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Video search results for IPHONE

  1. iphone tutorial pt1
    Duration: 2:05

    Description: from

    Keywords: iphone
    Average rating: 4.5

  2. iPhone tutorial from a two-year-old
    Duration: 4:41

    Description: Text messaging, watching video, looking at pictures, using YouTube, writing notes, or using the calendar feature...she covers it all.

    Keywords: iphone, tutorials, Paige, two-year-old, technology
    Average rating: 4.7

  3. iMovie iPhone TUTORIAL Complete (YouTube Uploading inc.)
    Duration: 9:39

    Description: takes you through a step by step tutorial of iMovie for the iPhone 4, including importing and cropping media, adding photos, text, music, themes, transitions, compressing and uploading to YouTube. A great app worth the $4.99. Be aware though that you cannot upload directly in HD from your iPhone 4! Apple has done a great job with HD recording and editing on the iPhone, so it's disappointing that the naive youtube uploader doesn't handle HD (no emailing or MMS of HD either!). To get around this you will need to copy the completed video to your computer and upload it from there. Don't forget to subscribe and rate this video. If there is an app (or whatever) which you would like us to do a review or tutorial on, then please send us a private message via youtube. And we can do it in English, Spanish and Japanese. (English) (Spanish) http (Japanese)

    Keywords: imovie, iphone, Tutorial, review, demo, youtube, upload, HD, Video, Editing, appgirltv, How, To, Add, Videos, Clips, Photos, Music, transitions, 3GS, 4th, generation, Camera, ipod, Touch, ios4
    Average rating: 4.9

  4. Put Ringtones on your iPhone (Tutorial / Vlog)..This will work on any iphone
    Duration: 6:09

    Description: This will work on any iphone VISIT MY NEW CHANNEL EMAIL LEARN HOW TO PUT RINGTONES ON YOUR IPHONE FOR FREE please Subscribe and thumbs up this video and head over to my channel Any Questions Message me on my channel or leave a comment Want to sponsor or collaborate??? message me :)

    Keywords: Put, ringtones, on, your, iphone, 2.0, and, 3G, using, itunes, 7.7.1, for, free, its, legal, ring, tone, tones, ringtone, custom, how, do, you, not, hacked, tutorial, cellphone, vlog
    Average rating: 4.7

  5. PSFreedom on iPod Touch iPhone Tutorial
    Duration: 14:10

    Description: Donate: Update 3: If you have iPhone first gen or iPhone 3G (not iPod Touch) you can use iphodroid. This eliminates the need for Ubuntu and the process is VERY quick. Tutorial Here: Update 2: I have a tutorial up on how to install backup manager here: For this you WILL need: Ipod Touch 1G, iPhone First Gen, or iPhone 3G on 3.1.2, 4.0.0, 4.0.1, or 4.0.2 firmware Jailbroken with BLACKRA1N or Redsn0w. Sorry no spirit. - Learn to Downgrade Here - - Once you downgrade you need to jailbreak again using blackra1n or Redsn0w - Download blackRa1n Here - - If you need 3.1.2 firmware for Ipod Touch First Gen Download here - - When you try to run blackra1n you may get an error about ASL.dll missing. If so you can fix that here - Vmware Player - Ubuntu 10.04 - Openiboot - PS3freedom IPT1G - Winscp - OpenSSH - Search OpenSSH in cydia on your ipod and install. Lets Get Started - Install Vmware Player and create a virtual machine with the Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop you downloaded. Or if you have Ubuntu installed on a computer, that also works. - Get OpenSSH installed on your ipod. - Start up VMware with Ubuntu - Download openiboot from the link above and put it on the desktop of Ubuntu - Open the rar file and extract the files. Drag the openiboot folder to your home folder in Ubuntu - In the home folder open openiboot folder and ...

    Keywords: psfreedom, psjailbreak, ps3, playstation, hack, hacks, psp, ipod, iphone, homebrew, backup, manager, back, up, bum, sxephil, exploits, exploit, geohot, openiboot, open, boot
    Average rating: 4.7

  6. Cocos2D iPhone Tutorials - 1 - Downloading the Cocos2D Framework
    Duration: 7:13

    Description: My forum Ask me all questions there as well as view source code for the tutorials!

    Keywords: cocos2d, coco, cocos, 2d, framework, iphone, how, to, make, games, cool, sweet, cocoa, cocoas
    Average rating: 4.7

  7. How to set up "find my iphone"+tutorial
    Duration: 4:38

    Description: IMPORTANT apple TV giveaway here: twitter: whyxxxonthefly channel:

    Keywords: apple, find my iphone, how to set up find my iphone, apple find my iphone, apple ipad, apple ipod touch 4g, ipod touch 4g, ipad 4g, how to, find my iphone tutorial, find my iphone review, whyxxxtry, whyxxxonthefly
    Average rating: 4.6

  8. iPhone tutorial database programming part2
    Duration: 9:59

    Description: In this video u will learn how to add a database to your application, we will cover the basics of database programming, learn about sqlite and sqlite wrapper class for easy interaction with the database. we will create a program which loads data from a database to a table. for full source code visit:

    Keywords: iphone, tutorial, xcode, objective, sqlite, fmdatabase, sql, database, programming
    Average rating: 4.3

  9. XCode iPhone Tutorial - Animating UIImageView with NSArray
    Duration: 5:42

    Description: A quick tutorial on animating UIImageViews with the NSArray method. *************** Files Needed: Images:

    Keywords: xcode, iphone, ipod, touch, core, animation, framework, sdk, 3.0, 3.1, uiimageview, animating, uiimage, view, image
    Average rating: 4.5

  10. How to Make a Prop iPhone Tutorial
    Duration: 7:19

    Description: This week we are going to show you how to make a free iPhone Prop. All you need to make it is some cardboard, paper, glue, and a clear 2 liter soda bottle. Have fun with this and check out more of our videos! Website Email Twitter http Music

    Keywords: iphone, Props, Movie Making, DIY, Cheap, Free, thediyfxshow, howto, ipod, touch, apple, intstructions, instruction, instructional video, Ipod Touch, App, Paper, Store, Apple Inc., Mobile Device, 3gs, fake, not, real
    Average rating: 4.6

  11. iPhone Tutorial Two ? Combining TabBars, TableViews & NavControllers using Storyboard
    Duration: 2:27

    Description: This shows the final product of putting tab bars, uitableview and uinavigationcontrollers using storyboard. For the full tutorial, check my blog at:

    Keywords: xcode, xcode 4.2, iphone 4, navigation controllers, tab bar, uitableview, storyboard tutorial, ipad 2, ipad, tab bars and tableviews
    Average rating: 4.8

  12. iPhone Tutorial: Your First App (Dynamic Hello World)
    Duration: 7:50

    Description: This tutorial walks you through your first iPhone app! Learn how to create a dynamic "Hello World" app in which a user puts their name into a text field, hits enter, and receives a "Hello, 'Their Name'!" Forgive me for speaking quickly, I tried to fit this in under ten minutes.

    Keywords: iphone, tutorial, app, hello, world, Dylan, Reich
    Average rating: 4.8

  13. iPhone Tutorials - How to convert iTunes into iPhone Ringtones within iTunes!!!
    Duration: 2:28


    Keywords: iphone, Tutorials, How, to, convert, itunes, into, Ringtones, within, itunes!!!
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. iPhone Tutorial -- Introduction to Storyboarding
    Duration: 1:16

    Description: Okay guys, well I figured I would start off my using of Xcode 4.2 with this blog post. I have never used Xcode 4.2 before this, so let us see how intuitive storyboarding really is. I am not going to go into detail of what "@property" and "@synthesize" are, I am assuming you already know basic coding. If enough people ask, I will explain everything. So let's start out with a Hello World application. Read more at :

    Keywords: iphone, storyboarding, ios5, iphone 4, iphone tutorial, xcode, xcode 4.2, xcode 4.02
    Average rating: 2.6

  15. How to make your Boost Mobile ZTE Warp look like an iphone (tutorial)
    Duration: 7:15

    Description: Twitter: Lets get this video up to 300 likes so I can start giving away stuff already :D Love all of you so lets show the love back

    Keywords: how, to, make, zte, warp, look, like, an, iphone, tutorial, by, knoxville363
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. iPhone Tutorial: XML Parser Part 1
    Duration: 12:03

    Description: First part of three NSXML Parsing tutorials

    Keywords: iphone tutorial, iphone xml, iphone nsxml, nsxml, nsxml parser, parser, xml parser, iphone nsxml parser, web services
    Average rating: 5.0

  17. How to build a stand for your iPhone (Tutorial)
    Duration: 1:52

    Description: Tutorial by Ngai Chun Cheung Ngai Chun Cheung is the art, science and practice of creating images. Ngai Chun Cheung has many uses for business, science, manufacturing, art, and recreational purposes. Ngai Chun Cheung gained the interest of many scientists and artists from its inception. Scientists have used Ngai Chun Cheung to record and study movements. Artists are equally interested by these aspects but also try to explore avenues other than the mechanical representation of reality. Ngai Chun Cheung is used by amateurs to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments, to tell stories, to send messages, and as a source of entertainment.

    Keywords: apple, iphone, 3gs, 4s, ipod, touch, stand, diy, do, it, yourself, how, to, howto, build, create, tutorial, hack
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Apple iPhone 4S Siri tutorial and demo
    Duration: 1:33

    Description: Click the above link for iphone 4s review Apple iPhone 4S Siri tutorial and demo

    Keywords: Apple, iphone, 4S, Siri, tutorial, and, demo, ipod, touch, macbook, pro, ipod Touch, 3gs, review, itunes, store, imac, apps, application
    Average rating: 4.3

  19. How to set YOUR OWN music as ringtones on iPhone (tutorial)
    Duration: 4:03

    Description: How to set your own music as ringtones on iPhone Download Instrumental playing in the background... Follow Me On Twitter: @abeyjackson Any Questions Message me or leave a comment .

    Keywords: iphone, iphone4, apple, ipad, mac, fireworks, cheats, instructions, repair, analysis, tutorial, editing, wireless, programs, laptops, notebook, computer hacks, financial, technology, hacks, electronics, howto, commercial, graphics software, money, creature, video game, cellphones, environment, music charts, vlog, commentary, installation, downloads, tips & tricks, software, ipod
    Average rating: 4.8

  20. iPhone iMovie Tutorial
    Duration: 6:26

    Description: In this video, I explain how to use iMovie for the iPhone 4, and hopefully the 3GS in the coming days. iMovie for the iPhone 4 is an awesome application for on the go video editing when you are away from your computer. If you have and requests for iMovie iPhone tutorials, please post them in the comments. Ping Me: alexosh Follow me on Twitter: Check out my websites: http The video shows how to add videos(media,content), photos, audio(music), transitions, and much more. Thanks so much for watching! Make sure to subscribe to be informed when I have brand new videos. - Alex iPhone iMovie Tutorial How To Add Videos Clips Photos Music 4 3GS 4th generation Transitions Camera iPhone iMovie Tutorial How To Add Videos Clips Photos Music 4 3GS 4th generation Transitions Camera iPhone iMovie Tutorial How To Add Videos Clips Photos Music 4 3GS 4th generation Transitions Camera iPhone iMovie Tutorial iPhone iMovie Tutorial iPhone iMovie Tutorial iPhone iMovie Tutorial iPhone iMovie Tutorial iPhone iMovie Tutorial

    Keywords: iphone, imovie, Tutorial, How, To, Add, Videos, Clips, Photos, Music, 3GS, 4th, generation, Transitions, Camera, ipod, Touch, ios4
    Average rating: 4.7

  21. iPhone App Tutorial 1 - Hello World
    Duration: 9:58

    Description: A quick iPhone app to quickly explain Interface Builder Check out

    Keywords: iphone, tutorial, beginner, SDK, computer, science, xcode, 3.1, ipod, touch, objective-c, cocoa, games, software
    Average rating: 4.2

  22. Swype on iphone ! (tutorial)
    Duration: 2:51

    Description: Here is a quick video on how to get swype on your iphone, ipod, or IPad on any IOS

    Keywords: Ios5, Swype, Iswipe, Jailbreaking, Jailbreak, Macthesituation1, Mackenzie, Antczak, Apple, Steve, Jobs, Hacking, Modify
    Average rating: 3.0

  23. Xcode Hello iPhone Tutorial
    Duration: 13:43

    Description: This is a quick tutorial on how to create a hello iphone application on Xcode. I go through some very basic iOS development using some Objective-C in order to provide a beginner's guide as to how to create iPhone apps.

    Keywords: iphone, Tutorial, Xcode, Hello, World, ios, ipod, touch, apple, app
    Average rating: 5.0

  24. iPhone Development Tutorial - 1 - Installing Xcode and the iPhone SDK
    Duration: 7:30

    Description: Objective-C Tutorials here : My forum Ask me all questions there as well as view source code for the tutorials!

    Keywords: windows, program, game, stanford, sdk, beginners, ipod, itouch, tutorials, video, apps
    Average rating: 4.8

  25. iPhone 4 Tutorial Part 2
    Duration: 8:31

    Description: In this section we cover: Saving a contact and Text Messaging This tutorial was made by MobileConceptz Group LLC. Although demonstrated on an At&t iPhone 4 it is still applicable for the Verizon Wireless iPhone 4. Copyright 2011 MobileConceptz Group LLC All rights reserved. iPhone 4 Tutorial iPhone 4s Tutorial

    Keywords: iphone 4, cellphone, ipod, ipod Touch, educational, tutorial, tips & tricks, software, Apple, Mac, ios, 3G, applications, music, navigation, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, appstore, Camera, Video, Text Messaging, Email, Calendar, Sync, Screen, Keyboard, For Dummies, professional, expert, hints, Settings Menu, Weather, Google Maps, Facebook, Youtube, Games, Mobile, Wireless, download, memory, PDA, Smartphone, Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Sprint, iphone, How to, options, features, Free, XM, Pandora
    Average rating: 4.9

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