, as well as allowing the service users to reconcile incoming funds with expenditures. It is sometimes referred to as following the money . PETS are increasingly used at district level in countries like Uganda and Tanzania to make budget flows transparent from local government to service delivery agents. External links http The state of financial accountability in local Government in Tanzania do we know where Funds are going? Category Accounting systems gov stub ...   more details

  1. Space Tracking and Surveillance System

    The United States Missile Defense Agency MDA is developing a Space Tracking and Surveillance System STSS which it will use to research the space based detection and tracking of ballistic missile s. Data from STSS satellite s could allow interceptors to engage incoming missiles earlier in flight than would be possible with other missile detection systems. ref cite web url http mdalink html ... http mdalink pdf stss06.pdf title Fact Sheet Space Tracking and Surveillance System publisher ... ref cite web url http mdalink pdf 09fyi0003.pdf title Space Tracking Surveillance System ... 03.html title The Missile Defense Agency s Space Tracking and Surveillance System publisher Aerospace ... US mil stub space stub hu Space Tracking and Surveillance System ... Based Infrared System SBIRS Low program was transferred to MDA from the United States Air Force ... on Space Based Infrared System date 2007 publisher Center for Defense Information ref Launch Two demonstration ... to be the low earth orbiter within the layered Ballistic Missile Defense System. It complements the geosynchronous Defense Support Program, the Space Based Infrared System, and other Overhead Non Imaging Infrared systems and provides tracking cues to systems on the surface. The STSS program ... to bolster the nation s missile defense system. Two recent flight tests demonstrated that STSS ... beyond the horizon br Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system test 28.06.2010 First OSMs sent to Enterprise ... target br First stereo post boost tracking of midcourse target br March 2011 Second Aegis Readiness ... entry br Second full course tracking during U.S. Missile Defense Agency s MDA Aegis launch 15.03.2011 br Successful production of stereo 3 D tracking software to follow the target missile s flight path ... Missile Defense System Defense Support Program Ground Based Midcourse Defense USA 205 External links http Tracking STSSDemo STSSDemoMissileTests.php STSS Missile Tracking Demonstrations ...   more details

  1. Programmable system device

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date February 2009 A Programmable system device PSD is a type of integrated circuit manufactured by STMicroelectronics . Meant to be teamed up with a microprocessor or microcontroller , the PSD provides most of the other functions required to implement small applications such as embedded system s. The PSD provides the following functions Random access memory RAM Read only memory Flash ROM A reprogrammable gate array for Memory mapping address decode , input output functions, and Digital electronics random logic The entire PSD is reprogrammable using JTAG this includes the random logic that s configuration is loaded from flash like memory. If the user provides the correct connections, the device can also be reprogrammed in the field still using JTAG in a process known as In System Programming . The portions of the chip that act as ordinary flash ROM may also be reprogrammed by the application s microcontroller in a process known as In Application Programming . PSDs are made in various configurations with varying amounts of ROM, RAM, random logic, and I O ports. DEFAULTSORT Programmable System Device Category Gate arrays Category Electronic design automation Tech stub ...   more details

  1. Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System

    Orphan date October 2008 The Texas Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System SNETS is a tracking system for emergency evacuees developed by AT&T for the state of Texas . ref Citation title AT&T to Deliver Country s First Statewide Citizen Evacuation Management System date 2007 12 03 year 2007 url http gen press room?pid 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 24841 accessdate 2008 01 07 ref The system is based on tracking RFID tags attached to the wrists of evacuees via the AT&T Cingular wireless network and a data center at the University of Texas Center for Space Research. Evacuees are indirectly tracked using GPS locators mounted on the vehicles in which they are traveling. The http dem pages index.htm Texas Governor s Division of Emergency Management GDEM awarded the contract to AT&T in December 2007. Parts of the system were deployed as early as 2006, prior to AT&T s involvement, ref name rfidupdate Citation title Texas Turns to RFID for Emergency Evacuation System date 2008 01 03 year 2008 url http news 01032008.html accessdate 2008 01 07 ref but AT&T has taken over overall responsibility for its operation. The system has been tested three times. Texas officials planned to use the system during Hurricane Dean , ref name rfidupdate but the storm changed course and missed Texas. In 2008, SNETS is nominated in the Laureates Class of Computerworld Honors Program honoring those who uses Information Technology to benefit society. ref Citation title Computerworld Honors Program date 2008 06 02 url http viewCaseStudy2008.asp?NominationID 757 ref References references Category Radio frequency identification ...   more details

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