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webinar recording

Encyclopedia results for webinar recording

  1. This Is a Recording

    This Is a Recording may refer to This Is a Recording Kevin Moore album This Is a Recording Kevin Moore album This Is a Recording Lily Tomlin album This Is a Recording Lily Tomlin album Intercept message , a telephone recording informing the caller that the call cannot be completed disambig ...   more details

  1. Tape recording

    Tape recording may refer to Reel to reel audio tape recording recording with Magnetic tape Magnetic tape sound recording disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Re-recording

    Re recording may refer to Re recording filmmaking , the process with which the audio track of a film or video production is created Re recording video gaming , the act of using a save state while recording a tool assisted speedrun Re recording music , where a popular music artist or group re records a song they earlier made famous disambig ...   more details

  1. Recording head

    A recording head is the physical Electrical connector interface between a recording machine apparatus and a motion physics moving recording medium . Recording heads are generally classified according to the physics physical principle that allows them to impress their data upon their medium. A recording head is often mechanically paired with a playback head , which, though proximal to, is often discrete from the record head. The two most common forms of recording head are Magnetic Magnetic recording heads use the principles of electromagnetism to coercivity coerce a paramagnetic recording medium, such as iron oxides , to orient in a readable manner such as magnetic tape . Record heads are constructed of laminated permalloy , ferrite magnet ferrite , or sendust . As of 2006 this is by far the most dominant type of head in use. Optical Optical recording heads use the principles of optics and light to impart energy on a recording medium, which accepts the energy in a readable manner, e.g. by melting or photography . Note that Magneto optical recording, though using optics and heat , should properly be considered a magnetic process, since the data stored on magneto optical media is stored magnetically. Earlier systems, such as phonograph records, used mechanical heads known as stylus styli to physically cut grooves in the recording medium, in a configuration of size, width, depth and position recoverable as sound . See also Analog recording Cassette demagnetizer Compact Cassette Digital recording Sound recording and reproduction VCR Videotape Video head cleaner VTR External links http hyperphysics.phy hbase audio tape.html Diagrams and explanations of recording heads and the tape recording process. http audio docs Ampex 20ATR 100 20Record 20Construction.htm An Ampex recording head , deconstructed. http academics music att 2TkHeadStack.html ... Photo of an early recording head as part of a wire recorder. Category Recording engineering stub cs ...   more details

  1. Smell recording

    Orphan date June 2009 Smell recording refers to recording odor s in a way similar to sound s and image s. In June of 2006 engineers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology started to build a device that is supposedly capable of recording smells to where they can be played back later like what can be done with sounds and images. References http article mg19125586.300 Category Recording Tech stub ...   more details

  1. Analog recording

    Unreferenced date March 2012 Analog or analogue recording Greek, ana is according to and logos relationship is a technique used for the recording of analog signal s which among many possibilities include audio frequency , analog audio and analog video information for later playback. Analog recording methods store signals as a continual wave in or on the media. The wave might be stored as a physical texture on a phonograph record , or a fluctuation in the field strength of a magnetic recording . This is different from digital recording of which among many possibilities include digital audio and digital video , which digital signal s are represented as data or discrete numbers. Audio Examples of analog audio recording are Compact Cassette magnetic tape recorders Gramophone record also known as a phonograph record , vinyl , etc. Video Examples of analog video recording are Quadruplex videotape 2 Videocassette recorder VCR See also Analog recording vs. digital recording Magnetic storage Magnetic tape References reflist Audio formats Audio broadcasting DEFAULTSORT Analog Recording Category Film and video technology Category Film and video terminology Category Media technology Category Recording Category Television terminology Category Video storage Sound tech stub it Registrazione analogica ...   more details

  1. Black recording

    Multiple issues unreferenced February 2010 expert February 2010 confusing February 2010 In telecommunication , the term black recording has the following meanings 1. In Fax facsimile systems using amplitude modulation , recording in which the maximum received power physics power corresponds to the maximum density of the record medium . 2. In a facsimile system using frequency modulation , recording in which the lowest received frequency corresponds to the maximum density of the record medium. Source Federal Standard 1037C and MIL STD 188 Category Telecommunications terms ...   more details

  1. Cue Recording

    Multiple issues unreferenced October 2009 orphan January 2010 unreferenced January 2010 Cue Recording was one of the first 24 track Analog recording analog recording studio s in the Washington, DC area. The DC music scene from the 1970s through today enjoys a professional level of quality that many such studios offer locally. Technology at Cue and other studios has evolved from vintage tape equipment to modern digital recording systems such as Pro Tools . Throughout its 25 years producing recordings for bands, solo artists, politician s, and Cable television cable documentaries , it has seen welcomed advancements in recording technology and a degradation in industry sound requirements such as the advent of compressed digital files, i.e. MPEG mpegs , Compact disc CDs , etc. External links Official website http coord 38.883487 77.170571 type landmark globe earth region US VA display title Category Recording studios in the United States ...   more details

  1. The Recording Angel

    Infobox NRHP name The Recording Angel location Forest Mound Cemetery br Waupun, Wisconsin refnum 74000088 added July 15, 1974 The Recording Angel is a sculpture located in Waupun, Wisconsin . It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. ref cite web url http 122036 recording angel the title Recording Angel, The publisher Landmark accessdate 2012 02 15 ref History The angel was sculpted by Lorado Taft . ref cite web url http www.waupun sculpture recording angel.htm title Recording Angel Sculpture by Lorado Taft publisher Waupun accessdate 2012 02 15 ref He was commissioned to create the sculpture by his friend, Clarence Shaler, in memory of his wife, Blanche. References reflist DEFAULTSORT Recording Angel, The Category National Register of Historic Places in Wisconsin Category Monuments and memorials on the National Register of Historic Places in Wisconsin Category Outdoor sculptures in Wisconsin Category Sculptures by Lorado Taft Category 1923 sculptures Category Bronze sculptures Wisconsin NRHP stub ...   more details

  1. Telephone recording

    Telephone recording may refer to Call recording software Telephone tapping disambiguation Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it from being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Long comment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Loop recording

    Loop recording is the process of recording Sound recording and reproduction audio continuously to an endless tape if magnetic tape is used or to computer memory , or recording video feeds such as from video surveillance or camera signals on a video server ref http Europe, 20Middle 20East 20Africa English Products Technologies Loop Recording page.aspx 1309 Loop recording definition EVS ref . This process is a never ending one at the end of the internal disk drive , the recording process continues to record at the beginning, erasing the previously recorded material and replacing it with the new content media content . Generally, it is possible to write protect some selected parts as video clip s to prevent erasure. This process is used on video servers to allow continuous recording, and instant access to any material ingestion content ingest ed in the previous hours. This guarantees that the recorder will never miss an action in some live events such as live sport s. Video servers This process is used in the Xt 2 XT nowiki 2 nowiki server from EVS Broadcast Equipment company the http www.apa cms it EN loesungen.html?channel CH0264&doc CMS1169550807427 APA IT LoopRecorder . References reflist Category Broadcast engineering Category Video ...   more details

  1. Azimuth recording

    Azimuth recording is the use of a variation in angle between two recording heads that are recording data so close together on magnetic tape that crosstalk would otherwise likely occur. Normally, the head is perpendicular to the movement of the tape, and this is considered zero degrees. However, if the heads are mounted at slightly different angles such as 7 degrees in VHS , destructive interference will occur at high frequencies when reading data recorded in the cross talking channel but not in the channel that is intended to be read. At low frequencies relative to the maximum allowed by the head gap, however, this technique is ineffective. Thus one head is slanted slightly leftwards and the magnetic gap of the other head slanted slightly rightwards. To look at it another way, channel A sees the channel B data stretched out in time, hence the technique has a low pass effect on Noise electronics ... as possible onto a given sized tape, but information from one recording track pass of the video head must not interfere with information on adjacent stripes. Using slant azimuth recording, the need for guard bands, that is the blank space between tracks, is eliminated, allowing more recording to be placed ... Betamax used slant azimuth recording also. These digital VTR version used azimuth recording also. Also see Symmetric Phase Recording VTR Tape head Helical scan Helical scan Slant azimuth recording Slant azimuth recording Betamax References http AzimuthRecording.htm Mr. betamax, Helical Azimuth Recording http products digitalCamcorder pal xlh1s xlh1s a.pdf Canon Video Recording System Two rotating heact, helical scan azimuth recording. http ... patents US4897748 Google Patents , Magnetic head for azimuth recording in a high density magnetic recording system, Ken Takahashi et al http content 95 3 301.abstract Society ... Azimuth Recording Category Computer storage tape media Electronics stub ...   more details

  1. Field recording

    File Ecoacoustics recording in Rural Illinois, USA.jpg right thumb 250px Two individuals recording Ecoacoustics in the field. Field recording is the term used for an Sound recording audio recording produced outside of a recording studio . Field recordings can be either of two varieties. Field recording ... filmmaking foley work for film. With the introduction of high quality portable recording equipment ... Records and Vanguard Records . Techniques Field recording often involves the capture of ambient ... pushed the technical limits of recording equipment, that is, demanding low noise and extended frequency ... recording technology. Field recording is typically recorded in the same channel format as the desired result, for instance, stereo recording equipment will yield a stereo product. This is in contrast to a multitrack recording multitrack remote recording which captures many microphones on multiple channels to be creatively modified, augmented and mixed down to a specific consumer format. Field recording ... quality portable recording equipment such the Uher brand Uher and Nagra portable reel to reel decks ... of audio recording fidelity with extended frequency response and low self noise. Amongst these technologies, other popular means for field recording have included the compact audio cassette analog ... Field Recorder app to do high quality field recording and editing. Techniques have developed to include ... Field recording was originally a way to document oral presentations and ethnomusicology projects pioneered by Charles Seeger and John Lomax . Bioacoustics Field recording is an important tool in bioacoustics ... was evident almost from the birth of recording technology. Most noteworthy for pioneering the conceptual ... External links External links date September 2010 http gen recording field.html ... field recording advice at Quiet American http Gruenrekorder DEFAULTSORT Field Recording Category Sound recording Category Audio engineering Category Data collection Category ...   more details

  1. VoIP recording

    Refimprove date December 2006 Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP recording is a subset of Call recording software telephone recording or voice logging, first used by call centers and now being used by all types of businesses. There are many reasons for recording VoIP call traffic such as reducing company ... needed date July 2011 . How VoIP recording works Since VoIP calls travel digitally on computer networks ... ip telephony.htm ref VoIP recording is done by tapping into the computer network rather than ... tap SPAN Switched Port ANalyzer port which allows the VoIP recording unit to monitor all network ... cable being between the VoIP recording unit and the router, switch, or hub. Via the SPAN port ... the in out bound traffic and offers one point of contact for recording. This is especially helpful in a campus ... all the phones within the VLAN. Then SPAN that VLAN. This will allow recording all in out .... Challenges of VoIP recording VoIP is usually implemented as a cost saving measure over POTS Plain old telephone systems . The same holds true now for VoIP recording. Most recording vendors are able to record ... as compared to the intensive hardware and software associated with legacy PBX recording. Today, most of the VoIP vendors are offering VoIP recording methods specific to their VoIP call and communications management servers. These vendors are offering what is referred to as active VoIP recording where the recording vendor s solution becomes an active participant within the call for recording purposes. This approach offers some benefits over the long established method of sniffing Passive recording ... greatly simplifies recording internal calls, as it no longer necessary to duplicate the audio ... for agent interaction and changes to the quality of the call. Passive call recording software .... Other Methods of VoIP Recording VoIP calls can be recorded via streaming audio recording ... use a recording system offered by the softphone or IP PBX . Streaming audio recorders can be useful ...   more details

  1. Recording at the edge

    Multiple issues unreferenced September 2009 wikify September 2009 orphan September 2008 Recording at the Edge ... Ethernet network instead of transporting it across the network to a centralized recording facility such as a Network Video recorder Video Recorder . Recording at the Edge is a distributed or de centralized ... to centralized on one. Network bandwidth friendly Recording at the Edge is a network bandwidth friendly .... When the network includes a WAN or, worse still, the Internet, by definition Recording at the Edge becomes the only way to ensure high quality recordings. Reliability Recording at the Edge is more reliable because recording is independent of the network s health and degree of congestion. Even if the network grinds to a halt recording continues unaffected. Simple Deployment Recording at the Edge ... are better suited to this role, although conventional DVRs traditionally focus on recording, searching ... edge recorder fails then only those cameras connected to that unit stop recording. In a centralized approach, all cameras would cease to be recorded. Pre alarm Recording For added security centralized ... storage. Pre alarm recording is offered by introducing a buffer in the encoder so that the seconds ... of pre alarm recording. For instance, if you continuously transmit a 1 Mbit s stream 30 IPS at 4 ... s of network bandwidth, or send about 11 Gigabytes of video data. If, however, you use Recording at the Edge, and use pre alarm recording configured to 5 seconds pre and 10 seconds post alarm, then assuming ... about IP based CCTV is the dependence on the network. With Recording at the Edge this is not an issue ... is severely limited, Recording at the Edge is a savior for high quality recorded video but it does ... bandwidth networks one high quality stream is used for local recording, and a lower quality ... is used to fill any gaps in the centralized recording dues to network interruptions. Economies ... and reliable then use it, but when it is severely limited or intermittent, then use Recording ...   more details

  1. Remote recording

    Remote recording , also known as location recording , is the act of making a high quality complex audio recording of a live concert performance, or any other location recording that uses multitrack recording techniques outside of a recording studio . ref cite book url http books?id DulVm8t88QkC ... recording is then carefully Audio mixing recorded music mixed , and the finished result is called a remote recording or a live album . This is in contrast to a field recording which uses few microphones, recorded onto the same number of channels as the intended product. Remote recording is not the same ..., typically to stereo. Remote recording and remote broadcast may be carried out simultaneously by the same crew using the same microphones. One important benefit of a remote recording is that the performers will respond to the audience they will not be as distracted by the recording process ... Bruce last2 Bartlett first2 Jenny title Recording music on location capturing the live performance publisher Focal Press year 2006 isbn 0240808916 edition 2 ref Another reason for a remote recording ... John authorlink John M. Eargle title Handbook of Recording Engineering publisher Birkh user year 2005 isbn 0387284702 edition 4 ref To make a remote recording, studio quality recording equipment is trucked ... recording is often made using a specially built remote truck a rolling recording studio carrying a mixing console , studio monitor s and multitrack recorders. Beginning modestly in 1958, recording ... page 90 title High Tech Times In The World s Recording Mecca last McCullaugh first Jim date November 15, 1980 work Billboard volume 92 number 46 issn 0006 2510 ref History Remote recording developed out of the practice of making field recording s with high quality equipment. The earliest such recordings ... isbn 0826429661 ref In 1958, American recording engineer Wally Heider mounted recording equipment ... in the manner of a remote broadcast recording onto stereo tape recorders for release as stereo and mono ...   more details

  1. Recording studio

    , and MIDI MIDI workstation . A recording studio is a facility for Sound recording and reproduction sound recording and Audio mixing recorded music mixing . Ideally both the recording and monitoring ... heard by the listener . Recording studios may be used by record musicians, voice over artists ... filmmaking foley , or to record their accompanying musical soundtracks. The typical recording studio ... and the control room , which houses the professional audio equipment for either analog recording analogue or digital recording digital recording, routing and manipulating the sound. Often, there will be smaller ... from other instruments, or to provide drier rooms for recording vocals or quieter acoustic instruments ... recording studio.jpg thumb Allen & Heath GS3000 analogue mixing console in the control room Recording studios generally consist of three rooms the studio itself, where the sound for the recording is created ... and manipulated, and the machine room, where noisier equipment that may interfere with the recording process is kept. Recording studios are carefully designed around the principles of room acoustics to create a set of spaces with the acoustical properties required for recording sound with precision ... way and soundproofing to provide sonic isolation between the rooms . A recording studio may include additional rooms, such as a vocal booth a small room designed for voice recording, as well as one or more extra control rooms. Equipment found in a recording studio commonly includes Mixing console Multitrack recording Multitrack recorder Microphones Reference monitors , which are loudspeakers ... include Digital audio workstation Music workstation On Air or Recording Light Outboard effects, such as audio ... a large role in the recording process, being able to replace the mixing console s, multitrack recording recorders , synthesizer s, Sampler musical instrument Samplers and sound effects devices. A computer thus outfitted is called a Digital Audio Workstation , or DAW. Popular audio recording software ...   more details

  1. Multitrack recording

    audio interface for the Pro Tools computer based hard disk recording system. Digital audio quality is measured in data resolution per channel. Multitrack recording also known as multitracking or just tracking for short is a method of sound recording that allows for the separate recording of multiple ... recording different audio channel s to separate discrete tracks on the same tape a track was simply ... and 1990s, computers provided means by which both sound recording and reproduction could be digitized ... for computers was of sufficient quality to be widely used for high end audio recording. Though magnetic tape has not been universally replaced as a recording medium, the advantages of non linear editing NLE and recording have resulted in digital systems largely superseding tape. Process Multitracking can be achieved with analog recording , tape based equipment from simple, cassette based four ... a computer and audio recording software. Multitrack recording devices vary in their specifications, such as the number of simultaneous tracks available for recording at any one time in the case .... Some of the biggest professional analog recording studios used a computer to synchronize multiple .... Moreover, on computer based systems, the number of simultaneously available recording tracks is limited by the sound card discrete analog or digital inputs. When recording, audio engineer s can select ... given point on the tape, any of the tracks on the recording device can be recording or playing back using Sel Sync sel sync or Selective Synchronous recording. This allows an artist to be able to record ... set of playback heads with higher fidelity are used. At any given point in the recording process ..., making more room for more tracks to be reused for fresh recording. Beatles Record producer producer ... during the recording of the Beatles The Beatles album White Album . The Beach Boys Pet Sounds also ... . File Korg D888.jpg right thumb 300px Korg D888 eight track digital recorder Multitrack recording ...   more details

  1. Talkback (recording)

    Unreferenced date March 2009 In sound recording , talkback refers to the intercom system used in recording studio s and production control room s PCR in television studio s to enable personnel to communicate with people in the recording area or booth. While the control room can hear the person in the booth over the studio microphones, the person in the booth hears the control room over a public address system PA , monitor speaker, in their headphones or Interruptible feedback IFB earpiece . Take numbers, reference data, and sometimes count ins or remarks are also stamped onto recordings through talkback, similar to a clapperboard . The audio quality of talkback systems is usually markedly lower than that of studio microphones and speakers, coming from a simple microphone which may be omnidirectional or unidirectional built or plugged into the audio mixer , and with its sound often audio level compression compressed . Since talkback is usually edited out of master recordings, high fidelity isn t essential, and studios tend to cut budget corners when possible. Compression allows comments from around the control room to be audible. Occasionally instructions and comments from talkback systems do appear in studio recordings, notably in records by The Beach Boys , The Beatles , Spoon band Spoon , and Bob Dylan Citation needed date March 2009 . They frequently turn up in bootleg recording bootleg or sessions records. Category Recording Category Telecommunications equipment ...   more details

  1. Reciprocal Recording

    No footnotes date September 2010 Reciprocal Recording was the name of a recording studio in Seattle, Washington , USA, that was founded in 1984 and officially closed in July 1991. History Chris Hanzsek and Tina Casale opened Reciprocal Recording in Seattle in 1984. It was originally located in an office suite next to a railroad switching yard in Seattle s Interbay neighborhood, and in 1985, the business moved to the basement in Madrona location. Later that year, Chris and Tina launched C Z Records while both producing at Ironwood Studios Recording , and in March 1986 they released the Deep Six album Deep Six compilation. In June 1986, Chris partnered with Jack Endino to reopen Reciprocal Recording at 4230 Leary Way N.W. in the Ballard, Seattle, Washington Ballard neighborhood. The tiny building had formerly been home to Triangle Studios, and before then had been the site of a small neighborhood grocery, called Triangle Foods. Chris Hanzsek was the original studio owner, and Jack Endino and Rich Hinklin worked closely under Hanzsek, both often filling the role of house producer. The studio was commissioned by indie rock bands from all over the United States, some of which were associated with C Z Records , Sub Pop , Amphetamine Reptile , Twin Tone , and other independent labels. The studio specialized in grunge grunge music , and recorded bands such as Soundgarden , Mudhoney , Tad band TAD , and Green River band Green River . The studio was also the site of the first Nirvana band Nirvana demo session on January 23, 1988. Jack Endino recorded ten new songs with the band, and afterwards ... Recording Since Reciprocal closed in 1991, the Ballard building has housed a string of other recording ... Word of Mouth, the building was used by John Goodmanson and Stu Hallerman for John and Stu s Recording ..., Washington Category Recording studios in the United States cs Reciprocal Recording pt Reciprocal Recording ...   more details

  1. Home recording

    Home recording is the practice of recording in a private home, rather than in a professional recording studio . A studio set up for home recording is called a project studio or home studio . Home recording ..., and information about recording techniques has become increasingly available due to the internet. These trends have resulted in a dramatic increase in the popularity of home recording, and a shift in the recording industry toward recording in the home studio. ref cite web url http digital home recording recording basics modern day developments.htm title Modern Day Developments ... consists of a recording device, monitoring equipment Loudspeaker speakers and or headphones , input ... at the consumer market. With this new product, small Multitrack recording multitrack tape recorders ... were supplanted by digital recording digital recorders and computer based digital audio workstations ... audio equalizers . Home recording has tended to focus on commonly available instruments, such as acoustic ... , Music sequencer sequencers and drum machines , became available to the home recording market ... and store the songs as files. Portable Recording Rooms Vocal Booths The surge in home recording has led consumers to the discovery of portable recording rooms, or vocal booth companies. One of the major ... the suppliers of portable rooms geared specifically towards professional home recording. Also a DIY ... noise, affecting the recording of guitar tracks or other instruments. A guitar amp enclosure can ... are available in different sizes. Recording rooms Home recording is often done in garages, basements ... for professional recording. Because of this, home studios have particular issues with acoustics, including ... outside noise, and preventing excessive sound from leaking from the room. The surge in home recording .... Citation needed date October 2011 These include sound insulation devices, portable recording ... microphone ribbon . Dynamic microphones are known for their use with recording distorted guitar ...   more details

  1. Recording consciousness

    Bennett 1980, p.  114 describes the development of recording consciousness , the consequence of a society which is literally wired for sound in which, according to Middleton 1990, p.  88 this consciousness defines the social reality of popular music . Acoustic instrument s and unamplified, pure tone singing can now not be heard except as contrasts to more recent kinds of sounds, just as Live music live performances are inevitably checked against memories of recordings, and live performances have to try to approximate the sounds which inhabit this consciousness. Similarly, musicians learn to play, and learn specific songs, from records, and so recording consciousness helps to explain the ubiquity of non literate Musical composition composition methods sheet music is just for people who can t hear musician quoted in Bennett 1980, p.  139 The structure of this consciousness has been produced by various elements, among them experience of editing techniques, reverberation and echo phenomenon echo , use of equalization to alter timbre , high decibel levels, both in general and in particular parts of the texture music texture notably, strong bassline bass lines , and, most interestingly, the polyvocal ity created by multi mike or multitrack recording multi channel recording . Mixing different earpoints produces a way of hearing that is an acoustic expectation for anyone who listens to contemporary recordings. It cannot be achieved without the aid of electronic devices. It has never before existed on earth ibid, p.  119 . Middleton 1990, p.  88 References Bennett, H. Stith, On Becoming a Rock Musician , Amherst University of Massachusetts Press, 1980. ISBN 0870233114 Wikiquotepar recording Middleton, Richard 1990 2002 . Studying Popular Music . Philadelphia Open University Press. ISBN 0 335 15275 9. Further reading Milner, Greg, http books ... & Faber 1 edition June 9, 2009 ISBN 978 0571211654. Cf. p.  14 on H. Stith Bennett and recording ...   more details

  1. Phillips Recording

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Phillips Recording is the short name widely used to refer to the Sam C. Phillips Recording Studio opened at 639 Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee Memphis , Tennessee by Sam Phillips in 1960. Internationally regarded at that time as a state of the art facility, it was built to fill the needs of the Sun Records record label recording label that the older, smaller Sun Records Studio was no longer able to handle. This Memphis studio was originally a division of a larger corporation, Sam Phillips Recording Service, Inc., which also briefly included under its umbrella a Nashville, Tennessee Nashville studio, where famed CBS Records producer Billy Sherrill got his start, and a studio in Tupelo, Mississippi Tupelo , Mississippi for demos. The Nashville and Tupelo studios were short lived. Sun Records many artists recorded there until 1969, when the label was sold to Mercury Records producer Shelby Singleton of Nashville. Phillips Recording continued operating, and hosted recordings by a newer generation of rock and roll groups like The Cramps , starting in 1979, drawn in part by the mystique of Sam Phillips. Numerous Memphis veteran sessions musicians of several genres, from soul music soul to country music country , rock and roll rock and others, have worked there over the years, and the studio still records various musical styles. Sam Phillips son Knox Phillips has overseen the studio s operations in recent years. coord missing United States Category Recording studios in the United States ...   more details

  1. Public Recording

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Public Recording Type Studio album Artist Gry band Gry Cover Genre Electronic music Electronic Length 46 57 Label FM 451 Producer F.M. Einheit Last album The Touch of E br 1998 This album Public Recording br 2000 Public Recording was the second studio album released by the electronic indie group Gry band Gry . Track listing Rocket 3 16 Coctailsm 4 16 Ray 5 13 Pop 4 04 Ego 3 58 Count To Down 3 08 Princess Crocodile 2 45 Helicopter Heart 5 58 Summer Wine 4 52 Unreal 1 57 Ghost 4 18 Christo s Revenge 3 12 External links http artist Gry Gry profile on Category 2000 albums Category Gry albums 2000s rock album stub ...   more details

  1. Master recording

    Unreferenced date December 2009 A multitrack recording master tape , disk or computer files on which productions are developed or captured, in a live session for later Audio mixing recorded music mixing , is known as the multi track master, while the Master tape tape , disk or computer files holding a mix monaural mono , stereophonic sound stereo or Surround sound Surround is called a mixed master. It is standard practice to make a copy of a master recording, known as a safety copy, in case the master is lost, damaged or stolen. Definition The phrase original master recording began in the period of acoustical audio recording one cuts a recording because the sound is literally cut into the record. The resulting record was then used as the master , or original prototype, from which multiple identical copies could be produced. There is only one original master recording, and that is the recording made at the time of the original recorded performance, but the term master is commonly used to describe almost anything used as a source. There are several methods by which master recordings are created. The first and oldest of those in current technological use is direct to tape. This is where ... or stereo 2 track tape. This tape is the master. The other method is called multi track recording ... , which means there could be many alternate mixes. With multi track recording one has the option of changing ... label recording contracts In a typical independent artist production deal, the artist will pay ... as the case may be. Sale of the master vs. sale of albums Expand section date February 2011 A recording ... the recording. It is rare that an artist will purchase the master recording after its release. This may .... See also Audio mastering Master Reel DEFAULTSORT Master Recording Category Optical disc authoring Category Sound recording Category Music industry es M ster de grabaci n pt Master tape ru simple Master recording fi Masternauha sv Master ljudteknik ...   more details

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