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Encyclopedia results for 20131


Encyclopedia results for 20131

  1. (20132) 1996 BK13

    DISPLAYTITLE 20132 1996 BK sub 13 sub 20132 1996 BK sub 13 sub is a asteroid belt main belt minor planet . It was discovered through the Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program at the Xinglong Station NAOC Xinglong Station in the Chinese province of Hebei on January 21, 1996. ref http sbdb.cgi?sstr 20132 JPL Small Body Database Browser ref See also List of minor planets 20001 21000 References reflist beltasteroid stub MinorPlanets Navigator 20131 1996 BP3 20133 1996 CO2 Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT 1996 BK13 Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1996 Category Main Belt asteroids pt 20132 1996 BK13 vi 20132 1996 BK13 ...   more details

  1. Mario Benazzi

    Mario Benazzi Cento, August 29, 1902 Pisa, December 6, 1997 was an Italian zoologist , professor at the Istituto di Zoologia e Anatomia Comparata of the University of Pisa . He published work on platyhelminths and evolutionary cytogenetics . ref cite doi 10.1080 11250009909356257 ref ref citation last Gremigni first V. year 2001 contribution In memoriam Mario Benazzi 1902 1997 editor1 last Sal editor1 first E. editor2 last Watson editor2 first N. editor3 last Schockaert editor3 first E. title Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on the Biology of the Turbellaria, Barcelona, Spain, June 2000 format CD ROM series Belgian Journal of Zoology volume 131 Suppl. 1 pages 11 14 url http institute associations rbzs website bjz back pdf BJZ 20131 s1 Volume 20131 s1 .pdf . ref ref citation first Giorgio last Mancino title In recordo di Mario Benazzi 1902 1997 journal Italian Journal of Zoology volume 65 issue 4 year 1998 pages 425 428 doi 10.1080 11250009809386785 language Italian . ref Benazzi is honoured in the polychaete name Diurodrilus benazzii Gerlach, 1952 and in the copepod name Colobomatus benazzii Delamare Deboutteville & Nunes Ruivo, 1958. fact date October 2011 In 1971, he was elected a national member of the Accademia dei Lincei . ref Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei Biografie e bibliografie degli Accademici Lincei , Rome 1976, pp. 364 376. it icon ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Benazzi, Mario ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 29 August, 1902 PLACE OF BIRTH Cento, Ferrara DATE OF DEATH 16 December, 1997 PLACE OF DEATH Pisa DEFAULTSORT Benazzi, Mario Category 1902 births Category 1997 deaths Category University of Pisa faculty Category Italian zoologists italy biologist stub Zoologist stub ...   more details

  1. Plagiotremus azaleus

    distinguish Sabre toothed blenny Italic title Taxobox image image width regnum Animal ia phylum Chordate Chordata classis Actinopterygii ordo Perciformes familia Blenniidae genus Plagiotremus species P. azaleus binomial Plagiotremus azaleus binomial authority Jordan & Bollman, 1890 synonyms Plagiotremus azaleus , known commonly as the Sabertooth blenny , ref http comnames CommonNamesList.php?ID 25513&GenusName Plagiotremus&SpeciesName azaleus&StockCode 20131 Common names for Plagiotremus azaleus at ref is a species of combtooth blenny found in coral reef s in the eastern Pacific Ocean . ref name Fishbase http summary SpeciesSummary.php?genusname Plagiotremus&speciesname azaleus Plagiotremus azaleus at ref References reflist Category Blenniidae Category Animals described in 1890 Blenniidae stub ca Plagiotremus azaleus es Plagiotremus azaleus nl Plagiotremus azaleus ...   more details

  1. Unionville, Ohio

    Image OHMap doton Unionville.png right Location of Unionville, Ohio Unionville is an unincorporated area unincorporated community on the line between northwestern Harpersfield Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio Harpersfield Township in Ashtabula County, Ohio Ashtabula County and eastern Madison Township, Lake County, Ohio Madison Township in Lake County, Ohio Lake County in the U.S. state of Ohio . Although it is unincorporated, it has a post office , with the ZIP code of 44088. ref http cgi local zipsrch.exe?cnty cnty&zip 44088 Zip Code Lookup ref It lies along Ohio State Route 84 State Route 84 . Unionville is the site of the land office of the Connecticut Western Reserve . ref cite journal last Brcak first Nancy J authorlink coauthors date Summer Autumn, 1989 title Country Carpenters, Federal Buildings An Early Architectural Tradition in Ohio s Western Reserve journal Ohio History publisher Ohio Historical Society volume 98 issue pages 135 id url http ohstemplate.cfm?action detail&Page 0098135.html&StartPage 131&EndPage 146&volume 98&newtitle Volume 2098 20Page 20131 accessdate 2008 05 09 quote ref References references Ashtabula County, Ohio Lake County, Ohio coord missing Ohio Category Unincorporated communities in Ohio Category Populated places in Ashtabula County, Ohio Category Populated places in Lake County, Ohio NortheasternOH geo stub vo Unionville Ohio ...   more details

  1. Baildon No. 131, Saskatchewan

    Otheruses Baildon Baildon No. 131 is a List of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan rural municipality in the Canada Canadian province of Saskatchewan , located in the south central area of the province, south of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Moose Jaw . Statistics According to the Canada 2001 Census Population 548 Dwellings 205 Area km . 846.21 Density persons per km . 0.6 Communities Hamlets Archive, Saskatchewan Archive Baildon, Saskatchewan Baildon Buttress, Saskatchewan Buttress Crestwynd, Saskatchewan Crestwynd Leakville, Saskatchewan Leakville Levuka, Saskatchewan Levuka Tilney, Saskatchewan Tilney Saskatchewan Railways and Railway Stations historic or current Saskatchewan Highways and Roads For more information see also List of Saskatchewan provincial highways For more information see also List of Saskatchewan provincial roads See also List of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan List of communities in Saskatchewan External links http div mds maps index.html midish Map of Baildon No. 131 Dead link date January 2010 http english census06 data profiles community Details Page.cfm?Lang E&Geo1 CSD&Code1 4707001&Geo2 PR&Code2 47&Data Count&SearchText Baildon 20No. 20131&SearchType Begins&SearchPR 01&B1 All&Custom Statistics Canada 2006 Community Profile Saskatchewan rural municipalities navbox ThisRM Baildon No. 131 NorthRM EastRM SouthRM Coord 50.191 N 105.521 W display title Category Rural municipalities in Saskatchewan Category Baildon No. 131, Saskatchewan Saskatchewan geo stub ...   more details

  1. Piano, Haute-Corse

    Expand French date December 2008 Piano Haute Corse Infobox French commune name Piano region Corse department Haute Corse arrondissement Bastia canton Fiumalto d Ampugnani INSEE 2B214 postal code 20131 mayor Jean Pierre Belgodere term 2008&ndash 2014 intercommunality longitude 9.4039 latitude 42.4481 elevation m 680 elevation min m 192 elevation max m 1016 area km2 3.41 population 32 population date 2008 Piano is a Communes of France commune in the Haute Corse Departments of France department of France on the island of Corsica . Population D mographie 1962 48 1968 64 1975 54 1982 75 1990 54 1999 36 2008 32 See also Communes of the Haute Corse department References http en home home page.asp INSEE reflist Haute Corse communes Category Communes of Haute Corse HauteCorse geo stub ca Piano C rsega ceb Piano, Haute Corse co Pianu es Piano C rcega fr Piano Haute Corse it Piano Francia mg Piano, Haute Corse ms Piano, Haute Corse nl Piano plaats oc Pianu pl Piano ru sk Piano Haute Corse sl Piano, Haute Corse sv Piano, Haute Corse uk vi Piano, Haute Corse vo Piano Haute Corse war Piano, Haute Corse ...   more details

  1. Brooks v. Canada Safeway Ltd.

    SCCInfoBox case name Brooks v. Canada Safeway Ltd. full case name Susan Brooks v. Canada Safeway Limited br Patricia Allen and Patricia Dixon and the Manitoba Human Rights Commission v. Canada Safeway Limited heard date June 15, 1988 decided date May 4, 1989 citations 1989 1 S.C.R. 1219 docket 20131 history Judgment for Safeway Inc. Safeway in the Manitoba Court of Appeal . ruling Appeal allowed. ratio Denial of employee benefit to women on Parental leave leave for pregnancy is discrimination . SCC 1987 1988 Unanimous Dickson C.J. Majority JoinMajority Concurrence JoinConcurrence Concurrence Dissent JoinConcurrence Dissent Dissent JoinDissent NotParticipating Lamer, Le Dain, and McLachlin JJ. LawsApplied Brooks v. Safeway Canada 1989 1 S.C.R. 1219 is a leading Supreme Court of Canada decision on employer discrimination of pregnancy pregnant employees. The Court found that Safeway Inc. Safeway violated the provincial Human Rights Act by failing to provide equal compensation for those who missed work due to pregnancy. This decision overturned the controversial case of Bliss v. Attorney General of Canada , 1979 . In 1982, Susan Brooks, Patricia Allen and Patricia Dixon were all part time cashiers at Safeway who became pregnant. The Safeway insurance plan that provided benefits for loss of pay due to accident or sickness did not give full benefits for 17 weeks for those who were unable to work due to pregnancy. The three women brought claims against Safeway for discriminating on the basis of pregnancy for discrimination based on sex. The Court held unanimously that the insurance policy was discriminating against pregnant women. See also List of Supreme Court of Canada cases Canadian labour law External links lexum scc2 1989 1 1219 96 Canada law stub Safeway, Inc. Category Canadian civil rights case law Category Supreme Court of Canada cases Category 1989 in Canada Category Pregnancy Category Canada labour case law Category 1989 in case law Category Safeway Inc. ...   more details

  1. Fresselines

    Infobox French commune name Fresselines image France Summer 2008 040.JPG region Limousin department Creuse arrondissement Gu ret canton Dun le Palestel INSEE 23087 postal code 23450 mayor Jean Claude Dugenest term 2008&ndash 2014 intercommunality Communaut de communes du Pays Dunois Pays Dunois longitude 1.6828 latitude 46.3836 elevation m 200 elevation min m 200 elevation max m 366 area km2 30.78 population 629 population date 2008 Fresselines is a Communes of France commune in the Creuse Departments of France department in the Limousin region Limousin Regions of France region in central France . Geography A tourism and farming village situated some convert 20 mi km northwest of Gu ret, at the junction of the D76 and the D44 roads, where the river Petite Creuse joins the Creuse River Creuse . Population Demography 1962 1057 1968 1123 1975 983 1982 846 1990 735 1999 671 2008 629 Sights The church of St.Julien, dating from the twelfth century. The two 15th century ch teaux of Puyguillon and Vervix Two 15th century chapels. Personalities Maurice Rollinat 1846 1903 , poet, lived here. Gustave Geffroy , 1855 1926 , writer, lived here. Claude Monet , painter, spent much time here. Image Monet The Petite Creuse River.jpg thumb left La Petite Creuse by Monet See also Communes of the Creuse department References http en home home page.asp INSEE reflist External links http communes.html?mode detail&id 20131&req Fresselines Fresselines on the Quid website Fr Creuse communes Category Communes of Creuse Creuse geo stub ca Fraisselines ceb Fresselines es Fresselines eo Fresselines eu Fresselines fr Fresselines it Fresselines ms Fresselines nl Fresselines oc Fraisselines pms Fresselines pl Fresselines pt Fresselines ru sk Fresselines sv Fresselines uk vi Fresselines vo Fresselines war Fresselines ...   more details

  1. Baishamen Lighthouse

    Infobox lighthouse image name Baisha Men Lighthouse.jpg caption location Hainan , People s Republic of China China coordinates coord 20 4 16.94 N 110 18 50.51 E type landmark region CN display inline,title yearlit c. 2000 marking white yeardeactivated foundation construction concrete shape triangular Cylinder geometry cylindrical tower on hexagon al base height convert 236 ft lens focalheight convert 256 ft range convert 18 nmi characteristic white flash every 6 seconds admiralty F3347.95 NGA 20131 Baishamen Lighthouse zh c , located in the province of Hainan , People s Republic of China China , is the sixth tallest lighthouse in the world, ref cite rowlett tallest accessdate 2010 07 30 Listed as Baisha Men. ref and the second tallest in China. ref cite rowlett chn12 date 2009 02 11 accessdate 2010 07 30 Listed as Baisha Men. ref Rising from a 3 storey hexagonal base, this structure is convert 236 ft tall. This active lighthouse has a focal plane of convert 256 ft with a white flash every 6 seconds. The triangular, cylindrical tower and base are made entirely of white concrete. It serves as a landfall light for the city of Haikou , and is located on the east side of the entrance to Haikou Bay , the harbor of Haikou on Haidian Island . See also List of tallest lighthouses in the world References reflist refbegin cite ngall 112 2009 297 Listed as Baisha Men. refend External links http new hangbiao light show.asp?id 442 Information of Baishamen Lighthouse Hainan topics City of Haikou Category Lighthouses in China Category Buildings and structures in Hainan Lighthouse stub fr Phare de Baishamen ...   more details

  1. Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield

    . ref http cgi bin fg.cgi?page gr&GRid 20131 Charles Tomlinson Griffes , Find A Grave ...   more details

  1. Pianottoli-Caldarello

    Expand French date January 2009 Pianotolli Caldarello Infobox French commune name Pianottoli Caldarello image Chevanu.JPG caption Anse de Chevanu native name Pianottuli Caldareddu region Corse department Corse du Sud arrondissement Sart ne canton Figari INSEE 2A215 postal code 20131 mayor J r me Marie Polverini term 2008&ndash 2014 intercommunality longitude 9.0606 latitude 41.4847 elevation m 80 elevation min m 0 elevation max m 1321 area km2 43 population 833 population date 2008 Pianottoli Caldarello Lang co Pianottuli Caldareddu , also spelled Pianotolli Caldarello is a Communes of France commune in the Corse du Sud Departments of France department of France on the island of Corsica . It shares the canton of Figari with the commune of Figari , Sotta and Monacia d Aull ne . Geography Pianottoli Caldarello is convert 9 km 0 to the west of the commune of Figari on the road to Sart ne . Originally named Caldarello, it was detached from Z rubia in 1864 then changed its name in 1921. The commune comprises predominantly shoreline with the Bay of Figari to the east, Point Capineru, the small islands of Bruzzi a nature reserve and two deep coves Chevanu and Arbitru . A small port is developing near Caldarello to the east. The rocky hinterland extends in the direction of Mount Cagna to the north, going up to convert 1340 m on Ovace for a long tome it served as pasturage for Z rubia, and is still used for that purpose. ref cite web title France, le tr sor des r gions D partement Corse du Sud url http Mdir.php?p cant.php®ion 94&cl accessdate 2008 05 06 Fr icon . ref Population D mographie 1962 307 1968 310 1975 794 1982 889 1990 653 1999 729 2008 833 Sights Torra di Caldarellu See also Communes of the Corse du Sud department References http en home home page.asp INSEE reflist Commons category Pianotolli Caldarello Pianottoli Caldarello Corse du Sud communes DEFAULTSORT Pianottolicaldarello Category Communes of Corse du Sud CorseSud ge ...   more details

  1. Philomont, Virginia

    &longitude &name &phone &level &addtohistory &cat &address &city &state &zipcode 20131 Aerial map view ...   more details

  1. Codex Baroccianus

    1&SearchFor Barocci 20131&SearchOption Equals&SearchField shelf mark Digitized Medieval Manuscripts ...   more details

  1. Ivan Standl

    Ivan Standl 1832 August 30, 1897 was one of the first professional photographers in Zagreb , present day Croatia , known mostly for his award winning documentary photography documentary work. He is the author of the first Croatian photobook , published in 1870. ref name arhiv cite web url http DigitalniArhiv IvanStandl index.htm title Fotografijske slike iz Hrvatske work publisher Croatian State Archives language Croatian accessdate 2010 04 12 ref ref name muo cite web url http index.php?option com content&task view&id 19&Itemid 26 title Zbirke fotografije work publisher Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb language Croatian accessdate 2010 04 14 ref Biography File Zagreb Cathedral interior 1880.jpg thumb right As a part of a series documenting the destruction caused by the 1880 Zagreb earthquake , Standl photographed the damaged interior of the Zagreb Cathedral . Ivan Standl was of Czechs Czech descent and was born in Prague in 1832. ref name zagreb cite web url http default.aspx?id 20131 title Zagreb na fotografiji date November 9, 2009 work publisher City of Zagreb language Croatian accessdate 2010 04 07 ref ref name mdc cite web url http muo eng 12 fotografija 12 05fotografija.html title Ivan Standl work publisher Museum of Arts & Crafts, Zagreb accessdate 2010 04 07 ref It is not known for certain when he moved to Zagreb, but the first record of his activities there dates from 1864, when he won the first prize at the Business Fair lang hr Gospodarska izlo ba . ref name mdc ref name kultura cite web url http hr Zbirke Fototeka kulturne bastine Potres 1880. g. Ura na juznom zidu obustavila se 28show 29 desc title Potres 1880. g. Ura na ju nom zidu obustavila se... last Grkovi first Sanja work publisher Ministry of Culture Croatia Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia language Croatian accessdate 2010 04 07 ref His works also appeared and ...   more details

  1. Dimanche (film)

    Infobox film name Dimanche image alt see WP ALT caption director Patrick Doyon producer Marc Bertrand br Michael Fukushima ref cite web title Sunday Dimanche url http filmcenter detail.aspx?id 24413&FID 61 publisher Denver Film Society accessdate January 24, 2012 ref writer Patrick Doyon starring Chantal Baril br Natalie Hamel Roy br Jacques Lavall e br Fran ois Sasseville br Nicolas Scott music Luigi Allemano cinematography editing Jelena Popovic studio National Film Board of Canada distributor released February 2011 br January 5, 2012 online runtime 10 minutes country Film Canada language budget gross Dimanche English Sunday is a Canadian Animated cartoon animated short film by Patrick Doyon . The film debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2011 ref cite web title Sunday, an animated short film by Patrick Doyon, in competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival url http www.onf eng press room index.php?id 20131 publisher National Film Board of Canada date January 14, 2011 accessdate January 24, 2012 ref and online on January 5, 2012. ref cite web title Web Premiere Sunday by Patrick Doyon url http shorts sunday.html publisher Cartoon Brew date January 5, 2012 accessdate January 24, 2012 ref Dimanche is the first professional film by Doyon, a native of Montreal . ref name Patch cite news last Patch first Nick title Two National Film Board of Canada animated shorts nominated for Oscars url http article 1120526 two national film board of canada animated shorts nominated for oscars accessdate 24 January 2012 newspaper Toronto Star date 24 January 2012 agency Canadian Press ref Doyon had previously created a three minute animated short Square Roots in 2006, while enrolled in the NFB s Hothouse program for young animators. ref name Wyatt cite news last Wyatt first Nelson title Oscar nomination sets bar high for Montrealer s second film url http CTVNews Entertai ...   more details

  1. B�cker B� 133

    BCcker 20B C3 BC 20131&quicksearch B C3 BCcker 20B C3 BC 20131&newvalues 1&newstyle single&newcurrentrecord ...   more details

  1. Communes of the Corse-du-Sud department

    20140 Petreto Bicchisano 2A212 20115 Piana 2A215 20131 Pianotolli Caldarello 2A228 20166 Pietrosella ...   more details

  1. Charles Griffes

    cgi bin fg.cgi?page gr&GRid 20131&pt Charles 20Tomlinson 20Griffes format doi accessdate ...   more details

  1. It's My Life (Dr Alban song) songinfo.php?id 20131 Retrieved August 12, 2008 ref align center ...   more details

  1. Henderson County, Texas

    1860 4595 1870 6786 1880 9735 1890 12285 1900 19970 1910 20131 1920 28327 1930 30583 1940 31822 1950 ...   more details

  1. Shaw Brothers Studio

    http sw abouthistory.aspx?id 161 20219 20131 20178 202 2079 20226 20230 2045 20139 2083 ...   more details

  1. Kano State

    Infobox settlement name Kano State official name type States of Nigeria State image skyline image alt image caption image flag flag alt Flag of Kano State image seal NG KN.jpg seal size frameless seal alt Seal of Kano State nickname List of Nigerian state nicknames Centre of Commerce image map Nigeria Kano State map.png map alt map caption Location of Kano State in Nigeria latd 11 latm 30 latNS N longd 8 longm 30 longEW E coor pinpoint coordinates type region NG type adm1st coordinates display inline,title coordinates footnotes coordinates region NG subdivision type List of sovereign states Country subdivision name flag Nigeria established title List of Nigerian states by date of statehood Date created established date May 27, 1967 seat type List of Nigerian state capitals Capital seat Kano government footnotes leader party People s Democratic Party Nigeria People s Democratic Party leader title List of Nigerian state governors Governor ref See List of Governors of Kano State for a list of prior governors ref leader name Dr Rabi u Musa Kwankwaso leader title1 Senate of Nigeria Senators leader name1 unbulleted list Bello Hayatu Gwarzo Bashir Garba Muhammed Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya leader title2 Nigerian House of Representatives Representatives leader name2 Nigerian National Assembly delegation from Kano List unit pref Metric or US or UK area footnotes area total km2 20131 area rank List of Nigerian states by area 20th of 36 area note elevation footnotes elevation m population footnotes ref prelim 1 population disputed population total 9,383,682 population as of 2006 census population est pop est as of population rank List of Nigerian states by population 1st of 36 population density km2 auto population note demographics type1 List of Nigerian states by GDP GDP PPP demographics1 footnotes demographics1 title1 Year demographics1 info1 2007 demographics1 title2 Total demographics1 info2 12.39  billion ref name C GIDD GDP cite web url http publisher Canback ...   more details

  1. Secret Harbour, Western Australia

    timetablePDFs Southern 20131 2020090920.pdf Southern 131 timetables, Transperth, effective 28 ...   more details

  1. List of minor planets/20101?20200

    16, 1996 Oizumi T. Kobayashi 20131 mp 1996 BP 3 January 27, 1996 Oizumi T. Kobayashi 20132 1996 ...   more details

  1. PCMT1

    J. Biol. Chem. volume 264 issue 33 pages 20131 9 year 1989 pmid 2684970 doi cite journal author Gilbert ...   more details

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