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Encyclopedia results for 101hp


Encyclopedia results for 101hp

  1. Manzolini Libellula

    Infobox Aircraft Begin name Libellula image caption Infobox Aircraft Type type Light experimental helicopter manufacturer Manzolini designer Ettore Manzolini first flight 1952 in aviation 1952 introduced retired status primary user more users produced number built 3 unit cost developed from variants with their own articles The Manzolini Libellula was a 1950s Italy Italian co axial twin rotor helicopter designed by Ettore Manzolini . Libellula is the Italian word for Dragonfly . Design and development Etorre Manzolini established a company in Rome, Italy to develop a helicopter he had designed. The design was the Manzolini Libellula an unusual Coaxial rotors co axial helicopter. The co axial arrangement eliminating the need for an anti torque rotor allowed the helicopter to have a twin fin arrangement. The Libellula Registered I MANZ first flew on 7 January 1952. An improved version was the single seat Libellula II which went on to gain Italian certification on 15 October 1962. A three seater version the Libellula III was built and a four seat Libellula IV was planned but Manzolini stopped development in the late 1960s. Variants Libellula Prototype, one built. Libellula II Prototype single seat version powered by a 75kW 101hp Walter Minor Walter Minor 4 III engine, one built. Libellula III Prototype two seat version powered by a 104kW 140hp Avia M332 Walter M 332 engine, one built but not flown. Libellula IV Proposed four seat version powered by a 236kW 317shp Allison 250 CT18 turboshaft, not built. Specifications Libellula II Aero specs missing aerospecs met or eng? eng for US UK aircraft, met for all others met crew One capacity length m length ft length in span m span ft span in swept m swing wings swept ft swing wings swept in swing wings rot number helicopters rot dia m helicopters rot dia ft helicopters rot dia in helicopters dia m airships etc dia ft airships etc dia in airships etc width m if applicable width ft if applicable width in if applicable height m h ...   more details

  1. Studebaker Champion

    width 75.8 sedans and wagons engine 185CID 101HP Sweepstakes L head I6, 289CID 210HP Sweepstakes OHV ...   more details

  1. 1952 Ford

    Infobox automobile name Ford aka Ford Mainline br Ford Customline br Ford Crestline br Ford Courier Other Ford models using the Courier name Ford Courier ref name Courier http photos autohistorian 3800413926 1952 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery sales brochure cover Retrieved on 31 December 2009 ref image Image FordMainlineSide.jpg 250px Ford Mainline manufacturer Ford Motor Company production 1952&ndash 1954 predecessor 1949 Ford successor 1955 Ford layout FR layout class Full size Ford wheelbase 115  in 2921  mm length 115 width 73.9 height 62.1 assembly Chicago, Illinois body style 2 door Sedan car sedan br 4 door Sedan car sedan br 2 door station wagon br 4 door station wagon br 2 door coupe br 2 door hardtop br 2 door convertible br 2 door sedan delivery ref name Courier br 2 door coupe utility Australia engine 215  Cubic inch Engine displacement CID 3.5  L Ford Straight 6 engine OHV Straight six engine I6 br 239  CID 3.9  L Ford Flathead engine Flathead V8 The Ford line of Automobile cars was again refreshed for 1952 , although remaining similar to the all new 1949 Ford s. This time, curved one piece windshield glass joined a new Mileage Maker straight 6 engine with 101hp ref cite book last Flory, Jr. first J. Kelly title American Cars, 1946 1959 Every Model Every Year year 2008 publisher McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers isbn 978 0 7864 3229 5 ref . The 226  Cubic inch Engine displacement CID 3.7  L Ford Straight 6 engine L head straight 6 was replaced by an overhead valve 215  CID 3.5  L Ford Straight 6 engine Mileage Maker with 101  hp 75  kW , while the old 239  CID 3.9  L Ford Flathead engine Flathead V8 remained with 110  hp 82  kW . 1952 See also Ford Country Squire File 1952 Ford 76B Crestline Sunliner Convertible Coupe KHO996.jpg thumb left 1952 Ford Crestline Sunliner File 52 Meteor Customline V8 Centropolis Laval 10 .jpg thumb left 1952 Meteor Customline V8 The model lines ...   more details

  1. Ford Falcon (North America)

    convert 144 cuin L 1 abbr on 85hp Straight six engine I6 br convert 170 cuin L 1 abbr on 101hp Straight ...   more details

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