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Encyclopedia results for 3D geotechnical

3D geotechnical

Encyclopedia results for 3D geotechnical

  1. Geotechnical engineering

    air.jpeg thumb right 200px Boston s Big Dig Boston, Massachusetts Big Dig presented geotechnical challenges in an urban environment. Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials . Geotechnical engineering is important in civil .... Geotechnical engineering uses principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface ..., W. 1981 , An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering , Prentice Hall, Inc. ISBN 0 13 484394 0 ref A typical geotechnical engineering project begins with a review of project needs to define the required ... And Applications In Asia year 2010 location Singapore pages 809 isbn 978 981 08 3124 0 ref A geotechnical ... of hazardous waste and sanitary landfills . Geotechnical engineering is also related to coastal ... of geotechnical engineering and engineering geology are closely related, and have large areas of overlap. However, the field of geotechnical engineering is a specialty of engineering , where ... das cite book last Das first Braja title Principles of Geotechnical Engineering publisher Thomson ... soil properties and geotechnical design, Schofield, Andrew N.,Thomas Telford, 2006. ISBN 0 7277 2982 ... and contraction of loose granular materials. Modern geotechnical engineering is said to have begun ... by many to be the father of modern soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, Terzaghi ... University Press, 1990. ISBN 0 521 33782 8 ref Geotechnical centrifuge modeling is a method of testing physical scale models of geotechnical problems. The use of a centrifuge enhances the similarity ... scale stresses in small physical models. Practicing engineers Geotechnical engineers are typically ..., geotechnical engineers are typically licensed and regulated as Professional Engineers PEs in most states currently only California and Oregon have licensed geotechnical engineering specialties. State ..., and voids. Main Soil mechanics Rock mechanics In geotechnical engineering, soils are considered a three ...   more details

  1. 3D

    Wiktionary 3D three dimensional 3D or 3 D may refer to Three dimensional space , the physical universe Stereoscopy , any technique capable of recording three dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image Music 3D The Three Degrees album 3D Three Degrees album 3 D band , a U.S. rock band of the early 1980s 3D TLC album 3 D TLC album 3 D SPC ECO album 3 D SPC ECO album 3 D I See Stars album 3 D I See Stars album Robert Del Naja , an English artist and musician in the band Massive Attack The 3Ds , a rock band Other uses Biela s Comet , a lost periodic comet discovered in 1826 3D Long Island bus British Rail Class 207 sometimes known as 3Ds 3 D Secure , a secure protocol for online credit and debit card transactions Threepence British coin 3D computer graphics 3D film 3D modeling 3D printing 3D television See also D3 disambiguation Letter NumberCombDisambig da 3 D de 3D Begriffskl rung et 3D es 3D desambiguaci n fa fr 3D homonymie ko 3D it 3D nl 3D ja 3D no 3D pl 3D pt 3D ru 3D sv 3D tr 3D zh 3D ...   more details

  1. 3D&T

    3D&T , formerly known as Defensores de T quio , is a Brazil ian tabletop role playing game , created by Marcelo Cassaro . It is designed to be a very simple, beginner friendly game system. Infobox RPG title Defensores de T quio subtitle image File Cover art 3D&T Alpha.png 256px thumb 3D&T Alpha caption ... de T quio or 3D&T 2006 4D&T 2008 3D&T Alpha genre Superhero , Universal system Custom footnotes ... Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D . Finally, 3D&T means Defenders of Tokyo 3rd edition . The major change ... roleplayers. An even simpler version, 3D&T Fastplay , was made freely available online. ref http web 20080731015325 http 3d&t fastplay.htm ref A revision, 3D ... 3D&T, despite not having the rights to do so. ref http noticias 3d&t bastidores.php ... their doors. 4D&T As a successor to 3D&T, published in 2006 by Editora JBC Brazilian publisher of manga , 4D&T. It completely dropped 3D&T s own fast, simple system in favor of the Open Game License . Although it has succeeded on its own, it has been poorly received by 3D&T players, given the original purpose of the system was to be as simple as possible. 3D&T Alpha In May 2008, Cassaro was told by Guilherme Dei Svaldi, editor in chief at Jamb Editora, that he found 3D&T to remain very popular ... Cassaro, and gave him the idea of bringing 3D&T back it was released again in September 2008, under the name 3D&T Alpha the new name inspired by Street Fighter Alpha 3 , which Cassaro and Erica Awano ... produtos 3d&t.htm ref In this new version, the combat rules remain basically ... was completely revamped. ref http noticias 3d&t anuncio.php ref Also, now the book is printed in Page orientation landscape format. Overview A game aimed at beginners, 3D&T focus ... produtos 3d&t.htm 3D&T Alpha at Jamb Editora in Portuguese RPG systems DEFAULTSORT 3d ... 3D&T ...   more details

  1. Indian Geotechnical Society

    The Indian Geotechnical Society IGS aims at promoting co operation amongst engineer s and scientist s for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of Soil mechanics Soil Mechanics , Foundation engineering Foundation Engineering , Soil Dynamics, Engineering geology Engineering Geology , Rock mechanics Rock Mechanics , Snow and Ice Mechanics and allied fields and their practical applications. It provides a common forum for academicians, research workers, designers, Construction engineering construction engineers , equipment manufacturers and others interested in geotechnical activity. ref http objectives.php Welcome to Indian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi INDIA ... University has instituted an award for the best Ph. D. thesis in Geotechnical engineering Geotechnical ... geotechnical engineer who has made significant contribution to the profession in India . So far 16 eminent Geotechnical Engineers have thus been honoured. To encourage Chapter oriented activities, a prestigious ... awards.php Welcome to Indian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi INDIA Bot generated title ... Geotechnical Engineer. Prize Rs.1 Lakh & expenses. Organised through IGS Chapters. IGS Kueckelmann Award of Rs. 35,000 for Outstanding cumulative contribution in Geotechnical Engineering. IGS AIMIL ... Prize for Excellence in Geotechnical Practices. IGS Prof. Leonards Prize for the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Geotechnical Engineering. Some of the IGS Best Paper Awards Biennial IGS AIMIL Prize for the best paper published in the Indian Geotechnical Journal. IGS HEICO Prize for the best paper on Rock Mechanics published in Indian Geotechnical Journal. IGS AIMIL Prize for the best paper on Instrumentation ... of Marine Geotechnical Engineering. IGS Dr. Shamsher Prakash Prize for the best paper on Soil ... closer interaction amongst geotechnical engineers spread all over the country, local chapters of the Society ... local chapters.php Welcome to Indian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi INDIA Bot generated ...   more details

  1. Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

    Norwegian Geotechnical Institute lang no Norges geotekniske institutt , NGI is a private foundation based in Norway doing research and consulting in the geoscience s, including soil , rock geology rock and snow . NGI s core competence is within geotechnics, engineering geology , hydrogeology and Geotechnical engineering environmental geotechnology , with expertise within material properties, modelling and analysis, and instrumentation and monitoring. NGI s strength lies in the expertise of its personnel working in collaboration with clients and partners. NGI is also the host of the International Centre for Geohazards ICG , one of Norway s first Centres of Excellence CoE . NGI s partners are NORSAR , the Norwegian Geological Survey NGU , the University of Oslo UiO and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU . External links http Norwegian Geotechnical Institute http International Centre for Geohazards ICG coord missing Norway Category Geoscience institutes Category Research institutes in Norway Norway org stub no Norges Geotekniske Institutt ...   more details

  1. Tilt test (geotechnical engineering)

    Geotechnical engineering discontinuity walls tilt angle sub wall material sub . If cementation or gluing material is present or Asperity Geotechnical engineering asperities break, the tilt ..., depending on the thickness of the infill and height of Asperity Geotechnical engineering asperities ... volume 46 number 1 pages 59 62 DOI 10.1007 BF02595034 ref references See also Asperity Geotechnical engineering br Direct shear test br Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering br Shear strength Discontinuity ... 450 ISBN 3 540 29249 7 Category Geotechnical engineering Category Rocks Category Tunnels ...   more details

  1. Canadian Geotechnical Journal

    primarysources date January 2011 Infobox journal cover File Canadian Geotechnical Journal.jpg editor Ian Moore scientist Ian Moore discipline Geotechnical engineering , geoenvironmental engineering language English, abstracts in French abbreviation Can. Geotech. J. publisher NRC Research Press country Canada history 1963 present frequency Monthly impact 0.711 impact year 2009 website http pubs.nrc rp ps journalDetail.jsp?jcode cgj&lang eng ISSN eISSN 1208 6010 OCLC The Canadian Geotechnical Journal has been published since 1963 by NRC Research Press . It is a monthly journal featuring papers related to geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering as well as applied sciences. Papers are loaded to the Web site in advance of the printed issues. The editor in chief is Ian Moore. ref http rp ps journalDetail.jsp?jcode cgj&lang eng Main Web Site ref References Reflist External links Official 1 http pubs.nrc rp ps journalDetail.jsp?jcode cgj&lang eng Category NRC Research Press academic journals Category Monthly journals Category English language journals Category Publications established in 1963 Category Geology journals Category Engineering journals ...   more details

  1. Asperity (geotechnical engineering)

    In Geotechnical engineering the term asperity is mostly used for unevenness roughness of the surface of a Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering discontinuity , grain, or particle with heights in the range from approximately 0.1 mm to many decimetre. Smaller unevenness is normally considered to be a material property often denoted by material friction or basic material friction . ref name Patton1966 Dilation An often used definition for asperities in geotechnical engineering br Unevenness of a surface are asperities if these cause dilation if two blocks with inbetween a Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering discontinuity with matching asperities on the two opposing surfaces i.e. a fitting Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering discontinuity move relative to each other, under low stress levels that do not cause breaking of the asperities . Contrast with asperity in materials science Materials science recognizes asperity materials science asperities ranging from the sub visual normally less than 0.1 mm to the atomic scale. See also Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering Geotechnical engineering Rock mechanics Soil mechanics References references ref name Patton1966 Cite conference last1 Patton first1 F.D. year 1966 title Multiple Modes of Shear Failure in Rock booktitle Proc. 1st Congress of International Society for Rock Mechanics ISRM place Lisbon, Portugal editor1 last Rocha editor1 first M. volume 1 date 25 Sept 1 Oct 1966 publisher Laborat rio Nacional de Engenharia Civil , Lisboa, Portugal OL 19662608M pages 509 513 ref references Further reading Cite book last1 ASTM D5607 year 2008 title Standard Test Method for Performing Laboratory Direct Shear Strength Tests of Rock Specimens Under Constant Normal Force publisher ASTM International , West Conshohocken, PA, 2008 page 450 DOI 10.1520 D5607 08 url http Standards D5607.htm Cite book last1 Price first1 ... ISBN 90 2651 851 X Category Building stone Category Geotechnical engineering Category Natural materials ...   more details

  1. Geotechnical centrifuge modeling

    more footnotes date January 2012 File Geotechnical centrifuge at the University of California, Davis..png thumb 9 m radius geotechnical centrifuge at the University of California, Davis Geotechnical centrifuge modeling is a technique for testing physical scale models of geotechnical Geotechnical Engineering systems such as natural and man made slopes and earth retaining structures and building or bridge foundations. The scale Physical model model is typically constructed in the laboratory and then loaded onto the end of the centrifuge, which is typically between 0.2 and 10 m in radius. The purpose of spinning the models on the centrifuge is to increase the g forces on the model so that stresses in the model are equal to stresses in the prototype. For example, the stress beneath a 0.1 m deep ... Model of a Port Structure.png thumb Model of a port structure loaded on the UC Davis centrifuge A geotechnical centrifuge is used to test models of geotechnical problems such as the strength, stiffness ... force. Reason for Model Testing on the Centrifuge Geotechnical materials such as soil and rock have ... the similarity of geotechnical models and makes it possible to obtain accurate data to help solve ... et al 2007 Table is suggested to be added here Value of Centrifuge in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering ... the behavior of geotechnical structures during earthquakes. Before a computer model can be used ... of assumptions made by a computer program is especially important in the area of geotechnical ... given10 L. authorlink year 2007 title Catalogue of scaling laws and similitude questions in geotechnical ... A. N. authorlink year 1980 title Cambridge geotechnical centrifuge operations publisher G otechnique ... de Suelos. refend See also Portal Engineering multicol Geotechnical engineering Soil Mechanics Network ... and Geotechnical Engineering http sites mainpage laboratories centrifugelabs NEES ... Civil engineering Category Geotechnical engineering Category Scale modeling ...   more details

  1. Discontinuity (geotechnical engineering)

    A discontinuity in geotechnical engineering in geotechnical literature often denoted by joint is a plane or surface that marks a change in physical or chemical characteristics in a soil or rock mass. A discontinuity can be, for example, a Bed geology bedding , schist osity, Foliation geology foliation , Joint geology joint , Cleavage geology cleavage , Fracture geology fracture , Fracture geology fissure , crack, or Fault geology fault plane. A division is made between mechanical and integral discontinuities. Discontinuities may occur multiple times with broadly the same mechanical characteristics in a discontinuity set , or may be a single discontinuity . A discontinuity makes a soil or rock mass anisotropic. ref name ISRMbluebook ref name Price ref name Laubscher ref name Hack ref name HackPriceRengers Mechanical discontinuity A mechanical discontinuity is a plane of physical weakness where the tensile strength perpendicular to the discontinuity or the Shear strength Discontinuity shear strength along the discontinuity is lower than that of the surrounding soil or rock material. Integral discontinuity An integral discontinuity is a discontinuity that is as strong as the surrounding soil or rock material. Integral discontinuities can change into mechanical discontinuities due to physical or chemical processes e.g. weathering that change the mechanical characteristics of the discontinuity. Discontinuity set or family Various geological processes create discontinuities at a broadly ... if the spacing is very wide compared to the size of the engineering application or to the size of the geotechnical ... and ISRM. ref name ISRMbluebook See also Asperity Geotechnical engineering br Persistence Discontinuity ... Geotechnical engineering br Tilt test Geotechnical engineering References references ref name BartonChoubey ... 0155 4 ref ref name ISO2003 Cite book last1 ISO 14689 1 2003 year 2003 title Geotechnical investigation ... hazards volume 1 publisher Taylor & Francis page 358 ISBN 9058093603 Category Geotechnical engineering ...   more details

  1. Sliding criterion (geotechnical engineering)

    of about 1 x 1 m sup 2 sup of a Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering discontinuity with the example ... are fitting, i.e. the Asperity Geotechnical engineering asperities on both discontinuity ... is established by feeling the surface of the Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering discontinuity ... with an area of about 0.2 x 0.2 m sup 2 sup of a Discontinuity Geotechnical engineering discontinuity ... if the walls on both sides of the discontinuity are fitting , i.e. the Asperity Geotechnical ... Ka The presence of solution karst features along the discontinuity. See also Discontinuity Geotechnical ... probability classification SSPC Tilt test Geotechnical engineering References references ref name ... page 449 452 ISBN 3 7739 5995 8 Category Geotechnical engineering Category Mining engineering Category ...   more details

  1. Q-system (geotechnical engineering)

    Core Recovery Parameters Category Geotechnical engineering Category Rock mass classification ...   more details

  1. Real 3D

    Real 3D may refer to Real3D , a former graphics processor chip developer. Real 3D, now known as Realsoft 3D , 3D modeling software RealD Cinema RealD 3D , a brand name for technology used in 3D films disambig ...   more details

  1. 3d studio

    3d studio can refer to A studio location where 3D work is created 3ds Max , an animation software package previously named 3D Studio Max Any 3D computer graphics software disambig ru 3D Studio ...   more details

  1. Shark 3D

    unreferenced date January 2009 Shark 3D is a Game engine Middleware middleware from Spinor Company Spinor for computer games computer , video games and realtime 3D applications. Description Shark 3D is a Game engine Middleware middleware for 3D computer graphics 3D applications and is mainly used in computer games , broadcasting , and industrial simulation . Shark 3D is developed by Spinor Company Spinor . Shark 3D is a complete suite of a tool pipeline , 3D computer graphics renderer , sound system, physics engine and scripting language . These components can be also used separately. The 3D computer graphics renderer is a central component. Typically an application is based on the complete Shark 3D package. Alternatively, applications that have their own game engine code use the Shark 3D 3D computer graphics renderer only. Shark 3D is available for use in Microsoft Windows Windows and Linux based Personal computer PC applications, and consoles such as PlayStation 2 , Xbox , and Xbox 360 . Industry support Companies using Shark 3D include Funcom for Dreamfall Siemens AG Siemens for industrial applications ARD TV ARD ZDF for broadcasting See also Renderware Gamebryo External links http Shark 3D http articles 515 515389p1.html IGN article about the Shark 3D based game Dreamfall Videogame software stub Category Video game engines de Shark 3D ru Shark 3D ...   more details

  1. 3D Vision

    3D Vision may refer to 3D Vision Records , a Spanish record label Nvidia 3D Vision , a LC shutter glasses kit for Windows platform Depth perception , the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions disambig ...   more details

  1. 3D Movie

    3D Movie may refer to A 3 D film , a type of film projected to create the illusion of depth 3D Movie software , computer file for a software product by Microsoft disambig ...   more details

  1. 3D entertainment

    for the company that owns 3D Entertainment IMAX Corporation ref improve date January 2012 Infobox Company company name 3D Entertainment company logo caption Official 3D Entertainment logo company type Subsidiary of IMAX Corporation IMAX parent IMAX Corporation IMAX Pictures foundation 2001 owner IMAX, LLC. 2001 present br Universal Studios 2001 2010 key people Like in IMAX br Bradley Wechsler br Richard Gelfont industry Film and movie theatres products Film and movie theatres location Mississauga , Ontario , Canada area served Worldwide 3D Entertainment Distribution, inc. Is a subsidiary of IMAX Corporation founded in 2001 by IMAX. 3D Entertainment is the first 3D company in America and Canada from IMAX. It also distributes some documentary films in 3D, just like IMAX. 3D Entertainment never distributes IMAX DMR films in IMAX 3D, just like IMAX never distributes IMAX DMR releases in IMAX and or IMAX 3D, 3D Entertainment only distributes some IMAX 3D films. Founded in 2001 and owned by IMAX, 3D Entertainment Distribution is the marketing and theatrical sales arm of 3D Entertainment Films. Affiliates of 3D Entertainment Films Holdings, the companies are focused on the production, postproduction, sales and theatrical distribution of innovative 3D films for IMAX theatres and Digital 3D cinemas worldwide. 3D Entertainment is an IMAX company. Films These are the films distributed by 3D Entertainment Released Ocean Wonderland 3D Sharks 3D Dolphins and Whales 3D The Tribes of the Ocean Ocean World 3D Sea Rex Sea Rex 3D Journey to a Prehistoric World Air Racers 3D Upcoming Kenya 3D Animal Kingdom Coming February 2013 only in IMAX 3D theatres In Production Patagonia 3D Into the Wild IN PRODUCTION Time The 4th Dimension IN PRODUCTION See also IMAX Corporation Film Studio Navbox name ... Film Studios list2 IMAX Corporation IMAX Pictures 3D entertainment group3 Channels list3 3net partnered ... Carpet Category 3D imaging Category Film distributors Category Companies established in 2001 Canada ...   more details

  1. 3D camcorder

    A 3D camcorder is a camcorder that is capable of recording 3D video . 3D HD pocket camcorder A 3D pocket camcorder is similar in size to a compact camera . Many 3D camcorders can record stereo sound and are provided with image stabilization . The first 3D pocket camcorder is the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 . It has two lenses but only one processor so can be slow when processing 3D. The Aiptek 3D i2 has two lenses and two sensors. The 3D images may be seen in the parallax barrier LCD panel without ... 361510 aiptek i2 3d hd ref In late 2011, Panasonic has announced the Panasonic Lumix DMC 3D1, its first 3D compact digital video camera. It similar with Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3, the successor of 3D W1, but less the W3 s lenticular screen that allows photos and videos to be viewed in 3D on the camera ... The LG Optimus 3D P920 is an Android operating system Android smartphone , but it can be categorized as a 3D HD pocket camcorder. It has two stereoscopic 5 megapixel lenses and can take 3D video in 720p and 2D video in 1080p. ref cite web url http lg optimus 3d p920 3759.php title LG Optimus 3D P920 date August 11, 2011 Retrieved ref 3D Full HD pocket camcorder At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Valley Las Vegas , Sony introduced the Bloggie 3D MHS FS3 camcorder with dual lenses and dual sensors that can record video in 3D HD at 1080p with stereo audio. It can also take 3D stills. It is compatible with 3D TV s, and can display on non 3D TVs as 3D with classic red blue images visible with the traditional 3D glasses . ref http News Sony Introduces 3D Bloggie Camcorder.htm ref ref http news technology personal tech ces bloggie camcorder takes 3d portable article1863638 ref 3D standard camcorder A 3D standard camcorder ... better images than a 3D pocket camcorder. Panasonic s HDC SDT750 was the first consumer oriented standard sized 3D HD camcorder. It has an HD camcorder body with a dual lens 3D attachment. In contrast ...   more details

  1. MasterImage 3D

    File Masterimage logo.jpg 250px right MasterImage 3D is a company that develops stereoscopic 3D systems for theaters and auto stereoscopic glasses free 3D displays for mobile device s. Technology Stereoscopic viewing is based on delivery of slightly different images to each eye. MasterImage 3D s system for cinemas is based on the projector alternately flashing frames for each eye at high speed. This is similar to the system used by the competing brand RealD 3D . However, while RealD uses an electronic optical filter which flips back and forth between two types of polarization, MasterImage uses ... of the optical path for non 3D material. ref http products cinema system MasterImage Digital 3D Cinema System November 5, 2010 ref The MasterImage 3D filter wheel spins at a very high ... on the ability to deliver slightly different images to each eye. MasterImage 3D s auto stereoscopic displays deliver this effect without the use of 3D glasses to screens ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches. MasterImage 3D achieves the effect through its patented cell matrix parallax barrier technology ... viewing angle, and reduces the Moire pattern that causes ghosting. MasterImage 3D s auto stereoscopic display was used in one of the world s first glasses free 3D mobile phones, the Hitachi Wooo, available in Japan in 2009. MasterImage 3D also develops a 3D camera ASIC that enables users to create 3D content. See also Digital 3D Digital cinema 3 D film Polarized 3D glasses Stereoscopic 3D Autostereoscopy Parallax barrier Movie theater Mobile 3D List of 3D enabled mobile phones Dolby 3D RealD Cinema XpanD 3D Panavision 3D References reflist External links http MasterImage 3D ... MarketSaw http www.3d display 3D display Category Movie film formats Category 3D imaging Category 3D cinema MasterImage 3D for top of category, but still sorted mr ja MasterImage 3D ...   more details

  1. Unity 3D

    Unity 3D may refer to Unity game engine Unity user interface , used in Ubuntu and other systems disambig ...   more details

  1. Swift 3D

    Primarysources date August 2007 Infobox Software logo Image Swift 3D logo.svg 200px Swift 3D name Swift 3D developer Electric Rain latest release version 6.0 latest release date June 2009 br Fact date October 2009 operating system Microsoft Windows , Apple Macintosh Macintosh genre 3D Graphics for Adobe Flash license Proprietary software Proprietary EULA website http products swift3d swift3d Swift 3D is a computer software application program developed by Electric Rain that allows the user to create or import 3D models , animate or manipulate them, and export them for use in Adobe Flash documents. ref http article review swift 3d v3 Review Swift 3D v3 Sitepoint ref ref http developer swift swift45 review.htm Swift 3D V4.5 Review ref Version 5 adds functionality to export to Papervision3D , a robust application for incorporating 3D into Flash. Fact date February 2008 . Swift 3D is available for both Microsoft Windows Windows and Apple Macintosh Macintosh . References references External links http Electric Rain 3D software Category Animation software graphics software stub ar ...   more details

  1. Dolby 3D

    File Dolby 3D logo.png 199px right File Dolby 3D.png 300px right thumb How does it work? Dolby 3D formerly known as Dolby 3D Digital Cinema is a marketing name for a system from Dolby Laboratories Dolby Laboratories, Inc. to show 3 D film three dimensional motion pictures in a digital cinema . Technology Dolby 3D uses a Dolby Digital Cinema projector that can show both 2D and 3D films. For 3D presentations, an alternate color wheel is placed in the projector. This color wheel contains one more set of red, green, and blue filters in addition to the red, green, and blue filters found on a typical color wheel. The additional set of three filters are able to produce the same color gamut as the original three filters, but transmit light at different wavelengths. Glasses with complementary Dichroic filter dichroic filters in the lenses are worn, which filter out either one or the other set of three light wavelengths. In this way, one projector can display the left and right stereoscopic images ... . The dichroic filters in the Dolby 3D glasses are more expensive and fragile than the glasses technology ..., an important benefit of Dolby 3D in comparison with RealD is that Dolby 3D works with conventional projection screen s. See also 3 D film Digital 3D Panavision 3D Digital cinema Digital cinematography IMAX Infitec   the technology used by Dolby 3D. Movie theater Dolby Laboratories RealD Cinema XpanD 3D MasterImage 3D External links http consumer technology dolby 3d.html Dolby 3D at http faq interference filters.html Article on Interference Filters Wavelength multiplex visualisation Infitec http 2009 06 dolby 3d digital cinema.html Dolby 3D Digital Cinema Video Technology Blog Category Movie film formats Category 3D imaging Category 3D cinema for top of category, but still sorted de Dolby 3D ms Dolby 3D ja 3D pt Dolby 3D ru Dolby 3D uk Dolby 3D ...   more details

  1. COOL 3D

    cleanup date November 2010 advert date February 2012 Infobox software name Ulead COOL 3D logo File Ulead ... Windows genre 3D computer graphics license Proprietary software Proprietary website Ulead COOL 3D is a 3D computer graphics 3D graphics program for Microsoft Windows, released by Ulead Systems . It can be used for the creation of 3D animated titles and graphics for presentations, videos, or web sites. ref http Ulead Cool 3D 3000 6677 4 10021332.html Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 CNET Downloads , retrieved December 18 sup th sup , 2009 ref Ulead COOL 3D utilizes an intuitive user interface that enables the user to create animations with considerable less difficulty than in other 3D animation programs such as Blender software Blender however, in turn Ulead COOL 3D lacks some of the more elaborate and complex features of more professional 3D animation programs. The latest version, Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio expands on earlier versions of Ulead COOL 3D with additional features ... c3ds faq.htm 3 Ulead COOL 3D Product FAQs , retrieved October 25 sup th sup , 2010 ref ref http c3ds compare.htm Ulead COOL 3D Feature Comparison Chart , retrieved October 25 sup th sup , 2010 ref In Ulead COOL 3D, users may import their own graphics files or use pre built shapes to create 3D objects. Users may apply custom or preset styles and effects to objects as well as adjust the lighting. Ulead COOL 3D provides various parameters for the manipulation of the three dimensional ..., or they may be altered using the tools. Ulead COOL 3D utilizes key frame animation techniques ... for the user to make quick adjustments. Ulead COOL 3D allows for animations to be exported in various ... Flash . ref http c3ds C3DS FB.pdf Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio Features PDF,538 ... links http c3ds features.htm Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio DEFAULTSORT Cool 3d Category 3D graphics software Category Software companies of Taiwan graphics software stub ...   more details

  1. Digital 3D

    Digital 3D is a non specific stereoscopy 3D standard in which films, television shows, and video games are presented and shot in digital 3D technology or later processed in digital post production to add a 3D effect. One of the first studios to use digital 3D was Walt Disney Pictures . In promoting their first ... Digital 3 D and teamed up with RealD in order to present the film in 3D in the United States. A total ... critics and fans were skeptical about digital 3D, it has gained in popularity. Now there are several competing digital 3D formats including Dolby 3D , XpanD 3D , Panavision 3D , MasterImage 3D and IMAX IMAX 3D IMAX 3D . The first home video game console to be capable of 3D was the Sega Master System in which a limited number of titles were capable of delivering 3D. History A first wave of 3D film ... as 3d film The .22golden era.22 .281952.E2.80.931955.29 the golden era of 3D film . Polarized 3D glasses ... to compete with television. A further brief period of 3D movie production occurred in the early 1980s ... on Chicken Little . The RealD company suggested that Disney use their 3D system and after looking ... in both 2D and 3D screenings. Two more films followed in their classic feature animation Meet the Robinsons ... films in several digital 3D formats. In 2010, Avatar 2009 film Avatar became the first feature film shot in digital 3D to win the Academy Award for Best Cinematography and was also the first feature film shot using 3D technology nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture Best Picture . 2D to 3D conversion main 2D to 3D conversion In the case of 2D films that were generated from 3D models as with CGI animated films , it is possible to return to the models to generate a 3D version. For other 2D films, different techniques must be employed. For example, for the 3D re release of the 1993 ... 2D to 3D. There are several approaches used for 2D to 3D conversion , most notably depth based methods. ref http 2011 08 2d to 3d conversions.html 2D to 3D Conversions by Scott ...   more details

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