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Ekpeye language
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Encyclopedia results for Ekpeye language

Ekpeye language

Encyclopedia results for Ekpeye language

  1. Ekpeye language

    Infobox language name Ekpeye region Rivers State states Nigeria ethnicity Ekpeye people speakers 30,000 date 1973 ref e16 familycolor Niger Congo fam2 Atlantic Congo languages Atlantic Congo fam3 Volta Niger languages Volta Niger fam4 Sm yeai fam5 Igboid languages Igboid iso3 ekp Ekpeye is an Igboid language of Rivers State , Nigeria . References Reflist Category Igboid languages Category Languages of Nigeria nc lang stub de Ekpeye hr Ekpeye jezik sw Kiekpeye pms Lenga Ekpeye ...   more details

  1. Ekpeye people

    . 165, ISBN 0 313 27918 7 ref The Ekpeye speak their own Igboid language , and they are linguistically ... of Language Boundaries in Nigeria Cambridge Anthropology 7 3 pp. 19 30 ref ref Blench, Roger M. 2006 http Language 20data Niger Congo Benue 20Congo 20West Igboid Ekpeye 20dictionary.pdf A dictionary of Ekpeye, an Igboid language of southern Nigeria Mallam Dendo, Cambridge ... are also found in Igbo. Language Main Ekpeye language Ekpeye is an Igboid languages Igboid language ... http 14 show language.asp?code EKP Ekpeye a language of Nigeria Ethnologue Ajugo ...Ekpeye Akpaohia is a subgroup of the Igbo people in southeastern Nigeria . ref Olson, James S. 1996 Ekpeye ... s largest language family University Press of America, Lanham, Maryland, USA, p. 27, ISBN 0 8191 7375 4 ref Ekpeye people living in the Ahoada Ahuda and Ogba Egbema areas of Rivers State in Nigeria were ... census estimates. Citation needed date May 2009 History The Ekpeye have long lived in the land ... in the following centuries, forced Igbo language Igbo speaking but Benin culture bearing populations ... needed date May 2009 A minority of the Ekpeye, who sided with the Benin Empire Benin cultured Igbo people Igbo immigrants, moved away up north and founded what is now Ogba people Ogba land, whose language plainly bears the inprints of the Ekpeye and Igbo languages. The commonest historical tale in Ogba and Ekpeye today, is that both are the sons of one father born of different mothers . At about 1542 ... any personality mentioned in Benin Histories. The man known today as the father of Ekpeye and Ogba ... along the Orashi River in current day Ubie in Ekpeyeland, southeastern Nigeria . All the time, the Ekpeye lived in towns settled by members of one, some or all the Seven original distinct families of Ekpeye ... British entry into Ekpeye land via the River Sombreiro. He was pacified with recognition as the Eze of Ekpeye. He was later lured away to Degema, a colonial administrative center,where he died later ...   more details

  1. On Language

    On Language was a regular column in the weekly New York Times Magazine on the English language discussing popular etymology , new or unusual usages, and other language related topics. The inaugural column was published on February 18, 1979 and it was a regular popular feature. Many of the columns were collected in books. Columnist and journalist William Safire was one of the most frequent contributors from the inception of the column until Safire s death in 2009. He wrote the inaugural On Language column in 1979. ref http 2009 10 11 magazine 11FOB onlanguage t.html New York Times On Language The Maven, Nevermore about Safire s legacy ref starting it with the greeting How do you do. This is a new column about language. In more than 30 years, he contributed more than 1300 installments to the column. Safire was succeeded by Ben Zimmer , who wrote the column until its final edition on February 25, 2011. ref http 2011 02 27 magazine 27fob onlanguage t.html New York Times On Language The Future Tense ref About the cancellation of the column, the incoming editor of New York Times Magazine Hugo Lindgren explained this and other changes to the magazine It is mine now. I m in charge. We re going to be doing some significant redesign work, and have a newish magazine by the end of January. The big thing is, I want to create a kind of new identity for the front of the book section. That doesn t mean that everything s being tossed out. We re looking at everything and evaluating what sort of fits. ref http daily intel 2010 11 new times magazine editor hugo.html New York Magazine New Times Magazine Editor Hugo Lindgren on His Plans Big Subjects, More T, and the End of The Way We Live Now ref References Reflist External links http topics features magazine columns on language index.html A collection of On Language columns published in The New York Times DEFAULTSORT On Language Category English language Category The New York ...   more details

  1. Language

    About the properties of language in general other uses Language disambiguation File Lakhovsky Conversation.jpg ... Cuneiform is one of the first known forms of written language , but spoken language is believed to predate writing by tens of thousands of years at least. Language may refer either to the specifically ... of such a system of complex communication. The scientific study of language in any of its senses ... salient examples, but natural language s can also be based on visual rather than auditory stimulus physiology stimuli , for example in sign language s and written language . Code s and other kinds of constructed language artificially constructed communication systems such as those used for programming language computer programming can also be called languages. A language in this sense is a system ... ultimately from Latin lingua , language, tongue , via Old French . ref name AHD cite encyclopedia title language encyclopedia The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language edition 3rd year 1992 location Boston publisher Houghton Mifflin Company ref When used as a general concept, language .... Language as a communication system is thought to be fundamentally different from and of much ... a finite number of elements. Language is thought to have originated when early hominids first started ... with an increase in brain volume, and many linguists see the structures of language as having evolved to serve specific communicative functions. Language is neurolinguistics processed in many ... Wernicke s area s. Humans language acquisition acquire language through social interaction in early childhood, and children generally speak fluently when they are around three years old. The use of language ... identity , social stratification and for social grooming and entertainment . The word language ... from sequences of words. Languages language change evolve and diversify over time, and the history ... of languages that descend from a common ancestor is known as a language family . The languages ...   more details

  1. To language

    Infobox language name To nativename states Cameroon , Central African Republic ethnicity speakers none date NA ref e16 familycolor Niger Congo fam2 Atlantic Congo languages Atlantic Congo fam3 Mbum Day languages Mbum Day fam4 Mbum languages Mbum fam5 unclassified iso3 toz To is an unclassified Mbum languages Mbum language of northern Cameroon and the Central African Republic . It is only used as a second language , as the secret male initiation language of the Gbaya people Gbaya . References reflist Category Languages of Cameroon Category Adamawa languages Category Initiation languages Cameroon stub ...   more details

  1. Are language

    Infobox Language name Are states Papua New Guinea region Milne Bay Province , tip of Cape Vogel speakers 1,230 familycolor Austronesian fam2 Malayo Polynesian languages Malayo Polynesian fam3 Oceanic languages Oceanic fam4 Western Oceanic languages Western fam5 Papuan Tip languages Papuan Tip fam6 Kilivila nowrap Nuclear Papuan Tip fam7 Are Taupota languages Are Taupota fam8 Are languages Are iso3 mwc The Are language is an Austronesian language of the eastern Papua New Guinea n mainland, It s spoken by about 1,230 people. External links ethnologue mwc Category Nuclear Papuan Tip languages Category Languages of Papua New Guinea PapuaNewGuinea stub au lang stub fr Are langue hr Are jezik is Are ...   more details

  1. Then language

    Infobox language name Then states CHN region Pingtang County , southern Guizhou speakers 15,000 date 1999 ethnicity familycolor Tai Kadai fam2 Kam Sui languages Kam Sui iso3 tct The Then language also known as Y nghu ng in Chinese alternate spellings T en and Ten is a Kam Sui language spoken in Pingtang County , southern Guizhou . Phonology Yanghuang has 71 consonants total, including those with secondary articulation s. There are a total of 71 rhymes, 9 vowels, and 8 codas Bo 1997 . References Reflist Bo, Wenze. 1997. Yanghuang yu yan jiu A Study of Yanghuang Then . Beijing Zhong yang min zu da xue chu ban she. External links http austronesian language.php?id 719 Then word list from the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database Tai Kadai languages Category Languages of China Category Kam Sui languages tk lang stub fr T en ...   more details

  1. Ikwerre language

    that Igbo, Ikwerre, Ogba and their sister languages apart from Ekpeye form a language cluster and that they are somewhat ...Infobox language name Ikwerre pronunciation IPA ig k r region flag Nigeria speakers 200,000 ref name SIL dialects Ndele, gbakiri, b , Al , baa, Elele ref Cite book title The early history of the Niger Delta first1 Ebiegberi Joe last1 Alagoa first2 F. N. last2 Anozie first3 Nwanna last3 Nzewunwa publisher Buske Verlag year 1988 isbn 3871188484 page 81 url http books?id MJ7KylvsgYEC&pg PA81 ref familycolor Niger Congo fam2 Atlantic Congo languages Atlantic Congo fam3 Volta Niger languages Volta Niger fam4 sm yeai fam5 Igboid languages Igboid script Latin script iso3 ikw notice IPA Ikwerre , also spelt as Ikwere , is a language spoken primarily by the Ikwerre people who inhabit Rivers State , Nigeria . According to a 1973 SIL International report, the number of Ikwerre speakers is estimated at 200,000. ref name SIL cite web url http show language.asp?code ikw title Ikwere A language of Nigeria last Lewis first M. Paul publisher SIL International .... Most publications classify it as an Igboid language. Based on lexicostatistical analysis, Kay Williamson originally asserted that the Ikwerre, Ekpeye , Ogba language Ogba , Etche and Igbo language Igbo languages belonged to the same language cluster, but were not dialects. ref cite book last Williamson ... Study of Language Choice & Shift in Port Harcourt author Kelechukwu U. Ihemere publisher Universal ... in accounts of the language which state that Ikwerre has no nasal stops. This sound is realized ... Expand section date May 2008 Ikwerre is a tonal language . References reflist cite journal last Clements first George N. coauthors Osu, Sylvester year 2005 title Nasal harmony in Ikwere, a language ... show language.asp?code ikw Ethnologue report for language code ikw DEFAULTSORT Ikwerre Language Category Igboid languages Category Languages of Nigeria de Ikwere hr Ikwere jezik pms ...   more details

  1. Igbo language

    being Ekpeye . Some of these, such as Ika language Ika , have separate standard forms. History ...Infobox language name Igbo nativename As s Igbo pronunciation IPA ig i bo states Nigeria region Southeast ... agency Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture map Nigeria Benin Cameroon languages.png ... Igbo , or Igbo proper, is a native language of the Igbo people, an ethnic group primarily located ... of Igbo people Igbo descent. Igbo is a national language of Nigeria. It is written ... to represent other languages like Efik language Efik . ref name nsibidi cite web url http ... language was developed in 1972 based on the Owerri Isuama and Umuahia such as Ohuhu dialects, though ... Igbo Language and Culture SPILC , a nationalist organisation which saw Central Igbo as an imperialist ... language. Standard Igbo aims to cross pollinate Central Igbo with words from Igbo dialects from ... African languages , has borrowed words from European languages , mainly English language English . Example ... old ma good j bad . ref JR Payne, 1990, Language Universals and Language Types , in Collinge, ed., An Encyclopedia of Language ref Many names in Igbo are actually fusions of older original words ... by the Igbo people and proficiency in the language means knowing how to intersperse speech with a good ... phonemes of Igbo, based on Harvcoltxt Ikekeonwu 1999 Igbo is a tone linguistics tonal language with two distinctive tones, high and low. In some cases a third, downstep ped high tone is recognized. The language ... meaning, example is AKWA which could mean cry , bed , egg , cloth . The language features vowel harmony ... to derive from the Igbo language, derived from bi mu or either bem , Ndi bem , Nwanyi ibem or Nwoke ... . See also Portal Igbo Language Igbo people Igbo mythology Igbo music Delta Igbo Ukwuani Notes reflist ... A History of the Igbo Language http Insight into Igbo Language and Culture ... http www.fsi language Content.php?page Igbo USA Foreign Service Institute Igbo basic ...   more details

  1. Lombi language

    The Lombi or Rombi language may be Rombi language , a Bantu language of Cameroon Lombi language DRC , a Sudanic language of Congo dab ...   more details

  1. So language

    So language may refer to So language Democratic Republic of Congo , a Bantu language S language , a Katuic language Mon Khmer of Laos and Thailand Swo language , a Bantu language of Cameroon disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Jarawa language

    distinguish Garawa language Jarawa language may refer to Jarawa language Andaman Islands Jarawa language Nigeria disambig ...   more details

  1. Bete language

    Bete language may refer to B t language , a language of Ivory Coast Bete language Nigeria disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Boro language

    Boro language may refer to Bodo language , a Tibeto Burman language spoken in India, official language of Assam state Boro language Ghana , an extinct and unclassified language of Ghana Boro language Ethiopia , an Omotic language of Ethiopia disambig ko ...   more details

  1. Book:Language

    saved book title Language subtitle cover image cover color White Language Overview Language Origin of language Core topics Alphabet Communication Dialect Expression language Expression Semiotics Speech Sublanguage Universal grammar Vocabulary Study of language Linguistics Historical linguistics Logos Philology Philosophy of language Types of languages Animal language Alien language Constructed language Controlled natural language Extinct language Formal language International auxiliary language Language family Mathematics as a language Natural language Programming language Second language Sign language Visual language Whistled language Miscellany Cultural emphasis Information and media literacy Language preservation Language production Linguistic competence Linguistic performance Speech production Speech repetition World languages Indo European languages English language Languages of Spain Spanish languages Russian language Hindi Hindi language Swedish language Latin Latin language Bengali language Portuguese language Japanese language Hebrew language Arabic language Standard Mandarin Less commonly taught languages Tamil language Nafaanra language Turkish language Wagiman language Mongolian language Indigenous languages of the Americas Greenlandic language Ottawa language Mayan languages Nahuatl Otomi language ...   more details

  1. Target language

    wiktionary target language Target language may refer to Target language, in applied linguistics and language education, the language which a person is learning, also called second language Target language, in translation , the language to which a source text is translated Target language, in computer science, the computer language that a compiler translates into source code See also Source language disambig Category Language acquisition Category Language education Category Translation Category Compilers mk zh ...   more details

  1. Lele language

    Lele is the name of four different languages Lele language Chad , an Afro Asiatic language Lele language Democratic Republic of the Congo , a Bantu language Lele language Guinea , a Mande language Lele language Papua New Guinea , an Austronesian language The Ly l language of Burkina Faso also goes by the form Lele . disambig ...   more details

  1. Han language

    Han language may refer to H n language , an endangered Native American language spoken in Eagle, Alaska and Dawson City, Yukon. Chinese language See also Han disambiguation Language disambiguation disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Language recognition

    selfref For the Wikipedia language recognition chart, see Wikipedia Language recognition chart Language recognition may refer to Language identification Natural language understanding Speech recognition disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Language reconstruction

    Language reconstruction can refer to Linguistic reconstruction , establishing the features of a prehistoric language by the methods of historical linguistics historical and comparative linguistics Linguistic purism in an existing language Language revival of an extinct language disambig ...   more details

  1. Koibal language

    Koibal language may refer to The Koybal dialect of the Khakas language , a modern Turkic language. Koibal language Samoyedic , an extinct Samoyedic language. disambig ...   more details

  1. Male language

    Male language is the name of two unrelated languages Male language Ethiopia , an Omotic language spoken in southern Ethiopia and Male language Papua New Guinea , a Madang language disambig ...   more details

  1. Kele language

    Kele language may refer to Kele language New Guinea Kele language Congo Kele language Gabon Kele language Nigeria dab ...   more details

  1. Bau language

    The Bau language may be the Fijian language Bau language New Guinea Bau Bidayuh language Borneo Kulang dialect of the Gaam language dab ...   more details

  1. Ndorobo language

    Ndorobo may refer to several languages in Tanzania Aas x language Aramanik language Kisankasa language Mediak language Mosiro language disambig Category Languages of Tanzania ...   more details

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