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Home server

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  1. Home Server Tutorial - Introduction
    Duration: 7:13

    Description: Ever wanted to have your own server that you can store your file's that you have at your home and access it from anywhere. Or have your own file server from old hardware. Well Clumont is going to walk through everything you need to get started

    Keywords: linux home server, easy, home server, webserver, ubuntu server, file server, discussion, downloads, analysis, repair
    Average rating: 4.7

  2. Mac OS 10.7 Lion Server Part 1: Set Up & Install
    Duration: 16:38

    Description: In this screencast I cover the basics of setting up a home server using Lion Server. We walk through the basics of Mac Hardware, how to set up a registered domain name, upgrade & installation of the software, and setting up your server's host name to match your registered domain name. In future screencasts I will cover other aspects of setting up a home server with Lion Server.

    Keywords: Server, Lion, Mac OS 10.7, Home, Home Server, Lion Server, Tutorial, Walkthrough, Install, Installation, Setup
    Average rating: 4.9

  3. How To Set Up A Home Server
    Duration: 4:48

    Description: This video covers the basics of setting up a home server using WAMP Server and DynDNS. http

    Keywords: server, setup, apache, sql, php, internet, tips, tricks, tutorial, tinkernut, windows
    Average rating: 4.8

  4. Mac OS 10.7 Lion Server Part 2: Network Set Up
    Duration: 9:49

    Description: In this screencast I cover how to set up your network for Lion Server. I cover how to set up a local static IP for your server on your Airport Extreme and update your network information for the server.

    Keywords: Mac OS X, Lion, Server, Mac OS 10.7, Home, home server, tutorial, walkthrough, network, set up, DNS, Airport, Extreme, Utility
    Average rating: 4.9

  5. Minecraft Home-Server erstellen tutorial german Beta 1.9 (Hamachi) (HD)
    Duration: 5:47

    Description: FB DL Link: 1 Schritte f�r einen erfolgreichen Homserver Canary Home Server tutorial Let's Plays Tutorials Minicraft Minecraft

    Keywords: Canary, hm0d, Server, Minicraft, hamachi, Minecraft, Hmachi, Root, Plugins, Shop, tutorial, germany, deutsch, homeserver, 6b, Bukkit, erstellen, help, eigener, home, beta, 1.5
    Average rating: 4.4

  6. ? Minecraft Tutorials - Protecting your Home and Loved Items, Ft Omgsquirrel - WAY
    Duration: 3:26

    Description: See the full show! ? A new series showcasing some hilariously awesome seeds that YOU guys give me! Leave comments and responses with whatever you want to be featured on my next episode. Click "Like" and "Add to... Favorite" if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. _______________________________________ My Personal Channel: Guys if you don't feel like subbing, at least hit the share button, it still helps a LOAD!!! Music by: Fahran Khan! _______________________________________ WAY? (We Are You) ? YouTube Handbook -- Get more views! ? Livestream Handbook -- Get more viewers! ? TGN grew from 0-10 million in 5 months and shares how in the YouTube handbook! Towelliee went from $0 to a high 4-figure monthly income in 4 months solely from livestreaming and he shares how in the Livestream handbook! _______________________________________ TGN on Facebook ? TGN on Twitter ? TGN on Google+ ? TGN on YouTube ? _______________________________________ Stay up-to-date on everything TGN! ? Get more TGN! ?

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft 1.1, minecraft 1.0.0, minecraft part 1, minecraft mod, minecraft 1.8, minecraft 1.9, minecraft mods, minecraft 1.0, minecraft gameplay, minecraft server, minecraft survival island, minecraft tutorial, lets play minecraft, minecraft texture pack, minecraft house, minecraft lets play, minecraft survival, minecraft creeper, minecraft multiplayer, tnt minecraft, minecraft creations, minecraft walkthrough, Server Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.1

  7. New Home server project
    Duration: 11:20

    Description: I've been building these and trying to put together a decent network, we now have several servers and i'm still building the collection. http http

    Keywords: servers, hyper-v, hypervisor, win2008, windows server, server2008, home server, dhcp, dns, firewall, pfsence, proxie, vpn, transcoder, windows7, win7, network, bios, cmos, technology, tutorial, microsoft, Computer
    Average rating: 4.8

  8. Minecraft Server Setup: Tutorial - Port Forwarding
    Duration: 9:06

    Description: ***Suggestion*** Open in full screen in HD, notepad text can be hard to read in low detail. In this tutorial, i will be showing you how to setup a Minecraft Server without Hamachi. For this tutorial to be 100% accurate for you, you will need a BT homehub router. Links: Minecraft Website: Direct Download Link for Minecraft Server BThomehub settings: bthomehub.home Port check IP Address: Java Update: For all problems.. You can use my new program, I've designed it to work on? Windows Vista & Win 7, 32bit & 64bit. What the program does, is forwards your ports & sets up a minecraft folder on your desktop with the installed server. ]] I have had 4 reports that this program doesn't do anything when launched, if so, PM me. [[ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If all still fails, please don't hesitate to PM me. I apologize for no narrating - Voiced Tutorial: If this tutorial helped you setup a server, please enter your server information in the comments! IP and Port. (eg Please Rate & Comment (: Music: First: Sam Sparro - Black and Gold Second: Flux Pavillion - Cracks Third: TI - Whatever you like

    Keywords: minecraft, server, tutorial, setup, no hamachi, bt, home, hub, bthomehub, homehub, port, portforwarding, forwarding, open, opening, east, good, multiplayer, multi, game, online, games, downloads, howto, how, to, gameplay, computer, windows, release, desktop, without, IP, technology, maker, Basic, Software Tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  9. How To Make A Minecraft Multiplayer Server (Tutorial)
    Duration: 8:05


    Keywords: multiplayer, server, software, beta, alpha, how, to, part1, minecraft, mine, craft, optimumforgegaming, optimumforgeproductions, optimumforge, optimum, forge, machinima, machinimarespawn, machinimarealm, respawn, realm, notch, mojang, specifications, lets, play, journey, through, henry, the, chicken, bessie, cow, bessy, number, one, series, new, gaming, video, games, commentary, walkthrough, surviving, tutorials, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  10. My Home Server Room
    Duration: 2:24

    Description: This is a video of my home server room and repair area. I have a total of 11 server racks with the ML series and DL series of hp servers and some misc ones i have built. I have 3 servers that are setup as an RIS server and WDS server. Two servers do video for my 25 security cameras around the house and others run web services and ftp services. Some are setup up with many hard drives that hold computer images for clients computers that i work on part time. One server also records my tv shows and sends them up to my television upstairs. My small network rack has 3 24 port switches that ties in with 4 other 16 port switches located in other parts of the house. I use 10 - 4 port belin kvms and 2 8 port kvmsto reduce the number of keyboards mice and monitors needed.

    Keywords: My, Home, Server, Room, Computers, servers, data, center, network, dl380, ml370, surveillance, camera, rack, pc, ibm
    Average rating: 4.9

  11. Killing Floor / Monday Night Combat / Homefront BT Home Hub and Thomson router telnet fix tutorial
    Duration: 12:05

    Description: A fix for the players and enemies walking into walls glitch when you join a server on the above games. Original thread: Telnet thread: Xfire video:

    Keywords: tutorial, commentated, commentary, killing floor, online, multiplayer, players, and, enemies, walking into walls, slow, motion, slowmo, disconnect, time, out, uk, bt, home, hub, thomson, router, modem, telnet, fix, server, when, you, join, tripwire, interactive, monday night combat, homefront
    Average rating: 4.9

  12. Mac OS 10.7 Lion Server Part 3: Port Forwarding
    Duration: 7:47

    Description: In this third tutorial in setting up a home server using Lion Server, I cover how to set your server up so it can be accessed remotely on the internet. We will talk about port forwarding and how to set it up both through the server app and through your Airport Extreme Base Station manually. If you have a router other than an Airport Extreme, you will have to set it up manually through your routers port mapping or NAT interface. Please remember to like and favorite these videos and share them so they show up for others on youtube. Thanks as always for the support and comments!

    Keywords: Mac OS X, Lion, Server, Mac OS 10.7, Home, home server, tutorial, network, Airport, Extreme, airport extreme, port, forward, port forwarding
    Average rating: 4.9

  13. How to Host Your Own Minecraft Server Tutorial
    Duration: 17:16

    Description: In this video I will show you how to download and configure a Minecraft server you can run on your PC you play Minecraft on or and extra pc. You will also learn the basics of making it available over the internet so your friends can connect. I hope you find this useful. Leave a comment, thumbs up, and subscribe if you liked it. Get Minecraft Server here: Information about port forwarding. Free Dynamic Domain Services: http Find me: http Twitter:

    Keywords: bitburner, minecraft, server, hosting, howto, How-to, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. Basic Squid Proxy Server Tutorial Part 2 of 3
    Duration: 7:16

    Description: This video will help you share your Internet connection to your workstation, plus having the benefit of filtering content by redirecting port 80 to port 3128 of Squid.

    Keywords: redirect, port 80 port 3128, squid, proxy server, ubuntu, linux, share internet connection, workstation, server
    Average rating: 4.9

  15. Windows Home Server 2011 Build In A Rackmount Case Time Lapse Build
    Duration: 5:11

    Description: My site: TIME LAPSE WHS 2011 RACKMOUNT BUILD! In this video I build a rackmount WHS 2011 system! I go through my upgrade from the original Windows Home Server to WHS 2011. I also upgrade my case from a mid tower case to a 2U rackmount case (Norco RPC-250) and use some new hardware (including a couple of WD 1TB Green drives) as well. It all gets mounted in my server rack located in my basement which also houses a 16TB Unraid server in a 4U Norco RPC-4020. Check out the main build video here Check out the Norco RPC-250 case review here:

    Keywords: time, lapse, windows, home, server, whs, 2011, norco, rpc, 250, rpc-250, 4020, 2U, 4U, unit, rack, rackmount, computer, system, build
    Average rating: 4.9

  16. TeamSpeak 3 Server Setup With Port Forwarding [Tutorial]
    Duration: 29:51

    Description: This tutorial covers how to Download, Install, and Setup TeamSpeak 3 Server. I also go over the port forwarding setup necessary for someone on the internet to access your TeamSpeak Server. TeamSpeak Home Page

    Keywords: teamspeak, team speak, teamspeak3, ts, ts3, voip, voice, server, online, gaming, teamspeak 3 server, port forwarding,, teamsetup setup, ports, 9987, 10011, 30033, port forward, forward port, teamspeak server, open port, Port, voice over ip
    Average rating: 4.8

  17. Tutorial: Use Samba to Turn Your Linux Ubuntu Server into A PDC (Primary Domain Controller)
    Duration: 14:58

    Description: In this video I demonstrate how to configure Samba 3.5.6 to become a PCD (Primary Domain Controller). I first edit the smb.conf file and make a few changes. Lucky, most of the code needed is already in the conf file, it just needs to be un-commented. After I tweak the smb configuration file I create the necessary groups and users for the PDC to function correctly. From there I boot up a generic Windows XP VirtualMachine and login to the newly created domain. Finally I demonstrate the benefits of a PDC and talk about why you might want to create a PDC in your small business or home. *Update: Here is a link to my smb.conf file per request:

    Keywords: Linux, Tutorial, howto, Tips & Tricks, PDC, Primary Domain Controller, Reichelt, reicheltacademy, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, Domain, Windows, Samba
    Average rating: 4.9

  18. Build a DIY Windows Home Server!!
    Duration: 7:16

    Description: Save files, get more from your computer, share with others and stream everywhere! We team up with Maximum PC's editor in chief, Will Smith, to show you how to easily build a Windows Home Server box.

    Keywords: diy, windows, home, server, WHS, build, make, project, easy, craft, cpu, requirements, your, own, homeserver, maximumpc
    Average rating: 4.7

  19. [Ubuntu 10.04 Tutorial] Install LAMP as Web Server (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP)
    Duration: 4:12


    Keywords: install, lamp, linux+apache+mysql+php
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Minecraft Server Command Tutorial (No Modding!)
    Duration: 8:22

    Description: Today I will be showing you some semi-advanced things in the Minecraft server program. We will learn how to: Set the time of day Teleport to other players Spawn Items Choose whether we want mobs of any kind And how to insert map seeds Thanks for watching! Minecraft Server Software Minecraft Block ID Wiki Hamachi Server Tutorial (Minecraft and Terreria Too!) Black And White Entertainment On Facebook Steam Group My Other Channel (Transformers WFC, Minecraft and more!)

    Keywords: Hamachi, server, help, semi, advanced, semi-advanced, 12345chachi, 12345, chachi, gallardo12345, gallardo, black, and, white, entertainment, robin, hood, gaming, robinhoodgaming, blackwhiteentertain, minecraft, terreria, online, multiplayer, multi, player, play, game, indie, tutorial, how, to, style, games, tips, tricks, spawn, items, time, day, commands, command, opping, op, user, name, teleport, send, message, ip, night, /give, /i, give, hd, hq, metin2, need, piece, runescape, alive, free, please, your, learn, wow, howto, gameplay
    Average rating: 4.8

  21. Minecraft Tutorial - Minecraft Server Setup - Part 1 (for Windows)
    Duration: 9:11

    Description: This is part 1 of How to Make a Minecraft Multiplayer Server for Windows. In this episode I'll walk you through the steps of downloading, installing, and running a multiplayer server. For more Minecraft Tutorials, visit my channel at: My blog:

    Keywords: minecraft, minecraft multiplayer, minecraft server, minecraft tutorial, minecraft smp, setup, installation, windows, minecraft survival
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. FileZilla FTP Server Setup [Tutorial]
    Duration: 15:39

    Description: This tutorial covers how to download, install, setup, and use the FileZilla FTP Server. Download Link

    Keywords: filezilla, ftp, filezilla server, ftp server, File Transfer Protocol, windows 7, tutorial, ftps, sftp, filezilla setup, setup filezilla, file transfer, jagtutorials
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Tutorial How to Create a Tekkit Server
    Duration: 18:20

    Description: Just a quick tutorial on how to get up and running with a Tekkit 2 server on a local network or using Hamachi. The next video I will demonstrate how to connect to the server and test it out. Please comment if you have any questions, would like some help or would like to see any other tutorials. Get Logmein Hamachi here: Thanks, Astocky

    Keywords: Tekkit, Bukkit, Minecraft, Server, Hamachi, Log me in, logmein Hamachi (software), how to, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  24. Installing SQL Server 2008 Video Tutorial - Joes2pros
    Duration: 8:30

    Description: This is a tutorial on Installing SQL Server 2008 using SQL Developer. By Visiting the Joes2Pros web site you can see videos on how other editions of SQL server are installed.

    Keywords: Installing, SQL, Server, 2008, Developer, steps, how-to, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.8

  25. Windows Home Server for Small Business - FrugalTech
    Duration: 7:01

    Description: A great solution for small businesses with less than 10 users is Windows Home Server. This affordable server OS costs less than $150 and maybe all your biz needs. Distributed by Tubemogul.

    Keywords: windows, home, server, whs, sbs, small, business, microsoft, vista, xp, linux, apple, osx, computers, help, info
    Average rating: 4.8

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