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  1. Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 1. Slip Knot
    Duration: 3:33

    Description: I wish I can take credit for these series of videos, But I cannot. Not sure if there are any copyright issues, but if there are please let me know. I actually found this DVD at my local library, and found it to be very helpful. There are a lot of resources out there if you're really interested in knitting. Please enjoy! Slip knot is what you need to first do before you can start knitting. After you have your slip knot you will want to 'cast on' by doing a 'slingshot cast on'. Now youre ready to knit! Enjoy the rest of the videos, and leave a comment if you like.

    Keywords: slip, knot, slingshot, cast, on, knitting, tutorial, beginners
    Average rating: 4.8

  2. Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 2. Knit Stitch, Bind Off in Knit Stitch
    Duration: 10:43

    Description: After 'casting on' your yarn. This next video will teach you your first stich. Its called the 'knit stitch'. There are two basic styles of knitting: the continental, and the English method. Its really a matter of preference. Most lefys like to use continental, and rightys English. This video will show you the English method. You will also learn how to 'bind off'. Binding off is a way to end your knitting so that it doesnt unravel all your work like you see in the cartoons. Because you began with Knit stitch you want to bind of in knit stitch also, unless your pattern calls for it otherwise. **Note: When you start the bind off, you must knit 2 times, then you go back and bind off. Then the next time you only knit once, then bind off. You'll understand when you watch the video.

    Keywords: knitting, beginners, tutorial, learn, how, to, stitching, knit, stitch, English, method, bind, off
    Average rating: 4.8

  3. How to Knit - The Basics
    Duration: 6:04

    Description: This video will show you the basics of knitting. Follow along and see how easy it is to actually do! Anyone can learn to knit and it's a great craft to know if you want to give handmade gifts! A simple large knitted rectangle is essentially an afghan. So this simple stitch can go pretty far and will keep you warm for years to come! If you do not know how to make a Slip Knot, we have a separate video for that here: With this video you will learn how to Cast On, knit rows, and Bind off to complete a simple project. To view the article "How to Knit - The Basics" click here: FAQs Answered: - This is the English style of knitting. Yes there are other methods of knitting out there. - The Cast On used here is the Long Tail Cast On. Yes there are other ways to cast on, and yes some are better than others for certain projects. For example, a knitted cast on is better if you need a stretchy edge. Here is an example of a Knitted Cast On: - We have a separate video on how to make a slip knot, if you need further help with that: - The Left Handed version of this video is here: - If your stitches are tight, it might be a problem with tension (pulling the yarn too tight.) Knitting does take some practice - try loosening the yarn a little when you make your stitches and see if that helps. - You can use this technique on circular needles. - If you're a guy, just know that you are not the only one learning to knit! We get a LOT of ...

    Keywords: how, to, knit, purl, learn, instruction, knitting, knits
    Average rating: 4.6

  4. Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 4. Purl Stitch
    Duration: 7:14

    Description: Purl stitch is the exact opposite of knit stitch.

    Keywords: knitting, tutorial, beginners, purl, stitch
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. LACE SCARF KNITTING TUTORIAL. Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern By
    Duration: 7:34

    Description: A beautiful simple lace stitch worked over 7 stitches and 2 rows. It translates into any yarn thickness. The finer the yarn, the more of a vintage feel it takes on. Love this stitch. Make sure you concentrate on this one! It is easy to make a mistake and be fooled by the fact the repeat is only 2 rows long. Complimentary written instructions are available from Find it under the Stitch Gallery/Free Pattern section of my web site.

    Keywords: Lace, scarf, simple, free, knitting, pattern, vintage, feel, hand, tutorial, yarn, over, purl, knit, stitches, Home Made, Craft
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. How-To Knit, Threadbanger
    Duration: 6:12

    Description: This week...Come Hang out and learn a thing or two as we answer a viewers question on knitting ,and show you how to make a cool new scarf for the fall. Plus, a review of Sabrina Gschwandtner's new book Knit Knit, a review of this weeks fashion headlines, and a look at whats new on the forums. To knit or knot to knit...that is the question. Links in this episode: Book: Knit Knit by Sabrina Gschwandtner Cat Mazza and Knit Pro 2.0 Knitta Threadless Engadget Design Fashion Online Music Video: Am Syndicate "To the Peasants of the Emperor" Eric Power, music vid director

    Keywords: scarves, scarf, knit, learn, threadless, engadget, crochet, sew, knitting, knitter, earthday, earth day, nextnewnetworks, threadbanger
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. Pom Pom wool knitting tutorial.MTS
    Duration: 8:49

    Description: A demonstration of how to cast on and knit with pompom wool.

    Keywords: knitting, tutorialhow, to, knit, pompom, pom, wool, scarf, casting, on, instructions, crafts, educational, pompon, pon
    Average rating: 4.7

  8. Learn to Speed Knit!
    Duration: 1:41

    Description: Learn how to increase your knitting speed with Miriam Tegels, the World's Fastest Knitter!

    Keywords: knit, knitters, speed, lesson, tutorial, knitpicks, picks, knitting, miriam, tegels, guiness, record, yarn, fast, world, harmony, nickel, plated, zephyr, needles, pix, piks, learn, instructions, howto, how, to, circular, interchangeables, options, wool
    Average rating: 4.6

  9. Knitting Tutorial for Beginners-3. Weaving the Ends
    Duration: 3:24

    Description: After knit stitiching, and binding off. You will notice there are little ends leftover. Cutting it will just cause little fringes sticking out. So instead you weave the ends with a yarn needle to conceal it.

    Keywords: Weaving, ends, yarn, needle, conceal
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Best Loom Knitting Tutorial - Solid Stripes for Scarves & Afghans
    Duration: 28:58

    Description: This tutorial shows how to make solid stripes using mutiple strings at the same time. It is simple, but slower process. Produces incredible results

    Keywords: loom, knitting, knit, looming, solid, stripes, scarves, afghans, afghan, multiple, yarn, strings, simple, best, Knifty, Knitter
    Average rating: 4.4

  11. Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 10. Dropping Stitch
    Duration: 3:57

    Description: This tutorial helps when your stitch slips off of your needle. Dont worry, you dont have to undo all of your work because you screwed up. One useful thing to have is a crochet hook. It'll be a helpful tool.

    Keywords: Dropping, Stitch, troubleshooting, crochet, hook, knitting, tutorial, beginner
    Average rating: 5.0

  12. Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 6. Joining Squares
    Duration: 6:16

    Description: In this video you will learn how to use a couple of different methods to join two pieces of squares, swatches, or anything you knit that you want to come together to form a finish piece. Its usually used when you want to make a seam to join the front and back of a sweater, or panels of a hat. This video will first show you how to 'weaving method'. This is my favorite because it is almost invisible, and it makes a strong seam. Second method is the 'running stitch'. This is an easy way to bind your two pieces together. With this method you have an option of either showing the stitch for a fun color contrast, or flipping it inside out to see a seamless seam. Third method is the 'whipstich'. Its similar to weaving, but instead you whip back around to stitch. So instead of sewing front to back then back to front, you would sew back to front whip back and sew again back to front. Itll make more sense when you watch the video. This seam gives you sort of a bounded end. Fourth is a modern edgy look using safety pins. Definetly not grandmas style.

    Keywords: knit, beginners, tutorial, joining, squares, weaving, method, seam, running, stitch, bind, seamless, whipstitch, whip
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. watch knitting - online knitting tutorials for beginners - part 1 - how to cast on
    Duration: 2:36

    Description: watch slow version and high quality videos to learn how to cast on knitting. Find videos related to basic stitches , Increasing and Decreasing , simple patterns and more and more videos for intermediate and advanced learners at: BACKGROUNDMUSIC IS FROM:

    Keywords: How, to, cast, on, knitting, tutorial, for, beginners, videos, +Watch, online, free, patterns+learn, knitting+?????, ?????????, +?????, ?????+�rg�, modelleri, +�rg�, videolar?, nas?l, yap?l?r, �rnekleri, teknikleri, +ipli?e, ilmik, atmak
    Average rating: 4.6

  14. Knitting tutorial for Beginners- 7. Stockinette Stitch
    Duration: 4:53

    Description: Stockinette stitch is likely the most popular stitch. Its known for its familiar repeating vvvvvv v's. This happens when you alternate you rows with 'knit' and 'purl' and repeat. The character of this stitch is that it sort of wants to curl into itself.

    Keywords: Stockinette, stitch, knit, purl, tutorial, beginners.
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Rare Rowan Yarns Tutorial #1: Intarsia Knitting by Rowanknitter
    Duration: 4:12

    Description: In this video, Damon Beyer shows some quick tips and tricks to Intarsia knitting.

    Keywords: rare rowan yarns, tutorial, intarsia, knitting, rowanknitter, patrick george
    Average rating: 4.8

  16. Spinrite / Bernat / Patons Loom Knitting Tutorial
    Duration: 6:01

    Description: Mikey is appearing January 15, 2011 between 10am - 3pm. Live workshops exclusively with Mikey. We will be a Spinrite Factory Outlet, makers of Bernat and Patons Yarns. This is Mikey's Video Presentation to Teach.

    Keywords: Bernat, Patons, Loom, Knitting, Knifty, Knitter, Provocraft, Kidd, Company, Hand, Craft, Crochet, Crowd, Michael, Sellick
    Average rating: 4.9

  17. Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 5.Joining Yarn
    Duration: 1:43

    Description: Joining yarn is used when you have knitted some rows, and either have started to run out of yarn or you want to change the color. This will video will teach you how to pick up yarn from another ball to continue your pattern.

    Keywords: joining, yarn, pick, up, change, color, run, out
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Knitting Tutorial: Spider-Man/Venom Scarf - Intro (1/5)
    Duration: 4:23

    Description: Intro to the Spider-Man/Venom scarf. The chart is ready to share! Just message me with your email address and I'll send you the .pdf for FREE. LINKS! Inspiration: Also check out her YouTube channel: And buy her stuff on Etsy: Girl's got mad skills! iknitwithcatfur, basic concept of double-knitting: LiatMGat, double-knitting tutorial: fallingblox, double-knitting tutorial: ackwood, continental knitting demo: tjw1963, how to add fringe:

    Keywords: how, to, tutorial, double, knit, knitting, double-knit, double-knitting, scarf, spiderman, spider-man, spider, man, venom, two, sided, two-sided, reversible, three, colors, colours, more, than, carry, carrying, third
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. Twisted Stitch Knitting Tutorial with Eunny Jang, from Knitting Daily TV Episode 607
    Duration: 5:53

    Description: Purchase Knitting Daily TV Series 600 on DVD: Host of Knitting Daily TV Eunny Jang demonstrates twisted stitch knitting on episode 607's Getting Started segment. Twisted knitting originated in Austria and creates a high relief, almost carved texture to knitwear. Really, twisted stitch knitting is similar to having one-stitch cables, except you work into the back of every stitch. Eunny demonstrates crossing your stitches while you're knitting, and crossing them before you knit them; just two ways to twist your stitches

    Keywords: Knitting Daily TV, KDTV, Series 600, Episode 607, getting started knitting, how to knit, knitting twisted stitches, knit twisted stitches, Eunny Jang, learn to knit
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. Episode 1: Wrap & Turn Knitting Tutorial - Short-row Knitting Tutorial
    Duration: 4:13

    Description: This is a tutorial to show you how to wrap and turn in short-row knitting. The video is divided into the following sections: 1) Intro 2) Wrap and turn on the RS 3) Wrap and turn on the WS 4) Picking up the wrap on the RS (using R or L needles) 5) Picking up the wrap on the WS (using R or L needles)

    Keywords: knitting, tutorial, wrap, and, turn, short, row
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. How To Cast on
    Duration: 2:11

    Description: Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Chez_Kimberly and more videos in the Knitting category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Casting on?as opposed to casting away?has nothing to do with desert islands or little buddies named Gilligan. It's the second step in every knitting project?and you don't have to be a Professor to know how to do it. To complete this How-To you will need: A knitting needle with a slipknot of yarn attached Step 1: Hold needle & yarn Hold the needle in your left hand at the point where the knot sits on the needle. Hold the tail end of the yarn under your finger to keep it out of the way. Tip: As a beginner, use thicker needles?they're easier to maneuver. Step 2: Make "gun" Make a "gun" of your right hand and grip the attached end of the yarn under your 3 bent fingers. Your left hand and needle should be held above the gun. Step 3: Point "gun" Point your "gun" straight up so your right hand is now making a "number one" with your thumb pointed out to the side, while also dropping your left hand down to the side with the needle pointing up.� The yarn should now be wrapped behind your right forefinger. Step 4: Cross hands Cross your left hand, with the needle still pointing up, across your right hand so that the yarn is now looped around ...

    Keywords: cast, diy, do, essential, how-to, howcast, instructional, it, knit, knitting, learn, skills, stitch, tie, tips, to, tutorial, yourself
    Average rating: 4.8

  22. Knitting tutorial for Hanging Cocoon Newborn Photo Prop
    Duration: 3:16

    Description: This is a demonstration of how to knit the joining row on the pattern which is available at

    Keywords: Knitting, cocoon, newborn photo prop
    Average rating: 4.3

  23. Cross Stitch Scarf: Knitting Tutorial
    Duration: 7:13

    Description: From 101 Designer One Skein Wonders, this is the Cross Stitch Scarf pattern designed by Margaret Halas. This is a tutorial on how to create this beautiful pattern.

    Keywords: Cross Stitch Scarf, knit scarf, Halas, One skein Wonders, Casting on, knitting, tutorial
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. How to SSK (slip slip knit) - Quick Knitting Tutorial
    Duration: 1:24

    Description: Learn how to Slip, slip, Knit (SSK). This is used to created a left leaning decrease. lets knit knittv tv

    Keywords: ssk, how, to, howto, learn, lets, slip, knit, knittv, tv, quick, knitting, tutorial, help, guide
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. How to Finger Knit (Finger Knitting Tutorial)
    Duration: 6:57

    Description: Finger knitting is so easy: you don't need any tools at all. Make scarves, belts, gifts, gift ribbon, christmas decorations. It's also great for keeping children occupied when they're bored. Take care :)

    Keywords: finger, knit, crochet, wool, yarn, how, to, easy, fun, belt, scarf, children, ribbon, gift, christmas, decorations, crafts, video game, magic tricks, arts, instruction, tutorial, how-to, making, howto
    Average rating: 4.9

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