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Video search results for Magnolia (CMS)

Magnolia (CMS)

Magnolia (CMS)

Magnolia (CMS)

Video search results for Magnolia (CMS)

  1. A simple edit in Magnolia CMS
    Duration: 2:01

    Description: A short overview of editing pages using Magnolia CMS. Part of the Magnolia CMS training series by Priocept.

    Keywords: Magnolia CMS, Magnolia, editing, CMS, Magnolia training
    Average rating: 5.0

  2. Editing Website Content Using Magnolia CMS
    Duration: 6:31

    Description: In this screencast I show how simple managing website content can be using The Magnolia Content Management system. The CMS has been developed using Magnolia Community edition and The Spring Blossom module. Craig Callaghan is a java developer based in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh in Scotland. Visit

    Keywords: CMS, magnolia, content, management, system, java, spring, craig, callaghan, musselburgh, edinburgh, scotland, web, developer
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Deploying Java to Cloud - Jelastic Tutorial 1
    Duration: 2:06

    Description: In this first tutorial we will see how easy it is to set up Java application server and environment in Jelastic, specify caps for resource (memory and CPU) consumption, upload and deploy standard Java package (WAR file), and get the application running without having to modify a single line of code. Detailed step-by-step instructions on Magnolia CMS deployment in Jelastic can be found at: Jelastic is next generation Java hosting platform which can run and scale *any* Java application. Try it free at

    Keywords: Jelastic, paas, Platform-as-a-Service, software, technology, Java, Tomcat, cloud, hosting, magnolia-cms
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Autoscaling Java Applications - Jelastic Tutorial 2
    Duration: 2:02

    Description: In this first tutorial we will see how Jelastic automatically adds vertical scalability to any Java application with no code changes required. As application load increases, Jelastic can automatically detect that and add memory and CPU resources that application needs to cope with demand. When load goes down, Jelastic recycles the resources back thus reducing the developer costs. Unlike horizontal scalability, vertical scaling does not require application code and architecture changes. Jelastic implements this mechanism automatically thus saving your time and money. Jelastic is next generation Java hosting platform which can run and scale *any* Java application. Try it free at

    Keywords: paas, Platform-as-a-Service, software, technology, Java, Tomcat, Magnolia-CMS, cloud, autoscaling, scalability, demand, scale
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Magnolia CMS 5.0 - Milestone 3
    Duration: 15:06

    Description: This is a very technical presentation of the Milestone 3 release of Magnolia CMS 5.0. It is aimed specifically at developers and features a short demo, some architecture slides and a sample customization module.

    Keywords: magnolia, cms, java

  6. Magnolia 4.3 preview - Groovy module
    Duration: 9:55

    Description: This is a quick video presentation (as in: quickly put together, roughly edited and vaguely prepared, rather than quickly as in short and concise ;)) about the new Magnolia Groovy module which we will release along with Magnolia 4.3.

    Keywords: magnolia, cms, magnoliacms, groovy
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Magnolia CMS v5 Milestone 1 Preview
    Duration: 7:15

    Description: Magnolia 5 Milestone 1: we used Vaadin to re-build the existing adminCentral. This proof of concept includes keyboard support, type-sensitive context menus, a configurable tree-grid, injection of edit-buttons into Magnolia pages, history management and dialogs. The whole PoC was done in three weeks with no prior knowledge of Vaadin by the Magnolia CMS core team, and even works on an iPad.

    Keywords: magnolia cms, poc

  8. A Beginners Guide to Website Development
    Duration: 10:14

    Description: In this video you will learn how a content management system is developed, including databases, programming languages (server & local), web servers, the software development process, and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). By learning the technologies and methodoligies in which a content management system is built, you will be able to better implement and utilize content management systems such as Wordpress, Drupal. Joomla, DotNetNuke, and Magnolia, to name just a few. Questions or comments? Please feel free to reach out to me online at

    Keywords: Web Development, databases, programming, languages, code, web, servers, software development process, ide, Beginners, Tutorial, content management system, cms, wordpress, joomla, drupal, magnolia, dotnetnuke, dot, net, nuke, Technology, Data, Tips, Business, Design, Help
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Extending Dialog Templates
    Duration: 3:41

    Description: Magnolia CMS is highly customizable and enables authors to extend dialog and paragraph templates to meet specific use cases. This video illustrates how to customize the content editing dialog fields and rendering for authors and editors.

    Keywords: magnolia cms, dialog, paragraph, extensibility

  10. Internationalization (i18n)
    Duration: 2:31

    Description: Configuring and managing localized content is easy with Magnolia CMS. Administrators are able to define one single site structure mandatory across all languages. Thus ensuring that all content is identical albeit in different languages. A fallback mechanism allows to define a default language that will be displayed should translated content be unavailable. Multi-lingual dialogs allow marking a dialog field as i18n aware by adding an i18n node-data to its definition. If a field is marked as i18n, Magnolia will create the necessary data structures for each supported language on-the-fly. The mechanisms is fully backwards-compatible. A configuration option allows you to define which languages your site should support. If your site supports more than one language, a drop-down menu entry on the main bar lets a user switch between the supported languages.

    Keywords: opensource, cms, wcm, magnolia, java, screencast, language, i18n, internationalization

  11. OIL Part I - Exporting modules from Magnolia
    Duration: 3:17

    Description: This screencast demonstrates how to export an information literacy module from Magnolia, the online CMS and editing system.

    Keywords: Online, Information, Literacy
    Average rating: 3.0

  12. CMS tour Video
    Duration: 4:54

    Description: An example of one of our cms powered website. Joomla is the open source been used to develop in this instance. The video simply explains in detail how the instruction manual is easy showing you step by step and customized strictly for you. We develop across multiple open source platforms. Customized development is available at an extra cost.

    Keywords: Hardey solutions CMS, Wordpress, Joomla, ezpublish, drupal, kentico, opencms fedora, alfreso, java PHP nuke, magnolia, japs, nucleus
    Average rating: 3.7

  13. WebDAV support for template editing
    Duration: 1:21

    Description: Magnolia includes a WebDAV interface. This provides an easy entry path for users to create, edit and manage templates on the Magnolia server as though they were residing on their local file system, and eliminates the need for any Java or system-specific knowledge.

    Keywords: mconf, opensource, cms, wcm, magnolia, java, screencast, webdav, templating

  14. XIST4C CMS Frontend editing
    Duration: 3:08

    Description: Demo der neuen Frontendeditierung unseres java-basierten Content-Management-Systems XIST4C am Beispiel der Website

    Keywords: Frontend editing, Typo3, CMS, XIST4C, Content management, Websiteerstellung, Website, livinglogic, Begeisterungsmomente, Frontendeditierung

  15. KonaKart demo with dotCMS- Part I of III
    Duration: 9:05

    Description: Paolo Sidoli, CTO of KonaKart walks through the integration between KonaKart and dotCMS. Paolo also talks about the many features KonaKart has to offer. KonaKart is the product of European software house DS Data Systems UK Ltd., which has offices in Italy and the UK. Since its launch in early 2007, KonaKart has achieved a leading position among the world's enterprise-strength Java e-commerce solutions. Key strengths include the ease of integration into existing software solutions, flexibility, performance and reliability. KonaKart is being used by hundreds of clients worldwide including Audi, Tesco Mobile, Telef�nica O2, GM, Ferrero, RACV, Yoostar, The Methodist Hospital and local government. For more information visit

    Keywords: dotcms, konakart, Java, ecommerce, cms
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. How to Edit Your Existing Website
    Duration: 3:19

    Description: - Learn how to easily edit your existing website without a webmaster. With what I show you in this video, you can easily edit your site using the Ambid Update website editing software. Easily make text based changes, picture changes, add a video, create blogs, and much more. Once complete, publish those changes live via ftp with one mouse click.

    Keywords: Edit my website, webmaster, web designer, programmer, edit your website, website editor, website editing, tutorial, static, content, technology, software, tips & tricks

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    Average rating: 3.7

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