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Ackermann function
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Encyclopedia results for Ackermann function

Ackermann function

Encyclopedia results for Ackermann function

  1. Ackermann function

    In computability theory , the Ackermann function , named after Wilhelm Ackermann , is one of the simplest ..., but the Ackermann function illustrates that not all total computable functions are primitive ... authors modified it to suit various purposes, so that today the Ackermann function may refer to any of numerous variants of the original function. One common version, the two argument Ackermann P ter ..., Ackermann published his function math varphi , math . Ackermann s three argument function, math varphi ... . , math Aside from its historic role as a total computable but not primitive recursive function, Ackermann ..., although not as seamlessly as do variants of Ackermann s function that are specifically designed for that purpose ... Hilbert hypothesized that the Ackermann function was not primitive recursive, but it was Ackermann ... Robinson later developed a two variable version of the Ackermann function that became preferred by many ... called the Ackermann function by some authors is defined for nonnegative integers m and n as follows ... increase greatly. The P ter Ackermann function can also be expressed in terms of various other versions of the Ackermann function the indexed version of Knuth s up arrow notation extended ... could logically be added. For small values of m like 1, 2, or 3, the Ackermann function grows relatively ... , the Ackermann function may be defined via primitive recursion over higher order functionals as follows ... Iter f n 1 & & f operatorname Iter f n . end array math One interesting aspect of the Ackermann function ... the running time is far larger than the output see below. Table of values Computing the Ackermann function ... similar to applying the Ackermann function to itself recursively. This is a repeat of the above table ... To see how the Ackermann function grows so quickly, it helps to expand out some simple expressions ... function , f sup 1 sup , grows very slowly. This inverse Ackermann function f sup 1 sup is usually ... Chazelle s algorithm for minimum spanning tree s. Sometimes Ackermann s original function or other variations ...   more details

  1. Ackermann

    See Ackermann surname for many people with this name. Ackermann may also refer to the following things Several mathematical objects named after Wilhelm Ackermann Ackermann function Ackermann ordinal Ackermann set theory Ackermann steering geometry , in engineering See also Ackerman disambiguation disambig es Ackermann fr Ackermann it Ackermann hu Ackermann egy rtelm s t lap nl Ackermann pl Ackermann pt Ackermann ru fi Ackermann sv Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Wilhelm Ackermann

    advisor David Hilbert doctoral students known for Ackermann function author abbreviation bot author abbreviation zoo prizes religion footnotes Wilhelm Friedrich Ackermann 29 March 1896 &ndash 24 December 1962 was a Germany German mathematician best known for the Ackermann function , an important example in the theory of computation . Ackermann was born in Herscheid municipality, Germany , and was awarded ... in L denscheid , Germany . See also Ackermann coding Ackermann ordinal Ackermann set theory Inverse Ackermann function Bibliography 1928. On Hilbert s construction of the real number s in Jean van Heijenoort ... ACKERMANN 1896 1962 pdf 945 KB Persondata NAME Ackermann, William Friedrich ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German mathematician best known for the Ackermann function DATE OF BIRTH March 29, 1896 ...Infobox scientist name Wilhelm Ackermann image Ackermann Wilhelm.jpg image size 250px caption Wilhelm Ackermann birth date birth date 1896 3 29 df y birth place Herscheid , Germany death date death date ... of M nster . In 1928, Ackermann helped David Hilbert turn his 1917 22 lectures on introductory ... and decidability Entscheidungsproblem . Ackermann went on to construct consistency proof s for set ... axiomatic set theory axiomatization of set theory 1956 . Although Ackermann did not choose a university ... MacTutor Biography id Ackermann MathGenealogy 7396 http efriedma periodictable html Ac.html Erich Friedman s page on Ackermann at Stetson University http DPubS Repository ... DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Wilhelm Category 1896 births Category 1962 deaths Category People from ... 20th century mathematicians de Wilhelm Ackermann Mathematiker es Wilhelm Ackermann fr Wilhelm Ackermann it Wilhelm Ackermann ht Wilhelm Ackermann hu Wilhelm Ackermann nl Wilhelm Ackermann ja pms Wilhelm Ackermann pl Wilhelm Ackermann pt Wilhelm Ackermann ro Wilhelm Ackermann ru , sk Wilhelm Ackermann sr fi Wilhelm Ackermann sv Wilhelm Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Ackermann ordinal

    In mathematics, the Ackermann ordinal is a certain large countable ordinal , named after Wilhelm Ackermann . The term Ackermann ordinal is also occasionally used for the small Veblen ordinal , a somewhat larger ordinal. Unfortunately there is no standard notation for ordinals beyond the Feferman Sch tte ordinal sub 0 sub . Most systems of notation use symbols such as , , sub sub , some of which are modifications of the Veblen function s to produce countable ordinals even for uncountable arguments, and some of which are collapsing function s . The smaller Ackermann ordinal is the limit of a system of ordinal notations invented by harvtxt Ackermann 1951 , and is sometimes denoted by math phi Omega 2 0 math or math theta Omega 2 math or math psi Omega 2 math . Ackermann s system of notation is weaker than the system introduced much earlier by harvtxt Veblen 1908 , which he seems to have been unaware of. References citation mr 0039669 last Ackermann first Wilhelm title Konstruktiver Aufbau eines Abschnitts der zweiten Cantorschen Zahlenklasse journal Math. Z. volume 53 year 1951 pages 403 413 doi 10.1007 BF01175640 issue 5 citation title Continuous Increasing Functions of Finite and Transfinite Ordinals first Oswald last Veblen journal Transactions of the American Mathematical Society volume 9 issue 3 year 1908 pages 280 292 doi 10.2307 1988605 citation last Weaver first Nik arxiv math 0509244 title Predicativity beyond Gamma 0 year 2005 countable ordinals DEFAULTSORT Ackermann Ordinal Category Ordinal numbers ...   more details

  1. Georg Ackermann

    Georg Ackermann may refer to Georg Ackermann athlete born 1972 , retired German long jumper Georg Ackermann pilot 1918 2007 , German Luftwaffe bomber pilot See also Ackermann surname hndis Ackermann, Georg ...   more details

  1. Ackermann (surname)

    Acker comes from German language German or Old English , meaning field . It is related to the word acre , and therefore Ackermann means fieldman . People surnamed Ackermann include Anton Ackermann 1905 1973 , German foreign minister Christian Ackermann died 1710 , Estonian sculptor Dorothea Ackermann 1752 1821 , German actress Ernst Christian Wilhelm Ackermann 1761 1835 , Bohemian public servant Franz Ackermann born 1963 , abstract artist Georg Christian Benedict Ackermann 1763 1833 , German theologian Georg Friedrich Ackermann 1787 1843 , German landscape painter Georg Ackermann pilot 1918 2007 , German World War II bomber pilot Georg Ackermann athlete born 1972 , German long jumper Hans Ackermann 16th century , German dramatist Jacob Fidelis Ackermann 1765 1815 , German doctor Johan Ackermann born 1970 , South African rugby union player Johann Adam Ackermann 1780 1853 , German landscape painter Johann Christian Gottlieb Ackermann 1756 1801 , German doctor Josef Ackermann born 1948 , current CEO of Deutsche Bank J rgen Ackermann , German engineer and scientist Konrad Ernst Ackermann 1712 1771 , German actor Leopold Ackermann Petrus Fouresius 1771 1831 , biblical archaeologist Liliane Ackermann 1938 2007 , French scientist and author Louise Victorine Ackermann 1813 1819 , French poet Marie Magdalene Charlotte Ackermann 1757 1775 , German actress Ronny Ackermann born 1977 , German skier Rosemarie Ackermann born 1952 , German high jumper Rudolph Ackermann 1764 1834 , German born English publisher, printer, and inventor Sophie Charlotte Ackermann 1714 1792 , German actress Stefan Ackermann , German singer Wilhelm Ackermann 1896 1962 , German mathematician Wilhelm Heinrich Ackermann 1789 1848 , German teacher See also Ackermann disambiguation Ackerman surname surname Ackermann DEFAULTSORT Ackermann Category Surnames ...   more details

  1. Ackermann coding

    In Set theory Ackermann coding or Ackermann interpretation is the encoding of Finite set finite sets as Natural number natural numbers as devised by Wilhelm Ackermann in his 1937 paper ref name ackermann cite journal last Ackermann first Wilhelm title Die Widerspruchsfreiheit der allgemeinen Mengenlehre journal Mathematische Annalen year 1937 volume 114 pages 305 315 url http dms img ?PPN PPN235181684 0114&DMDID dmdlog23 accessdate 2012 01 09 ref ref cite journal last Kirby first Laurence title Finitary Set Theory journal Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic year 2009 volume 50 issue 3 pages 227 244 url http DPubS?verb Display 26version 1.0 26service UI 26handle euclid.ndjfl 1257862036 26page record accessdate 31 May 2011 ref The Consistency of General Set Theory . Each natural number encodes a finite set and each finite set is represented by a natural number. This mapping uses the binary numeral system . If the number n encodes a finite set A and the i th binary digit of n is 1 then the set encoded by i is Element mathematics element of A . The Ackermann coding is a primitive recursive function . ref cite book page 261 last Rautenberg first Wolfgang doi 10.1007 978 1 4419 1221 3 title A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic url http content 978 1 4419 1220 6 publisher Springer Science Business Media location New York City New York edition 3rd isbn 978 1 4419 1220 6 year 2010 ref References Reflist Category Set theory settheory stub ...   more details

  1. Jens Ackermann

    Jens Ackermann born 2 July 1975 in Magdeburg is a Germany German politician and member of the Free Democratic Party Germany FDP in the Bundestag . External links http bundestag abgeordnete bio A ackerje0.html Bundestag biography de icon Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata NAME Ackermann, Jens ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German politician DATE OF BIRTH 2 July 1975 PLACE OF BIRTH Magdeburg , East Germany DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Jens Category 1975 births Category Living people Category People from Magdeburg Category University of Halle Wittenberg alumni Category Free Democratic Party Germany politicians Category Members of the Bundestag Germany politician stub de Jens Ackermann la Ioannes Ackermann pl Jens Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Stephan Ackermann

    BLP sources date April 2010 Stephan Ackermann Mayen 1963 was appointed Bishop of Trier or Treves in the Moselle area of Germany , in 2009. Citation needed date April 2010 Biography He had previously served with the title of Sozopolis in Haemimonto as auxiliary bishop in the same diocese from 2006. Citation needed date April 2010 Ackermann was educated at secondary school level in Andernach . He has studied at the Gregoriana in Rome , and at the Jesuit run Sankt Georgen faculty in Frankfurt . Citation needed date April 2010 The France French newspaper La Croix has described Ackermann as a vigorous spokesman for the Catholic Church in Germany. ref La Croix, 31 March 2010. ref References Reflist Use dmy dates date August 2010 Persondata NAME Ackermann, Stephan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Bishop of Trier DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Stephan Category Bishops of Trier Category Living people de Stephan Ackermann la Stephanus Ackermann nl Stephan Ackermann pl Stephan Ackermann fi Stephan Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Ackermann's Repository

    Ackermann s Repository of Arts was an illustrated, British periodical published from 1809 1829 by Rudolph Ackermann . ref Ackermann s Regency Furniture & Interiors, By Rudolph Ackermann, Introduction by Pauline Agius, Crowood Press, 1984 ref Although commonly called Ackermann s Repository , or, simply Ackerman s , the formal title of the journal was Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions, and politics , and it did, indeed cover all of these fields. ref Rudolph Ackermann, His Life The Populariser of Aquatint Engraving, Pioneer of Art book Illustration By Arthur Ackermann, pub. Arthur Ackermann & Son ref In its day, it had great influence on English taste in fashion, architecture, and literature. ref Silver Fork Society Fashionable Life and Literature from 1814 1840,by Alison Adburgham, 1983, p. 224 ref Ackermann employed Frederic Shoberl from the third issue in 1809 to 1828 when Shoberl moved onto similar projects. ref name odnb G. C. Boase, Shoberl , Frederic 1775 1853 , rev. Nilanjana Banerji, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 http view article 25450, accessed 1 June 2010 ref References reflist Category Defunct magazines of the United Kingdom Category Publications established in 1809 Category Publications disestablished in 1829 ...   more details

  1. Josef Ackermann

    Infobox Person name Josef Ackermann image Josef Ackermann World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012.jpg image size 200px caption Josef Ackermann at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in 2012 birth date birth date and age 1948 2 7 birth place Mels , Canton of St. Gallen death date death place nationality Switzerland Swiss other names known for alma mater University of St. Gallen occupation Banker employer Deutsche Bank Josef Ackermann born February 7, 1948 is a Swiss people Swiss banker and chief executive officer of Deutsche Bank . Ackermann agreed at the end of 2009 to continue as chief executive of Deutsche Bank for another three years until 2013. ref http nachrichten 2009 04 13743688 update 2 ackermann to stay as deutsche bank ceo until 2013 020.htm Ackermann to stay as Deutsche Bank CEO until 2013 AFX News ref Ackermann was born in Mels , Canton of St. Gallen , Switzerland . He is a graduate of the University of St. Gallen HSG . He is married to Pirkko M ls . Other responsibilities Second Deputy Chairman of Siemens AG Non Executive Director of Royal Dutch Shell Shell Visiting professor of Finance at the London School of Economics Visiting professor at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University President of the Board of Trustees of the St. Gallen Symposium St. Gallen Foundation for International Studies President of the Board of Patrons of the Institute ... Finance According to the Financial Times Deutschland Ackermann earned 9.4m in 2009 and 8.8m in 2010 ... NAME Ackermann, Josef ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Chief executive officer of Deutsche Bank DATE ... DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Josef Category 1948 births Category Swiss bankers Category Swiss chief executives ... business bio stub de Josef Ackermann es Josef Ackermann fr Josef Ackermann ko lt Josef Meinrad Ackermann pl Josef Ackermann pt Josef Ackermann ro Josef Ackermann ru , sv Josef Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Hans Ackermann

    Hans Ackermann 16th century was a Germany German dramatist , living in Zwickau . He was a close friend of Paul Rebhun , another contemporary dramatist. Publications Der Verlorene Sohn , 1536 Tobias , praising marriage as opposed to the celibacy promoted by the catholic church . Sources Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie s de ADB Ackermann, Hans online version at Wikisource Persondata NAME Ackermann, Hans ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Dramatist DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Hans Category Year of birth missing Category Year of death missing Category 16th century writers Category German dramatists and playwrights Germany writer stub ...   more details

  1. Franz Ackermann

    File Ackermann Franz Maler Kunstmuseum Bonn 161209.jpg thumb Ackermann at the Kunstmuseum Bonn , 2009 Franz Ackermann born 1963 in Neumarkt Sankt Veit , Bavaria is a German painter and installation artist based in Berlin . He makes cartoonish Abstract art abstraction . He attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Munich from 1984 1988 and the Hochschule f r bildende K nste Hamburg from 1989 1991. He has shown work internationally in many exhibitions including the 2003 Venice Biennale , Drawing Now 8 Propositions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York , Hybrids at Tate Liverpool , Global Navigation System at Pace le aloghy de Tokyo in Paris and Seasons in the Sun at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam . He is represented by Gavin Brown s Enterprise in New York, Meyer Riegger gallery in Karlsruhe , Galeria Fortes Vilaca in Sao Paulo and Gio Marconi in Milan . His works are held in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art . ref http collection browse results.php?criteria O 3AAD 3AE 3A22669&page number 1&template id 1&sort order 1 ref References Reflist External links http p articles mi m0268 is 8 39 ai 75830845 Artforum , April, 2001. fr http histoire art biographie franz ackermann.htm Franz Ackermann Normdaten PND 119324547 LCCN nr 00 27867 VIAF 22384160 Persondata NAME Ackermann, Franz ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Painter DATE OF BIRTH 1963 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Franz Category 1963 births Category Living people Category People from M hldorf district Category German painters Category Contemporary painters Category Academy of Fine Arts, Munich alumni Germany painter stub de Franz Ackermann Maler es Franz Ackermann pl Franz Ackermann ru , ...   more details

  1. Rudolph Ackermann

    Image Rudolph Ackermann.jpg thumb right 200px Rudolph Ackermann , portrait by Fran ois Nicholas Mouchet Fran ois Mouchet between 1810 1814. National Portrait Gallery United Kingdom National Portrait Gallery , London Rudolph Ackermann 20 April 1764 in Stollberg , Electorate of Saxony , Germany 30 March 1834 in London was an Anglo German bookseller, inventor , Lithography lithographer , publisher and businessman. Biography He was born at Schneeberg, Saxony Schneeberg , in Saxony , where he attended the Latin school. His wish to study at the university was made impossible by lack of financial means ... 2, page 6 ref Ackermann set up a lithography lithographic press and begun a trade in copper lithographs .... In 1809 he applied his press to the illustration of his Ackermann s Repository Repository of Arts ... Rowlandson and other distinguished artists were regular contributors. Ackermann s Repository documented ... Abbey 2 vols., 1812 , The Rhine 1820 , The World in Miniature 43 vols., 1821 1826 , etc. Ackermann ... needed date September 2009 After the Battle of Leipzig , Ackermann collected nearly a quarter of a million pounds sterling for the German casualties. He also patented the Ackermann steering geometry ... Woodward References reflist 1911 Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie s de ADB Ackermann, Rudolph online version ... Prideaux 1909 , Aquatint engraving . London Duckworth & Co. Chapter VI Rudolph Ackermann and his ... FMN Forget Me Not A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann s 19th Century Literary Annual reproduces elements ... by Rudolf Ackermann between 1823 and 1847. Hyperlinks allow the volumes to be examined by author ... journals. Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata Persondata NAME Ackermann, Rudolph ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1764 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1834 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann ... Category 1834 deaths Category Papermakers de Rudolph Ackermann es Rudolph Ackerman it Rudolph Ackermann pam Rudolph Ackermann pt Rudolph Ackermann ru , ...   more details

  1. Lourens Ackermann

    Image Replace this image male.svg right Lourens Laurie Wepener Hugo Ackermann b 14 January 1934 is a former justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa , where he served from 1994 to 2004. Ackermann was born in Pretoria , South Africa and studied law at Stellenbosch University Stellenbosch and Oxford University , where he went in 1954 as a Cape Rhodes Scholar . Laurie served on the Lesotho Court of Appeal from 1988 to 1992 and as the Namibia n Supreme Court s acting judge of appeal from 1991 to 1992. He is married to Denise and has three children. Ackermann was appointed to the newly formed Constitutional Court in 1994 after his nomination by President Nelson Mandela . He is an honorary fellow of Worcester College, Oxford , his old college. External links http text judges former justicelwhackermann 1.html Justice LWH Ackermann Profile Constitutional Court of South Africa Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann, Lourens ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 14 January 1934 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Lourens Category 1934 births Category Living people Category Judges of the Constitutional Court of South Africa Category People from Pretoria Category Alumni of Worcester College, Oxford Category Stellenbosch University alumni Category South African Rhodes scholars Category Lesotho judges ...   more details

  1. Uwe Ackermann

    Uwe Ackermann born 12 September 1960 in Zwickau , Saxony is a retired East Germany East German 400 metres hurdles hurdler . He won the bronze medal at the 1982 European Championships in Athletics 1982 European Championships with 48.64 seconds. His personal best time was 48.50 seconds, achieved in July 1982 in Karl Marx Stadt . This ranks him fourth among German 400 m hurdlers, behind Harald Schmid , Olaf Hense and Edgar Itt . ref http dokumente ergebnisse images ewige dlv bestenliste.pdf Microsoft Word Ewige DLV Bestenliste.doc Bot generated title ref Uwe Ackermann represented the sports team SC Karl Marx Stadt and became East German champion in 1982, 1987 and 1988. ref http sport komplett sportarten l leichtathletik hst 153.html East German championships hurdles ref References de references Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann, Uwe ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German hurdler DATE OF BIRTH 12 September 1960 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Uwe Category 1960 births Category Living people Category People from Zwickau Category German hurdlers Category East German athletes Germany athletics bio stub de Uwe Ackermann no Uwe Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Christian Ackermann

    Mall Der Revaler Bildhauer Christian Ackermann. In Homburger Gespr ch 1999 2001 issue 18, pp.  ... 192 short biography Notes references Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann ... DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Christian Category Baroque sculptors Category Estonian sculptors Category 1710 deaths de Christian Ackermann et Christian Ackermann es Christian Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Otto Ackermann

    Otto Ackermann 18 October 1909, Bucharest spaced ndash 9 March 1960, Wabern bei Bern Wabern Berne was a Romania n Conductor music conductor who made his career mainly in Switzerland . He studied at the Hochschule, Berlin , conducted the Royal Romanian Opera when aged only 15, and then held many important appointments as operatic conductor, beginning with D sseldorf Opera, 1928 1932 when aged 18 to 23 . Then he was at Brno , Berne and Vienna , with much travelling and concert giving all over Europe , and recordings made with the Vienna Philharmonic , the Netherlands Philharmonic and the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra. Ackermann was a close friend of Franz Leh r and made Columbia Records recordings of his operettas which are distinguished by their typical Viennese lilting and phrasing, despite being made with an England English orchestra the Philharmonia Orchestra . Ackermann conducted the earlier recording of the Four Last Songs of Richard Strauss with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf . He died in March 1960, at 50 years old. Source E.M.I., A Complete List of His Master s Voice, Columbia, Parlophone and M.G.M. Long Playing Records, up to June 1955 EMI, London 1955 . External links HDS 17798 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann, Otto ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1909 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1960 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Otto Category Swiss conductors music Category People from Bucharest Category 1909 births Category 1960 deaths Category People from Bern Category Romanian conductors music Switzerland conductor stub de Otto Ackermann Dirigent fr Otto Ackermann it Otto Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Klaus Ackermann

    BLP sources date February 2010 Infobox football biography name Klaus Ackermann fullname height height m 1.67 precision 0 birth date Birth date and age 1946 3 20 df y birth place Hamm , West Germany position Forward association football Striker , Defender association football Defender , Midfielder youthyears1 youthclubs1 TuS Germania Hamm years1 1964 1967 clubs1 SC Preu en M nster caps1 goals1 years2 1967 1969 clubs2 Borussia M nchengladbach caps2 60 goals2 11 years3 1969 1974 clubs3 1. FC Kaiserslautern caps3 157 goals3 20 years4 1974 1979 clubs4 Borussia Dortmund caps4 101 goals4 9 years5 1979 1980 clubs5 SC Herford caps5 17 goals5 0 Klaus Ackermann born 20 March 1946 in Hamm is a retired Germany German Association football footballer . ref cite web url http spieler ackermannklaus title Klaus Ackermann language German publisher accessdate 21 February 2010 ref He spent ten seasons in the Fu ball Bundesliga Bundesliga with Borussia M nchengladbach , 1. FC Kaiserslautern and Borussia Dortmund . Honours DFB Pokal finalist 1971 72 DFB Pokal 1971 72 References Reflist External links Fussballdaten ackermannklaus Klaus Ackermann Use dmy dates date August 2010 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann, Klaus ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German footballer DATE OF BIRTH 20 March 1946 PLACE OF BIRTH Hamm , West Germany DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Klaus Category 1946 births Category Living people Category People from Hamm Category German footballers Category SC Preu en M nster players Category Borussia M nchengladbach players Category 1. FC Kaiserslautern players Category Borussia Dortmund players Category Fu ball Bundesliga players Category 2. Fu ball Bundesliga players germany footy defender 1940s stub germany footy midfielder 1940s stub germany footy forward 1940s stub de Klaus Ackermann pl Klaus Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Anton Ackermann

    File Fotothek df roe neg 0002112 003 Anton Ackermann am Rednerpult.jpg thumb Anton Ackermann in Leipzig , May 1, 1950 Anton Ackermann real name Eugen Hanisch , 25 December 1905 Thalheim, Saxony 4 May 1973 East Berlin was an East Germany East German politician. In 1953, he briefly served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. From 1920 to 1928, he worked as functionary of the Communist Youth Movement of Germany. In 1926 he joined the Communist Party of Germany . He studied at the Lenin School in Moscow . Back in Germany, the Communist Party was expelled after the Nazism Nazi s seized power in 1933. Ackermann continued working for the illegal Communist Party. From 1935 to 1937 he lived in Prague . During the Spanish Civil War , Ackermann was the leader of the Political School of the International Brigades . After staying a shortwhile, he went to Moscow and became editor of the German language newspaper The Free Word . In 1943 he became an active member of the Moscow based National Committee for a Free Germany NKFD . After World War II , he returned to Germany as head of the Ulbricht Group Regional groups Ackermann Group , the groups sent by the Communist Party to lay the groundwork for the Soviet Military Administration in Germany in Saxony . ref name barch list http oeffentlichkeitsarbeit bilder dokumente 00767 index Namensliste der drei KPD Einsatzgruppen vom 27. April 1945 German Federal Archives. BArch NY 4036 517. Retrieved November 22, 2011 de icon ref ... Minister of Foreign Affairs. After the arrest of the minister, Georg Dertinger , Ackermann served ... Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann, Anton ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German politician DATE OF BIRTH 25 December 1905 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 4 May 1973 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann ... Politicians who committed suicide ar de Anton Ackermann fr Anton Ackermann ko nl Anton Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Rosemarie Ackermann

    Ackermann, and assumed his surname. The peak of her career came two years later, when she won the gold ... Bild 183 U1230 0001, Rosemarie Ackermann.jpg thumb Ackermann competing at the Hochsprung mit Musik ... m. However, Ackermann s early celebrations caused the rod to fall, leaving her with second place. Ackermann retired from athletics sport athletics after the 1980 Summer Olympics 1980 Olympics , where ... athletes wi rosemarie witschas ackermann 1.html sports reference s start s ach rec succession box before ... High Jump Women Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann, Rosemarie ALTERNATIVE ... OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Rosemarie Category 1952 births Category Living people ... Category Female high jumpers cs Rosemarie Ackermannov de Rosemarie Ackermann et Rosemarie Ackermann es Rosemarie Ackermann fr Rosemarie Ackermann hr Rosemarie Ackermann it Rosemarie Ackermann he hu Rosemarie Ackermann nl Rosemarie Ackermann ja no Rosemarie Ackermann pl Rosemarie Ackermann pt Rosemarie Ackermann ru , sl Rosemarie Ackermann sr fi Rosemarie Ackermann sv Rosemarie Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Liliane Ackermann

    Infobox person name Liliane Ackermann birth date Birth date 1938 9 3 birth place Strasbourg , France death date Death date and age 2007 02 5 1938 9 3 death place Strasbourg , France nationality France occupation Community leader, writer, and lecturer spouse Henri Ackermann parents Lucien Weil and B atrice Haas children Th o, Jacqui, Anne, Raoul, Eric, Charles, Marc Liliane Aim e Ackermann n e Weil 1938 2007 was a French Jewish Community pioneer, leader, writer, and lecturer. Biography Liliane Ackermann ... , in 1999. She married Henri Ackermann, a dentist and a community activist, in 1959. They had seven children Th o, Jacqui, Anne, Raoul, Eric, Charles, and Marc . Henri and Liliane Ackermann formed ... in biochemistry and microbiology . Liliane and Henri Ackermann took charge in 1972 of the Youth ... Ackermann I want to express what I owe to the leaders of the youth movement Yechouroun from which I come. Th o and Edith Klein of blessed memory, Liliane Ackermann of blessed memory and the friend so close to me, Henri Ackermann. Liliane Ackermann got involved in reaching out to handicapped, women in distress ... death At the age of 68, she died in Strasbourg , on February 3, 2007. References Liliane Ackermann. Thora, Science l Unit . Editions Otsar Sarcelles, 1991. ISBN 2 908111 02 4 Liliane Ackermann. Le monde ... Ackermann. Essai sur la conversion . Editions l Arche du Livre Marseille, 2006. with a preface by Chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim . ISBN 2 911613 11 2 Elie Feuerwerker. Dr. Liliane Ackermann, OB M ... Ackermann. L tude de la Torah et les femmes. Le responsum du rabbin Shlomo Hacohen Gross. In Quand ... Ackermann. Adar 5767 Mars 2007 http www.liliane Site of Liliane Ackermann Persondata NAME Ackermann, Liliane ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Community leader, writer, lecturer DATE ... Strasbourg , France DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Liliane Category 1938 births Category 2007 deaths ... French microbiologists fr Liliane Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Leopold Ackermann

    Orphan date May 2008 Leopold Ackermann 17 November 1771, Vienna &ndash 9 September 1831 , known by his cloistral name as Petrus Fourerius , was a professor of exegesis . ref http cathen 01105b.htm The Catholic Encyclopedia 17 09 2011 ref He entered on 10 October 1790 in the choral order canon s regular of St Augustine ref http cathen 01105b.htm The Catholic Encyclopedia 17 09 2011 ref of Klosterneuburg and studied from 1791 1795 in Vienna. In the following, he became priest and professor for oriental languages at the Stiftshof in Vienna, in 1800 also librarian. He earned his doctorate in theology in 1802, and in 1806 a professorship in exegisis, continuing for 25 years. Publications Introductio in libros Veteris Foederis usibus academicis accomodata Vienna, 1825,3 editions ref http cathen 01105b.htm The Catholic Encyclopedia 17 09 2011 ref Archeologia biblica , 1826 Prophetae Minores perpetua annotatione illustrata Vienna, 1830 philological observations on previous works. Sources reflist Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie s de ADB Ackermann, Leopold online version at Wikisource Persondata NAME Ackermann, Leopold ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Catholic priest and professor DATE OF BIRTH 17 November 1771 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 9 September 1831 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Leopold Category 1771 births Category 1831 deaths Category Austrian archaeologists Austria scientist stub archaeologist stub de Leopold Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Ronny Ackermann

    Infobox skier name Ronny Ackermann image Ronny 29082004.jpg fullname Ronny Ackermann birth date Birth date and age 1977 5 16 birth place Bad Salzungen , Germany height club Rh ner WSV Dermbach skis Madshus Cross country skiing Cross country br Elan Ski jumping seasons 1995 wins 26 additionalpodiums 44 totalpodiums 70 MedalTableTop MedalSport Men s nordic combined MedalOlympic MedalSilver 2002 Winter Olympics 2002 Salt Lake City Nordic combined at the 2002 Winter Olympics 4 x 5 km team MedalSilver 2002 Winter Olympics 2002 Salt Lake City Nordic combined at the 2002 Winter Olympics 7.5 km sprint MedalSilver 2006 Winter Olympics 2006 Turin Nordic combined at the 2006 Winter Olympics 4 x 5 km team MedalWorldChampionships MedalBronze 2001 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2001 Lahti 7.5 km sprint MedalGold 2003 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2003 Val di Fiemme 15 km individual MedalSilver ... 2009 4 x 5 km team MedalBottom Ronny Ackermann born May 16, 1977 in Bad Salzungen , Thuringia is a successful Germany German Nordic combined skier. Ackermann started to learn to ski when he ... and 2008. Ackermann found success in the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships , winning ten medals, including .... Ackermann is the first person to win the 15  km individual World Championships three straight ... 1980 . Ackermann has also won the Nordic combined event at the Holmenkollen ski festival three times ..., Ackermann received the Holmenkollen medal shared with Felix Gottwald . He was elected Sportler ... after flagicon GER Michael Greis s end Persondata NAME Ackermann, Ronny ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann, Ronny Category 1977 births Category Nordic combined skiers at the 1998 ... Olympic medalist stub nordic skiing bio stub de Ronny Ackermann et Ronny Ackermann fr Ronny Ackermann it Ronny Ackermann lb Ronny Ackermann nl Ronny Ackermann ja no Ronny Ackermann pl Ronny Ackermann ru , fi Ronny Ackermann sv Ronny Ackermann ...   more details

  1. Theodor Ackermann

    File Theodor Ackermann.jpg right thumb Theodor Ackermann 1825 1896 Theodor Ackermann 17 September 1825 22 November 1896 was a German pathologist born in Wismar . In 1852 he obtained his medical doctorate from the University of Rostock , becoming an associate professor in 1859. He was denied a professorship at the University of Dorpat , but was later appointed professor at the newly established institute of pathological anatomy and experimental pathology at Rostock 1865 . In 1873 he was appointed director of the institute of pathology at the University of Halle , where in 1884 85 he served as rector . In 1895 he was forced to resign due to health reasons, his replacement being Karl Joseph Eberth 1835 1926 . Written works Among his better known writings was a book involving the 1859 cholera epidemic in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Schwerin , Die Choleraepidemie of Jahres im Gro herzogthum 1859 Mecklenburg Schwerin 1860 . Other principal works by Ackermann include ber hypertrophische und atrophische Lebercirrhose Rudolf Virchow Virchow s Arch. Bd. CX . On hypertrophic and atrophic cirrhosis of the liver. ber die Sch deldeformit t bei der Encephalocele congenita Halle 1882 . treatise involving encephalocele congenita. Die Histogenese und Histologie der Sarkome , Leipzig 1883 . On the histogenesis and histology of sarcoma s. Mechanismus und Darwinismus in der Pathologie Rektoratsrede 1888 Darwinism and the mechanism of pathology. References http Pagel 1901 A Ackermann, Theodor Pagel Biographisches Lexikon biography Parts of the biography are based on a translation of an equivalent article at the German Wikipedia . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ackermann, Theodor ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION German pathologist DATE OF BIRTH September 17, 1825 PLACE OF BIRTH Wismar DATE OF DEATH September 22, 1896 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ackermann ... from Wismar Category 1825 births Category 1896 deaths Category German pathologists de Theodor Ackermann ...   more details

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