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  1. Gimp Tutorial: Layers - The Basics
    Duration: 9:16

    Description: Please comment and rate videos - this will help other people find them by ranking them takes a second :) -- I was asked to provide a basic explanation of Layers...I hope this helps. Sorry about the lag between audio and video...slightly annoying, I know.

    Keywords: Gimp, Tutorial, Layers
    Average rating: 4.9

  2. Adjustment Layer Tutorial
    Duration: 5:41

    Description: This video goes over adjustment layers in Photoshop. They're fun and handy! Check out my profile for more tutorials.

    Keywords: digital, art, demo, demonstration, tutorial, layers, Photoshop
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Photoshop CS3 Tutorial: Layers for Beginners
    Duration: 4:01

    Description: - This is a tutorial for beginners. It explains what layers are and how they are useful when working on an image, and provides basic instructions on creating, moving, repositioning and naming layers.

    Keywords: adobe, photoshop, model, babe, hot, girl, graphic, design, tutorial, tutorials, graphics, image, effects, sexy, photos
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial
    Duration: 9:18

    Description: -- Jenny Doan shows how to make a the fast and easy Double Slice Quilt using Layer Cakes. *** The pattern using this block is inspired by the great gals over at Pie Plate Patterns - Brenda & Bonnie Bailey ( http ). If you'd like a print version of this pattern, check out their Piece of Pie book available at your local quilt shop or here - **** To get the materials needed to do this project, follow the links below: Layer Cakes Rotary Cutter

    Keywords: how to quilt, quilt, quilting tutorial, quilting, fabric, sewing, make a quilt, learn to quilt
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. You Suck at Photoshop - Distort, Warp, & Layer Effects
    Duration: 3:47

    Description: MORE: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Donnie Hoyle pulls a digital end-around on a restraining order and vandalizes a Vanagon. 2008 Webby Award Winner Best How-to Series Best Comedy Series - People's Voice Best How-to Series - People's Voice

    Keywords: YSAP, my, damn, channel, big, fat, brain, photoshop, funny, video, clip, van, cheating, tutorial, entertainment, comedy, fun, silly, internet, reddit, computer, editing, software, funny computer, hilarious, tech, after, effects, effect, how, to, webby
    Average rating: 4.6

  6. FL Studio Basics Tutorial - Layers - Warbeats Tutorial
    Duration: 25:22

    Description: From This video shows you how to use layers in FL Studio.

    Keywords: nfx, warbeats, fl, studio, fruity, loops, nfxbeats, tutorial, layers, beatmaking
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. 3D Glitch layer tutorial guide LittleBigPlanet
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: Adi and Luos unravel the mysteries of putting objects into the 3D glitch layers. You can find the tools you need in TheAdipose's level -- search @TheAdipose. For an advanced guide - check out teeboneseys guide on littlebigplanet central Please also check out adi and Luos_desruc's new level "Arena of the Gladiators"

    Keywords: littlebigplanet, tutorial, guide
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Photoshop Tutorial - Three Layer Orton Effect
    Duration: 9:48

    Description: The Orton effect is a method of increasing the saturation of colors and adding a dreamy glow to photos. It is very easy to do, but many of the instructions do not show how to handle the over exposure that can occur. They also do not show how to control the blur in different areas of the screen. This tutorial shows you a much better Orton effect process, and is a good introduction to layers as well. This video is copyrighted material. No use of this video is allowed without express written consent of its owner.

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, orton, effect, layers, gaussian, blur, masking, mask, masked, layer
    Average rating: 4.3

  9. Photoshop Tutorial : Using Textures as Layer Masks
    Duration: 5:43

    Description: In this quick tutorial from the Digital Yard Sale, I will show you a simple way to use textures as layer masks to create a distressed, vintage look. This will work on photos, logos, text or pretty much anything. Here is the link to the texture file used in this tutorial: For more FREE tutorials, textures, brushes, vectors and more, visit

    Keywords: photoshop, texture, tutorial, grunge, distressed, old, retro, vintage, paper, howto, how to, Photoshop tutorial, Photoshop textures, apply textures, layer mask, texture layer, Digital Yard Sale
    Average rating: 5.0

  10. How to cut your own hair - layers, side swept bangs, side fringe, scene/emo bangs tutorial
    Duration: 2:55

    Description: I'm using just regular sharp scissors. Try not to use paper scissors because they're normally blunt and blunt scissors cause split ends. Cutting your own hair is so much cheaper and you can get it exactly how you want it. In this video I show you how to feather and layer your hair, then I also teach you how to cut side bangs, some people classify my side fringe/bangs as scene or emo so I stuck that in the title too xP Good luck~

    Keywords: how to cut your own hair, layers, feather, emo, scene, perfect, cheap
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Lesson 1: Introduction to Photoshop Layer Masks
    Duration: 6:33

    Description: Topics Include: -What is a layer mask? -Layer mask creation -Hiding and revealing a layer -Combining images -Cloning the cat To see the full size 800x600 video, please visit Here's the link to download the lesson files: It's free!

    Keywords: photoshop, tutorial, training, layer, mask, cloning, combining, processing, imaging, photography, digital, lesson, painting
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. GIMP Basics -Introduction + Beginner tutorial exercise (How to use GIMP)
    Duration: 10:57

    Description: GIMP beginner tutorial and/or Gimp basics tutorial. Has an introduction to the GIMP interface and a beginners excercise to get started with GIMP. A great way for GIMP beginners and learning the GIMP basics, basically getting started with GIMP/beginning with GIMP. Follow the steps and you will learn how layers work in GIMP, how to make a basic gradient in GIMP. How to use the text tool in GIMP, how to change the font color in GIMP, how to make a border around text in GIMP, how to make a drop shadow in GIMP, how to make a border around an image in GIMP, learn the basics about selections in GIMP and layers in GIMP. All explained so a GIMP beginner will be able to follow it. For more GIMP basics tutorials see my playlists and see my other videos for cool gimp tricks. Other phrase(s) that would apply to this tut are: How to use GIMP for beginners GIMP tutorials for beginners GIMP tutorial for beginners

    Keywords: GIMP beginner totorial, GIMP basics tutorial, Beginning GIMP, beginning with gimp, gimp beginner, gimp basics, getting started with gimp, gimptricks, cool gimp tricks, gimp tricks, jolie, gimp make a gradient, gimp text tool, gimp border around text, gimp border around image, gimp drop shadow, gimp for dummies, gimp layers, gimp selections, free photoshop, gimp interface explained, how to use gimp, gimp tutorials for beginners, justin bieber grammy, howto, graphics software
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. Color+Overlay Layer Tutorial -
    Duration: 7:22

    Description: If you have any questions please click the link above and drop me a comment. I'll try and get to em in my next video! Thanks for watching! Quick process to show how I use color and overlay layers.

    Keywords: Dave rapoza, orc, monster, tutorial, photoshop, color layers, overlay layers, adjustment layers, how to
    Average rating: 5.0

  14. V-Ray for SketchUp - Materials - The Refraction Layer - tutorial
    Duration: 13:41

    Description: V-Ray for SketchUp tutorial - Materials - The Refraction Layer Refraction means the change of direction of a ray of light in passing at an angle from one medium to another. With V-Ray the refraction layer is used to create glass or translucent materials. Fernando Rentas, ASGVIS 3D Artist & Trainer, will explain how to use the refraction layer to create glass or translucency materials in this video tutorial.

    Keywords: V-Ray for sketchup, Chaos Group, tutorial, Materials, Refraction layer
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Photoshop Tutorial: Simple Geometric Texture Effect (Masking Techniques and Layer Blending)
    Duration: 25:44

    Description: Please like, favorite and/or sub if you dig it! This tutorial will show you how to get nice effects using simple shapes, a single texture, shadow effects and masking techniques. Entire tutorial runs around 22 minutes. This is a follow up to "Design Experiment: Geo Texture & News" video from early March. Psd available here: Follow me on that twitter gizmo: Evan on facebook: Photoshop techniques we'll cover: - How to use simple shapes and textures - Layer styles and effects - Masking effects and techniques - Hilighting and shadow effects - Abstract, simple art and wallpaper Stone Texture: Free Stone Texture alternatives: Grunge Brushes: ----------------------------------------- Tees available here: Tunes by Mr. Chaos Math Intro by FallenHDGaming: Prints available to purchase here:

    Keywords: Photoshop, Tutorial, Photoshop Tutorial, Geometric, Texture, Layer Effects, Layer, Effects, Shapes, Mask, Masks, Shadow, Mask Technique, Shadow Technique, Metal, Ring, Abstract, Wallpaper, Design, Graphic Design, Visual Design, CS4, CS5, CS6, Photoshop Technique, Simple, Simple Shapes, Background, Channel Art, Channel Background
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Obscuration Layer Tutorial for Knoll Light Factory 3.0
    Duration: 2:31

    Description: Tutorial on how the Obscuration Layer within the Adobe Photoshop lighting effects plugin, Knoll Light Factory 3.0, acts as a mask to subtly gradate your flare in an image.

    Keywords: Adobe, Photoshop, effects, tutorials, Knoll, Light, Factory, Digital, Anarchy, photography, filters, plugins, obscuration, layer
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. How to Create a Simple Multi-Layer Stencil!!
    Duration: 11:02

    Description: LA Shoe Design Workshop: Follow me on Twitter at Mission: Ethiopia Custom Nikes bid ends tomorrow! Donation link for Mission: Ethiopia: :::List of materials you'll need and where to get them::: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xacto Knife and multiple blades -Art store or hardware store Scotch tape for fixing mistakes -Practically any store Adobe Photoshop (I use CS4) or similar program or electronics store Spray adhesive (I use 3M Super 77) Hardware store or some art stores Spray paint, preferably Montana Gold -Most art stores or At least one spray cap (I use medium size) -Most art stores Extra paper (or painter's tape) to mask off overspray -Practically any store Spray on finisher (matte or gloss) -Most art stores or Printer -You can handle this one, but I go to Kinko's -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find me at your favorite social network, contact me for commission, and see a gallery of my work at Comment with any questions you still have and I will try to answer them! Model

    Keywords: how, to, create, multi-layer, multi-level, multiple, layer, level, multi, multiple-level, multiple-layer, stencil, cut, spray, montana, gold, spraypaint, paint, cans, street, art, how-to, tutorial, tut, stencils, painting, editing, instruction, installation, director, mod
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. multi-layer stencil art tutorial Marilyn Monroe.
    Duration: 4:29

    Description: Retro idol Marilyn Monroe given the stencil treatment along to a dosage of Audioslave. Enjoy. You can buy my work online.

    Keywords: Marilyn, monroe, graffiti, stencil, art, tutorial, multilayer
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. How TO: Apply FALSE EYELASHES tutorial
    Duration: 6:19

    Description: Video explains it all :) 1. Apply thin layer of liquid liner 3. Curl Lashes if you like 2. Apply mascara 3. Place drop of glue on lash container (Duo Surgical Glue is best, you can get it at MAC or any drugstore) 4. Use back of tweezers to apply thin layer of glue to lash band, concentrating on the ends 5. Wait 20 seconds or so for glue to become tacky 6. Apply just above lashline, make sure ends stick 7. Use tweezer back to push lashes on and down so they are close to lashline 8. Add line of liquid liner over lashband to cover any glue and make it look seemless :) **Sorry theres like a little bit of glue on the lashes midway, but the glue dries clear so you can't even see :)** **EYESHADOW LOOK IS IRON MAN :)**

    Keywords: xsparkage, how, to, apply, false, faux, eyelashes, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. ? How to CUT Front LAYERS to Frame the Face Tutorial
    Duration: 18:20

    Description: ? See more HAIR Videos here ~ ? PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE HAIR TIPS ! =) By clicking HERE: ? Items Needed: ? The Rainbow Scissors I use are by Hisaki In this hair cut tutorial you learn how to cut wispy , texturized , fringe layers that frame the face. These techniques create a cut that is sexy , cute, and fun for any face shape such as round , oval , square , heart shaped , oblong face shapes, and more! easy & simple. Please note : If you choose the hair parting to be in the middle, the wispy layers can start at the same length on both sides of the face =) my hair style magazine ? Contact Information:

    Keywords: Face, Hair, how, to, front, wispy, layered, layers, sexy, style, slice, slicing, pro, professional, show, texture, side, swept, cutting, fringe, shears, frindge, haul, hairspray, school, class, haircut, beauty, guru, salon, cosmetology, cosmetologist, straight, curly, wavy, women, girl, teen, tween, tutorial, room, tour, frame, shape, shapes, trim, texturized, feathered, textured, feather, fringed, fringy
    Average rating: 4.5

  21. Photoshop: Adjustment Layers
    Duration: 1:20

    Description: WarlockZombie wanted to know how to apply an adjustment to only one layer in Photoshop. Adjustment layers, using the Clip to Layer button is your friend! Follow me on Twitter!

    Keywords: Photoshop, CS5, Adobe CS5, Photoshop CS5, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe, CS4, Adjustment, Layers, Layer, Clip, Download Photoshop, Photoshop CS4, Tutorials, Tutorial, HD, how, to, how to
    Average rating: 5.0

  22. IceflowStudios Design Training - Layer Masks In Photoshop
    Duration: 9:01

    Description: | http Layer masks in Photoshop! Music: Kevin MacLeod

    Keywords: Photoshop, Tutorial, Tutorials, Layer, Masks, Photo, Editing, Adjustments, Retouching, Touchups, how, to, how to
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Basic Photoshop Shading Tutorial
    Duration: 7:43

    Description: Learn how to use photoshop for adding color and flair to your cartoon / comic line drawing. This basic tutorial introduces concepts like layers, blending modes, adjustment layers, layer masks, and overlays. To see more tutorials and art from David, visit

    Keywords: dreamkeepers, dreamkeeper, David, Lillie, vivid, publishing, photoshop, coloring, shading, lighting, tutorial, how, to, about, comic, cartoon, cartooning, cartoons, anime, furry, anthropormorphic, anthro, manga
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Hair Masking
    Duration: 15:10

    Description: Buy the book here: Improve your layer mask control to mask hair from complex backgrounds. Martin Evening is author of Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers, published by Focal Press. Get 20% off all Focal Press books by using offer code YT007 at

    Keywords: Adobe, Photoshop, CS5, Layer, Mask, Tutorial, Background, Remove, Edge, Refine, Hair, Crop, composite, martin, evening
    Average rating: 4.9

  25. Remove the background from hair in GIMP - tutorial (Cut out hair)
    Duration: 6:43

    Description: In this GIMP tutorial you'll learn some techniques to remove the background from an image with hair. Cut out hair. I'm explaining step by step in this "How to in GIMP" so you'll know how to make a cut out of an image with hair. I'm using layer masks, the clone tool and give some tips on the burn tool in GIMP. A lot of the techiniques I used I've learned and/or adapted from this video from blackmoondev: The reason I adapated it is because I tried to make it easy to follow for gimp beginners as well. Here's a link to the image I used: Long discussion with lots of hair cut out tips:

    Keywords: Cut out hair in gimp, remove the background in gimp, transparency in gimp, make render with gimp, make a cut out in gimp, Gimp gimptricks, gimp tricks, gimp tutorial, gimp how to, gimp layer mask, gimp layer masks, jolie, cool gimp tricks, gimp burn tool, gimp help, gimp 2.6, gimp 2.8, free photoshop, gimp image manipulation, how to use gimp, gimptalk, gimpchat tutorial software
    Average rating: 4.9

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