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  1. PowerPoint Jpeg [TUTORIAL]
    Duration: 1:26

    Description: This is a tutorial on how to save you powerpoint slides

    Keywords: Tutorial, JPEG, Microsoft powerpoint

  2. Photography Tutorials/Lessons Episode 2 Part 1: RAW Vs JPEG ,t3i/600d,t2i/550d,t1i/500d,d7000,d90
    Duration: 6:58

    Description: JOIN ME FOR A PHOTO WALK ON SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012 @3PM. I will be there to provide you live tips and answers to your photography questions. We will meet at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Please follow this link to sign up -- Hope to see you all there! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MY MONTHLY NEWS LETTER: Part1: Today's video tutorial we'll talk about the different file shooting formats available on your DSLR -- RAW and Jpeg.

    Keywords: Photography, tutorials, episode, raw, vs, jpeg, which, one, is, better, modes, nikon, canon, eos, dslr, digital, 7d, rebel, 500d, 550d, 600d, t3, t1i, t2i, 60d, t3i, 5d, mark ii, mkii, mkiii, mark iii, tutorial, pictures, photos, lessons, learn, teach, sensor, camera, iso, manual, mode, aperture, priority, shutter, program, how to, basic, composition, episodes, lighting, strobist, flash, speedlites, L series, fstop, courses, tips & tricks, howcast, workshop, photography 101, lens, photographersonutube, gavin, hoey, sony, a77, a65, 5dmkiii
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. Photography Tutorials/Lessons Episode 2 Part 2: RAW Vs JPEG
    Duration: 7:23

    Description: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MY MONTHLY NEWS LETTER: Today's video tutorial we'll talk about the different file shooting formats available on your DSLR -- RAW and Jpeg. More great resources: Photography Tutorial 1 (Fundamentals) A brief rambling explaining the three fundamentals of photography. APERTURE, SHUTTER SPEED and ISO or FILM SPEED. This is the first of a planned by Bokeh Photography Tutorial. This photography bokeh tutorial will show you how to take a picture with a defocused background using a DSLR camera and shallow by http Photography Tutorial Nikon D3100 In this 5 Min Portrait video I use the most basic of camera equipment. I use the Nikon D3100 with the 18-55 VR Kit Lens. If you by hdr photography tutorial photoshop cs5 HDR Photo and Editied It With Adobe Photoshop by 6 days ago Photoshop Photography Tutorial: Removing Objects From background In this vid I show how i remove lights from a seamless background. by Photography Tutorial - Basics of Composition To me composition should be one of the main focuses when you are just starting out with photography. Looking back when I first by Night Photography Tutorial This video is a tutorial showing you how to gather the knowledge how to create great night photographs. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you own one or more of ... by Seeing the Light - Photography Tutorial ...

    Keywords: Photography, tutorials, episode, raw, vs, jpeg, which, one, is, better, part, modes, nikon, canon, eos, dslr, digital, 7d, rebel, 500d, 550d, 600d, t3, t1i, t2i, 60d, t3i, 5d, mark ii, mkii, mkiii, mark iii, tutorial, pictures, photos, lessons, learn, teach, sensor, camera, iso, manual, mode, aperture, priority, shutter, program, how to, basic, composition, episodes, lighting, strobist, flash, speedlites, L series, final cut pro, zoom, h1, fstop, courses, tips & tricks, howcast, 720p, 1080p, workshop, photography 101, free, lens, need
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Cinema 4D Rendering Tutorial
    Duration: 8:42

    Description: Showing how to render into a movie or a still image + my settings Go check out ClimaxCinema : My friends channel and im a moderator. I will be uploading there. And i made their background ;D

    Keywords: how, to, render, cinema, 4d, settings, JPEG, tutorial, rendering, as, picture, camera, animation, keyframing, thrausi, xbreaker, xplode, weapon, rifle shooting
    Average rating: 5.0

  5. Why can't I save my file as a JPG - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial [60 Seconds]
    Duration: 57

    Description: A quick 60 second tutorial giving a solution to the problem of not being able to save a file in the JPG format. The problem was using the wrong color space and working with a 16bit image. Check out more tutorials on Want to know how to do something in Photoshop? Request a tutorial in the comments or post here http

    Keywords: save, as;, jpg;, how, to;, can't;, help;, beginner;, adobe;, photoshop;, cs4;, tutorial;, color;, mode;, covert;, profile;, 16bit;, 8bit;
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Inkscape Jpeg to SVG tutorial
    Duration: 6:50

    Description: How to turn any jpeg into an SVG using inkscape

    Keywords: Sure Cuts a Lot, Inkscape, Tutorial, SVG
    Average rating: 4.8

  7. RAW vs JPEG - Setting White Balance with Lightroom or Photoshop
    Duration: 5:30

    Description: In this tutorial, AJ demonstrates the advantages of RAW vs JPEG files when adjusting white balance via Lightroom or Photoshop. Share this video, Tweet to your friends: Get the iPhone app: Follow me on Twitter: Facebook likes me: Adobe Training by

    Keywords: lightroom, photoshop, adobe, cs4, cs5, ajwood, AJ Wood, howto, how-to, instructional, tutorial, white-balance, white balance, RAW, JPEG, raw vs jpeg, educational, photography
    Average rating: 5.0

  8. create pdf pageflip tutorial CS4
    Duration: 10:49

    Description: Quick way to produce pageflip using CS4 and jpeg images. Uses for internet and e-mail distribution (pdf) Requires:- InDesign CS4 & Acrobat 9.# minimum. *It may ask viewers to download newest version of adobe reader to view in pdf format.

    Keywords: page-flip, pageflip, CS4, adobe, jpeg, pdf, tutorial, distributable, create
    Average rating: 4.9

  9. Maya Live Motion Tracking Tutorial
    Duration: 8:07

    Description: READ THIS IS YOU HAVE PROBLEMS LOADING VIDEO FILES INTO MAYA: You have to load it in as an image sequence. To create an image sequence, you need to open your video file with After Effects (or quicktime pro, or final cut/premiere) and export the video as an image (png, jpeg, whatever). IMPORTANT: the name structure of the image sequence needs to be like: VideoName.0001.jpg So you name the sequence whatever you want, then you have a dot(.) then you have the number which sorts the frames (so a 4 second long PAL video would be labeled 0001 to 0100, because there would be 100 images), then you have the file extension like jpg or png etc. This is my tutorial for the Advanced 3D class in my BA(Animation and Interactive Media) course.

    Keywords: Maya, Live, Motion, Tracking, Match, moving, compositing
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. Photoshop Tutorial: How to batch resize / save as jpg [In-Depth] Beginner
    Duration: 2:56

    Description: A beginner tutorial showing you how to resize and resave a batch of images using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge More Tutorials:

    Keywords: cs4, cs5, tutorial, howto, photoshop, resize, resave, jpg, tif, psd, convert, size, scale, beginner
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. Free YouTube Backgrounds - MW3 New YouTube Background || Pro || Free (JPEG+PSD)
    Duration: 52

    Description: Another Background for you guys! Thx for 6200+ subscribtions! Don't forget to like the video! Another Background will be availble at 6300 subscribers or at 100 likes on this video! Don't forget to share! Thx alot! Download Link: Please if you use this background put me in your box! Thanks alot! Also DO NOT upload this video on other places! You can use embed code! ?????????????????????????? Site: Partener: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe to the Channel: Mail us: Other channel: Disclaimer: ?All music included in the video is used with the written aproval of the legal owner or representative?

    Keywords: youtube, new, background, psd, photoshop, file, Adobe Photoshop, JPEG, Tutorial, modern, warfare, cod4, call, of, duty, 2012, Call Of Duty, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Mw2, Cod, Call Duty, wallpaper, proffesional, stratzeh, mdc, photoshoptutsro, free, download, graphics, pack, romania, best, awesome, cosmiuc, panda, march, 7th
    Average rating: 4.8

  12. HTML Tutorial 3 - Adding Images & Backgrounds To Your HTML Website
    Duration: 3:48

    Description: In this HTML website design tutorial I will teach you how to add images to your website/html document and how to add an image to the background. Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.

    Keywords: website, html, design, develop, howto, make, tutorial, tut, lesson, background, image, images, adding, add, photos, png, jpg, gif, jpeg, hd, high, definition, quality, hq
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. Abenteuer Fotografie -- Tutorial: Kontrastumfang und RAW vs JPG
    Duration: 8:40

    Description: CameraRaw das Profiformat? Oder JPG? Mittagssonne und dunkle Schatten, ein maximaler Kontrastumfang um beide Formate unter Extrembedingungen zu Testen. Eine neue Episode von Abenteuer Fotografie zum Thema Kontrastumfang und den Kamera Formaten RAW und JPG. Unter Zuhilfenahme von dem Programm Adobes Camera Raw lassen sich erstaunlich gute Ergebnisse erzielen. Lassen sie sich �berraschen. Gute Erkenntnisse und viel Spa� w�nscht Ihnen Ronald Biallas

    Keywords: Fotostudio K�ln, Werbefotografie, Fotostudio, Biallas, Photoshop, Abenteuer Fotografie, Photografie, Fotograf Ronald Biallas, Workshop Foto, Fotografie Workshop, Fotografien optimieren,
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. How to Convert JPEG images to Vector Based Artwork
    Duration: 9:16

    Description: How to Convert JPEG images to Vector Based Artwork - In this tutorial i show you how to convert JPEG images to vector based artwork in 2 fairly simple steps, Very useful and can save a lot of time for designers like myself when trying trace a pixelated JPEG Logo, saves a lot of time and worth testing out. thanks for watching hope this helps you and if so please subscribe and comment helps me a lot , THANKS =)

    Keywords: How, to, Convert, JPEG, images, Vector, Based, Artwork, Shapes, illustrator, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  15. Photography Tips RAW vs. JPEG ( Part 1 )
    Duration: 7:13

    Description: Hello Yalls, This is a long winded explanation of the differences between RAW and JPEG files. Presented by this episode describes the pros and cons of these two fierce enemies =o) or file formats. What is best for you, watch and discover the secrets to eternal happiness. Enjoy

    Keywords: Photography, tutorials, tutorial, tips, tricks, raw, jpeg, pictures, cameras, photographer
    Average rating: 5.0

  16. Digital Photography - Sharpening Tutorial
    Duration: 9:01

    Description: Greg is back with another Lightroom video. This weeks topic is the basics of sharpening. Every image needs to be sharpened before you print or publish it online. The only people who wont be doing sharpening are the jpeg shooters because they are setting it before hand int he camera which is not recommended!!! Greg goes over the basics of how each slider works in Lightroom some tips for better understanding what each one is doing to your image. Sharpening can make or break your image, to much can make it look terrible to little can make it look unprofessional. You have to find that balance that works for your and your subject. Objects are easier to work on compared to people. Getting the skin to not look over sharp and the eyes and lashes right on takes so work. There is not one general setting you can apply that will work for every single image. Sure images that were taken in the studio that are similar may be able to use the same sharpening but many things can effect the sharpening. Something Greg did not go over in this video is the export sharpening settings. Those are used for sharpening at export. When exporting you will apply just a little more sharpening. The difference is that in the Develop module you are capture sharpening, in other words improving the original file and perfecting it. When sharpening on export you are sharpening depending on the final file size. This makes a difference -- that's why there are multiple settings in LR for ...

    Keywords: sharpening, digital photography, post processing, lightroom, adobe, raw, jpeg, nikon, canon, tutorial, aperture
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. PHP Tutorials: Creating Images with PHP
    Duration: 9:54

    Description: The fundamentals of creating an image in PHP using GD Library support. This tutorial shows you how to create a simple image with welcome text and a name to follow. For example, 'Welcome to phpacademy, Alex' Official website Support Forum http Follow us on Twitter!

    Keywords: php, tutorial, tutorials, help, me, learn, learning, lesson, lessons, teach, teaching, video, videos, image, gd, library, support, jpeg, jpg, bmp, bitmap, picture, create, creating
    Average rating: 4.8

  18. Windows - Howto Hide Files inside JPGs -tweak hack xp vista
    Duration: 4:24

    Description: to request tutorials Learn to hide any file(s) inside a regular jpg image. Simple quick trick. Free Compression software I used This works by copying the compressed file in binary mode onto the end of the jpeg images. When the picture is opened, the jpg header says the length of the data and ignores everything below (the hidden zip file). When the compression software like 7-zip opens the picture it looks for compatible compression headers and starts reading the file where-ever those begin. %%howto

    Keywords: privacy, hide, files, folders, encrypt, encryption, private, videos, home, movies, documents, games, mpg, avi, layer, III, final, fantasy
    Average rating: 4.8

  19. Easy Teeth Whitening Tutorial with Gimp
    Duration: 3:24

    Description: An easy tutorial on making teeth in your images and photos whiter. Brighten your pictures up in just a few simple steps. Download Gimp for MSWindows here: Lighting can make teeth appear more yellow than they actually are. More great tutorials at:

    Keywords: brighter, howto, editing, jpg, jpeg, fun, paint, psp, paintshop, photoshop, pro, beginner, bitmap, raster, images, pictures, photos, photographs, colors, colours, colored, correction, png, bmp, lighten, retouching, teeth, whitening, brighten, adobe, penguin, tutorials, vids, linux, mac, windows, vista, xp
    Average rating: 4.7

  20. How to do HDR Photography- create hdr from single raw or jpeg photo
    Duration: 5:22

    Description: HDR tutorial from single RAW or JPEG photo --required equipments -single RAW or JPEG photo -photoshop cs3 or higher -photomatix pro --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --if you don't have photomatix you can download it from here and here is the the serial 445x-6694-7r9q-kk9c-57yg thats means it's free :P ------------------------------------------------------------------ my deviantart account you can find wallpapers and ps actions enjoy shareef~�

    Keywords: hdr, high, dynamic, range, tutorial, photomatix, photoshop, cs5, cs4, cs3, tutorials, edit, step, by, explaining, definition, details, shadow, photos, raw, jpeg, camera, colors, video, iso, shutter, speed, dof, exposures, photo, photography, reduce, noise, software, easy, effect, settings, canon, nikon, shots, extreme, design, art, tips, tricks, technique, before, and, after, cars, buildings, people, city, car, landscape, street, night, best, amazing, stunning, shareef, saadi, Making, pictures, in, pro
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Final Cut Pro X Basics Tutorial Pt. 12 - Creating Stills / Freeze Frames
    Duration: 4:44

    Description: FCPX Basic Trainign Series Part 12. - Please DONATE: - In this HD Voice Tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro 10 we learn how to export / share stills / single images to be used in photoshop or wherever. We also look out how to create a freeze frame or still image our of a piece of video inside the time line using the time remapping tool. We also consider how to import a still into the timeline such as a jpeg. Dan Allen

    Keywords: final, cut, pro, tutorial, danonabouncycastle, dan, allen, apple
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Illustrator CS5 Tutorial Pt 2
    Duration: 9:12

    Description: Here I continue my Illustrator CS5 Tutorial. I show you how to convert an image into vector art / eps. I also show you how to use many other tools in Illustrator CS5

    Keywords: Illustrator CS5, Illustrator CS5 tutorial, Illustrator CS5 new tools, convert jpeg to eps, change image to vector
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Quick HDR Landscape Tutorial
    Duration: 6:35

    Description: This is a quick and dirty method to capturing an image with more dynamic range. Simply take one photograph of the thing that is super bright (in this case, it was the sky with the sun behind the clouds), then take a second photograph of the thing that is super dark (in this case, it was the landscape foreground), then combine the two in Photoshop and BAM - You've got a photo that is improved significantly. It's recommended to use a tripod, Aperture Priority mode, manual focus, and Spot Metering. I shot these in JPEG format because I am lazy and forgot to use RAW. Using RAW would have been a good idea.

    Keywords: hdr, quick, easy, camera, photoshop, tutorial, video, high, dynamic, range, photo, photography, how, to
    Average rating: 4.9

  24. How to Make a Movie on Windows Movie Maker
    Duration: 5:59

    Description: this video will show you how to make a video step by step in the Windows Movie Maker software. HELP: To export a video to upload to Youtube, you need the right file type, you cannot upload a WMM file type, you need to export it. To do that, Open up the project file in Windows Movie Maker, then press Ctrl + P or go to File - Export Project... then save it to my? computer and then follow the steps. Then open up the file with the .wmv file type and it should play in VLC or be up-loadable to Youtube. Thanks. Also, some filetypes are not supported in WMM. The supported formats are found @ Video files: .asf, .avi, .wmv Movie files: MPEG1, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2 Audio files: .wav, .snd, .au, .aif, .aifc, .aiff Windows Media files: .asf, .wm, .wma, .wmv Still images: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif MP3 format audio: .mp3 If your file is not one of these supported types, try using a free converter either by download or software. Just search 'media converter' in Google.

    Keywords: how, to, howto, make, movie, on, windows, maker, computer, WMM, video, software, step, upload, media, tutorial, help
    Average rating: 4.7

  25. Paint tool SAI Tutorial (FAST and BASIC for beginners)
    Duration: 5:57

    Description: TURN ANNOTATIONS -ON- PLEASE! or you won't learn anything from some fast fowarded video. [=========Edit==========]- I'm getting a lot of question about smooth lines, i'm sorry i rushed through vectors, but i now realize theirs a lot of ppl on youtube that find those vectors useful when they don't own a tablet. to access those tools, create -New vector lineart layer. those tool are controled with points. pressure will also make ur lines go from thin to thick, you just need to have more than 1 point to make that work. Example: 100% 90% 0% (u can make hair doing that.) o---------o----------o to change the pressure, click the point/hold at the same time move in a direction u want the line to shape in. if ur happy with ur line art, u can then merge down your vector layer to a lineart layer. if u want, u can draw by hand on paper/ scan it/ upload it on sai/ on a new layer on top of scan make a vector layer and redraw / trace from your scan, and it will look smooth. ~good luck :) ------------------------------------------------------------------ This won't show u everthing, before u waster ur time, its only shows where most the tools are, how to not color out the lines, how to blend on top of layers, how to make ur lines with a tablet, and just how to shade in multiple layers. I don't have time to make full on tutorials, sorry. I make other videos too and I don't have much time to keep making a ton of these. Extra Useful Information/Short cuts: Ctrl Z: Undo Ctrl Y: Redo Ctrl X ...

    Keywords: tutorial, simple, paint, tool, sai
    Average rating: 4.8

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