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Encyclopedia results for Byte serving

Byte serving

Encyclopedia results for Byte serving

  1. Byte serving

    HTTP Byte serving is the process of sending only a portion of an HTTP 1.1 message from a server to a client. Clients which request byte serving might do so in cases in which a large file has been only partially delivered and a limited portion of the file is needed in a particular range. Byte Serving is therefore a method of bandwidth optimization . ref http bala papers h0vh1.html Key Differences between HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 A typical example is a server s sending an entire large resource when the client only needs a small part of it. There was no way in HTTP 1.0 to request partial objects... HTTP 1.1 range requests allow a client to request portions of a resource. ref In the HTTP 1.0 standard, clients were only able to request an entire document. By allowing byte serving, clients may choose to request any portion of the resource. One advantage of this capability is when a large media file is being requested, and that media file is properly formatted, the client may be able to request just the portions of the file known to be of interest. This has been reported to work for some PDF files and clients in which a client may request a certain page, rather than the entire file. Other names for byte serving Section 14.35.2 of RFC 2616 says the client makes Range Retrieval Requests when it makes a partial content request Clients make range requests ref http ... bala papers h0vh1.html Key Differences between HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 ref Byte Range Serving ref http www support docview.wss?uid swg27003226 Byte Range Serving in Domino R5 Server ref Page on demand ref http computing byte serving byte serving definition of byte serving in the Free Online Encyclopedia Bot generated title ref Byte serving can also be used ... Encoding is not byte serving, but is instead a method in which an HTTP 1.1 server sends the entire ... to reuse the connection after the response is completed. Byte serving and chunking are compatible ...   more details

  1. Byte

    distinguish Bite About the information storage unit The byte IPAc en icon b a t is a units of information ... of eight bit s. Historically, a byte was the number of bits used to encode a single character computing ... architecture s. The size of the byte has historically been hardware dependent and no definitive ... is a convenient power of two permitting the values 0 through 255 for one byte. With ISO IEC 80000 13 ... with the term byte. ref cite web url http free t BinaryInformationandRepresentationBitsBytesNibbles ... History The term byte was coined by Dr. Werner Buchholz in July 1956, during the early design phase ... B byte.html title byte definition ref It is a respelling of bite to avoid accidental mutation to bit ... symbol Bit and byte prefixes The unit symbol for the byte is specified in IEC80000 13, IEEE 1541 and the Metric ... for byte therefore conflicts with this definition. It is also not consistent with the SI convention ... dB , for signal strength and sound pressure level measurements, while a unit for one tenth of a byte ... Format specify bit e.g., Mbit for megabit for the symbol, a sufficient disambiguation from byte. Citation ... for octet in IEC 80000 13 ref group note The symbol B for byte is not international and should not be confused ... about the meanings of the SI prefix SI or metric prefixes used with the unit byte, especially concerning prefixes such as kilo k or K and mega M as shown in the chart Prefixes for bit and byte . Computer ... graph at right of difference versus storage size. Common uses The byte is also defined as a data ..., define byte as an addressable unit of data storage large enough to hold any member of the basic ... 8, 9, 16, 32, or 36 bits for the storage of a byte. ref http c faq lite intrinsic ... limits.h code file. Java programming language Java s primitive code byte code data type is always ... transmission systems a byte is defined as a contiguous sequence of binary bits in a serial data ... Computer memory Category Data unit Category Primitive types af Greep ar ast Byte az Bayt bn ...   more details

  1. Serving

    Serving may refer to Serving size Providing a non material good, as in the work of a servant Supplying customers with food and drink, as in the work of a waiter food server Service of process , the procedure for delivering a legal or administrative summons Serving channel , a type of file sharing channel See also Service disambiguation Disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Byte (magazine)

    Infobox magazine title Byte image file Byte Front Cover December 1975.jpg image size 200px image caption BYTE Vol 1. No. 4, cover dated December 1975 frequency Monthly circulation category Computer magazines ... BYTE magazine was a microcomputer computer magazine magazine , influential in the late 1970s ... Cite journal last Valery first Nicholas title Spare a byte for the family journal New Scientist volume ..., 1977 url http books?id Rt5VRWY4aR8C&pg PA405 issn 0262 4079 Byte magazine, the leading publication serving the homebrew market ref Whereas many magazines from the mid 1980s had been ... s perspective, Byte covered developments in the entire field of small computers and software , and sometimes ... computing . Coverage was in depth with much technical detail, rather than user oriented. The Byte name ... emphasis. ref http byte BYTE online publication website, accessed 8 November 2011 ref BYTE started in 1975, shortly after the List of early microcomputers first personal computers appeared as kits advertised in the back of electronics magazines. BYTE was published monthly, with an initial yearly subscription price of 10. How BYTE started In 1975 Wayne Green was the editor ... start in August ... BYTE. ref name 73 Magazine cite journal last Green first Wayne title 73 Staff ... Aug1975 73 Aug1975.htm accessdate 2007 10 09 ref blockquote Byte s first editor was Carl Helmers and in the first anniversary issue he wrote BYTE began with its first issue dated September 1975. That first .... Byte was published by a new company, Green Publishing, which was wholly owned by Virginia Green, who had kept the surname after her divorce ten years earlier. Because she started Green Publishing and Byte ... Byte staff. A 1985 Folio magazine Folio magazine article suggested that One day in November 1975 Wayne came to work and found that the Byte magazine staff had moved out and taken the January issue with them ..., or the law firm that organized Virginia Green s publishing company to publish, inter alia, Byte Magazine ...   more details

  1. Byte (disambiguation)

    wiktionary Byte Bytes byte bytes A byte is a unit of digital information in computing and telecommunications that most commonly consists of eight bits. Byte may also refer to Byte magazine Byte magazine , a computer industry magazine Bytes album Bytes album , an album by Black Dog Productions Byte dinghy , a dinghy Byte retailer , an unsuccessful computer retailer in the United Kingdom See also Bite , an act that occurs when an animal uses its teeth to pierce another object, including food, flesh and inanimate matter Bight disambiguation disambiguation de Byte Begriffskl rung es Intercambio fr Byte homonymie gl Byte hom nimos he nn Byte pl Bajt ujednoznacznienie pt Byte desambigua o ru Byte sl Byte razlo itev sv Byte ...   more details

  1. Byte orientation

    Unreferenced date September 2007 Byte orientation refers to forms of data processing in which digital data are processed byte wise. For example, communication is called byte oriented or character oriented when the transmitted information is grouped into byte s. The latter term is deprecated, since the notion of character computing character has changed. An ASCII character fits to one byte octet computing octet in terms of the amount of information. With the internationalization of computer software, wide character s became necessary, to handle texts in different languages. In particular, Unicode characters can be 8, 16, or 32 bits long, i.e., 1, 2, or 4 bytes. Byte oriented transmission makes use of byte oriented protocol s, that may involve transmission of additional bits as terminators, means of error recovery, etc. Another approaches, alternative to byte oriented , are bit oriented this opposition resemble a distinction of binary file binary and text file s and word oriented . See also Word orientation Byte stream Byte oriented protocol Byte Stream Protocol Category Computing terminology ...   more details

  1. Byte stream

    Unreferenced date December 2009 In computer science , a byte stream is a bit stream , in which data bit s are grouped into units, called byte s. In computer networking the term octet stream is sometimes used to refer to the same thing it emphasizes the use of bytes having the length of 8 bits, known as Octet computing octets . Formally, a byte stream is a certain abstraction , a communication channel down which one entity can send a sequence of bytes to the entity on the other end. Such channel is often bidirectional, but sometimes unidirectional. In almost all instances, the channel has the property that it is reliable i.e. exactly the same bytes emerge, in exactly the same order, at the other end. Less formally, one can think of it as a Electrical conduit conduit between the two entities one entity can insert bytes into the conduit, and the other entity then receives them. This conduit can be ephemeral or Persistence computer science persistent . Examples On most operating systems , including Unix like and Microsoft Windows Windows , access of any Computer file file from a process is an example of a byte stream. In particular each process has three standard stream s, that are examples of unidirectional byte streams. A Pipeline Unix pipe mechanism is often used to connect them between processes, to enable process to process byte streams. One well known example of a communication protocol which provides a byte stream service to its clients is the Transmission Control Protocol TCP of the Internet protocol suite , which provides a bidirectional byte stream. The Internet media type for an arbitrary byte stream is tt application octet stream tt . Other media types are defined for byte streams in well known formats. See also Stream computing Bit stream Flow computer networking Reliable byte stream Byte orientation Byte oriented protocol Byte Stream Protocol DEFAULTSORT Byte Stream Category Data transmission Category Computer networking ja zh ...   more details

  1. Byte addressing

    Byte addressing refers to hardware architectures which support accessing individual byte s of data rather than only larger units called word orientation words , which would be word addressable . The basic unit of digital storage is called a bit . In most common Computer Architecture computer architectures , 8 bits are grouped together to form a byte . Byte addressable memory refers to architectures where data can be accessed 8 bits at a time, irrespective of the width of the data and address buses. Many common architectures can address more than 8 bits of data at a time. For example, the Intel 386SX processor can handle 16 bit two byte data, since data is transferred over a 16 bit computer bus bus . However, data in memory may be of various lengths. A 64 bit architecture machine might still need to access byte sized data over its 64 bit address line. Such memory, which is accessible in 8 bit segments, is called Byte Addressable Memory. Hence it is called byte addressable memory. Unreferenced date April 2007 compu hardware stub DEFAULTSORT Byte addressing Category Computer architecture Category Central processing unit de Bytemaschine ja ...   more details

  1. The Byte Works

    The Byte Works , founded and run by Mike Westerfield , was a key player in the history of developer tools for Apple II computers. Its first product, the ORCA M assembler O bject R elocatable C ode A ssembler for M icrocomputers , and also MACRO spelled backwards , developed jointly by Westerfield and Phil Montoya , was a powerful assembly language development environment, complete with a Unix style shell, which ran on 8 bit Apple II computers. However, The Byte Works came into its own when Apple Computer was developing the Apple IIgs computer. In need of developer tools, they contacted The Byte Works and came to an agreement by which The Byte Works would develop the official developer tool suite for the Apple IIgs the Apple Programmer s Workshop APW . This tool suite eventually would include an assembler as well as a C compiler. The Byte Works was also able to distribute its own developer tool suite, based on the same code as APW. The ORCA M assembler came first, followed by ORCA Pascal , ORCA C , and several other languages, including ORCA Modula 2 and ORCA Integer BASIC . The Byte Works did produce software other than developer tools, although tools were their mainstay. The Quick Click Calc spreadsheet was an excellent spreadsheet for the Apple IIgs, although it arrived on the scene too late to have any major impact on the market. An easy to use and very powerful BASIC interpreter called GSoft BASIC was also eventually released in the mid 1990s. With the ability to communicate with the Apple IIgs Toolbox , it could be used to produce powerful software with a minimum of effort. The Byte Works ceased development of Apple II software in 2000 and licensed its entire product line to Syndicomm, which continues to publish its extensive library to this day. External links http index.php?manufacturers id 11 Byte Works products still available for purchase DEFAULTSORT Byte Works Category Defunct software companies Category Companies disestablished in 2000 ...   more details

  1. Byte Bandit

    refimprove date May 2011 Byte Bandit is a boot sector computer virus created for the Commodore Business Machines Commodore Amiga . It first appeared in January 1988, and was created by SCA virus SCA . It was one of the most feared Amiga viruses until the infamous Lamer Exterminator computer virus Lamer Exterminator because not only did it spread from system to system automatically, it was also destructive. Byte Bandit made no attempt to disguise itself as modern viruses, trojans, and worms do. While it naturally over wrote the bootblock, it also hooked into the system, remaining reset resident and causing system data corruption and system failures. The virus increments a copy counter every time it writes itself to a disk, which is in the text string Virus by Byte Bandit in 9.87. Number of copys which also gives a date of September 1987 for the creation, as well as the assumed name of the programmer. References Reflist External links http Swiss Cracking Association s homepage http agn www.informatik.uni catalog amiga html byteba7.htm Detailed virus information. http view.php?id 17&name Byte Bandit 1 Byte Bandit Virus description at the Amiga Virus Encyclopedia malware stub Category Amiga viruses ms Byte Bandit ...   more details

  1. Byte Records

    infobox record label image founded 1988 founder Jean Paul De Coster distributor genre dance music , eurodance , Hi NRG , soul music Soul country Belgium url http Official website of Byte Records Byte Records is a Belgian based Independent record label independent music label specialized into dance music . The company was founded by DJ Jean Paul De Coster in 1988 and is named after his former record store in Antwerp . Successful acts have included 2 Unlimited , Sash and Sylver . Through the years the label had several sub labels like B Byte Blue , Byte Progressive, Discomatic and La Belle Noir. One of the first Byte releases was Don t Miss The Party Line by Jean Paul De Coster and Peter Neefs as Bizz Nizz . The single was licensed by Cooltempo, a sub label of Chrysalis now EMI and became a top 10 hit in the UK by the end of the 1980 s. Together with producer Phil Wilde Jean Paul De Coster formed the producers duo behind famous Eurodance act 2 Unlimited in the beginning of the 1990s. Licenses were giving by Byte to PWL PWL Continental and ZYX Music and the act sold more than 20 million records and 50 million compilations worldwide, giving Byte Record a tremendous boost. Other Eurodance acts followed and Byte became a household name in the dance community. Most of the artist became popular in Belgium , The Netherlands and Germany like Timeshift, CB Milton, Red 5, Sash and DJ Peter Project. But due to the bad economical climate in the music industry Byte had to reduce his activities over the years. Since early 2004 dance act Sylver is the only remaining act signed by Byte Records. List of Artists Bizz Nizz 2 Unlimited Timeshift CB Milton Ice MC 740 Boyz Murray Head Red 5 Sash The Oh Phats & Small DJ Peter Project Atlantis 6 Sylver Zippora D Devils External links http Byte Records official website no longer active http label Byte Records Byte Records releases on Discorg Category Electronic dance music record labels Category House m ...   more details

  1. Byte (dinghy)

    Infobox Sailboat Specifications name Byte image Byte CII.svg imagesize alt caption class symbol class image Bytesailboatlogo.jpg class imagealt class imagesize 120 crew 1 type Monohull design construction Glass reinforced plastic GRP rig keel trapeze loa Convert 12 ft m abbr on loh lwl beam Convert 4 ... The Byte is a one man sailing dinghy . It is produced by xtreme Sailing Products of Singapore and PS2000 ... is composed of glass reinforced polyester and foam sandwich. The Byte is designed for sailors ...  kg should have no problems sailing this boat on a recreational basis. The Byte sail size is only ... that a Byte were to be sailed in a race environment against a Laser Radial, the Byte s Portsmouth ... more than four minutes faster to beat the Byte. A new design known as the CII , with a fully ... depowering and a much needed update to the previous byte rig. The inspiration for the new rig and sail ... over the Byte CII as the women s boat for the 2008 Olympics. Experienced Byte CII sailors often exclaim their surprise of the apparent difference from the standard Byte. Often these same sailors will also express surprise of the speed of the CII compared to the Byte. The introduction of two ... design sail boats. Although the Byte class operates on numerous continents, and there are fleets around the world the critical mass of boats necessary to hold a Byte regatta is only found with few exceptions in Canada, Singapore, Bermuda, Great Britain and Switzerland. In the U.S. it is doubtful if the Byte ... Full Rig as the hulls are identical. Recently, the byte has come under fire because the Canadian ... as a junior class, that is, to sailors 16 years of age and younger in Canada. Information on the Byte and other PS2000 products http boats byte byte.htm http classes BYT.php ISAF Byte Microsite International Sailing Federation Classes Sailing dinghies and skiffs Category ... classes Category Two person sailboats fr Byte d riveur is Byte k na it Byte natante ...   more details

  1. Byte (retailer)

    Byte Computer Superstores Ltd was a retail venture of Specialist Computer Holdings Ltd in the United Kingdom which from 1993 sold primarily computer hardware, software and accessories in large stores on retail parks, similar to PC World retailer PC World . The company was acquired by PC World in 1998 who re branded or closed each store leaving the Byte name to no longer exist. In January 2012 Birmingham United Kingdom based Entrepreneur Khalid Hassan re launched the Byte brand as an online retailer specialising in Gadget s, Gizmo s and the latest Technology offerings from all over the world. Mr Hassan was quoted as saying This is a much loved, respected and missed brand that has been allowed to fade away...its time to bring it back into the forefront of technology retailing . DEFAULTSORT Byte Retailer Category Consumer electronics retailers of the United Kingdom ...   more details

  1. Sky-Byte

    Sky Byte is the name of several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes . He is usually ... name Sky Byte japanname Gelshark image skybyte rid.jpg caption Predacon Officer Sky Byte affiliation ... publisher Infobase Publishing ISBN 978 0 8160 6599 8 page 657 ref All Sky Byte really wants is for Megatron ... is, and he goes to great lengths to prove his resourcefulness to him. Unfortunately for Sky Byte, things ... fools he has under him Slapper, Darkscream and Gas Skunk. Sky Byte frequently manages to shunt .... The Predacon Transformers Predacon trio don t like or respect Sky Byte and frequently disobey his orders for his part Sky Byte doesn t like them either, often using his threatening visage to cow them ... s even less, ensuring Gas Skunk, Darkscream and Slapper are actually willing to follow Sky Byte s orders to discredit them. His fierce outer appearance aside, there is also a softer side to Sky Byte, he ... up your mind Hamlet To Be or not to Be ? This guy can t make up his mind either Sky Byte found poetry ... ruminating over the destruction of his enemies . Animated series Sky Byte was a major character in Transformers ... occasion Sky Byte even convinced the other three Predacons to dress up as Autobots to thwart Scourge s plan and make Scourge look bad in Megatron s eyes. Like most of Sky Byte s plans however, little ... fall over Sky Byte, spurred on by the fact they had actually been cheering him, saved the humans lives, an act that convinced the Autobots that there was some hope for Sky Byte after all. Subsequently ... of the pyramid containing the Orbs of Sigma. Around this time Sky Byte began to have a rethink about ..., but Sky Byte was allowed to remain on Earth. Ironically, Slapper, Gas Skunk and Darkscream ..., Sky Byte is one of the most feared and respected Predacon warriors. He s a merciless warrior in battle ... found himself temporarily stranded on land. Dreamwave Productions Sky Byte made one appearance in the Dreamwave ... Magnus Transformers Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus Sky Byte took advantage of the situation and had ...   more details

  1. Bug-Byte

    Infobox Defunct company company name Bug Byte Software Ltd company logo Image Bug byte logo 200.png company type video game developer location Liverpool , England foundation 1980 defunct 1985 industry Computer and video game industry Computer and video games products Personal computer game Computer games key people Tony Baden, Tony Milner Bug Byte Software Ltd. was a company founded in 1980 by Tony Baden and Tony Milner, two Oxford University Oxford chemistry graduates. It was one of the first to develop a range of 8 bit computer games during the early 1980s, for Sinclair Research Sinclair , Commodore International Commodore and other home computer brands, particularly for the ZX Spectrum Spectrum . Among the better known titles are Manic Miner and Twin Kingdom Valley . The company was based in Liverpool , England , and helped found a number of software houses in that region. In 1983, programmer Eugene Evans and two of the senior staff left to form Imagine Software . Later in the year Matthew Smith games programmer Matthew Smith , a freelance developer who wrote Manic Miner , left to join Software Projects . In May 1985, after a difficult trading season and a shake out in the industry, the company went into voluntary liquidation, and the rights to their games and brand were purchased by Argus Press PLC . Argus continued to release both new games and budget versions of their own software under the Bug Byte name via subsidiary Argus Press Software Ltd. Argus Press Software Ltd became Grandslam Entertainment in 1987 after a management buy out. Software products Div col Aardvark video game Aardvark 1986 Another Vic in the Wall Aquarius Astertroids Automan 1985 Backgammon Birds and the Bees The Birds and the Bees II Antics 1985 Bomber Bob BOP 1986 Break Out Cavern Fighter Chess ... Div col end External links http company bug byte Bug Byte at MobyGames http ... disestablished in 1985 Category Companies based in Liverpool de Bug Byte it Bug Byte ...   more details

  1. Snake Byte

    Infobox VG title Snake Byte image caption developer Sirius Software Inc. publisher Sirius Software Inc. designer released 1982 genre Action game Action modes Single player video game One player only platforms Apple II family Apple II Snake Byte is a 1982 in video gaming 1982 computer game video game publisher published by Sirius Software Inc. for the Apple II family Apple II , Atari 8 bit family Atari 8 bit computers and Commodore 64 . Summary The player controls a snake, crawling into a rectangular area. At the start of the game the snake has three lives and gains a life when it successfully exits a level. The aim is to eat 10 apples in each of the 25 levels. If an apple is not eaten during the given deadline, three extra apples are to be eaten. The snake becomes longer and moves more quickly with each apple eaten. The snake loses a life when crashing into a fence, the wall or itself. After the last apple in each round is eaten the snake must exit the area through a gate which appears. Higher levels have more complicated fences, making the area more difficult to navigate. An optional difficulty is the plums one or two pieces which bounce around within the area and kill the snake when they hit its head. References reflist External links moby game id snake byte Category 1982 video games Category Action video games Category Apple II games Category Apple II only games action videogame stub ...   more details

  1. Guard byte

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 A guard byte is a part of computer program s memory that helps software developers find buffer overflows while developing the program. Principle When a computer program program is compiler compiled for debugging , all Memory computers memory allocations are prefixed and postfixed by guard bytes. Special memory allocation subroutine routines may then perform additional tasks to determine unwanted read and write attempts outside the allocated memory. These extra bytes help to detect that the program is writing into or even reading from inappropriate memory areas, potentially causing buffer overflow s. In case of accessing these bytes by the program s algorithm, the programmer is warned with information assisting him to locate the problem. Checking for the inappropriate access to the guard bytes may be done in two ways by setting a memory breakpoint on a condition of write and or read to those bytes, or by pre initializing the guard bytes with specific values and checking the values upon deallocation. The first way is possible only with a debugger that handles such breakpoints, but significantly increases the chance of locating the problem. The second way does not require any debuggers or special Integrated development environment environments and can be done even on other computers, but the programmer is alerted about the overflow only upon the deallocation, which is sometimes quite late. Because guard bytes require additional code to be executed and additional memory to be allocated, they are used only when the program is compiled for debugging. When compiled as a release , guard bytes are not used at all, neither the routines working with them. Example A programmer wants to allocate a Buffer computer science buffer of 100 bytes of memory while debugging. The system memory allocating subroutine routine will allocate ... of access to those bytes in a debugger. DEFAULTSORT Guard Byte Category Programming idioms Category ...   more details

  1. Serving suggestion

    Original research date September 2007 Unreferenced date December 2007 Serving suggestion is a disclaimer used on food packaging . The phrase is used as legal fine print with a picture of the product. The picture attempts to portray the manufacturer s food in the most favorable or appetizing way possible, sometimes including other foods that the package does not contain. For example, the labeling on a box of cereal may feature a picture of a cereal bowl filled with that cereal, milk and a fruit Garnish food garnish , or a jar of Mustard condiment mustard may picture a hot dog in a bun with mustard on it. The serving suggestion may portray the serving size of the food used, but just as often a much larger serving is shown as part of the marketing of the item. As a disclaimer a serving suggestion also serves to remove any legal obligation on the part of the manufacturer to provide the other items pictured with their product. When used with a cooking recipe , it is a recommendation from the author as a way to serve the dish. Category Food industry de Serviervorschlag fr Suggestion de pr sentation food stub ...   more details

  1. Serving size

    globalize date April 2010 The Food Pyramid is USA specific, and Nutrition Facts labels only exist in some countries, not all of which use the guidelines described in this article this note was added in November 2011 other uses Serving disambiguation Serving size is the amount of a food or drink that is generally served. It is found both on the Food guide pyramid Food Pyramid and its successor program MyPlate and on Nutrition Labels and has two related but differing meanings. The USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion sets the standards for these meanings in the United States . MyPlate The purpose of MyPlate is to assist people in choosing a healthy diet while meeting Recommended Dietary Allowances Nutrition Facts Label Nutrition Facts label is designed to give consumers important nutritional information about a product and allow comparisons with other food. The serving size indicates the amount of food that the nutrition information applies to. However, the label is not meant for direct comparison with the Food Pyramid s recommended servings. For example, a serving of milk may be 1 cup on the Food Pyramid, but 1 2 cup on the nutrition facts label. Also, a serving size according to a package may bear little resemblance to the amount of the food which most people eat at a time. Bulk products, such as sugar, generally have sizes in common units of measurement, such as the cup or tablespoon. Commonly divided products, such as pie or cake, have a serving size given in a fraction of the whole product e.g. , 1 8  pizza .Products which are sliced beforehand or are bought in distinct, grouped units such as olives , are listed in the approximate number of units corresponding to the reference amount. For example, if the reference amount for olives were 30  g, and one olive weighed 10  g, the serving size would probably be listed as three olives. References reflist DEFAULTSORT Serving Size Category Nutrition ...   more details

  1. Serving channel

    unref date October 2010 A serving channel sometimes called a depot channel is a slang term for a file sharing channel found on an Internet Relay Chat IRC network. Here, users can share and download files including photos, videos, audio files, books, programs, etc. Users that are actively sharing their files are generally referred to as servers , whereas users that download without sharing their own files are generally referred to as leech es . While serving normally implies pirated or questionable material, some channels are used for fully legitimate reasons. There are two styles of servers, Fserve s, and serving scripts like OmenServe. Fserve type channels Using an Fserve script, a server is set up like an FTP . Using Client To Client Protocol CTCP commands and server triggers, a user can initiate a connection with the server. Once connected, the user will be given realtime access to a server s file archive. ex. CTCP username trigger Searching and requesting with Fserves Once a leech has gained access to a server s Fserve, they can navigate through folders using commands similar to DOS . Once inside a folder, the user is able to retrieve a listing of what files are found there. ex ... display listing, along with the get command. ex. get filename.ext Serving script type channels Using a serving script, servers have the ability to send files directly to another user using remote commands. The serving script compiles a listing of available files, and also listens for a leech to request a file. Serving scripts also allow for a user to search all of the servers in a channel at the same time with a single command. Searching and requesting with serving scripts A user initiates a search ... commands exist, including find , search , and seek , depending on what serving script is being used ... is then placed in a file Queue data structure queue within the serving script, and downloaded ... file serving make easy IRC footer Category Internet Relay Chat Category File sharing Category Warez ...   more details

  1. Serving Charity

    Orphan date April 2010 Infobox non profit Non profit name Serving charity Non profit logo File SC logo white.jpg thumb Non profit type Charitable organization Charity founded date 2003 tax id registration id founder Abbas Jahangiri location this parameter modifies Headquarters origins key people area served Canada , India , the Dominican Republic , Haiti , Germany , Iran , and Vietnam product mission focus method revenue endowment num volunteers num employees num members subsid owner Non profit slogan former name homepage http dissolved footnotes Serving Charity is an international interfaith non profit organization based in Toronto , Ontario , Canada . Its mission is to serve the poor through Charitable organization charity and selfless service . Mother Teresa of Calcutta is expressed to be the sole inspiration for the organization and all of its initiatives ref http toronto gta 3692 mother teresa inspires muslim mans charitable giving ref . Serving Charity was founded in 2003 by Abbas Jahangiri ref http features ref . He is also the current owner of the historical music venue el Mocambo and other companies ref http ref . Serving Charity is entirely run by volunteers. It resides and is primarily supported by the revenue from the el Mocambo ref http ref . The organization has charity projects in seven countries Canada , India , the Dominican Republic , Haiti , Germany , Iran , and Vietnam . In 2010 Serving Charity opened its first orphanage in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, for orphaned or abandoned Haitian refugee children ref http features ref ... 3692 849 ref . Children4Charity C4C and Kids with Special Needs KSN are branches of Serving Charity ... features ref . Serving Charity supports three Children4Charity schools in the Dominican Republic for Haitian ... Serving Charity website http Children4Charity website DEFAULTSORT Serving ...   more details

  1. Serving Sara

    Infobox Film name Serving Sara image Serving Sara Movie Poster.jpg caption Serving Sara film poster alt director Reginald Hudlin producer Dan Halsted writer Jay Scherick br David Ronn starring Matthew Perry br Elizabeth Hurley br Bruce Campbell music Marcus Miller cinematography Robert Brinkmann editing Jim Miller film editor Jim Miller distributor Paramount Pictures released start date 2002 08 20 runtime 99 minutes country United States language English budget 29 million gross 20,146,150 Serving ... Tyler Matthew Perry , a process server , a week late, serving a Mafia kingpin known as Fat Charlie ... the Entertainer ridiculing him for such while complimenting his rival server Tony Vincent Pastore for serving ... for Sara, he sees Tony s watch in the picture he took of him serving Sara, and calls Ray to inform ... flop Serving Sara, in which he co starred with Elizabeth Hurley, to check into rehab again. location ... metacritic film id servingsara title Serving Sara . Retrieved accessdate 2007 08 29 ref On Rotten Tomatoes ... rotten tomatoes serving sara . Retrieved accessdate 2007 08 29 ref Box office The film opened at 6 ... title Serving Sara . Retrieved accessdate 2007 08 29 ref The film grossed only 20,146,150 at the international box office, although Serving Sara has since been more successful within DVD sales and airing on television world wide. References reflist External links imdb title 0261289 Serving Sara amg movie 153746 Serving Sara mojo title servingsara Serving Sara rotten tomatoes serving sara Serving Sara metacritic film servingsara Serving Sara http news 20020812 199.html Matthew Perry interview for Serving Sara Reginald Hudlin Category 2002 films Category 2000s romantic comedy ... Category Films shot in Texas Category Paramount Pictures films bg ca Serving Sara de Mann umst ndehalber abzugeben oder Scheidung ist s es Serving Sara fr Au service de Sara ... sv Serving Sara ...   more details

  1. Serving Tatars

    Onesource date March 2009 Serving Tatars lang tt Yom l Tatarlar lang ru were a class of ethnically Tatars state servants in Muscovy and Russia in 14th 18th centuries. Originally this class was formed Tatar nobles from Golden Horde and Tatar khanates that enjoyed membership of the Russian service class. Later, qara xal q black people peasants of Khanate of Kazan Economics Kazan Khanate enjoyed this status after the fall of khanate in 1552. Their own ownership of shares in state land were granted to Russian and Qasim Khanate Qasim nobles. The elite of the Serving Tatars were those served as translators, scribes, clerks, ambassadors to Central Asian countries and so on. The majority participated in Livonian war of 1558 1583, as well as other campaigns. They also, with the Cossack s, protected the Eastern borders of Russia , especially in the modern Orenburg Oblast . Unlike most Tatars, they had the right to use firearms and some of them became officers in the Russian Army. Serving Tatars received land, financial support and food. They also had privileges in handicraft production and trade. In the 18th century they were reclassified as members of the class of State Peasants . References TES Category Politics of Muscovy Category Tatar people Category Tatar topics tt Yom l Tatarlar zh ...   more details

  1. Serving In Mission

    mission, now called Serving In Mission. Purpose The purpose of SIM includes planting, strengthening ... societies Category Christian organizations established in the 19th century de Serving In Mission ...   more details

  1. Ad serving

    Refimprove date April 2008 Ad serving describes the technology and service that places advertisement s on web site s. Ad serving technology companies provide software to web sites and advertisers to serve ads, count them, choose the ads that will make the website or advertiser most money, and monitor progress of different advertising campaign s. Overview An ad server is a server computing computer server , specifically a web server , that stores advertisement s used in online marketing and delivers them to website visitors. ref cite web last Emediate title What is ad serving url http whatisadserving0 accessdate 25 April 2012 ref The content of the webserver is constantly updated so that the website or webpage on which the ads are displayed contains new advertisements e.g., banners static images animations or text when the site or page is visited or refreshed by a user. The purpose of ad serving is to deliver targeted ads that match the website visitor s interest. Ad serving also performs various other tasks like counting the number of impressions clicks for an ad campaign and report generation, which helps in determining the ROI for an advertiser on a particular website. ref cite web last Marketing Land title Study For Display Ads Clicks Have Nearly Zero Correlation With Conversion url http study for display ads clicks have nearly zero correlation with conversion 10695 accessdate 25 April 2012 ref Ad servers can be run locally or by third party or Remote access remote ad servers. Local ad servers are typically run by a single publisher and serve ads to that publisher s domains, allowing fine grained creative, formatting, and content control by that publisher. Remote ad servers can serve ads across domains owned by multiple publishers. They deliver ... of their advertisements across the world wide web web . The history of ad serving The first central ... i.e. targeting specific individuals or companies Ad targeting and optimization One aspect of ad serving ...   more details

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