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  1. James Dean very gay
    Duration: 6:26

    Description: This is a very rare footage for Rebel without a cause. Watch how he interacts with male co-star Sal Mineo. LUV IT!!!!!

    Keywords: james, dean, sal, mineo, gay, celebrities, classic
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. Guitar Lessons Josie Steely Dan (intro)
    Duration: 4:34

    Description: Guitar lesson for the intro to Josie by Steely Dan from their 1977 album Aja. Guitarists on this track were Larry Carlton, Dean Parks and Walter Becker. I tried to get the chords correct, I think they're pretty close. I saw Larry Carlton play Josie live a couple of years ago, he pretty much played lead throgh the whole tune and let the keyboard player handle most of the chord work. Larry's instrumental version is on a CD called "On Solid Ground".

    Keywords: Bill Havens guitar, aja
    Average rating: 4.7

  3. Dean Martin - You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You
    Duration: 2:16

    Description: Written by James Cavanaugh, Russ Morgan and Larry Stock Performed by Dean Martin

    Keywords: Dean, Martin, You're, Nobody, till, Somebody, Loves, You
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Dice Games : How to Play Liar's Dice
    Duration: 1:40

    Description: Liar's dice is a game in which players bid on the numbers that they have rolled, with other players choosing to outbid them or challenge their claims. Play liar's dice and learn how to keep score with tips from a gaming enthusiast in this free video on dice games. Expert: Dean Hale Contact: Bio: Dean Hale has been playing board games and card games for over three decades. Hale and his family spend a lot of quality time playing games. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

    Keywords: dice, dice games, die, liar's dice, casino dice, craps, rolling dice, Yahtzee, fun dice games, games, tabletop games
    Average rating: 4.5

  5. According to Jim 13 - Math lesson
    Duration: 1:18

    Description: Add Me twitter

    Keywords: According, to, Jim, Belushi, Courtney, Thorne-Smith, Kimberly, Williams, Paisley, Larry, Joe, Campbell, Billie, Bruno, Taylor, Atelian, Conner, Rayburn, ABC, RTL2, Math, Lesson, anthony, country, mark, school, elvis, funny, talk, television show, teacher, johnny, lessons, learn, presley, speech, student, education, students, teachers, comedy, politics, free, tutorial, tube, plans, language, talking, tutorials
    Average rating: 5.0

  6. Heart and Soul-----Bea Wain with Larry Clinton 1939
    Duration: 3:01

    Description: Heart and Soul-----Bea Wain with Larry Clinton 1939 Lyrics: Heart and soul, I fell in love with you Heart and soul, the way a fool would do, madly Because you held me tight And stole a kiss in the night Heart and soul, I begged to be adored Lost control, and tumbled overboard, gladly That magic night we kissed There in the moon mist Oh! but your lips were thrilling, much too thrilling Never before were mine so strangely willing But now I see, what one embrace can do Look at me, it's got me loving you madly That little kiss you stole Held all my heart and soul

    Keywords: Bea, Wain, with, Larry, Clinton, 1939, Heart, and, Soul
    Average rating: 5.0

  7. Scooters - Drive Away
    Duration: 2:59

    Description: This group appeared on the old "Hollywood Heartbeat" video show back in late 1981. The show was hosted by Bob Welch around the time he was with Fleetwood Mac. I've always liked the song but can't find anything about the group. It was probably an LA band but can anybody fill in any details about them? Also have a fairly rare Pretenders video that YouTube blocked before it even got online! Update 12-17-09 - Thanks to YT member "maxeythecat", here's the group lineup: Robert Ferrero, guitar and vocals Luke Zamparini guitar and vocals Larry Lee, bass and vocals Bobby Dean Wickland, drums

    Keywords: Scooters, LA band, 80s videos, Robert Ferrero, Luke Zampanini, Larry Lee, Bobby Dean Wickland
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. Steely Dan Peg Guitar Solo-Studio vs. 4 Live Versions
    Duration: 2:06

    Description: PLEASE RATE THESE SOLOS: Jay Graydon (Studio) vs. Drew Zingg (NYR&SR, 1993) vs. Georg Wadenius (1994) vs. Wayne Kratz (1996, DF Solo Shows) vs. Jon Herigton (Since 2000, DF Solo Shows). After having close to 10 guitarists including Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Denny Dias, Steve Khan, Lee Ritenor, and Walter Becker himself, Don and Walt finally found the perfect guitarist to play the very challenging solo on the most meticulous of the best selling album Aja, which is often cited as the "epitome of perfectionism." Don and Walt almost ruined the vocal cords of legendary vocalist and well-known Steely Dan member, Michael McDonald when trying to record the backing vocal tracks of Peg. Jay Graydon is a legendary, Grammy award winning songwriter/producer who is known for co-writing many jazz and soul its of the 1980s. These hits including "Turn Your Love Around" by George Benson which was co-written by Bill Champlin of Chicago and Steve Lukather of Toto, as well as "After The Love Has Gone" by Earth, Wind, and Fire, which is co-written by Bill Champlin and producer David Foster. Drew Zingg is a jazz-rock guitarist who did work in The New York Rock & Soul Revue, which was lead by Donald Fagen and later featured Walter Becker too. He toured with the Dan in 1993 and now does work with Steely Dan compadre Boz Scaggs. Georg Wadenius is a Sweedish-born guitarist who has recored and preformed with Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Dr. John, David Sanborn, James Brown, and Luther ...

    Keywords: Peg, Solos, Steely, Dan, Aja, Jay, Graydon, Drew, Zingg, Georg, Wadenius, Wayne, Kratz, Jon, Herigton, Donald, Fagen, Walter, Becker, Live
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Larry Page speaks at the AAAS
    Duration: 01:08:20

    Description: Larry Page's plenary lecture at the AAAS Annual Meeting, February 15-19, 2007 in San Francisco, CA.

    Keywords: larry, page, google, aaas, lecture, speech
    Average rating: 4.5

  10. TRINKLE TINKLE - Mark Sherman
    Duration: 8:53

    Description: The Mark Sherman Quintet performs "Trinkle Tinkle" composed by Thelonious Monk at New York City's Sweet Rhythm. Mark Sherman - Vibrophone Tim Horner - Drums Dean Johnson - Acoustic Bass Allen Farnham - Piano

    Keywords: Mark Sherman, Jazz Vibrophonist, New York City Jazz, Luxgap, TRINKLE TINKLE, Allen Farnham, Tim Horner, Dean Johnson, Joe Magnarelli, James Lynch, Esperanza Echeverry, Larry Santee, Thelonious Monk
    Average rating: 4.8

  11. Eddie Dean Cowboy Movie Star Tribute
    Duration: 8:36

    Description: This video was made in 1994 when Eddie Dean was awarded a special honor of "Eddie Dean Day" declared by the Los Angeles city council. Eddie's wife, Dearest is seen with him. This is a long video strictly for cowboy movie fans. You will get to see Eddie from the front at the end of the video. I am with him in the last scene. He and I did perform together a lot during the final decade of his life. He had a wonderful singing voice into his late 80s. He wrote two major hit songs, One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart and I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven. Dearest came up with the idea for One Has My Name. They remained married for 67 years. In this video Ruth Galanter is also seen and heard during the presentation. She was a crime victim who was almost killed by someone who slashed her throat. It was believed she would die, then it was believed she would never speak again. You will see her using sign language at one point and she did recover her voice. Mayor Riordan is seen briefly in the city hall chamber. This is a good look at the interior of the LA City Hall shortly after the 1994 earthquake that damaged much of the building. You will see the ornate interior. Les Paul and Mary Ford were introduced by Eddie Dean. He also made his own guitars. He played country music quite well and had a very beautiful almost operatic voice. He passed away in 1999. At one point it is mentioned his horse was named "Topper." Topper was Hopalong Cassidy's horse. Eddie had different horses in ...

    Keywords: Eddie, Dean, Cowboy, singer, seven, Dearest, Los, Angeles, City, Hall, Tom, Willett
    Average rating: 4.9

    Duration: 5:52

    Description: Dean EVO (Signed MAB) Gold EMG pickups Dean acoustic ( Signed MAB) Gibson Flying V ( Gold Hardware) EMG Pickups Slime Dean Razorback (Signed MAB) Green SV Evo Pickup) Purple Marble Paint Dean Razorback ( SIgned MAB) Backplate signed by Joe Satriani, Vinnie Paul, & John Petrucci, EMG Pickups 1984 Gibson Explorer Designer Series (New Paint) EMG Pickups Dean MAB 1 Armor Flame (Played by MAB, Signed by MAB) Ibanez Crystal Planet/ 004 of 200 (Signed by Joe Satriani & Steve Vai) Handprint & Orig artwork by Joe Satriani Ibanez Jem 7V

    Average rating: 5.0

  13. TWO LANE BLACKTOP (trailer)
    Duration: 2:29

    Description: The original trailer for Monte Hellman's 1971 muscle car pic starring James Taylor, Warren Oates and Harry Dean Stanton.

    Keywords: warren, oates, harry, dean, stanton, monte, hellman, muscle, car, chase, cars, crash
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. JPI EDM 700 800 Fuel Flow, Normal Ops, Programming
    Duration: 8:23

    Description: View and learn about the classic JP Instruments EDM 700. This segment will walk you through fuel flow, normal opperations and the pilot programming features of the 700.

    Keywords: JPI, aviation engine monitors, jpi 700, JP Instruments, howto jpi 700, Fuel Flow gauge, leanfind mode, EDM jpi, jpi monitor, EDM 700, EDM 800, JPI EDM 700, JPI EDM 960 Twin, JPI Twin, EDM 960, Marc, Joe, Dean, Polizzotto, Larry, Elbert
    Average rating: 5.0

  15. JPI EDM 730/830 Lean Find and Fuel Flow
    Duration: 7:12

    Description: View and learn about the new JP Instruments EDM 730/830. This lean find segment will walk you through the functions and features of the 730/830 lean find and fuel flow.

    Keywords: JP Instruments, JPI, aviation, engine monitors, jpi 730, jpi 830, howto jpi 730, aircraft Fuel Flow gauge, leanfind mode, EDM 730, EDM 830, JPI EDM 960 Twin, JPI Twin, EDM 960, Marc, Joe, Dean, Polizzotto, Larry, Elbert
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. JPI EDM 760 Overview, display features, and leanfind mode
    Duration: 10:11

    Description: View and learn about the JP Instruments EDM 760 TWIN. This overview and operation segment will walk you through the display and leanfind functions features of the JPI EDM 760 TWIN.

    Keywords: JP Instruments, JPI, aviation, JPI engine monitors, jpi 760 TWIN, howto jpi 760, EDM 760 leanfind, 760 TWIN overview, EDM 450, JPI video, JPI 760, JPI EDM 960 Twin, JPI Twin, EDM 960, Marc, Joe, Dean, Polizzotto, Larry, Elbert

    Duration: 3:04

    Description: ANNIVERSARY SONG

    Keywords: AL, JOLSON
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Sergio Vellatti - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
    Duration: 4:16

    Description: "You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You" is a popular song, written in 1944, by Russ Morgan, Larry Stock, and James Cavanaugh. The song was first recorded by Morgan and since then has been covered by numerous artists. Dean Martin's version is probably the most popular rendition of the song, which was recorded for Reprise Records in 1965, reaching #24 on the US pop chart and #1 on the easy listening chart. My version is based off of Michael Buble's arrangement, which is practically identical to that of Bobby Darin's beautiful rendiion. I hope all enjoy this one! Thank you for all of the continued support and encouragement - it is so very much appreciated! -Serg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lyrics: You're nobody 'til somebody loves you You're nobody 'til somebody cares. You may be king, you may possess the world and it's gold, But gold won't bring you happiness when you're growing old. The world still is the same, you never change it, As sure as the stars shine above; You're nobody 'til somebody loves you, So find yourself somebody to love. The world still is the same, you never change it, As sure as the stars shine above; You're nobody 'til somebody loves you, So find yourself somebody, find yourself somebody, Find yourself somebody to love.

    Keywords: You're, Nobody, till, Somebody, Loves, You, frank, sinatra, michael, buble, bobby, darin, Dean, martin, rat, pack, nat, king, cole, jamie, cullum, sammy, davis, jr, harry, connick, gorme, goulet, calloway, burns, francis, newton, supremes, charles, bennett, matt, monro, dinah, washington, andy, williams, luciano, agt, american, idol, talent, karaoke, cover, big, band, jazz, love, song, valentine, day, swing, ballad
    Average rating: 4.9

  19. Randy Crawford - "Look Who's Lonely Now" (1982)
    Duration: 3:41

    Description: Bill Labounty and Roy Freeland's "Look Who's Lonely Now" is the first track of Randy Crawford's "Windsong" album released in 1982. Musicians on the Windsong album are: Randy Crawford, Jeff Porcaro, Leon Pendarvis, Abraham Laboriel, Neil Stubenhaus, Steve Lukather, Dean Parks, Michael Sembello, Buzz Feiten, Paul Jackson, Lenny Castro, Robbie Buchanan, David Sanborn, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Gary Herbig, Jim Horn, Lew McCreary, Richard Page, Bill Champlin, Carmen Twillie, Steve George and Paulette Brown. Wow!!! Happy listening! - JC

    Keywords: Randy Crawford, Look Who's Lonely Now, Windsong, Bll Labounty, Roy Freeland
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. Christopher Edley at Zeitgeist '07
    Duration: 14:59

    Description: Session title: Social Justice from a Global Perspective Professor Christopher Edley discusses how he is working to help his law students learn the ways in which they can be effective change agents in the world.

    Keywords: Google, Zeitgeist
    Average rating: 3.9

  21. Mentoring In the Academy
    Duration: 55:40

    Description: Harvard's Office of Faculty Development and Diversity (FD&D) sponsors several faculty development programs. These sessions are designed to provide a forum for interactive discussions of relevant concerns to all Harvard faculty. The title of the development program documented in this video is: Mentoring in the Academy: Establishing and Sustaining Developmental Networks.

    Keywords: mentor, mentoring, developmental networks, networks, faculty, career development, faculty career development
    Average rating: 4.5

  22. ??????
    Duration: 01:27:58

    Description: 2010???????The History Channel??????????- ????Ancient Aliens - Season 1???

    Keywords: ??????
    Average rating: 5.0

  23. chopper gunner inbound
    Duration: 1:28

    Description: I created this video at

    Keywords: youtube editor
    Average rating: 1.7

  24. Guga Stuart - Test Elegant Single Cut Guitars (Semi Hollow Body) "EL Guitars"
    Duration: 6:30

    Description: Custom Shop: Eliezer Lara Guitars Eliezer Lara Guitars_Elegant Guitar Spec Body: Brazilian Mahogany | Top: Ash | Neck: Brazilian Mahogany | Fingerboard: Brazilian rosewood | Pickups: Seymour Duncan Setup Test: Amp Meteoro Nitrous GS100 Boss GT 10 Sony HAnd Cam

    Keywords: seymour duncan, Suhr, Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Tom Anderson, PRS, ESP, BC Rich, Charvel, Dean, Gretsch, Guild, Parker, Pearcaster, Quick Silver, Steve Vai, Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, guthrie govan, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, Larry Carlton, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Eric Johnson, BB King, Santana, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Scott Henderson, Tony Macalpine
    Average rating: 5.0

  25. Joseph McCarthy on Democrats
    Duration: 1:12

    Description: "McCarthy generally, as an individual, was a liberal. He was, in economic philosophy and a lot of other things, extremeyl liberal." - Roy Cohn (McCarthy's cheif counsel) "This war in which we are now engaged is not--cannot--be a war between America's two great political parties. As I have often said in the past, certainly the millions of loyal Americans who have long voted the Democrat ticket love America just as much and hate Communism just as much as the average Republican." - McCarthy speech to the Irish Fellowship Club, 1954 "As long as the jobs are available there will be Communists, either by infiltration or by incubation the emoluments and pomp which go with the political job will convert the meekest bureaucrat to the religion of Power. Hence, if Congres would destroy this creed, it must undo all the "social gains" which have been imposed on us in the past fifteen years. It must abolish the bureaus. If that were done, the devotees of Power would be reduced to soapbox oratory." -Frank Chodorov "States' rights is your best defense against Communism!"-Dean Clarence Manion More audio excerpts can be found at the Marquette University digital library. This excerpt was taken from a speech made at a campaign rally supporting Forrest C. Donnell, incumbent Republican senator from Missouri, 1950

    Keywords: Senator, Joseph, mccarthy, Communism, HUAC, Red, Scare, Democrats, Republicans, Politics, Congress, Commiecrats, Harry, Truman, Larry, mcdonald, Cold, War, Korean, JFK, Eisenhower, Edward, Murrow
    Average rating: 3.8

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