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  1. Visual Basic.NET - CPU Temperature Meter
    Duration: 5:08

    Description: Visual Basic.NET Tutorial: * A Simple CPU Temperature Meter, shows how to get the exact temperature the CPU sensors are detecting. PS: Sorry for the watermark, I forgot to change the image of the watermark in Camtasia Studio and it just built the video with the Default Camtasia's watermark. PPS: This doesn't fully work for Dual Cores or Quad cores, it will only show the temperature of one of the cores, it wont just show them all. Anyway... usually the cores have similar temperatures.

    Keywords: visual, basic, net, tutorial, programming, computer, temperature, meter, cpu, sensor, termometer,
    Average rating: 4.2

  2. BF3 - Attack Helicopter Tutorial #1: HUD & Movement Explained
    Duration: 6:59

    Description: The first episode of my Attack Helicopter tutorial in which I explain the HUD features and basic movement for beginners. Don't forget to rate and subscribe for more vids!

    Keywords: Sneakback, BF3, Helicopter, Aircraft, Flying, Fly, Indicator, Countermeasure, Status, Airspeed, Torque, Direction, Heading, Degrees, Pitch Ladder, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, Throttle, Crosshair, I-Beam, Weapon Status, Rockets, Sideslip, Level, Gunner View, Gunner, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Radar, Radar Meter, JC, Gaming, JC Gaming, jurgencutters, Movement, Landing, Skids, Battle, Heat, Momentum
    Average rating: 5.0

  3. BF3 - Attack Helicopter Tutorial #2: Countermeasures & Attacking
    Duration: 12:37

    Description: The second episode of my Attack Helicopter tutorial in which I explain the general roles of the Attack Helicopter Team, defense and countermeasures, engaging ground and air units. Next episode I will cover the different playstyles and best setups that go with these playstyles. Songs used: 1: Hans Zimmer - Mombassa 2: Michael Giacchino - Labor Of Love 3: Bear? McCreary - Something Dark? Is Coming Don't forget to rate and subscribe for more vids!

    Keywords: Sneakback, BF3, Helicopter, Aircraft, Flying, Fly, Indicator, Countermeasure, Status, Airspeed, Torque, Direction, Heading, Degrees, Pitch Ladder, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, Throttle, Crosshair, I-Beam, Weapon Status, Rockets, Sideslip, Level, Gunner View, Gunner, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Radar, Radar Meter, JC, Gaming, JC Gaming, jurgencutters, Movement, Landing, Skids, Battle, Heat, Momentum, Combat, Engaging, Enemy, Countermeasures, ECM, Jammer, Flares, Maintenance, Stealth, Heat Seekers, Guided Missile, TV Missile
    Average rating: 5.0

  4. Tutorial: How does turf heating work?
    Duration: 2:35

    Description: In essence, turf heating works in a very similar manner to underfloor heating in buildings. Pipes are laid under the turf at uniform intervals, through which warm water is then channeled according to need. This enables hard frozen playing fields to be 'thawed out' and layers of snow to be melted. In its turf heating systems, REHAU exclusively uses pipes made from crosslinked polyethylene, so-called PE-Xa pipes. Why? Because these pipes are particularly robust and durable. The system is installed at a depth of around 25 cm below the grass root level. Clamping rails into which the pipes are clipped at precisely pre-defined intervals facilitate exact positioning. This ensures that the turf in front of the penalty area will still remain free of ice, while the grass roots on the penalty spot do not suffer from excessive heat. Four installers can complete a standard soccer field of 105 x 68 meters in just one week. The system is controlled by a weather-dependent regulating facility, which maintains the turf surface temperature at a maximum of 2�C. To prevent damage to the grass itself, the temperature is limited at root level. Moreover, as the REHAU solution works in the lower temperature range, the respective operating costs are also comparatively low. The turf is maintained using standard machinery, without damaging the heating pipework. In fact, mechanical damage during turf maintenance, for example, as a result of subsoil loosening, aeration or scarifying, is ...

    Keywords: turf heating, function turf heating, soccer, rehau

  5. BF3 - Attack Helicopter Tutorial #3 - Long Range Strategy
    Duration: 15:01

    Description: In the third episode of the attack helicopter tutorial I show you how to perform the long range strategy. I tell about the benefits, setup and roles for both pilot and gunner. This strategy is definately my all time favorite because you limit the enemy threats to jets only. I do not own copyrights of the songs used in this video.

    Keywords: Sneakback, BF3, Helicopter, Aircraft, Flying, Fly, Indicator, Countermeasure, Status, Airspeed, Torque, Direction, Heading, Degrees, Pitch Ladder, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, Throttle, Crosshair, I-Beam, Weapon Status, Rockets, Sideslip, Level, Gunner View, Gunner, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Radar, Radar Meter, JC, Gaming, JC Gaming, jurgencutters, Movement, Landing, Skids, Battle, Heat, Momentum, Combat, Engaging, Enemy, Countermeasures, ECM, Jammer, Flares, Maintenance, Stealth, Heat Seekers, Guided Missile, TV Missile, Autoloader
    Average rating: 4.9

  6. Thermal Physics - Convective Heat Loss
    Duration: 1:36

    Description: A jogger is running at 2.10 m/s and the air temperature is 18.0 degrees Celsius. What is the rate of convective heat loss assuming that the jogger has a skin temperature of 36.0 degrees, has 1.30 square meters of exposed skin, and the convective coefficient for wind at his speed is 20.5 Watts per square meter per degree?

    Keywords:, physics, tutorial, thermal physics, rate, convective heat loss, coefficient
    Average rating: 3.0

  7. Adunos Shop Business Class Registration Tutorial for B2B clients
    Duration: 1:47

    Description: Adunos Energy Shop is the leading provider for energy efficiency products from Germany in the internet. It includes Smart Metering, Heat Pumps, Photovoltaics, Smart Home and other products.

    Keywords: adunos, shop, energy, energyefficiency, smart, metering, smartmetering, software tutorial

  8. How To Screen Print: Wood Vs. Metal Frames & The Tension Meter
    Duration: 5:50

    Description: WEBSITE: Learn How To Screen Print Tee Shirts At Home How To Screen Print T Shirts Wood Vs. Metal Frames & The Tension Meter This is a screen printing educational video packed with tips and advice for the beginning screen printer. Learn all about the differences...

    Keywords: silk, screen, printing, screenprint, heat, transfers, learn, how, to, print, at, home, tutorial, tee, tees, shirts, shirt, t-shirt, garments, textile, supplies, equipment, educational, videos, free, information, make, your, own, craft, home made, howto, crafts, diy, Do it yourself, Making, tips, Help, advice, Screen Printing
    Average rating: 4.8

  9. Sublimation printing cycling jersey by Gogopress Heat Press 500GP series
    Duration: 1:59

    Description: this model Heat Press is best for Sheet paper to garment pre-cut panel Transfer printing, for this paper can printing by Offset printing machine on Normal paper at very lower cost for fast production. Cut all fabric first and use this machine for sublimation Heat transfer printing, after transfer printing go to sewing the garment, simple and easy operate, NO Traning Need for operate, Drum 50 cm diameter Oil Heater Drum to save the operate cost, Drum 180cm width Oil Drum basic for Transfer Transfer speed 360 meter per hour Function Roll to roll, Roll images paper to cut sheet fabric and sheet to sheet Transfer More professional More power and More function

    Keywords: garment printer, garment printing, sublimation garment, sublimation printer, sublimation heat press, Sublimation Textile
    Average rating: 4.7

  10. Yokogawa Curve Fitting for Renewable Energy Tutorial Part 1 of 3
    Duration: 13:44

    Description: Yokogawa Network Solutions presents a tutorial on basic curve fitting or function finding as a replacement for look-up tables and linear interpolation of intermediate values. This set of videos is intended as a supplement to the original paper: "Simplified Curve Fitting for Renewable Energy Data Collection and Control". Two examples are covered that include approximating a flow rate correction factor for methane with a thermal mass flow meter and correcting the inclinometer reading on a concentrated solar thermal tracking system for gravimetric sag on the heat transfer fluid receiver. The tutorial set shows the original look-up tables for correction factors, generates a matching function using ZunZun (free function finder and curve fitting site), and compares the resulting function output against the original values.

    Keywords: Yokogawa, Renewable Energy, Methane, Solar Power, Concentrated Solar Power, Curve Fitting
    Average rating: 5.0

  11. WWE SvR 2011 - How To: Glitch Tutorial: Moves off the Stage & Steps in the Crowd
    Duration: 1:06

    Description: ? SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 How To: Glitch Tutorial: Moves off the Stage & Steel Steps in the Crowd Read Carefully: (The Best Way for it is in the Tribute to the Troops Arena) 1. Select a Triple Threat Match (as an Example TLC) !!!2. Turn the UNIVERSE ON!!! 3. Then Use the Table on Announce Table Glitch 4. Get one Guy in a position like Triple D in this Video. 5. Run against the Bell Corner and Press the Attack Button 6. Now you have the Table in the Crowd. !!!Since its a Triple Threat Match with UNIVERSE ON!!! There are no Barriers so you can run to the Stage 7. Now Run to the Stage with you Wrestler, place them as in the Video under the Stage and do the "Backflip" Taunt. 8. Now Your on the Stage and Have fun, but carefully the last Meter of the Stage is "unmodeled" so you will fall of the Stage. Dont go much to the norm Stage, because the Barrier will force you out of there. ------------------ For the Steps. Run with the Steps on the Corner, let some do Cenas Running Back Move and Then take a ladder and run against ist. THE STEPS Are not CARRYABLE from Now ON, even if they get pushed back. I have still some Glitch Tutorials Coming ;) credits for the steps : Xxjhc123x, i altered the way

    Keywords: SVR2011, INGAME HR, Moves, of, the, Stage, Steps, in, Crowd, How, To, Get, Out, Tutorial, Sabu, Sandman, ECW, LHC, latinoheatchamp, lucifersangel, Leon,,, TLC, Ladder, Chair, Big, Boot, WWE, svr, smackdown, vs., RAW, 2011, crowdglitch,, Trash, can, on, announcetable
    Average rating: 4.5

  12. How To Install Replace Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor Chevy Silverado Tahoe Sierra 99-06
    Duration: 4:58

    Description: 1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken, worn out, or damaged air flow sensor. This video is applicable to 1999-2006 GMC Sierra and Yukon and Chevrolet Silverado and Tahoe models.

    Keywords: how, to, howto, replace, repair, fix, install, put, in, change, broken, worn, out, damaged, air, flow, sensor, meter, gmc, chevrolet, chevy, sierra, yukon, silverado, tahoe, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, installation, instruction, tutorial, video, 1AEAF00017, 15904068, 213364, 25318411
    Average rating: 4.4

  13. Electric Dryer Repair: Heating Element Replacement Whirlpool/ Kenmore (part #279838)
    Duration: 1:26

    Description: Buy part #279838 now: Is your dryer not heating? Is it possible that your dryer heating element is bad? This video shows step-by-step instructions on replacing the heating element on Whirlpool, Kenmore, Sears, Maytag, and Amana electric dryers. Tools Needed: hex socket Often a dryer heating element burns out, but doesn't trip the circuit breaker or blow a fuse. The heating element is simply a long coil of special wire. You can check it for continuity with an ohm meter. No continuity means the element is bad and you need to replace it--electric heating elements aren't repairable. Your dryer's heating element could also be only partially burned out. If it is, your dryer still heats, but at such a low temperature that it takes three or four times as long to dry the clothes. If the heating element is partially burned out, replace it. If you are unsure if your dryer heating element needs to be replaced or not, you can always test it for continuity: If you need further assistance regarding your dryer heating element, or any other appliance repair, you can always ask for help at Learn more about how an electric dryer works! Connect With Us! Join our free VIP email list for discounts and money-saving tips: And don't forget to like and comment on this video, and subscribe to our channel!

    Keywords: repairclinic, Repair Clinic,, appliance, appliances, 279838, replacing, repairing, repair help, repair, howto, how to, how-to, testing, dryer, dryers, electric, tumble dryer, clothes dryer, heating element, heat element, not working, not heating, not drying, wet clothes, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Amana, Maytag, Sears
    Average rating: 4.9

  14. NBA 2K12 Tutorial/How-To #1: Dribbling, Isomotion, and High Quality Shots
    Duration: 11:34

    Description: All Instrumentals by:

    Keywords: dmanunt2014, nba, 2k12, isomotion, tutorial, handles, yeousch, sports, chris, smoove, shakedown2012, jayarealgoon21, dribbles, paul, tyreke, evans, dwayne, wade, basketball, 2k, operation, ign, miami, heat, sacramento, kings, new, orleans, hornets, playoffs, lockout, kobe, bryant, lebron, james, Highlights, xbox, 360, playstation, sony, microsoft, ps3, playstation 3, lebron James, Game, Lakers, Quality, Gameplay, Xbox360, Games, video game
    Average rating: 4.7

  15. Hot Surface Igniter Testing A..... EASY HOW TO TUTORIAL
    Duration: 6:24

    Description: in this tutorial you see how easy it is to test a hot surface ignitor using a good volt meter. This test is especially good to know before a ignitor goes bad and you or your customer is with out heat

    Keywords: furnace, tutorial, air filter, Bryant, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, how it works, how to
    Average rating: 2.5

  16. Nissan 240sx silvia conversion
    Duration: 9:57

    Description: flip180's channel engine sr20det redtop it was 40100miles on it and i drive 6000miles.(from p2m) apexi z32 air filter kit greddy downpipe greddy o2 extension z32 maf senser & circuit sports z32 maf plug apexi N1 catback exhaust mr exhaust manifold copper exhaust manifold gasket greddy type -s intercooler kit p2m hotpipe w/greddy bov flange greddy type-s blow off valve koyo aluminum radiator tomei 555cc fuel injectors walbro 255 fuel pump Nismo adjustable fuel pressure regulator Arp headstud kit Apexi metal head gasket 86/1.1mm magnetic oil drain plug Greddy rocker arm stopper Garret GT2871R tuborcharger (ar 0.64) Taka bottom mount tubor line New valve cover gasket & spark plug wall gasket Exedy hyper single clutch kit (w/fly wheel) Jdm vlsd B&M solid short shifter kit Agp auto to manual clutch conversion line Agp steel braided clutch line New nissan clutch slave cylinder Nismo engine & transmission mount kit P2m aluminum double subframe bushing kit circuit sports aluminum front strut bar Tanabe sustec rear strut bar Tanabe sustec front & rear sway bar Nismo power brace Jic FLT-A2 coilover kit Battle version tension rod Battle version rear toe link Battle version rear forword link Battle version rear upper control arm Tein adjustable hard tie rod & new nissan dust boots P2m cross drilled & slotted rear brake rotors Project mu B-forcr rear brake pad P2m drift knob Nismo aluminum shift knob Greddy profec B spec 2 boost controller Greddy tubor timer Auto meter ...

    Keywords: nissan, 240sx, sylvia, conversion, flip180, japanses, car, japanese, automobile, fast, and, furious
    Average rating: 4.6

  17. Eruption Board Game Tutorial
    Duration: 11:59

    Description: A video tutorial for Eruption, an exciting board game from Stratus Games in which players defend their villages from a surge of lava and destruction caused by an erupting volcano. For more information, visit

    Keywords: volcano, eruption, board game, tile game, gateway game, game, casual, family, fun, stratus, review, instructions, rules, tutorial, how to, howto, instructional video, commercial, play
    Average rating: 5.0

  18. Reversing Valve Coil Diagnostic Procedure | Rochester Heating & Air Conditioning Louisville Kentucky
    Duration: 10:22

    Description: Video for Licensed HVAC Professionals ONLY, Please Do NOT attempt any Procedures without Professional HVAC Training! (Hazardous) please click SHOW more link below Rochester Heating & Air Serves the Louisville Kentucky area including but not limited to Fern Creek , Middletown , J-town , St. Matthews , Valley Station , PRP , Shively , etc... Hello , I'm Fritz Rochester , a Proud Kentucky Master HVAC Contractor , with over 20 years of experience in the Trade . I would like to take care of all your HVAC needs . Whether it be a Service Call to get your HVAC System Up and Running Again , or a New HVAC Installation . Rochester Heating and Air Strives to be one of the Best HVAC Companies in Kentucky . Tips for hiring Kentucky HVAC Contractors for New HVAC Equipment Installations : * = Kentucky Law * Kentucky Master HVAC Contractor (ask to see License) * Required Insurance (ask for Certificate of Insurance) * Required Permits (ask for Copy of Permit before Work Begins) * HVAC Load - Calc on New Construction Homes (ask for Load-Calc) HVAC Load-Calc is not required at this time on Existing Residential Homes , but I suggest you have one done anyway , by a legitimate HVAC Contractor , I am finding most of our Old HVAC Equipment is OVERSIZED , this will ensure the Proper Sized Equipment for your Home !!! Please do your Homework and get a Minimum of 3 Bids on your New System Installation , and go with the Contractor you Trust . Ask your Friends and Family ...

    Keywords: Rochester Heating & Air, HVAC Load-Calculation, Louisville HVAC Permits, Testo 550, Fieldpiece Meters, American Standard, Rheem, Ruud, Fieldpiece HVAC Guide, SRH2, Furnace Installation, Air Conditioner Installation, Heat Pump Installation, Line Set, Air Handler Installation, Humidifier, Thermostat, Freon, Puron, R22, R410a, Fern Creek Ky, Middletown Ky, J-town Ky, Louisville Ky
    Average rating: 5.0

  19. APT Knee Wrap Tutorial Technique
    Duration: 5:43

    Description: how to get the most out of your APT knee wraps

    Keywords: APT, knee, wraps, derek, wilcox, alan, thomas
    Average rating: 4.9

  20. Diode Tutorial & How to build an AC to DC power supply
    Duration: 11:20

    Description: This video covers the basics of diodes, bridge rectifiers, and how to build simple unregulated AC to DC power supplies than can handle a few mA up to several Amps. I recommend watching my transformer tutorial first if you are confused about where I am getting the AC voltages from: This is a followup video on how to make a regulated voltage supply: Don't forget to subscribe!

    Keywords: diode, pn, junction, bridge, rectifier, forward, voltage, half, wave, full, AC, DC, electronics, semiconductors, tutorial, schematic, unregulated, power, supply, DIY
    Average rating: 4.9

  21. Troubleshooting The Heat Pump
    Duration: 9:35

    Description: Another demonstration clip from the Wayne Shirley Collection: Heat Pump Electrical and Refrigeration Troubleshooting Techniques. Available Exclusively at

    Keywords: Wayne, Shirley, heat, pumps, electrical, refrigeration, technique, hvacprotech
    Average rating: 4.9

  22. Heathkit HA 14 Linear Amplifier tutorial
    Duration: 5:08

    Description: & http 1-540-808-2880 -floydlcfgroup@gmail - PO box 179 Floyd,Virginia 24091 Full HA 14 Specifications are midway down in the text. David Larsen KK4WW LCF School LCFSchool I obtained my first amateur license WN7VZW in 1953 and have been more or less active in all the following years. I have not used this amplifier however I have owned it for 10 years of so. In 1963 I built an amplifier using (4) of the some tubes (572B) and used it mobile for a number of years. It really put out a big mobile signal. I still have my home brew amp but have not used is for at least 38 years. Maybe I will get it out an show it on Youtube. RF amplifiers are one piece of ham equipment that can easily be built or worked on with out many special tools. The HA 14 is sure as simple as it gets and works just fine. I found many reviews doing a Google search and most all were positive and from hams using the amp. The specification on the amp are below. Great tube Mobile Amplifier Heathkit HA-14 SSB Linear Amplifier 1965 The amplifier is 12-13/16" wide x 3-3/16" high x 10" deep. Band Coverage is 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Power input SSB: 1000 watts PEP Driving power up 100 watts for full output. Output Impedance 50 ohms unbalanced, SWR not to exceed 2:1. Input Impedance 52 ohms unbalanced; broad-band pretuned input (circuit requires no tuning) Meter Functions Relative power and 1:1 to 3:1 SWR. Front Panel Controls Tune: 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Band 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 ...

    Keywords: Heathkit, HA, 14, Linear, Amplifier, David, Larsen, KK4WW, Gaynell, KK4WWW, Dee, Wallace, KG4VMI, LCF, Group, Floyd, Virginia, Village, Green, Foundation, for, Amateur, International, Radio, Service, FAIRS, Hams, Collectible, vintage, Dxing, FSBO, Land
    Average rating: 4.9

  23. Joule and calorie conversions
    Duration: 1:49

    Description: A chemistry tutorial on converting between joules and calories

    Keywords: chemistry, joule, calorie, steffen, dimensional, analysis, tutorial, help, conversion
    Average rating: 4.7

  24. Tutorial - How to fix your PS3 Slim shutting down automatically after few minutes of use.
    Duration: 10:00

    Description: This video tutorial aims to guide a possible solution to a PS3 Slim that is shutting down automatically after a few minutes of use, even if it is not presenting problems of overheating (And the red light that indicates Stand By Mode turns off too). Consists of adjusting 2 trimpots (trimmer potentiometer) that protect the Power Supply (model APS-250) inside the PS3 Slim, the trimpots OCP (Over Current Protection) and PFC (Power Factor Correction). It is noteworthy that these adjustments alter protection components of the system, thus making these adjustments at your own risk, because I am not responsible for any damages due these adjustments.

    Keywords: PS3, Slim, Power, Supply, Shut, Shutting, down, alone, automatically, issue, problem, failure
    Average rating: 4.8

  25. DIY Waterproof DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
    Duration: 7:46

    Description: A DIY solution for building your own waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensors. Full tutorial here:

    Keywords: ds18b20, temperature, sensor, arduino, electronics, diy, tutorial
    Average rating: 4.4

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