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Encyclopedia results for 151a


Encyclopedia results for 151a

  1. Duncan's 151a

    Location map Canada Alberta lat 56.0968 long 117.8489 width 200 caption Location of Duncan s 151a Alberta label Duncan s 151a Duncan s 151a is an List of Alberta Indian reserves Indian reserve in Alberta . ref name Duncan s 151a cite web url http english profil01 AP01 Details Page.cfm?Lang E&Geo1 CSD&Code1 4819826&Geo2 PR&Code2 48&Data Count&SearchText Duncan s 20151a&SearchType Begins&SearchPR 01&B1 All&Custom title Duncan s 151a year 2001 publisher Statistics Canada accessdate 27 December 2009 ref References reflist Subdivisions of Alberta coord 56.096 N 117.848 W format dms scale 60000 region CA AB display title name Duncan s 151a Category First Nations reserves in Alberta NorthernAlberta geo stub ...   more details

  1. 2-4-6-2

    A 2 4 6 2 steam locomotive , in the Whyte notation for describing locomotive wheel arrangement s, has a two wheel leading truck , one set of four driving wheel s, one set of six driving wheel s, and a two wheel trailing truck . Other equivalent classifications are br UIC classification 1BC1 also known as German classification and Italian classification br French classification 1231 br This most unusual wheel arrangement was only ever used on a duplex locomotive type. Ten 2 4 6 2 151A compound locomotive s were built in 1932 for the Chemins de fer de Paris Lyon et la M diterran e Paris Lyons Marseilles Railway P.L.M. to haul heavy freight trains on the 0.8 grade between Les Laumes and Dijon. After electrification of the line, the 151A were sent for service in northeastern France. They were withdrawn from service in 1956 and scrapped. Whyte types Category Locomotives by wheel arrangement ...   more details

  1. Bebai ben Abaye

    Orphan date February 2009 Eras of the Halakha Bebai ben Abaye was a Jew ish Talmud ist who lived in Babylonia , known as an amora of the fourth and fifth amoraic generations fourth century CE , son of the celebrated Abaye Nahmani, and presiding judge in Pumbedita , ref Yevamot 75b Ketuvim 85a. ref where his father had directed the Talmudic academies in Babylonia academy . Some rabbi nic chronologists ref J. Schorr, Wa ad akamim, 24b Bacher, Ag. Pal. Amor. iii. 667, note 5 ref suggest his identity with Bebai II Bebai ben Abin , which, however, is chronologically incorrect, the latter having been a fellow pupil of Rab Joseph, whereas Bebai b. Abaye was a contemporary of Nahman ben Isaac , Kahana III , ref Berakhot Talmud 6b Eruvin 90a. ref Pappi , and Huna ben Joshua . As Abaye was a scion of the priestly house of Eli Biblical priest Eli , which was doomed to premature death, ref I Samuel ii. 33 see Rosh Hashanna 18a ref both Pappi and Huna ben Joshua frequently taunted Bebai with being descended from frail short lived stock, and therefore with uttering frail, untenable arguments. ref Er. 25b compare Diqduqe Soferim a.l. B. M. 109a B. B. 137b, 151a compare Jastrow, Dict. 794a, s.v. Mammula . ref Bebai b. Abaye seems to have led a contemplative life and legend relates some curious stories about him. ref Hagiggah 4b Berakhot 6a and 8b Eruvin 8a Shabbatim 3b, 4a Hullin 43b Keruvim 3b Zeb. 107a. ref References references Resources JewishEncyclopedia DEFAULTSORT Bebai Ben Abaye Category Talmud rabbis of Babylonia Category 4th century rabbis rabbi stub ...   more details

  1. Brownvale, Alberta

    Location map Canada Alberta lat 56.1283 long 117.8925 width 200 caption Location of Brownvale Alberta label Brownvale Brownvale is a hamlet place hamlet in northern Alberta , Canada within the Peace No. 135, Alberta Municipal District of Peace No. 135 . ref Cite web url http documents msb 2010 ruralmun.pdf title Specialized and Rural Municipalities and Their Communities author Alberta Municipal Affairs authorlink Alberta Municipal Affairs date 2010 04 01 accessdate 2010 07 03 ref It is located on Alberta Highway 737 Highway 737 less than convert 1 km off Alberta Highway 2 Highway 2 , approximately convert 48 km southwest of the Town of Peace River, Alberta Peace River and convert 20 km southwest of Grimshaw, Alberta Grimshaw . Duncan s 151a Duncan s First Nation reserve is less than convert 5 km mi abbr on to the south. The community originated in the mid 1920s when the railway was extended from Berwyn to Whitelaw. ref http itoolkit.asp?pg HAMLET OF BROWNVALE Hamlet Brownvale M.D. of Peace ref Demographics As a designated place in the Canada 2011 Census 2011 Census , Brownvale had a population of 125 living in 51 of its 56 total dwellings, a 14.7 change from its 2006 population of 109. With a land area of convert 3.38 km2 sqmi abbr on , it had a population density of Pop density 125 3.38 km2 sqmi in 2011. ref name statcan2011dpl cite web url http census recensement 2011 dp pd hlt fst pd pl Table Tableau.cfm?LANG Eng&T 1302&PR 48&S 51&O A&RPP 25 title Population and dwelling counts, for Canada, provinces and territories, and designated places, 2011 and 2006 censuses Alberta publisher Statistics Canada date 2012 02 08 accessdate 2012 04 06 ref As of 2006, Brownvale had a total population of 109 living in 47 dwellings. With a land area of convert 3.38 km2 sqmi abbr on , it has a population density of convert 32.3 km2 sqmi abbr on . ref name statcan2006dpl Cite web url http english census06 ...   more details

  1. Kishi Bashi

    ep ref Kishi Bashi s first full length record, 151a , was released by Joyful Noise Recordings ...   more details

  1. Indexed annuity

    151A claiming indexed annuities should be regulated as securities and should only be sold by registered .... On July 13, 2010, The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit vacated Rule 151A ref American Equity ...   more details

  1. Legend of the Mistletoe Bough

    cgi bin acwwweng ballads Harding B 16 151a &id 06993.gif&seq 1&size 0 An early ...   more details

  1. List of Trivandrum bus routes

    Beach Shanghumugham 151A Valiathura , Trivandrum International Airport Airport Shankumugham Beach ...   more details

  1. Furio Niclot Doglio

    1942, while flying the Macchi C. 202, as Capitano of 151a Squadriglia . Image Mc 202 folgore.sized.jpg ..., while escorting three Savoia Marchetti SM.84 , leading 10 MC.202s of 151a Squadriglia , Doglio ... officer of 151a Squadriglia , 20 Gruppo , 51 Stormo , and was flying a Macchi C.202 ...   more details

  1. Maryland Route 151

    Avenue north notes Northern terminus jctbtm Auxiliary routes MD  151A is the designation for the convert ... Road between Sparrows Point and Edgemere. ref name Maryland HLR ref name Google Maps MD 151A MD  ... Baltimore County PDF pp.  149&ndash 156 ref ref name Google Maps MD 151A google maps url http ... 39.232802, 76.458954&spn 0.003748,0.009645&t h&z 17 title Maryland Route 151A accessdate 2011 05 17 ...   more details

  1. Constitution of Slovakia

    prosecutors of the Slovak Republic a. 149 to 151 Ombudsman a. 151a Ninth part Transitory and final provisions ...   more details

  1. Isaac b. Judah

    For a Rishonim Rishon sage, with a similar name, see Isaac b. Judah ha Levi 13th Century, and author of Pa aneah Raza . For a Rishonim Rishon sage, with a similar name, see Isaac ben Judah ibn Ghayyat 1030, Spain . For the Portuguese people Portuguese Jewish leader during The expulsion of Jews from Spain , see Isaac ben Judah Abrabanel Lisbon , 1437, also known as Isaac ben Judah Abrabanel The Abarbanel . For the Tosafist sage, see Judah b. Isaac of Paris 1166, also known as Judah Messer Leon 1166 Judah Messer Leon . Eras of the Halakha R. Isaac son of Rab Judah ref http shabbath shabbath 91.html , tractate Shabbat Talmud Shabbat , 91a ref or Isaac b. Judah ref http view.jsp?artid 59&letter T TANNAIM AND AMORAIM , List Isaac b. Judah B 3 ref or YI A BAR JUDAH , ref http view.jsp?artid 56&letter Y YI A BAR JUDAH , Article ref or Yitzchaq bar Judah ref http w index.php?title Wikipedia Jewish Encyclopedia topics Y&oldid 434609805 Wikipedia Jewish Encyclopedia topics Y , 10.Yitzchaq bar Judah Yizhak bar Judah ref Hebrew was a fourth generation Amoraim Amora sage of Babylon . His father was Judah ben Ezekiel who was his Teacher par excellence , ref Or his distinguished teacher That is, a Rabbi whom he has acquired most of his scholarly knowledge i.e B. Talmud , Nashim Kiddushin , 33a http pdf nashim Kiddushin.pdf ref and he debated many Halakha ic issues with him. ref i.e. Babylonian Talmud , Tractate Shabbat Talmud Shabbat , 91a ref His father regarded him highly, and would submitt statements in his son s name, which was considered unusual, since usually an Amora does not submitt statements in the name of their students ref Babylonian Talmud , Tractate Shabbat Talmud Shabbat , 151a ref but rather, the other way around . At times he would commentate on his father s work. ...   more details

  1. Duplex locomotive

    type was made famous by the ten 2 4 6 2 151A compound locomotives built in 1932 for the Paris Lyons ... of the 0.8 Blaisy grade. After electrification of the line, the 151A were sent for service ...   more details

  1. Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour

    Mk 151A Used by the Red Arrows , includes modified jetpipe for smoke generation. Adour Mk 851 Adour ...   more details

  1. Psalm 151

    of these Hebrew psalms, known as Psalm 151a , is reflected in verses 1 5 of the Greek Psalm 151, while ...   more details

  1. Berwyn, Alberta

    s 151a Duncan s First Nation reserve. Berwyn is the seat of the Peace No. 135, Alberta Municipal ...   more details

  1. Adityanath Yogi

    life, Adityanath was jailed under Section 151A of the crpc only to find later that he has also been ...   more details

  1. Interstate 80 in Illinois

    Signed as exits 151A south and 151B north rowspan 3 Hazel Crest, Illinois Hazel Crest 154 Kedzie ...   more details

  1. China Railways CRH2

    2 sub 151A CRH sub 2 sub 190A from CSR Sifang. CRH2B In November 2007, the Ministry of Railway in China ... 2 sub 036A CRH sub 2 sub 041A CRH sub 2 sub 151A CRH sub 2 sub 155A br CRH sub 2 sub 163A CRH sub 2 ...   more details

  1. Ecurie Ecosse

    boxes a 151A Lotus X1, a 152S BRM and a 154 Ferrari. Although out of production, the Corgi ...   more details

  1. Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee

    and piano 1995 Feu Follet Op. 151a 2007 arr. for flute and piano, poem by Therese Planiol Ses Yeux ...   more details

  1. List of live CDs

    . OpenIndiana since OpenIndiana 151a based on Illumos http SmartOS Illumos based LiveCD from ...   more details

  1. Interstate 40 in Oklahoma

    type incomplete road Robinson Avenue notes Westbound exit jctint exit exit 151A type unbuilt road Crosstown ...   more details

  1. List of United States Army careers

    Operations Technician 151A Aviation Maintenance Technician Nonrated 152B OH 58 Kiowa OH 58 A C ...   more details

  1. Interstate 15 in California

    66 east U.S. Route 91 in California US 91 north 41.43 151A Roy Rogers Drive 42.03 151B Mojave Drive ...   more details

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