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  1. Minecraft World Edit Tutorial - The Quarry (Land Masses)
    Duration: 5:32

    Description: World Edit Demo - The Quarry I've nicknamed this structure the quarry but this tutorial will teach you ho to create large and spectacular land masses using World Edit for Minecraft. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step One: To start we are going to make a arch out of stone spheres. We assign a brush to a tool and right click to create stone spheres which we arrange in a large arch. //br sphere stone 5 Defines a brush that creates stone spheres with a radius of 5 Step Two: Now to make the arch more realistic we smooth it using the smooth brush. I use a small brush size because I have more success with it. You really have to play around and undo a bunch to get a clean looking and natural looking arch. It's tricky but if you focus on the tops of the surfaces you will have better luck. Don't try to smooth out the undersides of the arch. It doesn't work well. //br smooth 2 2 Defines a brush which smooths a 2 by 2 area at a time Step Three: Add more stone spheres with the first brush around the arch to make a border of sorts. I left an entrance of sorts to the center, which is where the lake will be. //br sphere stone 5 Defines a brush that creates stone spheres with a radius of 5 Step Four: Smooth the perimeter you built out. Be picky and don't be afraid to delete sections and re-try them. If grass creeps up the sides of the stone don't worry. That's actually good in moderation. It will add to the ...

    Keywords: WE, demo, Quarry, World, Edit, Minecraft
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. HDMI Daughter Card Demonstration
    Duration: 4:17

    Description: In this video, we demonstrate the HDMI_TX_HSMC and HDMI_RX_HSMC from Terasic Tecnologies, compatible with HSMC Altera Development kits with HSMC connectors. We perform a pattern generation as well as an HDMI bypass through our DE4 FPGA kit. If you have any questions or comments, please email them to

    Keywords: hdmi, daughter, card, altera, terasic, hsmc, FPGA
    Average rating: 5.0

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