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Encyclopedia results for vagelis


Encyclopedia results for vagelis

  1. Vagelis Vourtzoumis

    Infobox person name Vagelis Vourtzoumis image alt caption birth date Birth date 1969 10 30 birth place death date Death date and age YYYY MM DD YYYY MM DD death date then birth date death place nationality Greek other names known for occupation Basketball player Vagelis Vourtzoumis lang el born October 30, 1969 is a retired Greece Greek professional basketball player. Career Vourtzoumis won three European titles on three different Greek teams. In 1993, he played for Aris BC and won the Saporta Cup Cup Winners Cup against Efes Pilsen S.K. at Torino. In 1996, he played for Panathinaikos BC and was the winner of the European Champion s league Euroleague at Paris . In 2001, he won the Saporta Cup with Marousi BC . Vourtzoumis won the A1 Ethniki Greek Championships in 1989, 1990, and 1991 and two Greek basketball Cup Greek Cups in 1990 and 1992 while playing for Aris BC. He won the 1998 Greek Championship and the 1996 Greek Cup with Panathinaikos BC . He had eight cap sport caps with the Greece national basketball team Greek national basketball team 5.8 points per game . External links http Acc002InfJug.php?idjug 2095&idioma 3 Career http www.basket players playerfile v vangelis vourtzoumis.htm Stats http player.asp?Cntry GRE&PlayerID 13135 Stats Panathinaikos BC 1995 96 Euroleague champions Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Vourtzoumis, Vagelis ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Professional basketball player DATE OF BIRTH October 30, 1969 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Vourtzoumis, Vagelis Category Living people Category Greek basketball players Category Greek Basket League players Category Aris B.C. players Category Maroussi B.C. players Category Panathinaikos BC players Category Shooting guards Category 1969 births de Evangelos Vourtzoumis el ...   more details

  1. Ethnikos Katerini F.C.

    Football club infobox clubname Ethnikos Katerinis image Image Ethnikoskat.jpg fullname Ethnikos Football Club founded 1973 ground Kalianidis Stadium br Katerini capacity 1000 chairman flagicon Greece Giotis Satsidis manager flagicon Greece Vagelis Mithimis assistant flagicon Greece Akis Tsaousidis league Ethnikos is a football soccer football club based in Katerini , Greece . It was founded in 1973. Greece footyclub stub Category Football clubs in Greece Category Football clubs in Central Macedonia el ...   more details

  1. Inveracity

    2007 Members Current members Antonis &ndash guitars 1998 present Vagelis &ndash drums 1998 present ...   more details

  1. Kino mutai

    Kino mutai or kina mutai is a specialized sub section of some Filipino martial arts that emphasizes biting and also covers eye gouging . It involves extensive use of grappling , so as to allow the practitioner to control the opponent while applying the techniques. The biting aspect of kino mutai concerns itself with what targets to bite, how much to bite at a time, and the angle and movement of the bite. Favoured targets include sensitive and easily accessible areas such as the face, neck, ear, groin, nipple, and latissimus dorsi muscle . These targets are also chosen over others because of the difficulty countering a kino mutai practitioner biting them, and hence to ensure that an uninterrupted bite can take place. The main principle is uninterrupted biting, this means that you place yourself in such position that you can continue biting as long as you want, disabling your opponent from escaping your bites. Kino Mutai has 12 positions and each position has 4 variations It can be used to inflict pain, to escape from a lock and it can be used to cut body arteries that can cause severe bleeding. References Zorbas, Vagelis. http Articles Martial 20Art 20Styles Kina 20Mutai.html Kino Mutai The Art of Biting and Eye Gouging . . URL accessed on January 7, 2006. http kino mutai.html Category Philippine martial arts Philippines sport stub martialart stub ...   more details

  1. Extermination of Millions

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Extermination of Millions Type studio Artist Inveracity Cover Inveracityalbum2.JPG Released April 27, 2007 Genre Brutal death metal Length 31 23 Label Unique Leader Records Last album Circle of Perversion br 2003 This album Extermination of Millions br 2007 Extermination of Millions is the second album of the brutal death metal band Inveracity . It was released in 2007 under Unique Leader Records . The album has received numerous positive reviews. Track listing Exposing the Semihumans 02 10 Visions of Coming Apocalypse 02 43 Extermination of Millions 02 29 Forced Prostitution 02 33 Shrouded in Solitary 02 23 Vicious Pretension 03 12 Behind the Walls of Derangement 02 32 Slavery 02 28 Era of Submission 03 33 Raped 02 36 Before the Uncreation 04 44 Credits George Singing Vocals Antonis Electric guitar Guitars John Bass guitar Bass Vagelis Drum kit Drums DEFAULTSORT Extermination Of Millions Category 2007 debut albums Category Inveracity albums Category Unique Leader Records albums 2000s death metal album stub ...   more details

  1. The Last Mission

    Other uses Last Mission disambiguation Last Mission Infobox Film name The Last Mission image image size caption director Nikos Tsiforos producer writer Nikos Tsiforos narrator starring Smaroula Giouli music cinematography Joseph Hepp editing distributor released 1950 runtime 80 minutes country FilmGreece language Greek budget preceded by followed by The Last Mission Lang el Teleftaia apostoli is a 1950 in film 1950 cinema of Greece Greek drama film directed by Nikos Tsiforos . It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival . ref name festival cite web url http www.festival en archives ficheFilm id 4086 year 1951.html title Festival de Cannes The Last Mission accessdate 2009 01 17 work festival ref Cast Smaroula Giouli Maria Mareli Miranda Myrat Anna Mareli Vasilis Diamantopoulos Miltiadis Marelis Nikos Tzogias Nikos Dimos Starenios Renos Koulmasis Captain Friedrich Sofi Lila Smaragdi Kimon Fletos Giorgos Hamaratos Spyros Kallimanis Vagelis Protopapas as Evangelos Protopappas M. Takatakis Thanasis Tzeneralis as Athanasios Tzeneralis References reflist External links imdb title id 0205448 title The Last Mission CinemaofGreece DEFAULTSORT Last Mission, The Category 1950 films Category Greek films Category Greek language films Category 1950s drama films Category Black and white films Category Films directed by Nikos Tsiforos Greece film stub ...   more details

  1. Girls in the Sun

    Infobox film name Girls in the Sun image caption director Vasilis Georgiadis producer Klearhos Konitsiotis writer Iakovos Kabanellis starring Giannis Voglis music cinematography Nikos Gardelis editing distributor released Film date 1968 runtime 80 minutes country film Greece language Greek budget Girls in the Sun lang el , translit Koritsia ston ilio is a 1968 Greek drama film directed by Vasilis Georgiadis . ref name cite web url http movie 1NYM koritsia ston ilio title Koritsia ston ilio 1968 accessdate 2011 11 24 work ref ref name rottentomatoes cite web url http m koritsia ston ilio girls in the sun title Koritsia ston ilio 1968 accessdate 2011 11 24 work rottentomatoes ref The film was selected as the Greek entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film Best Foreign Language Film at the 42nd Academy Awards , but was not accepted as a nominee. ref Margaret Herrick Library, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ref Cast Giannis Voglis as Shepherd Anne Lonnberg as Annabel Stone Kostas Bakas as Police Officer Miranta Myrat as Mrs. Fragopoulou Vangelis Kazan as Hotel Receptionist Elpida Braoudaki as Annabel s Friend Vagelis Sakainas as Giorgos See also List of submissions to the 42nd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film List of Greek submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film References reflist External links IMDb title 0135512 Girls in the Sun DEFAULTSORT Girls In The Sun Category 1968 films Category Greek films Category Greek language films Category 1960s drama films Category Films directed by Vasilis Georgiadis Greece film stub el ...   more details

  1. Eye-gouging

    MCRP 3 02B Close Combat . Department of the Navy. ISBN 1 58160 073 9. Zorbas, Vagelis. http ...   more details

  1. Maroussi B.C.

    Falekas , Nikos Kasuridis , Sotiris Manolopoulos , Vagelis Logothetis , Panagiotis Panagiotarakos ... basketball Henry Turner , John Korfas , Pit Papachronis , Vagelis Logothetis , Alexis Falekas , Anatoliy ... , Dimitris Karaplis , Vagelis Logothetis , Sotiris Manolopoulos , Dimitris Marmarinos , Kostas ... of Greece.svg 20px Alexis Falekas File Flag of Greece.svg 20px Vagelis Vourtzoumis File Flag of Greece.svg ...   more details

  1. Kendall tau distance

    Mathematics pages 134 160 url http vagelis classes COP6727 publications Fagin 20sidma03.pdf ...   more details

  1. Vasilis Avlonitis

    1962 .... Vagelis Tarnianis Exypnoi kai koroida... 1962 .... Pelopidas Ellinida kai o erotas, I 1962 ...   more details

  1. Aris B.C.

    Giannakis , Vagelis Vourtzoumis , Miroslav Pecarski , Vasilis Lipiridis , Michail Misunov filing suit ... bgcolor yellow No tournament Giorgos Vlasiadis , Vagelis Theodorou , Tilemahos Theodorou , Charis Theocharidis ... bgcolor yellow No tournament Giorgos Vlasiadis , Vagelis Theodorou , Tilemahos Theodorou , Charis ... No tournament bgcolor yellow No tournament Kostas Vintsentzatos , Vagelis Theodorou , Tilemahos ... Vintsentzatos , Giorgos Vlasiadis , P. Vragkos , Panagiotis Gounaris , Vagelis Theodorou , Tilemahos ... , Dimitris Leontidis , Fedon Mattheou , Giorgos Meimaridis , Vagelis Mikromastoras , Moscholios ... Vintsentzatos , Giorgos Vlasiadis , Giorgos Gkioulmichalakis , Vagelis Theodorou , Kostas Kazampampas ... , Vagelis Mikromastoras , Giorgos Bousvaros , Nikos Nikolaidis, Giorgos Papathanasiou , Giannis ...   more details

  1. Binary Independence Model

    of the interest shown by Surajit et al. ref cite author Surajit Chaudhuri coauthors Gautam Das, Vagelis ...   more details

  1. List of Panathinaikos B.C. seasons

    , Vagelis Vourtzoumis , Christos Myriounis rowspan 2 1996 97 rowspan 2 A1 Ethniki 1996 97 5th ... Sconochini , Ferran Mart nez , Julius Nwosu , John Amaechi , Vagelis Vourtzoumis , Giannis Georgikopoulos ... , Vagelis Vourtzoumis 1998 99 bgcolor gold A1 Ethniki 1998 99 Champion Last 8 Euroleague br FIBA Euroleague ...   more details

  1. 2009?10 PAOK F.C. season

    Free vc fb si player bg p Vagelis Karapiperis Vagelis eu y nb GRE n 77 pos DF age Age 1984 5 10 s 2006 ... bg p Vagelis Karapiperis Vagelis nb GRE n 77 pos DF rc 0 syc 0 yc 4 Fb disc player bg p Cristiano Moraes ... bg type Loan p Vagelis Karapiperis Vagelis eu y nb GRE n 77 pos DF age Age 1988 4 17 2009 nc Panserraikos ...   more details

  1. Panellinios B.C.

    Nahar , Jan Jagla Jan Hendrick Jagla , Vagelis Morfis , Kostas Tzialas 2005 06 A1 Ethniki 2005 ... , Alkiviadis Pappas 2006 07 A1 Ethniki 2006 07 5th place Last 16 Vagelis Magiras , br Giorgos Kalafatakis ...   more details

  1. Saporta Cup

    Angelidis , Vagelis Vourtzoumis , Georgios Gasparis , Vasilis Lipiridis , Memos Ioannou , Igor ... , Jimmy Oliver , Vasco Evtimov , Georgios Maslarinos , Alexis Falekas , Sotirios Nikolaidis , Vagelis ...   more details

  1. Lietuvos Balsas

    Rokas Laureckis Gabrielius Vagelis Indr Malakauskait Giedr Smolskait Vincentas Linkevi ius small ... 20px center center TBA Gabrielius Vagelis I m Yours center center style text align center Image ... palegreen Gabrielius Vagelis Kristupas Bubnelis Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word center 4 Egidijus ... Found Love Mer nas Vote 7 Mer nas Gabrielius Vagelis Myliu Public Vote 8 Violeta Julija Jegorova I ... Gabrielius Vagelis n a n a n a Safe n a Safe n a Giedr Smolskait n a n a n a Safe n a Safe n a Indr ...   more details

  1. Atromitos F.C.

    20px Georgios Korakakis former captain 2007 File Flag of Greece.svg 20px Vagelis Kotsalos File ...   more details

  1. Panathinaikos B.C.

    , Vagelis Vourtzoumis , Christos Myriounis rowspan 2 1996 97 rowspan 2 A1 Ethniki 1996 97 5th place ... , Ferran Mart nez , Julius Nwosu , John Amaechi , Vagelis Vourtzoumis , Giannis Georgikopoulos ... , Costas Patavoukas , Sascha Hupmann , Giorgos Kalaitzis , Johnny Branch , Andreas Glyniadakis , Vagelis ...   more details

  1. Xylina Spathia

    , Makis Pelopidas, Kostas Vamvoukas, Argyris Papageorgiou, Giorgos Kazantzis and Vagelis Kalaras as sound ...   more details

  1. Panathinaikos BC past rosters

    Cup Roster valign top 4 flagicon Greece Fragiskos Alvertis Alvertis 6 flagicon Greece Vagelis Vourtzoumis ...   more details

  1. List of Olympiacos F.C. players

    flagicon GRE Vagelis Kousoulakis flagicon GRE Giorgos Gavasiadis flagicon GRE Petros Karavitis flagicon ...   more details

  1. October 30

    1969 &ndash Masanori Hikichi , Japanese composer 1969 &ndash Vagelis Vourtzoumis , Greek basketball ...   more details

  1. Volos

    Panthessaliko Stadium . Museums and galleries Archaeological Museum of Volos ref cite web author vagelis ...   more details

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