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Mahmood Hussain

Mahmood Hussain

Mahmood Hussain

Video search results for Mahmood Hussain

    Duration: 2:48


    Keywords: Urdu Poetry, Computer Program, Program (machine), Pakistan, Night, Too, Urdu, Qadri, Program Management, Windows, Khan, David, Late, Karachi, Imam, Much, Maker, Shia, Muhammad, Geo, Lahore, Ahmed, Abbas, Tutorial, Hassan, Linux, Desktop, Basic, Quran, Apple, Ubuntu, India, Abdul, talk, rap music, music, song, Apple Inc., Software, Nasheed, Visual

  2. Chandan Ka Palna
    Duration: 02:18:38

    Description: No joy in the world can equal the happiness a man derives from watching his own child at play. Not all the riches in the world can compensate for the vaccum, the emptiness, created by the want of a child in a home. With a woman this yearning is a hundred times stronger and the outcome of her torment impossible beyond measure. Radha belonged to a rich family. Her sole aim in life after becoming a widow, was to see her sone Ajit happy and fulfil the promise she had given to her husband that the family name and tradition would be perpetuated. Finding Ajit deeply in love with Shobha, the Raisaheb's daughter who too loved him no less, Radha got them married, hoping that Shobha would prove an ideal wife and daughter-in-law and their home would soon resound with merry laughter of a child, if not children. Three years went by and Radha was still waiting for the new arrival in the family. Her patience was running out. Desperate, she took Shobha to a doctor who, after prolonged examination and treatment, told her that God alone could help her fulfil her yearning for a grandchild. Radha's sorrow knows no bounds. She could not think of the family chain breaking off. She had to have a grandchild and fulfil her promise to her late husband. As a last resort, she took Shobha to Gurudev, the spiritual soul revered by the family. Gurudev had pity on Radha's plight. Taking her into confidence, he told her: ""Look, I am no miracle worker. And, as far as my knowledge goes, I am certain that ...

    Keywords: Chandan, Ka, Palna, 1967, Meena, Kumari, Dharmendra, Mahmood, Mumtaz, Bollywood, Classic, Movie, rajshri, Music, Old, Comedy, Hindi, Movies, Entertainment, sexy, watch, new, online, songs, download, scenes, hot, actress, indian, celebrity, gossip, social, marraige, hilarious, romance, laugh
    Average rating: 4.4

  3. Sadhu Aur Shaitan
    Duration: 02:35:41

    Description: Sadhu Aur Shaitan - Classic Bollywood Movie - Directed By : Bhim Singh Starring : Bharti, Mehmood, Pran. Synopsis : Kind-hearted yet naive Bajrang (Mehmood) drives a taxi (laila) and helps anyone he can. He is devoted to another kind-hearted gentleman and long-time bank employee by the name of Sadhuram (Om Prakash). Bajrang is attracted to a school-teacher, Vidya (Bharathi), whose brother is an artiste, Dina Nath (Kishore Kumar). One day a man claiming to be a child-hood friend of Sadhuram, named Sher Khan (Pran), enters their lives. His motive is to rob the bank where Sadhuram is employed and blame Sadhuram for this. He manipulates Sadhuram into accepting him, and moves in with him. He borrows a large sum of money from Sadhuram, and also manages to duplicate the bank's safe's key, and steals the money. The Bank Manager (Nasir Hussain) notifies the police of the robbery and Sadhuram becomes the prime suspect. In panic Sadhuram, who comes into possession of the money that Sher Khan has stolen, flees with the police on his tail. Sher Khan (alias dacoit Dilawar Khan) gets killed and his dead body ends up in the back seat of Bajrang's taxi, and Bajrang too is on the run. The only one who can clear them of this crime is Dilawar Khan, and he is - dead.

    Keywords: Sadhu, Aur, Shaitan, Bollywood, Movie, Mehmood, Pran, rajshri, Music, Old, Comedy, Hindi, Movies, Entertainment, sexy, watch, new, online, songs, download, scenes, hot, actress, indian, celebrity, gossip, social, marraige, hilarious, romance, laugh
    Average rating: 4.4

    Duration: 11

    Description: Pakistan National Anthem * Pakistani Songs* Abida Parveen " Abzar Shah * Mehdi * Ahmed Rushdi * Allan Faqeer * Amanat Ali Khan * Farida Khanum * Noor Jehan * Ghulam Ali * Hussain Bux Gullo * Iqbal Bano * Malika Pukhraj * Master Chandur * Munni Begum * Mehdi Hassan * Naheed akhtar * Nayyara Noor * Qamar Jalalvi * Tahira Syed * Maaz Moeed * Sultan Bahu * Munshi Raziuddin * Sohail Rana * Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan * Sabri Brothers * Qawwal Bahauddin * Qawwal Abdullah Manzoor Niazi * Niaz Ahmed * Afzal * Aamir Zaki * Aaroh * Atish Raj * Abbas Ali Khan * Abrar-ul-Haq * Abida Parveen * Adnan Sami Khan * Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla * Ahmed Jahanzeb * Ahmed Rushdi * Akash * Aks[disambiguation needed] * Alam Lohar * Alamgir * Ali Alam * Ali Azmat * Ali Haider * A Nayyar * Ali Zafar * Allan Fakir * Alamgir * Amanat Ali[disambiguation needed] * Amir Jamal * Amir Saleem * Amjad Bobby * Ammar Hassan * Annie * Arieb Azhar * Arif Lohar * Arshad Mehmood[disambiguation needed] * Ali Raza * Asad Amanat Ali Khan * Atif Aslam * Aziz Mian * Awaz * Benjamin Sisters * Bilal Maqsood (Strings) * Bilawal * Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper * Brian O'Connell (unoon) * Call * Danish Rahi * DJ Aphlatoon * Dhun * Defuse* Dino * Faakhir Mehmood * Faisal Kapadia (Strings) * Fakhre Alam * Faraz Anwar * Farhan Saeed * Ghulam Ali * Ghulam Haider * Goher Mumtaz * Hadiqa Kiyani * Haider Rahman (Laal) * Haroon * Hasan Jahangir * Hashim * Huma Khwaja * Humera Arshad * Iqbal Bano * Imran Khan * Imran Momina (Fuz�n) * Jawad ...

    Average rating: 3.0

  5. Yusuf Mahmoud
    Duration: 1:27

    Description: Tabla, yusuf mahmoud, zakir hussain, ustad asif mahmoud, hashem mahmaoud, tari khan, edris, afghanistan, abdulrab,

    Keywords: yusuf
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki Unplugged Cover (Jahanzeb Hasan)
    Duration: 5:40

    Description: this song is originally done by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan one of the finest singers its always a pleasure listening to him.i would have never dared to cover this song cuz im not good enough to even bathroom sing it but firstly i was pushed by one of my dearest frnd Saad Ghauri to cover it other than that i my self loved the track picked the guitar plucked the strings and did it.anybdy thinking i have ruined it appologies in advance.n ya this one is going out for you Saad Daniyal (Jahanzeb Hasan.)

    Keywords: mein, tenu, samjhavan, samjhawan, samhanwna, ki, na, tere, baju, lagda, jee, me, samjhava, from, movie, virsa, guitar, chordes, for, rahet, fateh, ali, khan, cover, unplugged, jahanzeb, hasan, nusrat, accoustic, india, pakistan, america, shahrukh, saman, shahid, kapoor, kareena, saif, peter, gebrial, junoon, atif, aslam, live, jal, the, band, jibran, mehmood, azmat, my, name, is, kites, hiritik, roshan, suzan, hot, sexy, learn, zafar, osama, bin, laden, mtv, rodies, splits, villa, 3channel, salman, taseer, assassinated, january, bollywood, punjabi, blues rock, hindi
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. Tazkira tu Shahada tain By Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian ????? ?????????
    Duration: 01:55:58


    Keywords: islam, ahmadiyya, sabz, ahmadi, pakistan, urdu, english, punjab, india, cricket, football, club, ptv, express, geo, dunya, tv, policy, matters, money, finance, audio, book, books, hadhrat, mirza, ghulam, ahmad, nasir, tahir, masroor, bashir, mahmood, england, canada, uk, great, britian, singh, sidhu, japan, earth, quake, radiation, clamatiy, libia, iraq, afghanistan, saudi, arabia, yemen, politics, sports

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Mahmood Hussain
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