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  1. Software Klee Sequencer - sync with Ableton Live
    Duration: 1:05

    Description: Just a quick how to video to show how you can sync the start/stop and tempo between Ableton Live and the Software Klee Sequencer.

    Keywords: Klee sequencer, Ableton Live, software Klee, tutorial
    Average rating: 1.0

  2. Nfu.oh Anleitung Tutorial Edge Nails "Klee"
    Duration: 1:21

    Description: Eine kleine Edge Anleitung! Wenns euch gef�llt Kommentieren nicht vergessen :)

    Keywords: Pastell, Edge, Nfu.oh, Anleitung, Nails, tutorial
    Average rating: 1.5

  3. How to Jump High (Super Jump Effect)
    Duration: 1:12

    Description: In case you don't know, this is a tutorial on how to jump like a pro.

    Keywords: oscar, marczynski, kingofbobo, efter, effects, super, jump, hancock, alex, klee, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.0

  4. klee - fuer_alle_die
    Duration: 3:38

    Description: klee - fuer_alle_die.flv

    Keywords: klee, fuer, alle, die, Deutsch, pop
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. LAN - Rumour
    Duration: 5:01

    Description: filmed live at Edelweiss (Berlin), Nov. 2009 Thanx to everyone who celebrated. Thanx to Leftframe, Klee-Berlin, Studio-Erde La-La-La-La-Lalala-Love-You

    Keywords: Berlin, Electro, Live-Act, Band, Interaction, Sensors, LMC, Midi, Controller, Punk
    Average rating: 4.7

  6. Klee software sequencer - preview
    Duration: 3:50

    Description: A quick demo of the upcoming Klee software sequencer, by Defective Records Software. The software is generating MIDI signals that are routed to Ableton Live, that has two software synths loaded up on two different MIDI channels. More information about this upcoming software is available on, in this thread: . More information, including free demo, will be available soon at .

    Keywords: klee, step, sequencer, MIDI, software
    Average rating: 4.3

  7. Simple & Sweet Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial!
    Duration: 9:42

    Description: Here's a quick and easy Valentine's Day makeup Look! What are your plans for V-Day? Friend me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! ?

    Keywords: tutorial, makeup, beauty, valentine's, day, cosmetics, eye, ELF, mac, tarte, look
    Average rating: 4.6

  8. Kleeblatt Origami Faltanleitung [HD]
    Duration: 5:31

    Description: Wenn du kein vier bl�ttriges Kleeblatt findest dann bastel dir eins und vielleicht hast du dann etwas mehr Gl�ck?! MEHR VRONI: Abonnieren! ?? Twitter!

    Keywords: Tutorial, Origami, Klee, Basteln, Crafts, Basteln mit Kindern, 2012, 2013, Fr�hling, vronismus, daocfreak, handmade, howto, Papier, Paper, Haushalt, Ostern, Faltanleitungen, free, edu, Eastern, gegen Langeweile, Dekorationen, Schule, craft instructions, creative art, gift ideas, decorations, household, school, DIY, remesln� n�vod, tvurc� pr�ce, Tipy na d�rky, dekorace, dom�cnost, ?kola
    Average rating: 5.0

  9. Klee - F�r immer
    Duration: 5:47

    Description: Jetzt wo du mein Gesicht kennst Jetzt wo du meinen Namen nennst Jetzt wo ich deine Schw�che sehe Jetzt f�hl dich sicher in meiner N�he Was auch passiert Ich bin ein Teil von dir Heute und hier Vielleicht auch noch l�nger Vielleicht auch f�r immer Jetzt kennst du meine Schw�chen auch Jetzt bin ich da wenn du mich brauchst Was auch passiert Ich bin ein Teil von dir Heute und hier Vielleicht auch noch l�nger Vielleicht auch f�r immer Ich bin ein Teil von dir Heute und hier Vielleicht auch noch l�nger Vielleicht auch f�r immer Was auch passiert Ich bin ein Teil von dir Heute und hier Vielleicht auch noch l�nger Vielleicht auch f�r immer Vielleicht auch f�r immer Vielleicht auch f�r immer Ja vielleicht auch f�r immer

    Keywords: Klee, f�r, immer, zwischen, himmel, und, erde
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Software Klee Step Sequencer v2 - Scale & Chord Demo
    Duration: 1:23

    Description: Demonstration of the Scale and Chord features in version 2 of the Software Klee Step Sequencer. Demo uses 2 hosted VST plugins, also a version 2 feature.

    Keywords: step sequencer, Klee sequencer, VST plugin, Defective Records
    Average rating: 1.0

  11. Fuyu no Uta- Kiroro Happy Holidays!!!! ^_^
    Duration: 1:17

    Description: Hey guys! Just wanting to wish friends and family a happy holiday. Hopefully this will put a smile on your face and warm your hearts. =p It's not my usual tutorial, but the song is by Kiroro-fuyu no uta or also known as winter song. Take care!! =D

    Keywords: kiroro, fuyu, no, uta, winter, song, Rei, Fujimoto, Milleu, Monster, alaskan, klee, kai, piano
    Average rating: 4.8

  12. Rubik's Cube Mosaic Generator
    Duration: 3:21

    Description: In this video I show my Rubik's Cube Mosaic Generator. Check out Pixel Pete's Website: Sam Klee's Video of Pixel Pete's Mosaic: Sam Klee of UThinkMedia on twitter: Sam Klee's Website:

    Keywords: Rubik's Cube, Mosaic, Generator, redkb, art, prize, pixelpete
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. Designer Nails
    Duration: 8:00

    Description: Used Nfu.Oh and ONS acrylics

    Keywords: Nails, art
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Viv Simmonds French with a Twist
    Duration: 8:52

    Description: French with a Twist by Viv Simmonds. Learn how to create a longer nail bed using Nfu.Oh Cover Glitter and French White Powder, finished off with some pretty flowers in French White.

    Keywords: Viv, Simmonds, French, with, Twist, 0001
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. Trailer
    Duration: 7:14

    Description: Trailer zur Unterrichtseinheit "Klee hat mich!", ein Unterrichtsprojekt f�r die Oberstufe der Volksschule (7.-9. Schuljahr). Darin geht es um eine Einf�hrung in Photoshop Elements und die Thematisierung von Paul Klee im Fach Gestalten bildnerisch. Alle Aufgaben basieren auf Bildern von Paul Klee.

    Keywords: Paul, Klee, Photoshop, Elements, J�rg, Moor, Einf�hrung, Trailer, Tutorial

  16. Sela Cajon - Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 Jam Session
    Duration: 1:52

    Description: Luke, Christian and Martin jamming at the booth of Sela Cajon at Frankfurt Music Fair.

    Keywords: Sela Cajon, Sela Snare Cajon Bausatz, Martin Klee, Drum Luke, Sound demo Snare Cajon, tutorial, Drum Training Groove

  17. Amore Ultima Gel Backfill/Rebalance
    Duration: 2:24

    Description: We are pleased to present you with this video series so that together, we can achieve the incredible results that your customers have come to expect. "The Full Set" features 4 complete procedures, and the "Gel Back Fill/Re-Balance" features 3 complete procedures. For more information about Amore, Amore products or training...visit our website at

    Keywords: amore, ultima, gel, backfill, video
    Average rating: 4.1

  18. Friday Favorites: Alternative Makeup Remover and Outtakes
    Duration: 9:21

    Description: BLOG: instead of INSTAGRAM: xxkleexx TWITTER: sweetnsourbean This is my vlog post for Friday Favorites. This is the 4th video I ever made and 2nd one I ever edited on my own with Windows Live Movie Maker. So be kind, rewind. HEE. Please subscribe and share!! Until Next time! xx, klee

    Keywords: asian, newbie, youtuber, Makeup, Tutorial, Funny, Eye, Beauty, Eyes, Look, Cosmetics, Review, Inspired, Vlog, makeover, Night, Friday
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. What is True Beauty?
    Duration: 2:01

    Description: Everyone is beautiful, i have never seen a smile that wasn't PERFECT (: .

    Keywords: true, beauty, love, Justin Bieber, Makeup, Cosmetics, Tutorial, New, Look, Haul, Eye, Request, Eyes, Friendship, Review, Dedicated, Foundation, Lyrics, Best, Singing, Mascara, Pink, Song, Full, funny, Screen, Shadow, music, Palette, Time, Inspired, Purple, Collection, Makeup Tutorial, Blush, Lips, Urban, Decay, Fashion, Brush, Hair, Products, Face, Coastal, Everyday, Color, Brown, Tips, Natural, Liner, Mineral, Style, Tutorials, Lush, Powder, Artist, Neutral, Glitter, Guru, Apply, Lash, Howto, Routine, Avon, Green, Using, Covergirl, Colors, Smokey Eye
    Average rating: 5.0

  20. How I Do My Makeup.
    Duration: 10:46

    Description: My regular makeup routine. Nothing too flashy.

    Keywords: cosmotology, klee, apple, makeup, tips, redhead, red, hair, tutorial, beauty, look, cosmetics, eyes, foundation, pink, mascara
    Average rating: 5.0

  21. ???????????? EDGE
    Duration: 1:00

    Description: ???????????? EDGE. ????? ????????? ?????????. ????????????? ? ?????? ?????? ????? EDGE. ???????????? ??????????? ??? ????????????? ??????? ??????.

    Keywords: ????????????, EDGE, ????????????? ??????, Nail, nails, nailart
    Average rating: 4.7

  22. Pottcast Nr.5 (Team Blender feat. Pele)
    Duration: 8:49

    Description: Diesmal zu Gast: Pele (Klee/Astra Kid) der die Jungs von Team Blender im Pottstars Duell an Ihre Grenzen f�hrt..

    Keywords: Team, Blender, Musik, Pele, Astra, Kid, Klee
    Average rating: 3.8

  23. EDGE Nails
    Duration: 1:00

    Description: ????????? ????. ????? ????????? ?????????. ????????????? ? ?????? ?????? ????? EDGE. ?????????????? ??????? ?????? ????????? ???????. ??????????? ??????.

    Keywords: EDGE, ????????????? ??????, Nail, nails, nailart
    Average rating: 4.5

  24. gel EDGE 3d sculpting annette nails
    Duration: 9:32

    Description: unghii edge din gel, dantelate, sculptura acril 3 d, detalii pictate

    Keywords: unghii edge, constructie edge, tutorial ege nails, step by step edge nails, acril 3d flower, sculpting 3d acril, nail art acril
    Average rating: 4.8

  25. [Preview]Im still allive, Lappy died, will be active posting vids soon[Prev[]
    Duration: 54

    Description: Hey guys, im back on my ownage acc, got 45 def, rapin it up hard :) Just got 91 herb, cost me 180m, and 95 pray, another 180m, so im kinda poor making money and working for my BIGASSPRO VID :) [I DID NOT EDIT THIS, MY FRIEND DID - I DONT GOT ANY EDIT PROGRAMM ATM - ] [I DID NOT EDIT THIS, MY FRIEND DID - I DONT GOT ANY EDIT PROGRAMM ATM - ] [I DID NOT EDIT THIS, MY FRIEND DID - I DONT GOT ANY EDIT PROGRAMM ATM - ]

    Keywords: Bigfatjuicytit, klee, im, hary, ags, pro, turmoil, overloads, zerker, dds, ownage, k0, wtf, lol, wut, ca, paco, pk, plz, warfare, automobiles, glitch, cheats, high speed, tutorial, sneak peek, montage, cybersecurity, computer hacks, hacks, gaming, howto, graphics software, video game, hacking, music charts, software
    Average rating: 4.7

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