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Encyclopedia results for 20131


Encyclopedia results for 20131

  1. British Rail Telecommunications

    Rail Services DRS 20128 Guglielmo Marconi rebuilt as 20307 and in service with DRS 20131 Almon Brown ...   more details

  1. British Rail Class 20

    with DRS 20131 Almon Brown Strowger Almon B. Strowger rebuilt as 20306 and in service with DRS 20187 ...   more details

  1. Arkansas Territorial Militia

    chapter 20131&dq Laws 20of 20a 20public 20and 20general 20nature 2C 20of 20the 20District 20of 20Louisiana ... December 10, 2010, See also http books?id 4mdGAAAAYAAJ&vq chapter 20131&dq Laws ... and southern Missouri. ref http books?id 4mdGAAAAYAAJ&vq chapter 20131&dq Laws ...   more details

  1. Parke H. Davis

    ref http cdm4 document.php?CISOROOT lafayette&CISOPTR 20134&CISOSHOW 20131&REC 17 ...   more details

  1. Graffiti (Chris Brown album)

    ?id 20131 title Chris Brown Tweets About Completing Album & 124 & 124 News publisher ...   more details

  1. Islam in China

    20Muslims 2C 20Qincha 20Hui 2C 20124 2C 20128 2C 20131 20 E2 80 9Cmutual 20production 20and 20mutual ...   more details

  1. Gilberto Silva

    ?id 20131&cc 5739 ESPNsoccernet Gilberto Silva Profile , ESPNsoccernet. Retrieved on 25 September ...   more details

  1. List of postal codes in Algeria

    Ain Taya 35310 Ain Teghat 20131 Ain Tellout 13150 Ain Temouchent 46000 Ain Terzine 10342 Ain Thrid 22150 ...   more details

  1. Mount Cayley volcanic field

    the Coast Mountains, British Columbia pages 20119 20131 year 1996 publisher American Geophysical Union ...   more details

  1. Hui people

    Hatnote The Hui ethnic group is unrelated to the Huizhou Chinese Hui dialects . Very long date August 2011 Infobox ethnic group group Hui br lang zh Hu z image Image HuiChineseMuslim3.jpg caption Hui Muslims poptime 10  million ref http english features EthnicGroups 136917.htm China The Hui Ethnic Group ref regions flag China languages Mandarin Chinese Mandarin , Arabic language Arabic , Dungan language Dungan , br other Chinese dialects religions Islam majority br Buddhism , Daoism , Christianity , atheism minority related Dungan people Dungan , Panthay , Dongxiang people Dongxiang , Han Chinese , br other Sino Tibetan peoples Contains Chinese text Chinese c wuu we zoh buc Hu i c k poj H e cho k teo Hu ts k h Fui tshu k The Hui people zh c wiktionary wiktionary p Hu z , Xiao erjing are a predominantly Muslim Ethnic groups in China ethnic group in China in China . Hui people are found throughout the country, though they are concentrated mainly in the provinces of Ningxia , Qinghai , and Gansu . According to a 2000 census, China is home to approximately 9.8 million Hui people, the majority of whom are Chinese speaking practitioners of Islam , though some practice other religions. Although many Hui people are ethnically similar to Han Chinese , the group has retained some Persian and Central Asian features, their and ethnicity and culture having been shaped profoundly by their position along the Silk Road trading route. In the People s Republic of China , the Hui people are one of 56 Ethnic minorities in China officially recognized ethnic groups . Under this definition, the Hui people are defined to include all historically Muslim communities in People s Republic of China that are not included in China s other ethnic groups. ref Lipman 1997 , p. xxiii, or Gladney 1996 , pp. 18 20. Besides the Hui people, nine other officially recognized ethnic groups of PRC are considered predominantly Muslim. Those nine groups ...   more details

  1. Islam during the Ming Dynasty

    20131 20 E2 80 9Cmutual 20production 20and 20mutual 20destruction 2C E2 80 9D 2079 20Nanjing 2C 2022 ...   more details

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