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Encyclopedia results for DSO NANO V1


Encyclopedia results for DSO NANO V1

  1. DSO

    DSO may refer to Decorations Distinguished Service Order disambiguation Distinguished Service Order refers to a number of decorations Music Dallas Symphony Orchestra Dark Star Orchestra Deathspell Omega , a French black metal band Detroit Symphony Orchestra Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin Diablo Swing Orchestra Computers and electronics Digital Sampling Oscilloscope , samples measurements and displays or stores them Digital storage oscilloscope Dynamic Shared Object , a library of subroutines in Unix like systems Entertainment Dark Sun Online Dark Star One Other Days Sales Outstanding Deep sky object Defence Science Organisation , now known as DSO National Laboratories, Singapore Defense Sciences Office DARPA Defense Sciences Office , one of the seven program offices of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Direct Shipping Ore, referring to iron ore that can be shipped directly to a steel furnace Directorate of Special Operations , South African law enforcement agency Distribution system operator in the electricity supply industry Diving safety officer Division Special Operations Germany Division Special Operations Division Spezielle Operationen, part of Germany s Bundeswehr Drug Supply Organisation Dubai Silicon Oasis , corporate free zone in UAE Groupe DSO , Australian headquartered business cooperative Dzo , a male hybrid of yak and domesticated cattle disambig ca DSO cs DSO de DSO fr DSO it DSO ja DSO nl DSO sv DSO ...   more details

  1. V1

    V1 can refer to V1, version one for anything V1, the Visual cortex Primary visual cortex V1 primary visual cortex V sub 1 sub , the ophthalmic nerve , first division of the trigeminal nerve V1 building , a skyscraper in Sheffield V1 Gallery , in Copenhagen V1, the Polynesian va a hoe rudderless single paddler outrigger canoeing outrigger canoe V1 speed V sub 1 sub speed , the maximum speed at which an aircraft pilot may abort a takeoff without causing a runway overrun V 1 flying bomb , a World War II German weapon V.1 , a telephone communications standard of the ITU T Fokker V.1 , a German sesquiplane experimental fighter prototype, built in 1916 LNER Class V1 V3 , an 1930 1939 British 2 6 2 tank engine USS V 1, 1924 1931 designation of the USS Barracuda SS 163 USS Barracuda SS 163 , first of the US V boat series of submarines Virgin1, the 2007 2010 name of the British television channel Channel One UK TV channel Channel One which ceased to exist in 2011 Vultee V 1 , an American single engine airliner of the 1930s V01 can refer to ATC code V01 Allergens , a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System See also VI disambiguation letter i as opposed to number 1 Letter NumberCombDisambig es V1 eo V kun nombro fr V1 id V1 it V1 nl V1 ja V1 pl V1 ujednoznacznienie ...   more details

  1. Groupe DSO

    Orphan date September 2006 att March 2011 Infobox Defunct Company company name Groupe DSO Pty Ltd company logo Image Groupe dso.gif fate Dissolution foundation 1967 defunct November 11, 1997 location Australia key people R. Milhous Hoboct Groupe DSO was a collection of small business units that operated from 1967 to 1997 in the Asia Pacific region. The core focus of these business units was logistic ... in November 1997. Business Alliances Groupe DSO was a member of the FALO alliance, a close knit set of companies providing reciprocal services. The FALO alliance comprised Groupe DSO logistics and engineering integration BSDN a spin off of the DSO BSDN business unit Pacific East legal services SBU financial services Business Units The organisational structure of Groupe DSO was of a number ... management was controlled by a holding company named DSO Centraal . DSO BSDN The Bow Scott ... up capital for DSO s core businesses logistic and engineering consultancy. After wild success and rapid ... model obsolete. DSO Checkpoint Checkpoint Charlie After the spinoff of the BSDN business unit, Groupe DSO sought to apply its logistic expertise to niche markets. It found most success in academia, where the DSO Checkpoint system was used by many libraries for transporting books and other media between ... procedures that ensured its efficiency and reliability. DSO CBS The DSO CBS Consultancy and Business ..., P.T. DSO Logisti . DSO EPI The DSO EPI Electro Pyro Initiative was a small, relatively ..., however, these were little improvement over existing tin cans. DSO Trabaction DSO Trabaction was a division proposed and set up by Derek Helmutiffe a DSO employee living in Germany, and keen ... s migration to Australia in 1995, the division closed. Trivia Groupe DSO was a minor sponsor of Ukyo Katayama s Tyrrell Racing Tyrrell Formula One car in f1 1994 . References van Dort, J., DSO ...? . Trabi Magazin . August 1992. Savage, I. J., Groupe DSO Fades Away . Herald Sun . November 12, 1997 ...   more details

  1. Nano

    wiktionarypar nano Nano may refer to Nano , a prefix in the metric system Arduino Arduino board models Nano , an Arduino model single board microcontroller Nano comics Nano The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy Nano The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy Nano Star Trek Nano Star Trek NANO journal NANO journal nano text editor Nanotechnology , a field of study dealing with nano scale objects iPod Nano , a digital media player Silver Nano , an antibacterial technology Tata Nano , a car VIA Nano , a central processing unit CPU Nano receiver, a type of Mouse computing Cordless or wireless wireless mouse technology Nano, an element of the game Cartoon Network Universe FusionFall Nano Shinonome, a Nichijou Main characters Nichijou character i Nano i mini exhibition, created by the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network People Agnese Nano born 1965 , Italian actress Fatos Nano born 1952 , former Prime Minister of Albania Lourdes Flores Nano born 1959 , Peruvian politician Nano Egyptian footballer b. 1985 , Egyptian football defender midfielder, full name Mohamed Mahmoud Nano Spanish footballer born 1980 , Spanish football defender, full name Victoriano Rivas lvaro Fernando Macedo da Silva , aka Nano born 1982 , Spanish football winger, full name Fernando Macedo da Silva See also Nanos disambiguation disambig ar de Nano es Nano fr Nano homonymie ko it Nano ja pt Nano desambigua o ru so Tiknolajiga nano fi Nano th vi Nano ...   more details

  1. Nano-

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Dablink This article describes the SI prefix. For other meanings, see Nano disambiguation . Wiktionary nano Nano symbol n is a SI prefix prefix meaning a billionth . Used primarily in the metric system , this prefix denotes a factor of 10 sup 9 sup or Gaps 0.000 000 001 . It is frequently encountered in science and electronics for prefixing units of time and length, such as 30 nanosecond s symbol ns , 100 nanometre s nm or in the case of electrical capacitance, 100 nano farad s nF . The prefix is derived from the Greek lang grc Wiktionary , meaning dwarf , and was officially confirmed as standard in 1960. In the United States, the use of the nano prefix for the farad unit of electrical capacitance is uncommon capacitors of that size are more often expressed in terms of a small fraction of a microfarad or a large number of picofarads. When used as a prefix for something other than a unit of measure, as in nanoscience , nano means relating to nanotechnology , or on a scale of nanometres. See nanoscopic scale . SI prefixes Category SI prefixes be bg br Nano ca Nano cs Nano da Nano es Nano prefijo eu Nano fa fr Nano gl Nano ko hy hi id Nano is Nan it Nano prefisso lv Nano lt Nano hu Nano mr nl Nano ja no Nano nn Nano km nds Nano pl Nano pt Nano ksh Nano ru sl Nano sr fi Nano kerrannaisyksikk sv Nano tr Nano uk vi Nan zh ...   more details

  1. V1 Gallery

    V1 Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located on Vesterbro, Copenhagen Vesterbro in Copenhagen , Denmark . It was founded in 2002 by designer Jesper Elg and photographer Peter Funch . V1 Gallery gained international notability by being the first art gallery in Scandinavia to exhibit international street art pioneers such as Banksy UK and Ben Eine Eine UK , the Faile artist collective Faile artist collective US JAP , Futura 2000 US , Zevs artist Zevs FR and Andre the Giant Has a Posse OBEY Shepard Fairey US . The gallery s best known projects include The Boredom Project by Faile artist collective Faile in 2002 Banksy VS EINE by Banksy and Ben Eine EINE in 2003 The Hunt For Your Family featuring artists such as Devendra Banhart , Adam Green musician , and Chris Johanson curated by Galleri Loyal in 2004 OBEY Shepard Fairey in 2004 Futura Year In Pictures by Futura 2000 in 2005 Random Happenings with Dash Snow in 2005 Coup de Theatre by Jakob Boeskov in 2005 MuhameDansk by HuskMitNavn in 2006 Highmath curated by Arkitip in 2006 V B by Dearraindrop in 2006 Super Fortress by Richard Colman in 2006 Rehearsal For Death by Neck Face in 2007 Trouble by Todd REAS James in 2007 Babel Tales by Peter Funch in 2007 References http index.php pageType instInfo inst 6908 V1 Gallery on http profile 24550 AOK description of V1 Gallery in Danish External links http Gallery Website coord missing Denmark Category Vesterbro Category Art museums and galleries in Denmark ...   more details

  1. C/1948 V1

    Infobox Comet name C 1948 V1 Eclipse Comet image discoverer discovery date November 1, 1948 designations Eclipse Comet, 1948 XI, 1948 V1 epoch 2432840.5 semimajor 1931 AU ref name barycenter perihelion 0.135 AU aphelion 3861 Astronomical Unit AU ref name barycenter eccentricity 0.99994 period 84,800 Julian year astronomy yr . ref name barycenter cite web author JPL Horizons On Line Ephemeris System Horizons output url http horizons.cgi?find body 1&body group sb&sstr 1948V1 title Barycentric Osculating Orbital Elements for Comet C 2004 Q2 Machholz accessdate 2011 02 03 Solution using the Solar System Center of mass Barycenter in astrophysics and astronomy Barycenter and Barycentric coordinates astronomy barycentric coordinates . Select Ephemeris Type Elements and Center 0 ref inclination 23.1 last p October 27, 1948 next p unknown Solar System is not a two body system. The previous or the next comet return cannot be calculated simply from current value of orbital period. Semi major axis and orbital period will change during one revolution due to gravitational perturbations from planets. The Eclipse Comet of 1948, formally known as C 1948 V1, was an especially bright comet discovered during a solar eclipse on November 1, 1948. Although there have been several comets that have been seen during solar eclipses, the Eclipse Comet of 1948 is arguably the best known it was however, best viewed only from the Southern Hemisphere . When it was first discovered during totality, it was already quite bright, at magnitude 2 as it was near perihelion , this was its peak brightness. ref name cafe cite web title When was the last time we had two bright comets in the same year? author Dr. Sten Odenwald publisher Ask the Astronomer url http qadir q2761.html accessdate 2006 02 13 ref Its visibility during morning twilight improved as it receded outward ... Category Comets 1948 V1 Category 1948 in science pl C 1948 V1 sk Kom ta zatmenia sl Komet mrka ...   more details

  1. V1 (building)

    Multiple issues unreferenced November 2009 notability November 2009 advert November 2009 Infobox building name Velocity Village V1 image image size 230px caption location St Vincent s Quarter , Sheffield , Yorkshire latd 53.384435 longd 1.472822 iso region GB coordinates display title status Completed start date May 2004 completion date 2007 opening building type Residential Office in floors G 2 antenna spire convert 52 m ft abbr on roof convert 49 m ft abbr on top floor convert 49 m ft abbr on floor count 15 including ground elevator count cost floor area architect Axis structural engineer main contractor developer Velocity Estates owner Velocity Village management Velocity Management For other uses of V1 V1 disambiguation V1 The V1 is a skyscraper on the A57 road A57 Tenter Street in Sheffield , South Yorkshire , England. It was built by the developer Velocity Developments Ltd and designed by AXIS Architecture. History Proposed in 2003, construction began in 2004 and the building was completed in 2006. It was the first part of the three phase Velocity Village , one of the largest mixed use developments in Yorkshire . Structure The structure itself is built of acid washed concrete and faced in steel and glass, providing a high reflective surface, intended to be reminiscent of a sparkling white Le Corbusier style, shining in the sun . The lower three floors office are faced with highly reflective one way mirrored glass, whilst the remainder is green tinted glass panels, similar to those later used on the 66 metre Velocity Tower . Usage The building is designated as mixed use, with the ground, first, second and third floors providing convert 34000 sqft m2 abbr on of office space, and the remainder one and two bed apartments. Part of the office space was let to Companies in Sheffield Sheffield Company PlusNet before the residential section was completed. V2 completed is primarily office, and V3 completion due for 2008 residential. The whole development was designed wi ...   more details

  1. Kilawatt: V1

    Kilawatt V1 is a 7 track 12 Vinyl EP from hip hop producer Damu the Fudgemunk . It was also the first entry of a producer series from London based label Kilawatt Music Limited . Track listing Intro 0 40 hidden track Day by Day featuring Raw Poetic 4 30 Wonka Beat 1 3 01 Day by Day Instrumental 4 26 Prosper featuring Raw Poetic 5 35 Wonka Beat 2 2 49 Prosper Instrumental 5 31 Wonka Beat 3 1 57 hidden track References Reflist 2000s hiphop album stub Category Hip hop albums by American artists Category Alternative hip hop EPs Category 2009 EPs http Damu The Fudgemunk Kilawatt V1 release 2053642 ...   more details

  1. Nano-abacus

    The nano abacus is a nanometre nano sized abacus developed by IBM scientists. Stable rows made up of ten molecule s act as the railings of the abacus. The beads are made up of fullerene and are pushed around by the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope . The nano abacus has the potential to be used in a variety of Nanotechnology nanotechnological inventions such as the molecular computer nano computer . http news 96 n 19961113 01.html Category Nanotechnology ar ru nano tech stub ...   more details

  1. GNU nano

    Infobox software name GNU nano screenshot Image Nano 2.1.2 svn.png 300px A screenshot of nano 2.1.2 caption nano 2.1.2 SVN version author Chris Allegretta latest release version 2.2.6 latest release date ... General Public License website URL http www.nano nano is a text editor for Unix like computing ... functionality. ref The nano FAQ http www.nano dist v2.2 faq.html 1.3 ref In contrast to Pico, nano is licensed under the GNU General Public License GPL . Released as free software by Chris Allegretta in 1999, today nano is part of the GNU project . History nano was first created in 1999 ... to nano on January 10, 2000 to avoid a naming conflict with the existing Unix utility Tip unix utility tip . The name comes from the system of SI prefix es, in which nano nano is 1000 times larger than pico pico . In February 2001, nano became a part of the GNU Project . nano implements some features ..., multiple buffers, rebindable key support, ref cite web title GNU nano 2.1.0 first Chris last Allegretta date 2008 03 18 work Nano devel mailing list publisher url http archive html nano devel 2008 03 msg00023.html accessdate 2008 03 18 ref and experimental undoing and redoing of edit changes. ref cite web title GNU nano 2.1.3 first Chris last Allegretta date 2008 08 04 work Nano devel mailing list publisher url http archive html nano devel 2008 08 ... code maintenance for nano to David Lawrence Ramsey . ref cite web title GNU nano 1.3 branch opened in CVS first Chris last Allegretta date 2003 08 11 work Nano devel mailing list publisher url http archive html nano devel 2003 08 msg00016.html accessdate 2007 01 25 ref On December 20, 2007, Ramsey stepped down as nano s maintainer. ref cite web title Stepping down as the nano maintainer... first David Lawrence last Ramsey date 2007 12 20 work Nano devel mailing list publisher url http archive html nano devel 2007 12 msg00020.html accessdate 2007 ...   more details

  1. Nano-campaigning

    notability neologisms date March 2009 Orphan date February 2009 Nano campaigning refers to an approach within Marketing communications , Public relations and Lobbying which uses personalised and product specific or issue specific tactics as the starting point for more extensive strategic campaigns. It is based on the principles of social psychology and is enabled by the application of social media technologies. First use of the term The term was first coined by US marketer and blogger, Anne Holland, on her MarketingSherpa blog, in an article http article.php?ident 30857 of 6 October 2008 ref SherpaBlog Nano Niche Marketing How to Beat the Recession And Your Competition More Easily http article.php?ident 30857 ref . For Holland, the nano campaign was the practical effect of the nano niche marketing concept. Wider definition and application of the term On 19 February 2009, UK campaigns consultant and writer, Dan Fox, in an article on PubAffairs, the Public Affairs Networking blog http blog detail.php?id 58 , expanded the definition to cover the broader range of communications disciplines and services ref Think big, act small. It s time to start nano campaigning http blog detail.php?id 58 ref . He defined nano campaigning as the tactical promotion of ideas and messages, tailored to individuals or select groups, with the strategic aim of encouraging a campaign to grow and build ... http ref Nano s Nano Marketing http 2009 03 nanos nano marketing.html ref to describe the rejection of television by the team campaigning to promote the Indian manufactured budget car, the Nano, in favour of, inter alia , chatrooms, news tickers, pop ups, Facebook, Orkut, blogs, and word of mouth ref Nano to Ride on Innovative Marketing http ... horizons described this as a nano campaign for the Nano . References references Category Promotion ...   more details

  1. NANO (journal)

    italictitle Infobox Journal title NANO cover File Nano cover 2009.jpg 140px discipline Nanotechnology abbreviation Nano editor Sumio Iijima publisher World Scientific frequency Bimonthly history 2006 present impact 1.106 impact year 2010 country website http nano nano.shtml link1 http cgi bin current.cgi?jid nano link1 name Online access link2 http nano mkt archive.shtml link2 name Online archive ISSN 1793 2920 eISSN 1793 7094 OCLC 73113261 LCCN 2007243281 RSS http nano nano.rss NANO is an international Peer review peer reviewed scientific journal published by World Scientific , covering recent developments and discussions in the field of nanotechnology nanoscience and technology. The journal was established in 2006 with six issues annually. Topics covered include nanomaterials , characterization tools, fabrication methods, numerical simulation, and theory. Abstracting and indexing The journal is abstracted and indexed in the Science Citation Index Science Citation Index Expanded , Institute for Scientific Information ISI Alerting Services, Materials Science Citation Index , Current Contents Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences, and Inspec . External links Official http nano nano.shtml Category Publications established in 2006 Category Materials science journals Category World Scientific academic journals Category English language journals Category Bimonthly journals Category Nanotechnology journals ...   more details

  1. Nano Today

    unreferenced date April 2009 Infobox journal title Nano Today cover File NanoTodayCover.gif editor J.Y.R. Ying discipline Nano science and technology abbreviation Nano Today publisher Elsevier country UK frequency bimonthly history openaccess impact 11.750 impact year 2010 website http 17480132 nano today RSS link1 link1 name OCLC LCCN CODEN ISSN 1748 0132 eISSN Nano Today is an international peer reviewed academic journal dedicated to nanoscience and nanotechnology technology . It is published six times a year by Elsevier . Category Elsevier academic journals Category Chemistry journals Category Nanotechnology journals journal stub fr Nano Today ...   more details

  1. Nano-ITX

    Computer form factors Nano ITX is a computer motherboard form factor first proposed by VIA Technologies at CeBIT in March 2003 ref http hardware history mini what is mini itx? Bot generated title ref ref http 03 09 25 1324222&mode thread&tid 126&tid 137 Slashdot New Nano ITX 12cm Motherboards Bot generated title ref , and implemented in late 2005. Nano ITX boards measure 120 120 mm 4.7 4.7 in , and are fully integrated, very low power consumption motherboards with many uses, but targeted at smart digital entertainment devices such as Digital video recorder PVR s, set top box es, Home theater PC media centers , car PCs, and thin devices. There are four Nano ITX motherboard product lines so far, VIA s EPIA N, EPIA NL, EPIA NX, and the VIA EPIA NR. These boards are available from a wide variety of manufacturers supporting numerous different CPU platforms. See also Mini ITX Pico ITX Mobile ITX EPIA , mini ITX and nano ITX motherboards from VIA Ultra Mobile PC References references External links http Jetway Computer Corp. J8F9 AMD Nano ITX Mainboards Nano ITX Manufacturer, Mainboard OEMs, Daughterboards etc. http en products mainboards motherboards.jsp?motherboard id 221 VIA EPIA N Series Nano ITX Mainboard http en products mainboards motherboards.jsp?motherboard id 361 VIA EPIA NL Series Nano ITX Mainboard http en products mainboards motherboards.jsp?motherboard id 470 VIA EPIA NX Series Nano ITX Mainboard http en products mainboards motherboards.jsp?motherboard id 530 VIA EPIA NR Series Nano ITX Mainboard http weeren001 MiniMig Nano ITX re implementation of the Amiga 500 Category IBM PC compatibles Motherboard Category Motherboard form factors compu hardware stub es Nano ITX it Nano ITX nl Nano ITX ja Nano ITX pl Nano ITX ru Nano ITX sv Nano ITX ...   more details

  1. Agnese Nano

    Agnese Nano born 5 November 1965 in Rome is an Italian film, TV and theater actress. Her first appearance was in 1987 but she became famous after her role as the young Elena in Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore , in 1988. Filmography 1988 It s Happening Tomorrow , Daniele Luchetti 1988 Cinema Paradiso , Giuseppe Tornatore 1990 Faccione, Christian De Sica 1990 Adelaide, Lucio Gaudino 1991 Steps On The Moon, Claudio Antonino 1991 Baroque, Claudio Sestrieri 1992 The Abdomen Of Maria, Mem Perlini 1992 The Long Silence, Margarethe von Trotta 1992 L edera, Edera 1993 Tired Men, Lucio Gaudino 1994 The Summer Of Bobby Charlton, Massimo Guglielmi 2001 Murderers in the festive days, Damiano Damiani 2002 Do Like Us, Francesco Apolloni 2003 Until I Make You Suffering, Francesco Colizzi 2004 Luna And The Others, Elisabetta Villaggio External links imdb name id 0620919 name Agnese Nano http watch?v FW7cs8BKGwc7 Agnese Nano in Cinema Paradiso at Youtube Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Nano, Agnese ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 5 November 1965 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Nano, Agnese Category 1965 births Category Living people Category Italian actors italy actor stub fr Agnese Nano it Agnese Nano pt Agnese Nano ...   more details

  1. Tata Nano

    cleanup date January 2012 Infobox automobile sp uk image File Tata Nano im Verkehrszentrum des Deutschen Museums.JPG 250px name Tata Nano manufacturer Tata Motors parent company Tata Sons aka one lakh ... money report nano diesel variant likely to have 750 cc engine 1334500 title Nano diesel variant ... of Tata s Nano work cardesignnew ref The Tata Nano is a city car manufactured by Tata Motors . One of the smallest ... news by industry auto automobiles Tata Nano set to drive into Taiwan articleshow 6008801.cms title Tata Nano set to drive into Taiwan date 2010 06 03 publisher The Economic Times deadurl yes Dead link date April 2012 bot RjwilmsiBot ref The Nano sold in India is a 624cc, Rear engine design rear engine ... 12 10 business global 10tata.html?pagewanted 1& r 1 Tata s Nano, the Car That Few Want to Buy ... Tata Nano world s cheapest new car is unveiled in India, January 11, 2008 ... tata nano opportunity&hl en&sa X&ei KMZ0T i7LMzorQfGkITBCg&ved 0CDcQuwUwAA v onepage&q indian ... TataWorld TataNano.html Tata Nano Cost Factor , Tata World, ref The introduction of the Nano received much media attention due to its low price and the car was available .... ref ref name bwjan The Nano s development was foreshadowed by the 2005 success of the affordable ... there were a symbol of India s ambitions to become a modern nation, it would surely be the Nano, the tiny car with the even tinier price tag. A triumph of homegrown engineering, the Nano encapsulates ... engineering is a relative term here as many of the systems and parts used in the Nano may not have ... India s Tata low cost Nano took a lot of high tech ae, March 2008 ref Many have had great ... CRISIL, thought the Nano would expand the nation s car market by 65 . ref cite news url http 2008 09 14 stories 2008091455040700.htm title National Europe awaiting Nano car s electric ... Nano may expand market by 65 CRISIL Automobiles Auto News By Industry News The Economic Times publisher ...   more details

  1. Nano-Tera

    The Nano Tera .ch research program is a Swiss federal program, funding scientific projects which endorse nanotechnology on a Tera tera and http www.nano nanoterawiki NanoTera Nano Tera scale, in order to improve health, security and the environment. Some of its goals are to detect real time different health risks and conditions through body integrated bio probing, to reveal security risks through smart buildings and environments, to save energy through ambient sensing and to detect environmental hazards such as floods and avalanches from inaccessible positions on earth. Image NanoTera banner.jpg 400px Nano Tera official banner Project Structures There are three types of project li Research, Technology and Development RTD are large budget, multidisciplinary projects with highly ambitious objectives, and have a four year lifespan Nano Tera Focused NTF are small projects with a very focused objective Educational and Dissemination ED projects allow undergraduates, postgraduates and even members of the public to take part http www.nano Nano http www.nano nanoterawiki Nano Tera Wiki Category Science and technology in Switzerland ...   more details

  1. VIA Nano

    leadtoolong date April 2012 advertisement date April 2012 Infobox CPU name VIA Nano image VIA Nano Chip ... Ball grid array soldered arch x86 64 microarch VIA Isaiah numcores 1, 2 The VIA Nano formerly Code name ... computer s. The VIA Nano was released by VIA Technologies in 2008 after five years of development ... Wasson date 24 January 2008 ref and launched on May 29, including low voltage variants and the Nano brand name. ref cite press release title VIA Launches VIA Nano Processor Family publisher VIA Technologies ... title VIA preps SSE4 enabled, dual core Nano chips publisher Electronista date 31 December 2008 ref ref cite web url http via readies dual nano for vegas launch.aspx title Via readies dual Nano for Vegas launch date 19 September 2008 publisher IT Examiner ref Via Technologies showed off a working prototype of its dual core x86 processor, the Nano DC, at the Computex 2010 exhibition in Taiwan. ref cite web url http s article 9177538 Via shows dual core Nano processor title Via shows dual core Nano processor date 01 June 2010 ref Unlike Intel and AMD , VIA ... extensions. Several independent tests showed that the VIA Nano performs better than the single core ... 07 29 intel atom vsvia nano title Intel Atom vs. VIA Nano publisher HardOCP H ard OCP first Kyle last Bennett date 29 July 2008 ref ref cite web url http Articles VIA Nano L2100 vs Intel Atom 230 Head to Head ?page 7 title VIA Nano L2100 vs. Intel Atom 230 Head to Head publisher HotHardware ...?aid 597 title VIA Nano and Intel Atom Review Battle of the Tiny CPUs first Ryan last Shrout date 29 July 2008 publisher PC Perspective ref In a 2008 Ars Technica test, a VIA Nano gained significant .... ref cite news url http hardware reviews 2008 07 atom nano review.ars 6 title Low end grudge match Nano vs. Atom publisher Ars Technica first Joel last Hruska date 29 July 2008 ref On November 3, 2009, VIA launched the Nano 3000 series. VIA claims that these models can offer a 20 performance ...   more details

  1. Fatos Nano

    Infobox President name big Fatos Nano big image Fatos Nano 2003.jpg nationality Albanians Albanian order1 ... Nano small 1978&ndash 2001 small br Xhoana Nano small 2002&ndash present small party Socialist ... Orthodox Christian Fatos Thanas Nano Audio Fatos Nano.ogg listen born September 16, 1952 in Tirana ... adlib beginner index al.html&LANGUAGE 1& 250 39569&LIMIT 50 T jetosh koh n , Rexhina Nano, page 108 ... Nano was born in Tirana , Albania to Thanas Nano, former director of RTSH Albanian Radio Television from Southern Albania, and Maria Nano n e Shuteriqi , an English language teacher and American ... index al.html&LANGUAGE 1& 250 39569&LIMIT 50 T jetosh koh n , Rexhina Nano, page 51, Botimet ... 1992, the Democratic Party of Albania won the election. One year later, Nano was imprisoned after he ... , Jane Perlez The New York Times , March 12, 1997. ref During the events, Nano was discharged and released ... Party of Albania , Nano was appointed Prime Minister by President Rexhep Meidani , only to resign ... Fatos Nano s address to nation , BBC News, September 15, 1998. ref This coup d tat was attempted ... 19, 1998. ref ref http 2 hi world monitoring 172279.stm Fatos Nano s address to nation , BBC News, September 15, 1998. ref During the unrest, Nano escaped with a helicopter to nearby ... Nano, page 465, Botimet DUDAJ, 2008. ref The Socialist Party continued to lead the country by winning the elections of June 2001. During this period, Nano left the political scene to return back ..., also known as Movement for Catharsis. In 2002, Nano unsuccessfully tried to run for President of Albania ... Party lost the elections and its majority in parliament. On September 3, 2005, Nano resigned as Prime ... from public and political life. However, in the wake of the 2007 Albanian local elections, Nano ..., Nano made a comeback by appearing in some public events and political TV talk shows. ref http ...?id 806 Opinion , with Blendi Fevziu, September 24, 2009. ref Nano was chosen as a candidate for President ...   more details

  1. The Nano Flower

    infobox Book See Wikipedia WikiProject Novels or Wikipedia WikiProject Books name The Nano Flower title orig translator image File The Nano Flower f.jpeg 200px Mass Market Paperback Cover image caption Mass Market Paperback cover, illustrated by Jim Burns author Peter F. Hamilton cover artist Jim Burns country United Kingdom language English language English series Greg Mandel Trilogy genre Mystery novel publisher Tor Books release date 1995 media type Print Hardcover Hardback & Paperback , E Book pages 608 pages Mass Market Paperback isbn 978 0812577693 Mass Market Paperback oclc 0812577698 preceded by A Quantum Murder followed by The Nano Flower is a novel by Peter F. Hamilton , published on 10 March 1995. It is the final book in the Greg Mandel trilogy. Release details 1995, UK, Pan Books ISBN 0 330 33044 6 , paperback First edition Peter F Hamilton DEFAULTSORT Nano Flower, The Category 1995 novels Category Novels by Peter F. Hamilton Category 1990s science fiction novels Category British science fiction novels fr Nano roman ...   more details

  1. Nano-threads

    orphan date September 2010 In computer science nano threads are highly optimized lightweight thread computer science threads designed for use on shared memory multiprocessing multiprocessors such as Symmetric Multi Processing SMP s . ref name citeseer ref name springer The Nano threads specification was written in 1997. ref name citeseer ref name spec References Reflist refs ref name citeseer cite web title Nano Threads Library Design, Implementation and Evaluation url http viewdoc download?doi rep1&type pdf publisher Citeseer accessdate 14 September 2010 author X Martorell, J Labarta, N Navarro ref ref name springer cite web title Efficient runtime thread management for the nano threads programming model url http index w055047682261177.pdf publisher Springer accessdate 14 September 2010 author D Nikolopoulos, E Polychronopoulos ref ref name spec cite web title Nano Threads Programming Model Specification url ftp pub reports CEPBA 1998 UPC CEPBA 1998 publisher accessdate 14 September 2010 author CN delle Ricerche, P GmbH ref software stub Category Threads computing ...   more details

  1. Beretta Nano

    infobox weapon name BU 9 Nano image caption origin Italy type Semi Automatic Pistol designer design date manufacturer Beretta unit cost 475 production date number variants spec label is ranged yes weight convert 17 oz kg length convert 5.6 in cm width convert .9 in cm height convert 4.17 in cm caliber 9 19mm Parabellum 9mm , .40 S&W barrels convert 3.07 in cm action Double action only DAO sights The Beretta BU 9 Nano is a semi automatic , firing pin striker fired , micro compact pistol line manufactured by Beretta of Italy. The initial design was created for a .40 S&W round but the initial release is chambered in 9mm Luger 9mm . It has been available since October 2011. ref http beretta nano subcompact pistol 9mm parabellum 9x19mm nato 40 sw polymer framed sub compact pistol goes up against the big boys in the concealed carry ccw arena Beretta BU9 Nano Subcompact Pistol ref Design The Nano is designed as a compact gun for concealed carry. It has a technopolymer frame and a pronox finished slide. It is currently not available in California. References reflist firearm stub Category Beretta pistols Category Semi automatic pistols ...   more details

  1. Nano City

    Nano City was a project proposed by the Haryana government and Sabeer Bhatia co founder of Hotmail to build a city similar to Silicon Valley in northern India . The city was intended to cover 11,000 acres of land near Panchkula . ref name IT http 2010 02 02 chandigarh 28119419 1 land acquisition nano city acres Nano City on lines of Silicon Valley in Haryana Times Of India Bot generated title ref History The proposal to construct Nano City was formally approved by the state government of Haryana in September 2006, having first been proposed by Sabeer Bhatia . It envisaged a joint venture between the state owned Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation and a private venture owned by Bhatia. The city was to be constructed in two phases, the first covering 5,000 acres of land and the second a further 6,000. The proposal was ref http 2006 09 01 stories 2006090104860500.htm Nano City to come up The Hindu , 1 September 2006 ref Real estate firm Parsvnath Developers joined the project in July 2008. ref name IT The city was intended to include an airport, a golf course and a rapid transit system. However, by May 2010 no progress had been made. It was reported that Bhatia had failed to submit detailed plans for its construction. ref http news 3 yrs on sabeer bhatias project a nonstarter 617069 0 3 yrs on, Sabeer Bhatia s project a non starter Indian Express , 11 May 2010 ref In July 2010 the project was cancelled by the HSIIDC. ref http news nano city project called off 643290 Nano City project called off Indian Express , 7 July 2010 ref See also Information technology in India References reflist External links http Official website Category Haryana Category Information technology projects Category Information technology in India Category Urban planning in India ar ...   more details

  1. ACS Nano

    Infobox Journal cover File Nano cover.jpg 150 px editor Paul S. Weiss discipline Nanoscience, Nanotechnology abbreviation ACS Nano publisher American Chemical Society country United States frequency Monthly history 2007 present impact 9.855 impact year 2010 website http journal ancac3 RSS http action showFeed?ui 0&mi qjmolc&ai 53h&jc ancac3&type etoc&feed rss CODEN ANCAC3 ISSN 1936 0851 eISSN 1936 086X ACS Nano is a monthly, peer review peer reviewed , scientific journal , first published in August 2007 by the American Chemical Society . The current editor in chief is Paul S. Weiss University of California, Los Angeles . The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, perspectives, interviews with distinguished researchers, views on the future of nanoscience and nanotechnology . According to the Journal Citation Reports , ACS Nano has a 2010 impact factor of 9.855. ref name home Cite web title Home page work ACS Nano publisher American Chemical Society date August 2010 url http journal ancac3 format accessdate 2010 08 13 ref ref name about Cite web title About the journal work ACS Nano publisher American Chemical Society date August 2010 url http page ancac3 about.html accessdate 2010 08 13 ref ref name cassi Cite web title CAS Source Index CASSI work publisher American Chemical Society date August 2010 url http publication.jsp?P LglBQf5Q2NQyz133K ll3zLPXfcr WXfSBd7bwsv5Nf5mQM2hY0t4TLPXfcr WXfimSBIkq8XcUjhmk0WtYxmzLPXfcr WXfqbe Adde4EujkH VUYDsrQ format accessdate 2008 10 20 ref Scope The focus of ACS Nano is synthesis, assembly, characterization, theory, and simulation of nanostructure s, nanotechnology ... . ref name home ref name about Abstracting and indexing ACS Nano is indexed in the following databases ... Research NANO Journal NANO Nano Letters Nano Today Nanotoxicology journal Nanotoxicology Nature ... journals Category Publications established in 2007 fr ACS Nano it ACS Nano ...   more details

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