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Encyclopedia results for Burz


Encyclopedia results for Burz

  1. Burz

    Burz is the middle Persian name for the Indo Iranian divinity of waters. Burz is also known as Ahura Berezant in the texts of the Avesta , and also as Apam Napat in Avestan and Vedic Sanskrit . Burz is a Yazad Avestan Yazata in Zoroastrianism and later Persian mythology . Mary Boyce suggests that the proto Iranian Apam Napat incorporated many of the features of a proto Indo Iranian equivalent of Varuna vouruna , who in turn may be the Vouru ka a luminous ocean of Persian mythology. In Persian mythology, Apam Napat has also some military aspects and is said to keep rebellion in check. In fiction Tolkien used the word b rz to mean dark in one of his invented languages the Black Speech . See also Apam Napat References cite encyclopedia title Ahura last Kuiper first B. F. J encyclopedia Encyclopaedia Iranica year 2002 location New York publisher Mazda Pub cite encyclopedia title Ahura Mazda last Boyce first Mary encyclopedia Encyclopaedia Iranica year 2002 location New York publisher Mazda Pub Category Persian mythology Category Yazatas Zoroastrianism stub MEast myth stub fa ...   more details

  1. Baba Thakur

    Infobox Mandir Article added by SAJJAN SINGH 9717064793 name Baba Thakur image Baba Thakur ji on holi.jpg 250px caption Baba Thakur latd 28.38 longd 76.33 coordinates region IN coordinates display title other names proper name Baba Thakur Ji devanagari sanskrit translit tamil marathi bengali country India state Harayana district Rewari location Karoli, India Karoli elevation m primary deity Krishana important festivals architecture number of temples number of monuments inscriptions date built About before 150 year creator website The temple is dedicated to lord Krishana. Thakur is another name of lord Krishana. It is to be believed that the temple is established by the people kaksh gotra about before 150 years on the time of the establishment of the village.But there is exact proof of the establishment of the temple. File Baba Thakur Main Entrance Gate.jpg Baba Thakur Main Entrance Gate thumb right 200px Main entrance to the Baba Thakur Ji temple view from outside the temple . Design There was an old building of the temple but in 1997 villagers renewal the temple.It took two years of work and a total expenditure of Rs 50 lack for the magnificent Baba Thakur Ji temple to take its present form. Gallery gallery File Baba Thakur Mandir Burz.jpg Baba Thakur Mandir Burz File MAin Gate & Burz.jpg Baba Thakur Main gate & burz File Baba Thakur Mandir Court Yard.jpg Baba Thakur Mandir Court Yard File Main Gate View In Night.jpg Main Gate view in the night of Holi File The Main Worship Place 1.jpg The Main Worship Place 1 File The Main Worship Place 2.jpg The Main Worship Place 2 gallery See also Karoli, Rewari Yaduvanshi Ahirs Lookhi Kosli Kanina khas Rewari Mahendragarh Yadav caste Category Hindu temples in Haryana Category Hindu temples in India Category Temples in India ...   more details

  1. Jhegaala

    hometown of Burz, and his investigations of its inhabitants, and his family s mysterious legacy there. Vlad ... with a town called Burz, known for its smell and paper making business. Vlad decides to head ... to sense Morganti blades. After arriving in Burz, Vlad takes on the name Merss and discovers he ... some basic questions about Burz and agrees to ask about Vlad s kin. Vlad decides to begin his own .... Vlad decides to find out about the Coven of witches in Burz by following one of them home and forcefully ... years, the now mostly recovered Vlad completes his revenge by returning to Burz, stealing the Count ...   more details

  1. Aban

    with the waters All three Ahura s Ahura Mazda Mazda , Mithra , Burz Apam Napat , two Amesha ... with Apam Napat middle Persian Burz Burz Yazad , another divinity of waters. In Yasna 38, which ...   more details

  1. Apaosha

    . On the opposing front, Tishtrya is supported by Verethragna Vahman , Haoma Hom , Burz Apam Napat Burz ...   more details

  1. Apam Napat

    other uses Apam Napat is an eminent figure of the Indo Iranian Pantheon gods pantheon . In Hinduism , Ap m Nap t is the god of fresh water , such as in river s and lake s. In Zoroastrianism , Ap m Nap t is also a divinity of water, see also Burz . Ap m Napat in Sanskrit and Ap m Nap t in Avestan language Avestan mean grandson of waters see Ap water . Sanskrit and Old Persian napat as well as Avestan nap t grandson are cognate to Latin nep s and English nephew , but the name Ap m Nap t has also been compared to Etruscan Nethuns and Celtic Nechtan mythology Nechtan and Roman Neptune mythology Neptune . In Yasht 19 of the Avesta Apam Nap t appears as the Creator of mankind. Here, there is an evident link between the glory of sovereignty Khvarenah and Apam Nap t who protects Khvarenah as the Khvarenah royal glory of Iranian kings. Ap m Napat is sometimes, for example in Rigveda book 2 hymn 35 verse 3, described as a fire god who originates in water see Agni . The reference to fire may have originally referred to flames from natural gas or oil seepages surfacing through water, as in a fire temple at Surakhany near Baku in Azerbaijan http modi baku.htm Jivanji Jamshedji Modi 1926 . Dubious date January 2009 There is a conjecture that the word naphtha came via Greek, where it meant any sort of petroleum from the name Apam Napat . ref http books?id gLQnmxGjpjIC&pg PA12&lpg PA12&dq 22apam napat 22 naphtha&source bl&ots RH8zshPqju&sig lv7 0Ds2NjsqgAHMoclGt7JE9Nw&hl en&ei MiQVSr7pGtWZjAfFr jQDQ&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 2 Studies in ancient technology by R. J. Forbes page 12 ref References references External links http tudomany forizs dirghatamas.pdf Ap m. Nap t, D rghatamas and the Construction of the Brick Altar. Analysis of RV 1.143 in the http forizs cv en.html homepage of Laszlo Forizs Hindu Deities and Texts Category Hindu gods Category Rigvedic deities Category Sea and river gods Hindu myth ...   more details

  1. Proto-Indo-Iranian religion

    Apam Napat , Ap m Nap t Burz Ap m Nap t the water s offspring aryaman aryaman airyaman Arya hood ...   more details

  1. SBB (band)

    Unreferenced date January 2009 br This article is about the Polish band. For the Michigan band, see Small Brown Bike SBB first known as Silesian Blues Band , later as Szukaj, Burz, Buduj Polish language Polish for Search, Break up, Build is a Poland Polish progressive rock band formed in 1971 in Siemianowice l skie Siemianowice , Upper Silesia by multi instrumentalist and vocalist J zef Skrzek . It was one of the most popular super groups in Poland in the 1970s seventies they also toured Czechoslovakia , East Germany East and West Germany , Bulgaria , Sweden , Denmark and United States . The band split up in 1980 but was briefly re activated in 1991, 1993, 1998 and finally in 2000. SBB members J zef Skrzek bass guitar , lead singer , Keyboard instrument keyboards , harmonica Jerzy Piotrowski until 1994 Drum kit drums Apostolis Anthimos guitar , drums S awomir Piwowar 1979 1980 guitar Andrzej Rusek 1993 94 bass guitar Miros aw Muzykant 1998 1999 drums Paul Wertico 2000 2007 drums Gabor Nemeth 2007 drums Albums 1972 Czes aw Niemen Niemen Strange Is This World CBS 1973 Czes aw Niemen Niemen Ode to Venus CBS 1973 Czes aw Niemen Niemen Marionetki Niemen Vol. 1 Polskie Nagrania Muza 1973 Czes aw Niemen Niemen Marionetki Niemen Vol. 2 Niemen Vol. 2 Polskie Nagrania Muza 1974 SBB Polskie Nagrania Muza 1975 Nowy horyzont New Horizons Polskie Nagrania Muza 1976 Pami A Memory Polskie Nagrania Muza 1977 Halina Fr ckowiak Geira Polskie Nagrania Muza 1977 Ze s owem biegn do ciebie Polskie Nagrania Muza 1977 Jerzyk Hedgehock Wifon 1978 Wo anie o brz k szk a Supraphon 1978 Follow My Dream Spiegelei Intercord 1978 SBB alternate title Amiga Album Amiga 1979 Welcome Wifon Spiegelei Intercord 1981 Memento z banalnym tryptykiem Polskie Nagrania Muza 1994 Live 1993 Stuff 1994 Live In America 94 Radio Katowice 1999 Absolutely Live 98 Yesterday 1999 SBB w filharmonii akt 1 i 2 2 CD, Yesterday 2000 Good Bye Moskito Records 2001 Nastroje Jazz N Java 2001 Karlstad Live 1975 Koch Internati ...   more details

  1. Varuna

    Ahura Berezainti, High Lord Burz Apam Napat , the third member of the Ahuric triad the other two are Mazda ...   more details

  1. Mithra

    Ahura Mazda and Ahura Berezaiti Burz Apam Napat also have, Mithra is an exalted figure. As the divinity ...   more details

  1. Hawker Nimrod

    and from the first batch built. ref name Nimrod Mason 1961 p.399 ref Nimrod II K3661 , G BURZ is operated ...   more details

  1. Suresh Bhardwaj

    , Suno Janmejaya, Ghasiram Kotwal, Visakhdutt, Malvikagnimitram, Chaturbhani, Matia Burz, Hayavadana ...   more details

  1. Karoli, India

    refimprove date May 2010 Infobox Indian jurisdiction article added by SAJJAN SINGH type village native name KAROLI district Rewari state name Haryana nearest city Kanina , Kosli parliament const Rohtak assembly const Kosli sarpanch Kamala Devi latd 28.38 longd 76.33 locator position right area total area magnitude altitude population total 5000 population as of population density sex ratio 60 52 literacy 70 area telephone 01259 postal code 123303 vehicle code range climate Dry website Karoli Lang hi is a village located in Kosli Tehsil, Rewari Rewari District , Haryana , India . It is on the 1.5 kilometre approach road boarded to Bahu Jholri on the Kosli &ndash Kanina India Kanina road and is 12  kilometres from Kosli and 7  kilometres from Kanina India Kanina . The villages is 125  kilometres from Delhi , the capital of India. It is a large village with an approximate population of 5000 to 5500. There is average one person in army from each family. Kamala Devi is current second ladies sarpanch of the village after Smt. Bhoori Devi . There are numerous temples in the village, of which that of Baba Thakur Ji has a special importance. All the villagers used to have dinner in the temple on Holi The Indian festival . The village school was earlier up to class 10 and due to excellent result in entire district,the school has been upgraded to Senior Secondary School . The village was the birthplace of Hari Ram Arya , ref name A http component sobi2 ?sobi2Task sobi2Details&catid 1&sobi2Id 1 ref the Chairman of Haryana Azad Hind Fouj who participated in the Indian Independence Movement. Geography File Baba Thakur Mandir Burz.jpg Baba Thakur Mandir Burz thumb right 150px Karoli is located at Coord 28 38 39 N 76 33 27 E type city region IN display inline,title . ref http maps haryana districts jhajjar.htm ref ref name COORDINATES http mapmaker?hl en&fll 28.383208,76.336999&fr 0.000755,0.000858&mpp 2.101 ...   more details

  1. Dilip Chitre

    Translation , Poetrywala , Mumbai, 2008 In Hindi Pisati ka Burz Dileep Chitre ki Chuni Huvi ...   more details

  1. Bulgarian parliamentary election, 2009

    07 06 751108 borisov obeshta burz kabinet i sukrashteniia na visshi title ...   more details

  1. Boyko Borisov

    Infobox officeholder name Boyko Borisov br small small image Boyko Borisov 3.jpg office Prime Minister of Bulgaria president Georgi Parvanov br Rosen Plevneliev deputy Simeon Djankov br Tsvetan Tsvetanov term start 27 July 2009 term end predecessor Sergei Stanishev successor office1 List of mayors of Sofia Mayor of Sofia term start1 8 November 2005 term end1 27 July 2009 predecessor1 Minko Gerdzhikov small Acting small successor1 Minko Gerdzhikov small Acting small birth date birth date and age 1959 6 13 df y birth place Bankya , People s Republic of Bulgaria Bulgaria death date death place party National Movement for Stability and Progress small 2001 2005 small br Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria small 2006 present small spouse Stela Borisova small Divorced small partner Tsvetelina Borislavova small Separated small children Veneta Boyko Metodiev Borisov lang bg , IPA mk b jko m t di f bo risof IPA born 13 June 1959 is a Bulgaria n politician who has been List of Prime Ministers of Bulgaria Prime Minister of Bulgaria since July 2009. Previously he was Mayor of Sofia from 8 November 2005 until his election as Prime Minister. After his party, GERB , won the Bulgarian parliamentary election, 2009 July 2009 parliamentary election , Borisov became Bulgaria s 50th List of Prime Ministers of Bulgaria Prime Minister ref name dnes cite news url http izbori2009 2009 07 05 pyrvoto obeshtanie na gerb nov izbiratelen kodeks.73813 title , date 2009 07 05 publisher language Bulgarian accessdate 2009 07 07 ref ref name dnevnik cite news url http izbori2009 parlamentarni izbori 2009 07 06 751108 borisov obeshta burz kabinet i sukrashteniia na visshi title date 2009 07 06 publisher language Bulgarian accessdate 2009 07 07 ref on 27 July 2009. Biography Early life Borisov was born in 195 ...   more details

  1. Zoroastrian calendar

    been dedicated to Burz Apam Napat , Haoma , and Dahm Dahm n Afr n . The dedication to the Ahura ...   more details

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