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Video search results for Lightwave

  1. Lightwave Tutorial
    Duration: 4:53

    Description: Node editor's displacement node from the lightwave official website

    Keywords: lightwave, 3d, tutorial, modeling, node, editor, hetona
    Average rating: 4.4

  2. Football Tutorial in NewTek's LightWave 3D
    Duration: 7:46

    Description: William Vaughan shows us how to: Build seams into a modeled football in LightWave Modeler.

    Keywords: football
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. Lightwave, Using the Particle Emitter - Very Cool
    Duration: 2:24

    Description: Lightwave Tutorials. Using the Particle Emitter - Very Cool

    Keywords: Lightwave 9, 3D Software
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Within 10 Minutes - 3d Lightwave Tutorial - Make a Table
    Duration: 6:27

    Description: Combine Extrude Plus with the movement, rotation, and sizing tools to make a aesthetically pleasing table to use. Within 10 Minutes means we'll show you how to do it, keeping to a 10 minute time frame. But given enough practice, the things shown in the series can really be done in that time (or still easily and quickly). This Tutorial was done in Lightwave Version 9.6 Modeling by: Maja Majetic Voice Dub by: Shea Meadth

    Keywords: newtek, lightwave, 3d, model, table, bench, top, extrude, tool, move, rotate, sub, patch, within, 10, ten, minute, tutorial, tuit, studio, wisp
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Lightwave Tutorial - Creating Hair
    Duration: 6:12

    Description: Using hair guides to make long hair in Lightwave

    Keywords: lightwave, tutorial, hair, guide
    Average rating: 4.5

  6. LightWave Tutorial: Starfield/Nebula Environments
    Duration: 5:33

    Description: Watch in HD. In this LightWave tutorial, I will be explaining how starfield and nebula environments are created.

    Keywords: starfield, nebula, space, stars, lightwave, v9, 3d, cgi, nebulae, how, to, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Lightwave 3D text tutorial Part 01
    Duration: 9:38

    Description: This is a introduction to produce 3D-text with Lightwave 3D 9,5. Made by William "Proton" Vaughan. Sorry about the very low sound. Good luck!

    Keywords: Lightwave, 3D-text, tutorial, animation, short, film, 3D, Newtek
    Average rating: 4.7

  8. lightwave tutorial
    Duration: 4:45

    Description: displacement mode and adaptive pixel subdivision from official lightwave website

    Keywords: lightwave, pixel, sub, subdivision, 3d, hetona, tutorial, newtek
    Average rating: 3.8

  9. Lightwave Tutorial - Smooth Shift Tool
    Duration: 18:11

    Description: More Lightwave Tutorials Visit:

    Keywords: Lightwave, 3D, Tutorial, Knife, Software Tutorial, lightwave 3D, Tips, Animation, Modeler, Modeling, Smooth, Shift

  10. Lightwave 3D Asteroid Tutorial
    Duration: 12:01

    Description: This is a quick tutorial on how to create an asteroid in Lightwave using just nodal displacement. This video ends with a fib, I said I'd be posting additional parts on texturing and what not but I never got around to it. Sorry! Hit me up with any questions, I'll be happy to answer.

    Keywords: asteroid, lightwave 3d, tutorial, newtek, Greg Sullivan
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Chain Link - LightWave Tutorial
    Duration: 7:18

    Description: My first tutorial. A chain link in LightWave 3D.

    Keywords: technology, cgi, animation, lightwave, 3d, tutorial, chain, link, modeling, surfacing, silver, newtek

  12. Lightwave - Simple and Extensible Camera Rig Tutorial
    Duration: 6:04

    Description: How to create a camera rig in Lightwave 3d that allows you to easily follow an object without having to micromanage angles and curves when repositioning the camera. Note that you don't really need the bone in the rig for this simple example, but bones are useful for extending the functionality of the rig with IK chains for fancy effects.

    Keywords: lightwave, tutorial, camera, motion, easy, simple, fly-by, object, tracking, cg, 3d, blimp, how-to, help, instructions, training, rigging, animation
    Average rating: 5.0

  13. lightwave tutorial finished effect
    Duration: 08

    Description: followed a tutorial, but changed some stuff and this is what I came up with, pretty soon to come: same but with "stups" instead of laura. tutorial link:

    Keywords: stupinator, lightwave, animation, render
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. tutorial | LightWave 10 Essential Training?Creating a basic model
    Duration: 4:35

    Description: Watch the entire course at In LightWave 10 Essential Training, author Dan Ablan provides thorough, step-by-step instructions on building 3D models, scenes, and animations in LightWave 10. Beginning with a tour of the interface and LightWave's two main programs, Modeler and Layout, the course covers key concepts such as building models from basic polygonal shapes, assigning textures, and employing lights and 3D cameras to build real world scenes. Also included are tutorials explaining particle animation, dynamics, and bones.

    Keywords:, lynda, online training, online tutorials, lightwave training, lightwave tutorials, lightwave 10, Dan Ablan, 3D model*, 3D tools, 3D rendering, 3D design, lightwave Modeler, lightwave Layout, newtek lightwave, newtek training, newtek tutorials
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. Lightwave Leg IK Tutorial
    Duration: 10:42

    Description: A more advanced Lightwave tutorial which demonstrates how to create a solid leg setup in version 9.2

    Keywords: lightwave, tutorial, IK, rigging, leg, 3D, animation, setup, advanced
    Average rating: 4.7

  16. VF20 Designs - LightWave 3D Pumpkin Tutorial
    Duration: 8:22

    Description: A NewTek LightWave 3D tutorial about how to model, layout a scene and render a pumpkin. Similar to the flamingo tutorial at please feel free to leave comments, questions or request. Thanks.

    Keywords: lightwave, newtek, 3D, model, sculpt, digital sculpture, sculpture, scene, layout, animation, 3d animation, vf20, VF20 Designs, vf20designs, cartoon, animated
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. Lightwave Image Sequence Tutorial
    Duration: 7:47

    Description: What are the benefits exporting / rendering as an Image Sequence and why should you ALWAYS render as such (for 3D animation etc.). Once again I am showing this using Lightwave 3D and QuickTime for the other part. This also applies to Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion and any other animation software that understands "Image Sequence".

    Keywords: image sequence, image, sequence, import, export, quick time, apple, mac, windows, linux, render, Star Trek, Voyager, Intrepid, HD, plasma, fire, firework, antimatter, explosion, 1080, 720, tutorial, lightwave, particle, high definition
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Lightwave Tutorial -019- Spray Points Tool
    Duration: 4:44

    Description: MORE VIDEOS at:

    Keywords: Lightwave, 3d, animation, modeling, tutorial, instructions, intstructions, programs, graphics software, software, tips & tricks, computers, Spray, Points, Tool

  19. lightwave tutorial
    Duration: 2:10

    Description: Modeler: Edge Weighting taken from lightwave official website

    Keywords: edge, weighting, modeler, lightwave, 3d, newtek, tutorial, hetona
    Average rating: 4.7

  20. Lightwave Tutorial - IK Booster Track
    Duration: 1:43

    Description: Introduction to using Lightwaves IK Booster Track

    Keywords: lightwave, tutorial, ik, booster, track
    Average rating: 4.6

  21. Using Expressions to Control Morphs, LightWave Tutorial
    Duration: 10:51

    Description: This video teaches how to setup rigging controls to drive morphs using expressions in LightWave.

    Keywords: lightwave 3D, Animation, CGI, Tutorial, Morphs, Joystick, Rig, Kurt, Smith, Rigging, kurtsmith3d
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. Lightwave Tutorial - Star Trek Cloaking Effect
    Duration: 24:04

    Description: This is my first tutorial ever so please forgive me for my slowness and my 'ummmms' and 'uhs.' Hopefully it makes sense

    Keywords: Lightwave, Tutorial, Star Trek (Fictional Universe), Animation, Effects, software tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. Making Photoshop Style Gradients in Lightwave Tutorial
    Duration: 7:09

    Description: Gradients are super simple to work with and comprehend in Photoshop, but in Lightwave they aren't as straightforward. In this video I show how to make Photoshop-style gradients using the gradient layer in Lightwave (with a little help from a Null and a Weight Map). While LW's gradients might not work quite the way you'd expect them to if you're coming from PS, they are much MUCH more powerful. I am working on a full set of tutorials that cover LW's gradients in depth. Keep a look out at to see when they become available for purchase.

    Keywords: photoshop, PS, gradient, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. ArchViz Interiors Volume 2 - Texturing and Lighting - A Simply Lightwave Tutorial Preview
    Duration: 2:54

    Description: Lightwave tutorial preview for our members. http

    Keywords: lightwave, tutorial, simplylightwave, lightwave training, preview

  25. Lightwave Tutorial: Shaping A Blanket with Dynamics
    Duration: 8:17

    Description: In this video, I show how one can use dynamics (cloth effects) and Save Transformed Objects to shape an object. I was trying to quickly show the methodology, not come up with a finished product, so it's still a bit rough. You should definitely UV map the geometry while it is still flat (before saving transformed) to make your life much easier.

    Keywords: tutorial, lightwave, clothfx, cloth_fx, dynamics, soft-body
    Average rating: 5.0

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