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  1. Photoshopping Neon Text Tutorial (@photoguides)
    Duration: 8:11

    Description: Feel free to follow @PhotoGuides on twitter. To download the Museo font, head over to, search for Museo and register an account. You'll receive three versions of Museo for free. Neons were invented by accident over 300 years ago when a scientist shook a test tube. At the time though, their discovery was useless because they had no understanding of electricity. It took another 200 years for the concept to be rediscovered, and they called their invention The New Gas, or, as it was known in Greek, Neon. Regardless of how many times I see this image, its realism still amazes me. Neons are a great way to feature a title, logo or any other text, and in this tutorial we learn how to transform a simple piece of text into an unbelievable glowing neon, complete with wall mounts and a brick wall to hold it up. In order to complete this tutorial you will need to download the brick wall image. This can be found over at

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, neon, text, sign, light, realistic, typography, effect, graphic, CS3, CS4, CS5, abduzeedo, photoguides, guide, how to, make, convert
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. GIMP Tutorial: Glossy Metal 3D Text
    Duration: 6:47

    Description: final image: pattern: (that page has instructions for installing the pattern) font: how to install fonts: GIMP is an open source (free) image editing program with many of the same features as Adobe Photoshop. This video was recorded and edited with the following free programs: CamStudio Audacity VirtualDub

    Keywords: gimp, tutorial, how-to, howto, open, source, glossy, shiny, metal, 3d, text, effect, photoshop, camstudio, audacity, virtualdub
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. Photoshop Tutorial Twilight Text Effect
    Duration: 24:46

    Description: Here we go again creating a cool effect in Photoshop. This tutorial was originally written for the July-August Newsletter and finally I am getting it uploaded! We cover creating text and converting that to paths and editing those paths to create a custom typeface. We also cover a textured effect as well some other great techniques and useful tips in Photoshop. Follow me on Twitter! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

    Keywords: Photoshop, HD, Tutorial, Training, Twilight, Movie, Text, Effect, Type, Face, Typeface, Texture, Paths, Path, Pen, Tool, Edit
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Realistic Fire Text Effect - Photoshop CS5 Tutorial
    Duration: 22:13

    Description: Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a realistic flaming text effect! If you liked the music in this video then check Tyler Clark's channel! Like us on Facebook!! Follow us on Twitter!! Liked this video? Press the "Like" button and subscribe =) Software Used --------------------- Screen capture: Camtasia Studio 7 Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 10 In Video: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended --------------------- Link to the fire used in this tutorial: Credit to Preston Lewis for the original creation of this effect. ????????????????????????????????? "COULDN'T MAKE A NEW LAYER FROM THE SELECTION BECAUSE THE SELECTED AREA IS EMPTY" Okay, I've had WAY too many people complaining saying that at around 3:40-ish when they try to duplicate the other layers they get an error saying "couldn't make a new layer from the selection because the selected area is empty." That's because you've selected a blank area, which is because you have the wrong layer active. For every letter you duplicate, you HAVE to have the "check it" (or whatever word you're using) layer selected, like shown at 3:19. So, just make sure your original layer of text is selected (in my case, "check it"), make a selection around the next letter, and press Ctrl+Shift+J (PC) or Cmd+Shift+J (Mac), and repeat. ????????????????????????????????? GRAY FIRE FIX 1) At 14:10 ...

    Keywords: real, looking, fire, text, effect, flames, photoshop, tutorial, convincing, simple, masking, through, hungary, adobe, magyar, budapest, cheats, editing, programs, laptops, walk, hungarian, cs3, flash, cs4, notebook, technology, gimp, tutorials, dragonforce, fire flames, hacks, semiconductors, through fire, run, walking
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Final Cut Pro - Text Tutorial
    Duration: 7:17

    Description: Learn how to put text in your videos using Final Cut Pro. Check out for more tutorials.

    Keywords:, Final Cut Pro Tutorials, Video Tutorials, Video Editing, Final Cut Studio
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Illustrator: Shiny Apple Text - Tutorial
    Duration: 7:01

    Description: How to create shiny Apple text in Adobe Illustrator. Website: For web design, print design, brand design or illustration services, visit my site - http - Here you can view my work and contact me!

    Keywords: illustrator, shiny, apple, text, tutorial, adobe, how to, itunes, typography, effect, style, shine, gloss, glow, reflection, easy, basic, cs3, cs4, cs5, font, mac, imac, ad, editing, software, iphone, ipod, ipod touch, photoshop
    Average rating: 4.9

  7. Create 3D Text in Photoshop CS5
    Duration: 7:22

    Description: Hey what's up guys? In this tutorial I show you how to create some awesome 3D text in Photoshop CS5! Note: This will only work in CS5! Sorry :( Follow me on Twitter: Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you did please SUBSCRIBE :D

    Keywords: 3D Text Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, effect image, document, apple, mac, create, twitter, background, youtube, channel, desktop, linear gradient, radial, adobe, wallpaper, subscribe, it0uchstuff, follow, graphics, design, text, 3D, mobile, smart phones, editing, programs, laptops, apps, notebook, cybersecurity, gadgets, technology, musical instruments, health diet, medicine, installation, instruction, hack, photoshop, tutorial, tutorials, windows
    Average rating: 4.7

  8. Epic 3D Space Text Effect - Photoshop Advanced Tutorial
    Duration: 13:46


    Keywords: photoshop, advanced, tutorial, illustrator, 3D, design, artwork, text, effect, epic, space, spacey, stunning, stars, abstract, coloring
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Adobe Flash Tutorial- Creating a Writing Effect
    Duration: 7:06

    Description: In this Flash tutorial I show you how to make it look like your text is being written out using keyframes and a few other techniques.

    Keywords: technology, adobe flash, tools, text, ads, banners, graphics, animation
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Explode Transition Text Tutorial | Cinema 4D (PolyFX & Random Effector)
    Duration: 6:22

    Description: My Twitter: - ------------------------------------------------------- Official Facebook Page: - ------------------------------------------------------------ ----- creating a cool transition in Cinema 4D Using the PolyFX and Random Effector

    Keywords: cinema, 4d, motion, graphics, 3D, transition, designer, maxon, adobe
    Average rating: 4.8

  11. Photoshop tutorial: making text photo with Angelina Jolie's head-shot
    Duration: 9:42

    Description: tun the Annotations on so you can read the steps for your self without being confused by my accent. NEW TUTORIAL [[[[[OK this is the latest of my tutorials in this I have tried to demonstrate how to make a picture with thousands of words, it easy than it sounds, I would rate the skill level needed with Photoshop to do this one to be about a little more than a beginner. The choice of a photo you use is also critical a non dramatic straight forward head shot with not too much contrast would be ideal. Please do give many likes to this video and do comment if you can. Now just to clear this tutorial is not completely my idea I learned it from some tutorial site myself and have added few new things to it so the owner of this idea could rest assure I am not trying to take is spot.]]]]] {{{ advertisements are welcome, contact me via YouTube mail.}}}

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, made, easy, step, by, Angelina, Jolie, head-shot, Sexy, looking, text, image, from, Nepali, in, Nepal, Angelina Jolie (Film Actor), Adobe Photoshop (Software), typographic, portrait, Software Tutorial, Song, Songs, Hungary, Brad, Bruce, Magyar, Budapest, Hungarian, Kate, Cs3, Flash
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Photoshop Tutorial: Incredible Neon Tube Text!
    Duration: 21:26

    Description: Background Image: In this tutorial we are going to create some really awesome looking neon tube text from scratch. We will use a simple photography as our background and change the mood or "feeling" of the image and create some great glowing neon coming out of the wall. Learn about Paths, Layer Styles, Working with Masks and Layers, Adjustments, and more! Follow me on Twitter! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http

    Keywords: Photoshop, Tutorial, Training, Neon, Tube, Glass, Text, Effect, Special, Intermediate, Advanced, Help, CS4, CS3, PS, Good, Great
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. After Effects Bouncing Text Tutorial - AcrezHD
    Duration: 14:27

    Description: My http:/ In this after effects tutorial we learn how to create a bouncing text effect within AE using a few expressions to make it real easy to create this effects. Expression Link: Don't forget to 'like' the video if you enjoyed, every 'like' helps. ------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to my YouTube Homepage: - ------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: - Extra Tags: acrezhd tutorial tutorials adobe after effects bouncing text tutorial expressions motions graphics editing professional software training CS3 CS4 CS5 CS5.5

    Keywords: acrezhd, tutorial, tutorials, adobe, after, effects, bouncing, text, expressions, motions, graphics, editing, professional, software, training, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Swinging Text (motion typography technique) Tutorial
    Duration: 13:57

    Description: The swinging Text Tutorial for a motion typography technique in adobe after effects. In this after effects tutorial you'll learn about how to make text (typography) swing into place in a scene using 3d layers and manual key frames and parenting. The idea behind the technique is to give the text weight and substance as it enters the scene using overshooting. If you get stuck or have questions just leave them below in the comments. Chances are someone else is having the same problem and I can only answer the questions I get asked. So ask away. Also if you end up making something cool share it with me. It's great to see how folks fair getting through the tutorial and it's awesome to see what you make. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and have a nice day. -Evan Abrams Connect with me on the Internets! htt[p://

    Keywords: tutorial, after, effects, kinetic, typography, text, animate, moving, 3d, whoosh, background, vignette, texture, editing, words, aae, swing, swinging, howto, tips & tricks, instructions, adobe, help, graphics software
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Cinema 4D r13 Tutorial: Particles Transition to Text - PolyFX
    Duration: 10:44

    Description: My Twitter: - ------------------------------------------------------- Official Facebook Page: - ------------------------------------------------------- My Gaming Channel: ------------------------------------------------------- Upload Your Videos Here: Creating a very professional swipe using PolyFX to transform particles to text!

    Keywords: Cinema, 4D, r13, tutorial, polyfx, particles, text, mograph, random, effector, chromedesigns, chromedesignshd, chrome, designs, Animated, Photoshop, Animation, advanced, beginner, professional, r13.5, Adobe, maxon, motion, graphics, intro, video
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. IceflowStudios Design Training - Photoshop: Circular Text (HD)
    Duration: 2:15

    Description: | http Learn how to type on a circular path in Photoshop!

    Keywords: photoshop, cs4, cs3, tutorial, tutorials, circular, type, text, path, high, definition, how, to, how to
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Sony Vegas Pro 11 Beginner Tutorial - 5. Text and Credits [+ FONTS]
    Duration: 9:44

    Description: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Tutorial: HOW TO USE SONY VEGAS PRO 11 THE FASTEST AND THE EASIEST :) ***Open video description to get the quick Index of the explanations***. How to use it, how to learn it, how to manage text, videos and images. This is the right tutorial for you :) IMPORTANT note about this video: Make sure to watch it if you already watched the Third one here below. Or else you won't be able to follow some points made fast. -on work-- VISIT HERE THE FULL PLAYLIST (commented) vvv TUTORIAL IN ITALIANO? Al momento non ho intenzione di farne una versione italiana di questi tutorial poiche' da altri tutorial ho visto che non vi e' molta richiesta in lingua italiana, per cui inizier� una versione italiana SOLO su richiesta. Per farla, inviatemi un messaggio personale :) ?????????Smart Index???????????? Search here what you are looking for- (this list is not correct yet) - The Media Generators Window 0:29; - How to Add Text 0:47; - How to Make Text Visible 0:57; - Editing the Text: Font, Size, Alignment, Placement, Background, Shadow, Color, Color Effects, Deformation 1:18; - How to Add a Motion Text, Properties 3:15; - How to Change Animation in Motion Text 3:54; - How to Change the Length of the Motion, Reverse Effect 4:24; - General Editing: Fade Offset, Envelope, Event Pan/Crop 5:02; - How to Add Transitions in Text, editing Transitions 5:38; - How to Add Effects in Text (Effect FX) 6:19; **************EXTRA******************** - How to Get ...

    Keywords: sony, vegas, pro, 11, tutorial, for, beginners, text, credits, media, generator, how, to, render, videos, audio, images, songs, tracks, events, manage, files, make, partnership, partner, adobe, portable, layer, yt, libraries, basics, cs4, easy, 6deepkey9, 6deeptreasure9, Shuyin
    Average rating: 4.5

  18. Photoshop CS5: 3D Text in Photoshop CS5 Extended
    Duration: 2:43

    Description: | http Learn how to create full 3D text within Photoshop CS5 Extended! Be sure to check out my other Photoshop tutorials!

    Keywords: Photoshop, CS5, Adobe CS5, Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 3D, Text, 3D Text, Repousse, Download Photoshop, Photoshop CS4, Tutorials, Tutorial, HD, how, to, how to
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. Cinema 4D Tutorial - Keyframing 3D Text Tutorial | Cinema 4D
    Duration: 7:41

    Description: Hey guys, here is another tutorial for you. I am going to be more active for you guys. This is a little advanced from my previous tutorial but it's helpful in a lot of ways if you want to add something to your cinematics. ----------------- Follow me on twitter: Want copyright free music?:

    Keywords: Keyframing, 3d, text, cinema, 4d, moving, motion, tracking, twitter, cinematic
    Average rating: 4.6

  20. XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 1 - Downloading a Text Editor
    Duration: 5:57

    Description: For all of my tutorials, go to

    Keywords: xhtml, tutorial, css, thenewboston, bucky, vs, html, tables, image, roberts
    Average rating: 5.0

    Duration: 8:54

    Description: Text can make or break a portfolio. The video explains some of the techniques I use add text to portfolios and architectural illustrations. More at

    Keywords: architecture, portfolio, tutorial, text, illustrations
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Graphics Tutorials - 2D Text in Photoshop #5
    Duration: 13:08

    Description: I've been meaning to get round to this tutorial for a while now and here it is! Learn how to emulate the style I use on my text from this tutorial! Hope you guys enjoy it and it helps you create some awesome artwork and stunning designs with it! Subscribe to the tutorial series: And be sure to check the Resource Library for all of the downloads from the series: MY SERIES ? Want to hire me? - ? Want to learn? - ? Want my resources? - CONNECT ? Twitter - ? Facebook - ? Online - MY GRAPHIC PARTNERS ? SpitfireDesigns - http ? Chudleigh - THE FUZE TEAM ? YouTube - ? Twitter - ? Facebook - YEOUSCH ? Yeousch Graphics - ? Yeousch - ? Twitter - ? Facebook -

    Keywords: Rob, paniikzz, fuze, Graphics, GFX, Background, Channel, Design, youtube, Partner, Adobe, Photoshop, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, Apple, macbook, Pro, Mac, Yeousch, yeouschgfx, YGFX, Maxon, cinema4d, C4D, Sketch, Tutorial, 2012, 2D, Text, in, PS, Typography
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Photoshop CS6 | Beginner Tutorial (Basic Tools - Getting Started)
    Duration: 16:51

    Description: THANKS FOR 100 FAVS!! ---- Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials, Getting Started, Basic Tools. How to use it for beginners. Tutorial for beginners. Get your quick and easy help now! **Open video description for the quick list of the explanations** -TEXT TUTORIAL: I have a bad pronunciation. I am working on making vocal tutorials in the future for sure. -TURN OFF THE MUSIC if it is bad for your concentration. FIND THE FULL LIST OF TUTORIALS HERE v ?????????Find here what you are looking for?????????? -00:24 General overlook; -00:47 How to create a new file; -01:12 How to open an existing file; -01:43 How to open a work window; -02:08 The Layers in photoshop and how to select a part of an image; -03:27 How to make a layer visible/invisible; -03:40 The order of visibility, locked layers; -04:09 How to duplicate a layer; -04:35 How to edit a layer (scaling, rotating, flipping, etc); -05:51 How to Zoom on a layer; -06:24 Advanced editing: Lasso, Magic Wand and Quick Selection, Crop and Slice Tools, Brush and Pencil Tools, (Polygon Tools: 11:45) -08:12 How to change color (eyedropper Tool: 08:33); -08:42 How to add a text, with its box, size and color; -09:55 Blending Options: adding inner & outer shadows, transparency, textures, outer & inner glows, etc; -12:08 How to add Gradients; -12:43 The Layer Mask; -13:39 How to correct an action mistaken; -14:04 the Info window; -14:40 How to Adjust a Layer; -16:14 How to save (as image or a project ...

    Keywords: adobe, photoshop, cs6, beginner, how, to, use, it, creative, suite, download, crack, serial, tutorial, tutorials, basic, tools, getting, started, 6deepkey9, 6deeptreasure9, sub4sub, spam, centre, center, (Software)
    Average rating: 4.6

  24. Tutorials - Advanced Text Intro - After Effects
    Duration: 13:03

    Description: Please thumbs up, comment, and favorite if possible - thank you! Twitter: Facebook: Visit for the hottest music!

    Keywords: Blake Zebo, Zebo Edits, MW3 Gameplay, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, COD Gameplay, COD Commentary, Editing Tutorial, After Effects, Sony Vegas 10, Sony Vegas 11, Sony Vegas Tutorial, After Effects CS5, After Effects CS5.5, After Effects Tutorial, Cinema 4d, Editing Programs, Dare Sniping, Fyve Tunes, fyvetunes.Com
    Average rating: 4.8

  25. Sony Vegas Pro: Scrolling Text Tutorial
    Duration: 3:03

    Description: - - - This tutorial will teach you how to key frame your own text scroll using the Event Pan/Crop window in Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. This also works for images / pictures. Text Scrolling is basically Text Sliding from one point, to another over time. YouTube Subscribe: AquuL Tutorials and Templates: AquuL Video Editing & Design Forums: Facebook: Twitter: Channel Statistics:

    Keywords: howto, Sony, Vegas, Pro, Making, Text, Scroll, Key Framing, aquul, intro
    Average rating: 4.5

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